Personalized Last Hollows Book

Isn’t this a sweet Little Free Library? I found it last weekend while up north on a fudge/carmelcorn run. It wasn’t exactly at Mackinaw, but close. 🙂 This was the first Little Free Library I’d ever seen in the wild, and it totally made my day. If you’re not familiar with the Little Free Libraries, they are home-grown structures where you leave a book, and take a book. I think they’re a fabulous idea, and this one was really nice.

LittleLibraryAlso, I’ll be going in to Nicola’s today to start signing those personalized pre-orders you’ve been arranging. You can get signed copies of The Witch With No Name through B&N, but if you want it signed to you with a personal note, you have to come to a signing, or order from Nicola’s. They are my local store, and this is the third year we’ve done this. International is okay, but email them for a shipping quote first at: 

I’m going in today to sign them so as to help get these out to you on the book release date, and if you want to take advantage of it, you still can. I’ll be going in at least once more before I head out on tour, and then one more time when it’s all over to catch the stragglers, so it’s not too late.

To order from Nicola’s just click. And be sure to tell them who you want me to personalize it to in the comment box when you place your order.

Click to order

Click to order



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21 responses to “Personalized Last Hollows Book

  1. I’m making a free library for my mothers cousin in Illinois. This one pictured is beautiful!

  2. I just saw this is Sellwood in Portland, OR where I live a couple days ago and left my book of poems for them. It’s a beautiful neighborhood, and I love our free, little libraries.

  3. Steve

    A little off topic, but just get my T-Shirt, which I will be proudly wearing to NY Comic-Con on Thursday in Oct…see you there Kim!!!

  4. Reblogged this on Retrograded Girl and commented:
    I really want to start one of these but would rather build one once I have my own house.

  5. Vampyre

    15 days? I guess I should be making room reservations. M

  6. silvermitt

    I’ve heard about these and it’s a great idea that needs community support to make it work. I remember when I was a teen and the really small town I lived in had a community effort “library” at the municipal building. This was worked by a volunteer for a few hours a day (M-F), and no joke, was located in a unused, slightly modified, jail cell area. This was back in mid-1980’s. I”d like to think they’ve been able to build a real library since then.

  7. Mary

    We have about four in town (that I’ve found so far). I love driving past and seeing teens or younger kids checking out books!

  8. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim I am sitting here with my first cup of the day, and have to agree with Garfield here, the first cup has to be strong enough to fight crime, the result being I have one eye open,instead of typing blind. I am still hovering over my kindle awaiting for the book. The free library is such a great idea. We have something similar at the office building here in the village

  9. Serenity

    While walking in my neighbourhood with my children we recently were delighted to find a Little Free Library in a lovely garden. I think they are the best idea ever for friendly book exchange. We plan on taking some of no longer needed children’s books to it as it is very close to a local school. Right now it was mainly filled with old school bodice ripper romances. Much to the sadness of my kids.

  10. Samantha Goodner

    I’ve been here! I think these are so cool. Michigan has the best fudge, now you have me craving Doug Murdick’s chocolate cherry…. mmmmmmm!!!

  11. *squeeee* I´m one of the Nicola books =D Can´t wait to see your autograph when it arrives! Happy Signing!
    //Linda (Sweden)

  12. Martin

    Mine is already ordered. I am so looking forward to this book. 15 days. 🙂

  13. heatwave316

    Hi Kim!!! If I order from Amazon, will they be first editions? I’m planning on being at the signing near Indy, so I don’t need a pre-signed boo. Thanks. ~indy

    • Chances are good that it will be, but I can’t guarantee it as I can with the B&N signed edition and one from Nicola’s. It depends when Amazon gets their books. Last year, I was in the second printing before the publication date, if you can believe it.

  14. I only just recently heard about Little Free Libraries and think it’s a neat idea. That one is adorable. I want my own free library but I don’t think I’d have much luck with it as I live down a country road. Maybe I could build one for our break room at work.

    • SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

      Natasha: Yay! What a good idea! Often when I donate a book I put a brief comment inside the front cover, on a sticky note, to help folks choose. We have a free exchange library in our apt bldg here, with books, videos, and jigsaw puzzles.

  15. Laura

    Do you sign other books of yours while there if ordered now?

  16. That is such a cute free library!!!

  17. Linda Craft.

    i am so looking forward to this last tour. See you in Grand Rapids

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