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Contest is closed! I’m picking the winners right now, and will have them in a new post by ten, EST. πŸ™‚ Thanks again, everyone, and good luck!

Click for 1.99 ebook

Click for 1.99 ebook

The days until the publication of The Undead PoolΒ are down to less than a month, and if you’ve missed it, I’ve got chapters 1-3 up and available for your pre-reading pleasure. Β Want a signed copy?Β I think B&N still has some for pre-order, and if not, Nicola’s will, all first editions and in Nicola’s case, I can sign them personally to you.

The read-along is still going on at Goodreads,Β and with it, a revolving e-book sale. Pale DemonΒ was still available for the 1.99 price when I checked this morning, but A Perfect Blood is already up there for the reduced price as well. We’re starting Β A Perfect BloodΒ in the read-along today, so if you’re rounding out your e-library or catching up on the last few as we get closer to the next release, this is a great way to do it.

TUPtourTsmGuy is singing in the shower this morning because it’s the last day to order the tour t’s, and he will be cutting it off at midnight tonight (EST). Want to get in on the last-minute action? Info to order is at a previous post here: How to order a shirt.Β  and is Kim coming near me?

Today, I’mΒ giving away seven prize packs, each having a hard cover, signed copy of Pale Demon, and a copy of Blood Crime, the second and final graphic Hollows novel from Ivy’s POV that shows Rachel and Ivy working together at the I.S. There’s also a signed cover flat from Ever After, a bunny pin, bus token, and Rachel’s Witches’ Conference badge, which was the freebie that year.


To enter the contest for the prize pack, all you have to do is drop down to the comment box at the end of the page here and tell me if you think Lucy was a happy accident, or a planned event. (If you’ve not read the book, then tell me what you think of the cover.)Β Your post is your entry into the random drawing, so please comment only once–on your honor!

Rules and Regs. I will open the page for comments Monday, 9:00 a.m. EST, and close it Tuesday 9:00 a.m. EST. I will then use a random number generator to choose the seven winning commenters.

PDprizePackStuff to know before commenting:

Guy will ship overseas, so international is okay.

Chances of winning are dependent on how many enter.

My decision is final, even if you quibble over it.

I will contact the winners Tuesday morning using the email address they used to comment with, so please check it in the next day or so. If you don’t respond to me by email by Friday, noon, EST, I’m giving the prize pack to the runner up, also chosen by the random number generator.

Thanks for playing with me guys. This has been a lot of fun! And good luck!


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1,474 responses to “Pale Demon flash give-away

  1. Kim

    I think planned, in as much as you can plan to have a baby.

  2. Julie B.

    Lucy was a planned happy surprise πŸ˜‰

  3. Def planned, the species was losing numbers and trent wanted to change that.

  4. I would say Lucy was planned, but only in a general “why would two people who don’t particularly like each other get married unless it was to save their species” sort of way. Generally planned, but not specifically, if that makes sense.

  5. moonbeam0806

    I think she was planned on Trent’s side. Maybe not Ellasbeth though. He is very much a planner and does not like to let others in on his plan.

  6. Stacy Young

    I think Lucy was planned, but not planned to be quite so loved.

  7. ozlem

    Planned πŸ™‚

  8. Christopher

    I think Lucy was originally planned but turned out to be a happy accident in the end when things didn’t work out between Trent and Elizabeth. And a perfect joining of the Elves with her sister. Also the artwork on the cover is amazing.

  9. Amanda

    I think that they planned her but Trent didn’t plan for how he comes to feel about her

  10. Giuliana

    The planned to be married, and somewhere I read Kim says that she is phisically his tipe, so I must says… If she/him comes all the better.. The end result needed to be that one!
    The covers.. well I love them and as time passes they are even better!

  11. Heather .S

    It would be nice if it was a happy accident but knowing trent it was probably planned

  12. Sarah

    Can’t wait to start this series! The cover looks amazing! I think the electricity shows power. Power to provide, but also power to devastate…

  13. Marianne

    I’m sure it was planned but I can’t say for certain. Surely those two wouldn’t unknowingly make a child. Right…

  14. Claudia

    Lucy was planned. The elf population must be kept from extinction.

  15. Nicole

    I think she was planed πŸ™‚

  16. Amber O.

    Definitely planned. That man doesn’t do anything without a plan.

  17. Shalva

    She had to have been planned A) due to her great significance to union of he elven community which is something that seems to be a really important fact regarding her significance. As they thought there would be a wedding in their (Trent and Elasbeth) future the time might have seemed appropriate B) It doesn’t come off as there is much love between the two of then which is not conducive to ‘happy accidents’

  18. Wilfred

    the covers all have great contrasts

  19. lori simpson (@lary1971)

    I haven’t read it yet): but I love the cover.

  20. Traci Lecheler

    I think she was a happy accident.

  21. Nicole

    Planned. I don’t see that something as big as this for Trent and the Elf species wouldn’t be planned.

  22. Judy

    I think Lucy was planned, I just can’t imagine her not being planned.

  23. Jenah

    Planned, planned, planned. He may not have known at the time of the ceremony she was, but he wasn’t marrying her for her sparkling personality.

  24. Samantha Andrade

    Planned. Without a doubt. But she’s a great little kid, I love every scene of her and her sister, they’re so adorable!

  25. Ruben Partida

    Im sure it was planned

  26. Natacia

    I’d have to say I think she was planned. Specially with how well the story fit in going to get her πŸ™‚

  27. Khali

    I think Lucy was planned. I don’t see Trent accidentally getting someone he can hardly stand pregnant…

  28. Kathy Curry

    I think planned. Why else would Trent ever get with Ellasbeth?

  29. It had to have been planned at least in a “big picture” way – I mean, that’s what Trent has dedicated his life to, right? Saving his species. I think he probably felt pressured to settle on Elizabeth though.

  30. Carla Akiwenzie

    Totally think lucy was a planned event, cause trent doesn’t seem like a man to have an accident.

  31. Christie Maher

    Totally I think she was planned. Trents whole life is dedicated to fixing/saving elf kind. The break up wasn’t planned but the kid was.

  32. Barbara Wacker

    They planned to have a child soon after being married to bring the families together and to rebuild the eleven race but an accident that it happened so quickly.

  33. Heather Wicks

    I’m not there yet! I’m a little behind now that school is back in session. Everything about this series is awesome.

  34. What in Trents life isnt planned? He is worse than Ivy about planning sometimes….

  35. Keith Williams

    Trent plans EVERYTHING.

  36. Diana Hughes

    I haven’t caught up with the read-along. I was doing good until the semester started again. But the cover for Pale Demon is my favorite of the series, closely followed by Ever After. Even though we don’t see her face, I love that we see Rachel with her hair and in white. And the lightening is so powerful. It just really shows she is starting to embrace who and what she is.

  37. monika

    I am sure she was planned…But I think it wasn’t clear if everything will go right to the moment of her birth

  38. I feel that Lucy was planned for before Trent and Ellasbeth knew of the marriage arrangements. I do not think any one expected a pregnancy to happen so quickly.

  39. BookLady

    Definitely planned!

  40. Amanda Arnold

    Trent isn’t the only devious elf! Ellasbeth was definitely getting the “oops baby” plan to work in her favor so she could have the only say in the elven future. But really it puts Trent more in perspective on who he wants to be. Lucy may be an accident but it definitely allowed us to see the real Trent not just Cincy’s golden boy, murderer and drug lord.

  41. Sam

    I think her conception was planned but not his love!

  42. I think Lucy may of been a surprise for Trent, but not for Ellasbeth. I think she was a ” continue our race” baby for Trent though. Something that if he had wed Ellasbeth, would of been a planned birth. Not out of love, but out of respect for the union of the two parties.

  43. Dawn cavenee

    I think Lucy was the desired outcome and necessary for their race to survive. πŸ™‚

  44. I think that Lucy was planned for, but that Trent did not find out that Ellasbeth was pregnant until after she left.

  45. While I think it is obvious that the long term plan was to have children together Lucy was a happy accident. If Trent had known he would never have let Ellasbeth leave and in all likelhood he would have married her.

  46. AimΓ©e Laibida

    I think she was planned.

  47. Lucy was unplanned. I don’t think he was ready to be a dad quite yet. Trent was going to honor his obligations and do the honorable thing—marry Ellasbeth. He did find some tolerable qualities about her, Otherwise, he’d never sleep with her.

  48. Katie V

    It’s been a while since I’ve read this one and havent had the chance to catch up so I’ll comment on the cover.
    I love this one! it shows how powerful a witch she has become and her strengths!

  49. Laurie Decker

    I think that Trent wanted it to happen, but i don’t know if they were both in on it!

  50. Tierney

    I think it was planned. I don’t think he likes Ellasbeth enough to want to have sex with her for any reason other than to expand the elven race.

  51. Trina Berg

    I Think Lucy Was Planned!!!

  52. Janet

    Hi Kim!
    I think Lucy was not only planned, I think Trent’s (aborted) marriage was predicated on a viable pregnancy. After all, it wasn’t a love match. It was strictly to increase the Elven race. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trent has more Elven offspring without being married to the mother. But I hope he doesn’t have to kidnap each one of the kids!

    Love you, your books, and your signings. I hope your next tour will include Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego. We’ve loved going on this ride with you.

    Janet Dray

  53. Elizabeth C

    Happy accident! πŸ™‚

  54. Eileen M Janke

    I thnk all your covers are very creative, but this cover is the best.

  55. Ruth Rossman

    It works perfectly for Trent, tho unplanned. Maybe he hoped for the outcome, as I doubt he would be one to leave a thing like that to chance. He knows what kind of person she is, irregardless of what Rachel thinks at that point. Maybe he knew he could get her to stay anyway, or possibly to stay away while he gets the child, and progress his “save the species” agenda.

  56. Lauren S

    I think she was definitely planned. Trent is far too organized to allow something like this to happen. He also wants to see his race survive, so he probably did a marriage of convience and part of the arrangement was for a child to be born of the union.

  57. Dan Neumann


  58. Erin jones

    I’m torn, I want to say happy accident because to me it seems a little unreal for a guy like Trent to want to have children (even though he’s so good to them!) But at the same time, I also want to say planned because so far in the books, Trent has seemingly planned out all of his motives…this one is a hard one for me to decide πŸ˜‰

  59. Staci L

    Planned by Ellasbeth, who swore she was wearing a BC charm, got Trent elf-wined up, snuck an naked elven fertility statue (you know the one) onto the nightstand and then had her wicked, frigid way with him.

  60. Steve Ferrell

    Planned, the only reason Trent would have “done” her was to see if she was able to have a kid she ‘s to mean.

  61. Crish Cottrill

    Unplanned. He had marital duties to Ellisbeth, but he had no knowledge of a baby until after the fact. But he wanted Lucy just the same. Trent needs someone of his own to love–and it was not his bride.

  62. Gienah

    I think that Trent and Ellasbeth planned to have a child eventually, however I think that Trent would have put up more of a fight to keep Ellasbeth in the city if he had thought that there was a chance she was pregnant.

  63. Luisa

    I think she was meant to be, but the moment it was accidental.

  64. Robin Dixon

    Lucy was totally planned. Trent wouldn’t sleep with that wretched woman without an agenda.

  65. Elizabeth

    Lucy was planned.

  66. Unless you were deliberately misleading all your loyal readers in the way you described Ellasbeth, I think she was a very cold person. I can’t see her being that free and spontaneous, and especially not with Trent. It seems to me that Lucy would definitely have to have been planned…a happy plan for Trent, a necessary duty for Ellasbeth. (Can you tell she is not one of my favorite characters?)

  67. Angela

    Lucy was planned!!! Gotta save the elves!

  68. Marian Rice

    Oh, sweet Lucy was quite the planned event! From the status of her parents to the continuation of the race, part of the design from day one.

  69. Nicki Lyn Fortinberry

    I think.Lucy was planned. Who kno ws what their reproductive cycle is. If it is a rare opportunity they took advantage of it.

  70. Krisitne Shore

    I think the baby was most likely planned. I don’t think the “marriage” would have been contemplated if pregnancy were not likely.

  71. Kyla

    I think it was planned after Trent is the king of elves and every king needs an heir >3

  72. Laura

    Happy accident

  73. Megan B.

    Definitely a happy accident. I don’t think Trent would have actively been “trying” to have a baby yet. I think they both had a couple glasses of wine and things just kind of happened. Ellasbeth can’t always be a pain, right? I’m sure she can turn on the charm if she really wants to.

  74. munchkin

    hmmm- what if Lucy was conceived in the lab so everything could be perfect for the Elven race and his heir but maybe Trent did not know that the procedure was effective. Ellasbeth may have withheld the knowledge since they get along soooo well πŸ˜‰

  75. Ok, so I’m a bit behind on the series *Face Palm* but I absolutely LOVE the electricity on the cover. A very nice display of Rachel using the Ley Lines.

  76. Dawn Faircloth

    Planned. Definately Planned.

  77. Martina Aranda

    I think Lucy was a happy accident

  78. ivette diaz

    Lucy was a happy accident, trent wouldn’t let Ellasbeth leave if he would have known she was pregnant. But probably planned by Ellasbeth

  79. Stephanie

    I can not wait to read this series! Love the cover and the reviews I’ve read are fabulous!

  80. Mandy Kimbrell

    I think she was a surprise in the fact that they didn’t expect to conceive that quickly, but they were definitely starting to try.

  81. sarah

    It was planned, trent wanted an heir to insure the elf race continued.

  82. Tom W.

    I think she was planned.

  83. Lisa

    2,3,14_I would definitely say planned. I don’t think they really ever loved each other. It was a matter of an heir and continuing the Elfen-race. But what a basket of joy she truly is, as you describe her Kim, just wonderful to hear her stories! love you and thanks for doing what you do πŸ™‚ !

  84. Kennedy

    I think she was planned. Based on what we know about Trent and the fact that she wasn’t showing at the time of the wedding.
    I’m curious what you think, Kim…

  85. Lucy was planned. The only thing that goes unplanned in his life is Rachel!

  86. I think she was planned. Trent really intended to marry her and they probably wanted to make sure first she could have a baby too.

    Thanks for another great giveaway Kim!

  87. Blair Freeman

    I think Lucy was a surprise to Trent, but planned by Ellasbeth.

  88. Verra

    I think that Lucy was not completely planned, because Trent says that he didn’t know that Lucy existed until after Ellasbeth was back on the west coast.

  89. Neitkopf

    I think the act that created her was planned as part of the treaty between Trent & Elizabeth’s family and that Elizabeth planned for a baby. But I think it was also a total surprise for Trent but he’s too much of control freak with his feelings to let it show.

  90. Nicholin

    Opinion, opinion…. ummm… I thought it was rather difficult for their race to conceive, so I suppose accident as none of the elves can count on ever getting pregnant.

  91. Andrea Murdock

    hmmm…I actually think ‘happy’ accident and a surprise to Trent.

  92. I think Lucy was planned…Trent doesn’t seem to be the type to have happy accidents.

  93. SANDY S

    Trent never does anything by accident

  94. Mychelle Lee

    I think lucy was definitely planned. Trent was talking about saving thd elven race, so lucy definitely had to be planned, even though he couldn’t stand ellasbeth.

  95. dr4nsk

    Regardless if she was an accident or planned, she is truly a blessing for Trent ❀

  96. Michelle

    Trent have an accident?! No way!! That little cookie maker plans everything to the last detail. He is almost as bad as Ivy. He’s coming aroung though and I can’t wait to see how Rachel and his relationship evolves in The Undead Pool. 22 days and counting:-))))))

  97. Sara

    I think Lucy was planned in that it was the elve’s plan to have those two make lots of babies, *but* I think the fact that Ellsabeth got pregnant before they ever (didn’t) marry was a surprise.

  98. Mandie Forgue

    Accident – If it had been planned it would have taken place after the wedding when Trent had more control over Ellasbeth cycle and he could have the lab workers involved to insure that the ‘offspring’ would have all the best DNA markers and whatever other chemicals thrown in to ensure conception, health and magical abilities.

