Barnes and Noble “bundle” for binge reading

There is binge watching, and there is binge reading, and whereas there are just too many titles now to actually, ya know, put them in one box with pretty artwork and a bow, Barnes and Noble does have them all in one spot for you. 🙂 This is a very RARE chance to find all the titles on the same shelf, and I don’t expect it to ever happen again. And the best part? You guys, the readers, have noticed!

If you spot one of these beautiful endcaps at your local store, snap a picture and drop it on my timeline at facebook, (which is the only place I am set up to receive pictures) and I’ll add it here.
KimHarrisonsHollows on FB

They are beautiful, every single one. Oh, and feel free to rearrange the books into their proper order. (grin)

Click to order signed, first edition copy

Click to order signed, first edition, blue butterfly copy

And since we’re talking about B&N, the last time I checked, they still had  signed first editions. It will be very easy this year to know if you have a first edition as they, and only they, will have Al’s blue butterfly at the chapter headings. Beautiful!


Dawn M’s end cap


Brandon’s end cap


Mandi L.M.s end cap


Vicki’s end cap


Mandi’s end cap


Beth’s endcap


Dawn’s end cap


Alexandria’s end cap


Barbara’s end cap


Liz’s end cap


Wayde’s end cap


Robert’s end cap


Jessie’s end cap


Cynthia’s end cap


Jason’s end cap


Charley’s end cap


Michelle’s end cap



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8 responses to “Barnes and Noble “bundle” for binge reading

  1. Kathleen Langlo

    I just ordered my book and I got my tour tee in the mail yesterday. I can’t for Sept 29th to get here. I’m looking forward to being at the signing & Q&A. I’m sad to see this series end, but I am looking forward to reading what happens our Hollows gang.

  2. Vampyre

    Walmart is the closest thing to a book store I have. I’ll go check them out and get back to you ma’am. 🙂

    I loved those end cap pics.

  3. Dawfydd

    Seeing those displays just makes me sad to realize it’s been 5 years since the Borders I worked for closed 😦

  4. old72jim

    Hi Ms Kim Wow! I sure am glad I already have all your books. Otherwise that display would make me go out and buy them.

  5. Martin

    Congratulations on all of the B&N endcaps. Maybe some of the older books will hit bestseller status again, on the way to pushing Witch With No Name to #1. Good Luck; you and the team earned it.

  6. Munchkin

    Fantastic for Kim to see her hard work for all these years all displayed like that! That is one of the coolest things I’ve every seen. Gave me goosebumps 🙂

  7. Lisa

    If you attend a signing will it be a first edition?

    • It depends when the store orders their books, Lisa. Last year, we were in our second printing before the book even hit the shelves, and as we got further into the tour, we started seeing them. The only way to guarantee a first edition is to get one B&N’s signed copies, (which I know are first edition) or one from Nicoles, which is doing their hardest to make sure they’re first edition. (my local store.) Chances are very good that if you get it in the first week it will have those blue butterflies on it, but I can’t guarantee it.

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