Happy Groundhog day!

If the Phil had his burrow in our town, he would see his shadow this morning, provided he could burrow his way out through the snow. Wow! I got my snow fix, in a really big way.


So we watched the game last night. My mom made up the squares for the pool, and after divvying them up equally, discovered we had a few squares left over. I suggested we give them to Alex and Xander because we’d brought the dogs over with us. Guess who won the final quarter? Yep.




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8 responses to “Happy Groundhog day!

  1. David Rheuark

    It is soo fluffy and big that it looks like a movie set!

  2. Vampyre

    That cardinal really looks good with all that snow around him.

  3. It does look pretty and I love your birds. But, think I will stay in Texas until the spring and just enjoy your pics from here. Thank you for sharing.

  4. We got way more snow that I wanted, but even I have to admit it’s beautiful this morning with blue skies, white snow, and sunshine. It’s cold though–I just hired the kid across the street to shovel for me!

  5. Linda Craft.

    we are all snowy here in West Michigan. I’m happy. I’m a snow bunny, we spent the weekend up in the U.P. because you just can’t have too much snow!

  6. silvermitt

    When my sister lived in the Pacific Northwest, she and our father had a tradition for Groundhog’s day. They try to beat each other on calling first on the holiday. I remember hearing about a 3 am call one year. Since she’s come south, I don’t know if they do that anymore. I think they don’t much appreciate early morning calls.

    Snow missed us here in S. Indiana for the most part. Getting a few flurries as I type, but it’s nothing like the blanket you’ve gotten. I do have a new visitor to my feeder, a Ruby Kinglet. A very feisty, tiny bird. I swear he’s trying to get inside my home through the window… Link below if you want to see what he looks like:

  7. Edward Carson

    Phil saw his shadow, so you may get more for your fix. Glad I can still get your posts even though I withdrew from Facebook.

  8. Blimey! That’s a lot of snow šŸ˜€

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