  99. Cyndi Flores

    Happy accident! !

  100. Lucy was a very much a planned event. Trent and Ellasbeth could barely stand to be in the same room with each other. This was something done to further the Elf race. Totally duty.

  101. Teresa Finley

    Most certainly planned. How else could Trent continue his plan to make the elf race live again.

  102. Darcie Lynn~from Haverhill, MA

    Planned. They need to populate the elves in a pure way.. I also believe the marriage was planned as well. Good intentions but definetly not good partners for life.

  103. Daniel

    She was planned, but perhaps the timing was an accident.

  104. rosemary sabo


  105. Scott

    Totally planned. Quite possibly she was the entire point of the exercise, hence the later shenanigans over who raises her.

  106. Jeanne Misner

    Trent does love his plans. Lucy was probably with one of them…and a happy one at that.
    I love you Al! I want to have your demon babies!!

  107. It was an accident on Trent’s part, planned by Ellasbeth. Trent didn’t even know she was pregnant when she left him at the altar.

  108. Sandy Ng

    planned. but both for different reasons. Trent to keep the elven race going and Ellsabeth for more power.

  109. Genesis Munoz

    I think she was planned!!!

  110. Melissa Logan

    She was planned. As Jenks says, “ew!”

  111. Stephanie H.

    I think it was planned!

  112. nitebyrd

    A happy accident!

  113. Melissa Peters

    Trent doesn’t do anything on accident. Lucy was totally planned. πŸ™‚

  114. Rochelle H

    Probably planned haha

  115. nitebyrd

    Love the cover but I love all your covers!

  116. I’m pretty sure Lucy was planned!

  117. Heather

    I think she was planned, for sure. They were trying to save the elven race…I’d also like to think that Trent wouldnt sleep with that cold b***h otherwise, but he is a man…soo. πŸ˜‰

  118. Nici B.

    I love this cover, the color and power coming of it…

  119. Sfawnna

    I think Lucy was totally planned

  120. Whitney Robinson

    Definitely planned. Love this series.

  121. Kristan Schmitt

    I think she was for sure planned by Trent but I’m not so sure Ellasbeth was in on the plan!

  122. I think she was planned

  123. Cryss Thain

    Lucy was a planned pregnancy because the reasons for the two elfin houses uniting was to have (pure) elf children.

  124. Seeing how Trent has such far reaching plans I would hazard to say that Lucy was planned.

  125. Jessi deroia

    He absolutely planned her.

  126. I can’t see Trent having an accident like that. He planned it all.

  127. So planned =) I LOVE YOU AL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Brenna Meunier

    Lucy was totally planned. There is no way that upright Ellasbeth had anything to do romantically with Trent. I’m betting test-tube baby at that.

  129. dcady

    Planned seduction but unplanned consequences!

  130. Adora

    Planned for sure. Both Trent and Ellasbeth are too big of planners.

  131. Truman Faircloth

    Completely planned!

  132. Miranda Beazley

    Totally planned. My previous entry didn’t come up 😦

  133. Vicki Arce-Guillen

    Trent planned Lucy, He was trying to save his species. Why else would he be involved with Ellasbeth. Love was never involved.

  134. Agnes Tirao

    I think she was planned.

  135. Lisa

    I don’t think that much in Trent’s life is an accident so I would have to say it was planned. At the time, it doesn’t appear that he hated Ellsbeth as much as he currently does; even if he did, he’s a man, she’s a beautiful woman, and he does want to perpetuate the elf race.

  136. Planned. Either by Ellasbeth thinking, wrongly, it would make TK obligated to stay with her, or by TK, to get the species obligation out of the way. Creating such calculating characters makes your readers , mostly, see this as some type of opportunity to be taken.

    If it was an accident, he must have been one terrifically drunk Elf to let THAT get by him.

  137. Caroline H.

    I think Trent is a planner, but he didn’t know she was preggers at the wedding right?

  138. raena perez

    Lucy was planned in my opinion.

  139. Christine L.

    The cover is fantastic … I’m really wanting to get into this series!

  140. Cassie

    planned, because in vitro fertilization doesn’t happen by accident. for starters I cant see those two ‘bumping uglys’ EVER! secondly the only way to genetically alter Lucy and all subsequent children would be to alter the flawed genes in the zygote before fertilization. And Trent said he did use the ‘cure’ on her.

    • Savannah M.

      I think Lucy was a total surprise. Trent probably thought he had a duty to sleep with Ellasbeth, but I’m sure he wasn’t planning on getting her knocked up!

  141. Melissa Rennie

    Definitely planned.

  142. Sheresa Galbreath

    Lucy was an accident, probably one drunk night where Trent was hopeful that Ellasbeth wasn’t going to be a raging bitch.

  143. A planned event. He doesn’t do anything by accident.

  144. Never2old4Glitter

    Definitely a planned event! Must carry on the elven race you know!

  145. Tricia

    I think it doesn’t matter is she was planned or an accident because Lucy is awesome, either way πŸ™‚

  146. Angela B.

    I’m gonna say accident. If Trent knew that Ellasbeth was pregnant he would never let her leave to go back to the west coast. I think Ellasbeth knew she was pregnant when she left but hide it from Trent. When he found out about Lucy they made him do the whole Elf quest to get her.

  147. Jamie Phelps

    Lucy was definitely planned.

  148. I think Lucy was a happy accident thats why they had to get married, but knowing Trent he probably planned it πŸ˜›

  149. Gina N.

    Sadly have not gotten this far but I was really excited by the cover because it hints that Rachel would dabble more with her demon magic!

  150. Rachelle Resendez

    Definitely planned! Trent cares way too much about the Elven race to not try every possible method of increasing the population.

  151. Jackie H

    Definitely planned! Trent would not be that careless, but probably didn’t know Lucy would so much to him.

  152. Tiffany Fryman

    Lucy was planned thats the only reason i can see Trent sleeping with Ellasbeth

  153. Mel

    Both! Definitely planned, but if I remember correctly Ellasbeth was already pregnant at their interrupted wedding. So I’m thinking it happened sooner than expected.

  154. its trent and ellasbeth, it had to be planned

  155. cat584

    That’s an interesting question. Since Trent is a planner I’d say it was planned-perhaps to see if they were capable of having a child.
    Kim, thanks for the chance for another great giveaway and for all you do for us fans.

  156. Planned for certain. Their oil and water cohesiveness makes me think that it would have to have been deliberate.

  157. I think Ellasbeth planned it for sure, but I think Trent had no idea!

  158. Definitely planned. I do not see Trent and Ellasbeth bumping uglies for any other reason.

  159. I think Lucy was a planned. The only thing that turn out good in this arrangement.

  160. Melissa H

    I think she was planned. I haven’t ever seen Trent as being so passionate about Ellasbeth that they’d have an accidental baby together.

  161. Denice

    I believe Lucy was planned. No point in an arranged marriage to save a species if the match isn’t fertile.

  162. Joslyn Whitt

    Unfortunately I have yet to read the last few books… I love the cover. I think (because I haven’t read the book) it shows just how powerful Rachel is. I started to think Rachel was really powerful late into the first book. The cover shows how far she has come since leaving under a death threat!

  163. tammie williams

    Planned definitively

  164. I think she was planned, Elisabeth and Trent would both need verification that they would be able to have children together, otherwise why would they marry. They don’t really like or respect each other.

  165. Joseph Garcia

    I have to say that Lucy was planned. Trent does not like random and he is also very dedicated to bringing his race back from the verge of extinction.

  166. Liz

    Planned, but I don’t think they planned it to be after their marriage got cancelled! I always wonder how Trent found out, because if it was after the wedding broke up, I feel like Ellasbeth would just keep it to herself!

  167. donad

    I think she was a planned event, to help fortify the joining of the two elf families.

  168. Lucy was definitely planned, although I don’t think the timing is quite what Trent wanted.

  169. Jamie Phillips

    I think she was planned for the sake of the elf race.

  170. Kelly M

    It was a planned accident. I think they were trying, but they didn’t know Lucy was there until after. πŸ˜€

  171. Jessie

    I think Lucy MUST have been planned, simply because Trent does not strike me as the “accident” type!

  172. Jessica S

    I think on Trent’s part it was a Happy accident, but for Ellasbeth it was planned.

  173. spethel

    They dislike each other too much for it to be anything other than planned!

  174. Amber

    I think it was an accident at first but then later became planned. I think that’s the reason why Trent went into the ever after instead of Quen.

  175. Caitlin

    Planned! They could barely stand each other, but were both dedicated to the future of the elven race.

  176. pretty sure it was a happy accident…in those situations they probably don’t use protection hoping that they get lucky considering the birth rate is so low.

  177. Planned. I don’t think there is much that Trent does that isn’t.

  178. Charissa E

    It seems like the answer might be both. It seems like from Trent’s side it was a happy accident and from Ellsabeth’s side of it, a plan to ensure her continued rise in power.

  179. Diane

    Planned, as was their marriage. Lucy is the elven future, the product of two full-blooded elves, planned to ‘out’ them to society……

  180. Jennifer

    Lucy was definitely planned, at least by Trent. Ellasbeth is such a cold fish, I can’t imagine it being by accident!

  181. Crystal

    I think Lucy was planned just not that early. It was a happy accident that she came that early.

  182. I think Lucy was a plan somewhere in Trent’s mind But his feelings are a happy accident πŸ™‚

  183. Alix

    Lucy was completely planned πŸ™‚

  184. Doreen DeSantis

    Totally planned!

  185. dawn

    I think Lucy was definitely an accident I don’t think Trent had any idea he could revive his race

  186. Cindy

    A wonderful accident! Trent would have never let the woman out of his sight had he known she was carrying the “elven future”!

  187. Juli

    I have a hard time seeing either of them swept away by emotion, at least with each other, so I’ll go with planned.

  188. Amber

    Lucy seemed like a happy accident to me. In Pale Demon and Million Dollar Baby, it didn’t seem like Trent was aware of Lucy until after she was born.

  189. Barb W

    I think Trent planned for Lucy. He is trying to revive the race after all.

  190. Tabitha

    I’m going with accident. I think they probably would have planned a baby later.

  191. s.d.

    I think she would have been planned, because even though Trent despises Ellsabeth he does want to rebuild his race. Plus, she only broke it off with him when Rachel arrested him.

  192. Vampyre

    Firm believer in planned. Neither one of them strike me as the type to do anything unplanned.

  193. David

    I don’t think the baby was planed because it seems like it would be socially unacceptable for them to have a baby before they were married.

  194. Krystyl H

    Lucy was planned. Trent doesn’t leave much up to chance and I don’t think the resurrection of his race would be left to such either.

  195. Elyse Stevens

    Definitely an accident!

  196. I want to believe for a happy accident but I it is hard for me to believe Trent giving up control to leave things to chance.

  197. Marti Thrower

    I love the cover, how the lighting energy seems be coming from her left hand, but really it’s her left side of her body, which would be true for a witch that’s pulling power from within. Lucy was planned, elves usually have knowledge of future events, I think Trent saw images how to get a pure blood line again.

  198. Nancy Galdeano

    Accident for Trent and planned by Ellasbeth.

  199. I believe a happy accident! But in the back of my mind I can not see any thing happening with out Trent’s control.

  200. Loretta

    I have thought that Lucy was planned since she was first mentioned, just as the engagement was planned. It is a way to starting bringing back the Elf race.

  201. Thomas

    Lucy was planned. Nothing happens around Trent that is an accident!

  202. Roswita Hildebrandt

    Happy accident, however, it was careful planning by the author πŸ™‚

  203. Rita Wnek

    Planned. They are trying to revive the elf race after all!

  204. Keith

    Happy Accident

  205. Sonovia Kearse

    Lucy was a planned event. Neither Trent nor Ellasbeth appear to be the type to leave anything to chance.

  206. naturallydotty

    Me, I think she was hoped for. I can see them planning everything right down to the time of insemination.

  207. Ellen

    I haven’t read it yet, so I’m going to say the cover is stunning!

  208. Gigi Grover

    Ok Ellasbeth was a total witch with a Capital “B” so im sure it was planed to have Lucy, Hell i wouldn’t even be surprised if it wasn’t planed before the wedding and was ensured by invitro, a test tube, and the work of Ellasbeth and Trent’s works. However Lucy makes Trent more normal though.

  209. Sarah Oldham

    It’s hard to imagine that they got carried away. Perhaps not the most well-thought-out decision though.

  210. Laura K Thorpe

    No doubt in my mind that Lucy was planned! Though whether Ellasbeth knew is anyone’s guess! She is so self-absorbed she probably thought ‘Trenton’ was mad for her but playing at being uninterested. He only wanted you for your looks, fertility, and genetics, dear! πŸ™‚

  211. tarakianwarrior

    Happy Accident. πŸ™‚ Oh, and I LOVE the cover.

  212. Brenda Allen

    Lucy was planned. Trent is a sneaky lil elf lol

  213. Michelle Wilson

    I think she was planned. One thing that never changes about Trent is the fact that he wants his race to have a future. I think he may have been unprepared for the responsibility of it all at first but she sure brings out his softer side when he talks about her. πŸ™‚

  214. Susan S.

    I have to say planned.

  215. Toni Maritima

    I don’t think ‘happy’ would have used in this case, even if she is the delightful outcome of lack of planning.

    As many others have said, Trent leaves so little unplanned, Lucy had to be planned. I imagine Trent expected that he and Ellasbeth would have been married for some time by the time Lucy arrived. It’s also possible that he did not know for sure how long the gestation would take…

    Who knows? It’s a mystery…and sometimes we don’t have to know the answers!

  216. Jocelyn Barnette


  217. Angelique Morris

    Lucy was planned!

  218. Rayann

    Lucy was definitely planned. He doesn’t seem to like Ellasbeth enough for her to be a happy accident. Not only that but Trent’s whole goal is to rebuild the elven race.

  219. Stephanie C

    Well, rich guys are very carefull about not getting people pregnant, so I think it was planned πŸ™‚

  220. Rose

    I think Lucy was TOTALLY planned. Trent always plans everything – I also think there is more to Lucy then we know yet.

  221. Louise White

    Love the cover. Looks like Rachel is in a powerful mood and is controling the lighting through a ritual x

  222. Shelly

    Of course, Trent plans everything.

  223. Totally planned. No way those two got together because they loved each other. They had to try to contribute to the elf population. It was all business.

  224. Trent doesn’t do anything that he hasn’t planned or benefit from.

  225. Tina

    I think that Lucy was planned for the pedigree and the continuation of a pure elven bloodline.

  226. Esther

    I think Lucy was planned. Trent always plans everything, leaving nothing to chance.

  227. As much as a planner and schemer that Trent is, I think this was planned. Looking forward to the new book!

  228. I think as far as Trent was concerned she was a happy accident, I think Ellasbeth planned it.

  229. Melankalia

    I cannot fathom that Trent would ever leave something that important up to chance. My vote is definitely for planned.

  230. I believe it was planned. Trent wanted to continue the elf blood lines even at the risk to his own happiness. I don’t believe that he would have sex with Elizabeth for the pleasure of her company.

  231. Lyndsay Hayes

    It was accidental. I don’t think they were planning on children at that point.

  232. Erica Lettice

    Planned all the way. Trent seems to have a lot of control over his life so…

  233. Saeah

    I think it was planned. Trent wants to save the elf race.

  234. Erich Fillmore

    I’m gonna go with happy accident. Love the series! Thanks so much for sharing your world with us!

  235. Abbie

    I love the cover of Pale Demon, it has such detail and vivis color. And each cover in the series so far has shown how strong a character Rachel is and Pale Demon is no different.

  236. Liz Porter

    I would say planned because Ellasbeth doesn’t seem the type to do much without calculation. Trent definitely leaves very little not planned.

  237. Jan

    I pretty sure she was planned. Trent doesn’t leave anything to chance.

  238. Dana

    A happy accident.. Trent would have wanted to be married before fathering a child to continue the Elvish race.

  239. April

    Lucy was definitely planned!! Gotta keep the elf population going!!

  240. Lovebilla Schaffner

    She was planned.

