Last Witch With No Name chapter today!

It must be September. I see school busses and hear mom’s taking that First Day of School picture. But my big news is that HarperCollins decided to release one more chapter, bringing us to chapter six today! The link won’t go live until noon, but come back then. I’ll FB it then, too.

A-a-a-and it’s live! Go check it out: CHAPTER SIX


If you missed the earlier chapters, they’re up right now.

Chapter Five

Chapter Four

Chapter Three

Chapter One and Two

The  Event’s page is finally updated with correct times/stores, so give it a look if I’m coming near you.

Want to preorder? There’s still time, and it will help increase your chances of getting that first edition with Al’s blue butterflies at each chapter heading. The only place I can guarantee a blue butterfly, first-edition is by preordering from Nicola’s or the signed edition of B&N, but your chances are good if you get it in the first week from just about anywhere. It’s up to the store as to when they order their books, and I fully expect to see second edition at the end of the tour. So if you want to pre-order . . .

AmazonMy button is active at Amazon


B&N is also available, and if you go to the right page, they also have signed first-edition books which I did earlier this year, each one hand lettered, not stamped or printed.


Click to order

Nicola’s  is also a first-edition option, and I can personalize these with a note if you pre-order and tell me who to sign it to in the comment section when you order. International is okay but email them for a quote at If you order before the 4th, your book will be signed and sent to hopefully reach you on release day. I will be going back after tour to sign anything later, but you’ll have to wait for your book at that point. 

Also, Nicola’s won’t be giving out line numbers/tickets to Nicola’s big Last Hollows Tour blow out until next Tuesday, so don’t panic and wait until then. They aren’t set up right now, focusing on getting your books ready to go out. I can’t imagine we’ll get to the 300 cap.

The  Event’s page is finally updated with correct times/stores, so give it a look if I’m coming near you.



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16 responses to “Last Witch With No Name chapter today!

  1. Hi

    I was wondering if you had any idea why none of your Kindle books were available for people living in Australia any more?

    Love your work.


    • It could be a number of things, Dale. Amazon is doing some really weird stuff lately, but it could also be that my Australian publisher decided not to buy the rights to publish them. You might get further by taking it up with them. Sorry.

  2. As crazy as I get every time I finish a chapter and have to stop, I’m really glad that the book isn’t coming out until next week–this week I have a really heavy workload and really cannot afford to stop everything and get absorbed! 🙂 I’m looking forward to getting the package from Nicola’s next week, though, even as I’m sad to see the last of the series.

  3. Vampyre

    The last Hollows tour. I get kind of emotional when I think of that. While one great series is ending, a new one is coming. I’m really looking forward to it.

    If it wasn’t for Jim Butcher, SYFY, and The Dresden Files, I might have missed everything. 🙂


  4. Another series of books that I’ve been reading just came to an end I really didn’t like. But I have my fingers crossed for this one. Its looking good so far.

  5. Martin

    So I read that chapter, and the tension keeps building. You sure know how to keep a reader on edge, wanting more. Thanks for that.

  6. danica

    Oh waiting us so hard. Book ordered T-shirt ready and my first book signing

    • Vampyre

      I’m the kind of person that avoids a place crowded with strangers but I still love going to Kim’s signings. You’re going to have so much fun. Kim and “Guy” are so nice to everyone. The time just flies by.

  7. Margot D.

    Oh my, waiting is so hard. And Rachel is just too nice for her own good !

  8. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

    I’ve got the audio book pre-ordered, tour tee-shirt ready and I’ll driving from Arkansas to Houston to see you. Can’t wait.

  9. carolan1945

    I am looking forward to reading this book. But there will be no blue butterflies for me as I preordered the kindle edition April 28th.

  10. genki

    Will there be another live streamed event for those of us who live too far away or just can’t make it to a signing? I love listening to all the Q&As and seeing everyone there having a good time!

  11. silvermitt

    What a pleasant surprise! I figured a 4 or 5 chapter release was it, but now I’ll get to read a bit more, awesome!

    Are you excited to get started soon, Kim?

  12. Martin

    One week. Seven days. Counting down to the last minute. I am really looking forward to this book.

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