Every Which Way but Dead Give-Away

Contest is closed to entries! Wow! Thank you for all your comments. This is wonderful! Winners are Amy, Elise N., Stephentallman, Jennifer S., and Ruthsic. Winners will be notified by email, (the one they used to post a comment with) and they will have until Friday noon EST, to get back to me with their address. If I don’t hear from them by Friday, I will award the unclaimed prize pack to an alternate, (also chosen by the random number generator.

Thank you again for taking part. This has been a lot of fun for me, and I hope, you, too. If you missed it, I’ll have another give away in about two weeks when we finish reading FOC where I’ll be giving away three FOC hardcovers. It’s all I’ve got left!

EWWBDmmCoverISA Fistful of Charms (2006)

It’s the third of my give-aways in conjunction with the Hollows Read Along. I think EWWBD is still on sale today, or we might have clicked over to the next book on the list, A Fistful of Charms. [click for links to multiple platforms]

To enter the contest for the prize pack, all you have to do is drop down to the comment box at the end of the page here and tell me if you think Trent is being himself when he had Maggie make them waffles for dinner, or if it’s still an act. (If you’ve not read the book, then tell me what you think of the cover.) Your post is your entry into the random drawing, so please comment only once–on your honor!

Prize pack contains a signed cover flat for Ever After, a hard cover copy of Every Which Way but Dead, a hard cover copy of Into the Woods, a bunny pin, bus token, and one of the poker chip freebies from Saladan’s casino.


Rules and Regs. I will open the page for comments Monday, 9:00 a.m. EST, and close it Tuesday 9:00 a.m. EST. I will then use a random number generator to choose the five winning commenters.

EWWBDPrizePack2Stuff to know before commenting:

Guy will ship overseas, so international is okay.

Chances of winning are dependent on how many enter.

My decision is final, even if you quibble over it.

Even though it looks like only women win, I DO have men readers. (Come on, guys! Leave a post!)

I will contact the winners Tuesday afternoon using the email address they used to comment with, so please check it in the next day or so. If you don’t respond to me by email by Friday, I’m giving the prize pack to the runner up, also chosen by the random number generator.


Few other things since I’ve got your ear.

The first of Harper’s two sweepstakes where they’re giving away signed copes of the first five books is still going on. Enter here.

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FOCreadalongI’m starting A Fistful of Charms tonight. This is my favorite of the first six as I get to showcase one of the places I used to vacation as a child. You can take part here at the drama box, or at Goodreads where the threads of conversation tend to hang around a little longer. [click image to go to goodreads]

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1,670 responses to “Every Which Way but Dead Give-Away

  1. I think Trent was still acting. I do not blame him for having up walls. I think he is more himself around Rachel.

  2. Heather

    I am one book behind…I did read it a few years ago though. Going from memory I think Trent was being himself. Rachel’s one of the very few he lets his guard down around. And about the cover – love it and the boots! 🙂

  3. Barbara Digby

    I think it is Trent being himself. As we go through the books we see glimpses of the “normal” boy that Trent wanted to be all along.

  4. Karon Miller

    I think he was always scheming with Rachel at that time. He might not have started that way with the encounter but he always managed to twist his motives in that direction if he thought he was gaining traction with her.

  5. Melissa Peters

    I want to believe that Trent is being his true self.

  6. I think Trent just likes waffles ;P

  7. Jessica Kruckeberg

    He is being real

  8. Trent is being himself, otherwise, Maggie would have ratted him out. Honest people do that to loved ones if it’s “family” that they’re around. Maggie obviously think Rachel’s ok or she wouldn’t have been open herself around her. So yeah, Trent’s being that somebody he really is when camera’s aren’t flashing.

    As for that cover, if I were you (and I’m not!), I’d have told the illustrators only one little thing:

    Who the heck can run in boots like that?! Seriously?

    Other than that, spooky and dark rather hits the spot. A signed cover…woohoo… best of luck to everyone!

  9. I might make it just under the wire. Love the books. Will be sad to see them end.

  10. Christina

    Couldn’t put these books down! I reread them with every new release. Thanks for the fantastic story!

  11. Jen M

    It was one of those rare moments where we got to see Trent relaxed & be himself.

  12. Kim

    I think he was being himself. He seems to have reached the comfortable zone, for at least the moment, with Rachel.

  13. Macey

    I think he is being himself

  14. I think he is being real, After all he and Rachel have been through as enemies and working together and now romantically it only seems right that they would share this seemingly odd request for waffles for dinner. I think it’s perfect.

  15. Evelyn

    I think he was himself…. Or at least I really hope so. >_<

  16. Savannah Faulkner

    I think he is being his true self, after all he and Rachel have been through, even if he didn’t think of her romantically at the time, the bond they share as having been enemies and working with each other makes it almost okay to eat waffles for dinner.

  17. Scott Romanski

    I really like the cover. Great art, lines, color and lighting effects.

  18. angelica atkinson

    I think, after what they had just gone through, he felt relaxed enough in Rachel’s presence to be himself but at the same time was fully aware of the affect it had on Rachel.

  19. Robin Hampton

    I think it’s the real Trent. This is also my favorite book of the first six, too.

  20. That’s one of the things that convinced me he was a good guy. Bad guys don’t do breakfast for dinner.

  21. I felt that he was himself, it looked like he loved that woman and he wouldn’t be mean even if he’s in front to Rachel. 😀

  22. cecile alfaro

    He is Soo dating it… And the cover is amazing… She looks stunning..

  23. I am collecting your books now and am missing a 3 in hardback. Once I have them I will begin the series. I can’t wait. Of course I have cheated and have read the Graphic Novel. Shame Shame on me.

  24. i loveall your books covers are wonderful and i would loveto win this pack 🙂

  25. I’ve not read this book yet. I just finished the first book in the series. I love the cover!

  26. I havent read this one yet but I love the cover as always awesome cover 🙂

  27. ouanne

    I think he is being himself, but the act of revealing a little is still calculated to try to win Rachel over. I loved that scene!

  28. Anna M

    I think he let his guard slip a bit and we saw a glimpse of his true self.

  29. I think Trent was being real with the waffles. It was the first real thing he did with Rachel that made you think of him as more than just the bad guy. It is a love hate relationship. Can not wait for the next book.

  30. Rosario

    I haven’t read the books, but the covers are so pretty and sexy! *O*

  31. The cover is fantastic, and I can’t wait! I’m going to have to go back and do a re-read so that I’ll be ready for February.

    You are the best because you treat your readers so well!

  32. Trent seemed to always hide his true self around Rachel, but he’s showing more and more of his trueself as the books progress.

  33. Kevin B

    I believe that having been on his home turf, Trent is more easily able to relax, and with Rachel naked just down the hall in a bath relaxing herself after being pulled from the freezing river and nearly dying, it adds to Trents ability to relax himself knowing that she has allowed herself to be vulnerable in his care. It’s almost as if he and Ivy share the same needs to see Rachel is kept safe when she’s most vulnerable. I’m waiting for that moment of realization between Trent and Ivy that they both feel that way.

  34. emily

    I think he was being himself until he realized it and realized maybe he could use Rachel then it slide into an act.

  35. Krysla Folsom

    Trent was being himself, who underneath it all, is still a manipulator.

  36. Vanessa

    I would like to believe this is a glimpse into the real Trent, where he is relaxing and just being himself. That does not mean he won’t later use it to his advantage!

  37. Cary B.

    I think Trent is trying to be himself however at this point I don’t think he knows who he is.

  38. I think Trent’s true self was showing through at the time. He let Rachel have a glimpse of the ‘real’ Trent 😉

  39. Jade Pearson

    I think it was one of the first hints of himself, I don’t even know that he was aware of it just yet.

  40. James J. Riley

    I believe he was being sincere, Rachel definitely brings that out of him more and more with each encounter they have wether in a public or private setting!

  41. Kari Skaggs


  42. Ralph Phillips

    I think it’s an act on Trent’s part

  43. I think it was on the road to being himself

  44. Hey, a guy reader here who defenitely loves this series.
    Trent letting a bit of himself slip through here.
    Is it February yet?