  241. Claire

    quasi planned? I’m not sure that they at that moment were planning on having a baby, but it was their life plan to get married and have children, so i guess Lucy was also an intention…

  242. Hollis Kunimura

    Happy accident

  243. Candi Terrill

    Trent doesn’t do much that does not somehow benifit himself, or further his goals. He barely tolerates Elizabeth and as much as admits she’s a duty. I think that this points to Lucy being the point of it in the first place. Furthering the line and bringing more elves in the world. I don’t see him putting up with her disrespect and nasty ways, because she has a good fashion sense.

  244. smorrison07

    I think it was planned. It just happened sooner than I think Trent expected it to.

  245. Jana Hubble

    I think Lucy was well planned. I fully believe Trent planned that out to the end! He was never in love with Elsbeth…….he was doing all of it to continue his pure bloodline. I wanna win!!!!!!! I love your books they are soooo quirky and funny! Junks makes me lol all the time!!!!

  246. Sarina Cella

    I think she was a happy accident. I dont think Ellasbeth would plan to be pregnant before getting married.

  247. Nanako Hew

    Considering how sneaky, double crossing most of them are, it simply has to be planned. Or a planned accident.

  248. Amanda M.

    I think she was planned, maybe to ensure that Trent and Ellasbeth were compatible that way before committing to marriage.

  249. Jessica Riskedahl


  250. Ellen

    I think she was planned.

  251. Stephanie Bell

    Kim Harrison, I love to read what you write… Books, blogs, Facebook posts… You have a way of making me feel like we are best buds. πŸ˜‰

  252. Carol H

    Hello Ms Kim & Guy: I don’t believe there would be many ‘accidents’ in Trent’s life, except when Rachel’s around to make life interesting for him. Lucy is part of a great plan – and a great hope – of Trent’s.

  253. rissatoo

    I believe she was planned.

  254. I’m one of those “I never win, so I won’t enter,” people typically – but I so would love to be selected to win. I simply adore your work!!!

  255. I think she was a happy accident. I do not believe that Trent would plan a child until he was absolutely sure the mother was acceptable

  256. Ana Fisic

    I think she was planned, but her appearance maybe came a little sooner than expected.

  257. Nina Kiggans

    Totally planned, this is Trent you are talking about.

  258. Lesley

    Dude, not only planned, but I always figured it was through in vitro fertilization, to make all the genetic manipulation easier. Yeah, not an Ellasbeth fan here. πŸ˜‰

  259. Kayla Wiehle

    I think it might have been an accident that she is now using to get Trent.

  260. Totally planned! Trent never does anything by accident.

  261. Jodi Speer

    Planned, I can not imagine Trent doing anything unplanned.

  262. Danielle DePietro

    I think it was planned because they need to create more of their species.

  263. Christine


  264. Oh, I believe little Lucy was intentional. They are, after all, trying to have more elves and maybe saw the “fix” within her lifetime.

  265. Pamela Bourdeau

    I think planned

  266. Nichole Eastman

    Planned. Nothing Trent does is an accident .

  267. Georgene Danjanic

    I think Lucy had to be planned. I can’t imagine Ellasbeth and Trent being spontaneous together. I think only Rachel brings that sort of stuff out in him. πŸ˜‰

  268. Joy

    Lucy was totally planned!!

  269. Dawn Anderson

    I think Lucy was planned, but just her birth, not all the crazy drama that happened afterwards!

  270. I think Lucy was planned. Trent is too controlling to allow an accident.


    Definitely planned.

  272. Keely

    I think she was planned. Have to keep their kind thriving right? Even if Trent and Ellasbeth didn’t like each other.

  273. Jessica Hacker


  274. Naomi Jacobs

    I think Elisabeth knew what she was doing, but fooled Trent. When I read the short with Jenks and Trent, it seemed as though Trent didn’t know about Lucy.

  275. Erica

    Lucy was planned. I can’t imagine anyone canoodling with Elsabeth for “fun.”

  276. Amy H

    Planned. She was a way to bridge the East and West coast elfs together. This was the best cover!

  277. Laura Stratton

    Totally planned. All for the greater good of the elves and their future. Ellsbeth is way too frigid and Trent is a planner all the way.

  278. Jennifer Symonds

    I think she was planed. Or at least they were trying to get Ellasbeth preggers. But I don’t think Trent knew she was pregnant when she left.

  279. Danny Weaver

    Planned. The whole thing between Ellasbeth and Trent was to bridge relations with the east and west elves. Lucy cemented the deal.

  280. Chelsea

    Lucy had to be planned.

  281. Jennifer Hornberger

    I think she was a happy accident but one that Trent may not have found out about if he did not have some sort of inside information Ellasbeth’s mom maybe?

  282. Corina

    I hope she was planned, because if she was a happy accident, that means that Trent an Elisabeth got down and dirty for fun, and honestly, that kind of creeps me out! I would lose a lot of respect for Trent if that was the case!!

  283. Planned! Trent plays the long game and Ellasbeth is very calculating!

  284. Jess Blakeney

    I think Lucy was a happy accident. Judging by Trent’s ignorance to it and his reaction to finding out, she wasn’t exactly planned, but we all love her nonetheless! Beautiful addition to the stories.

  285. Lingeorge

    Lucy was absolutely planned.

  286. pippa

    Lucy was planned in that Trent needed a child….but….really, he should have thought harder

  287. sara

    definitely planned

  288. Marcie

    It was an accident. I believe Trent wanted a child to keep the old blood line going, hence his entire relationship with Ellabeth. Although he probably wanted it after the wedding. πŸ™‚

  289. Nicole Staat


  290. Gina Lynn

    It was planned. By Ellasbeth seeing as She stole the “cure” from trent’s labs an’ all…

  291. Renee S

    Ellasbeth might have planned it, but I am not sure Trent did…

  292. Chelsea S.

    I think planned, but it a purposely not prevented kind of way. But I don’t think necessarily planned to happen before the wedding. Gotta keep up appearances!

  293. Jordan

    I don’t think Lucy was planned in the sense of a test-tube baby (although I suppose that’s a possibility considering Trent & his father’s work) but with the Elf population issue I don’t think she was a total accident either…

  294. Erin

    I think that Lucy was definitely planned just not necessarily planned for the time in which she happened.

  295. Terri McKeon

    Totally planned

  296. Iasha Myers

    happy accident.

  297. Brandy Rea

    I think it was very planned

  298. Karla Crosby

    I think planned

  299. Cristy

    I say she was planned.

  300. Sabrina Morgan

    Lucy was a happy accident

  301. Jody Harkavy

    I think planned

  302. Katy

    I think planned in that they were trying, accident in that it happened after they broke up.

  303. Rebecca Hollingsworth

    Accident by Trent but now Elisabeth you know she was planning all along!

  304. Jen M

    i think lucy was planned to some decree since trent cant even stand Elisabeth.

  305. Becky C.

    Yes! It was planned Trent had made an agreement.

  306. Amber Robinson

    Seems planned to me – if not by the both of them, than at least by Elizabeth.

  307. Allison K.

    I think it was planned. I feel like those two don’t really have the passion for a happy accident.

  308. Kimberly M.

    I think she was definitely planned.

  309. Elise D.

    With how deeply in love Trent and Elisabeth were… I would say Lucy was a planned political moment to further purify the elven race.

  310. Shelly

    Happy accident because she is so extremely special.

  311. Sheena Truong

    Planned. I think he took it as his duty to create a child with her.

  312. Gwendolyn Houck

    Trent and Ellasbeth seem as though they tolerate each other…definitely planned πŸ™‚

  313. Jana Leah

    Definitely a planned accident. Thanks for the giveaway!

  314. Ami M.

    I think Lucy was planned.

  315. Jessica DiNatale

    I believe Lucy was planned and wanted. Not only to solidify the relationship but for Trent ‘ s experiments.
    Jessica DiNatale

  316. Erica Andersen

    Lucy was the ultimate plan for the elvin race. Not sure if she was planned at that moment though!

  317. Callie Wehrman

    Planned, Planned, Planned !!! As others have said, Trent doesn’t make mistakes or do things all willy-nilly….except when it comes to Rachel πŸ™‚

  318. Alicia Howard

    I think Lucy was planned.

  319. Lucy was planned. Trent doesn’t have “those” kind of accidents. Also there were previous references regarding the fact the Elf species had problems with reproduction. For Ellasbeth it kept her in Trent’s life.

    Thanks for all the fun with the read-along and give aways.

  320. SMH

    Planned event

  321. Dawn

    I think Elizabeth planned her but Trent was suprised.

    • Brenda McCracken

      I agree. I think that Elizabeth planned on getting pregnant to get her hooks into Trent more. I don’t think Trent planned it. Even though he is an Elf he is still male. Not many men help plan a pregnancy unless they are really in love with the person.

  322. Mel K.

    I would think she was planned, given that I don’t see Trent or Ellasbeth playing ‘hide the elven sausage’ out of the sheer enjoyment of one another’s company. πŸ˜‰ This was a political arrangement after all, and there is no love loss between them.
    If by chance it was a happy accident, it would’ve been on Trent’s part, due to the vast amount of alcohol he probably had to consume in order to psyche himself up for the event. I know I would’ve in his place..

  323. Val B

    I think Lucy was planned to ensure the alliance even if the marriage didn’t work out (and it was a good thing too considering how that whole situation turned out!)

  324. lavinia68

    I think Trent and Elizabeth had been trying to have a baby, but I think Lucy’s existence was a surprise to Trent.

  325. Planned. Considering the marriage was political, and the state the elves are in, it was most likely part of the contract. Considering the lack of interest in her on Trent’s part, and his resources available, possibly even an artificial insemination.


    I think Lucy was planned. But just to cement the connection between the east and west coast families and to ensure the species didn’t die because there aren’t many pure bloods.

  327. Victoria Iuliucci

    I think Lucy was definitely planned, whether Trent wanted it to happen or not. πŸ˜›

  328. Totally planned. Trent Kalamack at the time was not the type to let an accident happen. Ellasbeth seemed to be as much of a planner as him.

  329. Trent doesn’t do anything by accident – I think for him, at least, it was planned.

  330. Tamara Palmar

    Lucy was planned, but she was a little earlier then expected. I think Ellasbeth would have been stoked with that, as it gave her a reason to still play a part in Trent’s life; despite their marriage falling through.

  331. Trisha Jones

    I think she was planed

  332. She was planned. The reason Trent wanted to have a union with Ellsabeth was to continue the Eleven race.

  333. Jecika Shirah

    i dont think its possible to have been an accident. in the books they seemed to have no romantic interest, so therefore i would say to have a baby it would have had to been planned… maybe not right at that moment but then again neither knew the weddin would be crashed

  334. Lucy was planned. Trent knew he had to keep his species alive . I am not sure if she was planned this quickly. You never know what Trent is planning.

  335. Diana L.

    After reading the books again, I think I am confused as ever as to wether it was an accident or not. Maybe Ellasbeth planned it. I’m going to wait for Kim’s insight. Sigh…

  336. Karley Wahl

    I saw both! I believed it was in regards of being ‘planned’ with the elves but how it happened was an accident. That’s just my opinion though πŸ™‚

  337. It was def a happy accident!!

  338. Calvin T.

    Lucy was definitely planned since her birth and the marriage between Trent and Elsabeth would have further cemented ties between the two halves of Elven culture. No one expected Rachel to arrest Trent at the wedding and destroy all the carefully laid plans of mice and Elves!!

  339. A. N.

    Lucy was planned so that Rachel could experience motherhood.

  340. Ashanti Hamilton

    Completely planned. Trent is all about saving the elves, having a child would make him more of ideal leader.

  341. I think Lucy was a planned Accident by Elisabeth. I don’t buy her and Trent had sex. I think she stole his sperm supply or something.

  342. Jessica Meyers

    I think everything in life is a happy accident… well, hopefully always happy, and in this case definitely happy.

  343. Margot D.

    You know, I’ve been asking myself this question since we learned for Lucy.
    But, first, I have to say, Trent, babe, were you drunk or what ? (Okay, so I doubt that, but, still. Ellasbeth ? Eww. Really.)
    Two possibilities. Accidental : I don’t think so. I mean, Trent is a control freak. And it’s not like there was a burning passion or something between them. (Drunk out of your mind?). So, nope.
    Planned : Maybe. Saving the elves and everything… But, I mean, she was pregnant for the wedding, right ? I find it disturbing. Maybe she did the ‘oh my, did I forgot my pills for a week ? That’s too bad. Either way, you’re gonna have to marry me for sure now. Even if it’s just for the image, I guess.’

    Really, that’s a mystery. Could we have a hint ? πŸ˜‰

  344. Hannah

    I say planned though not necessarily expected with regard to the difficulty the elves have with procreating. So a planned accident πŸ™‚

  345. Heather Scott

    She was planned to keep the elf race from extinction πŸ™‚ As at the time Trent & Ellasbeth thought they were the only 2 surviving full blooded elves! πŸ™‚

  346. Gina Barry

    I too believed it was planned. Although maybe not at that particular time. Plans were already in the works to obtain the pure elven sample from the ever after, the wedding was planned to unite the east coast and west coast elves. The union was purely a political union with children as a by product to launch the pure elven race and whoever parented those children would control whether they would remain hidden to the world or come out and claim the place in inderlander society.

  347. Ellasbeth took serious what Trent was poking fun at.

  348. Lucy was definitely planned. Trent is way too calculating for her to be just a happy accident. He has too much at stake concerning the future of the elves and I’m sure he probably knew about the “elven quest” to steal her for himself and have custody. I’m sure it was all part of his plan all along.

  349. karafarrah

    Planned happy accident–it was the falling-apart of the wedding that was unplanned!

  350. jennifer T

    Total plan…Trent and Ellasbeth never seemed to have much of a romantic interest so for them to accidently get pregnant seems unlikely.

  351. Chelle

    I know Lucy was planned as I think her mother is a first rate biznitch. She must have figured if i don’t get the ring I still have a hold on Trent. She may have felt like a broodmare but she could have been nice to Treat and the house keeper.

  352. Billy Thomas

    Lucy was planned to help regenerate the elven population since they were bound to have been found out. And the cover of PD was the best one before Ever After. Especially the pb edition second cover.

  353. Planned. That is the only reason he would sleep with that bia!. πŸ˜€

  354. Edel leonard

    Lucy was planned but meant to be married before she was born

  355. Stacy

    Lucy was planned, but the timing was off. Trent wanted to marry Ellasbeth to solidify his position in the Elven society, to bring the elves “out of the closet” so to speak.

  356. Jennifer barnes

    Trent doesn’t seem like the type to make mistakes so I believe she was planned. Also he doesn’t seem to like Ellasbeth too much so I cannot see him doing the deed with her for no reason.

  357. Judi

    I think Lucy was planned. Trent feels like he is the only one who can keep the species alive!

  358. Sarah Price

    Lucy was definitely planed! First of all Trent seems to plan everything. And I think it also had something to do with the research and bloodlines.

  359. BECCA UK

    nothing in life can be planned 100% ,so i think it was political planning of joining to powerful elven houses and lucy was the hope and dream of what it could result in….but who knows…..

  360. Evelyn

    I think Lucy was planned. What wasn’t planned was the wedding fallout.

  361. I believe Lucy was planned. Trent doesn’t make mistakes like that. However I believe he was happy the marriage didn’t happen.

  362. Ugh, i would hope accident considering what a nightmare Ellasbeth is, but who knows.

  363. vycanthus

    Oh, the way I read the books, I liked to think Lucy was a happy accident.
    Gotta love unsuspected joy!

  364. Christine Mims

    I think it depends on the perspective. For Trent it was an accident of a relationship that they “tried out” due to needing to eventually further the Elven race. If he was trying for Lucy then Trent would have had more of an idea of the possibly of Lucy’e existence in the first place. For Elizabeth I think it was on purpose. She wanted to rule the next generation of Elves and she knows Trent is better at it in general and a natural leader so she needed to have his baby to do it, but then not tell him until it was too late. I think Elizabeth called him a “cold bastard” in Rachel’s presence after the bathtub meeting – to me indicating he was cold to her in bed therefore they had indeed done the deed.

