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Contest closed! Hang on. I’ll have the winners in about an hour and repost them. Thanks everyone who played along with me!

Snow! Cold! Looks like a snow-in and some solid curl-up-with-a-book day! Me, I’ll be spending a blessedly quiet day in my office with a front-row seat to the white stuff. We’ve at least a foot, and we’re running out of places to pile it.

But it’s Monday, and that means another flash-give away as we move on to book six in the read along. (February is going to be here before you know it!) This time, I’ve got seven audio books of WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE to give away along with a hard cover copy of INTO THE WOODS (Harrison short story collection) a cover flat of Ever-After, bunny pin, bus token, and the T4 Angel virus tomato seeds–which was the freebie that year. And as a special bonus, I’ll include one of the boxes of promotional Cheez-its that Kellogs sent me to try out. (Somehow they got my name as a Cheez-it fanatic, and sent me a locker of them. If you have an international address and you win, I’ll send Β you one of the T-shirts they sent me instead. πŸ™‚ )


You can still get the e-book of White Witch, Black CurseΒ for the 1.99 special price [ links to multiple devicesΒ ] but the next book Black Magic SanctionΒ has popped up as well. Oh! And for all of you who got a new reading device, believe it or not, Dead Witch Walking has popped up for the reduced price as well thanks to Nook featuring it in their START A NEW SERIES promotion. (Yay!) Best part? There are apps that let you read both Nook and Kindle books on just about anything, so if you’re trying to get someone hooked on the Hollows, this is a nice way to do it.

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To enter the contest for the prize pack, drop down to the comment box at the end of the page here and tell me if you think Kisten is well and truly gone, or if he will show up in the final book coming after THE UNDEAD POOL.Β (If you’ve not read the book, then tell me what you think of the cover.)Β Your post is your entry into the random drawing, so please comment only once, even if you make a mistake–on your honor!

Rules and Regs. I will open the page for comments Monday, 9:00 a.m. EST, and close it Tuesday 9:00 a.m. EST. I will then use a random number generator to choose the seven winning commenters. They have until Friday, noon, EST to get back to me via my congratulations email or I give it to someone else.

Stuff to know before commenting:

Guy will ship overseas, so international is okay. (We’ve already sent to Canada and India during the read-alongs.)

Chances of winning are dependent on how many enter. We’ve been averaging over a thousand entries, and if you’re entering from your phone, do it early because most won’t scroll that far.

I will contact the winners Tuesday afternoon using the email address they used to comment with, so please check your in-box. If you don’t respond to me by email by Friday, noon, EST, I’m giving the prize pack to the runner up, also chosen by the random number generator.

That’s it! Have fun! Oh, and if you’ve got some weather pictures? I’ve opened up my FB for posting photos today so you can share. Here’s mine: I’m guessing a foot? Maybe more?


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1,105 responses to “White Witch, Black Curse audio give-away

  1. deeann96

    I think Kisten is really gone.

  2. Robert Krafcigs

    Im thinking he will be back. Im not sure how or why but I think yes. πŸ™‚

  3. Jordan

    I think he’s really gone. I also hope he’s really gone because, as sad his death was, resurrecting him would be far more unsatisfying.

  4. Rachel Morill-Maharath

    No Kisten isn’t truly gone he lives on in Rachel, Ivy’s and our hearts having just recently lost my hubby the best friend and love of my life high school sweet heart of 21 years I know this to be true the fabulous thing with the Rachel Morgan Series is that in her world anything can happen we can see a love triangle with her Trent and him discovering that he was somehow saved and held captive unable to return, how long was she held captive by Trent in the beginning?

  5. I think (and kind of hope) Kisten is truly gone. The older vamp couldn’t survive the exchange and Kisten getting his soul in the end points to him truly dying. Plus him coming back into the picture would throw a wrench into things and for him to have stayed away to come back would make him a bastard on par with Nick

  6. I haven’t read the book yet, but I can’t wait to. I love the green background & the gun in her hand. All your book covers are stunning & fun.

  7. Michi M.

    I think Kisten is truly dead. After the long grieving process Rachel and Ivy went through I don’t think he should come back.

  8. georgie riffe

    I believe he is really gone *tear* and if he’s not, I hope there is a really good reason he has stayed out of the picture!! Lol…his passing killed Rachel and Ivy and was such a heartbreaking moment! I cried my eyes out for both of them and every time Rachel looked at the pool table!!

  9. Tessa Martin-Bashore

    I love Kisten but I believe he is truly gone. His parting words haunt me still; I wonder how they will affect Rachel’s assignment with soul saving.

  10. Keltten

    Only vamp she needs is a CURED ivy.

  11. I don’t believe it’s Kisten.. It feels like someone or thing out to rattle Rachel..

  12. Sarah

    Yes Kisten will come back! There must be a way!

  13. Becky

    I don’t think Kisten will come back. Kisten was the right person for Rachel at the time but I think she has changed and grown in a different direction and it would be painful and confusing to have him back for everyone involved. Although it was upsetting, his death was a noble one and by really bringing him back it would diminish his sacrifice somewhat.

    But then it would open an Ellasbeth-sized can of worms…

  14. carrie

    I don’t see how he could. I loved him.

  15. I think he’s dead, but he could always come back as a true vampire.


  16. well I sure hope so! I did think he was truly gone but now you give me hope. he was the perfect match for Rachel&could help bridge that Rachel ivy tension. still I doubt it, its too perfect, the trent thing she would have to work at. cant wait for the new book!

  17. Nicole

    As much as I loved the character I believe Kisten is truly gone. It would be nice to have him back but I don’t see how that will happen.

  18. Frida

    Kisten is dead and he won’t be back. Too much have happened for him to fit in their life again.

  19. It saddens me to say it, but I don’t think he will be back.

  20. Tiffany Luxton

    Oh I think Kisten has finally found something truly worth fighting for. Something that could make him strong enough to survive almost anything! I think he might show up again. But I haven’t read the rest of the books yet so I don’t yet know where things are headed! Either way, it’s going to be an amazing read!

  21. Michelle Kennedy

    I love the cover of the Undead Pool, as well as all the books’ cover, and am so excited to read it! I have every book in the series and plan to reread them all back to back.

  22. Marianne

    I’m sure he’s well and truly gone but if you want to bring him back then I’m sure it’s for a good reason.

  23. Sherry Wilson

    I loved Kisten but I don’t think he’ll come back.

  24. christina

    No, I don’t think he is coming back. Rachel has changed to much from when he knew her, she has matured a lot and sadly it seems to have been his dying that made that happen. It would be awesome to read of him again( he was one of my favorites) but it would also be very bittersweet, to much has happened, everyone has changed to much, it would be sad to see him come back but not fit into all their lives like he did before.

  25. Megan P

    Unfortunately, Kisten is gone for good. Rachel is finally moving on and I like the direction she seems to be headed in. : )

  26. lauren appling

    I think that Kisten is really dead, but i would not put it past the vampires to try to mess with Rachel’s head.

  27. Marcia Berbeza

    Love the cover, but I don’t think that Kisten will come back. Had to laugh at the entry above. I had a fight with my kindle fire the other day over a word. I must have typed it in 5 separate times and it kept correcting me. Dumb autocorrects!

  28. Jenah

    I don’t think Kisten is coming back. If he did, it would take at least another book for Rachel to deal with it.

  29. Jan V

    Kisten?? Seriously?? Ahh Kim, don’t do this to me. It’s been how many years since we lost him, and I still cry. His death devastated me like no other. And when Rachel has a memory of him, my heart breaks right along side her. I can honestly say I don’t know how I feel about this question.

  30. nsh

    Yep, Kisten will never do a come back. unless it is in Rachel/Ivy dreams, He’s a goner, pushing up the daisies.

  31. Kisten is gone, at least physically. Perhaps he could haunt her phone or something?

  32. πŸ˜₯ I cried so hard when Kisten died. I don’t believe he comes back, but if he did I would probably have to cry again. There might be torture and long term imprisonment… gasp. I don’t really want to think about how he could be missing and for what reasons. He is dead until proven alive in this wonderful and sometimes scary world you have created for us.

  33. I haven’t got that far in the series but I absolutely love the cover hope I win just love you books πŸ™‚

  34. Christie Maher

    I loved Kisten but I really think he is gone for good. I would love it if he weren’t but I just don’t see it.

  35. Kisten is gone and He is still missed!!

  36. I love the cover!! Can’t wait to read it.

  37. Dawn Cavenee

    Need more Trent n Rachel! πŸ™‚

  38. My mind tells me that Kisten is gone- but I certainly hope that in some form or another he makes at least one more appearance! Thanks for such a fantastic giveaway and awesome series!!!

  39. Rebecca

    I have not even thought about that at all. Boy you have made me think now. I thought dead twice was gone… and should be that way. Sad but true. Love the flashback’s though. My favorite
    is Ivy and him in the graphic novel.

  40. BookLady

    Unfortunately I think Kisten is gone for good, but I wish he could come back.

  41. Eileen

    I love the cover to the undead pool. It’s colorful and unique. I hope to read the book soon and I can’t wait.

  42. Bert

    I think he’s gone. She’ll find a new love.

  43. Munchkin

    I do like the idea that when Rachel solves the soul situation, somehow she and Ivy would have an opportunity to interact with Kisten’s essence and express how they understand and appreciate all he did for them, since even as an undead he his all he could to protected them.

  44. Christian

    Ok, trying this from my desktop since my phone post is not appearing… Correct me if I’m remembering this wrong, but vampires in the Hollows lose their souls, or their selves, over time. Slowly as the toll of their undead existence pulls it from them. Perhaps, since Kisten met his second death so quickly after he was turned, his soul would have had time to slip into purgatory. If that is the case, then it could be said that Rachel may be able to bring him back like she did with Pierce. I know a lot of people are saying it would be too painful. But lets face it… Rachel and Ivy are drifting apart. Kisten would pull them back towards him, towards each other. Also, if Rachel can find his soul and bring him back, I’d say that would bring her leaps and bounds closer to finding a “cure” for Ivy and the other vamps.

  45. dee

    I dont think Kist is really gone, he cant be… in some way or form, i think that he should come back..perhaps as a shade, maybe as a rebirth,..i dont know how, but i think he should pop back up!

  46. Keela Bierds

    Sadly I do not think Kist will be coming back 😦 In the beginning I did not like him and thought he was a bit of a butt (same with Trent). However I started looking forward when he was in the parts I would read, and I always thought he would be Rachel’s happiness. When he died I was crushed, and just do not see a way for him to make a come back…but I guess anything could be possible in Rachel’s world πŸ™‚

  47. Munchkin

    Sniff, during my first read, I could not believe Kist was really gone. Kept waiting to read that he was really coming back. Sad to say I don’t think he’ll be back. Would be happy to be wrong!!!!

    • Munchkin

      I Like the idea that when Rachel finds a solution to the soul problem, she and Ivy have a chance to make contact with Kist’s soul and let him know they understand and appreciate all he was and all he did for them ….

  48. I think that he will show up in the end. Not sure in what form, but I think that he will be there.

  49. Dominique

    Unfortunately, he’s gone. We all loved him but I did NOT think he was the life long mate for Rachel…now, I have the man in mind for her. A certain elf…love him! Stay warm and see you in Minneapolis!

  50. Janie McGaugh

    It’s a great urban fantasy cover, very atmospheric.

  51. Janie Marlow

    As much as I hate to say it, I think Kisten is really gone. : (

  52. Lee Palmer

    I have never truly believed that Kisten is gone. Denial can be a great coping strategy! I hope he does make an appearance in the last book, but then again, there won’t really be a last book….

  53. Stacy Horn

    I didn’t until now!!!

  54. I wish he was making a reappearance…but sadly I think he won’t return.

  55. Denise Evans

    I think you are going to throw in a twist and he may return but not the same he will be around but only as a spirit to help guide them to closure. Live in Cincy and love your books!!!

  56. Melissa H

    I think Kisten is really gone, sadly.

  57. Amanda M

    Sadly, I don’t think he’ll be making a reappearance. 😦

  58. With such a death scene I don’t think Kirsten can come back (probably best in the long run for Rachel) as interesting as it could be.
    (PS I’m an international reader :D)

  59. Kennedy

    Wow…I never considered that we might bring Kisten back. His death was so meaningful–if he came back what would that mean to Rachel? None of the other men in her life, until Trent, were willing to put her first and fight for and with her. I loved Kisten, but I don’t think he will come back. Oh, unless we get to find his soul when Rachel helps the vampires. Wow, now I can only think of the possibilities.

  60. Ginny

    *sniff* I think Kist is dead. *sniff*

  61. Kisten is dead. But I don’t think Pierce is dead. I have a crush on Pierce.

  62. Megan B.

    He’s definitely dead. This is maybe a family member or ghost-like creature?

  63. sassi

    Love the cover! Can’t wait to read it!!

  64. Susan OC

    Gone, gone, gone! And I really like Trent much better – and think he’s probably better for Rachel, if they can get it together.

  65. I’m a baaad fan. THE UNDEAD POOL is still in my TBR (Hey, I’ve read all the others!). Your question never entered my mind, and now I’m just itching to see what you’ve stirred up in The Hollows! P.S. I’d comment on the book cover, but I’m blind, and that throws a wrench in the process.

  66. I think Kisten is well and truly gone, though I wish he wasn’t.
    Bonus comment: I LOVE the new cover, it is hot and intriguing!!

  67. Lynn Brown

    I believe that Kist is gone (dying twice might have something to do with that); but he might pop up in flashbacks or memories. He was an interesting character.

  68. I think Kisten is twice dead. He helped Rachel grow up, but even if he shows up again, she has outgrown him.

  69. I think Kisten’s really gone, but I also think that if he’s not, Rachel and Ivy are going to be really mad at Kim!!! πŸ™‚

  70. Ken Furr

    I hope he is gone. He wasn’t good for her.

  71. Well he was the undead and he died,If the book is focusing on reuniting spirits such as Ivys soul back to her once she dies I can see a possible Kisten sighting even if it is just his spirit

  72. Donna Deschambault

    Kisten’s return WOWZERS that’s a tough one! Would I love to see his return absolutely, he seemed to truly learn to love when he was with Rachel but Rachel has changed so I don’t know if his possible return would fit now. So my assumption would be sadly no Kisten won’t be returning.

  73. Jamie Swope

    I think Kisten will show up as a ghost and Rachel will have to decide if she wants to bring him back in another form…

  74. Jessica R

    O God your messing with my head. It hurt so much when he died I was in a funk for a week. I would love to see him come back but it would hurt so much. Just let him sleep. Let Rach be with Trent, it would be a good way to force peace on the demons and elfs.

  75. Dana

    I think Kisten is gone. 😦

  76. Mary Harmon

    I believe Kisten is truly gone. Perhaps he can return in Rachel’s dreams and allow her to forgive herself for everything that happened.

  77. Jacqueline Shay

    Unfortunately I don’t believe he will return. Rachel needed to feel the loss of true love in order to find herself & marry Trent

    • Sierra

      It would be a very emotional twist if Kisten did pop back into the story. It would be interesting to see how you would introduce his character back into the story. I do have to say, I was really attached to his “voice” in the audio book.

  78. I think that Kisten is dead and perhaps that is best. I’m not sure Rachel or Ivy could survive his return. Frankly, I’ve been hoping that Rachel and Trent would get together. What a pair that would be!!! I haven’t read The Undead Pool yet (didn’t think it was available yet) but I do like the cover. Sorry to see the series come to an end. I lived in Cincinnati from 1st grade to 7th grade so it’s cool for me to see it in a different light. I practically grew up at Riverfront Stadium.

  79. Natasha

    I’m sure that Rachel and Ivy found him twice dead, so that probably means he’s really gone. I’d love to have him back, but Rachel has grown and that would be painful to see play out with Kisten.

  80. I would love to see Kisten come back. Maybe once Rachel saves Ivy’s soul she’ll find a way to bring Kisten back.;)

  81. Pamela S

    I think Kisten will be back. Just not as a vampire.

  82. Is that a hint you are giving us? πŸ˜‰
    It would be great, but I think he is gone. Maybe we’ll read about a flashback.

