The Witch With No Name chapters one and two

 A-a-a-a-nd the Manic Monday books are gone! Thanks everyone!


OMgosh, isn’t it beautiful? And it comes out right after Labor Day. I’m so excited to share this with you–you have no idea. If you’ve been following the giveaways all last week, you’ll remember me mentioning that there was a clear theme we were trying for with this cover. The title, white background, font, Rachel’s posture, and the distant figure were all trying to bring to mind Clint Eastwood’s Dollars trilogy, with the man with no name. That Rachel’s posture mimics the position on Dead Witch Walking doesn’t hurt, either.


But you’re not here for pretty pictures. You want those chapters I promised, yes? I’d like to thank all the Goodread readers who worked to give us not one, but two chapters of The Witch With No Name today. Thank you, thank you! If not for so many of you putting it on your TBR shelf, there would be a mighty uproar at the end of chapter one because it’s a bit of a cliffhanger. Okay, chapter two doesn’t end much better, but at least you get a few pages more. [The Witch With no Name at Goodreads]

So here they are, links to chapter one and two on my website.

Chapter One and Two


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89 responses to “The Witch With No Name chapters one and two

  1. Samantha

    💕Love💕 the series and can not wait until September. However, I will admit… Your comment/ opinion about the cover makes me a little nervous…… The man in the background is not Rachel’s reason for living – or dying….

    I hope that is not a hint a character may die (or in Ivy’s case – die twice!).

  2. Michelle

    Kim, I’m in tears. Bravo! LoL I know that’s weird applauding you for making me cry, but you are one of a few, very few authors that can have me smiling on one page and then bawling my eyes out on the next page.

    Those first two chapters were fantastic! I think this may be my favorite beginning out of the entire series. Although i’m sad about the situation. I won’t say anymore than that because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. I noticed a few comments where people were saying what was actually happening in those 2 chapters, so I had to stop reading comments and go read the chapters before they were completely spoiled lol. Even though I had an idea of what was happening, it still didn’t prepare me for it, hence the tears. You rock! Gosh I was anxiously awaiting the book before, but now i’m desperate for the rest, or heck even the next page.

    I’m also quite pleased with the blurb for the book, when I added it to my TBR shelf over at good reads it didn’t have the last line or to attached so I had no idea exactly what Rache was going to be getting up to in the last book. The evolution of her powers has seemed a bit slow to me at times, but atlas all I can say after reading everything you’ve written about her to date is….she really is a bad-ass witch! 🙂

  3. I LOVE THE COVER I grew up watching Clint Eastwood movies with my mom but I won’t be reading the chapter till the book comes out but I did put it on my Google reads for those who want to…thanks Kim

  4. Rose Wickham

    Will you be doing a tour for this book?

  5. Nancy Laylon

    I cant wait to be able to read the whole story. I hope that Ivy is ok. Ugh I hate waiting. Lol Long live the Hollows

  6. silvermitt

    Hmm… May? Sounds good! I’ll be looking forward to it!
    (*hint*hint*) Mother’s day would be a great day to release chapter 3…. Both as a Mom’s day gift to your readers AND a unintentional birthday gift to me! 🙂

  7. Thanks! that was great! I hope you release some more!maybe a chapter or 2 a month until Labour Day?? OK maybe that’s too much! But definitely loved the first 2 chapters!

  8. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    PLEASE, PEOPLE: NO SPOILERS! I’m not going to read the first 2 chapters because that’s like eating 2 chocolate chips … just torture! But I’m sure glad the release is Labor Day rather than sometime in February.

  9. silvermitt

    Thank you so much!

  10. Ruth Rossman

    Thank you very much! I so hope Al returns, will have to wait and see. 🙂

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  12. Teresa

    Omg thank you so much!! I’m literally out of breath after these two chapters! Greetings from Europe 🙂

  13. Gail S

    The cover is stunning! I noticed at the first sneak peek you gave us that the cover was similar to DWW. Can’t wait to sit down and take my time reading Ch. 1 & 2. 🙂

  14. Rosaura Sanchez

    Oh man! Those 2 chapters were amazing. Come on September! How many chapters will this book be? 100? I hope it will be really big book, 800 pages. I wish. Thanks Kim.

  15. Alison CS

    Oh! So excited to read it, but it will make the wait for Sept 9th SO much harder. :-S

  16. Linda

    Heartbreaking. I find no other words. Especially when I think about what you’d once said about the last book in an interview. Somehow I knew this was coming. But the cover is beautiful, though.

  17. TINK’S LITTLE RED PANTIES! Roller coaster ride in first two chapters! The rest should be the best ride of all! (sorry, I am yelling, but WOO HOO!)

