Overflowing with Cheez-it goodness!

What happens when you show your love for snack food? Sometimes, the snack food shows love back.

If you’ve been following my FB or blog, you might remember my befuddled admission when I got a letter from Cheez-its a while back, telling me they were going to send me something special because I loved them so, and then a few weeks later, another letter from them with a key that would unlock two worlds of goodness.


Boy, they weren’t kidding. Over the weekend, a box arrived–a big box of cheez-it goodness. (And t-shirts, too!) Guy immediately broke into the zesty cheddar ranch Grooves, and I’ve yet to try the sharp white cheddar, but with New Years this week, you know I’ll be cracking into them. Yum. Just yum.

The only trouble is that they sent me way more than I can ever eat, (Look at that locker of goodness!) which means I’m going to give some away with the next book give-away on the 6th. Β Just sharing the love, right?


So keep an eye out as we finish up the WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE read-along over at Goodreads. I think I’ll be giving away audio books instead of hard covers this time.


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20 responses to “Overflowing with Cheez-it goodness!

  1. I am having a hard time finding your books! I moved to another state and just can’t find the right bookstore! Sounds weird, but it is like the comfort blanket you wrap up with to read (Mine is the Jack Skellington Blanket my son bought me.) and any other blanket just doesn’t feel right. So keep up the good work and I will keep reading πŸ™‚

  2. Chezits and Rachel – awesomeness!! I think I need to run to the store… πŸ˜‰

  3. I would ❀ a box of cheesy goodness now as I've become lactose intolerant and didn't get to enjoy any of the great cheeses this past holiday season… add one of your amazing books with it I'd be in heaven.

  4. paula bibbee

    Ok Now i may have to run to the store for some cheezy goodies..

  5. Mary Ann

    Cheezy goodness is the best goodness!

  6. Adrienne barrow

    Mmm cheezits…not so readily available in Canada…:(. But I make trips to the states to get my fix.

  7. It was great the Cheez Its did that for you. The originals for me are what I love the best. I do believe I can eat the complete box at one time. Happy New Year.

  8. Crushed Cheez Its make a great coating for baked chicken! They also add yumminess when sprinkled on a baked casserole, or as the outer coating on a cheese ball, or…. or dang it. I gotta go to the store for Cheez Its!

  9. NancyLynn Southard

    Yummy Cheez-its!

  10. That trunk looks pretty sturdy! Seems like the perfect place to store a couple of demon texts away from prying eyes, heh.

    I am also a Cheez-It lover (well actually a massive lover of any kind of cheese…) so that picture made me hungry and I may or may not be eating slices of Parmesan now right off the wedge.

  11. OOps, I replied to Christina.. That was supposed to be a separate post. I blame it on my phone.

  12. That has to be the coolest gift ever! I am a Cheez-it lover too and when I saw this I thought…good for you Kim. You always give so much of yourself to your fans…it is about time you received something good for all you do ❀

  13. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-I am totally knocked out by your cheez-its. Unfortunately, I am diabetic, type two, which is caused by being over-weight and having high cholesterol, plus being old. I am controlling it by diet, my blood sugar stays between 90 and 100 all the time. I know because I have to stick myself and check, before breakfast several times a week. I also try to exercise on my walker. By my rigid attention to health, fitness, moral purity (I may have hurt myself on that one) and general goodness, my amaryllis has grown 14 in and is blooming. Now if I could find a way to eat cheese-its and not gain weight,my life would be complete.

  14. Sweetttttttttttttttttt! Or should I say Chedderyyyyyyy!

  15. Nici B.

    That looks like a brilliant present. I don’t know Cheez-IT’s, they don’t sell them in Germany, but as I love everything with cheese, i bet they good and I would love to try them. And that box looks brilliant, and it is red… I love everything red πŸ™‚

    • Martin

      Hi Nici,
      Cheez-Its are cheese flavored crackers; salty, sweet, and cheesy. Regular Cheez-Its are too small for dipping or to put toppings on; they’re just for munching. I haven’t had these new kinds yet, so I don’t know what they’re like.

  16. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    Holy Canolli! That is a whole bunch of cheesy bits! I used to love them, too; but now I’m avoiding wheat, so you can enjoy them on my behalf…

  17. Julie Huxford

    Yay!!! I have read the first three books via Audible while doing my daily walk. I will definitely enter this contest for an audio version of the book. The new Cheez-its look yummy!

  18. Christina

    That is awesome, I bet the ranch ones are super yummy! I love parmasean cheeseits.

    • Vampyre

      Being your most loyal and devoted READER, I have never never asked anything from you. Your books have always been enough for me…until now. I would really love a box of cheezy goodness. πŸ™‚ if you could find it in your heart to send me one I’d be forever grateful.


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