  83. Courtney Sloan

    I wish it wasn’t so. I held onto hope for a long time, but now I do think he’s gone in the physical sense. It would be cool if she could find the lost vampire souls though. Save him in the end as he did her. 😦

  84. I believe Kisten is gone. You can’t come back from the 2nd death.. unless you are Pierce.

    • What a great twist to have Kist come back from the dead. I truly thought that he was dead but as this is fantasy any thing could happen. Rach really loved Kisten and I have been wanting her to have a true love again, But then again, she seems to have a thing for Trent, now. How exciting, I can hardly wait for the next book.

  85. Angela McCain

    I have not read the book but I would like for him. I really like the cover

  86. Jennifer Symonds

    I think and hope Kisten is well and truly gone. Sorry Kisten but I hope you stay dead. You put the girls throu enough they don’t need you coming back and stirring stuff up now that there life’s are finely in order.

  87. Tara Nogle

    Honestly I was willing to believe Kisten was truly gone. Probably because I was willing to let him go. Here’s hoping!

  88. As much as I enjoyed Kisten, I’d almost prefer he not come back after all that Rachel & Ivy went through & have been through…ijs

  89. Wendy Marie Rawlings

    I can only hope he comes back. They were so good together. I cried when she went to the boat.

  90. I would love to see him but you can only kill a vamp twice, or can you?

  91. JoAnne Brown

    Im not sure if i would like Kisten to come back. I think it would be awesome if there was some sort of brief visitation, but apart from being a ghost i dont think it could be possible. Out of all Rachel’s love interests kist has been my favorite and most seductive. But at this point i’m really hoping she ends up with Trent. But if Kisten comes back it wouldnt disappoint me any πŸ™‚

  92. peter czyzewski

    Kisten is gone

  93. Liz

    I think he is really gone for good. I know Rachael still misses him.

  94. Theresa Schultz

    I don’t know if I would want Kisten to come back. If you think about what that would do to Rachel and Ivy. Both of them mourned and tried to gone on with their lives. Having Kisten back would only make things worse.

  95. Myra Lang

    I was certain Kisten was gone – until you asked this question. Hmmm. Nope. Sadly, I still think he’s gone.

  96. I hope Kisten is gone. she belongs with Trent.

  97. Omni Rogers-Mueller

    Kisten was great! I belive he may make an appearance. And it will be a WTF! moment too.

  98. Elizabeth

    I think Kisten is truly gone, it would be nice to see him appear again. πŸ™‚

  99. Sheresa Galbreath

    Unfortunately Kisten is gone, but I like where Rachel is going with Trent.

  100. Would love to see a return of Kisten!!!!

  101. Samantha

    I liked Kisten, but I think he is gone.

  102. Tiffanie

    I believe Kisten will be back in some way! Well I’m hoping lol

  103. Felicia Valadez

    Yes unfortunately I do think Kisten is gone, based on the grief and empty feeling we are left with.

  104. Kimberly Marshall

    I think Kisten met his true death, but I think he could come back for the Undead Pool. Maybe Rachel can raise his spirit or the unthinkable happens and she can travel to the supernatural afterlife like “heaven”. She HAS to come back though. Idk anything is possible with a witch/demon then add an elf on the side. Thank you for the giveaways πŸ™‚ I love this series!

  105. I have not yet read it, but I think he must be gone for real. Why not? He’s a vampire after all, he’s not eternal. But this I have to add: if Jenks dies, we riot!
    Also, I always hoped for a stronger relationship between Trent and Rachel. Its simple, they form a great duo.

  106. moonbeam080680

    ok, this is getting almost too long to even respond on a tablet. lol
    I think it would be very tricky and very sad if we saw Kisten again. I can only think of a few ways we could see him since we found him on the boat after his second death and I don’t like where my imagination is taking me to see him again.

  107. Carol Lynn LaTorre

    I love Kisten, but fear he is gone forever….. Sigh…..

  108. Ellen Hotchkiss

    Kisten was a wonderful way for her to boost esteem but she has moved past him now. I like to see what “grown up” relationship she has with Trent. Kisten coming back would only cause super angst.– oh wait that is her life– maybe he will! Briefly!

  109. Lizzy G.

    No. I think Kisten is well and truly gone. I think the only way we would see him is in a dream. I love Kisten, and I miss him, but believing he will come back is too big of a stretch for me.

  110. Amanda

    Unfortunately I think he is gone for good. I love him o bits but i think he is gone. Rachel needed him as a part of her growing process I think and if he were to come back I’m not sure she would react.

  111. I think he will make an appearance, but I do not think he will truly come back, more like a flashback type situation.

  112. Taneyuh

    I’m in agreement with most comments about Kisten! I loved the way you created his character and their relationship. I was sad the way he died…but now with Trent?? I hope it’s brief.

  113. I think Kisten is truly gone. Although since I liked him so much and I cried a lot when he died I hope you find a way to bring him back!

  114. Jennifer

    I think his body is gone but I hope his spirit finds it’s way to Rachael.

  115. Michael Stigall

    I believe he is dead.

  116. Christina Roy

    I wish he would come back, but his ashes in Ivy’s bedroom make me think that no, he’s not coming back. Unless……hmmmm. Reincarnation?

  117. mudepoz

    I wonder if Kisten would come back, as a ghost/soul to help Ivy out, not Rachel. Kisten was Ivy’s best friend.

  118. Billie Hanlin

    I haven’t read the series yet but i do like the cover. πŸ™‚ We have lots of snow here if you want some more.

  119. Ryan

    I thought I was the only one kind of hoping he doesn’t come back and then I read some of these comments and realized I am not alone. I liked him fine enough, but I just was thinking that story arc was completed. Even though the whole romance part of the series doesn’t matter to me that much (maybe its because I am a guy? who knows), but I still find myself hoping she ends up with Trent. However, if he does come back I hope it would be to help Rachel with the Ivy losing her soul issue.

  120. Susan Munro

    I think Kisten will show up, he better that is.

  121. Kathleen Dunlap

    I have always thought that Kisten was truly dead, but I wouldn’t mind him making an appearance in the last book. Maybe he could help Rachel commit herself to a relationship with Trent.

  122. Stephanie

    I don’t think Kisten will come back. I don’t think he will become a ghost because he seemed happy with his life for the most part unless Rachel finds a spell.

  123. Lisa Downing

    I was sad when Kisten died, He and Rachel made a great couple but I too think his reappearance would end up breaking her heart. I’m curious where things will lead with Rachel and Trent.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing him return as a spectator and not interfering with her life but I don’t think he could do that.
    I think he is better off staying dead.

  124. Miranda Beazley

    I liked Kisten and all but I am really hoping he doesn’t come back. I’m hoping Rachel and Trent get together and Kisten would affect that happening.

  125. Connor

    I believe Kisten is gone.

  126. Sadly, gone. We have no snow here, would gladly take some of yours! πŸ™‚

  127. onejewel

    I think Kisten will be back in some way.

  128. Heather .S

    This is a tricky question. It was a very sad time when Kisten died and I cried along with Rachel and I know that a lot of us would like to think he will return but I also think for Rachel’s sake it would be best if he didn’t. Unless maybe he came back as a ghost and the gang could say their final fare well’s.

  129. I think Kisten is truly gone. I don’t think he will be back but i think his name will be brought up.

  130. Natalie C

    Hadn’t even thought about him coming back. Now that you ask that, I am going to have to re-read that whole book. I hope he comes back. I liked him and I think it would be nice for Rachel to have closure.

  131. Ummmm… Now you got me thinking. Kisten died twice but the next book is called the “Undead Pool” like the Undead Pool of New Life, or The Pool to Revive the Undead, or The Pool of Bringing to Life the Undead or Twice Dead????
    This would give us a love triangle. A real love triangle because we know that there is no love when it comes to Ellasbeth. Maybe then, Trent would make a move towards Rachel and fight for her.
    Ms Kim, as so many people have said, “You Are Brilliant”

  132. Erin jones

    I think Kisten will find some way to make a comeback I’m not sure how but I have the sneaky feeling that Rachel might be able to see him again, even fr a few minutes…I’m not sure if he’ll come back for good, but I hope that Rachel will get some closure from him. Though I’ve always kind of secretly believed that somehow Kisten was never really gone…

  133. rinib

    Sadly I think he is truly gone (but please feel free to prove me wrong …)

  134. Danael

    They never found his body and with Rachel’s memory having been blocked of the whole ordeal, I believe that Kisten could still be alive πŸ™‚

  135. Candice

    I am still heartbroken over Kisten, I think he is gone, but he could come back for a happy ever after type of ending.

  136. R Stone

    I do believe Kisten is really gone but I would absolutely love it if I was wrong.

  137. I can’t see Kisten coming back in the final book, as much as I was sad when he was gone. I can’t see you doing a “spirit resurrection” because Rachel had already said she’d tried to contact him when he was first dead and she couldn’t. I could see a demon trying to look like Kisten, but can’t see it actually being Kisten. That being said, I need to get my wife the link to Nicola’s so she can order my birthday present when The Undead Pool comes out.

  138. Sadly, I think he’s really gone….but I am realllllllly hoping he comes back! I loved him soooo much!!

  139. Jolene Perkins

    I hope he returns, I miss him!

  140. Megi

    Two words fan service. 😦

  141. Mandi Hinchman

    While I think it’s possible he could return. I am hoping for everyone that he doesn’t.

  142. Jennifer McCambridge

    I think he is gone. But never know. It is a magical place. Lol. I really do hope he is not coming back I don’t know if my heart can handle being toyed with.

  143. Jeremy

    He’s not truly gone IMHO. You’re quite tricky πŸ˜€

  144. I think Kisten will return. I don’t recall any mention of a body decomposing or for that matter any mention of a body being disposed of. Hmmm….what a terrific morsel to think about!

  145. Never found a body, so there is room for anything. Or was it ALL a dream (a la “Dallas”)? πŸ™‚ After all this time, IF Kisten did reappear, it would be devastating to the both Rachel & Ivy. I hope you kept him well and truly dead.

  146. Jamie

    Unfortunately I believe him to be home but I might have a little hope now.

  147. Kristine Shore

    As much as I loved Kisten, unless you bring him back in a short story, he is well and truly gone.

  148. Sarah Eslinger

    I don’t think he will. His soul went away when she closed the door. But I hope he does come back, kisten is my fav of her boyfriends and loves. Thanks for your stories.

  149. Heather B.

    I THOUGHT he was gone….until you posed that question. That’s not even fair. His death slayed me.

  150. Heather

    I’m not sure how Kisten could come back and have it make sense? But I guess that is why I’m a reader not a writer! πŸ™‚

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  154. Heather Jones

    Kisten is truly gone.

  155. Mic

    Maybe in a flashback or dream scene where Rachel has head injury and he comes back to remind her of love. What about his nephew, Adrick? Don’t they look alike, so maybe Adrick comes to Rachel & Ivy with a gift of some type that Kisten had in is will to deliver upon a certain date or major life event (I.e. A wedding). That way Kisten’spirit and love is represented.

  156. Lora andrikopoulos

    ‘It isn’t over until Jenks says it over’ anything is possible when dealing with vampires. Kisten could come back

  157. Shannon Lievens

    As sad as I am to say this I think Kistin will not be returning. Which is too bad because I was rooting for him!

  158. Kisten is gone for good, at least in any physical way.

  159. Kristen Springer

    I would LOVE if Kisten came back! I think it may be possible……….. But what would that mean for Rachel?

  160. Zochi

    We will always remember him but he is truly gone.

  161. I think it’s possible for Kisten to come back, just not on a permanent basis. Granted, he and Rachel were great together, but physically, he is gone. Kind of makes me sad, but it’s true. He would have been a happy ending too quickly if he had stayed.

  162. I never even considered him coming back in the last book. You had my curious now! But no, I don’t think he would come back. At the most maybe a memory but I don’t see how it would be possible. Either way I know the last book will be GREAT!

  163. david dumanski

    as must as i’d love for him to come back i believe he is truly gone 😦

  164. i think kisten is gone for good. except in our memories

  165. Keegan

    Oh, I hope Kisten comes back! He and Rachael were awesome!

  166. Kim Watring

    I would LOVE it if Kisten would come back and I am sure you could bring him back but I don’t know if it would feel right if he did. IDK, that is a hard one!

  167. I have been hoping beyond hope Kisten is alive trying to get back to Rachel, but at the same time with the way Rachel has changed I don’t know if Kisten coming back would be a good thing. With Rachel hanging out with Trent and her status as a Demon. Also her and Ivys reletionship might not withstand kisten coming back.

  168. Yanina

    In my opinion, Kisten has already fulfilled his purpose. I was sad when he died, but the only way he could come back is either for Ivy or to give Rachel advise so that she finally makes the leap towards Trent.

  169. Charlie Everhart

    Yeah I think he’s dead. I think he could have been brought back if she had had access to her day walking demon abilities right after he’d died, but I think it’s too late now. He was my favorite character other than Rachel & Ivy.

  170. Kisten’s death was a tragic event for more than one person in this story. It was needed for growth on many levels. So no i don’t expect him to jump out of the wood work and say oh surprise I’m back.

  171. Trish Bodine

    I hope Kisten comes back, at least to give some closure!

  172. Kisten is gone, unfortunately. Even if “Kisten” comes back – it won’t really be him the way he was. LOVED that character – and he truly was a character!

  173. Linda

    I’m hoping the Kisten doesn’t come back in the Undead pool only because it will make me cry too is he doesn’t llive

  174. As much as I miss Kisten his death taught Rachel a tough lesson. So no I don’t think he should be brought back, but if he left her a secret letter or video that would be nice.

  175. Erica Andersen

    Anything can happen, so I leave my mind open for it.

  176. As much as I would love to see Kisten come back – I just dont see it happen. It would make me happy though!

  177. Heather Smart

    I love kisten. I think he is gone 😦 I think it would really hurt every one If he came back. they and we have mourned his passing,he went out showing his love.

  178. naturallydotty

    Sadly, I think Kist has gone for good….but now you’ve made me hope. Useless hope because he wouldn’t be Kist anymore, not as we love him.

  179. dana

    I think he is truly gone. I remember reading in the last book that Rachel had tried to bring him back but had no luck with it because he had moved on. I really liked his character but I am enjoying Rachel and trent chemistry and can’t wait to see them hopefully act on it. Thanks for the amazing books kim .

  180. Jessica Smith

    I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve been hoping that somehow he’ll come back!

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  182. No he’s gone 😦 maybe πŸ™‚

  183. I read Black Magic Sanction and found it pretty good.

  184. Ari morales

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  185. Meih M

    I don’t think he will come back. Didn’t he get his soul back while he was dying for the second time? That made everything seem final. If he does come back, I think something will happen to break our hearts once again. I still cry every time I read about his death.

  186. I love all these covers.

    I don’t have any good pics. We don’t have much snow on the ground. However, I would love some. It’s quite cold here and we need the moisture! πŸ™‚

  187. Oh man. I didn’t even think about Kisten coming back. I think he might come back in a less than permanent way, but nothing more.

  188. Michelle

    As many times I’ve cried over Kristen’s death (which is every time I’ve read this book!) I feel he has found true death. When I decide to reread this series ( which has been often) I cringe when I get to this book because I know I’ll cry my eyes out over his loss. It feels too real not to be true.

  189. verra

    I had trouble with deciding this. I think it better that he is gone, but if he’s not, whose ashes are under Ivy’s bed?

  190. Susan S.

    I don’t think he is gone.

  191. Sue Mac

    I don’t think Kisten will come back…and I don’t think I would want him to. I’m liking what is happening between Rachel and Trent.

  192. Kristi

    I still think Kisten is really long gone. I would hate to see him interfere with any possibility of Rachel and Trent having a future together. Rereading this series has been a delight! Bittersweet really. I can’t believe the end is near….

  193. I love that Rachel’s covers evolve with her character progression. I like that this one shows almost all of Rachel and doesn’t portray her as a large chested sex object. Yeah her skirt is very short but rather than coming off slutty I think it shows how confident she is and that confident paired with her weapon says that Rachel is not a girl to be messed with!

  194. Diana L

    Gone is gone, right? His memory will live on though…

  195. June V.

    Kisten is gone according to the known ways of the Hollows. Of course if we don’t know it all then Kim can do what she likes.

  196. Ginger Harden

    Kisten is gone. If for some reason he was not then he would be completely different as an undead. Both Rachel and Ivy have both grown so much since his death. truly believe he is gone, but will never be forgotten.

  197. Kerry Ly

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  198. Trudy

    Kisten has died twice. How can one return from that?

