You can’t stop the sun

You can’t stop the sun. I’d been paying attention to it the last couple of weeks or so, and even with the bone-breaking cold we have been having, even with the foot of crusty icy  heavy on my yard, and the five-foot tunnels of plowed snow the cars are driving through, I could feel the strength of the sun had shifted–and I waited.

This morning, the first cardinal sang, and it was the breaking of winter’s back. I could almost cry.

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Part five of Trouble on Reserve is now up for your viewing pleasure, and if you missed it, chapters 1-3 of THE UNDEAD POOL as well.

Monday is the end of Pale Demon at the read-along, which means we’ll have another 24 hour give away. Comment box will open up about 9:00 EST. See you then!


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13 responses to “You can’t stop the sun

  1. Vampyre

    Happy day !

    I woke to the sounds of Fuzzy calling me to see a fresh “kill”. What ever it was GOT away before I made it to the window to let her in. After all that sleep and a dose of my meds last night, I feel great. I feel so content.

    There were a lot of cardinals playing in the roads down here. I almost hit several of them on the way home yesterday. Fortunately, they were quick and alert. No casualties.

  2. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    My harbinger of spring is the shrub daphne odora. There’s a corridor/courtyard between two business buildings that I can use as an alternate to part of my path home from the library, and two days ago as I walked through, there it was: the first blossoms of daphne ! It’s a delicate, “clean” fragrance that tells me Spring is on the way, and it just lifted my afternoon.

  3. Martin

    Traditionally, in the Pagan calendar, February 2nd is Imbolc, the Holy Day that marks the beginning of Spring. At this time, even people who did not have clocks could tell the length of the days was getting longer, and the path of the sun was moving higher in the sky.

    All Hail, Lady of Spring.

  4. KH, when are you coming out with a citrus based perfume named Ivy?

  5. Uh….Kim….I hate to make your day worse, but have you seen the coming weather? It ain’t over until the fat cardinal sings. And I think even the at cardinal is hiding and waiting for the next week or so to pass by. Sorry, don’t shoot the messenger! LOL Have a warm and safe day!

  6. darkanime1

    Ms. Harrison When will Trouble On Reserve coming out?

    • It’s coming out right now every Tuesday/Thursday, or you can find it at the back of the mass market of Ever After, or it’s supposed to be pre-loaded into the Sony reading app, though that might not actually be true anymore. It is just a short story, so it will never come out on it’s own more than the above.

    • darkanime1

      I enjoy your books. You are a Great Writer! I hope one day I get to meet you and say Thank you!!!

  7. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-I have all your books(even the Dawn Cook books) and I don’t care for spoilers(that’s what I keep telling myself, at least) so I’m waiting until my pre-order comes through. And remember the new mantra “All Hail Lord Bezos!

  8. kothmia

    Jennifer – I was able to, I think Harper at least posted a Scribd link that was open to anyone to get around the issue…

  9. Jennifer

    Harper still hasn’t fixed the website so we are unable to read the chapters, I am waiting but it is so hard, I need my Rachel and Trent fix..

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