  45. Sabrina Reese

    Trent is always hiding something. I don’t think he ever truly relaxes this early in the series.

  46. I believe Trent is the waffles for dinner type, but has to put on a persona to keep his secrets and hide how he really feels. He’s an important man with an image to maintain even in the privacy of his own home. He doesn’t trust easily and he’s always conscious of who’s eyes are on him.

  47. Carole Thomas

    I think he was being himself.

  48. Tamara Palmar

    I don’t think Trent had let down his guard at that stage; but I do think he got a glimpse of the possibilities working with Rachel would be – that complete drive and passion she has for doing what it is that she loves and the fact that she can do it her way (or at least she tries to when she isn’t being threatened by elves, demons and vampires) – something Trent couldn’t have at that point in time. I think this was the moment, eating breakfast with Rachel, that Trent began to understand her a little. Elasbeth walking in also provided a stark contrast between what Trent was expected to want ( responsibility for the unity of his race ) and what he could eventually have/ want ( being Rachel and all that she represents). Ultimately, I think this interaction was a catalyst in the progression of their relationship (on a business and personal level).

    Love and well wishes from Australia!! Keep the books coming Kim; they truly are brilliant 🙂

  49. Matthew Tuite

    Trent always has a mask on when Rachel is around. When he is acting most relaxed is when I think he is hiding the most.

  50. Dawn Laroche

    I think Trent is able to be himself around Rachel, he opens up more and more as the books progress, I always liked him but now I love him!

  51. Catherine M

    Love the cover for the new book, and planning on re-reading the books shortly.

  52. Stacy Horn

    Trent has deffinatly grown on me through the series. I think this is one of the first times Trent was being himself. After a stressful night, perhaps he let down the wall a little. In true Trent form, he  will use this moment to his advantage. 


    You are a new author to me. Have your books on my TBR list…Love the cover….

  54. Cindy Cox

    I think Trent is being himself. I think he is interested in her and is testing her to see how she reacts.

  55. Michelle M.

    Naw, that’s not the real Trent. No way no how!

  56. Michele

    I think trent is being himself to have rachel trust him.He knows she is a powerful witch and wants her on his side.I kinda hope there might be a little love that might brew between them.I look forward to the next book that comes out to see if they finally break down and give it a whirl

  57. jaime manning

    himself, as much as he can be anyway

  58. Krystal

    No it’s too soon.

  59. I think he was acting himself. Or more of himself that he IS willing to show. I think Trent is a complex character and every story I grow fonder of him.

  60. Mindy States

    Hes not being his true self, at least not completely. I just finished rereading the whole series lol I’m not a patient reader. Now I’m counting the days until Feb 25!

  61. ashley rumpke

    act but hoping not

  62. Jeff

    Love the series!

  63. Stephanie J

    I’m not sure if Trent was being himself or not, he always seems to have some hidden agenda. I think it’s tough to be Trent as an Elf or a human, he’s very complicated!

  64. Mira

    The Cover is really sexy, dark and mysterious. I love it. I’d love to get these shoes. Greetings from northern Germany.

  65. Chris Matosky

    I think it’s a mixed bag. Trent strikes me as someone who puts on at least a little bit even when he tries to be himself.

  66. Chelle Dziak

    I personally feel it is a mixture because he can’t separate the two with her yet. He needs to show the power he has yet try to be gentle as he is still trying to get her to work for him.
    I also think Trent is afraid of his feelings for her on many levels beginning from camp.

  67. Never2old4Glitter

    It was really him!!! Thanks for these awesome giveaways =)

  68. Audra Trout

    I think he was being himself. It was nice to see him relax and not feel like he had to have his “mask/armor” on.

  69. Crystal Rose

    This was a slip of Trent’s carefully cultivated image. He seems to let more slip through in each book, whenever he spends too much time around Rachel.

  70. Jake Hill

    Honestly, when it comes to Trent we don’t really see his true colours until much later in the series. I feel that Trent was just using a different persona and the he still wasn’t being who he truly is at heart.

  71. Marissa

    I think Trent is trying to be himself

  72. Amanda Brubaker

    These books are amazing! Trent has always been sneaky but I am glad(I hope) that him and Rachel will get together in the end.
    *Excited for the new book!*

  73. I think Trent is learning the only person he can be real with is Rachel but even that is hard for him to do.

  74. Marcus Dixson

    I’d like to think that Trent is being honest.

  75. Drake Richardson

    I love this series. And I believe that Trent is just being himself.

  76. wendy heerschop

    I think that it was his true self…..

  77. Jeremiah Edwards

    I think that it is both. The waffles are served as a bluff to keep Rachel on her toes, but Trent secretly loves eating waffles. I think that he loves them because it was something that his mom made him and his father on Sundays. This is important to him because for those brief moments, he felt like a normal kid in a normal family. His father would smile and even be a little silly, which he didn’t get to see that often. The buttery syrup drenched waffles are bitter sweet in his mouth keeping him in check with work and family.

  78. Bob

    Originally thought it was still an act, however I think it would’ve been something else other than waffles if it were, so he most likely let his guard down a bit…allowing a little of himself to slip though.

  79. Meredith

    It is one of those rare times when Trent drops his guard and show himself.

  80. Elaine Pearson

    It is so totally still an act!!

  81. Audrey C

    It’s been a few years since I’ve read the book, but the cover is one of my favorites! I’ve gotta find me some boots like that!

  82. Priscilla

    True Blue baby!

  83. Johanna DeCurtis

    I certainly hope so, it’s sad that she has the hots for him. I was betting on the demon.

  84. Michelle

    I think he was trying to manipulate her, but his true feelings were also coming through. His copying of her body language was intentional, but I think he was trying to show off with the headphones, and was disappointed when, after showing them to her, she left.

  85. i’m so excited about this giveaway!! especially since its on Veterans Day, we vets appreciate the little things like this. 🙂

  86. I think Trent was himself at that moment, or *closer* to himself. He’s a tough nut to crack, that cookie maker.

  87. kittybelle103108

    I don’t know that Trent has EVER “been himself” in any of your books, only because I don’t think – deep down – that Trent really KNOWS who he is. Granted, he may have moments that – to whomever he is with at the time – appear to be genuine, and perhaps they are. But he’s been putting on a show for so much of his life, it’s very hard for him to remember who the real Trent is, and what the real Trent might say or do.

  88. Kellt

    I think Trent has two sides to himself and both are equally real. He doesn’t good things, he just does bad things to get them done. I think he’s a bit misguided.

  89. Tammy Kenney

    Haven’t read them yet but they’re on my TBR list. Love the cover!

  90. Kristina Radecki

    I think Trent feels he can relax around Rachael, if only just a bit considering how usually uptight he is. I love that he almost can’t stop himself and once he realizes that he has shown some of his true self.

  91. Jessie

    I think Trent is at war with himself. He truly buys into his duty to propagate his race. He has a sincere affection and admiration of Rachel and his thick veneer is starting to crack!

  92. Ginger Harden

    I think for once Trent gave a glimpse of who he can be.

  93. I think he is trying to be himself, but definitely trying to gain Rachel trust without knowing exactly how to, and putting an act for Ellasbeth

  94. I just love these books, can’t get enough. I could read them over and over.


    I think Trent just wanted some comfort food after that harrowing experiance.

  96. Erica B

    Your book covers completely draw you in. They’re fantastic.

  97. Shy@Doctor's Notes

    Havent read the series yet but that cover is amazing. Thanks for the giveaway.

  98. I think Trent is being completely himself at that moment. Just like most celebrities, he has a public and private image to maintain. Unfortunately, it extends a bit to those around him to a degree as well.

  99. Chrystal H

    Since we are essentially seeing Trent through Rachel’s eyes, I believe that he is being his true self. It’s the first time that she sees him as a man (errr…elf) and not her preconcieved notion of who he is. Love this scene.

  100. lvzer1

    everyone has secrets,sometimes our guards are left down and we slip. he does really have feelings for her, but unsure at the time to show his secret. love this book, thanks KIM 🙂

  101. Dawn

    I think Trent likes a lot of things but hides behind his power suits. I loved how caring he was in this book.