  365. Kimberly Schwarz

    Lucy was definitely planned, Trent would not make that type of mistake, Lucy was necessary to show that it is possible for elves to have children again and what better way to show the curse was gone.

  366. Totally planned. Trent doesn’t do anything by accident!

  367. I think Lucy was planned. Trent has his sights set on building the elves numbers!

  368. Sarah G

    I like the idea that Lucy was an accident. Granted Trent is the master planer, but babies happen unplanned. I think that a surprise baby shows even Trent can’t plan for everything.

  369. I think that Lucy was probably planned, however I think Ray was definitely an accident. I think that Trent planned to procreate with Ellasbeth because of her rank in Elvin society. Isn’t she royalty also? This would make sense since Rachel was able to get the DNA sample out of the ever-after and Trent was the one who worked up the antidote to help save the his race and to also increase their population. Maybe he picked Ellasbeth as sort of a Ginny-pig (is it Ginny-pig in this instance or guinea pig like the rodent?) and then after she became pregnant decided to marry her. I think it really had nothing to do with her personality. It’s more like a Princes Diana scenario.

    • Just another thought. We are all assuming that she got pregnant before the wedding but from what I remember of the timeline throughout the book that can’t be right.

  370. nicholeo5145

    I think that the pregnancy was planned, but the disruption of the marriage was not.
    I think Rachel arresting Trent was a fortuitous turn of events that gave Trent what he really wanted…
    A way out of marrying Ellasbeth, and a child that he so badly wanted.

  371. Aubrey

    It’s hard to think Ellasbeth or Trent did anything together accidently.Their relationship is far too calculated.

  372. I think that Lucy was probably planned, however I think Ray was definitely an accident. I think that Trent planned to procreate with Ellasbeth because of her rank in Elvin society. Isn’t she royalty also? This would make sense since Rachel was able to get the DNA sample out of the everafter and Trent was the one who worked up the antidote to help save the his race and to also increase their population. Maybe he picked Ellasbeth as sort of a ginny-pig (is it ginny-pig in this instance or guinea pig like the rodant?) and then after she became pregnant decided to marry her. I think it really had nothing to do with her personality. It’s more like a Princes Diana scenario.

  373. Ewa

    We’re talking about Trent and Ellasbeth. They plan everything.

    • Misty Wech

      I would’ve liked to think Lucy was a happy accident. It took us all out of left of three hollows and how it hows forced Trent and Rachel together is grate

  374. Angela

    This is a hard question! I don’t know. It could be either; it could be both.

  375. Cass

    Absolutely planned! Trent has been working much too hard on the future of his species, and doesn’t take much pleasure in any part of Ellasbeth – a happy accident is exceptionally unlikely.

  376. inkie

    I think they had been trying to get pregnant and Ellasbeth already knew she was at the time of the wedding, but when it fell through she decided not to tell him.
    It was planned, but Trent had no idea the plan was successful.

  377. Meih M.

    They planned to have a baby but Trent didn’t know she actually got pregnant until later.

  378. I think Lucy was definitely planned. Trent has plans and a future mapped out with a new, open generation of elves.. Trent knew what he was doing but I think it was a very happy occasion that he felt as much love and connection with Lucy as he did and that made him a better person. I wish we could have seen that moment when they first laid eyes on one another.. that would have been very telling πŸ™‚

  379. Jamie Landry

    Pretty sure it was planned. Trent wants to bring the elves back to prominence (sp?) & he’s willing to do anything for that.

  380. I dont think anything is ever an accident with Trent so i think she was planned

  381. I’m actually not sure. I never really thought about it before. I’m gonna go with planned.

  382. Cassie Robertson

    Definitely planned

  383. Jilliane Sexton

    I think Lucy was a planned event for sure!

  384. Jenni BW

    Totally planned. I think Trent wanted to be a father and also it could help the elves continued existence. Also I can’t imagine him getting bouncy-bouncy with Ellasbeth for any other reason than pro-creation.

  385. Ellie

    Definitely planned!

  386. I’ve not read them, but I love the covers… totally what has drawn me in.

  387. Planned: Perhaps Trent even wanted to see if they could conceive a child together, before binding himself to Ellasbeth.

  388. Mark

    Given who was involved, I have to think planned.

  389. Chrissie Schwanhausser

    I believe that Lucy was planned. It seems to make the most sense regarding Trent’s personality.

  390. Georgie

    I think a happy accident for Trent but planed for Ellasbeth.

  391. Marty Tool

    Planned. They don’t even like each other.

  392. Angie130

    I think she was an accident.

  393. I think she was definitely planned

  394. Definitely planned. Nothing about Ellasbeth screams happy or accident

  395. Lygia Dennison

    Safe to say that she was planned, though who started that planning originally is debatable. Trent could have to ensure the continuation of the elven race. Then again, Ellasbeth could have started the planning to ensure that the marriage went through.

  396. Marty Tool

    Planned for sure. Trent and Ellasbeth didn’t even like each other.

  397. Tiffiny Hofmann

    I think Lucy was a happy accident.

  398. Nicole G.

    Lucy was a happy accident. I can’t see Trent planning for children when they weren’t even married yet.

  399. Alissa

    I’m sure they were planning on having a child eventually, but her reaction to having a child doesn’t smack of someone who was trying for one. However, she would totally get revenge-pregnant. I wouldn’t put it past Ellasbeth to have stolen a sperm sample from a lab after the wedding went south, just to prove to Trent that she could lead the elves into a new era and all he could do was sit back and watch. Too bad Trent outplayed her on that one.

  400. Amber

    Trent plans everything. I don’t think there’s any chance he “accidentally” had Lucy.

  401. Linnea

    I think Lucy was definitely planned. Trent seems like too much of a control freak and planner for it to be otherwise. Ellasbeth may have agreed to it thinking it would be another way to control Trent. Love the series!! Can’t wait for Feb 25 to get here!

  402. liz miller

    the cover of pale demon is awesome i love thatshe has lightning shooting out of her hands

  403. Jen

    I think she was planned, but she showed up sooner than they expected. πŸ™‚

  404. Lauren Ellis

    Definitely a happy accident….Trent was SO not prepared for a child…loves her dearly as is a very adorable daddy but so not ready. His little freak out is proof of that. ❀

  405. Jennifer Santiago

    I think it was planned.

  406. Emma-Jane

    Beautifully Planned πŸ™‚

  407. Dawn Pierce

    I think Lucy was a happy mistake!

  408. Hiba Kausar

    I think that Lucy was planned but the emotions she brought out in Trent, that of a father, are a very happy accident. Trent plans things, that who he is, what with the way Rachel had his wedding canceled I doubt he would’ve left the future of the Elf race to chance. But again, I don’t think he ever thought he’d be so emotionally involved with Lucy, hence the happy accident part.
    *Fingers and toes crossed!*

  409. Totally and absolutely planned, for both of them

  410. Megan

    Definitely a planned baby. No reason I could conceive otherwise for Trent or Ellasbeth to willfully stay together.

  411. Laura Trepanier

    I think Trent planned it but was not expecting her to be pregnant when he left her. I agree with a lot of folks here he’s too much of a control freak to not have this planned.

  412. Michelle Chambers

    Lucy was definitely planned. Trent was obligated to further his race.

  413. Dellena

    I love the cover. It’s electrifying. I think it happens to be my second favorite cover.

    As for Lucy, I don’t really know on that. Trent doesn’t seem to be someone whom wouldn’t plan on that, but at the same time, getting it on with the prickled ice *itch that is Ellasbeth was something of a shock to me. I just didn’t think of something like that between Ellasbeth and Trent.

    Trent and Rachel, obviously. But not the other two. No. Just No.

  414. Laurenda

    Lucy was planned. There is no way that Trent would have agreed to marry Ellasbeth without proof of fertility.

  415. Anje Campisi

    Definitly planned, though if it was a joint planning, I would be surprised. Each would have had their personal and selfish reasons to create a child tother. πŸ™‚

  416. Melicent Stossel

    Planned! I can’t see Trent sleeping with Ellasbeth without a purpose. But maybe I’m biased…

  417. I really think Lucy was planned. I cant imagine it happening as a happy accident.

  418. Cat Moonsong

    Lucy was planned. Elven fertility isn’t a sure thing. They would have wanted to insure that Trent and Ellasbeth would be a fertile couple before the wedding. In a number of cultures throughout history a marriage wasn’t viewed as binding until the woman became pregnant, so it makes sense that Elves would have adopted a similar custom.

  419. Diana Spurlock

    Lucy was definitely planned. They needed her to much for her not to be.

  420. Adrienne Vevera

    Lucy was planned; Trent doesn’t leave something that big up to “accident”. Also, the covers are beautiful, except the model doesn’t have the curly hair I imagine Rachel has…So excited for the next (and final) book!!!!

  421. Maryjean

    I think she was unequivocally planned. I do not think that Ellasbeth or Trent really like each other so they wouldn’t have had a child unless it was planned.

  422. Jan V

    It was making me crazy trying to figure out what the “elf quest” was all about. So for me, Lucy was a surprise. But as for Trent and Ellasbeth?? I believe that was planned.

  423. Renee Meister

    I think Lucy was a happy accident in that Trent and Ellasbeth didn’t stay together. She also changed Trent as a person.

  424. Lucy was planned. Trent doesn’t leave anything that important to chance. I would not be terribly suprised to find out Ellsabeth was artificially inseminated. But Lucy was definitely planned.

  425. Carefully planned by Ellasbeth but a happy accident for Trent.

  426. I think Lucy was totally planned. Trent is too much of a control freak to have it any other way

  427. I think Lucy was a happy accident. Otherwise Trent would have continued with the marriage.

  428. AmandaW

    It makes more sense that she was planned…..

  429. Elana

    I honestly don’t think Trent would have gotten her pregnant by accident πŸ™‚ he’s too smart for that

  430. I think Lucy was definitely planned. But probably not for the time in which she came around.

  431. I think he planed it, I bet he was trying to see if the cure would take to a new born,and voila Lucy.And the covers are cool but I pictured Rachel with more of a Carrot Top type hair

  432. I say planned if only because with the lack of interest Trent and Ellasbeth have for one another, it couldn’t happen any other way.

  433. Kathy Pickelheimer

    Lucy is a blessing ether way.

  434. Dani

    I think she was planned but turned out to be a happy accident once Trent saw her πŸ™‚

  435. Crystal W.

    I haven’t read the book yet, but I really want to. I’m behind on the series. I adore your work.

  436. I think Ellasbeth planned it, knowing it would help her keep Trent. However, Trent is such a planner maybe he manipulated her into planning it.

  437. Lucy was not only planned, but she was in vitro. Trent may be a murdering bio-druglord, but he wouldn’t willingly sleep with Ellasbeth…

  438. Planned. I can’t see Trent accidentally doing anything.

  439. Kaci

    I still need to read it, would love to win! Cover art is amazing as always!

  440. Sarah

    Trent would never make a mistake

  441. nichole

    planned but you never know since ellasbeth is so devoius

  442. ThaΓ­s Balthazar

    Lucy was absolutely planned! Trent is a mastermind, he’s a planner.

  443. Linsey

    I believe she was planned.

  444. Ruthie

    I think Lucy was a planned baby. Trent is trying to save the elves.

  445. Beatrice

    Absolutely planned. Trent is way too scheming for it to be otherwise, and I’d say the same for Ellasbeth.

  446. I’m not convinced Lucy was planned but it is hard to say. Trent always had business in mind so it may have been a planned decision.

  447. brandy morgan

    Lucy was definitely planned!

  448. Sabrina Haslimeier

    planned in order to save the Elves.

  449. Liz

    This is one of my favorite books!

  450. Lucy was planned. Trent would not have given Ellasbeth the time of day, if she was not a perfect Elfen high class oven. πŸ™‚

  451. dawnn

    I believe Lucy was planned!

  452. Angel Doub

    I am currently on book 3. I love this series so far!!! I love the covers for every book! Trying not to read other comments because I don’t want to spoil it but can’t wait to get caught up so I can read The Undead Pool! So excited!

  453. lovelaughmusiclife

    I think she was planned on the part of Ellasbeth to try to wind Trent around her little finger more. I do not think that Trent planned it. Elf or no, he’s still a man and men are sometimes stupid when it comes to naked women and sex, no matter how un-enthused they are about the woman.

  454. Melissa Moody

    Planned. Trent always has an agenda. He likes to have every detail planned.

  455. Tine Winther

    I think Lucy was Was planned! πŸ™‚ Trent wanted a full-blooded elf child plus he is too much a planner for this to be a accident!

  456. Richard Peters

    Planned I think Trent is a Virgin

  457. Diane Aitken

    hmm, never thought about that, I think he planned to marry Elisbaeth and have kids but i don’t think he intended it so soon.

  458. To be honest I hadn’t thought about it. I was angry at first since I disliked Ellasbeth so much but now that you ask yes it was probably planned. I’m desperate for Feb 25!

  459. Michael Kniola

    Would say planned.

  460. Nicole Lehmann

    I think is was planned for Elizabeth but wasn’t for Trent. Either way it made him a better and happier person πŸ™‚

  461. Jessica Kruckeberg


  462. matkeltri

    I think Lucy was planned.

  463. Rachel

    Had to be planned, everything about Trent and Ellasbeth’s relationship was a calculated political move.

  464. There is no way Lucy wasn’t planned….have you met Trent?! Th so ly thing he can’t plan on is racahel.

  465. Kristy

    Very much planned!

  466. Lucy was a political plan – an adorable one at that!

  467. Shelley V

    Totally planned… !

  468. Planned. I think both Trent and Ellasbeth wanted a child in order for their race to grow bigger and stronger. πŸ™‚

  469. Chyree

    Lucy was totally planned. ❀ Lucy

  470. Tennille

    Planned Carefully, because of political ties.

  471. Tiffanie S.

    I believe she was planned. Trent always has something up his sleeve.

  472. Jenn

    Lucy was definitely planned. Although maybe not by BOTH Ellasbeth and Trent. They both have different reasons for wanting a child and aren’t above taking matters into their own hands.

  473. I havent made it far enough in the series yet so I will have to say, Love the cover!

  474. Peter

    Planned, I don’t see Trent leaving much to accidents. always seems to have a plan.

  475. I’m sure she was planned, since Trent only cared for Ellasbeth because she was a female elf he could mate with.

  476. Melodie

    Lucy was planned!!!!! πŸ™‚ Trent wanted a pure elf child. But hopefully soon, he and Rachel will have half elf – half demon children…. πŸ™‚

  477. susan beamon

    More than likely planned.

  478. April

    Planned!! Trent is too responsible and he wouldn’t have sex with such a B for no reason

  479. Chris Hudson

    maybe Lucy was a happy accident?

  480. H

    totally planned πŸ™‚

  481. Andrea Atwood

    Carefully planned!

  482. Kim H.

    Based on the indifference Trent and Ellasbeth seemed to have for each other, Lucy was a calculated plan just like their almost marriage.

  483. Sarah

    Planned. No way was Trent going to screw around with that chick unless he was getting something out of it!

  484. Planned… can’t imagine Trent doesn’t let things go out of hand so it couldn’t unplanned

  485. Heather

    I think Lucy was planned. The whole point of the marriage was a child and, like several other couples I know, they thought it would take longer so started sooner πŸ˜‰ So very scientifically, they scheduled “time” when she was likely to get pregnant.

  486. i think it was Planned Trent was looking for Good genes and wants to work on rebuilding his Species so yeah totally planned

  487. Michael Spath


  488. Veronica Danyo

    I think she was planned. Trent was hoping that she would be born health and help save the Elven race.

  489. Wendy Bailey

    Lucy was definitely planned.

  490. Lucy was planned !! Trent wanted to be a father !

  491. Tiff

    Accident? No. The elves are probably wanting to rebuild their species.

