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Contest is closed. Give me an hour to pick the winners and I’ll post them in a new post. πŸ™‚ Thanks for playing along with me, guys! You make it fun!

The days until the publication of The Undead PoolΒ are down to less than a month, and if you’ve missed it, I’ve got chapters 1-3 Β and chapter 4Β up and available for your pre-reading pleasure.

The read-along isΒ going strong over at GoodreadsΒ  as we finish upΒ A Perfect BloodΒ and move on toΒ EVER AFTER,Β and the associated e-book sales have been a great success. EVER AFTER won’t be going on sale since it just came out, but when I checked this morning, Pale Demon is still up there for the special price. I don’t know how long they will stay up for that price, so move fast if you want them.

If you want a signed first edition copy of THE UNDEAD POOL, and I’m not coming near you for the tour, we have options! B&N appears to have run out their signed stock, but you can still get them at Nicola’s, and if you ask in the note-to-seller, I can sign them personally to you.

To order a signed copy from Nicola’s, just follow the link. International is okay!

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Today, I’mΒ giving away seven prize packs, each having a hard cover, signed copy of A Perfect Blood, and a copy of Blood Crime, the second and final graphic Hollows novel from Ivy’s POV that shows Rachel and Ivy working together at the I.S. There’s also a signed cover flat from A Perfect Blood, a bunny pin, bus token, and Rachel’s pack tattoo, which was the freebie that year.


To enter the contest for the prize pack, all you have to do is drop down to the comment box at the end of the page here and tell me if you think Winona was what the demons looked like, or if she’s more of a hybrid. (If you’ve not read the book, then tell me what you think of the cover.)Β Your post is your entry into the random drawing, so please comment only once–on your honor!

Rules and Regs. I will open the page for comments Monday, 9:00 a.m. EST, and close it Tuesday 9:00 a.m. EST. I will then use a random number generator to choose the seven winning commenters.

APBprizepack2Stuff to know before commenting:

Guy will ship overseas, so international is okay.

Chances of winning are dependent on how many enter.

My decision is final, even if you quibble over it.

I will contact the winners Tuesday morning using the email address they used to comment with, so please check it in the next day or so. If you don’t respond to me by email by Friday, noon, EST, I’m giving the prize pack to the runner up, also chosen by the random number generator.

Thanks for playing with me guys. This has been a lot of fun! And good luck!


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1,419 responses to “A Perfect Blood flash give-away

  1. Daniel Ludlow

    I think it’s one possibility, that they didn’t all look the exact same.

  2. Donna Begley


  3. I haven’t read them yet, but I’ve always loved the covers of your books. They evoke a dark paranormal ‘night creatures’ feeling, which I think is perfect for your books. πŸ™‚

  4. Amber Jaramillo

    I think that how winona looks is original and not hybrid at all

  5. I think she is what the demons looked like. Such a wonderful series – thank you!

  6. Mary Cowles

    I believe that is what demons would look like in the hollows world. Even though the fur through me off a bit.

  7. Michelle Sorensen

    by this time she’s more of a hybrid.. or at least some sort evolved form of one..

  8. Marie-Claire Charlea

    I think Winona is a hybrid. The one dark glimpse you gave of us of Al suggested a different form. Although it could also be I have a thing for bad boys and he comes across sexy as an old fashioned BRIT.

  9. Jimena Inda


  10. Matthew White


  11. amanda lucianno


  12. Shawn Akers

    Winona may have just been a hybrid.

  13. Erika Napier

    I’m thinking hybrid, definitely. However, if I have learned nothing else from reading this series — nothing is what it seems to be.

  14. She would have to be a hybrid because Rachel’s blood is not pure Demon so Rachel is already a hybrid herself

  15. Brandy Golden

    Looking foreward to reading the book. The cover is great!

  16. susana santana

    Totally a hybrid she was a mix of an experiment and Rachel trying to help her

  17. Molly Walsh

    I think she is a hybrid. Close but not close enough maybe.

  18. Darleen ferguson

    I do think that she is at least a variation of what the demons looked like.

  19. I think Winona is a hybrid.

  20. Kylie

    I think Wynona is a hybrid. The demons cant remember exactly what they look like. I love this series, thanks for writing such a great series that gave me more special time with my mother before she passed.

  21. Erin O'Brien


  22. Rhonda

    Definitely a hybrid….demon curse + plus Rachel’s blood = Winona

  23. Heather Webber

    Looking forward to reading the book. Cover rocks!!

  24. I think it’s a more fun idea to think she’s what demons actually look like, but she’s probably a hybrid. πŸ™‚

  25. Gladys

    I believe her to be what they looked like before.

  26. Gaye Johnston

    A hybrid. As the blood was Rachel’s, and she was also genetically altered, I think Winona is a form that is a hybrid between demons and the original witch. With Al’s memories of wings, of which Winona didn’t have, she’s not quite demon, but was the next best after Rachel.
    So looking forward to the next chapter!

  27. wendy johnson-hamm

    Very much a hybrid.

  28. jeanine

    She’s a hybrid.

  29. I’m thinking she was more of a watered down/hybrid form of a demon. Close, but no cigar.

  30. I just started this series, my son got me hooked I love them!!!!!!! So haven’t gotten to that book yet

  31. Lashawn

    I think hybrid!

  32. Brandi Price

    Hybrid or a manipulation of what people think they looked like. Considering even the demons themselves can’t remember, there is really no way to know. But this raises a question about the Rosewood babies and Rachel. If they have demon blood surging through them, why weren’t they born with at least some demon features? They all looked human.

  33. Rhonda Bowman

    I LOVE the cover of the Undead Pool–very nice to see Rachel and Trent occupy the same space!! I am dying to READ the newest installment–the local library staff knows me well! lol

  34. monica bunch

    I would say a mixture of both, their are all kinds of demons

  35. Trish Bodine

    I think she is what demons once looked like.

  36. Melissa Peters

    She’s definitely a hybrid.

  37. Jennifer

    Hybrid is my vote.

  38. Paula Schramm

    I think she is a hybrid due to her true DNA being human.

  39. Matt Westmoreland

    Winona is a hybrid. I do not believe she represents what they looked like in the past. She may, however, look like what they would like today, had events not transpired the way they did. That much tampering with magic over that length of time makes it impossible to truly tell what they would look like now, and as for then, unless one is still around in some sort of stasis, we will never know.

  40. chris hillsgrove

    The description made her sound note like a hybrid.

  41. Stephanie P

    Sadly haven’t read it yet. Read the books back in 2008 and have restarted the series again to play catch-up. The covers are what got me hooked in the beginning.

  42. I’m thinking she’s a hybrid.

  43. Jessie

    I think Winona was what demons looked like once upon a time.

  44. Meghan

    I have to agree with the majority and vote hybrid!

  45. Rhonda Beyer

    I think thats as close to what the demons looked like that they can get or remember. Love Rachel hope she and Trent get A HEA!!!

  46. Christi Rollo

    I would definitely say hybrid.

  47. Heather

    I haven’t read the perfect blood yet because I am rereading the series from the beginning first. I love the cover, but then I love all your covers. They seem to get more intense with each book. I think Rachel is such a kick ads character she really does evolve throughout the series. She is turning into one scary powerful lady.

  48. Brittney OBryan

    I can’t remember Winona. If she’s in the Rachel Morgan series then I will have to re-read! The covers are fantastic!

  49. Hybrid for sure πŸ˜‰ at least to me πŸ™‚

  50. Veronica

    I haven’t read the book yet, as I am having to start all over from the beginning. But the cover looks awesome as always.

  51. Tammy Numbers

    IM thinking she was maybe what a witch would be when staying in the everafter…or..a witch/elf child?

  52. Arthur Childers

    think she’s a hybrid but she may be able to look however she wants as a demon

  53. Sandra Sepulveda

    I assumes with the way Rachel talked and Al reacted she was what they looked like.

  54. Judy Armbruster

    I think hybrid πŸ™‚

  55. Janet

    Winona is a hybrid.

  56. niki toy

    I think its what she would have looked like as a demon but not what every demon would have looked like. After all some had wings.

  57. Jodi Henni

    I’d say hybrid.

  58. I would have to say that I think she was close to what the demons once were, but still a bit of a hodge podge between reality and memory. The fact that she started out human didn’t help either. I think she is a hybrid (albeit a really awesome one)

  59. Barbara Roderick


  60. Deborah Byrd

    I loved the cover. I just wish I could look like the cover. I love red hair.

  61. I think that she is a hybird…..

  62. Rositsa

    I think she had some similarities with them, but not completely. After all her description was very different from what Al used to look like. =)

  63. Kendra

    I would definitely say hybrid.

  64. Lisa

    I think hybrid….

  65. Genesis Munoz

    The book made her sound like she was a hybrid.

  66. Crystal

    I would say Winona is a hybrid. πŸ™‚

  67. Vickie

    My vote: hybrid.

  68. Hybrid. Cant wait for your new book!She is definatly not normal! A

  69. Sandra Gilbert

    I haven’t read but I love the book cover.

  70. I would say hybrid but it’s more of a gut feeling since demons are so tricky. = )

  71. Bernadette Pervviis

    Hybrid Please!!

  72. Angela Percival

    I haven’t read this one yet, but the covers of your books are fantastic! Mysterious & intriguing. I wish you were coming to Maine on your tour. Have fun with it!

  73. Definitely A Hybrid, because of her original human blood. Hopefully though she has enough demon in her to twist the curse for changing her appearance. I know not all demons looked the same or had wings, but she wasn’t a demon before so I’m guessing she won’t look exactly right.

  74. I think she is a hybrid between what the demons think they looked like. I remember Al dreaming that he had wings, but since they don’t know for sure what they looked like it is a good guess she is a hybrid of reality and bits and pieces of memories.

  75. Candice

    I am not sure if she is a hybrid but more of what the witches might have looked like if they remained in the ever after since they are stunted demons. we know that Al thinks he has wings when he turns into the black figure with wings to scare treble. they again Trent turns Cordova into the same thing…so maybe a hybrid.

  76. Maike

    Although I have read the whole series so far, I do not remember Winona. This only shows I better read it again! So, I love the cover! I like all the covers. I have to say that the cover of Dead Witch Walking first caught my eye, which is how I came to look at it and ultimately buy the book. My favorite cover is the cover of Ever After. But as I said: I like the covers of all books in the series. I think the covers and stories of the books match very well.

  77. Amanda Sumsion

    I think she is a hybrid but is getting close to hat demons look like

  78. Anja

    At first I thought she was a full demon, but ever since Al started talking about wings I changed my mind… I believe she is something in between πŸ˜‰

  79. Karen Atkinson

    I thought Winona was more of a hybrid because of her human DNA

  80. Aki Karjalainen

    Hybrid, I’m fairly certain. The wings that weren’t there, and her more human size and posture might be clues.

  81. Anne S.

    I love the pack tattoo!

  82. Andre Authority


  83. Alison C. Smith

    I have yet to have looked at Blood Crime so can’t comment on Winona.
    However love the Hollows series, Rachel, Ivy, Trent, Al, Jenks and all the others.

  84. Georgie Porgie

    Hybrid Winona – now all I can envision is demons plugging into charging stations!

  85. Christina Decker

    I thought Winona was more of a hybrid-towards-human, given how much human DNA she had.

  86. Elana

    I think Rachel’s blood turned on certain aspects of what a demon could look like but it wasn’t exactly what a demon looks like….but Winona was close πŸ™‚

  87. Christy L

    I think Winona is pretty close to what they originally used to look like. Al remembers wings, but I wonder if wings were added onto the demon DNA later. Maybe Winona looks like what they originally evolved from.

  88. Brandi

    I think it is very possible for her to look like what they did in the olden days, but not as human like though. I think with a sharper body build and yes maybe wings!! πŸ™‚

  89. Jennifer fontana

    Hybrid type

  90. Neitkopf

    I seem to have a bit of a problem answering this because I have read the complete series, what has been released so far anyhow. It’s hard for me to remember my initial thoughts because when I read it now I just keep in mind what happens towards the end of the next book. With that in mind I have to say hibrid without a true explanation because I don’t went go give away anything for anyone who hasn’t read the next book. πŸ™‚

  91. AndrewIslay

    I think she is a hybrid as nobody really remembers what they looked like

  92. christina

    im gonna say she’s what a female demon would look like..but a simple, basic version.

  93. Kat

    I think she`s probably what demons used to look like. I don`t think we`ve encountered any supernatural hybrid beings yet. I wonder if Al`s DNA changes when he adopts a more human appearance? Could that make him capable of fathering a hybrid with a more humanoid female in that form?

  94. Torie Trippett

    I think a hybrid as Al remembers dreaming he had wings which she does not have but comments on her pouch which she does

  95. Bud Duncan

    Possibly what the demons may have originally looked like.

  96. Marianne

    Probably a hybrid between what they think demons should look like and what they actually are.

