Tonight, I’m at Quail Ridge Books!

I’m sort of taking a rest day today, though I will be at Quail Ridge Books and Music tonight at 7:30. I hope someone comes out and braves that cold rain, because right now as I’m sitting in my hotel writing this, the wind is shaking the window. Wow!  I’ve been to Quail Ridge before, though, and the store is warm and inviting.

Kim and Teresa on Connecticut Style

Kim and Teresa on CT Style

I’ve had a few links go live in the last few days, the first being the small segment on CT Style I did while in Connecticut. The link should take you right to it, but if not, the segment aired yesterday on CT Style, book lover’s corner. Theresa and Kim chat about the Undead Pool

The event that was recorded by Fireman Creative at the Pittsburg event is up at YouTube as well. You can see it here: Kim Harrison Event at Pittsburgh B&N


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15 responses to “Tonight, I’m at Quail Ridge Books!

  1. I loved the signing tonight!

  2. Last time I checked the tour wasn’t passing through San Francisco. Is there a chance that the north bay or San Francisco can be added? I would like to attend.

    • I’m sorry, Sophia, but these things are meticulously arranged about a month or two before I head out, and adding a stop on right now just isn’t going to happen. Look for me for the last book’s release, though. I should be hitting the West Coast again.

  3. Catrina

    Hey Kim. I love love love the Hallows books. I’m wondering if Undead Pool will be the last one?

  4. Mary Milner

    I have a question about the Insider’s book. If you get a chance can you let me know where and when one would add springwater in the Pain Amulet. If you let me know there might be an amulet for you to try out. But of course I know that your book is for entertainment purposes only and you do not recommend or guarantee any results.

    • it’s all made up, Mary. You can put it in any time you want, ’cause it isn’t going to do anything. (laughing at myself, not you.) But I love your enthusiasm. Thank you!

  5. Susan

    We braved it & we are cozied near the fireplace waiting for your arrival!

  6. B

    I’m beyond disappointed that I can’t make the columbia signing tomorrow 😦

  7. I’ll be at Quail Ridge tonight, no matter the weather! 😉 Im looking forward to seeing you again this year. Be safe out there!

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