  492. It was planed carefully πŸ™‚

  493. Planned. With two schemers like Trent and Ellasbeth? No way that child was an accident.

  494. I think Lucy was planned.

  495. I think Lucy was planned.

  496. Jessica Porter

    This question is harder than it first appears. On one hand, Trent is too canny to fall victim to any accidents, happy or not. If this is the case, then I think Lucy was planned by both parents, probably for very different reasons. Ellasbeth probably hoped to ensure Trent remained β€œhers” after their botched wedding (to those that have commented that they were married… they weren’t. Rachel stopped the wedding before it could go through). For Trent, having a child with a full blood Elf allowed him to dispense of his duties to his people without having to marry Ellasbeth. I’d like to think that was very intentional as he’d seen the kind of person she was, but that may be wishful thinking on my part.

    The thing I can’t quite get my head around is why Trent would risk having a child before he had the cure in hand. That seems like a HUGE risk. There was no guarantee he’d be able to get into the vault in time. And it seems unlike Trent to take those kinds of chances. So perhaps it was Ellasbeth’s plan, not Trent’s. In this scenario, the only reason I could see for him to willfully conceive a child would be political expediency. He needed the baby so he could take part in the ritual that ensured his position with his people (as seen in Pale Demon). If that was the case, then the risk may have been worth the reward in his mind.

    So was Lucy a ploy of Ellasbeth’s to secure Trent’s fidelity, or was she Trent’s gamble to secure his position with the Elves and free himself from a unhappy engagement to a raging bitch? Either way she was planned, but I’m sure you want a definitive answer, so I’m going with the perspective that most closely matches my image of Trent as the ultimate strategist. I think she was 100% planned by both parties, and Trent was willing to take a risk on the cure because he had faith in Rachel and himself. He’s always believed in Rachel, from the very start (although it was hard to tell at first), and he’s proved he’s willing to take risks trusting her to come through for him.

  497. Lucy was planned. Remember Trenton is trying to save the Elves from extinction. As the marriage to Ellasbeth was an arranged marriage. Just like the Kings and Queen of Olde, they to were to give an heir to further the line.

  498. lynetta hasten

    I think it was a mix of both

  499. Matthew White

    Happy Accident

  500. Susie B.

    I think it was planned since they weren’t exactly a happy couple. Either she planned it for her own reasons or he wanted an heir. Thanks for the giveaway!

  501. Sarah

    I think Lucy was a happy accident!!!

  502. I think she was totally planned. πŸ™‚

  503. Rebecca

    Lucy, planned.

  504. Rebecca Locklear

    I think Lucy was planned. Everything Trent does seems calculated & planned.

  505. Lynn Brown

    I think that Lucy was a happy accident. Sure, they meant to have children; but I never got the impression that Lucy’s arrival was anything but a spontaneous event.

  506. Happy Accident… But would’ve been planned at some point anyway.

  507. Alyssa Hernandez

    I haven’t read the book but I would think Lucy was planned! I can’t wait to read the book! I’m hoping I’m a lucky winner! πŸ™‚

  508. Amy W.

    Lucy was absolutely planned. I can see Trent sleeping with Ellasbeth for the sake of the race, but on their own? They have about as much chemistry as a flight of stairs. And as it’s been mentioned above, Trent is way too much of a planner to ever have an accident happen. Remember when Trent and Rachel were in the Ever After trying to get the elven sample? He admitted that he just wanted someone to love. Ellasbeth was never going to be that person for him, and he seemed pretty clear on that even when Rachel was soaking in Ellasbeth’s tub. So I vote against accident.

  509. Michelle L

    I think both but truly Lucy was a happy accident!

  510. Lucy was totally planned. It was arranged between to full blood lines to keep the elf line going. It was the best thing trent got out of his relationship with ellasbeth.

  511. I think Lucy was a planned event for Ellasbeth, maybe not for Trent. But the fact is she’s now a wonderful part of his life.

  512. denise van plew

    Happy accident

  513. Laura D

    Lucy was definitely planned!

  514. Planned. I just hope Trent plans to keep Rachel in his life as his wife. They would make a great couple.

  515. Michael Anne

    She was planned. Trent was a little too desperate to take that trip to the ever after for the sample. He need it to not only save Seri’s child but his.

  516. I’d like to believe Lucy was planned. Those kinds of “accidents” just don’t happen to Trent. Once the genetic sample was obtained, it had to happen.

  517. Ya know what I’m really not sure…It’s hard to believe that Trent wouldn’t know about it the way he did if it was planned…. Then again if Ellasbeth stole the fix to make healthy babies then maybe? But that means she’d have needed to steal something else too… And At the same time a happy accident seems really unlikely seeing that it was such a business arrangement between them and for them to just “do it” without a plan seems weird too…lol I don’t know what to think!

  518. Brandi Rich

    I believe she was planned by both and she was very much so intended to exist. If you ask if Trent loved Lucy, yes as any true father should. Did he love Elllasbath, no not in the least, it was based on respect and obligation. I am going to put a bid in for a happy accident with Rachael though! The two of them would make beautiful babies and he could make sure that they were not Demons!

  519. Brandy Golden

    I think Lucy was planned.

  520. Theresa Channell

    Defo planned!

  521. Lucy was PLANNED! You know, why have them get together if they were not going to be able to bring the next generation.

  522. NancyLynn Southard

    I think Lucy was a planned event, because when Trent was talking to Rachel; he mention that she would be upset if she was being thought of/used as a “brood mare.” Also Trent knew about Lucy, even after ellasbeth left him @ the alter, so in my mind, he knew she was pregnant before/planned.

  523. Katrina

    I believe she was planned

  524. Angela Hurst

    Planned most certain. Love the cover!

  525. Joan Lebert

    Hi I am sorry i have not read this book yet i am a bit behind. By the look of the cover i would say Lucy was planned. What a beautiful cover! Thank You for this contest and good luck to everyone. Have a great day πŸ™‚

  526. Erin Pierce

    I think he totally had it planned. He wants to continue the elf race!

  527. Brenda R.

    I think Lucy was planned. That was the point of the marriage. They can’t stand each other, so accidents seem unlikely.

    I love this series!

  528. Paula klug

    Oh wow… I never thought of it but I believe she was happily unplanned

  529. Meredith

    I think that Lucy was planned. Trent was not in love with Elizabeth. He was with her out of obligation to his race. Having a baby was the goal for that pairing.

  530. CrankyBytch

    Lucy was an accident. That’s one of the reasons Trent was so desperate to get a sample of pure Elven DNA. If she were planned, he’d have already have had his ducks in a row on that one.

  531. Jed

    Planned. Trent wouldn’t leave something as vital to his race as reproduction to chance. And the shewitch elf isn’t worth the hassle for eye candy alone.

  532. tuchbike

    Lucy was planned, but Ellasbeth was deceitful.

  533. Frances Baker

    This question is hard. On one hand Trent is a planner and what better way then to create an unbreakable bond like a child there will always be a connection. Trent also doesn’t seem to have enough love for her to be a happy accident. Trent is willing to do anything to cement relations between the two reigning families and help his people thrive.

  534. Miranda

    Lucy was definitely planned. Trent always has a plan even if he doesn’t always share it.

  535. HaikuGirl

    Planned. They’re both anal retentive planners to leave it to chance. And they hate each other too much to have unplanned nooky! Unless it was “Hate Sex”, which a man explained to me is quite possible…

  536. Debbie

    I think definately planned. No accidents with Trent.

  537. Danielle A

    I always thought planned!

  538. Christine Moriarty

    I think Lucy was planned, a child to bring new hope to the Elven race!

  539. I’m still catching up on previous books – going as fast as I can while writing my own stuff – so haven’t read this yet, but loving that cover πŸ˜€

  540. Ashley Harper

    Most definitely planned

  541. Doc RedBat

    Love the cover.

  542. Tina Miller

    Knowing Trent it was planned some how because He always has another motive to what he does. Especially when it comes to bettering the Elves.

  543. I think Lucy was a hopeful accident. “I hope we do, but hope we don’t, but dutiful if we do, good if we don’t right now” amazing they managed to get anything going what with schedules, magic, Rachel and the constant presence of staff etc.

  544. tamie ritchie

    BoTH……Lucy was planned by her mother and a pleasant surprise by her father.

  545. Katie

    Planned! I think he’s too into race preservation and duty to have reasons alone.
    Now a twitchy witch baby, that’d be something πŸ˜‰

  546. Jen W.

    I’m about a book behind on the read along, so I’ll just say that the cover for Pale Demon is awesome. Rachel looks like she’s gotten even more kick ass and really found her power.

  547. I think Lucy was definitely planned. Accidents like that aren’t in Trent’s retinue.

  548. Ginger Harden

    Lucy was planned. I believe that she was a plan to help in the continuing of the species.

  549. Brittany Davidson

    Happy accident

  550. Bruce W. Reisman

    Lucy: planned! (And the cover rocks!)

  551. Jed

    I think it was planned. She’s too high maintenance and doesn’t get on week enough to be married for companionship only. Trent all about preserving the race and duty. The political connections were an added bonus.

  552. Cathy Wicks

    Definitely planned.

  553. Aaron Jeffries


  554. Karen Nicholson

    I think Lucy was planned, Trent is way to calculating to let something just happen.

  555. She was totally planned! Trent couldnt stand Elizabeth and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was done in his lab and not his bedroom. A happy accident would be if Trent and Rachel had a demon, elf, and witch offspring.

  556. I think Lucy was a happy accident for Trent, but maybe magic had plans of its own!

  557. I don’t think Trent has happy accidents. It was another step in the direction to restoring the elf race.

  558. Hazel Bromage

    Lucy was definitely planned, Trent doesn’t do anything without planning who-knows how many years ahead. Having to have Lucy with Ellasbeth probably wasn’t so much fun planning lol. Aah romance or lack there-of.

  559. Tierra Tranquillo

    I think Lucy was planned. Everyone seems to think it was planned by Trent but Ellasbeth seemed like a power hungry person and what better way to gain Trent and all that he has power over then to have his baby. People in real life do it all the time.

  560. Rachael Harrison

    Once they got the genetic sample, it was on! Of course she was planned!

  561. Crystal

    Totally planned. Trent and Ellasabeth have no passion, so any babymaking between them would probably have a contract.

  562. stacey monks

    I think she was planned.

  563. Brooke

    With how much Trent wants to make the elf race something big and important again, I can’t help but think Lucy must have planned for, at least by him if not by Ellasbeth.

  564. I think it was planned. Trent plans almost everything.

  565. Christy B.

    I think Lucy was planned because I don’t think Trent ever liked Ellasbeth enough to get it on with her without there being an alternative motive.

  566. Jennifer Roy

    Admittedly, I’ve not made it to this book yet. The cover though makes it appear as though Rachel is embracing her demonic side more – not in a negative sense, just in a way where she doubts herself less.

  567. Lucy was planned…..but Trent & Ellasbeth had different plans……

  568. Pam M

    I think it was totally planned…. Elven power move….. Think of what an elf, witch/demon baby could be???????? πŸ˜‰

  569. It was long ride to the end of comment section, whew!, didn’t think I’d make it before iPad crashed!
    Well, Lucy had to be planned, to begin the elf species. I really can’t see Trent enjoying the company of Elizabeth without a purpose . Heck, maybe it was invetro?

  570. John Enos

    I think it was semi-planned by both Trent and Elizabeth. I mean Trent wouldn’t have gone through that whole ordeal of trying to win her back if he hadn’t already planned a life with his daughter… Also his determination to not alter her ears and his determination for his species to carry on says he would have planned on having children if only for that reason.

  571. Aislin

    I don’t think my last comment went through. I think Lucy was planned. I can’t see Trent or Ellasbeth leaving something like that to chance.

  572. gbromley1

    I think Lucy was planned. Trent being who he is, it makes sense.

  573. Jennifer

    I believe it was planned. After all, the marriage was to strengthen the elves politically and Lucy furthered that while bringing the race hope for a future.

  574. Aislin

    I think Lucy was planned.. There’s no way Trent and Ellsabeth would leave something like that to chance.

  575. Eva

    I’m still re-reading the previous books, and haven’t read this one yet. But I love the cover! Total power!!! πŸ™‚

  576. david dumanski

    I definitely think Lucy was planned as Trent’s attempt to fix the elves future and as always the covers are amazing love your books so much Kim πŸ™‚

  577. Killa Burkinshaw

    I think Lucy was a somewhat planned/accident. Knowing Ellasbeth she wanted to trap Trent (she seems to be the scheming 2 faced witch kind that would do something like this). Though I’m sure Trent knew what she was up too!

  578. Jennifer

    I honestly believe she was a planned event. The main reason was to strengthen the elves and she was the beginning. Later, it became a happy event when he held her.

  579. Happy accident,I don’t even think Trent planned for something like that.

  580. Lee

    I think Trent plans everything he can. He wants the Elf bloodline to continue

  581. I do think Lucy was a happy accident that will help the elf cause eventually

  582. Heather Evans

    I believe that Lucy was planned all along. She definitely wasn’t an accident; Trent is too meticulous in his planning to let such a major thing as a an unplanned pregnancy slip past him. Trent was not in love with, nor did he ever particularly like Ellasbeth. He was marrying her to strengthen and further the elves. Their baby would be an even more important instrument in reviving the limited bloodline and cementing themselves as leaders of their race.

  583. Evan Valentine

    After reading all of your books I would say that Elves never leave anything to chance. I am sure that Trent is plotting the comeback of his race and he needs a super-baby that could tie all of the elves together into one great alliance with he as the power behind the throne.

  584. Planned. Trent always has a plan.

  585. I think it was planned, Trent was trying to do his duty and continue the species. But he did not expect to find she was the center of his universe. I love this story line, to see the more “human” side of Trent. Can’t wait to see you at Nicola’s.

  586. I believe Lucy was a fortunate accident. My Mom told me, when I was 50, that I was an accident.

  587. Ann-Katrin Heppner

    Hey, i think she is a little bit of both parts.

  588. I think Lucy was planned. I just cant see those two elves sharing a happy accident.

  589. Kimberly Vavruck

    I think it was a plan, trent is to anal and to structured to leave things to chance but I think he was planning maybe to have kids and he would do the raising alone lol!!!

  590. Planned, definitely. Neither one of them would have let something like that happen by accident

  591. I think Trent wants a baby to further his elf line.

  592. dana

    I don’t think lucy was expected but I am sure trent is happy she is here.

  593. Mark

    i have not read the book it is next on my list but the series is awesome. and the cover is well done and expresses the charterers.

  594. I absolutely LOVE the cover art on the book. All of them have been great. I went through the list and have figured out which books I am in need of and am going to fill in the blanks today. I love to loose myself in the stories.

  595. Jennifer

    Planned, I think. Trent’s a planner.

  596. Becca

    Was Lucy was a happy accident or a planned event? Hmmm… a little of both! I think she was planned at first. It seems someone thought it would secure the two elves as a couple, most likely the bride-to-be at the time, since we later see her wanting the mom-dad-baby set up. However things clearly don’t go as planned, since the two are not married and there’s some baby stealing later. Regardless, she’s adorable.

  597. Teresa Roetto

    A happy accident. But I can’t imagine Trent not being prepared for the possibility.

  598. Heather Corby

    A plan on both sides! Trent wanted to save their race, and Ellasbeth needed the marriage to Trent. I think Trent planned to raise Lucy without Ellasbeth, to be honest.

  599. I feel like Lucy was definitely planned.

  600. Amy Hudson

    I’m sure Ellasbeth had a plan, but to Trent it was probably a happy accident!

  601. Sharon Ball

    I believe she was planned. Planned or accident, she is loved!!

  602. I don’t believe that Lucy was planned, at least not by Trent. However, accident on his part she may be. I don’t trust at all Ellasbeth. She could and would plan a pregnancy to ensare and trap Trent.

  603. Kiley M.

    Planned. Trent is too organized for accidents.

  604. Julie LaSata

    I’m going with a planned event.

  605. Dyann Herweh

    I think she was a happy accident. Not that Trent couldn’t have planned it, because he was very interested in saving the elves, but I think she just showed up sooner than he planned.

  606. Darlene

    I think A baby was planned, but only if Trent & Ellasbeth were wed. I think Ellasbeth moved forward without telling Trent so her family could have control.