  97. shane

    i would have to say i think she is a hybrid

  98. Jessica Reynolds

    Definitely a hybrid! πŸ˜€

  99. Joseph Garcia

    I believe that she is a hybrid. Al doesn’t quite remember what he used to look like but he things he used to have wings. His dream is probably as close as we will get to his original form.

  100. I didn’t realize I was a book behind but I love the cover! I lover her tattoo πŸ˜€

  101. Lara Conlin

    I think hybrid.

  102. Leah Moyse

    Hmm not so much an exact hybrid but a hybrid with a bigger human manifestation side if that makes sense. Skin and eyes seem right but the other parts seem like human gene interference

  103. I love slowly seeing more and more of Rachel on the covers, and I can’t wait to finally catch up and read this book.

  104. Linda Levine

    The cover art is perfect for the series

  105. Kendra palmer

    I think hybrid.

  106. I think that she is a hybrid because the demons were supposed to have wings! I see a lot of people remember that too.

  107. Sandi Hugall

    I think most definitely a hybrid.

  108. I loved Winona! She totally rocked as a charter! She had more spine than Rachel most of the story. I hope we see her again before the series ends. I don’t know if I’d call her a hybrid. Just because Rachel has the gene for the enzyme doesn’t mean she or Winona had the gene for wings.

  109. Nadija

    Perhaps all demons did not have wings naturally… I think she looked like a demon

  110. Shani Pynn

    I think she became a hybrid because otherwise the next book is a bit confusing….

  111. Kimberly Belden

    Hybrid- in this case maybe a 1st generation hybrid but not a true demon (to me anyway)

  112. Rebecca

    I believe that’s what a demon would look like initially I believe over time their appearance probably changes.

  113. I’m actually terribly behind in the series, but I do love the cover for the book. I like the black and red contrast.

  114. Brandy Crofts

    Winona seems like a hybrid.

  115. Sarah Bevins

    The cover art really is beautiful. Rachel always looks like I imagine in my mind. I am really looking forward to reading this one!

  116. I believe she’s a hybrid

  117. I think that she was a hybrid because she didn’t have any wings. Al dreamed of flying quite often.

  118. I think that she was a hybrid

  119. Definitely a hybrid. They all seem to have different ideas of what demons should be.

  120. Jamie Sweet

    I think that she probably looked somewhat like the demons did but not exactly.

  121. Jenn Reynolds

    Hybrid. I think she was close to what demons were, since she was the first to live through the transition – or perhaps evolved – more than hybrid. I can’t wait for the next book! I’m so excited.

  122. Melissa H

    I think she’s a hybrid. Close but still a hybrid.

  123. I believe she is a hybrid. Like people they can be a little of this and that. Alike but yet different.

  124. adelle medberry

    I think hybrid.

  125. Bert

    The demons all seem to have there own look and could look like many things.

  126. Edna M

    I’m split. I think Winona could be a what they looked like, but catalyst for the spell was Rachel’s blood, whose blood was tinkered with by Trent’s dad. So she could be a hybrid too. I do think that Winona is the closest thing to what a demon would look like. BTW, Ever After e-book is on sale for $3.99 at Barnes and Noble.

  127. Karen at the Robbins Nest

    Hybrid. Thanks for doing these give-a-ways, Kim! I’ve loved some of the questions you’ve asked and hearing what people say. =)

  128. Think it is what she would have looked like as a demon. As with all species, I think they could have varied in look and form…just a thought πŸ™‚ LOVE the cover. It’s my favorite next to Ever After & The Undead Pool!

  129. Amanda Arnold

    I think Winona is what demons looked like before they started altering themselves with magic adding wings and such. And I think the eyes didn’t change because it’s too ingrained in their genetics. I mean even demons say the eyes are the hardest to change.

  130. Leanne

    HAPA’s attempts at making demons were getting closer each time, but they weren’t quite there yet. So Winona probably didn’t look quite like the demons did originally, but fairly close.

  131. I think its likely she’s a hybrid.

  132. Bel

    I think Winona is what they looked like or as close as possible without the wings. Can’t wait for The Undead Pool book!!

  133. Brooke

    I think Winona is a hybrid. For one she doesn’t have the wings, but I do think the eyes and maybe the fur is correct.

  134. Amy D

    I think a hybrid.

  135. Heather Murray

    I don’t recall what she looked like.. But I love all the books and have really fallen for Rachel, Jenks, Trent, Ivy, and Pierce!! Thank you Kim!

  136. William Anderson

    I believe the cover of a book is one of the reasons I read the books I do.

  137. confessionsofateenagefangirl

    I love how this cover shows Rachel’s evolution to be confident in secure in her magic after all this time.

  138. Winona was not bad, but something just seemed a little…off. Not quite like how I picture your demons, Kim, but not like a hybrid either.
    Nothing I can clearly articulate though.

  139. Tommy

    I think that she is not just a hybred that she is really what the females look like

  140. Given comments from Al and Newt from earlier books, I’d say hybrid.

  141. I am guessing a hybrid, though I bet she is close

  142. spethel

    I like to think she is one form of what they really looked like.

  143. jasmine s.

    I think she’s neither demon nor hybrid but some in between

  144. Marti Belt

    I think Winona looked the way demons used to look.

  145. Kristin Killingsworth

    I think Winona looked like a hybrid.

  146. Marti Belt

    I think Winona was what demons might have looked like.

  147. Heather Jones

    She possibly is a hybrid.

  148. Amber eyes

    I would have to say Hybrid since its a mutation curse they’re using and she wasn’t born of two demon parents!!

  149. Jordyn

    I think that that us what the demons looked like or would look like if the demon mothers hadn’t cursed them in the womb.

  150. Jennifer Zawertany

    I can not wait to read Perfect Blood! I love all of your books and think that you are a phenomenal writer. Thanks and keep them coming!

  151. Mary Noble

    I think the cover needs to be more sinister, too much outright beauty. Want some otherworldly creepiness on it…beauty is only skin deep, evil is through and through.

  152. Heidi

    I think she is a hybrid based on the spell caster’s pre-conceived thoughts of what a demon should look like.

  153. Samantha M.

    I don’t think she was a hybrid at all, nor is she what they actually looked like. I think that she looked how the person who twisted the curse thought they looked like. The only thing that might be from what they truly were are her eyes, seeing as they staid even after she was turned back to normal.

  154. HaikuGirl

    A Haiku for this Contest:

    I think she’s demon
    But it doesn’t matter since
    I never win these

  155. I think that she was a hybrid.

  156. Vic Greene

    Looking forward to “The Dead Pool”. Preordered it a couple of weeks ago!!

  157. I had read Ever After before I read a Perfect Blood… So more of a hybrid with most of the wrong genes turned on

  158. Adora

    I’m going with hybrid as well, by popular demand.

  159. she is what they originally looked like and they have all evolved from there

  160. Joslyn Whitt

    I love the cover! I keep wondering who is standing behind Rachel. This cover is so much “darker” than the other covers.

  161. Tabitha S

    Love the cover! Can’t wait to read it.

  162. Daniel

    I would guess hybrid. Though assuming that demons vary as humans do, who’s to say if it isn’t how she would have looked had she been born a demon.

  163. Danielle Swartz

    I feel like hybrid. But I need to read the whole thing!

  164. Munchkin

    I really think she’s more of a hybrid -tiny wings, pouch etc

    Thanks for the great contest πŸ˜‰

  165. Anthony Murray

    I am going to have to go with hybrid.

  166. teri heyman

    hybrid πŸ™‚

  167. Christopher B.

    I think Winona is a hybrid to be honest. I have my own theories on what the Demons looked like in the past and where they originated from but not saying in case it is revealed more as we wrap up and I am right. I don’t want to be a spoil sport. As for the cover art it is amazing and as you have gone further and further into the series it just keeps getting better.

  168. I think she’s a hybrid.

  169. wendy rawlings

    I think that yes she is some kind of hybrid. Gre a time book!

  170. Angela Farmer

    I love the artwork! I have turned so many people on to your Hollows series! If your referring to Winona from 2 books prior when they were trying to replicate Rachel’s blood, I think that she would be a hybrid. But not sure if that is what your referring to, I have not gotten my copy of the newest book but am ordering one today!!!

  171. Barbara A.

    The cover is awesome. They keep getting better with each new book.

  172. Tracey Teeple

    I think she is a Hybrid

  173. Tammy Dinger

    I LOVE the cover…need to read the book!!

  174. Tammy

    I always thought the demons appeared in whatever form the person summoning it envisioned πŸ™‚

  175. Cristni Thornton

    Love the cover!!!

  176. Val B

    I think she is a hybrid- or maybe a mutation !

  177. Carrie Lester

    Definitely a hybrid. Since she’s not pure demon but not a witch either.

  178. Krista Harris

    I did not really think about it. I’ll say hybrid

  179. Kyla

    Definetely a hybrid ;3

  180. I’d have to say hybrid. If I remember correctly, I thought I saw mention of wings. Definitely close though!

  181. Crystal P.

    I think she was definitely a hybrid. She wasn’t born 100% demon, so of course she’s going to look a little different.

  182. She’s a hybrid as Al said she’d have wings

  183. Lisa

    I haven’t the foggiest idea!? I thought that demons created their own looks. Then again, I think I remember you describing Al in the same manner as Winona so I have no idea.

  184. Lori Shranko

    I think Winona is a hybrid.

  185. She’s a hybrid since Al thought she’d have wing’s.

  186. Toni Driskill

    I think it wasn’t quite mentally my idea of a demon, so maybe a hybrid would be a more appropriate answer

  187. Michelle Forbes


  188. Definitely more of a hybrid.

  189. dr4nsk

    I think Winona might have been a close resemblance to what original demons looked like.

  190. Sapphire

    Hybrid, but freaky looking! Rachel eavesdrops in one of Al’s dreams in pale demon.

  191. Mic R.

    A good thought-provoking question. Hmmmmm… I have to say that I don’t know. Since demons can change their appearance and they don’t remember what they look like, how will they know? I am going to say that Winona is a hybrid – a mix of witches and demons.

  192. Kristi McGirr

    My gut feeling is that you made her look like the original demon form. I wobbled a bit back and forth, but original form. Final answer:)
    I really enjoy the covers.

  193. Brady Anderson

    I believe Winona was a hybrid. Because in later books the demons remembered what they looked like and they has wings if I recall correctly.

  194. Liz

    I loved the cover on this one πŸ™‚ I remember when you previewed it before release:) I believe Winona was a hybrid.

  195. Susan OC

    I’m guessing that not all demons looked alike, but I’m also guessing that Winona’s appearance was one type. And I would love the pack tattoo! Would you consider offering them for sale?

  196. Closer to a hybrid, but not quite one.

  197. Susan

    I think probably a hybrid πŸ™‚

  198. Natasha

    I think she is pretty close.

  199. kim

    I think she’s a hybrid

  200. Michelle Forbes

    I believe probably a Hybrid! Thanx for the contest and being able to get the book I needed for a steal IMO for my kindle now! πŸ™‚

  201. Ryan Parker


  202. Wendy W

    I think she’s a hybrid. They only have the guy demons to compare to, and Newt isn’t really a good example of lady demons.

  203. Jennifer Parker

    I am betting she was extremely close to what they actually look like.

  204. So hard, having to wait. Only 2 more weeks!!!

  205. Crystal Kenmuir

    Not sure yet, but the wings make me thing that she resembles what demons used to look like.

  206. Krystyl H


  207. I think Winona is more of a hybrid.

  208. Keegan

    I don’t think it would be either. Didn’t the demons have different appearances? Before they all forgot what they looked like? Al looked different from Winona. Wasn’t Al somewhat bat-like? I could be mistaken.

  209. Abby McCowan


  210. Jessie Roy

    Yes, i think Winona is what the demons looked like – and i loved her πŸ™‚

  211. Kristen Francis

    Definitely a hybrid.

  212. Rhiannon Sanchez

    I think hybrid is the wrong word for what Winona was. It seems more like she was an experiment that ended up close to the original form the demons had, based on Als’ limited memory.

  213. Melanie

    What demons actually look like.

  214. Stacy Stollings

    i’m going to have to guess and say hybrid. i’m basing it on the time Al changed his appearance to his “original” form…that he couldn’t even accurately recall. but it was still pretty similar to how Winona looked if memory serves.

  215. R Stone

    I think Winona is more of a hybrid based on Al’s comments when he saw her. But she probably looked pretty close to what the demons originally looked like.

  216. Melenie

    Al remembered her, she was what they lookeD. Like originally. Cant wait for the new release!!!

  217. Elena

    Hybrid, I think πŸ™‚

  218. Kalani Clifton

    I think she’s a hybrid, too!

  219. Deb

    My guess is a hybrid.

  220. I believe she is a hybrid but closely resembles what the demons looked like. Looking forward to The Undead Pool…the 25th isn’t coming fast enough!!! All of the contests have been a hoot!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for this one πŸ™‚

  221. Tracie Wood


  222. I think Winona was definitely a hybrid.

  223. Heather .S

    I think she is a hybrid.

