Winners of the ODW prize packs!

Ooooh, we got winners this morning! Thank you everyone who played along with me. I really do enjoy the give-aways. The winners of the Outlaw Demon Wails hard cover, Into the Woods hard cover, Nicola’s calendar, cover flat, bunny pin, bus token and Kisten arm band are:ODWgiveaway


Kristie Hilley
Mary Hartley-Henney
Beth Kaae
Gina Rowland
Jenna Bullockeckman
Diana Braunbeck
and Desra Krohn

Look in your inbox for an email from Guy and myself, and respond to us with your mailing address before Friday, noon, EST, to claim your prize pack, otherwise it goes to the next on my list.

If you didn’t win this time, we will be doing another Monday after next when we start reading Black Magic Sanction. Lots of discussions over at Goodreads

TUPhcCoverAnd if you’re still bummed, there’s always the sneak-peek of chapter one of The Undead Pool . . . 🙂 (just scroll down a bit on the main page)



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7 responses to “Winners of the ODW prize packs!

  1. Vampyre

    I’ve been a busy Vampy. My old computer is in ‘puter Heaven so I had to get a new one. Then I found this very addictive game on Amazon’s free game of the day for my phone and Kindle Fire. It’s called Game Developer Story. If you value your free time, don’t get it. 🙂

    Love the new computer so far. It should last me for quite awhile.

  2. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim. Well its finally started, the first flight of ducks went overhead on the way south (the lakes at lordstown GM and Meander Reservoir are wildlife preserves on the flyway south for out part of Canada) and you never heard such yipping and yapping or whatever. I’m told its to keep the herd together(I told you to ask directions at the last lake) (go fly a kite) etc, etc.Worse than people. Well,I gotta go, were having a wild, drunken party here in the retirement village (you know ,punch cookies and carols) and my arthritis is killing mt.

  3. Amy McDonald

    Congrats winners!! Thank you Kim for doing these giveaways!!! It is very kind of you!!!!

  4. Even not winning, it’s awfully kind of you to run these drawings. Thanks!

  5. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    Good heavens! I’m the first comment! Everybody must have contributed yesterday and haven’t recovered. My word, how do you deal with 1,000+ comments? Watching the frenzy around me, and knowing how full your calendars are, I considered how you (and dear Guy) must budget time for mundane things such as gift shopping, etc. You mus be ace time-managers!

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