  607. Kirk Fitzpatrick

    Lucy had to be planned. I can’t see Trent leaving anything to chance.

  608. Susan Ray

    Planned by Trent though i believe Ellasbeth thought it was all her plan, sign of a master manipulator to seem to be manipulated!

  609. Gabby

    Lucy was definitely planned, doesn’t seem like Trent would leave anything to chance.

  610. wiredwizard

    Lucy was always in the plan. That’s the way Trent works…

  611. I think that Lucy was definitely planned. Trent and Ellasbeth both had their reasons to plan for a child and marriage. πŸ˜ƒ

  612. I haven’t had the pleasure to read this one yet, but I love the cover. It is so powerful and exciting at the same time. Just like the books. I’m so grateful for the kindle sales that have been going on. This last couple of years, I don’t have the option to bring books with me and having them available via Kindle is fantastic when you are on the move a lot.

  613. Jennifer

    I wouldn’t put it past Ellsabeth to try to trap Trent by getting pregnant after she found Rachel in her tub, but I think Lucy was a happy oops!

  614. Lorrie Pelkey

    I think Lucy was a planned event. Treat doesn’t believe in accidents or luck.

  615. Andrea Lombardi

    On purpose! Love seeing the boys with the kiddos.

  616. Hope

    I think lucy was a planned accident. He intended to have her but it happened before the true intended time

  617. there is no way lucy was an accident, trent is a planner, and he wouldnt have put up with the b!t*h otherwise lol

  618. Joanne P

    I think that she was planned…

  619. Kayla Buchanan

    I believe little Lucy was a planned event because there was no way Trent would sleep with the Beast for the hell of it.

  620. kaerienstjohn

    Lucy was absolutely planned. Trent not actually being married to Ellasbeth when Lucy was born.. I don’t know about -happy- per say, but definitely an accident.

  621. I just started rereading the books again and am only on the second one so I don’t quite remember any more. I think she was probably planned, only because Trent doesn’t seem to let much happen without it being planned first.

  622. Kelli L

    Definitely planned, she was conceived to further the Elven race.

  623. Nicole F

    This is next on my TBR list! The cover is amazing, very strong and powerful woman right there!

  624. Kell Burgess

    I think Lucy was planned. I don’t think Trent wouldn’t have married Ellasbeth if they couldn’t have children.

  625. Kelsey

    Lucy was totally planned. Trent never like Ellasbeth and he needed to help his people. Trent doesn’t do accidents

  626. Lucy was a well planned, well executed plan to bring the west and east coast elves together. Trent plans everything, and I’m sure it was the only reason he tolerated that horrible woman at all!

  627. vikki simpson

    Lucy was planed by Elizabeth and a lovely “surprise” to Trent.. or so he would like people to believe. I think Elizabeth would like to THINK she trapped him with her CLEAVER plan for a child but that’s what he wants her to believe.
    Love everything about these books.

  628. Katelyn Tyree

    Only Kim knows for sure.
    However, I feel that Lucy was planned by Trent and Ellasbeth but not together and not for the same reasons. Trent wanted to continue his race, Ellasbeth wanted another status symbol.

  629. Brandy

    Lucy cart simply wasn’t conceived in a moment of fiery passion. I would be surprised to find that she was conceived in the usual way at all. Ellsabeth is a scientist after all, though it’s easy to forget because she comes across as such a vapid, entitled twit all the time.

    For Trent though, I would say she was a happy accident. For Ellsabeth, not so much. She knew. She planned. Lucy was leverage.

  630. Cat

    Lucy was most certainly planned! The entire reason for the match between Ellasbeth and Trent was for the survival of the Elven race. They were already betrothed, why not get a head start on the babies? After all, the babies and pointy ears are about all those two would have ever had in common. Besides, it’s also an Elven custom for the father to kidnap his child from the mother, a test to see if the father is really worthy to be a father. Definitely planned.

  631. Jana White

    I think Lucy was planned that it could be an elvish tradition so he would have to go on the journey. That way he could discover more about himself.

  632. Trent did not plan Lucy. No way would he have let Ellasbeth leave Cinci carrying his child. Ellasbeth…yes, she probably did, thinking it would give her a handle on Trent and increase her personal clout. Although we never get any idea how the two of them hooked up (ewwwww!), I’d bet she seduced him and not the other way around, maybe hiding her unpleasant nature long enough to lull him into, uh, ‘testing the waters.’

  633. Maleah

    I think Lucy was a happy accident; however, I did read the Trent short from Into the Woods.

  634. celeste


  635. Dian Sierra

    Definitely planned…Trent’s plan to continue and perfect his race.

  636. Candice Kilcrease

    I believe that Lucy was planned

  637. Tricia Phipps

    I think the US cover looks way better than the UK version.

  638. Lisa Fenley

    Totally planned. They didn’t like each other enough for it to be an accident.

  639. Brenda

    Totally Planned.

  640. I think Lucy was planned as a power play on both sides without the other knowing the plan. πŸ™‚

  641. Alison Guzman

    Awesome cover, I love how over the series it’s been a slow reveal of her, like in the books how we’ve grown with her ❀

  642. I think she was planned.

  643. Carmen

    Planned, though by who exactly I’m not sure

  644. Samantha Newbury

    I think Lucy was a happy accident.

  645. Holly Strickland

    I think Lucy was planned.

  646. kristen springer

    Trent always has everything planned to a T…….. Except When it comes to Rachel. She throws everything into the wind

  647. Kerry

    I love the cover.

  648. melissa lauderdale

    By far I think it was planned by both of them. You cant look at them as a loving couple but purely political from the very beginning.

  649. Lucy was planned, and more than likely was a plan by her mother to get even more control.

  650. Michaela

    I think Lucy was planned. The US cover looks better than the UK version by the way.

  651. Happy planned accident. Elizabeth is a/an *insert a lot of censored words here, and some not so censored ones too* who thought pregnancy would be the way to secure her place. For Trent, it was a happy accident.

  652. Caitlin Tripler

    I think that Lucy was a happy accident, at least I would like to think so. With Trent always having an agenda it is hard to be completely sure.

  653. Lucy was planned because I don’t think many things are an accident to Trent. But either way, she is adorable and a great addition to the family.

  654. Jaime

    Planned – as numerous others have said before me πŸ™‚

  655. I think Lucy was planned. The whole reason that Trent married Elizabeth in the first place was to protect/ continue the elvish race.

  656. Kristina

    I think Lucy was a happy accident for Trent. She was planned for but not meant for until after marriage. She after all is one of the goals of the union which Trent was after.

  657. Roger Pavelle

    Lucy had to be planned. Trent doesn’t seem capable of having things happen by accident.

  658. Elizabeth M.

    I’m so excited for the next few books!

  659. Krista Harris

    I believe Lucy was planned

  660. Martin

    Ellasbeth planned it; Trent did not. Trent was snookered.

  661. Tess Wooten

    Lucy was planned. Trent plans everything he can. LOL

  662. It was probably planned by both families to have a healthy elf baby. I’m pretty sure they were both extatic once Lucy was born.

  663. Lucy was planned, Trent plans everything!

  664. Nic

    I say happy accident!

  665. Jordyn

    I think that Lucy was the ultimate goal if Trent and Ellasbeth getting married but I don’t think that she was planned for when she was actually conceived. I think that was a happy accident.

  666. Virginia

    I have always thought she was a happy surprise. Trent just did not act like someone who had planned on having a child.

  667. Frances

    It was planed I think they wanted to make sure they could get pregnant before getting married

  668. Jessica Proffitt

    Lucy was totally an accident but would have probably come along sooner or later. It made it hard for me because sometimes characters grow too much for me and I don’t enjoy adding a kid in the mix but I’m still into this series and it’s even better.

  669. Danelle callahan

    I’m re reading the series so I can go right into the undead pool knowing all details and I can’t believe how cool this series is! People always ask me what I’m reading and I tell them all about Rachael and the gang. I celebrated when the death threat was lifted and was sad when Ceri got free of Al. I love this series!!!

  670. Joelle Melton

    Totally planned.

  671. Megan

    I think a little bit of both as Trent is the ultimate schemer and would do just about anything to further the elves, but he also wasn’t happy with Ellasbeth, which was probably obvious to her, so the happy mistake with the rush wedding that Rachel ruined.

  672. Definitely planned.. how else could they continue their elven race?? Besides they couldn’t stand each other, that would not make an accident..

  673. I think Lucy was planned on Ellasbeth’s part and a happy accident for Trent. Ellasbeth wanted to keep some kind of anchor on Trent yet, it backfired on her because Trent really had his own ideas about fatherhood.

  674. Kylie Whitlow

    Lucy was totally planned.

  675. Stephanie W

    Gah, I just read all the comments and now I don’t know where I stand! But honestly, doesn’t everyone have accidents?

  676. Chrystal Davis

    I think she was planned love your awesome books have been a fan since the first hollows book came out sad to see it ending πŸ™‚

  677. Definitely accident on Trent’s part, but planned by Ellasbeth to tie him into a marriage.

  678. I think she was always planned, but I think time made it early enough that it was a happy accident. Sort of like an early surprise instead of a happy accident.

  679. Cate aka absolutartist1

    This series is next up on my TBR list so I’m not sure about Lucy, but the cover looks painful! lol

  680. Your books are! Thank you!

  681. Shannon barrett

    Lucy was totally planned.. Trent doesn’t do anything without one.

  682. val E

    As much as those two respected each other? She was planned. Why else would Ellasbeth call Trent a cold bastard!

  683. She must have been planned since Trent is always so careful and he didn’t seem to like Ellasbeth much so I don’t think he accidently slept with her.

  684. renee pierce

    Lucy was definitely planned.

  685. Chris Allen

    I doubt Lucy was an accident. Trent is ways too logical and planned for her to be an accident.

  686. No WAY Lucy was an accident! I can’t imagine Trent having sex with Ellsbeth (insert shudder here) ,for anything other than to save elfkind!

  687. love these books but waiting for the next one is killing me!~

  688. Fiona

    Very powerful cover. I’m very excited to see her powers are growing. Makes me wonder though why her back is towards us

  689. Donna

    Lucy was somewhat planned in that Trent wanted to continue the bloodline. That was his whole reason for getting married. However, I think Lucy’s conception was a little of a surprise at the time it actually happened. I mean I think Trent was hopeful it would happen, but not at all sure.

  690. Planned, nothing happy in Trent/Ellasbeth relationship.

  691. Kathryn Magner

    I would have to say that I think Lucy was planned! Nothing Trent does is an accident ; )

  692. Magen Gulliford

    Planned and gene cleaned as much as possible.

  693. Jessica Strube

    I believe lucy was planned because trent is controlled person and serious elf to say accidental..His species is continuation is also highly important to him. As for the book cover its completely captures the eye drawing you to the book even more. After my first Kim Harrison book all it took was to see your name on the cover to make me pick it up. But the graphics are always unique and one of a kind and real to the books nature.

  694. Amanda

    Haven’t read the books but looking at the covers I defiantly feel like it would be something I would pick up to read eventually. My to-read list is getting very long, trying to keep up with it is just impossible but I’m trying.

  695. I think Trent would only marry her if she could conceive.

  696. MellyM

    How many times could those two bump uglies? It gives me the willies!!! Regardless, it had to be a plan, they were both too invested in saving the elves.

  697. Daniel Estrada

    Lucy was planned. She will continue on the elf legacy and Trent will use it to his advantage.

  698. Ashly McPherson

    I think lucy was planned

  699. vicki martin

    I do believe that Lucy was planned, which was why Trent was going to marry her mom, but Rachel stuck a wench in the monkeygrinder by arresting Trent at his wedding. Lucy’s conception was planned, because if Lucy came to be without problems then she would be the first born elf in a long time. Trent wouldbe a seen as the savior of all elf kind.

  700. Terry

    Lucy was planned i believe

  701. Amy K. Delaney

    I think she was planned in that you knew Trent was gonna have a kid soon since Rachel helped retrieve the Elf DNA. however, I think it was unplanned in happening in this book. You even said you were surprised Lucy was his elf quest until you wrote it. You said it just made sense about his secrecy and reasons for the quests.

  702. I believe she was planned by Elsabeth but not Trent so she could make sure he would marry her.

  703. SL

    Totally planned.

  704. I definitely think Lucy was planned. I think he sees Lucy as a way to help secure the pureness of the elves. Love reading about him as a father figure now.

  705. Kelly

    I hate to say it because I would really like to believe Trent is a romantic(NOT)
    But I believe Lucy was a planned baby to further insure the elf race…I think it was calculated & cold but at the same time Trent FINALLY figured out what true love is!!!!! As most adults figure out when they become parents! I think I like the “humanizing” of Trent after his daughter is born…& I believe that is when Rachel TRULY starts to think they could make it as a couple(?) or am I just spinning rainbows & moon beams because I AM a romantic at heart.

  706. rebecca navarro

    I think she was planned, why else would Trent touch that woman?

  707. Christa Fricke

    There are no “accidents” in Trent’s world… He must plan for survival. His race needs to become as fit as the others again.

    I’m interested in the cover and how the suttel differences will be revealed. Magic gone bad! Trent & Rachel working together sparks chemistry?! Oh sweet mother of time…. Hurry up end of February! At least I have my preorder!

  708. Donna Begley

    I think Lucy was definitely planned. Trent always has a plan!

  709. shari d.herzog

    Lucy was a happy accident.

  710. Kylie Murrell

    Trent plans everything he can, very unlikely that “a happy accident” occured. Love your books πŸ™‚

  711. Valerie

    I think they planned it but were surprised it worked and it became a happy accident, if that makes sense.

  712. Tonya Mader-Taber

    She was planned.

  713. Katrina Collins

    there whole reason for the marriage was bloodlines, definitely planned!

  714. Mindy

    She was totally planned. Trent doesnt do anything without a gameplan in his back pocket.

  715. Keith Chambers

    I haven’t read it, but the cover looks awesome. πŸ˜€

  716. Jess

    I love the cover. They are always interesting.

  717. Donna Murphy

    I think Lucy was kinda like a planned surprise! I believe Trent wanted a pregnancy to happen but was sorta stunned when it did. He adores her and really that’s all that matters.

  718. Bill J

    I think Lucy was planned! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  719. chris hillsgrove

    Definitely planned Trent doesn’t have accidents.

  720. Keith Chambers

    This is totally awesome. These are two books I actually don’t own. XD I’d probably still enter if I did.

  721. Amanda Owens

    I think Lucy was a planned event.

  722. Jennifer

    Planned! Trent does very little by “happy” accident. But it really doesn’t matter because the girls were needed!

  723. Maritza m

    Lucy was a happy accident. ( if I remember the book correctly) love the new covers. Can’t wait to get my hands on the newest book.

  724. Karen Falls

    Lucy was a planned by her mother

  725. Ericka R

    Definitely planned!

  726. Cherry Ravanera

    Lucy is definitely planned. All part of Trent’s and (if not Ellasbeth) Ellasbeth’s parents’ plans on re-introducing the Elves back into the world. I’m sure there’s a master plan already mapped out for the little princess’ future with regards to the elven race. However, I believe Trent didn’t plan loving his children so much and maybe because of that love for them (and Rachel’s influence) he wouldn’t be controlling their future and happiness so much and actually let the girls grow up as they should.

  727. Kate Raney

    I think that Lucy was planned. Neither one was in love with the other nor did they even particularly like one another so making a baby wasn’t for the fun of making a baby. I think they may have conceived quicker than anticipated but it was still the plan to do so.

  728. Sari Romero

    Happy accident for sure!
    I don’t think Trent would have been so willing of letting Ellasbeth go if he knew she was caring his baby! I believe his the kind of person that would be there through the whole pregnancy and be there monitering the babies health! Lol

  729. I have not had the opportunity to read your books yet, but they sound like they are right up my alley. πŸ™‚ I really like the cover of A Pale Demon. At first glance, the electricity looked to me like blue-edged wings-I had to do a double-take!

  730. Kelly

    Planned for sure. This is Trent we are talking about!!

