Winners of the Fistful of Charms give-away

A Fistful of Charms (2006)

A Fistful of Charms (2006)

And we’ve got em! The three winners of the A Fistful of Charms prize packs with that coveted, hard to find and even harder to afford hard cover of A Fistful of Charms!

Mirannda Lindberg

Holly Strickland

Shauna B

Check your inbox, you should have an email from Guy and myself about how to claim your books. 🙂 You have until Friday noon, EST to do so before I give them to the next person on the list. (Also randomly generated.)

Thank you everyone who entered. I love doing these.

FAFDMreadalongIf you didn’t win: I’ll be doing another one in two weeks when we finish reading For a Few Demons More. [Join in at Goodreads]

The give-aways are to help celebrate the read along now going on in preparation to the release of The Undead Pool. Not one for re-reading but want to catchup anyway? Ten years in ten minutes . . . Enjoy!


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19 responses to “Winners of the Fistful of Charms give-away

  1. Rocky Reeves

    I have a business question. With hardcovers of A Fist Full of Charms startng at $150 and topping $1,000, there is obviously a great demand for that book. And with all the excitement around the conclusion of the series, there will probably be more. Why in the world doesn’t your publisher rerelease the book in hardback? At the very least they could do a special limited edition. They could charge a premium price and the books would still be snatched up by fans of the series.

    • Rocky, that is a very good question, and in my effort to remain professional and show a good spirit, I’m going to leave it at that. It was kind of flattering the first year, now it’s just irksome.

  2. jkh

    That little recap of the Hollows World is mind-boggling awesome. I love the pictures, the title art, the font of the narrative, the music … and of course the subject :->

  3. Well I was hoping. After you told me they were hard to find at a signing. I was hoping to win. Oh well. Ill keep trying.

  4. Vampyre

    I went to the movies yesterday and there was a preview of yet another YA book made into a movie, “Divergent”. I know the Hollows is not YA but it’s as good if not better than most of the books being made into movies these days.

    I just wish someone would come up with a descent screenplay for the Hollows. If they took the time to do it right, it’d be amazing.


  5. Kevin B

    Hey Kim,

    Great giveaway. I got my friend hooked on your books a couple weeks ago and we’re both waiting with baited breath for the Undead Pool to come out.

    We were wondering though, whatever happened to Keesly?! 🙂

    Keep up the great work, you’ve made an amazing world in the Hollows.

  6. Being a fan of your books as well as a Whovian, did you know that the number of books coincide with the number of doctors? Eleven so far. And you have book number 12 coming out. And Dr. Who may or may not be regenerating this coming year.
    Just the direction my thoughts are traveling this morning.

    Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with family and fun.

  7. Kim!! I’m so excited to see Cincinnati on the list again! I’m getting another chance to make a book signing if I plan it right. I’ve been trying to make it for two years running, and every time circumstances stops me from going. It’s gotta be my year…

    I’m really glad, too, that the Cincy stop is after the 23rd. That’s my son’s 6th birthday and I don’t think he’d appreciate mom choosing between HIS birthday party or going to a bookstore in Cincinnati!

    Thanks again for making it a signing stop!!!!

  8. old72jim

    Hi Ms Kim I didn’t get to say yesterday that I have been voting for you. Also I think Nick did love Rachel until it got hard to. Nick’s a moral coward, as I’ve said several times, and Nick is his first love. He just doesn’t get that loving someone is hard work at times. Plus I love the GIF, one of these days I gotta learn how to do that.It probably requires eyesight and fancy crap like that. Come to think about it,Takata is kind of wobbly too, chosing his career over sticking with Alice and the kids.

  9. Carey

    Morning, Miss Kim. So what do you say, did Nick love Rachel?

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