Pittsburgh event, and tasty links

Sorry for being so late in posting. It’s been a busy day. (But I’ve got tomorrow off! Yay!)

The signing at the B&N in Pittsburgh was fabulous. I’d never been to Pittsburgh, but like Cincinnati, you guys have kept your architecture. You have your windy, twisty roads, your history, and even a river running through it. Makes me wonder if maybe I should base a spinnoff series there. (Things that make you go, hummmm . . .)

I had lots of roadies, and because it was a “virgin” crowd, lots of questions and even more books. (Phew!) Thank you everyone who hung to the end to get all your books signed. It was a great event. If you want a high res version of the roadies photo, just click and lift for your own use.

click for high-resolution photo for yourself

click for high-resolution photo for yourself

More photos of the event are [ here]  This was the event that was live-broadcast. We had some difficulty with the sound, as I understand it, but it’s been cleaned up and archived. If you can’t make it to an event, this is the next best thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN2_x7IapsQ

It wasn’t working when I posted the link, but I’ll keep checking until I’m sure it’s up and running. And since we’re talking about stuff coming up, I have a list I’ve been compiling for a few days of cracker-jack reviews, the AMA I did with Reddit, and the live broadcast of last night’s event. Check ’em out!

Booktalk Nation audio chat with Kim Harrison and Jeaniene Frost
Tor.com : Chosen Families
Infodad.com Family-focused reviews
USAtoday HEA
AMA at reddit


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34 responses to “Pittsburgh event, and tasty links

  1. Christine Girty

    So happy you were able to do a signing in Pittsburgh…Hope things work out and you are able to stop back for the next book! It would be awesome to see Pittsburgh make into a future story of yours…fingers crossed! Have a great rest of the book tour…hope the weather cooperates!

  2. Claudia Dettlinger

    Thank you again for coming to Pittsburgh, I am still basking in the glow of a great evening with you and your Pittsburgh Fans. I can’t wait to finish The Undead Pool. Have a great and safe rest of the Tour. You rock.

  3. KeeleyS

    Even though I made the event, people in the back couldn’t hear. We were trying to guess what everyone was laughing and clapping at so I love the live broadcast! I’m sure between the book signings and the travel, it is very exhausting and I thank you very much for giving your time to us fans. My daughters and I had a great time coming out to Pittsburgh to see you and hopefully you will come back to the east coast so we can do it again next year! P.S. Thank you to Guy for giving out the Free Vampire pins and the bus tokens which was an extra special surprise. You both totally rock!!

  4. Lesley

    Thank you SO MUCH for coming out to Pittsburgh. Jackie and I (the Pitt bio profs) were gushing about it for an hour afterward. 🙂 I hope like crazy you’ll come out here again for the final book tour!

  5. Drago di Caos

    So nice to meet you; would have liked to talk more, but I didn’t want to take time away from any of the others who came out. Hope to see you back in Pittsburgh in the future.

  6. Jennifer J

    It’s so awesome that you were in Pittsburgh! I didn’t know about the signing or I would have been there but I love that city, I was born there–now live in Ohio lol. One of my best friends who lives in Pittsburgh has actually inspired the image of what I picture Ivy to look like…she kind of acts like Ivy too, ha!. But on the night you were in Pittsburgh I actually finished TUP and I loved it soooo much! I’m so down now because the next/last book is so long away; I feel that this series and characters you’ve created are like my favorite distant family relatives that just came for a visit, then had to go home and I miss them so much now….that’s how I feel everytime I finish your books. LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with TUP though. I LOVED the ending and understood why you did what you did with the Trent, Rachel, Al triangle and I’m very happy with it. I am excited to see everyone have a happy ending in the final book…for those who survive though…I’ve seen you post this a few times and you’re worrying me there! Please don’t kill off anyone else, I cry every time because your characters are so loveable. But thank you again for this wonderful story you’ve given all of us to read and I can’t wait for your last book. Any idea what month that might come out???

  7. I LOVE Pittsburgh. I went to school there and got to know the city very well. You should definitely consider using Pittsburgh in your books.

  8. GK

    Thank you again for coming to Pittsburgh! It was the first signing I’ve ever been to, for any author, and I may just be hooked. I have to admit, I was a little starstruck when I sat down next to you and I didn’t know what to say. I loved the book, had a great time at the signing, and I would brave zero degree sidewalk camping with my sister all over again for the experience. Thanks again, sorry I froze up! Be safe on your tour. – The girl with the purple hair 🙂

  9. Samantha M.

    I had fun at the signing! I wish I was able to stay to get all my books signed though (4 out of 13 makes me a tad sad), but there were a lot of people. We came all the way from Maryland and had to leave for our Grandmother’s to leave early the next day. I’ll just have to try again next year!

  10. Valeeie

    The video is saying “unavailable…”. 😦

  11. Martin

    Yay!!! My book finally came today. I know what to do with a new book on a cold and snowy weekend. I’ll come up for air later.

  12. Jackie N.

    Pittsburgh has THREE rivers, actually. I love the idea of a spinoff being set here. It was great meeting you last night. As I told you during the signing, you made a lot of professional biologists happy with the elements you added to your books to ground them in reality.

  13. Rich Slabbekoorn

    The link still wasn’t working but I did a search and did find a link that worked: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN2_x7IapsQ which looks the same but for some reason works though the other doesn’t.

  14. I was reading The Undead Pool last night when I saw it on set on The Craig Ferguson Show. They (Craig and Geoff) mentioned that it took place in Cincinnati. I’m happy with the ending!

  15. Adam

    Is Rachel going to get Al back as her teacher ?

  16. Lindsay H

    Hey Kim!
    Thanks so much for signing my books! I’m the one who sent my brother to get my copy of “A Fistful of Charms” signed. I’m sad I didn’t get to meet you, but my brother sent me the picture of you and him so that’ll have to do for now! Can wait to read my copy of Undead Pool!

  17. wish I would have made it

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