  199. Allison Page

    I really hope there is some sort of magic that can raise Kisten from the dead. Rachel compares every guy to him and misses him so much. For that reason, I think Kisten will reappear in the final book.

  200. Heather Willis

    I don’t think Kisten can come back.

    But the rules do seem to be getting re-written.

  201. Heather Yilmaz

    I don’t think Kisten is gone. I think he’s either staying away to protect Rachel or because he’s being held by someone and his death was staged.

  202. Caterina Trench Vidale

    I don’t think Kisten will come back! πŸ˜₯ I love him but I kinda hope for Rachel that he doesn’t after all she went through when he died…..

  203. Kathy Curry

    While it could be fun to have Kisten around again, I don’t really expect him to return. However, I used to watch a soap opera, and on there, no one is ever truly gone forever! So, I guess it’s all up to Kim’s wonderful imagination.

  204. No, I do not think that he is gone for ever. He is such an important part of the story line.

  205. Temarra Ford

    In the book, Kisten meets a true death, but who knows with all this elf magic… Maybe.

  206. Susan

    Would love for Kisten to come back in some capacity. But, I think he might truly be dead.

  207. Unfortunately, I think that Kisten is truly gone. If he was a ghost, he would have already come back. Plus, Rachel and Ivy are moving on now.

  208. Kate

    Although I loved Kisten, I believe he is gone.

  209. Angela

    I cried like a baby when Kisten died twice,his resurrection would be an ugly cry moment to read

  210. Kelly Lourenco

    I, unfortunately, have a mental condition where I forget a lot of stuff. So let me just say I hope Kristen comes back, I’d like to see him again. I think hes a key person that plays on everyones emotions and it would be good to see him stir things up a bit. I hope I remembered correctly. Theres no telling with my mind. Sorry.

  211. Tricia

    I really, -really- hope he returns because he was one of my fave characters in the series. That would be a welcome twist πŸ˜‰

  212. Steph

    I think Kisten is gone in the sense we’ve known him, at the least. I’ve not thought about him actually getting to come back in some other-worldly way until just now.

  213. Kelly Fine

    I believe (sniff-sniff) that he is truly gone…and if he is in the last book it would be as a memory or type of ghost…

  214. Julie

    So while I’ve read the series I wanted to comment on the cover for this one, as it caught my eye in the store. After I bought it I realized it was in a series so I went on Amazon and purchased the whole series so I could read in order. So needless to say – I loved the cover! (Fingers crossed Kisten does come back)

  215. Melissa Logan

    I think he’s gone. It’s possible that it is a brother or cousin from his living vamp family. But Kisten, as much as I hate it, is twice dead and gone.

  216. Kristine Fintoski

    I have hoped every book that somehow Kisten would find a way to return .
    This would be bittersweet for his loved ones, but still…

  217. Sabrina Morgan

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  218. Sandy Rye

    I liked Kisten, but I’m hoping if he does come back it’s only as a ghost. I am hoping for a Trent/Rachel get-together. I think they work well together, each of the one’s weaknesses is the other’s strengths. πŸ™‚

  219. Jessica Turner

    I miss Kisten, but I don’t believe he’s coming back. Though his death seemed to cause a big reaction. He was true Rachel candy.

  220. What a wonderful question! Until last book . . . well spoilers! Kisten is a vampire. Who knows about them? I will look forward to finding out!

  221. Shannon barrett

    When Kristen died I cried like a little baby so I’m still hoping he’s not really gone and will be back for the final book..❀️

  222. Jenni BW

    I believe Kist is really truly gone. He completely sacrificed himself to save Rachel for at least one more day. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make an appearance in the next book as a flashback explanation for something or memory.

  223. Kristy Castagna

    I absolutely love your series and can’t wait until February!

  224. nonie

    I don’t think he should come back he should stay part of her past.

  225. Senona

    If he comes back I think it should be just to watch her be happy with her ending and being proud of her with whatever she ends up doing.

  226. as much as i’d LOVE for there to be a way for Kist to come back.. i really don’t think we’re that lucky. i still miss his character. he was one of those rare characters that just stick with you years later. you find yourself still wishing and wondering what a certain author was thinking killing him off instead of making him go away on business or something lol. ugh. oh well. if you can do it that would be fabulous! but i won’t be expecting it.

  227. Lynn S.

    I haven’t read the Undead Pool yet (started the series in softcover, and I’m OCD enough to have to keep the entire series in the same format…) but I really hope Kisten makes it back! It would explain a couple of things like why Rachel’s memory was wiped…

  228. Mars Whitacre

    If he’s not permanently dead, wouldn’t that render his second death less meaningful? As much as I like him, I would hate for that to happen.

  229. Amie Doughty

    I think Kisten is likely really dead–and I hope that’s the case, not because I disliked him, but because true death is an aspect of the Hollows, and it would feel wrong if that element changed so late. (Pierce is an exception.)

  230. Katy McCleary

    Well I didn’t think he would, but now I’m wondering!

  231. melissa acquaviva

    It sad to say but I think Kisten is truley dead, if he was still alive i think he would have contacted rachel or ivy somehow.

  232. Jana

    He is gone but not forgotten.

  233. Little M

    Sadly, I don’t think he will make a physical appearance, but it’s not like you haven’t surprised us before πŸ˜‰

  234. I believe he’s well & truly gone, at least i hope so…i’ve moved on 😦

  235. S.Make

    Kisten would be great to see again, that would make for a very interesting adventure!

  236. Amy Griffin

    Yes, I think Kisten is truly dead. No ghost appearance either. He remembered love when he died, said to tell Ivy he thinks god saves vampires’ souls until their second death. I really liked Kisten, but I enjoy Pierce and Trent more.

  237. Kim

    I think he is gone.

  238. NancyLynn Southard

    The only way Kisten could come back would be as a ghost, as he is truly dead, at least I think he is…..

  239. Made me cry but I think Kisten is gone.

  240. Marcia

    Kisten lives on in the hearts of Rachel and Ivy, but sadly I believe his earthly body has died twice and that all the chances you get. I love every mention and memory we get of Kisten in each book though.

  241. Lisa S

    I’ve been thinking he’s gone, but my daughter’s been talking to me about it and I’m starting to wonder if he really is gone.

  242. Mary W.

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  243. Samantha Lowe

    I think he’ll come back. Call it denial, but I don’t think he’s gone.

  244. I think Kisten will be back .. Loved him,he was one of my favorite characters and was sad when he “died”

  245. Jen Mosher

    As much as it hurt to admit, for a long time I thought Kisten was well and truly gone. Then I got thinking. If Rachel can figure out a way to save Ivy’s soul, could she also save Kisten’s and bring him back?

  246. Jammie Campbell

    I don’t think he will come back, Especially since you were so adamant that he wouldn’t lol. However, I always thought he would show up again somehow-possibly as a spirit! That or some info bringing him back into the story line would come into play.

  247. Amber R

    Dead. Gone. Finito. Your writing doesn’t seem to lend itself to unnecessary resurrection. Plus it’d be silly to bring him back (without grounded purpose) after the characters have already dealt as best they could with his death and moved on.

  248. I think he is truly gone, but his spirit lives on! What are these apps you mention that allow both Kindle and Nook books to be read on the same device?

  249. I was sad to see him go but it’d be weird after all this to have him back at this stage. Rache isn’t where she was when she fell in love… he probably needs to stay dead (even tho those words make me sad). However, if you do bring him back I dont think you will as a romance, so it will be interesting.

  250. Yes I think Kisten is gone, he was awesome when he was around. πŸ™‚

  251. amanda kwok

    I think Kisten is gone for good, I don’t see how he could come back, but my name isn’t Kim Harrison πŸ™‚ oh and It was almost 80 degrees here today, with freeze warnings for tonight, joy!

  252. dr4nsk

    I went through the grieving process and as much as I love Kisten to death (horrible pun but so true) then I pray that he has a good reason for not coming back sooner. If he does come back, I’ll know how John Watson felt when Sherlock reemerged from his hiatus. Kisten was awesome and understood Rachel from the beginning. I miss him deeply. ❀

  253. Karla Crosby

    I always thought he was well and truly gone until you asked this question now you have me wondering if he will be coming back!

  254. Kate Raney

    If Kisten does come back through Rachel figuring out how to save vamps’ souls, it won’t be in the same capacity. She isn’t the same witch she was and he isn’t the HEA for her. However, maybe for Ivy?

  255. Elizabeth Davis

    I haven’t gotten to the book that Kisten dies in but I do know that he dies in one of them because the first Kim Harrison book that I read was the one after died. I don’t know the circumstances of his death so I don’t if he is undead or truly dead. I do hope that he comes back. He was the best!

  256. I certainly hope so. I really liked Kisten and was saddened when he was killed. I did kind of like the way he went. Took a few with him didn’t he?

  257. Sadly, I think that Kisten died the true death, but it would be amazing if he came back as a spirit and contacted Rachel…

  258. Sadly, I don’t think Kisten isn’t going to come back in any permanent state, maybe as a memory or ghost to assist Rachel. Happy New Year!

  259. Chelsea

    I don’t think Kisten will show up in the final book

  260. Amber

    I really hope to see Kisten again!

  261. Shayla Moniz

    I think that Kisten is dead and gone, mainly because she saw him die twice, and his ashes are in Ivy’s room. I don’t see how he could come back, and I think it would ruin everything that has developed since he’s been gone.

  262. Miranda

    I think Kisten is well and truly dead. I do not think he can ever come back.

  263. Cat

    I would like to say that I “liked” the way that Kisten died…the plot around it, the unknowns, the passion…but I think if he came back in one of the books and she had to choose between Trent and Kisten, that would ROCK!! Not that I would like them to fight over her or anything…just that she had the choice and she was passionately in love with Kisten and she’s been fighting terribly over her feelings for Trent.

  264. Liz

    I believe he has died the true death unless there is some hidden way for him to return that you have not revealed. πŸ™‚ I actually like Rachel with Trent and am hoping for a match. I like how they challenge each other and keep things interesting. I also think its cute how Rachel is always fantasizing about him secretly.

  265. Dead…Undead…and really Dead…but spirits can be restless and love is a powerful motivator – powerful enough to defy death? possibly πŸ™‚

  266. Micheala Black

    I think that he is really gone, although for the longest time I really really hoped he would appear again. I was so crushed when I read that book! It was terrible, I did not want him to be dead. I still dont, but I dont think he will come back.

  267. I think Kisten is truly gone. As you’ve said in interview articles, you meant for his death to be like death for many of us–feeling unfair and without the closure that many of us want.

  268. Raelyn Jankowski

    Cried when he left but dont think he will return.

  269. Frances

    I thought he was gone forever but now you have me wondering

  270. Brenda Rorie-Baety

    I think Kisten is gone..but could possibly make an appearance as a ghost telling Rachael it’s ok to move on to Trent!! (Yes I’m an eternal optimist!!) πŸ™‚

  271. Bel

    I think Kisten is truly dead unfortunately. I liked him he was funny & smart. I would love for him to come back if there was a way to reintroduce him. I was sad when he wasn’t part of Rachel & Ivy’s lives.

  272. Dellena

    This may be a bad answer, but I do hope that he is gone. I liked him, but for me, it was something that Rac had to go through. She has moved on, shes grown. One of her learning experiences was what happened to Kisten.

    I didn’t hate Kisten, but to bring him back would just destroy what I know of Rac and everyone now.

    Sorry but thats my two cents.

  273. Amanda Dickie

    Sadly, I think Kisten is gone for good. (But I’d really love to be wrong!!)

  274. I am on the fence. I had hoped Rachel would find the love she had with Kisten. But I think she is starting something with Trent that could turn into something wonderful and lasting.
    So in the last book, i think if she was put in a place where she had to choose between all the loves ( friend or otherwise) in her life, I don’t think it would be fair to her.
    She loved Kisten at a different point in her life, but would her love for him be the same, since she isnt the same person?
    I think him being gone changed too greatly.
    But we all shall see.

  275. Mel K.

    I really liked Kisten’s character. However, I got the impression that his spirit had moved on, and is at peace. If he does make an appearance in the next book, I hope it’s in a flashback or dream sequence.

  276. sarah pollock

    That certainly would be interesting. I really like Kist. I was sad to see him go.

  277. Trista Boyer

    I have a feeling that as soon as rachel falls in love with trent kisten will come back because it would make good drama!

  278. briony hall

    Well and truly gone, I really did like him especially after finding out exactly what happened. 😦

  279. Cryss Thain

    The cover shows that Rachel has well and truly come into her power, acknowledges it and is comfortable with it.

  280. My gut tells me Kristen is gone , but my heart (and I am sure Rachel’s as well ) wants him to come back .

  281. Jen

    I’m hoping Kisten comes back. He’s been living with Keasley but as Rynn Cormel gets killed Kisten comes back to take over. Older, more mature and realises that he cannot be with Rachael because of his new responsibilities (still sexy as ever though!)

  282. Candi Terrill

    Isn’t dying twice enough? I am a huge Kisten fan, and still don’t agree he had to go (tho I accept your the author), but don’t see how bringing him in would do anything for the story. I also don’t see how it could happen if we accept the world as you explain it. Oh, maybe a dream or even a vision. Maybe a magical copy. Kist tho, is gone, and a copy is not him. A vision, even a physical one, is not the man. Kist is gone, and we should let him rest.

  283. Keith

    Well and truly gone. Outside possibility that since Rachel is working on something to save the souls of the undead, she might contact his, but his body is ash and it really wouldn’t add to the story line.

  284. I think he’s gone for good…

  285. Jamie M.

    First off I’d like to say thank you for the great giveaways and that I am really enjoying this read along. I especially like reading everyone else’s opinions over on good reads and seeing if they match mine.You are my favorite author and this is by far my favorite series and I will be sad to see it end!! Personally I always thought Kristen was truly dead but after reading your teasing chapter 2 I began to wonder!! Maybe Rachel just thinks she sees Kristen or she is seeing a ghost/spirit form of him. Will be very interesting to find out and wishing the book would be available sooner, but its getting closer!!

  286. Virginia

    Kisten will always be in her mind and heart, but deep down she knows its over and that he is gone. Now on with practicing baby making skills with Trent – hee hee hee

  287. I ❀ Kisten so I hope he comes back!!! (fingers crossed)

  288. I really wish he would come back. I was heartbroken when he left. Everytime his name is mentioned in a book I always wonder “what would Kisten do?”

  289. Danelle callahan

    Kim love your books. Writer myself and witch. I think kisten sadly is truly gone. UNLESS vampires retain spirits/souls and then could come back I guess. Racheal has made stranger stuff happen on accident who knows what she could do on purpose!!! Love what u do. Keep up great work.

  290. Didn’t want Kisten to go; don’t think he should come back, though..

  291. Nope I think he’ll be back always have. He can’t really be gone same as Ceri.

  292. Debbi Mudd

    My “head” tells me he is gone
    But, my “heart” hopes there can be a believable explaination for him to be alive and for where he has been
    (Hidden by Al or even Trent maybe?)

  293. Gina N.

    You told us that Kisten was too close to being Rachel’s “one” so I can imagine his return as a happily ever after type of thing but deep down I don’t think Kisten will come back D:

  294. I do believe he has taken his final walk in the sun…

  295. I do believe that Kisten has taken his final walk in the sun…

  296. Is anyone ever truly gone with no hope of return in a fantasy series? In a world full of magic, anything is possible. Of course, if Kisten did come back, he might not be the same man he was…

  297. I really liked Kristen, truly I did. He was the door that Rachel needed to walk through to move forward with opening up to love. Even if he does come back, he won’t be the same. Cold and unfeeling and possibly become an enemy now that things and relationships have either moved on or grown since his death. I cried when she opened up her memory and relived finding him. Sorrow sat beside me and held my hand through that chapter.

  298. Wisdoom

    I LOOOOOOOVE the cover, she is damn sexy πŸ™‚

  299. Roxanne

    Kristen won’t come back. It wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense. But would be good thou :/

  300. Wow….doubt is painful! It’s hard to decipher between want and the facts. She truly felt Kisten met his second death. BUT, no one witnessed this, sooo…..wouldn’t I love for him to come back in the picture. As for Rachel, I’m not sure her heart could take that happening. I guess we’ll see!

  301. Diane

    Hmmmm, perhaps Rachel will kindle a spell to bring him back as a ghost, as she tried to do with her dad when she started her journey as a runner with the IS……..Love your writing Kim, Thank You!!!