  224. Nicole Cartier

    I’m a bit torn… I think they had wings, and her enzymes were low so that makes me think hybrid. But, maybe female demons didn’t have wings but pouches? Fun question!!

  225. erin b

    hybrid (one day i WILL win something for all these entries! thank you for writing!)

  226. Robert Krafcigs

    I think she is a Hybrid πŸ™‚

  227. punkflute

    I think she’s likely more of a hybrid. She may be pretty close to what they looked like, but I think there are definitely some key differences.

  228. Amanda Coon

    She was definitely a hybrid and one that I have always hoped that Rachel would fix. I know rachel has a long list of people to save and fix, but winona should be one of them. Oh and I love it she could bring Kisten back to life! I loved him so much, broke my heart the day he died.

  229. I think it is what demons looked like. Maybe only the males had wings, because I remember when they did an experiment on a male and he had deformed wings before he died. I think the females had pouches.

  230. kristin blaydes-felix

    I think she is more of hybrid.

  231. Jewel Morgan

    Not quite, so we’ll go with hybrid. πŸ™‚
    And I love the cover!
    And I’d LOVE this prize pack!!!

  232. Jeffrey Needham

    I think she is what the demon’s looked at one point because all curses are based off the collective so it has to be based on what the demon’s remember versus what they actually originally looked like.

  233. I don’t know about Winona :/ Last book I read in the series was Black Magic Sanction. I like the book covers for The Hollows in general. I kinda like them more when there wasn’t a full body (with face) in the cover (cause there’s always something more besides the character in the cover). Although I really like the one from A Perfect Blood, it looks like how I imagined tapping a ley line would look like.

  234. andrea

    love all your covers! strong and powerful

  235. Teal Crain

    I’m going to have to say hybrid!

  236. The demons just wished they looked so good.

  237. Tommi Mcd.

    My guess is hybrid, as rachel’s blood would have evolved under the ‘yellow sun’.

  238. Stevie Ott

    I think she was a hybrid, though she is probably closer to what demons looked like than the guys are.

  239. I love the cover for A Perfect Blood

  240. Matthew Byrd

    I vote hybrid still.

  241. I think she’s the future of demons.

  242. Stephanie Appleby

    Hmmmm…..I think Hybrid but very close to the original.

  243. Ariyanna

    Your books are awesome! I love getting lost in the story and re-reading it. To me Winona is definitely a hybrid, and I love the color and style of the new cover πŸ™‚

  244. I believe Winona was a hybrid. She might have resembled what the demons looked like back in the day, but I still think she had slight changes, maybe she was a bit more deformed (here I’m hoping that XD).

  245. I think she’s the way they used to look

  246. Susan Raber

    I think she is the way they used to be. πŸ™‚

  247. I think she was a hybrid of some sort. I refuse to believe that HAPA got it perfectly right.

  248. Angela Sanders

    I think she is a hybrid.

  249. Trina Berg

    I Think Winona’s Look Was A Hybrid!

  250. Stephanie M

    I think she was a hybrid.

  251. Hybrid. Glad the tour is coming to Cincy. Have missed you not coming to Dayton.

  252. I think she is a hybrid. I think she is molded more for what they think they looked like since they really can’t remember. Maybe some had wings maybe some didn’t. I imagine there would be all different kinds, just like there are people.

  253. Connie Salvi

    I love all your books. The last 3, I have bought on Kindle and did not get a good shot of the covers. I looked on your page and saw them, and as always they are amazing!!!

  254. Amanda Quinn

    I definitely think Winona was a hybrid!!

  255. Kat Harrington

    I feel that Winona is a hybrid!

  256. Julie

    I think Winona is a hybrid.

  257. Hope Williams

    I think hybrid. The curse was influenced by what the hapa people thought demons looked like.

  258. Carrie Benes

    I think she is a hybrid.

  259. Kristen Rowinsky

    I think Winona looks like what demons think thy used to look like.

  260. I know I have already replied to this, but I just wanted to say that I want to get Rachel’s pack tattoo. I’ve wanted it for a long time now πŸ™‚

  261. She is a hybrid, no doubt about it πŸ˜‰

  262. Karen

    Based on Al’s faded memories or dreams she is close to the original but not quite there. So She is a hybrid. Especially since she keeps her human emotions in demon form.

  263. Brianne Haas

    I think she was more of a hybrid. Definitely in the right ballpark for how a demon should look, but not quite there

  264. Amelia Bauer

    I think Winona is a hybrid!

  265. Brenna Meunier

    I think Winona was a hybrid… The curse was partially influenced by the HAPA people who twisted it, just like any of Rachel’s transformation curses IMHO.

  266. Rita Wnek

    I think Winona looks like a demon. Just as no two people look alike, no two demons would be alike. Demons from different parts of the ever after evolved differently. Some people have freckles, some don’t, some demons had wings and some didn’t.

  267. Winona is exactly like the demons looked originally

  268. Michelle B.

    I like to believe Winona looked like a hybrid, maybe the magic matched what they believed the demon looked like rather than what they actually did look like since they have some ability to alter the perception of the person actually viewing them.

  269. Carrie

    I think she is a hybrid of what they used to look like, but oh so very close to it.

  270. I think a hybrid. Al always thinks the had wings

  271. dgauvin

    I think that Winona is a hybrid, shaped by her reality.

  272. I think Winona was how they thought demons should look.

  273. charrcharri

    I believe winona may be what the demons originally looked like although I am undecided on if wings were genetic or added as most demons remembered flying and al had them when playing with his look. In the sense of thw word she is a hybrid as she only looks like a demon rayher than actually being one

  274. Mireille

    I imagine Winona looks more like a hybrid

  275. Charlotte Niblett

    I think the comparison is pretty close but I doubt you’d make it that easy!!

  276. Kate K.

    I’d say hybrid, wonder if we’ll find out what they looked like πŸ™‚

  277. Mecca Archuleta

    Love the Cover!! Your cover artist is always great because all the Hollows covers rock!

  278. Charissa E

    Potentially a demon could have looked like her, based on how the genetics would work (as explained by Al) but most likely she is also some form of hybrid because of the way Witches would have evolved over time as well.

  279. charrcharri

    I think that she was very close, I am undecided as to if the demons had wings initially as they all remember flying or if yhe used to ride on the gargoyles even back then.

  280. I love the way the artist depicts drawing the energy from the earth. I’ve often wondered what it would look like if we could see it. I think the only differences would be color, depending on the one pulling on the lines and ?possibly? circumstance/intent?

  281. I think Winona is a hybrid!

  282. Tammy Heisler

    I believe that Winona is a hybrid. I love your books Kim! This is my first entry for a give away πŸ™‚

  283. Tiffany s

    I think she was more of a hybrid than their true form. I believe the demons are to old to remember what their true form is.

  284. Janie Marlow

    Hybrid, definitely.

  285. Ruth S.

    I think Winona is a hybrid.

  286. Claudia Giraldo

    I love the Hollows series Im in love with the characters. I’m in book number 3 right now; the cover is fantastic i love it! Can wait to read it.

  287. I think Winona was a hybrid.

  288. Rachael Mcdivitt r

    Would love to have that tattoo!

    I think Winonna looked closest to demon looks as the demons are probably going to see until Rachel has kids!

  289. Sonovia Kearse

    I’m going with hybrid!

  290. Emma Hancock

    Maybe Winona became what female demons used to look like? It would explain why Al resembled her when trying to remember.

  291. Dellena

    I really like the cover of this one.

  292. Tiffany Blakley

    I would love to win not only for the book but for the tattoo as well! Yay!

  293. Jessica batcher

    I think Winona is a hybrid.

  294. I think she would be a hybrid since, if nothing else, she still retained the qualities that made her who she was before her transformation.

  295. Tricia

    I’m thinking hybrid πŸ™‚

  296. Julie

    I think Winona was what the demons originally were, before they started changing their appearance.

  297. She I believe is a hybrid though was looking more towards the demon side of things. She was the base for what ‘should’ be and yet she wasn’t.

  298. Shawn

    I love this series soooooooo much! I can’t wait for the of the month! & the covers are fantastic!

  299. Tera Ashmore


  300. Wendie

    I love the cover & can’t wait to read the book!!

  301. I think Winona was a hybrid!

  302. I love the cover. Which I’ve enjoyed all the covers. The cover to Dead Witch Walking was the reason I picked the book up in the 1st place. Glad I did, cause Rachel is my favorite heroine. The imperfections she possess is wonderful and inspiring!! Thank you Kim for bringing her to life!!!

  303. Pottering

    I think that she is a full demon and is what they will look like again!

  304. thanatoid

    I think she looks like the originals. I need to go back and re-read though and review the details.

  305. i think she was a hybrid -interesting that her eyes did not change back when she did

  306. Kim Hamilton

    I think that she is not a hybird. Al has had moments where he looks similar, and yes they had wings.

  307. Diane

    Hello πŸ™‚ I have not read the book yet, but I love the cover! I would love to win this prize pack! You are an awesome author and I love all the characters! πŸ™‚

  308. She is a hybrid. She has to be. Also, love the cover!!! You are amazing and I love your books.

    • Fiberlady

      I think a hybrid, or at least what the creator of the spell thought the demons should look like. As the spell sounded Elvish and it was the spell Trent used, it may have been something the elves cursed the demons to look like.

  309. Steph

    I think she’s more of a hybrid than a representation of what Demons looked like back then. We shouldn’t forget that it was HAPA that did that to her. She was also not born as one, her appearance changed through a transition.

  310. heather honey

    I think she may be pretty close to what they originally looked like

  311. I’m going to say Hybrid.

  312. I haven’t read A Perfect Blood yet, but I love the cover. I’m guessing she’s tapping a leyline in her back yard? Of course for Rachel, it would HAVE to be in a spooky fog at night with a shadowy figure creeping up on her. That’s just how the poor girl’s dice roll! πŸ˜‰

  313. Stephanie Gail

    I think Winona may be a hybrid but I think she looked like the demons wish they had, I think there was an element of magic involved with her outward appearance.

  314. Melyssa Jacques

    I think Winona is more of a hybrid! She seems to be missing some things to be completely a demon like I picture it … maybe if she has been exactly like one of them, Al would have remembered cause it would have triggered something more deep in his mind. Anyway, she is kind of creepy (in a good way)!

  315. probably close to what they looked like, but I am down with the variable gene expression thing.

  316. Kat scram

    Hybrid think they had wings

  317. Rachel Gundlach

    I think she’s probably what some demons looked like. Remember demon mothers could influence what their babies looked like. And surface demons are not the same as those below the surface.

  318. Heather

    I think hybrid or perhaps a bit of wish fulfillment.

  319. Brenda Roach

    I think Winona was more of a hybrid.

  320. AllyVaughn

    I think she’s more of a hybrid. They had suchh a hard time getting it right without Rachel, who’s to say they did /with/ her?

  321. Jenah

    I think she’s a hybrid.

  322. Hybrid… It has been sooo long and read so many other books in the mean time, I need to reread. πŸ™‚

  323. catherine

    I would say hybrid. Though very awesome character.

  324. I think she was a hybrid…well I hope she was. If not, those demons were funky looking!

  325. Betul Erikci

    Love the cover !

  326. I think Winona was a Hybrid. It would be awesome to win this pack!!! I love your book series!!!

  327. Georgene Danjanic

    I love the cover of A perfect Blood. Rachel looks just like I imagined her. Tough and ready to kick some demon tails. πŸ™‚

  328. Jackie Fletcher

    I think Winona was a hybrid that might have turned more fully into a demon given more time and Rachel’s blood.

  329. Kristine Shore

    I think she is a hybrid

  330. Winona is a hybrid. As time progressed, genetics changed. She may have resembled what demons may have looked like, once upon a time….

  331. Dani

    I think she was a hybrid as well since they really couldn’t remember clearly they were as close as they could get.

  332. Joella Grumbling

    I think she’s a hybrid with characteristics of a demon.

  333. Charmayne

    I think she is more of a hybrid, and now I need to go back and reread the book πŸ™‚

  334. janna jones

    i started reading your books because the 1st one free somewhere…i so fell in love with rachel and jenks! ivy too but later on…what a great series, cant wait to read the last two!

  335. Jonathan Rodriguez

    I think what demons look like! No one really knows so how could they disprove it? It’s more fun that way.

  336. nicholeo5145

    I think that Winona was changed to the base dna of the demons. If you remember, at that point, Algaliarept was trying to find what he looked like based on what he saw. πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to catching up with the series. I’ve not read the new chapters… I HAVE to have the whole tangible thing in my hands before I get started πŸ˜‰

  337. Winona is a bit of a hybrid.

  338. Eileen M Janke

    I love the cover, can’t wait to in see you at the next book signing. I saw you at the Virginia books festival and I hope you do it again soon. But the cover is unique and great.

  339. Eleanor

    She’s a hybrid! But I love all of the book covers too!!