  102. Laura B

    I think a part of Trent’ s true personality comes through here, but not on purpose. The guys an elf – anyone who has seen ‘elf’ knows they love sugar every meal of the day 😀 I think hes letting Rachel see through the chinks of his armor without realizing it, in his own home in the company of someone he trusts (he DOES trust Rachel – he thinks he can read her like a book, and even though she may not do what he wants her to, he knows he can rely on her to act in a certain way).

  103. Trend was being truthful with Rachel. End of, witchy poo.

  104. Danny A

    Trent is always being himself – he’s complicated.

    One of the things I love best about Kim’s books is the way she presents characters and situations to us from Rachel’s biased point of view. Often you can peel off the Rachel filter and realize that the witch can be quite an idiot and get everything wrong even when the truth is right in front of her.

  105. Izabela

    I haven’t read the book in a long time, but I remember thinking Trent was acting suspicious.

  106. I believe that Trent was really genuine in that moment.It was a glimpse into the real Trent or something

  107. Beth

    I love the shoes… Want to find a pair…

  108. ChristinaD

    I think Trent really wanted those waffles, so on that way he was himself.

  109. Victoria

    I think Trent was still unsure but it might have been the first glimpse of the real Trent. 🙂

  110. Christina Decker

    I think Trent’s being himself – but deliberately and with calculation, a show to see how Rachel reacts to seeing that side of him.

  111. Joanne S.

    So, I’d thought that Trent was being genuine. Until you got me thinking. At the time, Rachel wouldn’t give him the time of day. I think he was trying something new to bring her over to the dark side. LOL

  112. Kimberly Mann

    I think this was a sneak peak into the real Trent or as close to the real as we will see.

  113. Sand

    I haven’t read yet the books, so I can’t say anything about that, but it’s on my wish-list for a time now. Time to read it ><

  114. Tammy Hersman

    I think it was the “real” Trent peeking out. I absolutely love your work,please keep the great books cooking!

  115. Misty

    Oh, himself, but trying not to seem himself; nonchalant! Indulging in sweet tasty things!

  116. I think Trent is so used to having to guard everything that he slips every once in awhile and we get to see snaps of who he is. I also think that who he is may not be who he wants to be. He is growing and testing himself just as much as Rachel. I cannot wait to see where his path will take him next. I do have to say though as the series continues, I miss Ivy….

  117. Matthew G

    It’s been entirely too long since I read this book, and since I fell behind on the re-read, I’m not going to comment, but I love the cover. Those boots scream confidence. How else could you wear them?

  118. I feel that this is the first time that we actually get a glimpse of the real Trent. Not the Trent the Bio-drug lord. Or Trent the Powerful. Just Trenton Kalamack. This is still one of my all-time favorite scenes in the entire Hollows series.

  119. Kelly

    Himself! secret sweet tooth!

  120. I believe that Trent was being himself.
    By that time, he realized that he could trust Rachel and was comfortable having Maggie serve him waffles at that time of day.

  121. Jeremy Collier

    People fear Trent but Rachel doesn’t take his crap. I think this is the beginning of him letting Rachel into his walls. He hasn’t let her all the way in yet, but at least now the doors open.

  122. wendy

    I think he was being himself.

  123. Phil Moon

    Trent is always himself, which is to say, he always has a reason for everything he does, though the reason is not always dark and dangerous. I am one of those male readers, and I have enjoyed all of the books in the series. Thanks.

  124. Cassie Hoffman

    My fingers are crossed such a great giveaway!

  125. Tanya Rosenbalm

    To be honest, I think at that time he was still working an angle to gain Rachels trust. It was one hundred percent an act.

  126. I think that was one of the first glimpses of Trent being who he wants to be, and the first glimpse that he is not happy being who he feels he has to be to save his species.

  127. Damian Wright

    As ever, a very attractive woman on the cover but the boots are highly impractical for
    A) running
    B) kicking arse
    C) taking names (unless they lie down for a little bit of consensual trampling!!)

    She must be going out instead of doing a run…

  128. Cathy

    I think That Trent was attempting to be himself, while still trying to be superior to Rachel. It is clear from Book 10, that he does enjoy sweet things, as he and Rachel have pudding together at Junior’s at the end of the book. However, I do think he was trying to relax Rachel by ordering waffles so that she would be more pliable.

  129. Claudia

    Trent was being himself. Even from his first encounter with Rachel, he has always seemed to feel more comfortable around her than around others. He shows a little more of his true self when he is around Rachel. Around others, he is usually more serious and intimidating.

  130. Stefanie

    I believe that scene gave a cautious first look at who Trent really is (or who he wants to be)

  131. Deb Cushing

    I think Trent was being himself

  132. casey

    I think Trent was being himself. because really…. who doesn’t love waffles?

  133. Carmen R

    I think Trent was being himself. We were getting a glimpse at who he really is rather than what he is expected to be.

  134. I have yet to read this book but I love the Rachel Morgan series. I will however comment on the cover. The number one rule I follow when choosing a book is “always judge a book by it’s cover” and the covers for this series my friends are as good as it gets.

  135. Vanyel Kane

    I’m torn but in the end I think he was trying to do all the things at the same time and failed.

    I think he was trying to play her (meet my people, they think I’m nice) but then with her he can’t help it even when he is acting, a bit of himself shines through. That person underneath the act just wanted to be himself with someone and that person came to the front and he just gave up and was himself in the end.

  136. I think he was being the real him!! =)

  137. Nicole Whitlow

    I think he was being himself. As careful as Trent is, thus far, to hide, twist and manipulate, I believe that a little moment of himself just being himself slipped through. Of course, as much as he desires his independence I’m a tad bit surprised he didn’t make them himself.

  138. Rebecca McDonald

    I think this was Trent being himself, giving us and Rachel a rare glimpse of the man underneath and some insight in what’s to come!!

  139. Jonathan Hart

    I think given the fact that Rachael just saved Trent’s life that he was letting his true self show at breakfast.

  140. Kandi

    I think he was. Waffels for dinner is comfort food. And you share comfort food. But if someone is extremely proper, breakfast for dinner is not OK. So it could also be a slap at someone.

  141. Gianna Miltiadou

    I really think Trent was himself!

  142. Delilah K

    At the time I thought it was an act, but as I’ve gotten to know Trent more through the series. I think it was an early insight into who Trent really is.

  143. Susan Hunnicutt

    I have not read it yet. Your books never are bought for my ereader, I have to have those hardcovers and AWESOME covers in their place of honor in my bookshelves!!

  144. amber lewis-gonzales

    Haven’t read it yet but I love the cover!

  145. Jen C.

    I feel that Trent was being himself. Trent, like many political figures, only feels relaxed in certain people’s presence. Maggie and Rachel are one of the few with whom he is able to do so.

  146. jenny

    Trent is being himself .

  147. Crystal

    Well I think its a little bit of both. Trent is def a hard book to read(no pun intended)

  148. jamie

    I think that Trent was letting his guard down a little when they ate waffles. I don’t think it is an act; I think almost everything else that Trent does is the act.

  149. Think that Trent may have let his real self slip through. 🙂

  150. elihawkins6

    It’s an act, at least at this point in the story.

  151. Eva

    I think he was being himself. He is a complex dude who has a lot of different sides that all together is him. This was a more private him… But showing that side of him was an active choice of his and all a part of his “game”!

  152. Tim

    I think Trent is finally relaxing into himself. He is trust Rachel more and more and feels that he can be more himself. I have always rooted for the two of them. Rachel is also beginning to see the real Trent,

  153. Vicki Martin

    Ohh Trent Trent Trent, how you have grown on me throughout the books. This moment when he asks Maggie to make Rachel and him waffles, I do truly believe he is being himself here. This is where the warm spot for him all started. I so look forward to seeing how he is in the new book. I am so excited.

  154. I think Trent doesn’t show anyone his real self. He has a hard time being vulnerable. But I think he is good underneath.

  155. Susan OC

    I like to think this is another little glimpse of the real Trent. Although sometimes I wonder if Trent knows what part of him is real anymore – I hope so. I’m getting a little fond of him.