  302. Roxanne

    I don’t think kisten will come back,not only did you say you don’t write romance novels, but also Rachel saw him die so it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense wish he would though!!

  303. Susan Gardner

    I truly believe he is dead…however…I see Rachel having to do some type of off the wall spell and accidentally calling him back – as what happened with Pierce shows that it can be done.

  304. Nichole Zito

    I hope he isnt but i feel like he probably wont be back. 😦

  305. Tara seid

    I love Kist but I really think he’s gone πŸ’œ

  306. Jeanine

    Kisten is gone. 😦

  307. Annette Staehle

    I think Kisten is gone.

  308. Kisten has to come back. I refuse to believe he is gone.

  309. Ivy

    Gone, gone, gone.

  310. I love these books keep them coming

  311. Frances baker

    Kristen is gone and we won’t see him again unless it’s some kind of memory spell. He was a wonderful character and it was so depressing how he had to go but needed to get Rachel to the point where she is now.

  312. Traci williams

    I really hope he does.

  313. Jessica Robison

    I think he is gone for good-but it would be nice to see him come back!

  314. Jamie

    While I really found myself liking Kisten a lot back then I am personally hoping that he does not return beyond maybe ghost like appearance. I’ve grown fond of the “current” situation (not spoiling for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about) and just could not imagine it being different. To bring Kisten back now would create lots of confusion, drama, and triangle. I think deep down he is truly gone but for the memories but I think at current this might help in dealing with the memories and make them a little less painful.

  315. Lea Krnjeta

    I loved Kisten but I think he is truly gone. Rachel finally got over his death and it would be unraveling if he was back. Although a visit from ghost Kisten would be awesome.

  316. Manda

    Kisten is truly gone unless he’s hanging around like Pierce was for a while, but he will always be apart of their lives. Oh how sad it was to read Kristen’s fate.

  317. Penny

    I think Kisten’s soul is trapped in a bottle. Would love to see him in the final book.

  318. Jenn M

    I loved Kisten, but he is well & truly gone even though it broke my heart…I realize Rachel needed to grow but *sigh*

  319. james haskell

    I am a cross country truck driver and am glad to finally see your books on cd I just found out today so I will be looking gor them now. My wife and I love your hollows books and have all but 2 on our nook. Her and I both agree that we hope Kisten will be back in final book. Love what you have written that I have found so far. Please keep up the great writting. Your books make all the miles in a day worth it.

  320. Cheryl Schuster

    I would love to see Kisten again, but do believe he is truly gone. 😦

  321. Candace Mantyk

    Kisten isn’t coming back……

  322. Amy K. Delaney

    As much as I would love him to come back, I truly believe heis gone for good. However, since you asked it I am now wondering if you are planning on a way for him come back even if for a brief moment. Rachel is looking in to saving Ivy’s soul, so maybe it is related that. Or maybe you are planning something like he has been in hiding along waiting for the right time reappear but I truly don’t believe you would do something like that to us, you and our beloved Kisten.

  323. Bruce Hertsch

    I now that I think about it, I believe Kristen might come back. He went too fast.

  324. Mary Nelson

    I hope he comes back, but it would have to be some type of ghost….Though that seemed to have worked out sort of well for Pierce.

  325. Melicent Stossel

    I think he’s gone, but man I would love to see him come back! Because what Rachel needs is more complexity in her life πŸ˜›

  326. Amber Goff

    I came to terms with Kisten being gone but have always held a secret belief that he will reappear in the most unexpected time and place!

  327. Sandy McBeth

    I think he needs to come back just to let Ivy and Rachel know there is peace after death.

  328. I think Kisten is gone. 😦 Maybe she’ll have a visitation from beyond the grave, but he’s gone. (a.tiffy.fit at gmail dot com)

  329. Janet L. S.

    Although I would love for Kisten to return I suspect he is truly gone.

  330. Jennifer Hart

    I would LOVE for Kisten to be alive! As much as I think he is truly dead, that would make for a GREAT twist! Please make that happen LOL!

  331. Lisa

    Kisten is gone. He was an interesting character, but sometimes finding a way to bring them back, just ruins the whole book

  332. Nathan Murphy

    I don’t think Kisten will come back in physical form, it will be spiritual if he comes back at all. I miss that maddening vamp ❀

  333. Jill

    I think he will come back. I don’t think he’s truly gone. Or maybe Rachel will find out his soul is trapped and go down in search and fight to gain it back

  334. Miranda Sullivan

    I think Kisten is gone for good, it was very final. Usually you can tell a little bit if the there is a reprieve coming or not but Kisten’s death felt very final.

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  340. Michele Carringer

    Sorry, I believe Kisten is truly gone. Although a ghostly cameo might be ok.

    Love Rachel, Jenks and Ivy… keep em coming.

  341. mord_sith87

    Yeah, No. No Way. I Think He Is Well And Truly Dead.. Sorry. Its Like You Said, He Had Fulfilled His Role In Rachels Life. Its Time She Seriously Moved On From Him Too. We Want Trent Now!!

  342. I think he will be back, never underestimate a great authors abilities for twists πŸ™‚

  343. I believe Kisten to be gone for good. “sniffle” If he hasn’t shown up this whole time, he probably won’t.

  344. Billy Duncan

    You never know in the Hollows. The way he died maybe he is in purgatory like Pierce was and Rachel never knew.

  345. Jen

    I think he’s truly gone, but I hope I’m wrong. πŸ˜‰

  346. Dead twice. Kisten’s gone. Though I was starting to warm up to him… he was good for Rachel because he satisfied her cravings for danger….

  347. Amy T

    I bawled and bawled over Kisten.. and hmmm…. my brain tells me he is.. but my heart, hopes gorgeous, perfect Kisten will somehow come back!

  348. I sincerely hope not. He is just TOO HOT to be gone forever. Love Kisten!!

  349. Nicole G.

    I think Kisten is truly gone. I miss him a lot. He did a lot for Rachel. But it wouldn’t have lasted anyway.

    • Effie

      I’d like to hope that he’s going to come back but I think he is gone and won’t be coming back.

  350. Rachael Harrison

    I think he’s gone for good. Might come up as a memory, but gone for good.

  351. L. Serrano

    With Rachel’s upside down world it would seem like yes but I don’t think he will come back. A lot of time has passed and I wouldn’t want her to re-live the pain of losing him yet again.

  352. Rachael

    I think he’s gone. Might come up as a memory, but that’s it.

  353. Edel leonard

    I think he’s gone and everyone has moved on and become better people thanks to his help

  354. Wendy

    I loved Kisten, but sadly I hold no hope of him being alive. 😦

  355. Rachel

    I think Kisten is truly gone… I had a moment of wondering if Rachel had seen a grown-up Audric on the bridge, but I can’t remember if there’s been enough time since she met him that he would be that old now. Probably not.

  356. Jennifer

    Although he is missed, I can’t see anyway for Kisten to come back. I know he loved Rachel and Rachel loved him, but I hope her future is with Trent.

  357. Nancy H

    Kisten is gone. 😦 But what a complexity for Rachel if he were to come back!

  358. jessica gibson

    I pegged kisten gone after all this time. But it would be cool if he made an appearance.

  359. Nici

    I think he is gone but I hope that he will show up in the last book and to give his blessings *wink wink* if you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

  360. Sarah

    I have to say YES Kisten will show up in the final book coming after THE UNDEAD POOL. πŸ™‚

  361. Cheryl Kesner

    I believe he is truly dead and gone…otherwise the last book is going to be even more crazy and intense than I already think it will be!

  362. Kathleen Langlo

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  363. Tracy Everitt

    I thought Kisten was gone forever but I don’t want him gone. Can’t he come back somehow, someway? It’s possible right? Yes any thing is possible. Rachael should see him again, only if it’s just for a visit.

  364. Frankie

    I have no reason not to believe you could bring Kisten back if you wanted. And, since you keep teasing us with the idea… perhaps he is back, in a way… Why would you keep bringing up the idea, otherwise? Hmmm? πŸ˜‰

  365. Diane Aitken

    poor Kisten, i thought he was lovely, don’t see him coming back from the undead though…

  366. Kisten is dead and gone? Hmmm…lol

  367. Eva

    I think Kisten is really gone. And I seriously cried about it! 😦

  368. Kelly Thomas

    It’s sad to say, but I think he is truly gone. 😦

  369. Danyel

    I think he’s truly gone. At least I did right up until you asked the question — if any of my friends had asked, the doubt would not have niggled in. But I concur with others — it’d be tough to say goodbye again.

  370. Donna

    I think Kisten is gone, however he still has an impact on Rachael and Ivy and always will. When we loose someone we love, they are never truly gone forever!!!

  371. I would have loved it if he had stayed, or could come back. Kisten was utterly delightful. But I think gone is gone in this case.

  372. Kistin might show up… you never know what goes on in an author’s head… especially concerning the undead! And last book… oh no! Tragic!!! What will this girl read besides your next awesome series…

  373. Krista

    I’ve never given it much thought, but I hope he’s not coming back. Rachel has finally moved on and reached a happy place in her life.

  374. Amanda Pearce

    I think Kisten is truly dead now but it took me a couple books after to truly realize it πŸ™‚

  375. Brandy Rea

    Kisten dying was the worst and the best thing to happen and I think he needs to stay dead but damn I miss him

  376. Christina Crow

    I think Kisten is gone. 😦 Even though him coming back would be a dramatic twist for Rachel and Trent πŸ˜›

  377. Jessi deroia

    I absolutely thought that Kisten was gone. Until you just planted that seed. I really hope he comes back, he was one of my favorite characters.

  378. Rachel Vale

    Gone : ( but a Kisten ghost would be oh so wonderful!

  379. Ken

    I think that Kisten is gone

  380. I think that he’s dead, and I really hope he doesn’t come back. Because, while I liked Kisten, I think having him come back would lesson the impact of him being dead.

  381. Ken

    I think that Kisten is gone.

  382. Gloria Jewell

    I think he will come back and then leave us hanging begging for another book.

  383. Amanda

    After reading ch. 2 of UP, I desperately wanted Kisten to be back. But as I’ve done the read-along and thought more about Kim’s comments with Rachel growing, needing someone who would challenge her to keep growing… Well, even if we get glimpses of Kisten’s ghost/soul/etc., I don’t think he’ll be back for Rachel’s HEA.

  384. Tiger

    I think that he’s truly gone. Although I have finally accepted it and comes to terms with the idea so that likely means that he’ll make some sort of appearance that will break my heart.

  385. Heather M.

    I love the cover…Rachel means business!

  386. spethel

    I’ve always believed that Kisten is gone, but now you make me wonder…

  387. Laura Boyer

    I think he could come back. You just never know with those sneaky vamps.

  388. Y’know, despite all the evidence, I half believe he will turn up. Maybe not for keeps, but at least stick his ghostly little head in.

  389. Yvette Maran

    I hope with all my heart that Kristin would come back. Rachel needs too be happy. I all ways wanted her to be with Trent, but I think it would never work out between them. They would still be good friends. Her heart will belong to Kristen’s forever!!!!!!

  390. Brandy Jones

    Hi, Kim Thanks again for another awesome give away! As for Rachel seeing Kisten again would mean she is dreaming or has found some way to bring twice dead vampires back or maybe see him as an angel, but that is why I love the graphic novels so that I can see them together again, so I was wondering if we would ever see his sisters kid again? Thanks again & looking forward to the next books

  391. Teresa

    I think Kristen is gone and wont be back. *sigh*

  392. Kea Barn ica

    I believe that if Bobby could come back in Dallas, then kisten can come back too!


  393. Sadly, I think Kisten is gone, man died TWICE. BUt in the realm of demonic stuff, anything is possible! Leave it to Kim and her imagination to make ours go wild.

  394. Kyla

    I would love love love! If kisten did come back and there are minor clues that could lead to this. But all around I do think we have bid goodbye to our livable handsome vamp 😦

  395. Valerie

    I think he is really gone, but I sure wish he would come back.

  396. Mallory smith

    I am hopeful listen pops back in!!!

  397. Chelsea S.

    I think Kisten is really gone.

  398. Aylah O'Connell

    Heartbreakingly, I think he’s gone for good. I think it would be even worse of he came back to be honest, he would never be the Kisten that Rachel (or myself!) was in love with again.

  399. Jeni

    We may get to see Kisten as a ghost?

  400. usually when that question is asked the answer is no but i feel strongly about my opinion i think that kisten will come back becasue im not sure he is dead he is probably just away at the moment and will come back when he is ready though i feel that would put rachal in a really bad shock since she is slowly coming to terms with him being gone

  401. I think Kisten is well and truly gone. 😦 Rachel tried to bring him back like she did for Pierce and it never worked. I miss Kisten, but like the direction Rachel is going in now with Trent. πŸ™‚

  402. Kathleen Mitchell

    I think Kisten may show up in a dream scene or ghost like activity or something. You can never write off the good-looking vamp!

  403. Emily T

    Maybe he’ll come back to help with some final closure. But not if he is going to complicate the Rachel/Trent dynamics more!

  404. kristina

    I think Kisten is truly gone.

  405. Kat

    Oh how I wish you had left Kist out of this!
    That Ch2 reference when I read it, oh my. I had finally gotten to the point that I didn’t want to cry whenever he was mentioned! With all my heart and soul I want him back, but you have said many times he is gone, so I will have to live with it. Thank you though for creating the first character who’s death I cried over. πŸ™‚

  406. I think he is gone. I wanted him to show back up earlier, but not now.

  407. Peggy

    I think Kisten is gone. I was sorry to see him go, but would be more sorry to see him back.

  408. Even though I think Kisten is one of the best male characters ever (Next to Roarke, from the In death series) I feel he is gone. Truly gone

  409. justin p

    I don’t believe the drinking of blood from another vampire truly killed him I think he has become a true vampire and is hiding to regain his strength and will help Rachael an ivy when they are at a time when they really need it I believe he was such a beloved character that he will make a return.

    PS as I am a truck driver audio books are perfect as they make the miles go bye faster

  410. Sara Hanobik

    I really enjoyed Kisten’s character, but after coming to grips with his loss I don’t think I’d want him to come back. Except as a memory or per I’ve always been pulling for Trent. Love him!

  411. Jana Leah

    I think Kisten is gone, but maybe there will be some flashback scenes?

  412. I hope Kisten is gone, if he comes back he will be a shadow of what he was and he will just ruin the memory of him. I could see him appearing in a dream, hallucination or flashback sort of deal though.

  413. I loved Kisten while he was here, but at this point I am so vested in Rachel/Trent that I don’t think I would want him back. Unless his return prompted Trent to get off of the Ellasbeth thing and finally figure out that he wanted to be with Rachel.

  414. Danny Weaver

    A dangling plot thread? Pierce was an unhappy/restless spirit that refused to go. Kisten has MANY reasons for wanting to stay. No, I absolutely believe there will be a resolution with Kisten. He and Rachel and Ivy will communicate after the fact of his deaths. Hes completely gone, but will impact the series, even if just to say goodbye. And it all has something to do with that burned out pool table….

  415. Leslie D.

    Yes, I think he is gone. But maybe he will show up in a flashback…?

  416. Elizabeth Greene

    I think Kisten is truly gone, though I wish he wasn’t!

  417. dawn musch

    pqersonally i think he is gonna come back

  418. He is truly dead !! But I’m litteraly dying to see him back !!!! So maybe, bring him back :-p

  419. Jodi Martinez

    Kisten will be back and ready to play. (Play nasty?)

  420. I think he is gone but anything can happen

  421. Ari Rostkier

    Hi! I’m here cause a friend kind of forced me into this. She loves The Hollows’s Series and I owe her a favor so here I am. I think the cover of this book is quite sexy and provocative, than woman seems dangerous. πŸ˜‰

  422. Mathias Esteves

    I hadn’t thought about it but now that you mention it I think Kisten will come back and it will have something to do with the whole vampire’s soul problem Rachel is trying to fix

  423. Gina Barry

    I too think Kisten is dead twice. All the grief and finally acceptance that Rachel and Ivy have gone thru it would serve no purpose at this point for Kisten to be back from the dead.

  424. Danielle

    I think he’s truly gone and if by some crazy Hollows magic he did return – what about Trent and Rachel?

  425. Even though it would be awesome for Kisten to be around again, and it breaks my heart just to say this, I believe he his truly gone……. however you asking the question makes me wonder….