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just came back from work and am looking at my email. I saw the finished cover, and my heart started beating one thousand-mile-a-minute! Rachel looks ready to fire and the guy in the distance looks like Trent. The only thing appeasing my heart, is that the male character (whoever he is) does not look worried, but expectant. Please, let this not be Trent against Rachel. I’m so scared, I’ve been waiting for 10 years to see them together! Thank you so much for working so hard to get this to us early.
    Tonight: Chapters 1 and 2!!!

  19. Chistopher B.

    Love the cover. And it looks grim for our incredible duo. I can’t wait to see what happens in Chapter 3. I am going to wait till after your tour schedule is released before I decide whether to order from Nicola’s or not, because if I have the chance to meet you and get it personalized by you in person that will be my choice. And I am definitely ordering the t-shirt set for this tour when they go on sale.

  20. Just got refunded on the Manic Monday, I was too late at 12:16 pm. So much for my first go Manic Monday. Hope I can order a signed copy of new book because we never get signings in the middle of nowhere.

  21. Thank you!!! The sleepless nights till we get to read the next chapter!!

  22. I just knew I shouldn’t be reading the first two chapters! They were wonderful. This is going to be a fantastic book. I can’t wait to read the entire story and I have to wait until September. *sigh* It seems so far away!

  23. Kim

    Wow, is all I can say! Most defiantly want a signed copy of this one! Thanks for the chapters.

  24. Alison Scott

    Fantastic! Simply fantastic! A wonderful way to spend my b-day 🙂

  25. Angie Drottz

    I just finished the first two chapters. Even if Ivy doesn’t die I think it will be the spur Rachel needs to save Ivy’s soul. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

  26. Amanda

    On her Facebook page Kim says the man is Trent. 😀 I think it looks like he’s wearing a tux!!!! Whoop!

  27. OMG OMG OMG OMG. Seriously!! Love it! I just finished reading and… OMG OMG OMG! 🙂

  28. Maike

    I just read the two chapters and … OMG!
    Thank you for sharing! How in the world am I supposed to be able to wait for more until Labor Day??!!

  29. Brianne Walker

    OMG!!!!! I’m crying right now. Why are you doing this to us? Ivy can not die!!!!!

  30. Carey

    Kim, I can’t remember if you’ve already mentioned it but will the Peri book be part of a series or will it be stand alone?

  31. Jillian Helgren

    The last book is starting off with a real BANG! Sooo much action and nail biting moments in those two chapters, but I am so thankful for them. Can’t wait till Chapter 3 is released.

  32. Margot D.

    Gosh. I think you almost managed to give me a heart attack with those chapters.

    Thank you anyway, and happy anniversary ! Awesome cover, btw, Trent you were the missing piece ! ❤

  33. Kathleen Langlo

    I just finished reading the first two chapters and my heart is breaking right now. This book is going to do a dozy on my emotions.

  34. Trina Rollins


  35. WOW, just wow!!! Thank you for chapters 1 & 2. Full circle and going for the final showdown. I can’t wait for the new T-shirt and definitely the book. Got it pre-ordered.

  36. Love it! Give me more please.

  37. Rhys Bjornsen

    There’s something surreal about sitting in an Icelandic lounge, looking out over the harbor, and reading two chapters which remind me of the early books, yet improved. It’s going to be a nice vacation – and a very long summer 🙂

    (The person on the cover could be Cormel, with Al being the third in reference to the one of movies’ classic standoffs.)

    just finished reading the 2 chapter excerpts. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! can’t wait to get this book!! will be waiting for the paperback version for budgetary reasons, tho. i am also going to get the previous to this one as well. won’t wait til this 11th and final Rachel/Hollows book tho.

  39. Roxanne Trevino

    All I have to say is WOW……it is going to be a great book. Thanks Kim.

  40. twiser

    Well holding no punches for the end, huh? You said we’de really want chapter two, but three is eating at me already. So…. when in May? Like the first? So, like Thursday?

  41. Oh Yeah!. I love the cover. Are Trent and Rachel going to finally get together. Not sure I will read the first two chapters cuz then I will want the rest of them. LOL. Will wait for the release and take it camping with me and indulge in my reading with no phone, no tv, and just nature’s sounds. 🙂

  42. Vampyre

    Love the cover. I’m probably wrong but I think that’s Al. The first name to jump into my head was Al. The colors and positioning look like the Ever after to me.

    It sounds like the first two chapters are a hit. I’ll read them and any others the day before release.

  43. Stephania

    I need the book NOW! omg! I can’t wait till September!

  44. I wonder is it Al or Trent?

  45. Ohh I love the cover! Thank you! About the chapters, I have to admit that being as impatient as I am, I cannot get around to read the chapters! It’s wait and see for me!