  156. Marina Welker

    I just read the part again, because it was so long ago, and I really enjoyed it again, with Ellasbeth finding Rachel in the bathtub and everything.
    I have to say, I was confused at first because Trent suggested the waffles, because Rachel can’t eat his usual with the eggs to the toast, because she can’t eat eggs. And I was confused, because I make my waffles with eggs. I came to the conclusion, that Maggie probably doesn’t ^^
    So, now to your question. I think, in this very moment, Trent was just nice and suggested something to eat for Rachel, without acting. And I also think that he doesn’t act as much with Maggie around.
    Btw, I think Trent is great.

  157. John Wiest

    I think he was being himself but probably took even himself by surprise in doing so.

  158. jenah

    I think it’s a little bit of both. His relationship with Maggie gives us a glimpse of him, but I also think, like the headphones, he was more than willing to play the waffles up to further his agenda.

  159. Rebecca

    I believe it was Trent and not just one of the many acts he puts on. i was devastated when Kisten died, but i truly believe Trent will be good for Rachel, but only time and Kim Harrrison will tell!

  160. Lacy Clayton

    He was being himself, I loved that glimpse of him!

  161. I think he was being himself, but maybe did it just a little to get a reaction.

  162. Rayann Berden

    I really enjoyed this part because I believe this was the moment that Trent started to relax around Rachel and maybe even trust her a tiny bit. He wasn’t trying to manipulate her (for once). Also it’s when she started to see him as a person that some people actually liked instead of a manipulative drug lord.

  163. gwen fauss

    I think it was the first time Trent relaxed enough to be a little bit of his true self.

  164. Heather Ladousier

    I think that everything Trent does is carefully considered and chosen to suit his agenda. He always has a motive.

  165. Jenna Bullock Eckman Papcin

    I think he was genuine

  166. I think Trent was Letting Rachel see the real him. She is just so set on hating him that she fails to see his feelings.

  167. i think trent was finally showing bits of the real him.

  168. Kristin Becraft

    I think Trent was acting trying to mske it seem like he was showing his real self when he wasnt

  169. I definitely think he was being himself. I think in the last few books he’s definitely let down his guard with Rachel and she’s one of the few people that he lets see the real him.

  170. Sara Cairns

    I think Trent can’t help himself around Rachel. His business man veneer slips around her and this a hint of who he really is slipping out.

  171. Nancy Jahn

    I think this is the first glimpse we see of Trent being real.

  172. Trent was totally acting. He has One wicked manipulative streak.

  173. Trent is a one of kind and I don’t think that he likes the way he is comfortable with Rachael and that makes him lol uncomfortable. Great cover I really like it. As to your question about Maggie I kind of think its like he being hisself yet holding back. Not making any sense am I lol

  174. Craig Nichols

    Coolly using the advantage of his extraordinary resources in a way that we’re not entirely sure is appropriate? Confidently manipulating the circumstances while coming across as a caring and all round nice guy? Sounds like classic Trent to me! I think it’s in his DNA.

  175. LeeLee

    Trent was being himself.

  176. Ivia

    I say Yes. Trent always seems to make everything he does an act. But whether the act involves a positive or negative action, there is always a truthful reason in everything he does. This behavior also allows him room to be himself undercover. So I do believe he was being himself regarding the waffles.

  177. I think that to keep someone long enough, you have to let a sliver of something genuine through. Does that mean Trent is being honest, no. It could be he is, or maybe theres something more nefarious afoot.

  178. I haven’t read this book yet, but I love the cover. I love all of your book covers. You are an amazing author. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  179. Kathy

    I think he was being calculating still. I don’t think he really is himself until later in the series

  180. Colleen Smith

    I think we still haven’t seen the “real” trent, however I think the waffles is when he starts to let that fascade spill and we get a glimpse of what’s inside.

  181. Marja

    I like this a lot and I am re-reading all of the book.

  182. I haven’t read the book yet but I love the cover. I like all of your book covers. I’ve read several of your other books, you are an amazing author. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  183. Lenni

    He was just being himself. I think Trent lets his guard down around Rachel more than either of them realize.

  184. josefina sinclair

    I think he was being himself showing a little vulnerability and at the same time making her feel comfortable.

  185. Although I feel he was being sincere, and come on who doesn’t LOVE waffles!!!, the only time I ever think of Trent being “himself” is when he is dealing with Rachel. They have so much history, good and bad, and have kept each other’s secrets. She is the one person he has helped out without a hidden motive and even though she frustrates/irritates him, I think he respects and admires her.

    On a side note, thanks for this wonderful series, Kim. It has brought many hours of enjoyment, frustration, tears and laughter. Keep up the awesome work!

  186. Marquitta Farrell

    I think this is the first glimpse of Trent being himself…

  187. Chloe Mansell

    I do think this is Trent being himself and maybe reaching out to Rachael for a friend cause he doesnt seem to have many real friends and I think he respects Rachael cause she is one of the few to say no to him and to tell him what she really thinks.

  188. Elizabeth Northrop-Day

    I think Trent was being himself. I think he realizes that he has feelings for Rachel right from the start and although he tries to fight them every once in a while his feelings seep through and he shows her his true self.

  189. I think that Trent can only be himself with Rachel. He doesn’t have to pretend with her. I despised him, at first, but now he and Rachel are a supercouple.

  190. I haven’t read your books, but I have heard tremendous praise for your writing would love to win so I could read them!!

  191. Sandra "Wench" Ingram

    I think he’s playing both sides. He started out with his normal, “I’m working a secret angle that nobody has a clue about” but I think somewhere in the middle of things he found himself relaxing, enjoying it & letting his guard down.

  192. Meaghan

    I still don’t feel as though he was being himself… I don’t think we really see the real Trent until much later in the series… and I think with each book a little more of him is revealed. I feel like even in Ever After he’s holding back… it’s most probably the carnal side of him 😉

  193. Christina Stanford

    I think Trent was totally being himself..old habits die hard!

  194. It’s a glimpse of the real Trent, although I think he most of the time plans for these little snippets of his real personality to show…..the good and bad of Trent! 🙂

  195. I feel that Trent started to let his mask slip a little in the kitchen with the Waffles. He is just starting to learn that Rachel is someone who is safe to do that with, and it really seems to signal the start of him trusting her.

  196. Regina K. Martinez

    I very much believe Trent was being his true self, his guard was a little down at the time, being in his private quarters. It gave us a glimpse of who he is, was and wants to be, even if he hadn’t realized it yet. I loved that scene, because even though at times I didn’t like him then, that scene made me start to second guess my thoughts about him.

  197. Victoria Fear

    I think Trent is having one of those rare moments when he shows his true self, with maybe a little bribery intended. Yet if his actions weren’t based on what he could get from them, then it wouldn’t be the Trent we know.

  198. I think a part of Trent is trying to find himself, rather than being himself…even if it’s an act.

  199. Crystal Thain

    Trent has spent much of his life directing or controlling situations but in this instance he is being himself.

  200. Lauren Jenks

    I think Rachel brings more of Trent’s real self out than he’s comfortable with, which would explain some of their oh so awkward interactions throughout the series. As the story develops, other factors start to play into him becoming who he really wants to be (Ceri, Lucy) but Rachel is the catalyst that throws him in that direction.

  201. Genni Blair

    I love having a visual of Trent to focus my thoughts! He looks different than I had pictured on my own but your version is more realistic/real. I like the expression on his face as he looks at Rachel…kind of a mix of perplexed and impressed and annoyed all together! Great artistry there !

  202. i have read all the books in this series and i love them to pieces. I think Trent was being himself.

  203. This is one of the best scenes with Trent… for once I think he is truly letting himself shine through instead of hiding behind the mask he has always been so careful to wear. It is like a crack in the armor, letting us get a glimpse of who he could be if he would just let himself shine!

  204. Tanja

    It’s been entirely too long since I’ve re-read this book, so I won’t comment on that particular scene; but, if I win the book I’d be very happy to add it to my to-read pile o’books. Regarding the cover, I like it — and I once had a pair of boots like that, too. Happy memories. 🙂

  205. Rhys

    My impression of that scene was that Trent was himself – guarded, maybe, but still himself.