  426. tamra durham

    Hes gone

  427. Cheryl

    I always thought that Kisten was dead and gone. It never occurred to me that he could come back. Now I have doubts. You tease! πŸ™‚

  428. regan hinson

    I think Kisten is gone. I sure did hope he would pop back up earlier but now I don’t know how I feel about that.

  429. Susan

    Dead. Dead twice. HOWEVER, crazy things happen in the world of the Hollows! Do we really know who took his body from the boat? Do we really know all the secrets of the Vampires? The door is open a wee little bit for a twist…

  430. Angela

    No. In his own words he believed that he regained his soul and went ‘home’:
    “Tell Ivy,” he said with a gasp, clenching in on himself. “Tell Ivy that it wasn’t her fault. And tell her that at the end…you remember love. I don’t think…we lose our souls…at all. I think God keeps them for us until we…come home. I love you, Rachel.”

  431. Angelique Morris

    I think he is gone but I have a wiggle of hope that we will see him in the last book!

  432. Laura K Thorpe

    Yeah, Kist is well and truly gone. The only way I think we’ll see him again is either in flashback or if Rachel has a nice dream where she gets to have a proper good-bye with him. πŸ™‚

  433. Kscram

    I really hope Kisten is not back, Rachel should be with Trent.
    Love the books thanks much

  434. I loved Kisten when he was around but I think he needs to stay truly dead. Why? because Rachael has moved on and grown from where she was when she was with him. I don’t think they would be a good fit now.

  435. Teresa Jill McCormack

    Ooh that is a tough, on the one hand I really like her with Kisten and despaired of Rachel ever finding a guy like that again. But I have become very attached to the idea of her with Trent. Really looking forward to whichever way the story takes you.

  436. I think that he is gone, but perhaps there will be a crazy twist at the end??

  437. I think Kristen will be back but it may not really be him or something will be wrong with him. You always have a twist to the way that things appear to be.

  438. Kisten is twice dead but with Kim’s imagination ,anything is possible. I’d love to see him come back for Rachel, he’s her one true love : )

  439. Theresa Heldman

    After being killed twice I would be very surprised to see him appear.

  440. Sara Spencer

    I think he is well and truly dead. I grieved big time for him and not real sure I could go thru that again lol. It is the Hallows tho so ya nvr know!!!!

  441. Carra

    Honestly, I believe Kisten is gone…however, I would absolutely adore it if he was able to come back in some way. To this day, he is my favorite.

  442. Kelli L

    Sadly, I think Kisten is gone. 😟 But, still holding out hope for a bit if Hallows magic.

  443. Julie H

    Dead as a door nail, hopefully. I’ve always been more of a fan of the Rachel/Trent matchup.

  444. Meaghan Rothwell

    I haven’t had the chance to read the book yet but the cover is amazing. Even though I haven’t read the book Kisten is strong and stubborn so if anyone could make it back it would be him πŸ™‚

  445. Tina

    I think the real Kisten is truly dead and gone (which I am sad about, but I love Trent). Who or whatever shows up in TUP, I can only guess!

  446. Shana Hoover

    I refuse to believe he’s truly gone, because I loved him so much. I keep the hope alive!

  447. As much as I loved Kisten, I think a reappearance by him would not be a good thing at this point. Ultimately, I don’t think he and Rachel would have worked out.

  448. Rachel Zimmerman

    I think he may be back somehow!

  449. I don’t know if I could stand it if he came back… 😦 I was pretty heart broken. I wanna say he is gone. Maybe the person Rachel saw was a family member! That’s my thought.

  450. Sorry – Kisten not Kirsten! Dumb phone keeps correcting me grrrrrr…..

  451. Perhaps Kisten had a twin.

  452. Jimena Inda

    I think Kisten is truly gone 😦

  453. Cat 584

    Hi Kim, Happy New Year and thanks for another great giveaway! I don’t believe Kisten is alive because of comments you’ve made and it wouldn’t fit the story now. He was such a great character but he couldn’t have fit in Rachel’s life for long. So sad because he died with such love and honor.

  454. Laura Loveless

    dead as dust……but who knows – it is the Hollows after all!

  455. Debbie Mueller

    I believe he has died twice and only lives in the memories of all the readers that came to love him as much as Rachel (and that includes me!).

  456. Michelle Johnson

    I have not read any of it, so I do not know if he is dead or not. I have recently been told by a family member that you are their favorite author so I thought it would be really cool to check into you. I saw this giveaway and thought it would be cool to enter. I love the cover of the book. It makes me wonder what is going on. I am going to look into these books whether or not I win. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful New Year.

  457. inkie

    I believe he’s gone in the sense that he will never come back and take part in the story again, but maybe we’ll get a glimpse of him when Rachel is attempting to save Ivy’s soul, or if there’s an epic battle where Rachel has the support of her dead loved ones Γ  la Harry Potter.

  458. terra Schimanke

    Kirsten will probably make an appearance in some form of montage or spirit form. Great series! !!! I will be sorry to see it end.

  459. SofΓ­a Lara

    I’ve already cried all my tears for Kisten’s death so don’t you dare giving me hope now! I think he is truly gone for ever and I am really sorry for it.

  460. Jenny T

    I think he is truly dead, he died twice!, although would be nice to see him again.

  461. shirley mccollum

    Yes I think kisten is truly gone sadly.

  462. Emily

    I think he is gone but it was be awesome if he found a way back in the last book

  463. Katherine Jenks

    I’m pretty sure he’s gone, but I can always hope that he’ll make a grand reappearance πŸ™‚

  464. Laura Stratton

    Oh that’s a tricky one. It will prolly have to do with magic cuz his ashes are under Ivys bed, which means Rachel might have some pretty tough choices to make, but what about Trent?? Oh man!

  465. Alyson

    I can only hope that Kisten makes an appearance. I always liked him, even when he seemed like a jerk in the beginning.

  466. Sarah

    dead and gone, but might show up in a flashback or dream.

  467. I think In the true sense he is gone, but you never know what can happen in the Hallows, maybe he will come back from the past to warn her of something of the future, or maybe because he died a horrible death, he is allowed to come back to save his true love once and only once. But as far as he being more then a corporeal horrible death, he is allowed to come back to save his true love once and only once. But as far as he being more then a corporeal existence. I don’t think so, Rachel is going to be with Trent. He has become yin to her yang.

  468. Jen W.

    I haven’t finished White Witch, Black Curse so I’ll just have to say that I love the attitude of Rachel on the cover. So totally her!

  469. I don’t think Kisten is truly dead & gone. I think he will make a reappearance in Rachel’s life again somehow.

  470. Oh my gosh I hope so! I cried my little heart out when he died πŸ˜₯

  471. tammie willisms

    I think Kis will be back (at least I hope so ). After all you can’t keep a good man down.

  472. Barb W

    Oh, just the thought that Kisten could come back makes me warm. But, other than a mention in the final book, I don’t think he is coming back. Mainly cause you said he is truly dead. I am hoping that maybe his role in the final book will be to help Ivy in her ultimate quest. To either accept what is, or getting what she is looking for. Yeah, that would work for me. πŸ™‚

  473. Aida Mahler

    I think he will be back but he’s going to be changed not the same .

  474. As much as it seriously depresses me I believe he is truly gone =( you handled it well and had a good reason to do it but I really hate it when a beloved character is killed off. Had an extremely hard time picking up the book back up and continuing on.

  475. mandi w

    Besides being in the hearts of those who loved him, on this earthly plane I believe he is well and truly gone. 😦

  476. Ann W.

    This is a fantasy world. Is anyone ever truly dead? πŸ˜‰

  477. Meg

    While it would make me VERY happy to see Kisten again (I miss him), I believe that he’s really gone for good.

  478. Lara Conlin

    It would be a nice twist if Kisten did reappear but it would be so hard on Rachel & Ivy after the grief they went through.

  479. Jessica R.

    Unfortunately, he’s gone for good.

  480. Rebecca Klingsten

    As much as I would like Kisten to come back, I don’t think that he’s going to. Too much has happened without him there but who knows.

  481. Christina Kelley

    I think he is truly gone. But then you ask this question! Why do you torture me so? Why?! Now I’m thinking, “is it possible? But how?” Hmmmm…. Going to have to think about his one.

  482. alexis

    will Kisten make a reappearance in the final book of the series? Yes. u asked the question, so he will be in it. How will he do that? probably as a dream/vision him. to advise and free Rachel from her unresolved love so she can move on in a vital way.

  483. Rae G.

    I think Kisten will make an appearance. I don’t think he is well and truly gone.

  484. Danniell Hampton

    I think Kisten is truly gone.

  485. Rachel Sternberg

    Haven’t had the chance to read it yet and I have loved all the artwork on your book covers. Pulls you in to pick it up and check out what’s going on inside.

  486. Liz Sherer

    I believe Kisten will be back. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not though.

  487. AimΓ©e Laibida

    I think Kistin will be very alive… In spirit, not in flesh, or even as a ghost though.

  488. Stacy

    I think when Rachael finally figure out how to save Ivy’s soul, she may get to speak with Kisten.

  489. Crystal Dinwiddie

    I think Kristen will show up again

  490. Dennisse

    While I always hold out a bit of hope I do think he is well and truly gone. If he does return of be surprised and excited and wary. I’m excited for the new book and the cover is great as always.

  491. Jami Mcpherson

    I feel that Kristen should stay dead! Ivy and Rachel are finally able to get on with their lives. Just saying!

  492. lisa

    I don’t think he’s coming back. He has been gone for so long with no storyline, but given these books you never know. Maybe he has his own walkie talkie man somewhere that we don’t know about.

  493. Dian Phillips

    Unfortunately, I think our dear Kisten is gone. He died undead, and Rachel has been in places and had openings for him to contact her if he was a ghost.

  494. I don’t this Kisten will be coming back. I think he is truly dead.

  495. Brandi Lisa B

    It breaks my heart to admit it, he’s truly gone. But never forgotten!

  496. Heavynleigh

    Nah, I think Kisten is gone for good. I can’t imagine a scenario in which Kisten needs to make an appearance again, except maybe if Rachel dies for a few minutes and sees him then. But to what end? No, Kisten is gone and it is time to let him go.

  497. Jennifer Hornberger

    I am holding out hope he’ll be back but then Rachel will have lots of choices to make

  498. Christina Hummel

    I haven’t read this personally, but I’d love to get into a new series! And that is one hot looking cover!

  499. s. b

    i say he is dead BUT MAYBE JUST MAYBE! we will see his sexy-ness again!

  500. Bianca Dust

    That’s cruel. Bringing up Kisten after I’ve believed he’s been gone for good for so long. It almost gives me hope. Almost. Can’t wait for The Undead Pool!

  501. Claudia

    I think that Kisten is well and truly gone. I don’t see any way that he would come back to life, and things with him and Rachel would just pick up where they left off. Well, maybe in a dream or a flashback. Of course, there’s always magic. Magic makes many things possible. He may come back, but not in the way that he would truly be alive.

  502. I think Kisten is gone but I also think Rachel will see him one last time in the end.

  503. Anna Hill

    I hope he is not truly gone I would love to see him pop up again. And the new cover is interesting. I can’t wait to read it soooo excited!!

  504. Sari

    I love Kisten. He was it for me in the beginning, but now I think Trent is it for Rachel. I would have loved for him to come back in the middle of the series, but I think Rachel is too involved with Trent now. So I hope Kisten doesn’t come back, even though I still miss him.

  505. Sara Kline

    As much as it pains me…I think Kisten is well and truly gone. I hated it then and it broke my heart but I am happy with Rachel’s growth since then. It’s been an interesting ride!

  506. stacy lott

    I truly believed Kist was gone for good, until Kim had to bring up the possibility of an appearance in the last book. Now I’m trying to come up with some scenario in which it could happen. I want Rachel to be at deaths door and kisten appears as an angel to turn her back because its not here time, and he reassures her of what a good person she is and all the good she has yet to do.

  507. I don’t think Kisten will be making any more appearances. I would love it if he did though!

  508. I’m right in the middle of White Witch and loving it as if it were the first time!

  509. you about made my heart jump out of my chest during that scene in The Undead Pool (don’t want to spoil). I think he is gone. Otherwise what about Trent?

  510. As much as I would love to see him again, I think it would be too painful to have to say goodbye once more. I hope he’s gone, the heartbreak is too much to deal with twice. Even re reading is hard!

  511. Tom W.

    I think Kisten is gone, but hopefully he will surprise us in the end

  512. Heavynleigh

    I think Kisten making another appearance would be bittersweet. I don’t think he will be back again though.

  513. Catherine

    As much as I hate it, I think he us truly gone.

  514. Emily Fontenot

    Kisten is gone, but can’t he come back? Maybe as a ghost?

  515. Diane

    I know you love Kisten , who doesn’t? But yes, he died twice. His memory lives on and I don’t know about a vamp ghost, but the only way we have seen him is if Al shows up that way. Besides like Lisa said. You have told me he is gone. 😦

  516. I think he is still with Rachel in spirit, we will have to see if they can reconnect.

  517. Megan

    I think he’s gone for good. 😦 I’m not sure if I want him back, if he would be, you know? It’s been a while and so much has happened… I doubt that would be wonderful for Rachel if Kisten shows back up out of the blue. ^^

  518. Kisten is truly dead unless someone cursed Rachel to think he is…………. He may be back……..

  519. Erin

    I think Kisten is truly gone, but it is not unheard of for a person to see someone really special when they need to so they know what they are doing is right.

  520. Lyn Shahan

    Not sure how he could come back….I do miss him in the books but here’s to seeing what happens between Rach and Trent…and FINAL book???? Say it isn’t so…. 😦

  521. Lynn

    He is forever gone 😦 still breaks my heart.

  522. While you have said that Kisten is gone, I still hold out hope πŸ™‚

  523. Deni

    Truly hope Kisten makes a come back, almost left the Hollows for good when he died…..

  524. As much as I would love to find out that Kisten isn’t truly gone I think he is. If he somehow shows up again I suspect whoever sees him will be hallucinating and/or in a world of hurt.

  525. Becca

    Is Kisten is well and truly gone, or if he will show up in the final book? I’d never really considered that before. I figured it’d be hard for a soul to linger for a vamp, since they don’t have one after their second death. I know his death was meant to be unsettling, and since the series is coming to an end (tear) it could be something explored, especially if vamps are playing a big role soon… But, hey, I loved Kisten, so I sure hope he does show!

  526. Christy

    Even though you have mentioned it many times that Kisten is sadly truly gone.. A Part of me is hopeful that he didn’t have his 2nd death. I look forward to reading “The Undead Pool”, and will probably wonder the whole time whilst reading if Kisten will pop up.

  527. Andi

    I think Kisten is going to make an appearance. At least in a flashback or dream, does that count? πŸ™‚

  528. I think that if Kisten were not really and truly gone, he’d have returned to Rache by now, regardless of being undead. I don’t think he’d have put Ivy through grieving for him, and risking her relapse. Unfortunately, I have to believe that he’s double dead.

  529. Sarah M.

    Unfortunately, I think Kisten is well and truly gone. I’m not overly emotional, but I definitely shed some tears for Kisten. It was awful and perfect at the same time.

  530. Michelle Darbonne

    I think Kisten is gone. However, I feel like he is still tied to the pool table in the church. Might just be wishful thinking. Even though I miss him, I do like the Rachel we have now.

  531. Amanda Higbie

    I can’t say I’ve thought about it before. He seems truly gone, not that I’d object to him coming back. I’m shipping Rachael and Trent hard though so… ehhh D: -flails-
    So I’ll just go with ‘Truly Gone’ yea

  532. Kyle Reynolds

    With Rachels power growing more and more and her previous run-ins with ghost of sorts I think there’s a chance we will at least hear from Kisten or maybe even find a way to save his soul. πŸ™‚

  533. megan

    I have been hoping that he would come back; however, knowing that he would not be the same, well, it would break the hearts of Rachel and Ivy. They have both had enough heartbreak. I have missed him in the books though.

  534. Mike Mullen

    Sorry but I think he was DRT (Dead Right There) although he wouldn’t be the first ghost in the series in love with Rachel. Hmmmm….

  535. Brenda R.

    I think Kisten is gone for good.

    Nice prize pack!

  536. I think he is really gone sadly but am hopeful Rachel gets a happy ever after am hopeful! !!! πŸ™‚

  537. Lori Olds

    I like to think anything is possible and some way some how he will be baxk and true love prevails!