  340. I’d have to say Winona is a hybrid…She wasn’t fully demon. She is a distant relative, so she doesn’t look exactly like a demon.

  341. Pamela S

    I really like the cover. They are all great.

  342. Sara

    I definitely think Winona was a hybrid

  343. Laura Kelly

    Cover is great showing a strong female lead character.

  344. Amanda Igeta

    I haven’t read the book yet, but I really like the cover! Like all the others, it’s pretty realistic yet very classy.

  345. Tina

    Based on Ever After I would say more of a hybrid.

  346. Jeannie Reynolds

    I think a hybrid too.

    This is one of my favorite covers. I love how she’s showing her skills.

  347. Eleanor

    Winona is a hybrid….. I love all of the book covers for the series!!!

  348. Roger Pavelle

    I haven’t gotten that far in my own reread of the series to remember who Winona is, so I’ll say that the cover is one of the best; a great action and character image.

  349. Jamie Swope

    Winona is a hybrid for sure

  350. Ashley Huerd

    Hybrid, otherwise, I think Rachel would have commented on their exact resemblance to the demons in the past in her internal or external dialogue in Ever After.

  351. Courtney

    I think she is a hybrid and I really love the cover of this book. One of my favorites πŸ™‚

  352. beth

    I think Winona looked like a hybrid demon.

  353. Sarah Staples

    I’ll have to comment on the cover as it’s been a while since I’ve read about Winona. Whether or not it was your decision to have Rachel’s face showing on the cover, the fact that we can see it says a lot. Not only do we see more and more of her body on the covers as the series progresses, but this coincides with her self-discovery. That her face is showing might possibly indicate what she has learned, and accepted, about herself. Her face is completely lit up in the Undead Pool and I’m sure we’re in for new info and a treat of a story!

  354. Katie Stone

    I think she was a hybrid or just good at masking true form. Maybe as a hybrid she evolved or clouded memories which is why she was forgettable?
    ❀ the reads! πŸ™‚ would love to know how you made her though.

  355. I think she might be more of a hybrid…

  356. Deanna Landrieu

    Winona is a hybrid, possibly of what the demons did look like and what HAPA thinks it could be. Demon magic can be influenced by intent.

  357. K. Miller

    I love the cover but then I like all of your book covers. πŸ˜€ I like the colors and the sense of mystery. It invites you to read and find out what inspired the cover.

  358. I think Winona is what a demon looks like πŸ™‚

  359. Catrina Brown

    I’m going with hybrid. =)

  360. Melissa Weidman

    I agree with many of the previous posts that Winona is a hybrid.

  361. kelly

    She was a Hybrid

  362. Cyndi Flores

    Love the cover getting ready to read series…would love to win….thank u

  363. Susan Pulsipher

    She is a hybrid. HAPA does not know what the demons originally looked like.

  364. Elizabeth Nelson

    I think she is a hybrid as well. πŸ™‚

  365. Kevin

    I almost think she has to be a hybrid.

  366. Michelle

    I think Winona is a hybrid but the closest to what they were.

  367. Jenn R

    I think Winona was close to what the demons looked like but not fully prob. cause she may be a hybrid since witches actually did come from the demons.

  368. Kelsey Duvall

    I think Winona is really close to what the demons used to look like. The goat-like eyes and legs seem spot-on but she needed some wings like the gargoyles’ because the demons’ love of flight was too pure.

  369. I think Winona was close…. maybe VERY close… but a hybrid. Though I do wonder if the memory of wings was from flying in the hunt on the gargoyles? Or maybe demons took to gargoyles to remember how it felt to fly?

  370. Erica

    Winona is a hybrid. Love the cover too. It is one of my favorites!

  371. Whitney

    I definitely think she was hybrid.

  372. Mike waranis

    definatly a hybrid

  373. Javinder

    I think she was a hybrid. Al said he couldnt’ remember what he used to look like, and I think that’s the way they view themselves.

  374. Joan Bennett


  375. I agree that she is a hybrid.

  376. Marti Thrower

    I really like the cover, the fog gives it the spooky crime feel. With Rachel showing off her witchy PI investigating powers. While it shows her face, which in others it did not.

  377. me.harp@live.com

    I’ve read all your books but I’m drawing a blank on who Winona is…? So I will comment on the cover which I like of course ….I like all your covers. Can’t wait till February 25th….I think that’s the release date. πŸ˜ƒ

  378. I think she was a genetic possibility of what demon or witches could look like.

  379. I think Winiona is a hybrid for she was at a testing facility trying to prefect the perfect demon. The first test subject actually did have wings, Winiona was the first living test subject that survived the tests before they got Rach in a cage. I love watching discovery channel and were science was trying to clone a Mammoth Elephant. It would have taken 50 generations to clone a mammoth from a regular elephant they said to get something that would look look like a Mammoth baby. So It’s totally a hybrid. Sorry for the rant. πŸ™‚

    • Rocio Delgado

      Most likely a hybrid. There’s no way that they would have been able to get exactly what demons originally looked like after only several tries.

  380. Rob Smith

    I think she was a hybrid, which is very cool.

  381. Crish Cottrill

    Winona was probably a close representation of what demons look like. That may explain why Al was so interested in her.

  382. tia weaver

    I think she was a hybrid, she didnt have wings.

  383. Charisse

    Trying to remember Winona! From the other comments, sounds like consensus is a hybrid. I’ll have to go back & reread it!

  384. Amy Flores

    I really like the cover. It suites the story. Also, the artist not only has Rachel looking ready for a fight, but showing off her P.I. skills too. Just the way I envision her when I read your novels.

  385. She was a hybrid.But according to to al’s dream they had wings.

  386. Very close to the original, but not quite the same.

  387. I think I’ll go with the general consensus and say hybrid, close but no cigar.

  388. Jamie Phelps

    she was a hybrid

  389. Humm…I swear I read this book but for the life of me cannot remember most of it. I think I was mid-pregnancy – baby brain. But I loved the cover because it was the first one to give Rachel a face though I still picture her looking a bit different.

  390. Tricia

    I think she is a hybrid as well. And yes Al remembered wings. I am enchanted with this series and can’t wait for the next book.

  391. Betty Cryder

    haven’t read it yet,but, the cover is excellant

  392. Sue whipple

    Yes I think Winona looks like a demon

  393. Hybrid. She didn’t have the wings πŸ™‚

  394. Melissa Logan

    I think she is the spell casters version of what demons looked like.

  395. Heather

    I think Winona is a hybrid.

  396. Winona is a hybrid. Can’t wait to see you in Saratoga, NY! Come back in August to visit the Race track and see the beautiful horses. πŸ™‚

  397. Thomas

    I think of her as a bit of a hybrid. More of a reflection of perception, than perhaps actuality.

  398. Kathleen

    I think she is some kind of hybrid but pretty close to what they looked like.

  399. Tom Smith

    Hi, I’m a big fan. I haven’t been reading along because I’ve got to sit down and read the book all in one go. I can’t wait to receive my pre-ordered copy from Nicola’s. I reckon the cover is great. Thanks and keep them coming!

  400. Ashley Harper

    Haven’t read it yet but the cover is awesome

  401. Sfawnna

    I think she’s more of a hybrid because it wasn’t pure magic that transformed her

  402. Theresa Hobbs

    I love your books! I Own only a few because my book fund became a baby fund lol. I think all of the cover art work is awesome!! Thanks for this opportunity. Hope you have a wonderful week. πŸ™‚

  403. txyoungs

    Winona is more like a hybrid.

  404. Heather Prichard

    I believe she was a hybrid. I think what Rachele sees later in Al’s dream is what they truly used to look like. πŸ™‚

  405. Shelly

    I think she is what a demon would look like, minus the wings

  406. pamela

    More demon then hybrid. The premise was that she became a ‘demon’ by blood and magic, not another Demon’s memory, so, with that in mind, (TO ME) it would seem that DNA had taken over changed what it could. Also going with the premise that the scientific work had been stolen from Trent, so leading me to believe that it was a refined sequence that was being used. Or I’m just reading way too much into it and she was what she was due to Rachel’s DNA.
    (as you can see, I’ve given this much thought)!

  407. B

    I think that maybe she might be a hybrid. Or what a few of them may have looked like, since nobody can seem to remember what the demons actually look like whos to say that they all didnt look like something different?

  408. Susan S.

    I think a hybrid.

  409. Victoria Merriman

    I think Winona was a hybrid. Isn’t it mentioned somewhere (sorry I can’t remember where) that Al remembers flying?

  410. Keith Chambers

    Haven’t read it, but I love the cover. πŸ™‚

  411. freedom37803

    I think Winona is a hybrid.

  412. Tara Nogle

    I see Winona as a hybrid. Can’t wait to see you in NY!

  413. Sarah

    She’s a hybrid

  414. Kelly Fine

    I think Winona was a hybrid.

  415. Sandy Pants

    I think that she was what the demons really looked like. I mean, she was described as monsterous. I love that book. I felt so bad for Winona, but she was a tough cookie. She had courage and spunk.

  416. The cover is intense. I liked it better than Pale Demon’s. The color contrast is good, and it is full of mystery and suspense. Which leads to my imagination of what the book will behold. You know what they say, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but on this cover, I would have to beg the differ on that, lol. I just got done with Dead Witch Walking and am now on The good, the bad, and the undead. So it is so enthralling. I started on one of your later books, and am now going to the basics. I love your stories, and my poor self would really like to win. Crossing my fingers, and my red hairs to win. Thank you. My email is Claudine_Rulo25@yahoo.com. Thanks πŸ™‚

  417. Jamie Phillips

    I think she is close but not exact, a hybrid.

  418. janine16

    I think Winona is just a real perverted version of the way demons looked before.

  419. Cathy S

    I have to agree with many people, I feel that she was a hybrid or some sort of wingless demon. I can’t wait for the release.

  420. naturallydotty

    I have the strongest feeling that not even the demons know what they “really” look like! They’ve become so adept at changing their appearances.

  421. Amber

    I think that Winona was close, but not exact. Apart from Al’s comments on her appearance, her blood didn’t turn “demonic” when her appearance was changed. And

    *EA spoiler*

    doesn’t she look different than Ku’Sox in his, uh, alternate form?

  422. Dawn Pierce

    I am almost finished with this book and i think Winonna is a hybrid and i live the cover but am still trying to figure out who the guy in the background is… πŸ™‚

  423. Corina

    I think that Winona is a hybrid or perhaps wishful thinking on the humans part (not that I think they could change what the spell did, but that perhaps their intent/prejudice influenced the spell?!)

  424. Trixi

    I thibk she was some kind of hybrid…not 100% like thr originals.

  425. Jamie Landry

    Based on Al’s interest, she is probably pretty close to the way they looked. But, since she was changed by a spell, she is probably a hybrid. I think if they had actually been able to turn Rachel, she would have looked even more “correct”

  426. Gina N.

    Rachel has had sexy covers before but I like this one the best! Especially with the red glow all over the black cloths and foresty scene!

  427. Elyse

    I vote hybrid

  428. doreen strachan

    No winona was more of a hybrid. Demons had wings and were thinner in their true form.

  429. Chloe Mansell

    I think she was a hybrid

  430. Kelly Collins

    I think Winnona is a hybrid

  431. Marcia Siehr

    I think no wings, not a demon but a HAPA experiment gone awry bad way. I remember Rachel commenting on stubby fingers and hooves… nope I just do not think that Al started out like that! I can’t wait for 25th!

  432. I think she is a hybrid.

  433. Ok I have have read all of your books, love them. I’m getting the dandelion tattoo going up my neck, I love it. The cover is great as they all are, and I’m thinking she’s a hybrid!

  434. Muninn

    I think that she was what a demon might have looked like. due to a comment from Al, it really depends on which genes are activated, so demons might look different.

  435. I think that she was a Hybrid.

  436. Kara Barnes

    I think she was a hybrid.

  437. Christy B.

    I’m thinking Hybrid πŸ™‚

  438. Melissa Acquaviva

    I think she was close to what demons really look like but not completely.

  439. I think that Winona is a hybrid. Al seemed to think she was close, but not quite there completely.

  440. I think she was hybrid. She was a human to begin with and based on the comments Al made.

    Speaking of comments, it took forever to find the comment box because of all the others. It’s awesome how much love this series gets, it’s well deserved. Can’t wait for the new book and to go to the signing in Boston πŸ™‚

  441. I have not read the book because I am making my way through the series and I am only on Pale Demon but the cover is interesting, but I could do without so much cleavage.

  442. Sabrina Morgan

    I think Winona was a hybrid.

  443. I also think hybrid. BTW, all your covers kick @ss! ❀

  444. Jessica S

    No wings. So Winona is a hybrid. Awesome book. Love Trent’s POV

  445. Kayla Wiehle

    I think she could have looked like what some of the demons looked like. Just like us, I bet they came in many shapes and sizes!

  446. RuthAnn Hadsell

    I think Winona is a hybrid. I also remember what Al said about the wings.

