It was an “author” day

Every so often I get a day that I feel like an author, a day where the usual grind of sit-at-desk, bang-head-on-keyboard opens up and something in this sometimes agonizingly slow profession moves forward in a big way. Writing “The End” is one of those days. Publication day is another, but as odd as it sounds, publication day doesn’t have much to say for itself until a week later when you know how publication day went. Turning in a manuscript is a big relief, and then the editorial rewritten one. Hearing from the marketing people is always a big boost, with news of cities and such. (Slow down. Long time to go yet for that.)

But Friday, it was a double whammy with my day spent getting my new back cover photo taken, (sans the red hair, mind you) and then coming home, exhausted and ready to wash off the make-up to find a most precious email had been smoldering in my inbox most of the day.

I have seen the preliminary cover, and it is gorgeous! Absolutely wonderful. You’re going to look at it and go Huh? but trust me, it’s perfect in so many ways.

And if the cover is being prepped, then it’s high time to release the title, eh?

Come back tomorrow. I don’t want to jump any guns and feel the need to check with my publisher first, but hey, It’s time. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for you all to read it this late August/early September.

Early bird peek at a one paragraph blurb is at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Click to order signed, first edition copy

Click for synopsis



Click for synopsis


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11 responses to “It was an “author” day

  1. David Rheuark

    Ok, all the effort is worrh it.

  2. Vampyre

    I very happy for you and so looking forward to Peri’ s first tour. I’ve seen you with out your famous wig. It was in a you tube where you were working on a fight move to make sure it would work. I was looking for it but couldn’t find it. I found one of you and Patricia Briggs at a signing. You two are very good together.

    I preordered a while back.

    (This is a corrected repost)

  3. Minna Snow

    So glad you had an author day. ‘Cause The more you write the more we read

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Aug.?? Sept??? Arrrrgggghhhhh! I’m having withdrawals! I’m trying to occupy my time by re-reading all the Hollows novels. Just hoping to survive ’till

  5. Laura K Thorpe

    Dorky phone…I typed Harrison, lol!

  6. Laura K Thorpe

    Excellent! I recall at our Q&A at Nicola’s that you said you were keeping the Kim Harris name and persona, so I’m surprised that the red hair is gone. Does this mean future pics and live appearances will now be with you not having to don a wig? πŸ™‚ I wore one once and it was hot! So I hope you can go au natural. Can’t wait to see the cover, but I’m skipping any sneak-peeks! I always have, they just make me more sad that I can’t read the rest yet, lol.

  7. Very nice blurb Kim. Can’t wait for this to come out!! You didn’t mention it was available for pre-order and both Amazon and B&N list the release date as September 1st!!

  8. Oh, good. Something else to pine and yearn for. If I didn’t enjoy the reads so much, such-a-smack I would give! Did I tell you ! Really liked The Witch with No Name! Looking forward (and slightly down-otherwise I trip) to the next! BFN! PS: I am way too old for a BFN

  9. Sounds like an exciting time for you! πŸ˜€ Always nice to make progress on your book!

    • Vampyre

      I very happy for hi and so looking forward to Peri’ s first tour. Ive seen you with out you famous wig. It was in a you tube where you were working on a fight move to no sure it would work. I preordered a while back.

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