Trouble on Reserve. All access reading!

If you are a lurker here or at my FB page, you are already probably familiar with the drama revolving around the Trouble on Reserve short story, originally released pre-loaded in the Sony reading app, and intended for a wider release later on. This is an original short from Rachel’s point of view, but it’s of a never before seen run where she agreed to babysit Trent for Quen when he was indisposed. It did see the light of day again at the back of one of the mass markets, but I know not everyone has access to them, and I’ve been waiting for a way to give it the exposure that I originally wanted.

WattpadLogoWell, that day has finally arrived, and through an exciting new platform called Wattpad, I’m doing just that. From what I’ve pieced together, Wattpad is a way for you to showcase your own writing, subscribing or “friending” stuff you like, and generally being connected to the literary scene. 🙂 I thought it a great way to not only increase the exposure of Wattpad, but get Trouble on Reserve out there as well.


But you know I’m a horrible tease . . . There’s no way I’m going to give it to you all at once. Therefore, I’ll be dividing it up between now and the release of The Undead Pool. You can sign up to read it as I post the excerpts, and together we’ll count down the last remaining weeks.

Just so you know, this short will read a little differently from my usual style. I wrote it for an audience that was unfamiliar with the Hollows, or maybe even urban fantasy altogether. (So please excuse any continuality error. I put them there, but they work for the goal I had at the time.) Chronologically, “Trouble on Reserve” really doesn’t fit anywhere specific in the timeline, but reading it right now, right before The Undead Pool, is probably the best time, spoiler-wise.

Click to read part 1:



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22 responses to “Trouble on Reserve. All access reading!

  1. Oscar Friedt

    Any hollows novels are welcome, the story line has been a great source of entertainment! As in every writer of worth, your stories draw in the reader. Twain, Stevenson, Norton, Bradley, all wrote like the clan story tellers. Proud company!

  2. moonbeam080680

    Thank you very much for giving this to us!

    On another note though…I’m not complaining about getting to read this without buying the paperback, but I really want it all now. LOL

  3. Yay something to hold me over until TUP is here. Thanks for signing a bunch for us Kim! I preordered but, B & N let me change to signed copy. So excited.

  4. Would you recommend Wattpad then for a new (as-yet-unpublished) author?

    Thanks for sharing this one — even if you are a tease about it. 🙂


    • Anne, I would recommend any professional site that allows you to share your work and garner comments. I’m just getting into Wattpad, but so far, it looks good to me.

  5. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim T just wanted to say gongrats!I’lllook it up.

  6. Jeanine

    I am so excited to read more from you!
    Look at what I had in my email from Google Play today (minus the picture, sorry!)……

    Find a new favorite
    First in series from $1.99

    Dead Witch Kim Harrison

    YAY! You are everywhere Kim! 🙂

  7. Martin

    You promised last year we would see it, and I had total faith. Thank you. The fine print in contracts can suck.

  8. Delane

    I crack up every time Trent gets Rachel to do something she doesn’t want to do. I’m sure her dress code will change if they ever do become a couple. I’m sure Rachel is being herded in that direction by both Trent and Quin to that end or at least to make her more acceptable to the general public. I also read the review at Fresh Fiction Review. I have never seen one of your books described as, “sexy and bewitching urban fantasy adventure.” That was more of a teaser then all the hints so far.

  9. Please Kim…I want more!!!! Thank you though for the start of the story! I always love them when it has Rachel and Trent…especially with their eyes meeting!

  10. Denise Z

    Loved it, rubbing hands together in anticipation of more 🙂

  11. Jeanny

    “Oh for the sweet humpin’ love of Tink! ~ Jenks”
    STOMP (^t^) Why can’t we have it all now? I want it all now! I don’t want to wait! *me having a hissy fit

    Question: Will we continue to be notified on your blog/email notification when each portion of the story is released till its completion?

  12. Bianca Dust

    Ah, Wattpad. A site I’m starting to love a little more every day. Thank you so much for putting it out there! I know what I’m doing when I get home…. 🙂

  13. Vampyre

    In another life you must have been a burlesque queen or something.

  14. Jan V

    LOL…The queen of tease. Gotta love it.

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  16. Jessica trapani

    First I want to thank you for giving it to us. But I also want to say your constant teasing leaves me at the edge of my seat teetering between grim and enraged. But every delicious bite I get of the Hollows leaves me craving more. So thank you and a little bunny eared kiss to you Ms. Harrison. 🙂

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