Snow is gone! Time to put up lights.

Awww, come on, guys! (I’m laughing, really, I am.) Six people contacted Guy about their shirts, and not one of them told him the size of the shirt or the email it was ordered under. And you know what he did? He came into my office and griped at me for a good ten minutes. (head hits the desk) So there it is. [ To order one for pre-tour delivery, click ]

If you’ve been reading along with us, we’re in the middle of FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE. It’s summer, and Rachel is running around in shorts and a chemise as she visits the morgue, getting that toe-tag from Iceman and finding out that David thinks he’s blacking out and murdering his girlfriends, and boy does he have a lot, which impresses both Glenn and Kisten.

Ivy’s put down her ultimatum of “if you jerk me around, I’m going to take you up on it” and Trent’s almost becoming human as he begs her to play security at his wedding because Lee has agreed to be his best man. He is Al’s familiar, and it smells of trouble, bad.

I’m at the point where Rachel has been out to Spring Grove to see the murdered/suicide Were and she runs into Tom. I had completely forgotten about him and that black magic cult. Cool.

It’s still on sale for 1.99 at most U.S. outlets. [ click for a list of them ]

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12 responses to “Snow is gone! Time to put up lights.

  1. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim I haven’t been outside, since I am still recovering from all the germs that my little greatniece gave me. She is six, and just started first grade,so of course she is bringing home all the new diseases she has encountered. Also, I am trying this gardening thing again. The thing I miss most sometimes is my huge lawn and garden. I now have an indoor Amaryillis (Which I can’t spell) which the cats will hopefully continue to ignore.

  2. i wish the snow was gone we have about 5 in. and it is still coming down maybe 8-10 in when the storm is over tomorrow. two harbors by dulth got 30 in already

  3. Chelsea S.

    It always make me smile when you talk about the weather, because I live in the Kalamazoo, MI area and I always look out the window and see the same thing you do!

  4. mellissa braus

    i just started on A perfect blood again… ugh, can’t wait for the new one!! I also like to play out the boom in my head as if it were a show on HBO or even AMC or FX. It would be amazing. Love ya!

  5. LeAnne B

    This is when Trent really ‘Dodged a bullet’ in my mind. Again reminding me of my life when I almost said, ” I do” to the wrong guy. Nothing that riveting happened to stop it, but it was stopped non the less. 🙂

  6. Give Guy a hug from me, Kim. I ordered a shirt a while back. I know it’s coming because Guy always follows through.
    And congrat’s on being a finalist in the Goodreads 2013 Best Of list.

  7. Ah yes! David and his harem. That was an interesting surprise. He seemed so . . . An alpha loner who didn’t want a pack. Guess that is why the harem was human. Was being the operative word here. But we had to know that all the trouble over the “focus” wasn’t over yet. This was a fascinating plot twist. Loved it.

  8. Carey

    I loved that insight into David, especially after his reaction a couple books earlier to Rachel and Kisten being together. This book is one of my favorites because of the wedding and the butt kicking boots with the dress and everyone’s reaction to Rachel in the church. And of course, her arresting Trent before he could make his vows. Loved. That. And all the action at the FIB afterward. Finding out about Kisten was heart wrenching, even on a reread and knowing all about it. Seeing Rachel at her lowest thinking she lost Jenks and Ivy. Seeing Trent’s concern for Rachel. Being so angry at Quen for taking her chalk. Love this book.

  9. Vampyre

    I feel bad for Guy. My shirt hasn’t arrived yet but I know it will get here when it gets here. He has never failed me. I appreciate all his efforts.


  10. Jana

    I liked that curve ball of David’s stable of girls. I was beginning to think he was too normal to hang out with Rachel and company. Not that he really hangs out…I can remember the heartbreak of reading this the first time. With Trent’s wedding so close, I was imagining Rachel helping someone break their marriage vows and I just couldn’t do it. Even with Kisten still in the picture I wanted her to be with Trent.

  11. I always found it interesting that our most stable character, David, was so very chancy with his, ah.. social life.