  206. Janie McGaugh

    I haven’t read the book. I think the cover has a nice urban fantasy vibe.

  207. Amie perry

    I was recently introduced to this series about 6 months ago and in every moment of my free time I read!!! I am so hooked!! I loved how every cover only gave a sliver of what Rachel looked like leaving it up to each one of us to imagine what she looks like, because I’m sure we all put a bit of ourselves in her 🙂 at least I did! But I’m super happy to have finally seen your image of her and Trent! Amazing books! You are so talented!! Thanks for sharing with the world!

  208. Heather S

    I think he was being himself, I love the chance to see him relaxed and laid back. 🙂

  209. Karen McCormack

    I would gladly hurt someone for those boots! And I don’t think Trent was faking. He tries so many “normal” things in ultra private – it’s part of what makes him so likeable.

  210. I think Trent likes waffles! He may play a lot of games but I don’t think the waffles are one of them. ❤

  211. Jen M

    I think that’s Trent being himself for once. I love that part!!

  212. I think Trent is becoming more and more himself around Rachel. I think he thinks of her as an important person in his life as a friend, if not in hopes that more forms between them. Trent seems to still be battling with the person he was and sometimes it is hard for him not to fall back into old habits around Rachel, because he is still unsure about her reactions and feeling towards him.

  213. Mickie King

    i think trent was being as real as he can be..how truly real that is remains to be seen!

  214. Linda Pauley

    I like the cover of Ever After…..the rich, warm tones and demon power shooting from Rachel’s fingers….but I LOVE the cover for the Undead Pool. So nice to see another character besides Rachel on the cover. It’s interesting to see how you, the author, picture Trent. …..and how I, the reader, imagine him in my mind. 😉

  215. My aunt introduced me to this series a few years ago and I have grown addicted. I finally got my mother to read them as well and she adores Jenks. Much ❤ your way!

  216. Rachel Sternberg

    I am so jealous of those boots Ms. Rachel gets to wear!!

  217. Jessica Garrett

    Sadly I haven’t read the book yet, but I like the yellow and black cover.

  218. Shannon

    I think that he is trying to be himself, or still learning who he is. He hasn’t had the opportunity to be someone other than Trent Kalamack the businessman/entrepreneur/politician/jerk… he is showing some potential though.

  219. I believe it was one of the few chances for Trent to drop the masks and facades and just be himself for just a little bit.

  220. Bekah Mills

    Trent is a cad….and I can’t help but love him.

  221. Was Trent “being himself” or still “putting on an act” when he suggested Maggie make waffles instead of eggs? At that point, I would say he was “acting” the gallant host but I also believe that it is a real facet of his personality. I don’t think he meant it to be manipulation. Rachel had just saved his life and adapting to her dietary restrictions was a way to show his gratitude in an understated fashion. (And I suspect Trent adores waffles and wanted to share a treat.) I do think Trent was truly himself when reassuring Maggie that he would never let Ellasbeth push her out.

  222. I think that at first he was just being thankful for saving his life. But once they start eating, it feels easy for Trent be real around Rachel.

    P.D. Re-post because a mistake with my last name. 😛

  223. I haven’t read Into the woods yet. This is one of my favorite series.

  224. Patrick L

    I think he just wants to be himself, he’s a little jealous of Rachel for having that freedom, but really wants her to see beneath all the masks.

  225. It’s hard to say as Trent is a master manipulator but I think he wants to be free to be himself for once instead of always putting up an act.

  226. I think Rachel is one of the few people Trent sometimes forgets himself around and lets his wall down.

  227. James Duncan

    I can’t wait to answer that question….but I can’t. To me Trent is still playing hide and seek with his heritage, his past, and his nature. I can’t wait to dig deeper into him in Undead Pool. P.S. I ran a major bookstore for 5 years and sold The Hollows to men EVERY week…including a ton of Military headed to the Desert.

  228. Thomas

    I think Trent was trying to be normal. It seems a lot of times he would try to be nice to Rachel and have a little bit of a “normal” time. But life and sometimes Rachel, would find a way to mess it up for them.

  229. Sarah

    For me, I think Trent was being as real with Rachel as he could have been at the time. I think it allowed him to be comfortable with her, and try to show her that he trusted her on some level.

  230. I think it was a little bit of both. They’d just saved each other’s lives, so Trent was more trusting and let Rachel get a glimpse of him being a regular guy. Rachel, however, read more into his actions and thought he was simply manipulating her, which he might have done towards the end of their dinner when he tried enticing her with the headphones.

  231. Amber

    Yes!!! I adore Trent and Rachel together! They bring out the best (usually)!!!

  232. I have read most of your books. Good stuff. Keep them coming.

  233. I think Trent was just tired of pretenses by that point. The nights events had left him exhausted and perhaps even let him see Rachel differently than before. I think he was being real with the waffles, at least for a moment.

  234. Kim H

    Trent is the character you love to hate. I started out hating him, but now love him. I think he was being himself and it was just the first crack in his facade.

  235. I think the waffle dinners was himself, or at least as much of himself as he was at the time.

  236. I think he is truly being his self for the first time, and I always love your cover art!

  237. Jacob Ellis

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  238. fuzzybrownmomma

    I think that Trent is being himself. He can’t hide his true self 24/7

  239. Ellen Hotchkiss

    I think it was a moment when Trent was so tired after the near death experience that he let his guard down just a little- its when I started rooting for him and something more for him– more friendship, more Rachel– more….

  240. Kim,
    You are an amazing writer/artist. You have created a world that I love getting lost in, and characters who enlighten and entertain! I adore the series, and identify with different aspects of each character. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

  241. I haven’t read the book yet but I have it and it’s on my to be read list~
    But I definitely like the cover, although your new covers are definitely much more visually appealing. Can’t wait till I have all the books and then I can start reading ❤

  242. Mandy Kimball

    I think trent is really trying to show who he really is. I honestly feel like he has had to be what everyone wants him to be but it never fits. Trent wants to be as free as Rachel is, but doesn’t know how.

  243. Lucy

    Being himself. Love your books!!!!!!

  244. Diana Sáncehz

    I think that at first he was just being thankful for saving his life. But once they start eating, it feels easy for Trent be real around Rachel.

  245. I’ve never read the books, but just from the one with the boot, I think I’d like it. I’m not sure about the Woods one though. I think the boot draws me more than the back of the lady. Maybe because of the colors on the boot makes it more towards paranormal and the back of the lady makes me think BDSM, not exactly sure why. Just my thoughts. I absolutely LOVE the more paranormal feeling covers though. Thanks for the chance.

  246. Tiffany Hudson

    I love the Ever After cover! I haven’t had the pleasure of reading it as yet but look forward to doing so soon!! I have really enjoyed Rachel’s adventures so far and can’t wait to read what’s next. Thank you for a beyond enjoyable read everytime .

  247. Jason Leary

    I think it was Trent. I don’t think it was an act. Trent always struck me as very civil.

  248. Trent’s life is planned out for him, I think its hard for him relax and NOT plan every aspect of his time. I think perhaps he may have been intending to “fake it” with Rachel, but somehow.. she gets under his skin and he finds himself actually enjoying her.. Perhaps even truly relaxing with her. This is the beginning (to me), of Trent’s attitude really changing about Rachel.

  249. Jessica Raley

    I think if he wasn’t showing a little bit of himself then he was trying to He really wants to be.

  250. Samantha D.

    I enjoy hearing the little acts of normalcy from an otherwise stuffed coat Trent. It’s a softer side that makes him that much more attractive especially since he tries to hide it so well. He has so many sides which makes him so hard to figure out completely , and which makes him such an intriguing character.

  251. I think it’s a rare moment where Trent is actually letting some of himself show.

  252. Mandy Longoria

    Its been quite a while since I’ve read EWWBD but I love the stripper boots.. every cover except the one where Rachel had straight hair has been on point and enticing. LOVE THEM ALL!