  731. Chryshta

    I think Lucy was planned; Trent’s motivation always stems from rebuilding the Elves. Aside from that he really never seemed to care too much about Ellasbeth.

  732. danielle ham

    I think a baby in general was planned… unsure if the timing of lucy was pushed or accidental however. Either way what a blessing.

  733. erin b

    oh nothing is without a plan for Trent!

  734. Donna Roberts

    Knowing Trent I don’t think Lucy was an accident!

  735. Adam C

    I have not finished pale demon, but the cover arts have been getting better and better. Seeing Rachel being a badass is even better! Can’t wait to read the graphic novel.

  736. Rose mueller

    Trent totally planned her. He said along the marriage was vital – not shocked about the baby but I am about how devoted and loving he is to Lucy.

  737. Nancy Darby

    Planned for survival of the race, unexpectedly early success for the actual pregnancy. Low fertility rate necessitated premarital “love-ins”.

    No romantic attraction there. She called him a “cold bastard”, and Rachel characterized her as a bitch.

  738. adelle medberry

    I don’t think Trent has many “accidents” Seems he has his life pretty well planned out, also the world needs more Elfs right?

  739. Danny champion

    This is one of your books I have not read YET, however, I will get to it in the near future. I love the cover cause It looks some what suductive and enticing. Good job to you and the publisher. ;0)

  740. SofΓ­a Lara

    I’m eager to get this prize!
    I think Lucy was planned somehow in Trent’s ambition to make the elfs prevail, this mision he has in life and stuff… Anyway I think she is a great gift of life to him, a breath of fresh air and a dramatic change in his plans ans priorities…

  741. Amber LaFaver

    I think Lucy was planned!

  742. abigailewhite

    Trent doesn’t do much without forethought. I think Lucy was totally planned as a way both to keep the bloodlines pure and to unite the two families.

  743. Lara Conlin

    I think Lucy was all planned with Ellasbeth & Trent to keep the blood line going.

  744. Tyanna Harolde

    I love the covers, their sexy and full of women power.I found my first book, black magic sanction, thrift store. It was the cover the cost my attention. After reading the book, by staying up all night,which by the way lead to a very long work day, I found myself in the wee hours of the morning laughing out loud to myself. Which left me questioning my sanity and left me craving more, I’m hooked. Jekin is definitely my favorite character. I have thoroughly enjoyed the books I read read in this series and have read most of them multiple times. Thank you for the entertainment and the break from life. I know this is not what you asked for in the comments but I find myself behind and not able to answer the question about Lucy. So I thought I would share with you and thank you !

    • Tyanna Harolde

      oh my goodness, I thought I proofread this, but I obviously did a very poor job please try to read around the typos. This is why I leave the writing to you:-)

  745. mstink83

    Ooh, that’s a tough one…I aassumed when reading the book that Lucy was planned by both Trent and Ellasbeth, and the pregnancy as proof they could marry. I actually just finished reading “Million Dollar Baby” last night and now I’m wondering if it was only planned by Ellasbeth.

  746. Holly Wiiliams

    Trent seems to have a plan for everything, and Lucy was most likely planned too

  747. Meghan Gaskins

    Every baby is planned by somebody. I think that’s the case here as well.

  748. Cheryl

    I think I’d go with initially planned, but the timing was accidental. I love seeing Trent as a father.

  749. Kathleen Langlo

    Lucy was most likely planned due to the fact that Trent and the rest of the elves want to keep their race alive and then there is Trent and Ellasbeth’s relationship, well the lack there of. I don’t think they would have willing started a relationship with one another and that it was arranged by there parents when they were children.

  750. Shere'e in Seattle

    I think she was planned. I agree that Trent is too much of a planner for an accident, happy or not.

  751. Kym

    I was totally shocked @ Lucy’s existence! I never once considered Trent & Ellasbeth as being lovers… yuck! Ergo, I must believe that she was unplanned, at least by Trent. Had he suspected E was pregnant, I don’t think he would have let her leave without more of a fight.

  752. Trent definitely planned it, Ellasbeth was just a part of his plan to have a baby.

  753. cynthia

    Planned by Trent!

  754. Tina C.

    I think Lucy was planned, but not necessarily at the time she came.

  755. Kate

    I’m thinking it had to be planned, but perhaps only by one of the parties involved? Hmmmm πŸ™‚

  756. Kelli Kittson

    Planned! Trent is such a planner, and he was trying to unite the East and West coast Elf clans!

  757. jennver

    to be honest, I really don’t think Lucy is Trent’s. I keep going back to when Rachel first met Ellasbeth and she had been shopping for seven hours but only had one bag to show for it… but perhaps that’s just wishful thinking on my part πŸ˜‰

  758. I have yet to read this one, but it looks like it’d be a great read!!! I cant wait to see if win!!! ,,;;Fingers Crossed;;..

  759. Nonie

    It was planned, the only thing that wasn’t planned was the wedding getting cancelled.

  760. Raynee Mattos

    Lucy was totally planned! I mean … it’s Trent.

  761. Stephanie Gelwicks

    I absolutely love your books!Once I pick one up I don’t want to put it down. I love the cover of the book.

  762. Karen Atkinson

    Totally planned

  763. Breanna S

    I think she was planned and a large part of the reason they were getting married, to keep with the pure bloodlines.

  764. Jessica Robison

    with the way Trent works-I believe Lucy was planned all along…

  765. Alyson

    I think she was planned on Ellasbeth’s side and for Trent it wound up becoming a “happy accident”.

  766. Stephanie

    I think Lucy was an accident. I think they tried to get married after they knew and we know how that turned out. I think they planned on having a baby to secure their bond and because they are the closest to pure elves. Lucy is to be a symbol of their race but both Trent and Ellasbeth seem like they would be traditional. Like a royal family with a public wedding then a baby later.

  767. Jessica McGuire

    I think that lucy may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but that after the deed was done they both may have looked back and questioned whether it was the best idea. That’s not to say that Trent doesn’t adore her though. I don’t think he would go back and change her coming to world. Lucy makes/is making Trent a better man.

  768. Renee

    Planned. Trent always plans. It could have been a marriage plot from Ellasbeth but I don’t think Trent would leave it to chance.

  769. g33kxx

    I definitely don’t think Trent planned Lucy but Ellasbeth may have had a plan in mind. Who knows with that woman, she certainly isn’t the mothering type!

  770. Tabitha

    Definitely planned.

  771. Charlotte ford

    Planned all the way! :~)

  772. Sue Johnson


  773. Minnie Wren

    Planned. It’s all part of the Prince Of Elves plan to manipulate everyone with power into doing what he wants.

  774. Rachel

    While trent doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would make a mistake like that, I still think that Lucy was unplanned (but not really a mistake…she is awesome!!).

  775. Krista

    Planned. Trent doesn’t do anything momentous without thinking about it.

  776. erik bryant

    heightened magical senses dont seem to leave much to chance with that sort of thing

  777. Natasha

    Planned event.

  778. Ama

    Believe Lucy was planned yet a surprise. I love the story in Million-Dollar Baby which gives you more indepth information in the actual kidnapping.

  779. Marcia Siehr

    I think Lucy was a planned event or I don’t think Elisabeth would oconsidered going to bed with Trent . I absolutely love that Rachel is wearing her gift dress from Al on the cover of Pale Demon, it’s one of my favorite outfits from the series.

  780. s. b

    I think your never really ready for a baby :o)

    Accident ..

  781. Regardless if it was a mistake or not, I believe it was a happy change.

  782. Jessica D

    I haven’t read this one yet. But I LOVE the cover, as with all the others

  783. Kathy H.

    Lucy was planned.

  784. Rachel Zimmerman


  785. Lorelei Kerns

    I believe Lucy was planned. She was a big part of their blueprint with all the political aspirations & desire to bring back the Elfs in a big way.

  786. August Salvadori

    I think that Lucy was a planned event πŸ™‚

  787. I don’t think anything is random when it comes to elves in this world. Totally planned, but maybe not entirely expected at the time. And maybe not with the mother that he really wanted it to be with. πŸ™‚

  788. Mandy Newberry

    I would say planned Trent plans everything

  789. Elsabeth planned Lucy in order to get Trent to marry her. But Trent loves Lucy so I believe is glad she is here.

  790. Christi Rollo

    A happy accident…

  791. Raquel Priest

    Definitely planned! I dont think Trent would let such a big accident happen!

  792. Sue Pulsipher

    I thought it was a happy accident at the time but on second thoughts neither Trent nor Ellasbeth are careless people.

  793. Erica B

    I think Lucy was planned. Trent doesn’t really seem to do accidents all that often.

  794. Amanda Mauller

    I would hazard to guess Lucy was planned, just not by Trent.

  795. Alicia Weiler

    I think Ellasbeth planned it down to a T and surprisingly Trent didn’t have a clue!

  796. GC Rollo

    Hmmm. Trent is calculating for sure, but he is also a “man,” at the end of the day. I think it was a happy accident.

  797. janice syeinmiller

    Love the cover! She always looks powerful but feminine

  798. Daniel Ludlow

    When it comes to the elves, I’m sure everything is planned. Lucy is the tie that will bind the east and west coast elves, there’s no way that was any kind of accident.

  799. Grace

    Definately planned but a big surprise – Trent wasn’t expecting to be a dad quite so soon (how like real life :0) )

  800. Charity

    I think Ellasbeth knew…totally planned. But I think this is one aspect of Trent’s life that he truly cannot control. This ‘happy accident’ is what will teach him to let go of the reigns and let Rachel take them every once in a while…

  801. Emily Lauer

    I think Lucy was a planned event. They were going to get married anyways, why not get started on the new generation of elves early? But then the wedding was crashed and the elf quest roadtrip was born^_^

    -I adore the Hollows series. Such amazing writing.

  802. Diane

    No, it was planned. Trent knew married or not he could get the baby if he was strong enough. He only formed a relationship with the mother for that reason. He needed to continue the race, he went thru too much to. πŸ™‚

  803. Sarah R

    Lucy I believe was a happy planned accident. Lucy meant that there could be more elves. I don’t think that Trent would have really let her get away after the wedding, if he had known for certain that she was pregnant.

  804. Michelle

    A little bit of both. Since a healthy child was why they were paired up its hard to call it totally an accident.

  805. Deborah Metheny

    Planned definely

  806. Diane P.

    Ellasbeth is too calculating for it NOT to be planned, but I think it may have been a surprise for Trent (even if he, too, is very calculating)

  807. I believe Lucy was totally planned. The whole point of Trent and Ellsabeth getting together was to expand the elf race, not love or money. He would rather be with Rachel but feels it’s his duty to expand the elf race.

  808. Ron Pratt

    The cover looks awesome!
    I’m really looking forward to reading this one.
    Good luck to everyone!

  809. Tabitha Tomala

    I think Lucy was planned. Trent doesn’t seem the type to have an accidental child and he wants to help his race recover too.

  810. Erin

    I imagine it was not an accident on Trent’s part, but Ellasbeth is so not maternal that I have to imagine she wasn’t ready to go there yet.

  811. Kathy Brookes

    With the sense of urgency for more baby elves, I’m go on the planned team

  812. Ellie

    I think Ellasbeth planned Lucy as a form of entrapment.

  813. Planned. But the cover is pretty awesome as well!

  814. Earl C

    Happy accident.

  815. Angela Sanders

    I think Lucy was definitely planned.

  816. Catherine

    I think it was a happy accident.

  817. I like the cover a lot, but since I haven’t read it, I don’t know how appropriate it is.

  818. Jeremy Boatman

    This is really hard to tell on one hand Trent deep down knows that he has to keep the elves population growing but on the ogre hand he also knows that Lucy’s mother is not the woman for him but knowing the way Trent thinks I am leaning towards planned.

  819. Cynthia A.

    I also think that Lucy was planned.

  820. Jessica Posio

    Lucy was totally planned. Trent is too calculating for anything less!

  821. Jamie Sweet

    I haven’t read the book but now, with seeing the cover, I want to. It’s intriguing. I want to know who the guy is, what’s his relationship with Ivy, etc. These books are definitely going on my to read list πŸ™‚

  822. Angela McQueston

    The covers are awesome

  823. Frankie

    Deviously mastermindedly planned

  824. Katafer

    Trent is rarely, if ever, spontaneous – totally planned.

  825. I think Ellasbeth planned it and kept Trent out of the loop until she was born. His reaction says it all.

  826. TJ

    Trent plans everything! Lucy was definitely planned.

  827. Dawn Laroche

    I think Lucy was planned and I love how much Trent loves her, it shows us a softer side to him.

  828. Melissa B.

    Planned, Trent plans everything!

  829. deborahblake1

    Planned. Trent never had an accident in his life πŸ™‚

  830. Sherry

    Definitely planned!

  831. Kirsten Viola

    I think Lucy was a happy accident. Trent would have been more involved with the pregnancy from the get-go if he’d known. He’s too much of a control freak not to have been.

  832. Tabitha Rudd

    Planned for sure. Trent is the ultimate planner, and I can’t see him sleeping with Ellsbeth out of anything other than the duty to continue their race.

  833. Jean Scanlin

    Sorry I dont think Lucy was a Happy accident , an accident yes . I think Ellasbeth was too wrapped up in herself and her image to plan Lucy . But once the pregnancy was discovered it did give Ellasbeth a hold over Trent ( ha ha , or so she thought )

  834. Brittany G

    I think that Lucy was planned to carry on the Elven genes.In my opinion that’s the only reason he wanted to be with Elisbeth. It definitely couldn’t have been her personality yuck!

  835. Cassie Looby

    I think Lucy was planned. Trent will do anything to save the elves and he doesn’t like wasting time πŸ™‚ including waiting for the wedding before knocking up Ellsabeth lol

  836. Tarran

    Lucy was no accident, πŸ˜‰ at least on one person’s part!

  837. Brenda Roach

    I think Lucy was the happy accident as the result of hopeful careful planning. πŸ˜‰

  838. Anja

    I think Trent planned it since he is always trying to be in control, but maybe Ellasbeth didn’t?

  839. Jasmine M.

    Planned thought don’t think Elisabeth thought Trent would take the baby.

  840. Lucy was definitely planned. She may have been there sooner then expected but doesn’t mean she wasn’t planned.

  841. Donna Perry

    I never win but what the heck. Good luck to everyone especially meeee…lol

  842. Temarra Ford

    Lucy was definitely planned. Gotta carry on the family legacy.😊

  843. Jennifer K

    A wonderful and delightful accident!

  844. ShannonW

    Planned event!!

  845. Planned. He always has a plan.

  846. kldunson

    Happy mistake!

  847. I don’t think Trent even liked Ellasbeth enough to “do the deed” with her! I think that Lucy was planned and was a product of artificial insemination.

  848. Magda Preciado

    Well, knowing Trent, Lucy was planned, but for his reaction you can tell it was more of a lovely surprise to me^^

  849. Kathy Vickers

    Purely pland by Trent.

  850. hohomuffin

    I think Lucy was a happy accident. πŸ™‚

  851. Celise Tingley

    I think she was planned. A wonderful plan, but still a plan. So happy to see Trent as a dad though! It changed the way I thought about him.

  852. Julie

    I think Lucy was planned, but I don’t think Trent expected her to change his life as much as she did..

  853. Jennifer Rich

    I believe it was absolutely planned.

  854. Jenilee Kasch

    Knowing Trent he is deff more of a planner. Now Ellsabeth don’t know her very well but she is definitely a planner and doesn’t like when things don’t go her way. Now the timing was probably off most deff but Lucy Has Trent’s heart to the core, Trent would do anything for her. Planned to the core but worth it to Trent. Ellsabeth still is no mother to Lucy and never will be.

  855. Janice A

    Planned by Elisabeth. A surprise for Trent.

  856. Jenene

    Lucy was totally planned power move but I don’t think Trent knew how much he would love her.

  857. Zochi

    A very happy accident

  858. Jessie Hatem

    Definitely planned

  859. Becky Ponstein

    I think Lucy was planned. Kind of a “keeping the blood lines pure kinda of thing”.

