desk guardians

We all have them. Admit it. Pika is one of my oldest, but here is my newest. He arrived around the end of the year, and after a nice long trial run at my desk, I do believe he’s going to stay. He’s nice and heavy and keeps my bird book from falling over.



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15 responses to “desk guardians

  1. David Rheuark

    I am a growd, mature adult! I do not have a Marvin the Martian guardian, er, it’s not mine, um, really!

  2. I have a lovely Gargoyle my nephew gave me when he was six years old. He’s now an oncological researcher at university!

  3. He looks like a lawn ninja from the game “Ratchet and Clank”. You know, like lawn gnomes only… dangerous. You don’t happen to have a “Tiny Tot Slingshot” handy, do you? (The joys of being the mom of a boy is that you are subjected to his video games at times.)

    Oh wait, maybe that’s a shovel and not a little sword…

  4. Home Desk: Statue of Liberty and Neuschwanstein Castle.
    Work Desk: Pig, Lego Star Wars Storm Trooper, Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker, Lego Star Wars Han Solo, Lego Chima Ewar. (I catalog Children’s, Teen, and Adult Graphic novels for a public library, don’t judge me.)

  5. I’ve got a collection of guardians that keep watch over me during the day – Thor, Chewbacca, Animal from the Muppets, My Little Pony Rainbow Dash, Danaerys Targarean, and Rex from Toy Story. In addition to that my work space is covered in pictures of my beautiful twin nieces, and artwork from a few of my favorite artists πŸ™‚

  6. I have 4 actually…lol! Donatello from Teenage M. Ninja Turtles holds my usb man up out of the way..King Moonracer from Rudolph sits almost beside him,and Dory and Olaf (newest guardian!) are silly-tacky attached on my monitor

  7. Claudia D.

    For Christmas my Daughter got me a Wonder Woman Pop Head. She is sitting on my desk at work watching over me. Unfortunately she is behind my monitor on top of my desktop and keeps freaking out my Supervisor.

  8. Desk guardian! I like that. I have had a Y2K bug since for, well, 15+ years. πŸ˜‰ I had never thought of him as guardian though. But I do like that. He is. Thank you.

  9. amberly

    my desk guardians are the dinosaur toys from firefly…

  10. Cool. He should take a spin in the garden this spring.

  11. Dea

    ; ) He’s wonderful! I have mine too, one of which is an action figure of the naughty ‘Benedict’ from the film “Last Action Hero”. One of my all time fave bad guys.(next to Big Al, of course!).

  12. I have a computer gargoyle who has been with me for a very long time πŸ™‚

  13. He does look like a solid little man fit for the job you have given him, do like the red hat reminds me of someone, he’s obviously been trained well, do have to love Jenks!

  14. silvermitt

    Yes, I do actually, but mine are like this. I liked them so much, I have two small ones and one large one by my front door in spring. (picture is courtesy of a different website):

    I’m planning on getting this one this year if possible:

    I am a twisted individual, I know. But I don’t plant poisonous stuff, and my garden’s are interesting.

  15. He looks so cool πŸ˜€ I don’t think I have a desk guardian, now I will have to get one though!

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