Geoff is reading what?

Yeah, this just about made my day Saturday while I was gearing up for Saratoga’s event. I missed the live broadcast because, you know . . . sleep? But you can be sure I went to the archived internet version and watched it. Dude. How cool is that?

I’d never been to Northshire books in Saratoga, but it was a great event with lots of readers and even a few roadies, which isn’t a given in a venue that is new to me. (just click the image to go to a high-resolution photo for you to lift if you were there and want it.) The bookstore itself is impressive, catering to a wide taste. They even have a great SF/fantasy section. I left a lot of signed stock if you’re in the area and missed out.


These ladies were not at the event per say, but they did have a few questions for me while I was signing books–and their hands! I bet there’s a budding author or two in there.


I’ve lots more pictures at the website: here


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14 responses to “Geoff is reading what?

  1. Tiesha

    Wish you were coming to Dallas this year, but at least I got to meet you last year! Just finished the book, which I loved of course. But I am feeling very scared for Big Al. He’s so unhappy, and I can see his death being the big catalyst to make Rachel perform some insane demon magic. Please tell me my bad feeling is incorrect?

  2. Jan V

    I’ve never seen the show, but that was funny. Thanks for sharing..

  3. Actually, the book is upside down…it looks like Craig Fergusun might be reading it during the breaks! How cool is that?!

  4. Bunny

    Kim, I have noticed lately that when I am looking at books to purchase, the title will be listed immediately followed by (Name of Series #1). Does that mean that the author has already decided that there will be at least one follow-up book, or is it being used as a hook to get people to read the book with the understanding that more will follow? Do authors decide in advance to do several books in a series? What if the first book doesn’t sell well? Do they put plans to make a series on hold or simply forget doing the series? If an author writes a book with the intention of having it be a stand alone, how does he/she know when the book becomes one that serves as a platform that leads to more? The best example I can think of is Janet Evanovich and the Stephanie Plum series. Do you think she planned on writing more than 20 books on Stephanie’s adventures, or was the series driving by readers’ love of the goofy bounty hunter, her family, and the two gorgeous men she found herself attracted to and unable to make a decision between them?


    • Hi Bunny. It’s a publisher decision as to what info is on that landing page, so it’s not going to be the same across all books. By the time a book is published, the publisher knows if there will be a second or not. I’ve no idea if Ms. Evanovich planned 20 books, but most contracts are for two to four books at a time.

  5. Neema

    I was so excited to meet you and loved the Q&A. This event made my week and I’m probably going to be talking about it for a long time. Thanks for coming to Saratoga! I’m currently re-reading Ever After so haven’t started Undead Pool yet but I can’t wait to get to it šŸ™‚

  6. old72jim

    Hi Ms Kim I’m glad to see someone encouraging youngsters to write. How are we gonna read books if no-one writes them?

  7. Diva

    Geoff has excellent reading tastes. šŸ™‚

  8. Oh, hey! Loved the last picture there of the bookstore’s window display. I think it’s awesome how creatively the bookstore’s staff used items that would be in the books in the window, like the copper pot!

  9. Tanya Chinn

    Can you post the web site for Geoff Live. I am not geeky enough to figure it out. THANKS,

    • SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

      I haven’t been able to figure that out, either. Please help us web-challenged….

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