  860. i think it was planned it just to perfect to not be planned. good luck to all who enter this.

  861. april adams

    Both. Trent is too Trent not to of foreseen this. Now Ellasbeth was prob shocked but knew it was a strong chance for Lucy.

  862. Dave Honeycutt

    Planned, defiantly planned. Especially by Ellasbeth

  863. Amie Doughty

    Definitely planned. Trent and Ellasbeth were too concerned with moving the elf line forward to have an “accident.”

  864. Tori Junkin

    I think she was planned, but still an accident. Trent had been working to fix the elves genetic code, so they were planning on having a child, but I don’t think he meant to have one so soon.

  865. I believe it was a little bit of both. Trent rarely allows anything to chance, however he cannot control everything – as much as he would like to believe! Lucy is such an amazing addition to the story.

  866. Lucy was planned by Trent, but Ellasbeth is was totally an accident. Trent never does anything without a plan and Ellasbeth has the “ewwww” factor when it comes to children or anything below her station in life.

  867. Deyna

    I think she was planned – continuing the elven bloodline and all that.

  868. Rachel Santoro

    I think she was planned. They are far too calculating for an “accident.” And I kinda feel like their sex life was more duty than passion.

  869. Jessica trapani

    Trent doesn’t do a whole lot by accident and I think Lucy is no exception. He wants to further his race, feels it’s his responsibility. Why else would he be engaged to Ellasbeth, getting it on with her was probably not his first idea of a great night. But ever dutiful to the role he is expected to play, Lucy was conceived. That he loves her more than life is an added bonus.

  870. Margaret Vinten

    I think Lucy was planned Trent plans everything

  871. I haven’t read the book yet. Sadly, at some point I drifted away from reading. In the process of re-reading the first 4 books and then on to the latest ones. The covers have all been great, some mystery, the play with lighting, etc. And, of course, love the old western themed movie titles!!

  872. Brittany Bishop

    Planned for Elllasbeth not so sure about Trent. He keeps me guessing :p

  873. Danniell Hampton

    I think the cover is fabulous. I haven’t read the book yet, but I did just purchase it πŸ™‚

  874. Jessica

    I think that Lucy was planned.

  875. Jennie Stewart

    Lucy was definitely planned. Trent wanted to continue the elf species and Ellasbeth thought she would get something to hold over Trent

  876. 0rlando

    I think Lucy’s birth is planned by fate regardless if her parents intentionally meant to conceive her ❀

  877. Haven’t read this one, yet, but can’t wait to! This cover is one of my favorites!

  878. Lisa Reinke

    Lucy was a very happy accident!

  879. Courtney Sloan

    Planned. I can’t imagine with the way Trent feels about her, him touching her like that without duty in mind.

  880. Nancy H

    My initial reaction was “happy accident” but when I stopped to think about it had to have been planned. Those two did not seem to like each other so why would they “bump uglies” otherwise?

  881. Ashley

    I think Lucy was planned.

  882. I think that Trent planned for Lucy and her hope for the future of their race. As for Ellsabeth who knows?

  883. Both sides here seem too calculating for this to be a “happy accident.” My guess is that another elven baby was wanted, no matter the status of the marriage, and so Ellasbeth and Trent were encouraged to “do their duty” before the wedding. That way, even if something went wrong, there might still be a useful outcome.

  884. Ruth B.

    Ellasbeth planned it; she wants only the power to rule the next generation of elves. Lucy was a happy accident for Trent because he loves being a dad and not just a ruler.

  885. Randi Cutburth

    Planned on Elsabeth’s part, happy accident on Trent’s.

  886. Kim B.

    I think Lucy was a happy surprise to Trent, but planned by her mother.

  887. Danielle Miller

    I bet Lucy was planned. Trent plans everything! And the whole point of marrying Elsbeth was to save the elf species, so they HAD to make babies. I do wonder if she told Trent that she was pregnant though.

  888. I always thought she’d been planned, but since I just re-read Pale Demon (and the Million Dollar Baby short) I have to say accident – Trent was too caught off guard by the whole thing. But as others have said, Trent’s a planner…that he didn’t know she existed for a long time makes me think they planned on having kids quickly, but Ellasbeth kept it under wraps for leverage, maybe, and then when she called the wedding off, figured she’d try to keep Lucy for herself.

  889. Erica Giuliani

    I think she was planned.

  890. Jenny W

    Planned by at least one of the parents. Which one is a toss up, though.

  891. Brittney Kurtz

    Planned, after all they were going to get married and tie their strong families together. Why not get started on furthering the elves while they were at it.

  892. Rexanne May

    I havent read the book or seen the cover Kim’s books are hard to find where i live but i love them. I’m 55 yrs old and I have read the covers off the ones I have(5). Please consider my entry. Thank You Kim for many hours of enjoyment and more!

  893. Delaney

    I think Lucy was totally planned! Babies between Trent and Ellasbeth was always going to be in the cards, that was a major reason for them getting married, that and bringing the East and West coast power families together. I don’t however think that Trent knew she was preggo when she left

  894. Tina

    On Trent’s end I do not think Lucy was planned based on how he found out about her and the lengths he went through to get her,.. Ellasbeth on the other hand I wouldn’t put it past her.

  895. I’m pretty sure Lucy was planned on Elsbeths side of things. Regardless of how she felt about Trent, producing a child was expected of her. Because of Rachel things didn’t go quite how she expected. πŸ™‚

  896. jayne luckett

    It was planned trent knew what he wanted. He never loved the woman all duty in that relationship

  897. Jerry Montag

    The cover is awesome. I have enjoyed all of the covers of your books and love the Clint Eastwood movie twist to many of the titles.

  898. i believe she was planned

  899. Javinder

    I think she was planned. Trent really didn’t like Ellasbeth, and is way too much in control to allow it to happen otherwise.

  900. It was planned. The elven race depends on them! Can not wait till undead pool comes out. Ordered my copy from B&N, and am waiting for the day it is delivered.

  901. Rhonwen

    Lucy would have been planned for the event, as Trent and Ellasbeth were going to work out an arrangement and Lucy came as a wonderful gift. The covers are wonderful and they were what drew me in initially the writing kept me on after all these books. Thanks for the adventure.

  902. Jeanna A

    Definitely planned. Marriages are planned ….. Why not integrate blood lines for species repopulation?

  903. Julie Greatorex

    I think Lucy was planned, the blood lines must go on.

  904. Planned. But I think the amount of love he felt when he stole her was a surprise for him and, most definitely, a happy accident.

  905. Tyanna Harolde

    I love the covers, they sexy in full of women power, I have thoroughly enjoyed any book I read by you. Thank you for the entertainment and a break from life.

  906. I think Lucky was planned to force Trent into marriage.

  907. Elaine Harlan

    It depends on who you’re asking. Trent – A happy surprise! But with Ellasbeth, definitely planned. She’s manipulative like that.

  908. rinib

    Planned – gotta keep the elven population up πŸ˜‰

  909. Shar England

    Planned. Trent is too careful for that sort of accident.

  910. maria

    Love the cover art of the series! I have read them all but my memory is fuzzy on Lucy gives me a reason to re read the series!!!

  911. Kaala

    I think Lucy was planned, since I dont think Trent and Ellasbeth liked each other enough to have it any other way!

  912. probably a little bit of both. they did plan to marry and have children in the future but if your planing to spend your life with somebody even if it is political affair, you probably try to be nice in the beggining, feel the waters, test how do you like boinking the other party, and if there will be children from it it’s even better.

  913. I think Lucy was planned, at least by Ellsabeth πŸ™‚

  914. Marie Claude

    Still haven’t read the book but think the cover rocks. They give a powerful image of powerful women!

  915. Tessa Martin-Bashore

    Happy Accident! Pale Demon is by far my favorite book in the series!

  916. JoanM

    I think planned. I can’t see either of them leaving anything to chance.

  917. Susan Gardner

    Lucy was surely planned ~ by both of them ~ for different reasons. Trent to carry on the elf species and Ellsabeth for the power she thought she would get to control.

  918. Summer

    I think Lucy was planed. It just happened faster then expected.

  919. Amanda Cayton

    I think Lucy was planned β™‘ And she’s a very loved character.

  920. the cover is awesome would love to have in hand best of luck to all

  921. Amara Rojas

    Planned event!! Their whole marriage was a set up to save their species and unite two prominent elf families. There is no way Trent could fall in love with a stuck up like Ellasbeth. They did what needed to be done.

  922. Jordan

    I think Lucy was definitely planned. It seems like everything about Trent and Ellasbeth’s relationship was arranged, something as important as a baby would be too.

  923. I think Lucy was planned but unexpected. Trent is a planner so it makes sense, the timing just was the happy accident part of it.

  924. Perla Munoz

    I think that Lucy was planned for the future when they Trent and Ellasbeth were finally married. I just think it happened a little too soon for them and that’s why they were in a rush to get married.

  925. Susan

    Me thinks Lucy was planned. I can’t imagine Trent bumping uglies with Ellasbeth on a whim if he truly detests her. I think he took one for the team. What I’m not sure about though, is whether Lucy was part of some pre-marital negotiation or not. The timing of the pregnancy causes me to wonder…

  926. Wendy Bailey

    Lucy was totally a planned event Ellasbeth doesn’t seem like the type to do anything without a plan.

  927. Kelley

    Planned for sure.

  928. Amy

    Lucy was absolutely planned! I don’t see anything getting by those two.

  929. Caitlin V.

    I think Lucy was a planned event. That was the point of their marriage after all. And I really don’t want to think of Trent and Ellasbeth having a happy surprise moment.

  930. Tracy Kilgore

    I think she was planned. I dont know if Trent planned her but Ellasbeth did to secure her spot in the world.

  931. Rob

    I think everything Trent does is calculated and there are no accidents. This was my favorite book so far hope I win this one.

  932. Glenda

    Lucy was probably a little of both.

  933. Patricia Kearney

    Planned for sure! That man does not do anything without thinking of all the little details involved. Now she might have been a surprise for Ellasbeth, lol! Oh, too have seen her face when she found out πŸ˜‰

  934. SueAnn Lankford

    I think Lucy was a very happy accident.

  935. Amanda Howell

    I beleive Lucy was a planned manuver by Ellasbeth and her family in the old school method of trapping a man (Trent) into marriage.

  936. Selena Stottlemire

    I feel she was a possibly planned accident…. he wanted her, she wanted her. They silently played it out so they ended up having her…. if that makes sense! Elves seem to be very proper & private but to the point & always thinking 3 steps ahead.

  937. Lucy was definitely planned:)

  938. Annette R.

    So very planned! Trent thinks to far ahead for her not to be.

  939. Melissa Hawley

    I agree! Trent is way too focused to have a “happy accident”. And I adore the cover! πŸ˜€

  940. Stacey

    Was totally Planned. Trent is too much of a planner!

  941. alannakitty

    Pretty sure she was planned. Trent does everything for a reason.

  942. Geoff Keller

    I think Lucy was a happy accident; they probably just were having a great time, had some fun, but then someone (probably Trent) screwed things up and now they hate each other

  943. Wendy

    happy accident

  944. Tyauna

    I have to say planned for sure, and the cover rocks, as always!

  945. Lucy was Trent’s happy accident, but I don’t think he expected the kind of hold she would have on him. The fervor at which he goes to get her back, reveals a softer side of Trent. The kind that women ooh and ahh over when they see a good dad. Lucy was definately a planned think for Ellsabeth. It is evident in the way that she uses Lucy as a tool to manipulate Trent.

  946. Stephanie Mcguckin

    I read Pale Demon when it first came out but don’t remember it. I haven’t had a chance to start it again I’m hopelessly behind in the read along but I like the cover of the book a lot I think all the covers are great they show a strong woman who’s getting more powerful all the time.

  947. Shal

    I don’t think she was planned. Ellasbeth and Trent might not have been happy together, but I still think they were happy to… “share their bodies”.

  948. I think Ellasbeth wanted to have a child and planned getting pregnant. She doesn’t strike me as the type of woman who would let that happen without careful planning.

  949. Planned for sure! Ellasbeth is calculating and Trent all about his duty to his people. I can’t even imagine a spontaneous passionate moment between the two.

  950. Deborah Roy

    Lucy was no accident.

  951. Kathrin

    i think she was planned.
    i prefer the covers of the german books (with the different eyes on it).I donΒ΄t like real persons on covers becuase everybody has their own imagine of the caracters.

  952. Michelle R

    I think she was definitely planned.

  953. Aimi Rice

    I think she was planned for sure.

  954. Oh, Lucy was most definitely planned. Trent probably pencilled it into his organizer, “Meet Ellasbeth to conceive”, on the optimum days. They have nothing more than just a business agreement, and I can see a child being part of the contract between them.

  955. Shannon

    I think Lucy was planned but maybe not exactly how it happened. Trent seemed more happy about it than Ellasbeth.

  956. Ann Waters

    I think the baby was planned, just not the timing

  957. kathy rudolphe

    I think Lucy was a planned accident. Planned on Trent’s part, but an accident for Ellasbeth. He wants to make sure the elves don’t die out. Ellasbeth, not so much. Counting down the days to the new release πŸ™‚

  958. Charlie

    Trent and Ellasbeth having a “happy accident “? I think not! Totally planned and required.

  959. lisa

    I’m new at this so I’m not really sure if I’m commenting where I’m supposed to or if I’m even commenting in time. But I love my Rachel books πŸ™‚
    And I’ve gotten all my family members to read them, also.
    …so about Lucy, I can’t see Trent doing anything like that unplanned.

  960. Ginny

    Definitely Planned

  961. Heather Webber


  962. Karri Higley

    I love the cover by the way but I think Lucy was planned πŸ™‚

  963. Leslie

    I don’t think Trent does anything by accident.

  964. Danyel

    I’m in the planned camp.

  965. Laura

    I think she was totally planned!

  966. Stacy Porter

    Totally planned!

  967. charly

    I think she was planned for eventually… but E decided to expedite that plan.

  968. I love the new cover, though I haven’t read it yet! Absolutely spine-tingling!

  969. Kat Fincel

    I think she was totally planned, but the timing was probably unexpected.

  970. Leslie D.

    Definitely planned!

  971. Planned, on Ellasbeth’s part

  972. Crystal Dinwiddie

    I think Lucy was planned but not as soon as she came.

  973. Leslie Morelock

    I think she was a planned event. Even though there was no marriage- there seemed to be plenty of elf traditions that could still take place. Plus they needed an Elf child.

  974. Juanita Judd

    I think Trent would do anything for the continuation of his race. So I think it was planned and a happy surprise because that was the intention behind marrying Ellesbeth that he would eventually get her pregnant. But lucky for him he didn’t marry her and still got Lucy πŸ™‚

  975. Kristie Hilley

    I think Lucy was totally planned. Trent pretty much doesn’t do anything without a plan. It’s possible that he didn’t expect her arrival so soon or to be so attached, but I believe she was planned .

  976. kmerchant

    Lucy was a blessing!

  977. Megan

    Planned, Trent and Ellasbeth never seemed to like each other enough for it to be otherwise.

  978. pidgeonk

    i think there was planning about how to make it happen, but i think she was a surprise because they weren’t sure it was going to work.

  979. Vici

    Lucy was an accident.

  980. Chasity Riley

    I think she was planned by Trent, but a accident for Ellasbeth.

  981. Debi

    I feel it was planned. Ellasbeth insured her standing by having Lucy.

  982. Merin

    I think she was planned.

  983. Scott Cadwell

    Planned for sure

  984. Amanda

    Yes I do. I don’t think Trent realized how quickly he and Ellasbeth would succeed in having a child but it seems likely that most elves, Trent included, would always be trying to have kids since the odds of having them are so poor. Trent also intended to marry Ellasbeth, which is significant since he doesn’t strike me as the kind of man who would have a child with someone he wasn’t intending to have as a permanent part of his life. He knows how important family is and the pain of being separated from them.

  985. She was completely planned!

  986. Erika B.

    Planned. I don’t there any accidents when Trent is involved.

  987. Bevin holcroft

    Totally planned