  538. I too wish Kisten was coming back… but I also believe he’s gone. I want Trent and Rachel to get all snarky romance-y.

  539. Martin

    Kisten is “true dead”. For it to be otherwise demeans the sacrifice.

  540. Jen Holmes

    I think Kisten is gone 😦

  541. I just finished reading Dead Witch Walking and started on The Good, The Bad, and the Undead last night so I’m just getting to know Kisten’s character. Can’t wait to get caught up and learn more about each character and their personalities.

    Love your work Kim! So happy I stumbled upon your books.

  542. Earl C

    Kisten is gone. That doesn’t mean that his memory won’t be used against those who loved him.

  543. Ok I think he is truly gone. Because if your going to die for a girl them u better die for her cause if u come back from that then the sacrifice wasn’t worth it. Plus because of him having been and went she has a shot with a used to be bad guy Trent.

  544. Alisha L

    Kisten is dead twice, Ivy has his ashes in her room, and he did not linger in purgatory. If he comes back, it will be fantasy.

  545. Michelle

    I would soooo love for Kisten to come back in one way or another, i love him and Rachel together, but unfortunately I think he is truly gone 😦

  546. Truman Faircloth

    I think Kisten is gone and not coming back.

  547. Julie

    Kisten is dead.

  548. Amy Ryan

    I’ve seen some of the covers and I like them unique and I like the different colour schemes on each one. I haven’t read the series yet its next on my list my mam is always telling to read them but I have to get them in audiobooks since I’m visually impaired and can’t read print and all I’ve heard is great comments about these books so I know I’m gonna have to try a get the whole lot of them because once I start a series I’m up almost day and night until I’ve finished it πŸ˜€ I’m hoping by the start of Feb I’ll be able to start them, thanks for opening up the giveaway to international πŸ™‚ Happy New Year!


  549. OMG how I would love Kisten to re-appear!! Not sure how you could do it except some freaky new power for Rachel but he was the only one who seemed to truly love her and I do think it would be a very fitting end!!! So here’s my vote for what it’s worth!! YES I do think Kisten could come back in the new book Dead Pool….pretty please =)

  550. Lori

    It would be fantastic if Kisten showed back up! However, I would worry about what kind of shape he might be in, and how it would affect Rachel.

  551. sarah

    Geez I thought he was gone for good but now I am rethinking that, I hope he comes back if only in spirit form.

  552. I think if Rachel finds a way to save vampire souls, maybe she could find a way to bring Kist back…

  553. leslie keast

    Oh, he’s gone alright. But maybe his evil twin will appear.

  554. Michelle L

    I do think Kisten is truly gone and don’t believe he’ll be back.

  555. Oh what a cool idea, however I think in the physical sense he is gone, however maybe he will come back in “dreams” or something to give advice or help.. he had strong connections one never knows.

  556. Lisa V.

    I think he will come back and be with Ivy. Rachel with Trent.

  557. Tammy

    I want kisten back old romantic

  558. christina

    Yes I think he is well and truly gone, but I kinda hope his ghost shows up, he was a nice guy. πŸ™‚

  559. Oh my gosh! Kisten! I thought he was long gone and now this question? I think that it would be great for her to get closure and be able to say good-bye. Perhaps she’ll get a chance meeting with him in his spirit form.

  560. Annette Staehle

    I think Kristen is well and truly dead although i’m disappointed he is. I really liked his character.

  561. Krysta

    As much as I love(d) Kisten and his relationship with Rachel… I think he’s gone.
    Though as some people have said before, maybe he’s on the other side. While I think Rachel has moved on, I think he will always have a special place in her heart.
    If he came back and swept Rachel back in to his arms though, I’d be A-OK with that!
    Trent is alright, but I don’t think he and Rachel are meant to be.

  562. erin

    i think he is gone, but whenever i think that, an author will throw them back in the mix!

  563. Kisten is gone. But Rachel carries on. I love Rachel!

  564. Valerie

    I definitely think he is gone. If he wasn’t, I think he would have shown up by now.

  565. Danielle Smith

    Darn it, Kim! I never even considered that Kisten might still be around. Why are you toying with my emotions! Sigh…

  566. Cass Afrass

    I believe Kisten is really and truly gone. IF he makes a return, it would be in a dream-sequence type of event, not in any real tangible sense.

  567. jayne luckett

    I mean hell that would be one major twist and such if he did….but i hope not. I love kisten but love trent and Rachael more lol.

  568. Julie Elliott

    I don’t think Kisten will be back. I would love it if he did show up but I don’t want Rachel to have more complications than she needs in the romance department.

  569. I think he’s gone but I wouldn’t mind seeing him again in any form. πŸ™‚

  570. As much as I wish otherwise, I think Kisten (my book boyfriend) is well and truly dead.

  571. Susan McLeish

    Kisten can not come back due to being a soulless entity. he is gone but not forgotten!

  572. As gut wrenching as THAT was, I know that he is well and truly gone, but I think that he was a big part of the story that had to be told in the way it was. He had a huge impact on Rachel’s life and helped to make her a more confident person.

  573. Lisa

    Kisten is gone. Despite how much we loved him.

  574. Dawn Laroche

    Ooh what an intriguing thought! No I think Kisten is gone and after all this time of Ivy and Rachel getting through the grief, it’s best he doesn’t come back. Kisten’s death contributed to Rachel growing as a character. Plus I love the whole Trent/Rachel relationship!

  575. Amy McDonald

    I think Kisten is dead, but i so loved him!!! It would be nice to see him as a ghost to say his goodbyes, but i feel it would hurt Rachel and i hope she ends up with Trent in the end!!!

  576. Michelle Sims

    I am a few books behind, but being snowed in shall allot me time to fix that πŸ™‚ I like the cover!

  577. I love Kisten, but Rachel NEEDS to find love with Trent.. and I’m freaking out over the mention of last book…..no!!!!

  578. Danielle DePietro

    I think Kisten is truly dead. I also wouldn’t want him showing up in the last book, I want Rachel with Trent!

  579. Gail Siuba

    Hi Kim, Yes, I think Kisten is truly gone. I think what remains is the love he showed & gave to Rachel.

    Hope your safe & warm. My area got a solid hit with the snow & cold. Even if I could get out of my driveway, our county has stated no-one should be out driving with the exception of emergency vehicles. That’s a first!

  580. Liz Engebrecht

    I keep hoping Kisten will show up. If only to give Rachel some kind of peace or closure…

  581. Tommi Mcd.

    I think he’s gone, its been made pretty clear that he is… but would love to see him come back.. or do you kill off rachel too???? ah, the wait is the worse….

  582. Whoa! I thought Kisten was a long gone memory and then you asked this question and I don’t know what to think! I want Rachel with Trent, but I think it would be tear worthy awesomeness if she got a chance to encounter him (as a spirit brought back with that spell?) to get some closure and say goodbye for real. Maybe it would be what she needs to really be able to move on, since I believe she was truly in love with Kisten.

  583. Jacqueline BΓΆge

    I hope he will come BACK…i miss him and love him almost as much as rachel do πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

  584. Brenda t

    normally I would have said yes he is gone but hmmm…now I don’t know.

  585. Kelley

    I always thought Kisten was gone for good, but now you have me wondering. AGH! I love both Trent and Kisten so I’m not sure how I’d feel if he came back.

  586. I think Kisten is likely gone, he had a good wrap up an the character has mostly gone full circle and all.

  587. Bethany S

    I am fairly certain that Kisten is well and truly gone. Though this question gives me hope that I am wrong.

  588. Rob Smith

    As much as I liked him, he will not be back.

  589. Charlene BRASUELL

    I think he is gone but I hope Rachel finds his spirit and that he is happy in an afterlife. Then Rachel would know Ivys soul would be saved

  590. I never considered for a moment that Kisten was not gone for good… but now, hmmmmmm.

  591. As much as I want Kisten back, i don’t think my heart could take him coming back and finding Rach has moved on.

  592. Vicki Arce-Guillen

    It would be nice to hear Kisten is happy on the other side, but I do not think Rachel needs him anymore.

  593. adelle medberry

    Bah final book!? I’m in a panic! I think he is gone, but wish he would come back!

  594. Michelle Sorensen

    Man I would love to have Kristen come back! That would be epic! It would throw off any romance between Rachel and Trent…

  595. Luann

    As much as I love Kisten, I don’t think he’ll be coming back 😦 unless it’s a memory

  596. Kisten is gone 😦 I don’t think my heart would take it if he came back but Rach had moved on.

  597. I think that in fiction, well written AWESOME fiction such as this, anything is possible- and yes. I think we could see Kistin in the next book!

  598. Brandy Golden

    I thought he was dead…but now I’m not so sure.

  599. Teresa Roetto

    Kisten is-was a vampire. So maybe only mostly dead. Deadish.

  600. Joanna Hess

    I think Kristen is truly gone but it would be a great twist to have Rachel finally get with Trent and then surprise surprise it’s Kristen back! I do not like the idea of the end of the series coming though. It makes me sad πŸ˜ͺ

  601. megamore

    I was sure he was gone for good . . . until you asked this question!

  602. marti

    Have not had pleasure of reading last 2 books yet. Love the cover, reminds me of New Orleans meets old north n south style with a little bit of charlies angels thrown in.

  603. Tracey Phillips

    Kist is truly gone! But, if there’s a way to bring him back- try!!!! It still breaks my heart. Maybe his spirit will return or that soul he lost right before he died can come back! Either way, I cannot wait. ❀

  604. Teal Crain

    I think Kisten is truly gone/ but one thing I have learned from the wonderful world of literature is that you can never expect the expected!

  605. Diana Hurst

    Truly gone

  606. I have mixed feelings about Kist. I really liked Kist and was sad to see him killed, but I would rather see Trent with Rachel.

  607. Heather Wicks

    I think he is dead and gone even though I’m absolutely devastated. I’m now on White Witch Black Curse and still not over his death!

  608. k

    I hope not. I did like the reply about a possible twin brother angle.

  609. g33kxx

    Well I DID think he was gone but now that you say that I have to question it πŸ˜‰

  610. Amanda

    I think he is honestly gone…..and that makes me sad 😦

  611. Traci Landtroop

    I think he is truly gone but you never know, something interesting could happen. πŸ™‚

  612. I think sadly he’s truly got…but I can still hold out hope! πŸ˜‰

  613. Stacy M

    He died twice so I’d say he is gone. Even thinking about it makes me want to cry. Even if he does make an appearance, I don’t think it would be anything more than a vision or a spirit, which is just another way to make me cry. Funny, when I started reading the books I didn’t like him, but by the end he had shown just what kind of a man he was, and it was great.

  614. Garren

    Hmmm, nope I don’ expect Kisten to make a return.

  615. Judy Lovely

    Sadly, I believe Kisten is truly dead and won’t be reappearing.

  616. Jessica D

    I haven’t read this far yet so I have no idea what’s going on. But I absolutely love the cover!! As for our snow, it melted during last night during our rain storm but it’s all going to freeze today/tonight because we’re in for some bitter cold weather. We’re talking about not breaking 0 for the high tomorrow! Did I mention that today’s my birthday too? I love when it snows on my birthday. Thanks for your giveaway!

  617. Wendy Bailey

    I think Kisten is truly dead but still hoping he’ll make an appearance.

  618. Telka Hart

    With how died I think Kisten is gone for good, while the new cover on the book looks amazing!

  619. Although I would love to see Kisten again I do feel that he is gone for good.

  620. Jinny

    Until I read your question I thought he was gone. But since you ask, maybe he isn’t…

  621. Drjenn

    Hmmmm…ghost? No, I think he is truly gone. He died twice and all that.

  622. i think his ghost could come back to Rachel just when she need him the most she a demon for crying out loud she could figure out a away to get him back if she really wanted to do so. but otherwise yes he is gone and is greatly missed .

  623. Sarah Davis

    I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m hoping he isn’t gone forever. I kinda liked him. πŸ™‚

  624. Pam M

    Kisten….. I think he is gone……. But I think he maybe back…. You never can tell with Rach and her friends and her magic!

  625. Your world…your rules…wow, the possibilities! I still miss Kist…Maybe we will hear from him again…

  626. Amy

    Oh Kist is gone, gone, gone. Dead twice and moved on.

  627. Holding on to hope but I don’t think he made it.

  628. Rositsa

    Kisten’s story is over. He grew as a character in the books to the point where there could be no more development in the relationship between them. His death and the conclusion after that make it all the more final and I don’t think it would be a good idea to revive him again.

  629. I think Kisten is truly gone. As lovely as it would be for him to come back, I think Kisten was great for Rachel, but ultimately not ‘the one’. Their relationship taught her some valuable lessons that she needed. ….that being said, if he shows up, I’ll probably cry πŸ™‚ But what about Trent….?

  630. I think Kisten is truly dead and gone.

  631. Michelle

    I think Kisten is well truly gone from the physical world… But that’s not to say she couldn’t get a spiritual visit approving her and Trent…


    I think he will make an appearance, but not a living one.

  633. Mickie Darnell

    Unfortunately I think Kisten is gone-gone since he died twice. I do miss him, think things might have been different had he been around. I don’t really like that Rachel has “feelings” for Trent…. seems wrong somehow.. They are too different, and Rachel and Kisten were “more” right for one another. I feel Kisten was her “true love”.
    Besides, I agree with “Kat”, I wish he were here to roll around in the snow with. hehe

  634. Joan

    Anything is possible

  635. Danielle Miller

    Sadly, he is gone…

  636. Michelle Kupst

    I believe Kisten is gone physically but his spirit my be very well hiding in the shadows waiting for you to give us a pleasant surprise when he & Rachel cross paths again…….*crossing fingers & so hoping this is true*

  637. Tess Wooten

    Alas, Kristen is gone…But maybe he has a long lost twin! XOX

  638. Kisten may be gone now, but Rachel is a demon and who knows what kind of spells Al has. So, no I don’t think Kisten is truly gone forever.

  639. Dawn

    He died twice – so I think he is gone – except in the hearts of those who loved him.

  640. vanessa draves

    It makes me sad to say but yes i do think he is dead and gone for good.

  641. Stephanie H.

    I think Kisten is truly gone. I’ve read chapter 2 and I think something else is going on.

  642. John Fletcher

    I think Kisten is gone unless you have some amazing magic happen in the new book …. wait, there is amazing magic in these books, so that being said, anything is possible.
    IMHO, although I was upset when he was killed off, the series has moved on and he should be left truely dead.

  643. I loved Kirsten and cried when he died, that being said I don’t think he is back. I think Rachel will end up with Trent. πŸ™‚

  644. I think Kisten is truly dead. I’d LOVE for him to come back but I think Rachel is well past that stage in her life. She’s grown from the person she was when Kisten and her were together. For him to come back would be a regression in the story line I think.. but that being said.. I MISS HIM!!! 😦

  645. Diane Bourgholtzer

    Never left my heart, always here. But sadly gone, I could be wrong.

  646. Jessica DiNatale

    Unfortunately I believe that Kristen is gone. As much as it saddens me because I truly loved him. But I feel that the way the characters of Trent and Rachel have grown has pulled them together. And I don’t think if Kristen did return that she would be with him since she has moved on. In this case I quote Dean Winchester, “what’s dead should stay dead.”
    Jessica DiNatale

  647. Diane P.

    I hope (and believe) that he is truly dead, cause if he does make an appearance in the last book, I’m really going to have a million questions and then you won’t be able to end the series, or at the very least you’d have to write the “where-the-hell-has-Kisten-been” book (series). I’d be ok then.

  648. jana p.

    Dead twice, third time ? No. Unless Rachel finds a way to reconnect vampire souls, Even then, only ghost -his body is gone for good.

  649. I believe he is really gone/dead. IF he we’re to come back in any shape or form it most likely be some form of spirit or mystical meeting and not in anyway a form of bringing him back.

  650. Donna Perry

    Today is definitely a day for staying under the covers with something interesting to listen to and/or read. Brrrr. Stay warm.

  651. Poor Kisten. He’s gone. Truly gone. If he does come back, it’ll be as a hallucination, or it’ll mean Rachel is dying. I do have to wonder, however, where do the vampire souls go when they die?