  447. Vanessa Hinson

    She is similar to what the demons used to look like but it is not quite right.

  448. Heather B.

    I definitely think she was more of a hybrid. Really enjoyed her character!

  449. Zoe-Louise Skelsey

    I don’t think she is what Demons looked like, especially after the transformation of Ku’Sox into the winged version from Al’s dream, I also think that the HAPA members tainted the curse with their own ideas/ expectations of what a demon would look like which is more classical and cliched with the goat features of hooves, pelt, etc, not sure where the pouch came from though.

  450. Deborah

    I’m going to guess that she’s a hybrid.

  451. diana

    I think its hybrid

  452. Loretta

    Since demons can change into anything they want and no one seems to remember exactly what their true form is, or will at least admit too, I have a that Winona is more a hybrid of what the genetics truly are and what HAPA thinks the genetics should be.

  453. Allison K

    I think she’s more of a hybrid.

  454. Shirley

    I think thats what they looked like.

  455. Linda M Evans

    I think she is a hybrid; she does not have wings.

  456. Chelsea S.

    I think she was a hybrid, especially since she didn’t have wings. It’s hard to say for sure when you play with genetics.

  457. Katy

    I’m guessing hybrid?

  458. Tiffany Fryman

    She was a hybrid

  459. I think she’s a hybrid, but I’ve always wondered how that came to happen…loved Winona for her guts and kindness, would have liked to know what happened to her after the end of Perfect Blood.

  460. Colette Hill

    Hybrid… With certain aspects from their memory but not necessarily an accurate depiction.

  461. Jennifer Menough

    OOooooohhhh, Hmm, well I don’t know. I haven’t read it yet. I would say hybrid. I’m re-reading pale demon right now and seeing flashes of Al adjusting himself πŸ˜€ So I say hybrid.

  462. Tori Junkin

    I think she was a hybrid.

  463. AimΓ©e Laibida

    I think Winona was a hybrid, but still pretty damn close to what the demons originally looked like.

  464. Jamie

    I would have to concur that I think Winona is a hybrid. Though she has what most likely are similarities to what the Demons looked like I’m recalling Rachel’s seeing what she thought Al really looked like.

  465. I think Winona was a hybrid.

  466. Kelly Harrison

    I think Winona has some traits the demons once had–like wings and maybe the cloven hooves–, but is more of a hybrid than an exact replica. I bet the demons originally looked more like humans than the hunched goat-creature the curse created.

  467. Danielle A

    More of a hybrid in my opinion!

  468. Melissa Dessent

    I think she was a hybrid

  469. Sue

    I think she was a hybrid.

  470. Sam

    I’m not sure about Winona. I think she was more of a fragmented ,memory than the actual thing.

  471. Marcie

    I think she was a hybrid, but pretty close to what the original demons looked like.

  472. Laura K Thorpe

    Winona’s a hybrid- no doubt! πŸ™‚ (Unless you state otherwise in the future…) :p

  473. Janet H

    I think she was a hybrid

  474. Melankalia

    I think she was more of a hybrid, but close to the original look.

  475. Hybrid – if the demons can’t remember how they looked, why would a random human know?

  476. I think she was a hybrid or at least closer to a hybrid than the real deal. I think Rachel’s vision of them with wings was closet to the real deal. Or perhaps there were different versions of the demons and she was just closer to one of them. Either way, I like the idea of them having wings and being glorious.

  477. Jenni BW

    I think she’s very close to the original demon forms but not completely identical, so she’s a hybrid in my mind.

  478. It’s been a while since I read this one, but do dig the covers.

  479. Evonna H

    I think that she was a hybrid. Al thought he had wings. So what I always had pictured was nothing like she looked like. Something went wrong in their magic or they created her the way they thought a demon should look.

  480. Laura Scibelli

    I just finished my reread… and my toes curled up, and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside! Looking forward to “The Dead Pool” I’m going to have to wait to buy a signed one though, I can’t make that big of a road trip for a book signing πŸ˜‰ Grants Pass Or.

  481. Christine Vallieres

    I also think she is Hybrid…. πŸ™‚

  482. Wayne S

    The cover is great! She is a hybrid right?

  483. I think she was a hybrid … and Rachel’s later vision of demons as the beings with beautiful wings was probably far closer to the truth

  484. I think that she is a hybrid, being that the no one can really remember what they look like….but who know, she may be what they looked like, but no one knows it. It’s a 50/50

  485. Tessa Martin-Bashore

    An expression of a lot of mixed up genes – a hybrid.

  486. Pam

    I think she was a hybrid. It’s been a while since I read the book, but I remember her as being not quite the same as the other demons. Thanks for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!!

  487. Nicki Lyn Fortinberry

    I think she was more a hybrid. The demons have used glamour to alter their looks for so long they don’t even know what they originally looked like.

  488. Rosa Lopez

    I think she was what Newt and her sisters looked like. Since Newt can’t remember and all her sisters are dead, we don’t know what they looked like.

  489. Chuck Pint

    I think that Winona is a hybrid. No way that she could become a true demon that way.

  490. Miranda Beazley

    I think Winona is sort if a hybrid. She’s a little of what the demons looked like and a little bit human.

  491. Bianca Dust

    I personally think she was a hybrid.

  492. Sandra Hutchinson

    I do believe she was be a hybrid with long fire red hair but she going to so different. She will have wings but due some freak thing that has happened she will be pretty. Which with be the weird thing that will on confuse everyone even Rachel and AL will be taken back by her.

  493. Tiffers

    I thought of her appearance as a mutation, not necessarily a hybrid. The curse would of had to mutate around her existing form.

  494. Michelle L

    Winona was a hybrid!

  495. In my opinion Winona is a hybird ..

    Thank you so much for your wonderful give aways , your wonderful books that are worth reading over and over and giving your fans a place to express their opinions ❀

  496. Heather Corby

    She is a hybrid because the demons don’t remember what they actually looked like 5,000 years ago. Well, at least most of them don’t…

  497. Cassandra

    I think Winona looks like what the demons remember looking like, but not what they really look like

  498. little

    I think this is how the demons truly looked.

  499. Zochi

    Love the cover.

  500. Dawn

    I am going to go with a hybrid look as well.

  501. Brandi

    I think she’s what the demons looked like. Or at least, what everyone thinks they looked like.

  502. Calvin T.

    I think she’s a hybrid butt probably very close to the original since even all thought he had wings when he was trying to remember what he looked like!

    Good Luck to everyone entering today!!

  503. Linnette

    I think she was a hybrid, close to what they could have been but not complete.

  504. Chelsea

    I think she is more of a hybrid

  505. Amy H

    I think Winona is a bit of a hybrid but closer to what Al originally looked like!

  506. I think she’s a hybrid.
    Have a great day everyone!

  507. I thought that was what they looked like when I read it? I think we saw Al though too later on? Anyway!! I want to win (we all do) I’ll be coming to the Hollows again with my Blood Work to get signed!

  508. Scary Lee

    Close but a hybrid.

  509. Karla Crosby

    I think she may be a hybrid but fairly close to how the demons originally looked

  510. Erica Andersen

    Hybrid. πŸ™‚

  511. Ellie

    Yes, I also think she is more of a hybrid, not the original.

  512. Michi M.

    I think Winona is a hybrid.

  513. Julia

    I think Winona was a hybrid.

  514. I think the cover is awesome as always, I love your portrayal of Rachel, and because I have read all prior books I would say the new character is a hybrid demon. I look forward to reading this one, keep writing.

  515. I think poor Winona was what happens when you toy with genetics. A really deformed version of what you’re shooting for. I think the demons have some similar traits, but were probably more complete and less pathetic looking πŸ™‚

  516. A. N.

    Winona was a hybrid.

  517. No matter if the girl in the cover is Winona or Rachel… she looks hoooooot πŸ˜€

  518. Hybrid! Happy soon to be release day!!! Can’t wait!!!

  519. Barb W

    When I first read the book, I thought that she was a representation of what demons looked like. There was a part where Al looked similar. Either that or Al and Winona are evolving some how. At least that is my 2 cents.

  520. The cover looks fantastic! β™₯

  521. Audrey

    Ohh I so think she was a hybrid. The demons shifted their babies form so they had more defenses like claws and sharp teeth. I think she was a combo of what demons used to be and what they are now

  522. Danielle DePietro

    I think Winona was a hybrid.

  523. Trudy

    I believe she became a hybrid.

  524. Sharon Ball

    Def hybrid! It’s a wing thing!

  525. Allie

    I thinks Winona appears more like a hybrid. If not Rachel would have looked more like her from when Trent fixed her.

  526. Amanda M.

    I think she’s a hybrid, a cross between what demons really look like and what they think demons look like.

  527. Terese Bengtsson Hedendahl

    I would like to think that Winona’s mutation came close to what demons originally looked like, but definitely not an exact replica because of the specie own evolution and the blood they used change Winona wasn’t from an original demon..

  528. Coral

    Winona Is a hybrid demons look like ku’socks from ever after:)!!!

  529. javadog70

    I think she is more of a hybrid..

  530. Cathy

    Kim, I think she was a hybrid because of the blood that was used to change her. It wasn’t from a pure demon.
    Thanks so much for this opporunity to win as well as the others. Thanks too for being so accessible to us fans.

  531. I think sheΒ΄s more of a hybrid, or one of a kind *muses*
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Monday!

  532. As always I love the cover. Cant wait to start reading it!

  533. Danielle Clark

    Every species has an evolutionary process, yet I don’t believe that it has to be so cut and dry. As hard core as the demon reality is, couldn’t it be possible that those demons without wings or other methods to defend themselves have become nearly extinct and just as forgotten as Al’s history? The possibilities are endless in fiction, I Love it!

  534. I think Winona was a hybrid.

  535. Sara

    I think she’s very, very close. Maybe that’s just because I like the idea of the demons originally having wings.

  536. Tina in WI

    The BIG dog show, Westminster, was on last night. Did you and Guy do the ritual thing?

  537. Michelle Nelson

    I haven’t had an opportunity to read the book but the cover is fantastic!!!!

  538. Denice Elza

    I think she was more of a hybrid, because of where they started with a witch rather than a demon.

  539. Forrest Lupton

    I think Winona is a good representation, but I almost want to say that the demons looks varied a lot, too. For basics, I think that its a decently good idea, though. Al remembers wings, but that doesn’t mean that all demons had them no matter how wistful he sounds about it….poor guy.

  540. Karen Nicholson

    I like the cover, makes me wonder if she happens to go camping, or does she get stuck out in the wilderness in the middle of another adventure. πŸ™‚

  541. AmandaW

    Hybrid- I imagine that if she was exactly how a demon looked we would’ve seen a much stronger reaction from Al when he met Wynona.

  542. Heather M.

    I haven’t read this one yet, but I can’t wait! The cover is awesome, as always πŸ™‚

  543. I believe Winona was a hybrid because she had no wings and several times it was implied original demons had wings.

  544. Nicole G.

    I think she is a hybrid. The vision Rachel had was slightly different than what Winona looked like. And since she didn’t start that way, it would have to be a hybrid.

  545. Melicent Stossel

    I think she’s a hybrid. I can’t imagine that one spell by people who don’t really know what they are doing could get results that all the demon research couldn’t.

  546. sari

    Yes, I do believe that Winona was a good example of what the demons may have looked like. Perhaps not 100 percent, but definitely close.

  547. Winona = Hybrid. Has to be! You rock, Kim!

  548. DanOO

    I believe Winona was a Hybrid because of the HAPA spell that changed her being perverted by their power lust. But Rachel’s blood got them as close to true demon form as a limited set of humans could get!!! LOVE THE HOLLOWS!!!

  549. I think she could have been an original, like maybe some demons had wings and others didn’t? She was what demons looked like, but not all demons looked the same

  550. Kristine Kreger

    I’m thinking she was pretty close to original but I’m guessing no two demons look alike. Unless, are there any twins running around over in the Ever After?

  551. Jasmien

    I like to think of her as one of the earlier faces of demons. In my mind they evolved, (some) got wings, etc. In that world she is the first stage of that evolution.

  552. Sandy Eichmeier

    I think she is a hybrid. It was the curse casters interpretation of what demons look like.

  553. dawn

    I definitely think a hybrid I think Rachel saw the original forms

  554. MellyM

    I think she’s incredibly similar. Al speaks for a while about this gene turned on and that one turned off making things a little different. How could he specifically ask about her pouch when no one but Rachel knows about it?

  555. John Cook

    Winona is probably a hybrid, but probably close to what the demons actually looked like originally

  556. Damien Evelgest

    Hybrid all the way!

  557. We got a pretty good glimpse of what the demons looked like with Rachel having a vision of Al so I’d say she was a hybrid.

  558. Comet

    I think that Winona is a hybrid. thanks Wendy

  559. shirley mccollum

    Think she is a hybrid.

  560. Kate Raney

    I think she was a hybrid, further distorted because it was a witch/demon’s blood that started the transformation, not a true born demon.