  253. Sara Santry

    Pretty sure Trent was being himself; but, at the same time, only Trent really knows for sure since he’s such a calculating, cold elf at times!!!!

  254. Paige Gallo

    I was so intrigued by the mayo waffles that I didn’t really think about Trent’s motives (or lack thereof) for that scene. I hope someday that there is a Hollow’s cookbook with this recipe in it.

  255. I love these books!! Can not wait for the next one!

  256. Erika Cody

    I feel like Trent is trying to change for the best but as they say, old habits die hard and it is just to easy for him to be his usual sly self. The cover for The Undead Pool looks like it may be promising for him and Rachel. She knows how to handle him and he is slowly learning it’s better to have her as a friend than an enemy. Love this series and will be sad at the end.

  257. Laura T

    I think that Trent was being his self and really does like his waffles, but I also think that he was possibly trying to see if he could trigger memories in Rachel for some odd reason…

  258. trina galarza

    honestly I think it was him I don’t think it was an act but it’s so hard to tell with him so early on in the series. He is very shifty with his hidden emotions/agenda.

  259. Donna Salter

    I think Trent is trying to show a side of himself he never does. Why because he wants to be the person he thinks Rachel would like.

  260. I so so love the new cover! I think Trent was being himself then, just a rare moment of pure relaxation for him. No walls or boundaries. At least I hope so. Haha, he definitely has grown on me!

  261. Jenn Maston

    I feel that Trent was both being the man he could have been and giving glimpses of the man he is. I adore him and loved seeing him change thru this series. He makes me smile although sometime Id like to smack him upside the head w a frying pan.

  262. hansgirl3

    I definitely think Trent was being genuine at that point. He is very calculating, but still means well at that same time.

  263. melissam

    He is a true Machiavellian. I think he acted that way with Maggie because he knew he had to, so he could get the waffles.He can change to suit the mood or the want.

  264. Whitney Butts

    I never win but I’m going to enter anyway…I think this is one of the first real looks at Trent and the moment that made me root for Trent and Rachel as a couple. I love your books can’t wait to retread them again!

  265. Bobbi Mooney

    Trent ended up being himself, at least the self he is most comfortable with.

  266. Christy Brunner

    I thought this was a moment that Trent could be unguarded and show his true self to Rachel. I have enjoyed watching their relationship evolve.

  267. Wasanaa Smith

    I haven’t read the book yet, but the cover has caught my eye! I so want black leather duster with red lining now and tall leather boots!

  268. I still can never tell when trent is being the real him, or if he has ever really shown Rachel what that is

  269. I haven’t gotten to read it yet, but I love the cover! It is mysterious and sexy! Can’t wait! Love following your posts and can’t wait to get into this series!

  270. I think its him being himself.. and I still think its going to be him and Rachel and the end..

  271. I think we get to start to see who he could be. Or who he wishes he could be if he did not have all pressure on him. Self imposed and otherwise.

  272. Erin

    I do think Trent was being himself. I think he needed comfort food and knew Rachel did, too.

  273. Rita M.

    I really hope he was being himself but I have a feeling he was just being manipulative.

  274. Alex Mera

    I want this 🙂

  275. This cover was a great peek into what is to come for the story at hand and what will come out of the interesting mutual feelings that have been brewing from the beginning with Trent and Rachel! I am so excited to read the book when I get a few free minutes.

  276. It’s been a while since I’ve read EWWBD, so I’ll comment on the cover: I’d like to see the rest of Rachel’s outfit so I can wear it for Halloween 2014! My e-mail (not sure if it’ll show here being logged in on Facebook) is alibragrrl at gmail dot com.

  277. Cristy Klomklin

    I think Trent is being himself for the first time around Rachel.

  278. I think he was being himself.I do not think I entered yet. if I did I am so sorry.

  279. Haven’t been able to read the book yet, but I love, love, love the cover!

  280. Kristi

    I think that at first he was just being nice, thanking her for saving his life. But once the meal go under way the real easy going Trent came out showing you a peak of his self was really.

  281. Jennifer Sharpe

    I have not read it yet, always love your covers. I bought the first book of yours based on the cover art:)

  282. Trent has been many things to her up until now. He is finally giving her a glimpse of the real person.

  283. I think that . We saw a glimpse of what he would become with Rachel around. It was a good glimpse of the Trent we want.

  284. Emily T

    Himself! It’s nice to see he can be a real person too. After all, who doesn’t love Waffles?! Nom.

  285. Paula

    I think that Trent is showing a small bit of himself here. I mean.. who wouldn’t want waffles for dinner!

  286. hansgirl3

    I definitely think that Trent was being himself at that point. He does calculate his moves, but he is also genuine at the same time.

  287. Amanda

    Trent was being himself to a degree and I think still being a slight actor. Its hard to let it go all the time.

  288. samantha pulkkinen

    I think that Trent was himself. I like to think that Trent sometimes forgets himself around Rachel… like forgets how he’s supposed to act and is himself. plus, who doesn’t want waffles? :p Team Trent/Rachel since we met him! Hate is kin to love, right?

  289. Samantha

    Part of the Real Trent. There are many layers of him, since he couldn’t be who he wanted to be for the longest time. He was able to let part of his guard down.

    Kim – Any chance of a Canadian tour… maybe to Edmonton? ♥

  290. LK

    I don’t think anyone can hold a facade when there are delicious homemade waffles to be consumed!

  291. Mary Wren

    I love that the cover shows just the lower half of a woman that you just know is sexual and dominant. Yet ready to cover all but part of her boors with that long flowing coat! It really doesn’t need to read, “Great sex and an even better plot!” As the cover shows that clear! I also like that you know from the background that there is something otherworldly and maybe a bit evil that runs through this book. Can’t wait to see if I’m right!

  292. Jessica Martinez

    Sexy cover!!😉

  293. I think this scene is about Trent allowing himself to be free and expressing to Rachel that he feels a certain level of trust with her. Perhaps it is his subconscious attempt to go back to that time as kids riding horses at the camp. Or maybe it’s just his desire to alleviate his loneliness for a brief moment. I think it is definitely not just about manipulating her to work with/for him. There is a connection between them.

  294. Mic Ricca

    There are many levels or masks of Trent depending on whom he’s with, and I think having Maggie there helps him relax and be himself. Rachel notices how Maggie is smiling at them and how standoffish she is to Ellasbeth. Rachel also notices how he’s different when Ellasbeth is also around. I’d like to think that since Rachel risked her life to save, and helped pay for the roof when she is personally lacking funds, Trent that he has decided to open up and let her see more into his private life and allow a glimpse into his “inner-circle.”. The info he share’s with her as she’s getting ready to leave shows that he’s willing to trust her with what he believes is vital information.

  295. I think he was starting to lift the veil on who he really is- an unguarded moment of truth. Goodness, I love the evolution of all the characters in this series. LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE!

  296. Mitchell Brashier

    I think we see a glimpse of him being himself.

  297. I do believe this was one of the brief moments where Trent was being just Trent. Not Trent the businessman or even Trent the elf. Just a guy who wanted waffles!

  298. I think Trent was being real with the waffles for dinner. 🙂

  299. Shawna

    I believe it’s his true self, he let down his walls a bit.

  300. Vanessa

    I hope he let a little of himself show.

  301. Liz H.

    I view the switch to waffles as Trent doing something genuinely nice, a way of showing that he could be nice without ulterior motives to get “one up” on Rachel.

  302. Alan I.

    Being himself, but warily.

  303. spethel

    Gah! That’s a hard question! My first instinct has always been that it really was Trent loosening up a bit and that Rachel read him pessimistically as she always does.

  304. Melissa H

    I like to think that it was Trent being real.

  305. Katie V

    I think that he was being more himself in letting Rachel see that he is a person and can have those personal relationships with Maggie and make her trust him more.

  306. sky sithbunkerd

    I think it is very hard for Trent to ever be himself, especially this early in the series. Elves are still secret, he is still a mysterious figure…I do think that he is trying in this situation to not be as guarded and calculating, but still not truly himself. Thanks for the contest.

