Winners and live chat

TUPtprintingAlthough this is the last give-away I’m doing, we aren’t quite done with the read-along yet, just starting EVER AFTER this week. It’s been a great couple of months as some of you re-read the entire series in preparation for the publication of THE UNDEAD POOL, picking up a few readers along the way. This, though, will be the last give-away, as frankly I’ll be too swamped with last-minute preparations for the tour to be handling a give-away. Guy, too, is working hard getting those tour-T’s out. He’s picked up the last order (placed from late November to Feb 3rd) and about a third of them are in the mail right now, headed your way. I got to go out to the printer, so don’t be surprised if, in a few years, I use the setting in a book.


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Just as a reminder, Jeaniene Frost and I are having a live chat Thursday night. (7:00 pm, EST) If I’ve got this right, you can listen in through your phone, and if everything goes well, ask Jeaniene and me a question right then and there. Signed books will be available, too, but it’s the chat I’m excited about. To get your call-in code to join in, follow the link and sign up. It helps them figure out how many people are going to participate so they can put in the right set of protocols.  Booktalk Nation.

A -a-a-a-and, the winners of the last prize pack including Rachel’s pack tattoo and two signed hard cover books are:
Amy K Delaney
Heather B.
Rebeca Klingsten

Congratulations! Check your in-box for an email from me. You have until Friday, noon, (2/14) to return my email with your mailing address to claim your prize pack. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll give it away to the next person on the list.


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24 responses to “Winners and live chat

  1. Rocky Reeves


    I’m well into Ever After now, but I would like to go back and make a comment on A Perfect Blood. I loved the book, but there was one aspect that I had a major problem with. I really thought the-men-who-don’t-belong were a mistake. At first I thought it was a pretty cool plot line, but then at the climatic finale takedown when we found out how powerful they were, it all went sour. They change the entire dynamic of the Hollows’ world. I’ve always loved the way you’ve built Rachel’s world. It has a certain “feel”. The entire series is based on Rachel’s relationships and relative strength to all the different power structures of her world. The IS, FIB, Vampires, Witch’s council, the Demons, Weres and the Elves – all had a certain balance. It established the conflicts and created the “feel” of the books. Now, all of a sudden, we have this super secret, human organization that feels like something out of a political suspense novel instead of the Hollows. To make matters worse, from what we see of them here, with their technology, they are more powerful than any single other group, and potentially more powerful than most of them put together. They can take down Master Vampires, and cut off a witch’s or demon’s connection to ley lines with out even touching them. And, they’ve been there all the time, and could have taken care of some of these threats Rachel has had to deal with. Sorry, but they just don’t fit.

  2. Martin

    Saw the link to chapter 5 on FB. Loved it. Really excited here.

  3. Rachel Sternberg

    i’m so bummed that it wasnt me…i saw “rachel” and double-checked my email….. 😦

  4. I love both your books but I haven’t read her last book… is the chat spoiler free? And congrats to winners 🙂

  5. wow! I love Jeaniene’s books as well, I’m about to start Up From The Grave! I’ve been a Cat and Bones fan for long as well so this will be most definitely a treat! I do need to double-check what time it’ll be here, for us because I think it’s quite late. Will there be a way to listen to it later? ❤

  6. I just signed up for live chat, I have a tour shirt and pin, I already ordered a autographed book from Nicola’s so I’m all set!!!!

  7. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    Dear Kim: Don’t forget to pack your tender-tushie t.p. rolls. On one of our trips, after my dad slipped in a supposedly safe tub, I scooted out and bought a small non-skid mat. As we packed up for the day, I’d give it a quick rinse, toss in onto a (used) towel, roll it up and unroll it to dry it, then roll it up again and stash in a plastic English muffin bag to pack. Peace of mind at $3.95.

    • There is no room for a non-skid mat, JKH. There is no room for TP rolls. There is no room for even an extra pair of shoes. It’s two weeks in one bag that I need to be able to lift. Period.

  8. Martin

    1419 entries in your contest this week. Be proud, Ms. Harrison, of the loyal fans you have. Its a mark of greatness.

  9. Valerie

    Yay!! I am a winner! What a great birthday present…! Thank you.

  10. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim – Just remember that being a diva has its perks, like fresh-cut roses and imported swiss chocolates in your hotel room, and a free mani and pedi at every stop.

    • As if. . . . It’s actually cold room service that’s been sitting outside your door for an hour because the kitchen closes at ten, and unless you’re in a big city, there are no eateries open after ten as well. And even if you are, the last thing you’re going to do after two-three hours of being “on” is to sit for another hour in a restaurant. No, you go back to your room and shower and go to bed after refueling your bod with the best thing you can find that isn’t fried, hoping the hotel kitchen is halfway decent. Then get on a plane in the morning and do it again, and again, and again. It’s like four cons back to back. I’m _not_ complaining, just trying to set it straight that being on the road isn’t what most people think.

    • Martin

      Ms. Harrison, I thought it was probably a really grueling grind, with little time for “tourist” stuff. Thank you for the sacrifices you make for your fans.

  11. Angi H

    Congrats, you’ll LOVE the goodies! Idk if it’s Kim, Guy, the publisher or random strangers that came up with the different giveaways for each book tour, but they are so creative! 2 weeks!!

    • Thanks, Angie. It’s me and Guy who come up with, create, and then push out the door 90% of those freebies over the past ten years. We do it because when I was growing up reading, I would have loved to have had a piece of the world I was reading about.

  12. Robin Phares

    I know this is the last book for Rachel Morgan, but is it the last for the Hallows? Would love to see a next gen series involving any children of Rachel’s, then again I don’t know what will happen in undead pool. Still, thanks for the great stories, the wife and I have been addicted since the release of dead witch walking. Hope you have more in store for us.

  13. Sarah Bird

    Your awesome!! Thanks!!

  14. Marcia Siehr

    Your husband is a hottie:) I dig his look.

    • Martin

      That’s not Guy in the photo; that’s the t-shirt printer. Guy is a little more mature, but still good looking, for those that like the look.

  15. Congrats to the winners/ And good luck and don’t forget to have fun KIm!

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