The Undead Pool now out in MM. Ebook price drops

TUPhcCoverHi all.

If you’ve been waiting for the mass market of The Undead Pool, it is now out on the shelves! And that means that the e-book price drops from the hardcover price to one more commensurate with the mass market.

I checked this morning, and both the Kindle and Nook price are 6.83 (U.S.)

Just in time for the last Hollows book as The Witch With No Name comes out in like days now. I’m marking it in days. Yay!

Oh, and if you’re looking to get a signed copy of The Witch With No Name, B&N still has their signed copy link active.
The Witch With No Name

Click to buy The Undead Pool


Click to buy The Undead Pool


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15 responses to “The Undead Pool now out in MM. Ebook price drops

  1. Celia

    I ordered my signed copy way back when the b&n link first came up, eagerly awaiting its arrival next month

  2. I just ordered my copy of the Witch with No Name from Barnes and Noble, and I already can’t wait for it to get here! I’ve been looking forward to it for some time now, and I know that it won’t disappoint. Thank you, Ms. Harrison, for writing such a wonderful series that has managed to restore my faith in the genre. It’s amazing to see a heroine who, while (arguably) the MOST powerful character, is not defined solely by the power she wields. I cannot thank you enough for the hours of joy your books have brought. They have their own shelf in my collection.

  3. old72jim

    Hi Ms.Kim I am hovering over my kindle waiting for your book. I hope you are not having to drink green sludge.Thats why I get bottled water.

  4. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    I’m envious of you who get to go to a signing. Kim & Co. have to be a little closer to Seattle for me to get there. Sigh.

  5. Any idea when information will be released about the Cincinnati midnight release? I keep checking the Joseph Beth website but haven’t seen anything yet, and they haven’t responded to my email. I have my t-shirt and want to make sure I know the details beforehand!

  6. Vampyre

    I am so looking forward to release day. It looks like I’ll be going to the signing in Carollwood My sister used to live there years ago.

  7. Lisa

    Could you please tell me when your new book The Witch With No Name will come out in paperback? I know the hardback version is out next month but I have problems with holding heavy hard back books so I’m eagerly awaiting the paperback version to come out. Thank you…Lisa

    • Lisa, I honestly don’t know. A year, maybe?

    • Vampyre

      I have an idea that might help if you don’t want to wait that long . You can download an e reader app like Kindle or Nook to your phone, tablet, or computer for free and then buy the digital version. I hope this helps you.

  8. Martin

    36 days…. and counting.

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