  307. I think he was letting down some of his walls for Rachel. I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed watching their relationship develop. Your character development is a delight!

  308. Chelsea

    I think Trent is being himself but he also wants to see how Rachel will handle it. So more of a test, rather than an act. She, of course, passes with flying colors, and it is always so nice to see the true Trent peek through in the early books. ^_^

  309. Robert Beecher

    Loved it the first time I read it. Will still love it now.

  310. I choose to believe the best is possible of all your characters; i.e. Trent is complicated and yet I want to believe sincere, but then again I kept forgiving Nick along with Rachel, despite all the mounting evidence. Also, for the record I am not bashful about being a proud Male reader/fan; glad to be in the minority if that be the case, the company I keep is more interesting that way!

  311. Melissa Jones

    Yes I thought Trents true colors were starting to shine through here

  312. Leslie

    I think he allowed himself to relax but was not completely himself.

  313. Mark A

    I think Trent is only able to be himself around Rachael and a few select others.

  314. Trent struggles not so much with power but of what he is…in love with Rachel and his own demon background. His search for power is really about finding more about himself. When he is making the waffles he forgets and enjoys the moment. It was as true as a moment for him as is gets.

  315. Hoping it was the real Trent!

  316. I say Trent is still guarded just slightly but is comfortable with Rachel and can truly be himself with her around, I think it was a start and a glimpse at the time of himself being more himself as the books have continued. And should be totally interesting with him in the New book 🙂

  317. Heather

    I think Trent is being himself and enjoyed being able to drop his guard in front of Rachel.

  318. I think it’s a small glimpse of Trent.

  319. Christi Morgan

    Lord love a duck! I want Trent! Gimme gimme gimme!!! Endless possibilities there! *smh and glassy look to my eyes* mmmm…mmmmm…..

  320. Christine Hansen

    I think Trent is definitely being himself, and enjoying spending some time with Rachel!!

  321. purrfectkatus

    This was one of the first few rare times that you saw Trent showing himself relax and let his guard down around Rachel especially around his personnel. I can still picture a sour look on Ellsabeth’s face when seeing Rachel at the breakfast table with Trent, after she saw Rachel in the bathtub.

  322. Corey

    Um I hope so, because sometimes he’s a jerkface!

  323. Dawn Faircloth

    I think it’s one of the rare times that Trent his allowing his true self to be seen.

  324. shirley d mccollum

    I think trent still in an act…hard to tell if he friend or foe and keeps it interesting…

  325. Stephanie H.

    I think this is one of the few moments in the early books that Trent truly lets down his guard.

  326. Indy

    I think he was being himself, but its the part he often hides away.

  327. I can’t wait for The Undead Pool!

  328. Nadija

    I don’t think its an act. Its the first time that the readers and perhaps even Rachel and Trent started to see the possibilities of the two of them when in an unguarded state

  329. Michael

    I so wanna win this!

  330. sfrazier80

    For me, Trent is finally comfortable. Maggie may bring it out in him, but he has already started being himself with Rachel.

  331. Jessica

    you never know with a person like Trent

  332. Christy

    I don’t think it was an act.

  333. Heather fowler

    I think Trent is a family man. He is hard on the outside to protect his family, but all he want is his race and family one live a happy and full life. It’s just sad he has to be so hard and untrustworthy to make that happen.

  334. Rebecca Enz

    I think Trent always shows his true self when it comes to Rachael.

  335. At this point in the series Trent is too focused on power as the ultimate goal to do anything that might truly show his inner self to anyone but Quinn, and even in that relationship he has to be in control.

  336. Doreen DeSantis

    I think Trent was trying to be himself, he seems to be able to relax and let his guard down when he is around Rachel.

  337. I think it was Trent being himself. He’s starting to loosen up around Rachel well trying to 🙂

  338. Melissa Acquaviva

    I think he did not intend to be genuine but couldn’t help it around Rachel

  339. Kayla Heisler

    Call me a hopeless romantic… I think it was Trent being himself. ❤

  340. Kylie B

    To be honest, it is really hard to believe Trent would do anything that wasn’t a calculated move, but I feel like he was being legit here. Maybe it was a deliberate slip of the mask? A test of some sort? Or maybe a reward? But waffles for dinner is awesome regardless.

  341. Kim

    I think it was Trent being himself, probably the first time he realized that he was getting comfortable around Rachel.

  342. David Pew

    I think Trent was relaxing and being himself

  343. Rebecca Klingsten

    I actually do think that Trent was being himself a little bit. He can’t seem to help himself when he’s around Rachel. I think this was one of the first glimpses of him being himself but maybe not completely.

  344. I think Trent was being as real as he could at the time. He was still very guarded, but he was able to relax around Rachel in that moment and show who he could be.

  345. Tricia

    Honestly, Most everything Trent does is calculated in some way, even the things which also have some genuine-ness to them 🙂 And I love the cover of the book, as well as all the others 😉

  346. I think he’ being himself at this point.

  347. chris

    It seemed to me it was actually trent being himself. Mainly from the dialogue between him and maggie. She seemed to be one of the few people who conversed with trent on a personal level. She voiced her opinon but didn’t go overboard with it. Unlike everyone else that just says what they think he wants to hear. So sorta seemed to me he was being himself not only around racheal but also maggie. Kinda weird we never see her again.

  348. Lisa

    A bit of each I think, still very calculated though!

  349. Delani Neal

    The waffle thing is definitely Trent trying to be himself, or at least the more relaxed version of himself that almost no one gets to see. The thing is at this point he’s so wrapped up in being Mr.Uber Powerful drug lord-illegal medicine funder-bad boy billionaire, that the only things he has to keep him human, and I mean that figuratively, are little things like is housekeeper’s waffles and the times that he can be straight with Rachel. I think this signals the beginning of Trent’s view of Rachel as his antithesis, as an equal, not surprising since she saved his life. But it really sets up their repertoire in the next few books. It’s a great scene and an enjoyable relationship different from what Rachel has with Ivy and Jenks.

  350. Angela

    I think Trent was being as much of himself as he knew how to be at that point. I think he was just beginning to figure out who he is.

  351. Carla

    I think Trent was trying to relax and just be himself. It’s not easy to find someone who can let you do that, but Rachel does that for Trent. She sees through the facade that Trent shows to the world.

  352. Janice Sales

    I think it was a rare look at his real self. I mean who doesn’t like waffles? 😉

  353. Stephanie Hickok

    I think Trent was being himself about the waffles ( mmmmmm) and was just craving some really good soul food!…..I’m hungry now. 😦

  354. Tomi

    I think Trent doesn’t know how to be himself yet, especially with Rachel. He is as sincere as he can be at this point but manipulation is as natural to him as breathing.

  355. Miranda

    I think he was being himself, kind of. He was still very guarded, and definitely wanted to be in control.

  356. Jenn Reynolds

    I think it’s a little bit of both actually. I think he was allowing Rachel to see him for who he could be if she would allow their relationship to develop as colleagues as opposed to tolerated rivals. It was a rare glimpse of Trent the man as opposed to Trent the business man – but it was for selfish reasons – hence the act.

  357. Donna Fulford

    I think it may be a little of the real Trent mixed in with the sneaky elfin Trent. He just doesn’t know yet exactly what is good for him or Rachael.

  358. Rachel

    As an optimist, I think it was hints of his true personality!

  359. Amanda Malloff

    I think Trent was being himself in the waffles scene, I like to think he might be a “breakfast for dinner” sort of guy when his guard is down. 🙂

  360. Minnie

    Ah see a lot of Trent comments so I’ll spare everyone of my opinion of him at this point in time of the series. I would just like say I loved the way you introduced David, Erica, Skimmer and Ivy’s father. I like how Quen and Kisten were both violently respectful in their individual situations. And of course Al. Everyone wants Rachel but Al is bold enough to try his will against hers with no bones about it to claim her. Until he did and then he lets her go. Love me some Al.

  361. socialkim

    I totally think that Trent was being himself!

  362. sarah

    I think trent is showing his true colors.

  363. I think Trent wants to open up to Rachel but is afraid of what her genetic background might mean to him and his quest.

