Have a great Labor Day!

1stEditionThis week has been hectic, what with my usual weekly agenda, plus making 21 pages for the website for the tour photos, (Yep, I made that big beautiful website, and I still maintain it myself,) general maintenance on said website, getting out to Nicola’s for some pre-release signing (not too late to order your signed book. It will have the blue butterflies as well,) finalizing the AMA I’ll be doing with Richard Kadrey on the 4th, (more on that later) going to the dentist (’cause I’m a real person, and I have to do that) brushing through and delivering a last Hollows short that will probably be released between the hard cover and mass market of The Witch With No Name, (Al’s POV, more on that later as well,) throwing together an impromptu tomato drive (because I don’t like ice water that much,) processing all those beautiful B&N end caps and getting them on the blog,Β and reminding everyone that the B&N signed copy is guaranteed to be 1st edition with those blue butterflies because I’ve seen them.

Today, though, I’m doing what I want to do all day for the first time all week, and you know what that is? Writing. The day is mine, and I’m doing it.

See you on Tuesday.

Kim’s latest mini tree, and very precious.


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29 responses to “Have a great Labor Day!

  1. Gina Sizemore

    Happy Labor Day:)

  2. amanda kwok

    I have a huge problem! It just so happens that the release of Witch with No Name coincides with the worldwide release of Destiny. I don’t know which to do first…I want to read your book before I see you at the Orlando signing, but I also can’t wait to shoot people on Venus. I’m wondering just how much sleep I really need to survive?

  3. Nici B.

    That blue butterfly looks beautyful! I’m so happy I am able to get a first edition.

  4. Sebrina

    When I first started reading the Hollows Series, A Fistful of Charms was due to be released a few months later. I had power read the first three books, and I was in love. I also lived in the US. Two years after a Fistful of Charms was released I moved to the UK, and so obtaining the books after that was difficult. The release dates constantly change over here. I’m even a little behind on the books because of this, and also because I’m doing a complete read through of the series before the last book is released on the 9th, which happens to be my youngest nephew’s birthday. A good omen, yes?

    Very good, because today I was lamenting to my mom via skype that the last book was being published, and not only that, but first edition books would have a beautiful blue butterfly on the title page. I wanted it, I just couldn’t get it in the UK. My mom, who has never been big into reading but has always encouraged me to read, asked if it was available for preorder, and from where. I told her amazon, because that’s obvious, but also Barnes and Noble. She said to send her the information, so I went on the Barnes and Noble website, completely forgetting you could get signed ones via B&N, and completely lost it. I was so excited about it, and mom, the most amazing woman in my life ever, said to send her the link.

    Long story shortened? My mom loves me and is pre-ordering the signed edition. I’ve never had a signed physical book in my life! The one signed book I do have signed is an ebook of Ever After, which I was fortunate enough to win last year through the Halloween contest. It’s a treasure of mine that I occasionally stroke and look at if I need a reason to smile, and so it’s fitting that my first physical book to have a signature is The Witch with No Name. I am so excited. I just danced around the living room for ten minutes before writing this. Please forgive any typos that may appear as a result of my excitement. Thank you a million times for making signed books available in such a way.If I ever get to met you in person I will thank you emphatically over and over for doing that.

    • Sebrina, that is so cool. I’m really glad your mom went out of her way like that. Moms are the best. πŸ™‚

    • Sebrina

      I am beyond happy. I’ve been feeling a bit homesick as the last time I’d been back to see family was almost two years ago, and this helps in a weird way.

  5. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim don’t forget that we goof off on Labor Day. Although for some reason we aren’t ungrateful on Thanksgiving or selfish on Christmas.

  6. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    I have requested Galaxy Quest at my library and awaiting my turn at it. Other folks seem to have had the same impulse. The shot of your little tree, in the midst of your “rock garden,” is lovely. My it, and you and yours, “live long and prosper.”

  7. Several things:
    1.) Love your signature! Some authors have the sloppiest signatures, it is unreal! Yours is really pretty, and I love the blue butterflies!
    2. I LOVE your rock garden with your lil tree, iris, and other assorted beauties!
    3.) I wish you all the luck in the world with A Witch With No Name! P.S. FANTASTIC title! Very intriguing!

  8. Rachel C

    I’m so excited! I’m planning on being at the release party. Is there anything special I need to do, and if I buy the book then will it have the blue butterfly?

  9. Wearing my tour shirt today because I am SO psyched! Ooo and an Al POV, LOVE IT. You spoil us so.

  10. Susan Blakeney

    Thanks Kim! πŸ™‚

  11. Susan Blakeney

    Hey Kim πŸ™‚ I was curious as to whether the Nicola’s books (personalized) are also first edition? All my previous books have been. I ordered my copies the first day they were made available πŸ™‚ I’m thinking they are but like I said, just checking.Enjoy the rest of YOUR day πŸ˜‰

  12. Angi H

    Sorry if this was already asked and answered, but are the Blue Butterflies gonna be in the eBook too? I realize that can be tricky, but the Black Dandelion Pack Tattoo showed up on Perfect Blood, so I know its possible.

  13. Lynne

    Beautiful mini tree. What type is it? Have a great weekend.

  14. Martin

    You ARE a busy person! I am excited to hear about another Hollows short, and from Al’s POV. Loads of fun. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to all this plus the new series.

    • Martin

      I also wanted to say “thank you”. On your recommendation of “Galaxy Quest”, I got it from the library, and laughed all the way through it. I have always liked the things you recommend. Thanks for that.

    • Thanks, Martin. It’s one of our family favorites.

  15. Have a great day! I am counting down the days until my signed copy arrives! 🌻🐰

  16. Claudia D.

    Enjoy your day and have a good holiday.

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