Music. Go Figure

IMG_2580I went to sleep last night mentally whistling something I heard while working. I woke up with it still there, and when it was on the radio again this morning before the sun came up, I hit the “heart” button on my SiriusXM to save it. I save stuff maybe once a week, which isn’t much considering I have the thing on every hour I’m in my office.  I even went and looked up the lyrics, sort of a 50/50 proposition in itself because most of the stuff on Chill is new or ah, not popular/marketable. The lyrics I found are a mess so I’m going to do a deeper search today.

But the point I’m not so successfully making here is that I’m connecting to music again.

I used to connect music a lot, but it tapered off right about book seven or eight in the Hollows. It worried me until I started working on Peri and again the music began connecting–and I figured out another one of my creative quirks.

When I’m busy learning about a character or world, when I’m in the gritty trenches of creating something from nothing and making the rules that I’ll work in for the next five years or so, I’m constantly searching for connections between everything on the page–the front, the back, the middle. The characters, their world, our world. Issues to text, plot to issues. The mental gymnastics spill over, not so much in the day-to-day stuff, but it will fasten upon music, ever present, ever changing–and a connection is made to a beat, a lyric, a feel or sound. It’s only when I feel I have the world down and the characters are so real that I can write them in my sleep that the music connection seems to die. Don’t get me wrong. I still listen and enjoy, but they don’t connect. And I missed it.

When I found one that connected to Peri, it was a great relief.

Here are the two latest:

La Roux/Skream In For The Kill

DJ Assad/Greg Parys We Are One

But the best for Peri so far has got to be Banks Before I Ever Met You


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6 responses to “Music. Go Figure

  1. I love music while I write. Different characters/worlds require different music, different bass lines. Even different actions require different genres. If I know I’m going to be writing violence that day then I tend to lean towards alt-rock; the erotic stuff is softer rock or, depending on the character, country. Music is a fantastic mood maker.

    I, too, am looking forward to Peri. I loved the Hollows and you’ve only gotten better with each book. Your writing has matured,found a signature style and become iconic.

    • Wow, thank you, Catherine. That boosted me up today!

    • You are most welcome! I am a devoted fan and your books (and success) have definitely encouraged me to keep on with my Highland Wolves series which, in turn, keeps me writing and that keeps me sane(ish). I like to tell people I have the alphabet and punctuation as red blood cells. 😉

  2. OMG!! Thank you so much for sharing these songs! While I am not a famous author, or even a published author (yet) I have certain songs that I listen to when writing. The last novel I wrote during NanoWriMo I listened to the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. Nothing else would do!

  3. Martin

    I am glad the creative connections are coming back for you. After Pale Demon came out, (one of the best, by the way) and you told us you needed to do something new, I was sad to be losing the Hollows, but I understood. You kept the creativity and spark through to the end for us, and I appreciated that. I never felt cheated with a boring book. Its great that the freshness is coming back. 🙂

  4. Vampyre

    It’s interesting that you’ve found your music again. It’s also interesting how it plays a part in your creative processors. My music is stuck n the past. Anything from he ’50 to the’70s suits me just fine.

    . I used I think I was very adaptable. As I get older I realize I’m too stubborn to adapt readily. I think it’s why I get sea sick. My mind fights all the extra information it’s receiving. I have to be at as at least a week before I finally get used t the constant pitching, rolling, and yawning of the ship.

    Being a stubborn person does have its perks. It’s a big part of the reason I never started smoking, drinking or doing drugs. It made it easier to resist peer pressure.

    I’m rambling along for some reason. Time to stop that. I’m looking forward to meeting Peri, leaarning about her world and reading about her adventures.

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