Yes, they are real now!

Remember those personalized pre-orders you’ve been making at Nicola’s Books? Well . . . the first of the books have been printed and boxed, and because I have this arrangement with Nicola’s, some have been shipped to my local store so I can sign them before I leave to go on tour. The goal is to have them in the post to reach you on the release date, but that means some extra attention on my and Pat’s part. The first 400 have been signed, but I’m going in again to get the next batch, so it’s not too late to get in on this.  I can guarantee that these are first editions with Al’s blue butterfly on each of the chapter headings–cause I look at each one.

This is about 300 books, there’s another 100 off to the side waiting for envelopes. 🙂 Don’t they look beautiful?

Nicolas400To order from Nicola’s: International is okay, just email them for a shipping quote before ordering (You have to tell them who you want it signed to when you order, or they will just send you a book.)

Click to order

Click to order

If you are going to be going to the Hollows Good-bye event at Nicola’s the day before Halloween, don’t panic. We are capping it at 300, but you can arrange for your line ticket by phone.  (number is at the event’s page) They will be starting to give tickets/reservations on the 9th, so please don’t call them right now. Pat is working hard on the books, and she can’t give out tickets yet, anyway. I don’t think we’re going to reach 300, so rest easy and give them a call when you can after the 9th of September, even if it’s as late as the night before. We’ve got some very cool things planned.

Also, I updated the tour page yesterday. There are a few new times, so check it out if you’re already planning on going to an event.  [ event page ]



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19 responses to “Yes, they are real now!

  1. So excited to get my copy!!!!! ❤

  2. I can’t believe it’s almost over. 😦

  3. Gina Sizemore


  4. Felicia

    Does the e-book have the blue butterfly on each of the chapter headings?

  5. Can’t wait! I’ve already pre-ordered it!

  6. Vampyre

    Well, I guess I’m set. I preordered from the B&N in Carrollwood. Hopefully they’ll still be first editions. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you and Guy again.

  7. So good to see the stack! I’m ordering mine from my local bookstore but I still plan to be at the Phoenix tour stop in September. My shirt arrived over the weekend – thanks, Guy!

  8. Nici

    My book is in there as we’ll, oh, I hardly can wait!
    I’m all excited, and sad all at the same time, as it is the last one.
    But I’m sure, wherever Kim’s is going to lead us next, is going to be just as adventurous…!

  9. My book is in that stack! I can’t wait! I am so excited. Wish I still lived in Michigan. I would be trick or treating at Nicola’s, that is for sure!

  10. Martin

    Very excited. 13 days.

  11. Claudia D.

    Can’t wait to have it in my hands, they look beautiful. Good-bye Rachel, Ivy, & Jenks. It was a great ride. Can’t wait for your new series.

  12. Will the Barnes and Noble signed pre orders have the blue butterflies ad well?

  13. Sweet! Excitement building to buy one soon, I will read this one slowly, or at least try to. The whole series has been a great ride. I remember the first book signing I went to – you were at a card table in the front of the book store with only a few people in line. Now it’s a long line at a regular table in the middle of the store. Looking forward the the last Hollows book signing with excitement and a smidge of sad. 🙂

  14. silvermitt

    That’s alot of paper.

    Cincinnati is getting so close! 😀
    Looking forward to seeing how big the turnout will be this time around.

  15. Bel

    Yes your books look beautiful! Can’t wait to get mine!! I will be sorry see Rachel, Ivy & Jenks go. It was a great series. I am sure your next one will be just as great! Thanks, I enjoyed each and every one..

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