  561. Claudia

    I love this cover! Rachel looks really witchy. The creepy figure lurking in the shadows is the best part.

  562. Brandi Bentley

    I think she was very close to what some of them looked like. But I think all demons were unique.

  563. siobhan

    I always thought she was more of a hybrid tbh, twisted to what they believed the demons should resemble. Love these books!! πŸ™‚

  564. Heather Smart

    I think she was very close to what the demons looked like. I love when Al saw her.

  565. Nancy Galdeano

    She is a hybrid, but I also think she is unique !! Wouldn’t Demons look like individuals just like humans ?

  566. Patrick Mills

    As I understood it she was more of a “best guess” approximation. The image Rachel had of them sounded much different in Ever After. So a hybrid I guess.

  567. LuAnne

    I think she is a hybrid.

  568. Deborah

    I think she was a hybrid.

  569. Martha Houston

    I think that she was a hybrid because her genetic makeup was already in her DNA and altering it to make her a demon would still leave traces of the original genetic makeup.

  570. g33kxx

    Who knows where they got that spell, I think it’s close to what the demons may have looked like but I doubt it was exact.

  571. Julie Jahn

    I think Winona was more of a hybrid of what humans think demons looked like

  572. Donna Salazar

    Winona is definitely a hybrid.

  573. Allison Morales

    Winona was a hybrid. She may have looked close to what the demons originally did, but I believe there are some big differences.

  574. Kristen Uri

    I’m thinking hybrid, Rachel saw what the Demons use to look like.

  575. Bridget Dochod

    I think she is a hybrid πŸ™‚

  576. Jodi Brown

    I think she’s a hybrid.

  577. Barbara

    I feel that Wiona is more of a hybrid demon. She’d look cool with some wings though.

  578. Katey Williams


  579. Lingeorge

    OK, I am joining the hybrid camp. It just seems logical.

  580. Vici

    She was a hybrid. The curse used wasn’t a real one, just modified.

  581. Dawn cavenee

    I also say hybrid. πŸ™‚ very excited for the new book!!

  582. Res

    Add my vote to hybrid!

  583. Lisa Marie Foxx

    I have not read the books at all, but the covers look amazing and are enough to make me want to read them without even knowing what the books are about! I would like to enter to win, but if i don’t….i will still add the books to my “want to read” list. Thanks!

  584. I think Winona is a hybrid as Rachel’s blood also has been changed in order to keep her alive.

  585. Donna Clodfelter

    I’ll go with Hybrid! Can’t wait for the new book!

  586. Stevie Stermer

    I agree with most everyone on here. She’s definately a hybrid.

  587. Erin Jones

    I think she’s a hybrid, honestly I want to say that Al might be a version of what demons might’ve looked like way back when (I’m sure that he’s evolved a little bit being how old he is) but I definitely say that Winona is a an evolved hybrid.

  588. Beau King

    I have not yet read the book. I absolutely love the cover! The cover art always inspires excitement and helps me visualize while I read. The covers would make amazing posters!

  589. I think she was a hybrid.

  590. Sarah Price

    I say hybrid….but I also think there may be a story behind it also.

  591. Dre'

    I think she was a mutation. I liked Al’s gargoyle intimidation form.

  592. Fernanda Mendes

    I’m going for hybrid… I remember Al and Rachel’s dream of what Al looked like originally … Wings! glorious wings were missing.

  593. I think she is more of a hybrid, but with more demon traits than witch traits.

  594. Anna

    Each cover is awesome. Can not wait to have the Undead Pool.

  595. Celeste Corp

    She is definitely a hybrid.

  596. Lisa Tillen

    I think she is a hybrid.

  597. Nicole

    I think she is a some kind of hybrid

  598. I think Winona is definitely what the Demons looked like! I liked Winona. :).

  599. Definitely hybred. Even if they remember what they look like

  600. Each cover seems to be better than the last! I know anyone who is a fan of your’s has to get excited with each new cover reveal. I know I do!

  601. Crystal Dinwiddie

    yes I think this is what they looked like

  602. A hybrid, with mismatched parts the demons were supposed to have in their opinion.

  603. I like the covers. Each one seems to convey interesting changes in Rachel’s life. On this cover, she appears confident and comfortable with her demon abilities. Also, there is a dark and sinister feel to it with the figure in the background obscured by the fog.

  604. Trisha

    I’m going with hybrid… 😊

  605. Michelle Wilson

    I think hybrid. The demons seem to have messed around with their appearance so much that they themselves have forgotten what they were originally. I would imagine not all originally looked alike though with there being different types.

  606. Leah Bridgman

    I personally believe that demons really look like everyone else and that they’ve just forgotten. Elves and witches and weres and vampires all share the same general human type body shape…. Why wouldn’t demons?

  607. jessica murphy

    I have a feeling she is hybrid. She seems to have certain demon parts but not enough to make her full demon.

  608. robyn jones

    I believe Winona is more hybrid.

  609. I think Al’s deductions are right, Winona’s a hybrid of possible genetic expressions. She was a mix prominent features that many demons used to have as a result of random expression and she was just lucky enough none of the randomness was fatal ( yeah…..way too many Developmental Biology textbooks played a part in that answer ^^)

  610. Mel K.

    I’m going with hybrid, because their winged form was their original form before they evolved (from my understanding of things). Or something to that effect..
    I wonder, when you finish this series, will we ever find out the answers to all these tidbit questions? Very curious about a few of them. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks again Kim for intriguing us all!

  611. Brandy

    Winona was one possible expression of the genes. The horns and the pouch were probably spot on, but she was missing the wings. I would say that maybe wings were a mutation, but since it is the demons of now who don’t remember… Maybe the loss of who they really were and what they looked at was a side effect of the Elven curse.

  612. Agnes Tirao

    I think she is a hybrid.

  613. inkie

    I reckon she’s more of a hybrid. Given that the demons have been messing around with their own genes (Ku’ Sox being a major example) for far longer than HAPA have even existed, I find it difficult to believe that the morons from HAPA could have gotten it exactly right in such a short time.

  614. tuchbike

    Winona was a hybrid – just one possibility.

  615. charly

    I’m going with hybrid. Didn’t Al or Rache dream of what their original for was?

  616. Michelle M

    Hybrid – I think the witches are still cursed, so she wouldn’t have the full true form.
    (Spoiler: doesn’t Kusox get turned into what they originally looked like?)

  617. kristina

    I think she’s a hybrid.

  618. Jennifer Roy

    I like that as the covers go on, it looks like Rachel is more and more accepting of her demon abilities. The image conveys an inner confidence, as does the title. I am intrigued by who (or what) is in the shadows.

  619. Lee

    My opinion on this changed once I read the later books. At first, I would of said hybrid, however now I am more inclined to say I believe she was more along the lines of the beginning of discovering how demons looked. Wings were mentioned in more than one book, and I would say that maybe it was a sex thing, like maybe the females didn’t get wings, but I’m inclined to not agree there because, again, a reference to the book ever after. So, I think she was more or less a version that came after the wings were lost, or not completely transformed because she was not fully demon:)

  620. Carla Duquette

    I always love your covers! I believe Winona is more hybrid.

  621. Jennifer Barnes

    I am going to say Hybrid!

  622. She could have been a hybrid, but I remember a couple of things from your books. 1. she was a female and could be slightly different from the male demon, 2 I remember Al flashing a form in his chambers in front of Rachel to what Rachel thought might be his original form. But then, if I recall correctly, (its been a while since I read this one) Winona had a hard time maneuvering, and was kind of lunky. So I am going to say experiment gone wrong. I know that is not a choice so…the cover art is spectacular. The picture embodies Rachel’s beauty, strength, and propensity to wear tight somewhat trashy clothes. πŸ™‚

  623. Misty Gee

    I love the cover.

  624. Carl Fox

    I think she was still a hybrid. Close to demon, but not quite…

  625. Becky C.

    I love the book covers. Whoever does them is so talented and brings your images to life. I love your stories. When I read I’m in another world all my own, forgetting that in this present I have no job, but have books. Never stop writing Kim you have so much life at the end of your writing/pen. You have brought so much life to Rachel, Trent, and Ivy oh Jenks. I love love love the stories.

  626. Brenda Tomasello

    I think she is more of a hybrid. I think it’s a good start to what they looked like, but I do think she is still a hybrid.

  627. Reba

    I think she’s a hybrid

  628. Jenilee Kasch

    I think Winona was a hybRid but close to a demon similarity, and cause she wasnt born a demon but was turned.

  629. Rebecca Hollingsworth

    I think she is a hybrid. A great addition. I think the demons if remember what they looked like will be more human looking but wings that can be visible or not.

  630. Stacy

    I think she was close to what the demons looked like.

  631. Robin Moore


  632. Teresa Roetto

    I think she looked more like a hybrid. I imagine that there is a lot of variety in demonkind.

  633. Jess

    The covers are always awesome and interesting.

  634. Candi Terrill

    It seems there are indications that’s she is some kind of hybrid. This is what I thought, until you asked the question.
    Now I wonder if maybe the demons, all of them, just are so old and confused they don’t remember who they are. And she is a manifestation of that.
    I’m not good at explaining my thoughts. Ex specially as they are not actually fully formed, I really never gave this thought.
    I guess my answer is I don’t know.

  635. I haven’t read your books, but I really like the aspect of the covers. The covers stay consistent with the theme of your books which is great

  636. Margot D.

    An hybrid ! πŸ˜‰

  637. Jessica S.

    I think she was more of a hybrid type.

  638. Brenda R.

    I’m behind one the re-read, and I don’t remember Winona. I love the book cover though!

    I can’t wait for the next book! The first few chapters are so good!

  639. Definitely a hybrid. Rachel knew that demons had wings for one. Wynona came out more like a fawn. I half expected her to pull a flute out of her pouch and prance about the woods beating HAPA members over the head with it. She probably manifested certain actual attributes of demon-ness since witches/demons/elves are all linked on some sub-genetic level anyway, but the rest was kind of science-project gone wrong. (poor thing).

  640. Mitchell Brashier


  641. Sally

    I agree with most here, that Winona was probably a hybrid or perhaps a stunted demon…

  642. Judi

    I think Winona is how the demons originally looked.

  643. Lisa Mankin

    I’m leaning toward a re-creation that fell short of the original demon look. She was awesome with an incredible attitude. Cheers to the new book, cannot wait.

  644. lori simpson (@lary1971)

    I think she is a hybrid.

  645. Kim S

    I believe she was a hybrid.

  646. Michael Murray

    Hybrid. Short sweet answer. Lots of puzzle pieces to go with but I’m thinking the originals were “hybrids.” A lot of different flavors/looks.

  647. Lee Palmer

    I think she was more of a hybrid because I thought the demons had wings.

  648. Lauren

    A hybrid, of the traits of their demon heritage that is in all witches, the possibilities.

  649. Katie

    I believe she was a hybrid.

  650. Michelle Chambers

    I think she is a hybrid. There is references to demons originally having wings.

  651. Cindy Aubert

    Winona i believe is more of a hybrid since all demons have their own look to them.

  652. Always thought that she was what the humans imagined demons to look like rather than an accurate interpretation.

  653. Angela Hurst

    I believe she is a hybrid.

  654. I think she was an experiment gone bad, almost a demon, but not quite.

  655. i believe she is a hybrid, but i think she was awesome and had a wonderful attitude considering the hell she was put through. i also believe she was happy about the eyes, she can freak out her coworkers forever lol. please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  656. Kathleen Langlo

    I think Winona was a hybrid of what they thought demons used to look like. Demons don’t even remember what they looked like at originally and then Rachel being a full demon and still looking “human”. It’s a complicated mess.

  657. I think she was a demon cause of the time all was doing his shape shifting trying to remember what he looked like.

  658. Eric

    I have to believe she’s at least close to the original. Though she may be missing a spare fang or a set of wings.

  659. Julie

    I think a hybrid as well but I also agree with the idea that not all of the demons would have looked identical.

  660. Rae G.

    I think Winona was a hybrid. Al seems to be a little bit different, with wings and everything.

  661. jessica schultz

    I believe she was more of a hybrid. Sox was more like what they truly were.

  662. Lisa R

    A hybrid.

    The graphic novels are so fun! I love seeing the characters outside of my head πŸ™‚

  663. Amber Douglass

    I don’t think Winona was a hybrid, but I don’t think she is what demons looked like either. I feel like she was on her way to looking like a demon, but the transformation was not yet complete.

  664. Anna Hill

    She was a hybrid because it was done to her. Awesome book.

  665. Donna Murphy

    I believe she is a hybrid. There’s the whole “maybe we had wings” thing but I think she was screwed with in hopes of doing something better….I don’t think it worked out so good. LOL

  666. Rachel Simmons

    I think Winona was a hybrid. I can’t wait for the new book!!

  667. I think Winona was a hybrid, I don’t think they can create a demon the way they originally looked if they start with a human.

  668. Christopher Thomas

    She is definately a Hybrid.