  46. megphail

    Oh god, I can’t decide if that was awesome or unbelievably cruel

  47. Sofia Marcovecchio

    Hi Kim !! Any news about the Spanish editions ?! Thanks 🙂

  48. frances

    its not fair to make someone cry that early in a book I could not wait for it before reading the first to chapters now i wish i could just speed up time to find out what happens next. thank you so much for the chapters

  49. Martin

    Thank you for the cover, and the chapters, and the books. 🙂

  50. Susan

    Love how you grab me at the first page and make it so I can’t put the book down! Now I know what I’ll be thinking about for the next….oh, say, 5 months!

    • Gerry Sheldon

      Just over 4 months, in fact, if you care to work it out — admittedly it’s going to be a v-e-r-y long 4 months!

  51. Brenda

    Awesome cover so glad I was right! Cant wait to read the chapters when I get home.

  52. Dot

    NO! NO! NO! I AM NOT GOING TO READ IT !!! Sept 9th please come soon !!!!

  53. Karen

    Wow. Can’t wait for Ch. 3.

  54. Awesome! Can’t wait for Chapter 3, and I am SO freaking glad chapter 2 was there-Thanks, Kim!!!

  55. Jen

    Thanks!!! Made my lunch more enjoyable!

  56. Sara harper

    Love it!!!

  57. Jan V

    Love the cover. And that has got to be Trent in the back ground. That man’s not going anywhere. By her side until the end. Now, how am I gonna NOT read those 2 chapters. Growl, growl

  58. So excited….who is this man? I guess Al or maybe Nick??? Agh the anticipation!

  59. Alissa

    Badass, Kim. Badass. I think these are the things that have been just itching to happen, and I’m super excited! Thanks for the early teases. It’s going to be a long summer…

  60. jared wolfe

    ohhhhhh i bet shes gonna have a knock down dragout with big al, and i so hope we finally find out what newt is trying to remember

  61. Fern Taylor

    OMFG like OMG OMG OMG I seriously cannot wait now, why is September so very far away. Kim Harrison you are a goddess of Urban fantasy.

  62. Javinder

    Thank you!!!!!!

  63. Lesley A.


    –reaction to first two chapters. Oh, this is going to be one phenomenal finale!

  64. Lauren

    holy cow!!! Action right off the bat!! LOOOOOOOVE IT!!

  65. Tim B

    Awesome cover, I love it!! 😀

  66. Jackie

    Wonderful cover! Yay Trent! 😎

  67. It almost looks like Trent and Rachel are facing off but I won’t judge it by its very pretty cover. This is the first time I can remember not wanting summer to last forever. Going to read now!

  68. Who is she having a stand off with??! I really hope that’s not Trent… that would awkward… Just last cover they were so close! I don’t think it’s Al because Al doesn’t wear that… though he can change forms. Maybe it’s that Jonathan fellow…. jealous Elf that one (not to mention dangerous!). Maybe I’m just over thinking everything. Beautiful cover and so excited for its release!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  69. Kristina

    Score! … Well it would be if I had time to procrastinate to my heart’s content, but I have three projects due this week and am nowhere close to being done with any of them. However, I will book mark the wonderful link for the chapters and hopefully find time soon 🙂

  70. Kell Burgess

    Love the cover! I’m going to stay strong and not read the chapters…..I’m going to stay strog and not read the chapters….LOL I prefer to wait until the whole book comes out…this one might end up an exception to the rule 😉

  71. Kathleen Langlo

    I cover is amazing. I can’t wait till I take my break to read the chapters you put up. I’m so excited for this book. I can’t wait to see where it goes. Thank you!

  72. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    The cover is beautiful. Kind of a “full circle” thing in Kim’s posture, etc. I finally, finally got my turn to read Undead Pool; it gave me as many questions as answers. But I’m very happy for Trent and Rachel, and Ivy and Nina. Now I just have to wait for Lucky Number Thirteen (sigh).

  73. Love the cover, is that Al in the background?

  74. Diva

    Very cool! I also like that in DWW the cover is dark, like Rachel is facing a dark and unknown, scary future. In this last book, Rachel’s stance is confident and the colors are light, like the future’s so bright she’s gotta wear shades. lol

  75. Sabrina U

    I’m am fangirling like crazy right now! Love the cover and can’t wait to get my hands on the final book.

  76. Brenda M

    So glad Nicola’s in an option! But maybe, just maybe, you’ll have Ft. Wayne, IN on your tour stop list this year.


  77. Jaime

    Thank you! Thank you!! My lunch time is here and I am closing my office door to read!!!!

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