Al gets the last word

SuddenBacktrackSome of you may have seen my FB post yesterday about the last Hollows short, Sudden Backtrack, popping up for pre-order. Really quick, it is a short story scheduled to be released 10/28, and it will be available across all devices, including your laptop if you download the right app. DON’T read it until after reading The Witch With No Name. You’re going to want Al to have the last word, too.

Did I expect this? No! I finished the last chapter of WWNN, did the copy edit, line edit–happy with Rachel bringing together the thoughts and emotions that I wanted the story to end with. And when I thought I was done, the file closed and tucked away, Al taps me on the shoulder and tells me that I’ve got to become brave and put the last bit of story out there, that I can’t be selfish and keep it to myself as I sometimes do. (And yes, I sometimes keep parts of the story just for myself.)

And so Sudden Backtrack evolved. It’s not a lot of pages, but it does answer why.

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Amazon : Kindle


Today I’m prepping to hit the road again with clean socks and new batteries in the bunny cam. Guy and I are headed west of the Mississippi for the week. Hope to see some of you on tour, and bring your tomatoes! I’ll be signing with Richard Kadrey at the first four stops, and finishing up at George RR Martin’s theater in Santa Fe.

September 25, Thursday 6:00 P.M. (Bring your tomatoes!)
Portland, OR (Beaverton) : Powells Books Cedar Hills Crossing

September 26, Friday, 6:00 P.M. (Bring your tomatoes!)
Denver, CO : Tattered Cover Highland Ranch store

September 27, Saturday 7:00 PM
Petaluma, CA : Copperfields Bookstore

September 29, Monday 7:00 PM (Bring your tomatoes!)
Phoenix, AZ : The Poison Pen

September 30, Tuesday 7:00 PM
Santa Fe, NM : Jean Cocteau Cinema (GRRM theatre)



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28 responses to “Al gets the last word

  1. Carmen lira

    Will this last book tell us if kinks gets together with the fairy? And what about all the other people that she knows. Does she marry Trent? Does she have a baby after so many years? Will a demon try to steal him/her? I think you should give closure to ALL the characters. I love that series of your books!!

    • It’s a prequel, so no. They aren’t even born yet. It focuses on Trent’s mom and dad, and how they get together during the Turn. It does, however, have Al, Piscary, Takata, Trent’s mom and Dad, Quen, Orchid, Rynn Cormel, and Saladan’s dad. I tried to get everyone I could in there, but it takes place in the 60s, so . . .

  2. Kaylie Johnson

    Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you so much for enriching my life and the lives of others with the Hollows. I am 23 and have been reading this series with my mother for a very long time (nearly half my life!), and it has truly shaped my imagination and love of other worlds and creatures. I am very blessed to have shared my life with the characters in this story, and am sad to see it end. Secondly, I am thrilled to hear that there is another book out there with Al having the last say! I can’t believe I have gone this long without having read it. I will be searching for the paper copy to have and hold for those rainy days. Thank you,Kim Harrison, for sharing your world with me.

  3. Xamida

    Thank you that Al can have the last word. He always was my favorite character. If he were real i would marry him. 😀
    And thank you for such a good series. I cried at the last page because it is such a beautiful ending. When I put my book away I thought about how Rachel has changed over the books and how I have changed over the time I read your books. I think your books are about life and how things chance and that this changes are good and necessery. So again thank you. Your books and in special your characters will always have a place in my heart and my bookshelf. (Both in english and german) =)

  4. Stacey Michaels

    You are so evil….but that’s what I love about you. 🙂


  5. Al has intrigued me since the first meeting, just knew he’d be a huge character, and wow what a character he is. Like someone said, a fragrant onion indeed, who made me cry when deep in the layers were revealed. Such a softy deep inside, but loves too, along with the deepest hate. Ahhh, so Al DEMANDING the last word is very appropriate and appreciated. Thanks Kim for your colorful complicated characters who seemed so real to us.

  6. Can’t wait to read Al’s book. Already preordered it.

  7. OMG! Can’t wait! Just preordered it because I NEED more Al. ♥

  8. Jen

    I’m so happy to know that you’re releasing Al’s spin in Sudden Backtrack! I love him as a character, and I’m glad he wasn’t just a 1-dimensional bad guy. So many layers to that fragrant onion!

  9. Chelikins

    I finished The Witch with No Name and loved it. It was a great birthday present. Now I get a short for Halloween, awesome!

  10. Hmm, it says 7:00 pm on the Tattered Cover info… With traffic, I don’t think I could be there by 6…

  11. I just finished WWNN and now I can’t wait for this short. I’m glad that Al gets the last word!

  12. Thank you for giving in to Al! I got to the end of WWNN and really really wanted a little bit more of the intervening stuff. Of course, I’m of the opinion that making us yearn for more really is the best way to end the series–it means that you didn’t overextend the characters or the plot, so we can all keep loving the series just as much as we did at the beginning! I always get sad when a series is overextended and I lose patience with it.

  13. Claudia D.

    iI’m no surprised that Al has to have the last word. I loved the way the series was wraped up. I am going to miss my visits to the Hollows. Can’t wait until October 30th. Al was always one of my favorites, I even got him as my perfect Hollows date. Safe travels to you and Guy. Love the bunny cam pictures.

  14. Leslie

    I wish you would tour Corpus Christi TX … No one ever comes here. Love all your books

  15. Lesley

    I can certainly imagine that Al would bully you into writing more about him…
    Hey, will you ever do a Q&A about points from the last book? I have a lot of questions! 🙂

  16. First I want to say Thank you for the amazing series…second for NEVER letting all of us down with it..for keeping it going for the thirteen…magically wonderful books plus all the short stories! I have so enjoyed each and everyone of them! I can’t wait to hear what Al has to say…this should be good!!! Hopefully in the future…you will “share” with us what some of the voices from The Hollows tell you in that incredibly talented mind of yours and not keep them to yourself. It would be nice to hear from them every once in awhile! Big hugs to you Kim…and again…Thank you ❤

  17. Dominique Z

    This is Awesome! Did anyone ask if this is going to be in print? You mentioned “all devices”, so I thought I’d ask. Thanks!

  18. Gail S

    Love, Al, of course he has to have the last word, even if Rachel ignores it. 😉
    I’m so excited for October 30th. Thanks! 😀

  19. Ama

    Can’t wait to hear what Al has to say. You are by far my favorite author and really know how to end a fabulous series! Thank you for all your hard work! We really do appreciate it!!

  20. Kimberly Howell

    I decided a week before WWNN came out that I wanted to reread the series first. While teaching full time and raising a toddler. Yeah, I’m still on the second book. This is gonna take a while. How long will your blog be spoiler free? I may need to hide from it for the next few months.

  21. So excited to read it! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed WWNN! Thank you so much for a wonderful journey with Rachel 🙂

  22. Amy

    Sooooo excited…and SOOOOO not surprised that Al did this! 😉

  23. silvermitt

    He always was my favorite character. Thanks 🙂

    • Stacy

      Stupid question. Will this only be available digitally or will the actual book be out too? i am a lover of actual books, not the computer books. Thanks!

    • Stacy, I have not heard yet, but I can’t imagine that it won’t be in the back of the mass market of The Witch With No Name.

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