  669. kerri mckeithan

    I think she was very close but still a hybrid.

  670. Krista Martin

    Love the cover! I’ve never read a graphic novel. Maybe I’ll give this one a try!

  671. Christine

    Hybrid vote here!

  672. Carin

    It’s tough for me to decide but I think that hybrid makes the most sense at this point.

  673. Definitely a hybrid. Demons have wings, according to Al’s dreams!

  674. Raychell

    I don’t think Winona is what the demons originally looked like. I’m not sure I would call her a hybrid either, but given the two choices I’d go with hybrid. As mentioned int he book, all the genes are there, but which ones are flipped, and so on to get the desired outside body/etc.

  675. Cyndy Vaughn

    I think she was a hybrid but kind of close to what they really looked like

  676. Sarah Oldham

    I think she was a hybrid.

  677. Caitlin V.

    I think she was closer to a hybrid, but perhaps a rough representation of what demons used to look like.

  678. Stacey

    I absolutely love the cover. They keep getting better and better.

  679. Linda

    I think she was close but not the true look alike.

  680. Ashley

    I think Winona was more of a hybrid, but close to what demons looked like.

  681. Sarah Verminski

    It’s actually one of the things I love most about your books, the descriptions aren’t always how I previously pictured something would look (like Bis for instance, who I ADORE). But I think of Winona as more of a hybrid, with the pouch and everything, a totally original demon description. πŸ™‚

  682. Maryjean Emerson

    I think she was a hybrid because like Al said he thinks they had wings. But I think it was very close.

  683. Kim, i think that Winona is a perfect example of a certain subset of demons.

  684. tia zuniga

    Perhaps she was what one particular demon looked like. I think they would have all been distinctive.

  685. Rhiannon Sanchez

    I think Winona was close to what the demons looked like, but not an exact match. Not really a hybrid but an approximation.

  686. I also believe she was a hybrid but close to the original demon form.

  687. Charmon

    A hybrid for sure!

  688. Amy K. Delaney

    I think She’s a hybrid since her blood isn’t pure. I think she pretty darn close though.

  689. Kimberly I

    struck me as a hybrid

  690. Emily Jones

    I have just finished Ever After (I won’t put any spoilers on here), after reading it I am sure that poor Winona looks how Demons used to.
    I have been reading The Hollows since 2007, whenever a book gets released here in the UK it is always a highlight of my year. It is sad to think it is nearly at an end but I am excited to see where it will end, and whether it matches my theories. Much love from the UK, please come and visit us sometime xx

  691. Jana Leah

    I think she’s more of a hybrid. Thanks for the giveaway!

  692. I’m more towards the idea she was a hybrid from the other descriptions we’ve gotten with Al and what not. I feel like there was something missing from what she became.

  693. Chyree Sundquist

    I think I would go with hybrid. Yup, hybrid!

  694. Cindy Bush

    Winona is more of a hybrid to me. She really doesn’t fit with the way Demons look!

  695. Laura Anderson

    I think some demons looked like Winona — could some of them had wings and others not? Maybe there were different kinds, with different features?

  696. Arlene Mullen

    I think Hybrid

  697. Michelle F

    I agree on the hybrid. If Rachel herself is a demon-hybrid and yet looks only like a witch, then it seems like it would be difficult to create a full-blood demon with her blood. Of course, you have to also mention the lack of wings. Perhaps there were races of demons with and without wings?

  698. Rocky Reeves

    I’ll go with hybrid, though I could be wrong. If I remember correctly there was still a discrepancy between her blood and Rachel’s, so the conversion wasn’t exact. Also, If she had been exact, I think it would have triggered Al’s memory.

  699. Kathy

    Since Winona is a hybrid and no one really remembers clearly what original demons looked like, she logically looks like a hybrid because that is what she is. Convoluted? Me? Never! It is just one of many juicy mysteries πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  700. Hanna

    Weee! Two more Weeks tomorrow! And Hybrid, but possibly more on the demon side?

  701. Charles Criss

    Might be what that particular deamon looked like or what can be remembered seeing how they haven’t been themselves in forever.

  702. Rachel

    I’d say more of a hybrid.

  703. Erica

    I think it was similar to what they looked like. Demons were supposed to be the stuff of nightmares but I think they figured out that people were more likely to talk to/make deals with something that didn’t look like it was going to eat them.

  704. Laura Stratton

    I don’t think she is a hybrid. I think she was close to being what the demons looked like, but she is missing a few key parts. Maybe because of the elf curse, it changed the witches too much. Even the rosewood carriers are too far changed in the dna department.

  705. Emily Cox

    I definetly think she was a hybrid.

  706. Chryshta

    I think Winona was a hybrid. Even Al was confused by how she looked, and that’s coming from a demon.

  707. Rachel Roberts


  708. Winona is a hybrid but a lot closer to the true demon form than not…she may be closer to what surface demons looked like than the underground ones. I’m saying this because I seem to remember that Ku’Sox turned into what the original demons looked like, as in midnight dark colored and bat-like with wings when Trent and Rachel defeated him…

  709. Fiona rodrigues

    I think she is a hybrid. I belived they would have wings.

  710. Peggy

    I think she is a hybrid, but open to persuasion…

  711. Kimber

    I believe that she may be what demons originally looked like or thought they looked like. Al remembers wings after all! Can’t wait to get the book! Thank you for what you do!

  712. Russel Brown

    Al doesn’t even seem to remember what demons originally looked like so I’m guessing she was a hybrid.

  713. Alejandrina

    Hi Kim, I love your books! The Hollows is my favorite book series πŸ™‚ I think Winona is a hybrid because she doesnt have wings but she is very similar to what the demons once looked like. The artwork on this book is awesome but my favorite is the Undead Pool cover because of Trent ❀ I can't wait to read it!

  714. Ginny

    I’m going to go with hybrid. I think she has a lot of the original features, but is definitely missing wings. Al’s already awesome, but with wings, we’re talking a whole can I of awesomesauce.

  715. samantha adams


  716. Anima Wittum

    more like a hybrid, but very close =)

  717. Amanda

    I think she is a hybrid.

  718. Cheryl

    I don’t know, I guess I thought Winona was sort of a window into what the demons used to look like.

  719. Sarina Cella

    I think she might be a hybrid!

  720. I think she was a hybrid. Rachel saw what they looked like in Al’s dream… They were a little different.

  721. Mary Harmon

    I think she is a hybrid but she is the closest to what they originally looked like. I would love to see more of the demons true memories reflected in the future.

  722. Gina Barry

    I think Winona was a stunted hybrid. Rachel is in fact a form of hybrid herself. Being a witch born demon with genetically altered DNA to suppress the rosewood syndrome enabling her to kindle demon magic. Winona was transformed using a demon curse and Rachel’s blood. In a previous book it was said that mothers cursed their babies in the womb as to what they would look like, but when Rachel reset Al’s DNA he was trying to remember what he looked like one of which was the curly red pelt, tail and horns. But later when Al was recovering from his aura stripped Rachel witnessed his dream of the smaller black skin, winged appearance in a fairy tale land where they flew among the clouds and in the sun. Although I consider Winona a hybrid, her appearance is based on the early demon genome somewhere in past history.

  723. Kristen Springer

    I think she was a hybrid. πŸ™‚

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the series!!!

  724. Amber Seely

    I think she was most likely a hybrid.

  725. Katlot

    I think she is a hybrid, particularity as Rachel’s DNA was added to the mix.

  726. Cindy

    I believe she was a hybrid. Al was facinated by butterfly wings—he remembered wings.

  727. Ally M

    Hybrid, I guess πŸ™‚

  728. I think she’s a hybrid….

  729. Dyan

    I think Winona was more hybrid than original demon. No one remembers what the demons use to look like, not even the demons themselves so she was more of what they thought they may have looked like.

  730. Magda Preciado

    I dunno, maybe she truly is what they used to look like, maybe what Al remember is an hybrid because of the wings.

  731. Chrys Campbell

    I think Winona is a hybrid. If anything she is an evolution from demons of old.

  732. I always had the feeling she was a hybrid.

  733. Vampyre

    I think she was a close representation of what demons truly look like.

  734. Amanda Brubaker

    I think she was a hybrid… Some of the original features..

  735. Ann-Katrin Heppner

    I think she’s a sort of hybrid.

  736. NancyLynn Southard

    I think Winona May have been what the demons looked like; being as the demons themselves don’t even remember. But then again in Al’s dreams he does see a different version of himself, so maybe she is a hybrid, it’s so very hard to say there are far too many puzzle pieces still missing.

  737. Bridget Cagney

    I’m going with hybrid because I’m not really sure I remember the exact details because I read the book when it came out. I’m going to try to re-read the series in preparation for the new one coming out!

  738. Richard Peters

    hybrid, closer than anyone has seen in 5000 years but hybrid none the less

  739. Amber O.

    Probably a hybrid. They used Rachel’s blood and Rachel isn’t exactly a normal demon either.

  740. Zaynab Al-Tayib

    I believe she’s a hybrid, Al didn’t think she looked like an original demon, but shared some similarities.

  741. Rachel

    I think she’s a hybrid. Like Al said, all witches have the potential to look like that if the right genes are expressed. She wasn’t quite right but she was closer to them knowing what they really looked like than anyone else had been. It was just a matter of which genes to turn on.

  742. Rachael Harrison

    I think she looks like the original demons!

  743. Katrina King

    I think she is a hybrid.

  744. Liz

    I think she’s a hybrid with a vague concept of what demons used to look like

  745. stacy lott

    I don’t think she was what demons originally looked like, as Trent’s spell showed even humans could be turned into that creature. Plus Al thought they use to have wings, where Winona had none. Just my opinion.

  746. She was a hybrid – but she most certainly triggered something in Al’s memory.

  747. Lisa Bond

    I’m thinking she is a hybrid.

  748. Sarah

    I’m going to go with hybrid, but looking more like witches since they are closely related genetically.

  749. Stacy Noyes

    I say hybrid!

  750. Kell Burgess

    I think Winona is a hybrid.

  751. Amy T

    I think Winona was a bit of a hybrid, =) Counting down the days all the way from LA =)

  752. Jamie M.

    I think she is a hybrid but resembles what demons use to look like!!

  753. Katey Jenks

    I think the description on Winona was dead on.

  754. Sam Keenan

    I think she might have been what the first demons looked like but I think they evolved since then. Who could forget looking like that?! Pick me πŸ™‚

  755. Danielle

    I think maybe she’s what they looked like as they evolved from what they originally were to what they are now.

  756. Cathy Wicks

    I think a hybrid.

  757. Frances

    I think she is close but all the way to what they looked like

  758. ReneeS

    Probably more of a hybrid.

  759. miranda rines

    I believe that she is close to what the demons started out as but since she.didnt satrt as a demon, she is more of a hybrid.

  760. Vanessa

    I am leaning towards hybrid. Who know? Well besides Kim that is.

  761. Ashley Grimes

    I think she was a hybrid but that they did indeed have tails and were shaped like that in the past. I really enjoyed the part where Rachel saw Al in what he thought he might look like. The wings and tail are what I imagined they may look like.

  762. Shelly

    Hybrid I think.

  763. Pamela Gramlisch

    I haven’t got to these books yet to read them. But your covers are always very descriptive and colorful and lifelike. Of the many other of your books I have read. I will keep looking back at the cover to picture the character (Rachel) in that scene I am reading about her. Thanks again for these great books and giveaways .

  764. I would have to say Hybrid also. πŸ™‚ thanks for the amazing read along with all the fantastic prizes!

  765. Carre Callahan

    I believe Winona was a hybrid because all the originals were forgotten and probably wiped out .

  766. Krystal Sharp


  767. greg peckford

    Only Kim knows for sure! without wings, I would think hybrid.

  768. Diana Hughes

    I think she appeared that way because that’s what she thought Demons would look like. Just like Demons, she created her own image. I think Demons actually look a lot like witches since witches are really only stunted versions of demons.

  769. Mark

    i think Winona is a hybrid but the closest any demon look to their orignal form.

  770. kelly

    i THINK Winona is a hybrid…but i dont know if i trust her…she is more “old school” demon-ish…NOT that you can trust a demon anyway…demons with wings…yeah…I LIKE that…I wanna WIN..i wanna WIN!!!!!!!!!

  771. Hope Rainey

    I think it is a hybrid. But pretty close to accurate. It would be funny if demons all looked human but it has been so long since they have started using glamour magics that it would be impossible to remember.

  772. Crystal T

    Winona is something old and something new because of Rachel’s DNA. The wings and pouch are old but since everyone has hazy memories she is not quite correct but the best hybrid so far.

  773. I think she is the closest to what the demons look like with a bit of witch mixed in cause I doubt a bit of blood even if it is demon blod can get the perfect DNA of what they looked like. Maybe a bit of differences if color or hair we will never know but it’s great to know a semblance to what they can be again.

  774. Julie L.

    I think a hybrid. Hopefully we will find out what true demons did look like by the end of the great adventure.