  652. Caitlin V.

    Oh quit getting my hopes up! I would love for Kisten to come back! He is one of my favorite characters in the series for so many reasons! But unfortunately I do think he’s truly gone. Although if you have a way to bring him back I will definitely be one happy reader! πŸ™‚

  653. Beverley Dear

    I believe it was a really brave decision to write these scenes with Kisten and it would be a shame to say suddenly “Oh it’s okay, he can come back after all” Mind you, with Trent’s laboratories, anything could happen! When I bought the book I got the next one at the same time and made the mistake of looking at the back cover – blubbed uncontrollably in Cambridge MacDonalds.

  654. Krista

    Breaks my heart to say I think he is truly gone. The only way we could see him is if there is a flashback or something of the like.

  655. I think he’s truly gone in a physical sense, but you could bring back his spirit at the end for more closure and it might have something to do with saving Ivy’s soul as an Undead.

  656. He’s dead and gone, more’s the pity.

  657. OMG..REALLY??? Kisten… *sigh*
    Give her the man her heart needs!!! They were sooo good together. What a way to end… back with the man of her heart………

  658. I think that Kisten is well and truly gone. His return never even occured to me until this! Now, I’m sad all over again. Whyyyyyyyyyy?

  659. Sanne

    I think Kisten is truly gone. I really hope you won’t “do a Gandalf”…

  660. Katheren L.

    I think Kristen I’d gone as well… But I’m not the writer telling there stories….. With that said I think it would be a heart break for Rachael and she has finally started to move on and I think Trent is a great new start.

  661. Sunny Resmondo

    Kisten is gone, although he is missed by both the girls….a new romance appears to be in the works!

  662. Macey

    I think he is gone, but as some others believe there is always a ghost possibility!! πŸ™‚

  663. Claire

    This is kind of a tough call. On the one hand, we’ve seen with Pierce that ghosts can come back. Pierce had to die twice to really cross over and not be able to come back. But vampires kind of do that when they’re still alive. Die once, lose soul become a Dead Vamp, die twice, die die. So, since Kisten already died twice…he doesn’t have a soul to come back with. And therefore, he is dead dead.

    But. I believe the quest Rachel is on, officially, is to save the souls of vampires. So. It’s possible that when she does this, Kisten’s soul, and all the other people’s souls will resurface.

  664. Chalsie

    I think Kisten is dead and, as much as i mourned the loss of him, he should stay dead. However, he left a great legacy of learning and awareness with Rachel so he will never be truely gone.

  665. Stephanie C

    I do think he is dead, but I have to admit this is the only book I havent finished so I never found out who killed him.

  666. Katie Dumire

    I am really hoping he shows back up in the next book. And I think that there will be made a way for him to do that.

  667. Waneta Walker

    As much as I wish Kisten wasn’t gone, I don’t see how he can’t be. Unless something were to happen to Rachel and she ends up wherever Kisten ended up in the afterlife. I really miss Kisten though and wish he could come back.

  668. Melenie

    Kisten appears to be truly dead- died twice. Would be very interesting if he came back, considering Rachel’s feelings for Trent.

  669. Jessie McHenry

    Kisten is dead dead, yes. But I think his soul is trapped somewhere and when Rachel figures out how to save Ivy’s soul, she will in turn save Kisten.

  670. Christy

    I think Kisten won’t be back in the final book. But I wish there was a good way for him to come back.

  671. I think physically Kisten is gone. His ghost, however, remains to be seen. πŸ˜‰

  672. Joyce M. Gates

    I’m pretty certain Kisten is truly dead and gone. But,I sure wish that weren’t the case(I’m a sucker for a happily ever after and Rachel sooo deserves hers). Sigh,oh Kisten….lol ❀

  673. Courtney J

    Sadly I think he’s gone 😦

  674. I truly think Kisten is truly dead and gone. But also know there is always a twist in a story. Although why wait so long to bring him back if he isn’t? Unless Ivy has been seeing him in the secret.

  675. Brenda

    I think he is gone although I REALLY wish he wasn’t I miss him so….

  676. Kelly Reed

    I believe Rachel has never been so well depicted as she is on this cover. I am on book 7 of my annual “re-read through”, and can’t wait to get to The Undead Pool. I’ve never won anything in my life, and while the lottery would be my first choice, this giveaway would be a close second!

  677. Sonya T.

    I think Kisten is truly dead and gone but if he did come back it would be really interesting to see how it would affect Rachel.

  678. Jamie

    Sadly, I believe he is truly gone.

  679. Christina D

    I think Kistan is truly twice dead, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways for him to “visit” πŸ™‚

  680. Brandy

    Oh, don’t tease us. If Kisten is alive please bring him back, unless he’s gone crazy them please RIP Kisten. Although he would be a great opponent for Trent with Rachel.

  681. urrgghh

    No, it’s sad but dead is dead. At least sometimes. πŸ™‚

  682. Amanda Phillips

    When it comes to the supernatural, anything can happen. I don’t think Kisten will be back back, but I really hope that he and Rachel get a proper goodbye.

  683. sacha price

    I think he is gone and will not return. Also the cover is amazing soooo excited to read it. πŸ˜‰

  684. Shawna Still

    I have not read the books yet but I’m excited to do so. Hope i win.

  685. Christine Williams

    I believe with the paranormal anything is possible. It is all together possible Kristen comes back in the end. And what a reunion that would be…

  686. Kersten Robbins

    As much as I would love to see Kisten come back I think he’s gone. 😭

  687. Miranda

    I think that if he could come back he wouldn’t be the same and probably would be no good for Rachel.

  688. Erin Pierce

    Kisten is gone:( I cried so much when that happened!

  689. melinda crider

    God rest his loving heart but he is gone god called him home where his soul is being held 4 him I love and miss u cry cry 😦

  690. Renee Burton

    I think Kisten is well and truly gone. However I wouldn’t rule out a flashback or Al being a bastard and donning his form for a moment or two. πŸ™‚

  691. MellyM

    This question is pure meanness!!! I thought it was absolute; he’s dead twice and gone. Is this a tease for the last book?

  692. Laura Hauser

    I think Kisten is gone for good….it’s been way to long for him to have purposely stayed away if he were alive.

  693. Truly dead and gone – for the betterment of the story. Even if he did come back somehow, he would not play the same role that he had before.

  694. Jordyn

    I don’t think Kisten will show up in any more books. I think he is truly dead. He may show up as a hallucination or someone who looks like him will lead Rachel to think it is him. At the most it may be his ghost but I really don’t think that is the case either. I think he’s gone for good.

  695. Jeremy Boatman

    I think that unless he becomes some strange spirit I can’t really see him coming back….so I vote truly gone.

  696. Hali Waite

    I don’t want to decide if he’s truly gone or not! I have a love/hate relationship with that one…

  697. Alicia

    Although I think it would be wonderful if he were to come back I don’t think it’s going to happen. Pretty sure he’s gone for good

  698. OMG I hope he comes back!!

  699. While it would be nice to think Kisten could return (perhaps as a ghost just so Rachel can get closure), I have a feeling he’s moved on and Rachel is on her own in regards to getting over him (apart from the support of her friends).

  700. I think Kisten is gone but hope that he isn’t

  701. i love kisten and would love for him to come back but i think he is truly dead

  702. Donna Murphy

    I never, ever thought about Kisten not being dead. Hmmmmm…..now I’m wondering! I would love it if he was, Rachel loved him so much and with all she goes through I think she deserves to be happy. I just don’t know if after all this time, if he was alive, that she would forgive him for fooling her. I mean, come on, that is really mean! I’m kinda wishy-washy about it. I loved his character but don’t want Rachel hurt again.

  703. Kristen Rowinsky

    I think Kisten is truly gone, but could see him come back in dream form to help Rachel.

  704. Sherri Lang

    There’s always hope! I hate to think any of them are truly dead and gone, miracles and magic do happen!

  705. Anna

    I dont think Kisten should come back as it would be truely unbelievable (maybe he can have a twin brother) Dead may not be dead but twice dead is final x

  706. Rachel and Kisten’s love story was beautiful. She vowed to save Ivys soul, so I believe if she finds a way then she can bring Kisten back. especially since she is really starting to embrace her demon heritage. If she cannot I would love to see a romance between her and Trent. πŸ™‚

  707. I think he will, his name pops up too many times, like keeping his memory alive for a reason!

  708. Mary Ann Jacobs

    I’m afraid that Kisten is gone for good.

  709. Rosemary Ghigliotty

    For Rachel’s sake I would hope the ashes Ivy has are really Kistens. For him to come back would mean he is now an undead vampire and not capable of loving Rachel as he once did which would tear her apart all over again.

  710. Beth Workman

    As much as I loved Kisten’s Character, he got an amazing send off that did him justice and tied up his storyline. I think he’s gone for good.

  711. Apryl johnson

    I have not read the books yet, but the covers look GREAT!

  712. Bill West

    Not only do I think that K is gone, but I hope he stays that way, otherwise the feelings caused by his passing and Rachel’s growth since them are rendered meaningless.

  713. linda ralston

    Yes I think Kisten is well and truly dead and gone.

  714. rebecca navarro

    I had no doubts that Kisten was well and truly dead until you said that lol. I still don’t think he could come back. It’s been too long and I just don’ know how he could pull it off lol. I guess anything is possible with you πŸ™‚ I read the first chapter and am now trying to decide if I should preorder the kindle version or wait for the paperback…. but I don’t want to wait!

  715. Anja

    I think he really is gone… It would be inconsistent for him to come back now…

  716. I think Kisten is gone and I’ve finally stopped mourning him 😦

  717. Ange Hawkins

    I think the cover is phenomenal . Can’t wait to read!!

  718. I think Kirsten could be brought back in some way, but it would take great creativity…maybe as another type of entity.

  719. Amanda Z.

    Wow, I’m totally on the fence with this one! I do wish he would come back into the books somehow. Rachel and Ivy seem to have moved on for the most part though. Idk, I loved his character, it certainly wouldn’t make me sad to see him again! πŸ˜‰

  720. slerickson

    It is possible Kisten could pull a Lestat and come back. Then he would want to get his “undeadness” under control before finding Rachel. I say this because you mentioned Charlane Harris’ s decision with the Sookie Stackhouse series and how much flack she received for it. Preparing us for the same fate for Rachel? Perhaps. Does she go with Kisten who is safe in spite of being undead or with Trent who is the bad boy with a sense of obligation to his species? We shall see. I really hope you don’t pull a soap opera and bring back that one guy who should be dead.

  721. drgnldy71

    I think Kisten is gone, I just see no way for him to come back from being dead twice.

  722. Deanna Straw

    I would love for Kisten to still be alive as he was one of my favorite characters. Also, the way Rachel and Ivy have mourned and continue to do so weighs heavy on my heart. If Kisten is still alive, I think it will cheapen their grief. Bit if Kisten is able to say a final good-bye to Rachel by some magical miracle, that would be epic. So do I hope he shows up? Yes and no.

    Thank you for writing such an amazing series!

  723. Latisha Bramlett

    I think Kisten is truly dead. However, I think he may be back in some form or another….maybe in a dream to help Rachel.

  724. Samantha D

    As much as i miss him i know he’s truly gone. It would toy with everyones emotions if suddenly ” hey Rach!? Guess what? Im alive !”

  725. Tami Mead

    As badly as I would LOVE for Kisten to come back I think he is gone to us for good 😦

  726. Ashley

    Sadly, I think he’s truly gone.

  727. carrie

    I think Kisten is gone. I adored him though!

  728. Kimberly Smith Allen

    Kisten is gone 😦

  729. Lelania Ketola


  730. Robyn

    Well, I never imagined Kisten would be back…but after that question…Wow…don’t know how I feel about that.

  731. Celise Tingley

    I think Kisten *might* return, but no matter how much I loved his character he wouldn’t be the same. I hated Trent with Rachel, but he’s growing on me. I want to see them together and the sparks that come along with their story.

  732. Stephanie Mcguckin

    I always thought Kisten was really dead and gone but hoped that I was wrong. I still hope I’m wrong.

  733. I love Kisten! I was so sad when he died! I hope to see him but lord knows how hard it would be for Rachel and Ivy!

  734. Kyla S.

    I would be ecstatic if he wasn’t gone, but I believe he is most likely gone for good.

  735. Bugg

    Not dead coming back as a zombie

  736. Brandon Bradley

    Love the new cover, and the way it was revealed.

  737. Tahira

    I think Kisten is gone, but somehow Rachel will figure out a way to communicate with his soul/spirit/whatever you want to call it. That way, she will be able to tell him everything she needs him to know, and she can get more closure. They both deserve to say goodbye!

  738. Alysha

    I believe that Kisten is truly gone, but….. sometimes a nagging feeling creeps up that maybe, just maybe not all as it seems.

  739. Katie Eschenburg

    I wish Kisten would come back! But I do think he is truly gone.

  740. Randi Cutburth

    I’ve held out hope through every book since he’s died that he will come back. Every reference about him has made me tear up, but I still clung to some form of hope that he will be back in some way. As a ghost, like Pierce maybe. In the recent books, I’ve started liking the idea of Rachel and Trent. As much as I want Kisten to come back, I would like for it to be in a much simpler way now. As a dream spirit, allowing her to move on from him.
    But yes, I still think he will be back, someway.

  741. I highly doubt that Kist will show up again. I feel like that would keep Rachel from moving on to her happily ever after or at very least make her confused for a good number of chapters. Because she had her violent and firey closure, I don’t see him showing up all ghostly or not being a good move.

  742. Kiley M.

    I think he’s gone for good. It would be lovely to see him again but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  743. Terri McKeon

    I hope Kisten is still around.

  744. Virginia

    As much as I loved Kisten, I think he is well and truly gone.

  745. Kisten…hmm…well, in her memories he’s still alive and kicking, but possibly he could come out and help with saving Ivy…

  746. I think he is gone he was a great character but it would hurt her more then she could bare if he came back. She’s finally started moving forward.

  747. Though it pains me to say so, I think Kisten is truly dead. 😦

  748. Yvette mcknight

    As much as I would love for Kisten to return, I don’t think it’s going to happen. I think he is truly gone, unless perhaps as a ghost or maybe a flashback. 😒

  749. Toni

    I have not yet read them…but I absolutely love the covers and have put them on my TBR list. Thank you for a great giveaway! I have never listened to an audiobook so that would be pretty neat to try out!

  750. I think kisten has to come.back! No way he is truly gone! Love the cover also cant wait for book to come out!

  751. Jamie Provencher

    Personally, I loved Kisten and when he died, I cried so hard my roomie thought someone in my family died. He is still one of my all-time fave characters. That being said, I think he’s dead dead though if Rachel finds away to save Ivy’s soul maybe Rachel will get a chance to say goodbye and move on.

  752. Stephanie

    Kisten is dead; unfortunately. 😦
    He survives in the memories of those who knew him and cared for him.

  753. Alysha Sapp

    Trent is the person that is meant for Rachel, but I wouldn’t mind at all if Kisten made an appearance in the last book. πŸ™‚

  754. Pippy

    I believe Listen is truly gone forever. I don’t want to believe it, I didn’t want him to die off, but sadly it happened. He was such a wonderful character he should have stayed around much longer.

  755. I think Kisten is well and truly gone but but I also believe that he is in Rachel’s heart as someone she really loved, and that make him still present in a way.

  756. Andrea Atwood

    Gone. Even if he somehow showed up, it wouldn’t be the Kisten we know and love. Although…if Rachel DOES find a way to restore an undead vamp’s soul…it would be a lovely twist…

  757. Samantha Gilmore

    Well yes because she’s not truly over him yet and she needs more closure

  758. laylaravenscroft

    I think he is gone, sadly. I will never lose hope though, in the Hollows dead people do tend to come back πŸ˜‰

  759. Kyla Plumlee

    I’m not sure if listen is well and gone. I kinda hope he is and isn’t. I’veixed feeling.

  760. Sasha Custer

    I would like to think the Kisten is still around, but I believe he is gone.

  761. Charlotte Niblett

    Don’t tease us with a possible Kisten return!!! I think however that Rachel needs to move on and be with Trent.

  762. Kari Skaggs

    Yeah, he’s gone.

  763. jessica fisher

    I think he is dead, But it would be nice to see him again maybe like Peirce and Rachel can make him a body to or figure out a way to come back. He was important to Ivy and Rachel.