  775. She is an imperfect model for demons because of the genetic engineering. So I say hybrid

  776. Alex Alonzo

    I think Winona was a hybrid of what the demons looked like. It is like Al said, it is about knowing which genes to turn on.

  777. Amy Claflin


  778. Lizzy G.

    I really don’t know. Sometimes I lean towards what demons looked like, other times more of a hybrid. But I always get stuck when I have to think that id Rachel were genetically perfect that she would look like that. But then her genes were fixed and she doesn’t. And round and round and round I go. But I do love Winona and her resourcefulness.

  779. Laurie

    I think I would have to say hybrid as well.

  780. Sarah P.

    Winona has got to be a hybrid! πŸ˜›

  781. I think she’s a hybrid…a kind of vision of how they felt a demon should look…

  782. Shelly Richmond

    I think that she looks like a hybrid. It would be really cool to see what you think she looks like Kim! :).

  783. I’m thinking HYBRID as well.

  784. Jenny T

    I believe Winona was a hybrid, close to the original demon look but not quite.

  785. Dora

    I think Winona was a hybrid, especially since even the demons have phantom memories about wings and flying. They can’t be certain because of certain choices to forget things…

  786. david dumanski

    I think she was most what demons look like minus the wing πŸ™‚

  787. I believe that time has changed her demeanor to become more like a demon; most hybrids can adapt, I just wonder if she knows deep down somethings off about her??? Love the artwork too. 8) ( …had to slip that in as well.)

  788. SAJ

    Hybrid, since she didn’t have wings.

  789. Andrea Atwood

    I think Winona is a hybrid, but looks closer to the older demon type.

  790. Gloria Jewell


  791. Valeri Ulrigg

    I think she is very close to what the demons originally looked like, but is a hybrid based on what I interpreted from some of Al’s comments about her appearance.

  792. Ana Fisic

    Hybrid because she doesn’t have wings.

  793. Hybrid. And your covers are always awesome!

  794. jayne luckett

    I would say she was more of a hybrid

  795. From the Way Al was surprised i think she looked very close to how they looked before. but some things were different

  796. moonbeam0806

    I think that she at least resembled what the demons originally looked like.
    Thanks again for having these giveaways!

  797. JP Eastridge

    I think Winona was close to what the demons looked like, but the rebellion had already been ongoing, so I think this iteration of Demon DNA had already been modified to increase their physical strength to better combat the elves. It would also make sense that some human-like traits would have been inserted into the genome for disguise purposes. If a terrorist cell of demons were then captured, magically stunted and memory wiped, wouldn’t it be easier to create the myth of “witches” joined with the elves in the battle against demons? It would account for almost all witch traits.

  798. Khrysten K

    I’m leaning towards hybrid. Though I could be wrong.

  799. Amy Hudson

    I think hybrid, because of the lack of wings.

  800. Ali

    She’s a hybrid. πŸ™‚

  801. Pam

    I think she is a hybrid

  802. Miranda Warren

    I love the new cover!

  803. Dana Perez

    I think Winaon was what demons originally looked like before they forgot what they used to look like. I think that was why al was so intrigue about her.

  804. I think that she is a hybrid but as close to pure demon as they have seen yet… Al said he remembers wings, but we all know demons lie so who knows, she could be the original. πŸ™‚

  805. Chris mccabe

    She was a hybrid of what demons look like.

  806. Dorothy

    I think that she is what they looked like before they evolved wings

  807. Tasha Ritchie

    I’m thinking hybrid, but also that perhaps not all demons looked the same, perhaps the wings were a sign of power?

  808. I think that all the demons once looked like the witches, mostly human, at one point but time and power has a way of warping the mind at body. So I guess to answer the question I beleive Winona is a hybrid because that is what she is.

  809. Kayla Buchanan

    I think WInona is a hybrid. I believe the demons once had wings. Although I think if an old demon were to see her in that form, they would recognize if that is what they once looked like.

  810. Dominique Z

    No, I think she was definitely a hybrid. Definitely.

  811. Leanne Rae Brewer

    I love your books so much Kim!

    I do think that Winona is a hybrid. Poor Winona…

  812. alisha talley

    I think shes more of a hybrid.

  813. Becca W.

    The red hair and wings are spot on but, would have to say hybrid. Felt sorry for her but, LOVED the idea of a pouch!!!!

  814. Marion

    I think, she was a true demon !

  815. Megan

    I love the cover art for A Perfect Blood! Rachel looks like such a badass so it is one of my favorites of her πŸ˜€ I think Winona was a hybrid. Not a complete demon, so more likely an experiment gone wrong.

  816. Pam M

    I think Winona was a hybrid….she is close but not the exact demon “look”. But who really knows? πŸ˜‰

  817. I think Winona was a hybrid, otherwise the plot would have stopped there lol! πŸ˜‰ No need to go after Rachel.

  818. Ginger Harden

    I would lean more toward Winona being a hybrid. There has just been toi much tampering and magic to specifically recreate an exact replica of how demons originally looked.

  819. I believe she resembles what demons once looked like.

  820. Verra

    I think Winona looked like how the humans thought a demon should look.

  821. So excited for the Undead Pool…Rachael is my spirit animal.LOL

  822. While I think she had may have mostly looked like what demons originally looked like, I think Winona was a hybrid because the elves firstly tinkered with the demons’ kids to turn them into witches, & then Rachel’s blood which kindled the curse had also been furthered modified. I think all that tinkering would have shifted her away from demons’ original looks.

  823. I always thought she was more of a hybrid.

  824. mallory mayers

    I thought I was caught up on your books but apparently not! I love the cover and will be buying the ebook tonight to catch up! but winning would also be awesome I went to one of your book signings and would love to add to my collection!!! Absolutely love this series!!! Mallorykmayers87@gmail.com

  825. Aaron Jeffries

    Hybrid. Close but not quite to what they were.

  826. Dian

    I understand that straight hair sells better and she keeps it braided for reasons. But I would love to see her with her hair all big and beautiful and proud. It’s part of why I fell in love with the stories. There are way more than just one reason;)

  827. Amy Jones

    Winona, I’m thinking was a hybrid. And the cover was amazing!

  828. I think she’s definitely a hybrid.

  829. Tess Wooten

    I think Winona was a demon without wings, Maybe young demons don’t have wings…

  830. I wish I have read the book. This tax season has just been a little bit busier than normal on top of my regular job at the hospital. I love the cover though. It just makes me feel all excited and giddy. I can’t wait to have a chance to finish reading the series. I know I won’t be there in time for the release, but I’ll get there shortly.

  831. Virginia

    I think she was a hybrid. Close but not exactly what they once were.

  832. I think she is a hybrid but closer to a demon on the “what demons supposedly look like” scale.

  833. Alecia

    I say hybrid hands down
    Thanks for the giveaway

  834. Michael Stigall

    Think shes a hybrid, cover is cool to.

  835. Danielle

    I’m a book or two behind (shame on me, definitely not reading anyone’s comments!), but when are your covers NOT gorgeous? Can’t wait to get caught up, thank you for the reminder!

  836. I think she was a hybrid, but not that far off of ‘demon’…if that makes sense

  837. Sara Kline

    I think Winona was a hybrid. Much of the attributes of the original demons though! Probably the closest we will see.

  838. Heather Beecher

    I’m thinking she’s a hybrid.

  839. Jennifer Hallman

    Definitely a hybrid

  840. not to sure if the last reply worked :S so here’s my answer again…. I say Winona is a hybrid with a bit of trickery to make people believe she’s the real thing (demon) and Al needs to watch out…only got so far with the library book but would love to win this great prize! x

  841. CF

    Definitely a hybrid and demons did have wings

  842. I think Winona was a hybrid….

  843. Jamie Jones

    I think she is a hybrid.Since Al thinks he remembers wings and she does not have them, then she is not in the original form but perhaps a similar form, probably the closest form then any other demon they have encountered so far.

  844. I think she was probably a hybrid.

  845. Winona was what the demons looked like, well some of them. We all don’t look alike so why would they.

  846. karen

    I think she is a hybrid. I love this series. I am a huge fan

  847. I love the cover and i think she is an hybrid

  848. elaing8

    I think she’s more of a hybrid

  849. Jenny Clemmons

    I think she’s a hybrid

  850. missmeriah

    I think Winona is more a hybrid. But an awesome hybrid πŸ™‚

  851. Rachel M

    I definitely think she might’ve been a hybrid, but who knows anymore?

  852. Diane

    I think she was a hybrid. I really liked her character – she was tough.

  853. She was either a hybrid or magic gone horribly wrong.

  854. Amy Griffin

    Hybrid but probably close to demon

  855. Most likely a hybrid. While she did have the blood similarities, I think she was just morphed to expectation.

  856. I think Winona is a hybrid, but pretty close to what demons used to look like.

  857. I think she is a hybrid, there are a few things that don’t seem to fit perfectly to say she is the actual form of a demon.

  858. Kelli L

    I think Winona was a hybrid.
    Can’t wait until the 25th, good luck all!πŸ€

  859. hybrid with a twist of trickery to make people believe winona is the real thing I say…watch out Al …has only gotten so far with the library book but would love to own this brilliant give way x

  860. Hybrid and I love your books.

  861. Kirby

    Winona a demon? She probably looked as close to what demons looked like as I do to a sikverback gorilla.

  862. Chuck Shingledecker

    I don’t think that’s what demons looked like. I’m going with hybrid due to an experiment gone wrong.

  863. sue fikes

    who knows what a demon really looks like it is up to our own interpetation.

  864. I really dont remember, its been so long since ive read them, im going to start over soon so im all caught up for the new books πŸ™‚

  865. Lynda Welch

    I am a new reader. I don’t know the answer, but I LOVE the cover. I am excited to read this book !

  866. Erica k

    I think she is a variation of what demons look like. The cover is awesome!!!!

  867. i absolutely love the cover! I think she is a hybrid too! wendynjason04 at gmail dot com

  868. Definitely not how demons originally looked. Not sure if a hybrid would be quite right wither since she was a witch and Rachel’s witch/demon blood was used to transform her. Still, I feel that she’d still be more witch than demon… so of the two options, I’ll go with hybrid!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  869. Lizz

    I believe Winona is a hybrid and I would very much love to win this prize pack! I’m so excited for the new book! πŸ™‚

  870. Dian Sierra

    Hybrid, I think…

  871. Katheren L.

    I think that’s how they looked. But who knows it’s been a long time since anyone can remember. Good luck everyone!

  872. I think Winona was more of a hybrid, but pretty close.

  873. Pretty sure that Winona is more hybrid. Reason being none of the demons remember exactly what they look like AND re-creating from blood is tricky. Plus, even if she is how a demon appeared, there’s no telling if all demon appeared that way.

  874. Sandra

    I think that Winona is a hybrid, since they have used so much magic and so much time has gone by, she might be true to form of what they remember how they looked.

  875. Courtney Durham

    Love your books and covers

  876. Winona works as a hybrid for me. Thanks for sharing. I love the series.

  877. I absolutely love the cover and I think she is a hybrid too. wensynjason04 at gmail dot com

  878. I love your cover! I like all the elements that make you want to know what’s going to happen in the story. I haven’t read it yet because I’m still reading the earlier books. I rave so much about your series though, that I’ve convinced several other people to read the series as well.

  879. Kelly

    The slight smile on her lips and the man coming out of the fog behind her open up question of where this book will take us.

  880. Jamie

    The book cover looks AMAZING and I can’t wait to dive on into it I’m trying to
    be REALLY good and not read the first 4 chapters cause then I’m going to be wanting more!

  881. Rachelle Goss

    Love Kim Harrison’s books!

  882. Jenn

    When I saw the wings I thought “oh – that’s what they really look like” but now I’m not sure…

  883. Christine Girty

    I’m going with hybrid…very similar to the demons in appearance but not quite100%…

  884. Pippy

    I don’t think she is exactly what demons looked like, but probably close

  885. Frances Baker

    Nope. I think only certain aspects were triggered. Poor poor woman.

  886. I think she was very close to what the demons looked like but probably had some hybrid characteristics as well.

  887. Winona is herself, so of course she is a hybrid.

  888. Sandy Kelly

    I think she is a hybrid. There are similarities but it’s not exact.

  889. April Karg

    I think Winona looked pretty darn close to the original.

  890. Jen Blanhard

    I believe Winona is a hybrid, perhaps an early one.

  891. s. b

    i think that is what demons looked like..

  892. I think Winona is not what Demons used to look like because genetics have changed over time and certain references in the books point to wings and such. So she would be a hybrid.

  893. Well, definitely a hybrid of sorts. : )

  894. Michael Spath


  895. I also think she’s a hybrid! Can’t wait for the new book πŸ™‚

  896. I thinks she was a twisted version of the demons original form.

  897. Charlotte ford

    Yeah she was prob a hybrid. Talking about genes got turned on in what order.. I like Winona, she’s a strong woman.

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