  764. K M

    Sadly, I think he’s gone. I would be happy to see him again but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  765. As much as I would love it if Kisten returned..I think he’s truly gone 😦

  766. karen alexander (midnite rambler)

    Oh, the spark of hope that ignores at your question! I would so very much love to open the last(say it ain’t so!!!) book and find Kisten standing there, flipping his hair back so we can see the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles. However, the words echoing in my mind are “Be careful what you wish for.” If he wasn’t fully and totally Kisten, my heart might break all over again, and it never broke for anyone the way it did for him. So my mind says it’s highly unlikely that he will return. My foolish heart, on the other hand, holds out the insane hope that Kisten remains part of Rachel’s HEA. Foolish, foolish heart.

  767. I want Kisten to come back because he is just right for Rachel, Trent will never be truly hers and she deserves someone that is all hers.

  768. Shanna jackson

    I am torn…but I don’t think he will be back.

  769. I believe Kisten is well and truly gone and while I miss him I wouldn’t want him coming back and hurting what Rachel has built – both in her maturity as a witch and in her relationship with Trent. That said, we are talking about a world with magic, so you never know!

  770. Serenity H

    He is sadly (who knew I would cry over a vampire ) gone for good.

  771. Jennifer Stringer

    Well I thought he was dead for good, but now that you are asking it makes me think you are throwing us a hint. I liked Kisten a lot, but I think he played his part and should be gone still.

    As much as I would love him back I agree with others, I am not sure how he fits in the story now. I think he is dead and gone for goos

  772. Peggy

    I wish he would show up again but I fear he is gone forever. In which case, one name…Trent.

  773. Yolanda Holley

    I want to say he’s gone for good, but every book I’ve been hoping for some awesome Kisten return. However I’ve grown to love Trent and the budding relationship between him and Rachel. I would hate to have to choose in that love triangle.

  774. OMG! If you brought back Kisten, I know, just KNOW I would ball my eyes out (Only 2 books brought me near tears and For A Few Demons More was one of them when he died)! But I attended one of your signings and you said you weren’t bringing him back. That he was gone gone, died twice! So I don’t think he’ll be back. 😦

  775. Jose Ibern

    Unfortunately I think Kisten is gone for good! There has been no hints of him coming back other then the mention of it here right now! =(

  776. javacatz1

    I believe Kisten is dead, however I could see his ghost showing up. Maybe.

  777. As much as the romantic in me would love to see Kisten somehow miraculously reappear at the end of the series, I think he is truly dead and gone.

  778. Ashley B.

    I think he is truly gone.

  779. Comet

    I think Kisten is truly gone as well. thanks

  780. nicole lehmann

    For Rachaels sake I hope so, it seems her and Trent are finally becoming a couple and if he was still alive she would completely be an emational wreck, including Ivy.

  781. Yes, Kisten is really gone. To put Ivy and Rachel through the angst of thinking him gone, and he’s not would be too cruel. Plus, if he’s not…he’d be a true-dead vamp and couldn’t be with Rachel, so it wouldn’t be a win.

  782. Rebecca H

    Kisten is gone but maybe he could show up as a memory apparition or some such thing.

  783. Jessica Kruckeberg

    Truly gone! I have been Team Trent since Day 1 and how confusing for Rachel if he shows back up.

  784. Phylicia Zacharias

    As much as I love Kisten and cried over his death… I think he’s gone 😦

  785. Ahhh Kisten! How I miss him! He was that one character that when he died…I cried. I didn’t think he would ever come back but with this question…I wonder if there is some magical way for him to do it! I think it would definitely mess with Rachel’s head if he did but truly wish he would ❀

  786. Joseph Garcia

    I would have to say that he is truely dead since he was also bitten by another vampire and we know what happened to him. Sorry but he is done and that sucks.

  787. Teresa Reese

    I hope Kisten comes back. I think he and Rachel go very well together. It would give an interesting plot twist, as well!

  788. Jennifer

    Well, until you put the question up there I really thought he was gone. One of the few times I cried at a book too. Now you’ve got me thinking but I can’t figure out how he’d still be around.

  789. Amber

    I always feel like Kisten is right there with Rachel. However, unless she goes back in time to

  790. Randy Everett

    Reading it now, but Love the cover!

  791. Ivette M.

    It would seem he’s gone, but I’m not taking it!
    He needs to pop up in the last book!
    My heart is set on it!
    I’m sure he’s hiding somewhere, being a vampire.

  792. I think he is gone ( sighs long) but it would be wonderful for him to come back….. ( big smile!!!)

  793. slerickson

    It is possible that Kisten could pull a Lestat and live on river animals. Then he would want to get his “undeadness” under control before finding Rachel. The last book will be Rach having to make the decision between the two. I say this because you mentioned Charlane Harris’s decision about her last book in the Sookie Stackhouse series and how she received an enormous amount of flack about it. Preparing us for the same fate for Rachel? Perhaps. Does she go with Kisten who is safe in spite of being undead or with Trent who is the bad boy with a sense of obligation to his species? We shall see. Yes I do believe that you will pull a soap opera gesture and bring back that guy who is supposed to be dead.

  794. Cindy

    I think that he will show back up in the final book! I think there will be something about Rachel’s tinkering that will make her “tasting his blood” alter the rule about being twice dead! I believe we will see him again.

  795. Bridgette

    Kisten died twice so I think he must truly be gone. It would be interesting if he came back. Especially since I think of Rachel having some near-death experience as the only way she would see him, since he’s dead and gone.

  796. I haven’t read that one yet but I hope he’ll come back.

  797. A.N.

    “Kisten is well and truly gone”, but his death is an important key to save Ivy’s soul.

  798. I think for Rachel to have her resolution, Kisten needs to exist enough to approve somehow – ghosts have been established, and perhaps in the process of finding out how to restore Ivy’s soul, Rachel finds Kisten’s soul, in ghost form. Sound crazy? Based on what you’ve said in person, it does, but this question opens up possibilities!

  799. Ana Fisic

    I think he’s really gone😒. If we see him it will be a dream or flashback. I miss him.

  800. Megan Parisi

    Kisten is gone forever 😦

  801. Kyle Wagner

    i think he’ll come back like Pierce did, i dont think him and Rachel would work, because you can see Trent and Rachel growing closer…now Ceri on the other hand…im sure Al has something up his sleeve for that one…..love the cover work, and i’ll see you in feburary! hope you reemmber me lol

  802. I think he’s dead and gone. He could come back in a dream, flashback, or near death experience. I would have liked for him to have lived, but I worry it would be a cop out to bring him back at this point… :\

  803. Magdalena Preciado

    OMG! Well, I do believe he’s gone…and if he comes back…well it might be something quite interesting to read….because I miss him…

  804. Rachel Morgan

    I think Kisten is truly dead. Although it would be nice to see him make a reappearance, so I kind of hope I’m wrong.

  805. Sadly, I think he is truly gone. However, I believe he will pop up in memories for Rachel and Ivy. I think Kisten shaped each of them in a different way so they could see how love is.

  806. Jasmien

    He is gone and I almost hope he won’t come back because I couldn’t bare the pain again (Rachel probably either)… Thought they were a perfect match, but hey, life happens…

  807. Stacey Monks

    I hope he comes back. I was so shocked when he died, especially seeing as she loved him so much.

  808. He is a vampire he may be back. You never can tell.

  809. Wow, i think i never thought about kisten leaving completely… he is always in rachels mind, her memories, and ivy’s… is like he never left.. maybe his soul is in purgatory, the same way Pierce’s was and Rachel finds the way to bring him back while saving Ivy’s soul. Im one book behind TUP, still waiting for my sis to bring me EVERAFTER… so ive been trying to figure out what is it going to be about.. (TUP) now you give us this clue and my mind y runnning like crazy!!!

    thank you for this oportunity to win a prize pack, but im even more thankfull for your books. I love them. They take me to a place where everything is possible and i really enjoy them.

  810. Elizabeth Turney

    I think he’s dead 😦

  811. I believe Kisten is gone. Only to possibly return in a dream.

  812. Tonja Post

    I would love for Kisten to come back, however I don’t think it is possible unless Rachel comes up with a new trick.

  813. Sarah

    I always hoped he wasn’t really dead but until you asked the question I never thought it was possible. I honestly believe that if Kist was still around he wouldn’t come back into Rachel’s life because he would put her in danger (being undead and all). But maybe he will be with her in a dream or visit as a ghost? I don’t want to get my hopes up!

  814. Christl Haug

    Oh! I do hope Kist will show up again I miss him so much. Yummy tomatoesβ™‘

  815. Yes, Kisten is dead. Ashes? And surely Trent…well, Kisten is gone. That’s all.

  816. Margaret

    Unless something changes after UP I don’t think he should come back. Maybe in a dream, but not to stay. Wait, I just thought of the implications . . . Huh.

  817. what does “your comment is awaiting moderation” mean?

  818. Nina Kiggans

    Well until you asked I thought he was gone for good. I guess we have to wait and see.

  819. Erin

    I trust you as the author when you say he is gone and not coming back, but I also trust you to bring him back if it suites the story. I loved him as a character and still get a little teary when I read the books, but I think Rachel needed to grow up a lot before she could handle anything real and substantial in a relationship.

  820. Glenn Changar

    I think Kristin is well and truly dead. I love this series of books!

  821. Wow. I would love to see Kisten in the last book.

  822. Kharen Dreyfus

    I think that Kristen is truly dead… 😦

  823. Kathi Adam

    I love Kisten & I would like to see him back but I don’t see where he would fit in the big picture now so I suppose I think he is well & truly dead.
    Sadly I have not read the Undead Pool yet but am waiting excitedly until the Feb release – I have ordered my signed personalized copy (super excited – new book smell nerd quirk)!!
    I LOVE the cover. It’s a bit of a treat to see your stamp of approval as to what the characters look like & to see how Rachel has changed over the years – she’s grown up to be quite the power house.

  824. sue fikes

    sadly he is gone…..

  825. kothmia

    Kisten as we know him – is truly gone. Will he continue to pop up as a memory, OH YES. As a ghost? I don’t know – can vampires become ghosts after their second death? I think he’ll still ‘be around’ as Rachel works out trying to keep Ivy’s soul intact. Especially since it seemed, as Kisten was dying his second death, that it came back. Rachel working with that will still have him be a part of the story, even if he’s not living and breathing and all but dripping sexy… And YES, he’d be a wonderful way to warm up on this -11F/-24C morning! πŸ˜€

  826. Deanna Zinn

    He’s gone…..sadly. It brings a depth to Rachel.

  827. Tammie Wall

    I was very sad when Kisten died, and I agree that his departure was best for the series. However. .I would be estactic if he did come back in some way πŸ™‚ Trent and Rachel have a unique relationship and the Undead Pool cover makes me look forward to reading it and seeing where they are headed πŸ™‚

  828. Amber McDermott

    I wish Kisten had not died, I cried when I read that but I am still hoping Rachel will have a love yet again.

  829. No one is ever truly gone. But there is always that chance. Also awesome covers~

  830. Sara

    I think Kisten is truly dead twice over 😦 I cried so much…

  831. Julia Waldegger

    I was so sad when he died. I had to stop reading the series for a while. But i don’t think he is coming back.

  832. Vampyre

    The only way I see Kisten coming back is in a dream sequence or a flash back. He died and should stay dead.

    Too many authors kill off a character and then use a hokey ‘ get out of death for free’ card. I’ve never liked that much.

  833. Joslyn Whitt

    I really blubbered when he died… I think he’s truly dead. I think when a fairly centralized character dies its for a reason in the big picture of the story (or series). I didn’t like it that he died and I hope, hope, hope he’s coming back but I don’t think so.

  834. I would LOVE for Kisten to come back but I think that he is dead and gone (but you can prove me wrong!)!

  835. abby

    Sadly, I think Kisten is gone and will continue to be in Rachel and Ivy’s memories. I think Rachel and Trent need to be together…I also think All could use Ceri’s DNA from the Ever After to bring her back though…. hint…. hint…

  836. I want him to be gone. He was not my favorite of Rachel’s boyfriends and seem to expose her weaknesses. I do think that there is a possibility that because of the flux with the magic, there chance that those who have moved on can communicate.

  837. Kayla Hanes

    I think kisten is gone, though id LOVE to see him again

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    • abby

      Ooh, I feel like an idiot for not connecting their souls to the title! I just think about the rest of the titles and the movie references and didn’t give it a second thought… great idea, I bet you are right! πŸ™‚

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    With that being said, Kim, you always have a way of surprising your readers 😊

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  926. arcriddle

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  928. Amy H

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  929. Lennie

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  930. Ruth Barbee

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  934. Kelly Carpenter

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  936. See there is a part of me which never truly bought that he was completely gone, so I am still holding out some hope for his return!

  937. Kenc

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  938. Priestess Deborah G Quinley

    Thankyou very much for creating such a wonderful person as Rachel Morgan, reading your books is like visiting a friend in another State, allows me to set some burdens down for a little while, gives me rest from my obstacles. I look forward to the next one soon!

  939. I think he might show up if nothing more than a memory or, well we have seen ghosts before. If Rachel is moving on with someone else it might serve to help her and not hurt so much. Or, Al could turn into Kisten and Rachel zap his tiny bits. Either one. πŸ™‚

  940. I’ve finally come to accept that Kist is really gone. I may need therapy if he comes back now. πŸ˜‰

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  942. charley

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  943. arcriddle

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  944. Kayla Buchanan

    I think Kisten is gone, sadly. I wanted him to come back ever since he left, but I think I finally came to grips that he isn’t coming back and I’ve shifted my focus on Trent. I loved the character of Kisten, but I am not sure if I want him back anymore. I don’t know if his coming back would ruin all the progress of Rachel’s character that herself, Trent and Ivy helped build after Kisten.

  945. A plot between Trent, Kisten and Rachel?? Hmmm. πŸ™‚ Could be interesting!! πŸ™‚

  946. neyCook

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  947. Shannon Quenzer

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  948. I think Kisten is truly gone. He may show up as a fond memory only. Rachel seems to think of him when she ‘s trying to sort out her life and where it’s going.

  949. Sarah

    I was so shocked when Kisten died I had to re-read the passage a few times to make sure. But I do believe he is dead and while Trent is no Kisten, I do adore him and hope it works out with he and Rachel.

  950. Lisa A

    In my heart of hearts, I’m hoping Kist is somehow still around and Rachel’s memory of him dying was somehow planted in her memory. I mean, how cool and slightly frustrating would it be to have a Kisten/Rachel/Trent thing going? Good stuff!!

  951. By all that you have told us, Kisten is truly dead. It would be cruel, if by the out of control magic that’s been unleashed, he came back. What would he remember, what would be the impact to Rachel and Ivy or to the Vampires? Mmmm…

    Thanks Miss Kim, I truly love the Hollows! ❀️ πŸ˜ƒ

  952. Staci

    I love the blue looking blast behind the characters on The Undead Pool jacket.

  953. I think Kisten is truly gone, physically anyways. I think Rachel is going to figure something out for Ivy and in the process, release Kisten from some bound soul situation on to his final rest. I adored Kist and Rachel together, but I think he knew more than she that they would never be together forever, she had a bigger destiny, and he would never stand in the way of it.

  954. Carey

    I wish there was hope but I think Kisten is gone

  955. I was in denial the whole time reading the book, didnΒ΄t want Kisten to be gone, but IΒ΄ve come to terms with it. But now youΒ΄re making me nervous!! *gasps* =D Do you mean thereΒ΄s a chance weΒ΄ll see him again? Maybe as a ghost? He was a favorite..
    Thanks for the giveaway – keeping my fingers crossed

  956. April

    Yes, Kisten is gone. You wouldn’t toy with our emotions like that OR with Rachel’s emotions. She was devastated for so long, she’s finally realizing her relationship with Trent and to do that to her?? That would just be awful.

  957. Helen

    While I think Kisten is truly gone, I think he will surface at some point so we (and Rachel) can finally understand what happened.

  958. Lindsay

    OMG Kim, are you giving me hope again??!! When Rachel first heard from Piscary that Kisten was dead, I didn’t believe it. I refused to believe it. Even after they found his body I found it hard to believe. It wasn’t until they solved his murder that I finally accepted the fact that Kisten was gone. I think it might be possible somehow for Rachel to connect with Kisten’s soul in the final book. But sadly, I think he is truly gone as a character. πŸ˜₯

  959. Nicole Harris

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  960. JohnMichael

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  961. I love Kisten & I want him back, whether he winds up with Rachel or not!

  962. jenny

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  963. Nki Blair

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  964. Truly gone and am very sad about that. I miss him.

  965. Amanda Mauller

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