  364. Charlie

    I agree that this the first glimpse of Trent the way he would like to be, and his forest attempt to let his guard down around Rachel.

  365. GregN

    There really is quite a skew in the comments (as far as male readers).

    I have not read the latest unfortunately, working through Harris’ An Ice Cold Grave at the moment. The cover is interesting (I didn’t imagine Trent’s face quite that wide though?). Love the color palette.

    Ran a search on Ebay to possibly pick up a copy. I didn’t realize there were buttons at NYCC. Rather neat.

  366. Kristan Schmitt

    I’m not sure I’ve figured out who Trent really is yet, but I like who he is in this scene. Hopefully this is the real Trent.

  367. A.N.

    Trent manipulated Rachel .

  368. Its been a while since I’ve read this so I’ll comment on the cover instead. Her boots…. I. WANT. THOSE. BOOTS. lol. I do vaguely remember this scent, and remember WANTING this to be the real Trent 😀

  369. Maryanne B

    I think this is a rare glimpse into the real Trent

  370. based on how he is acting in these last two books I would say we were getting a peak into who he would be if he could. 🙂

  371. I find that Trent is a very unpredictable character at most times. However, in this scene, I think that he is for once being open and honest and truly wishes to show Rachel the real Trent. I hope there will be more moments like this in future books.

  372. Teddy Adam Byrd

    i don’t think Trent knows who he is, who he is supposed to be, or who he wants to be… but in that scene, i think he just liked who he was around Maggie.

  373. Jessi

    I think Trent is being sincere. He shows glimpses of being a semi-decent guy here and there.

  374. Stephanie

    I think he was wanting to be himself…

  375. I completely think Trent is being truthful and giving a small window into his true self. I think at this point he is starting to see something in Rachel that will allow him to be that person he wants to be.

  376. Nathanael Basch

    I think he is still acting but I have not had the pleasure of reading the most recent 2 books out yet, therefore it is hard to judge appropriately.

  377. I’m leaning towards Trent being sincere, as much as I’m extremely reluctantly beginning to like him.

  378. I think this was one of the few times Trent let down his guard. But… I could be wrong. Trent is so secretive, it’s hard to tell anymore.

  379. Danica

    I think it’s the real him. 🙂 Hoping….

  380. I think Trent was real with the waffle dinner. It was a little preview of Trent & Rachel learning they can trust each other enough to work together.

  381. Tiffany S

    I think it was one of the first times that Trent is actually being himself… She lets his tough guy act down and shows there is another side to him, it personally took me by surprise when I first read it

  382. I think Trent is being himself. He is starting to see Rachel as not only a potential employee or powerful witch or lab experiment; but as an actual friend and ally.

  383. Nicole Hall

    I thought when reading it that it might be an act because of the constant attempts to get her to work for him but with the further development of the character and the series I tend to lean towards the thought that he was being himself.

  384. Kelli

    I think he is being genuine but only time will tell

  385. Gen Schneider

    I love how this book really fleshes out Trent’s character.

  386. Stacy

    I think that Trent is finally starting to open up a little. Nice to see a small glimpse of what could happen…

  387. Tim Porter

    Even though I haven’t read Every Which Way but Dead, I love the cover! Between the two I believe this is the better one. Many of us live for your continuing Hollows’ stories.

  388. I think he was finally letting his guard down and being himself.

  389. Erica Andersen

    I believe this was the true Trent showing through. As shocked as Rachel was, she enjoyed it.

  390. Candace Williams

    I believe that though trent may be a plotting scheming horrendous elf, he did truely connect with Rachel over waffles and was showing his true self.

  391. This is the start of Trent realizing he can open up to Rachel and her friends. Love it!

  392. Liz Scott

    This is where Trent starts to try to understand where Rachel is comming from and what they might be able to do together.

  393. Trent is about to do the most heinous unforgivable thing in AFOC we’ve ever read about, Murder, torture cruelty – we get to see the monster he can be in brief glimces. It diminishes this scene with the waffles where he lets his guard down for a moment and connects with Rachel. It will be many books later before Trent changes his perception of what is and starts to be a man worthy of Rachel… Still to date, I’m not convinced he is worthy.

  394. Connor

    I believe both are true. It is an act and he’s trying to act genuine but, in the process, a little bit of real him shows through.

  395. Melissa

    I just finished DWW and launched right into GBU trying to catch up, hopefully soon. But I am loving rediscovering all the little nuances of the characters, especially Trent!

  396. I think Trent was being as close to real as possible. Living life in public but with a huge secret hiding over your head is very hard. His parents then “nannies” ingrained in him the fact that he had to hide the fact that they, and he, are Elves. They probably also taught him to hide emotions during business transactions. It’s very hard to switch from business to personal. Trent has a personal and business relationship with Rachel. He knew her when they were young and they had altercations in which she bested him. As adults, they bested each other off and on. Personally, I was hoping for a romantic relationship between them.

    I think that the banter between Maggie and Trent was real – when he told Rachel about the secret ingredient and Maggie chastised him. I bet that Maggie has been with him since before his parents passed away.

    I’ll be very sad when the Hollows series finally ends.

  397. Katrina

    I don’t think it was an act (I also REALLY hope it isn’t) I think Trent at that point may not really know what he feels about Rachel, he’s confused and that scares him a bit. I also think that sharing his food and in turn apart of his life with Rachel is him trying to figure out his own feelings while at the same time testing the waters of her feelings.

  398. Melicent Stossel

    I think he’s being genuine. I think Rachel is a breath of fresh air for him compared to Ellasbeth. How can you not be relieved and let your guard down after spending time with that woman?

  399. His facade cracked just enough to allow in some maple syrup! Not an act!

  400. Yvonne D

    As we’ve learned more about Trent and Rachel in the past, I think he was being himself but because she doesn’t have his same base of knowledge. He was totally being himself she just doesn’t know this guy yet!

  401. Ket

    RE: waffles for dinner
    Considering the bond between Elves and pixies and the known effect sugar has on pixies, one can only assume that an elf offering breakfast with pockets for syrup is an honest and open act of bonding. It was not an false or thoughtless suggestion but rather a portion of an age old ceremony that Rachel may not have recognized.

  402. I really don’t know. Trent is so unpredictable.

    Fun to read though all the comments

  403. Demetrius

    I believe Trent was being himself his calm demeanor does tend to make you wonder if he is sincere or not.

  404. Kim Wilson

    I love your books soo much! I haven’t read them all but the ones I have are awesome! I haven’t read this one yet 😞 the book cover is amazing. I would love to dress like her! Please keep up the great work.

  405. Kristina

    He was being himself and it was one of our first few glimpses of him where he was not on guard.

  406. Katie

    I love the cover! :3 I’m reading the series but I’m not very far along yet.

  407. Trent is always working. Even when he’s not. It was definately calculated.

  408. Janice Bragg

    I think Trent is being more himself at this point…he’s beginning to show his wonderful true self!

  409. groovytwinkies

    Yeah I think Trent is being himself. I think this is when he starts to see Rachel as something more than a possible employee or lab experiment, but a friend and powerful witch.

  410. Kelly Fine

    I believe (and hope) he was being himself!

  411. Ashley

    He was being himsELF!

  412. Melanie Jarvis

    I think that Trent is trying to recapture how he felt at camp with Rachel before he had to put on a facade to the rest of the world. It is hard for him to drop it and let people in. I think that is what he was doing in this scene as he feels comfortable with Rachel.

  413. Brenda

    I still feel like its an act at this point. I think he wants it to be real and wants to be himself but he is still pretending.

  414. Tina Knight

    I think it was one of Trent’s first times truly letting his guard down with Rachel.

  415. Trent finally started to open up and be himself with Rachel. You can tell he is completely unnerved by her because she is the one thing in his world he has no control over. Because of this, he can’t help but want her around. She is a grounding rod for him and keeps him true to himself (even if he hides that from everyone else).

  416. Joslyn Whitt

    I think for the most part he was being as close to himself as he is capable with others around.

  417. Shannon

    Absolutely love the energy between Rachel and Trent! One thing most of the characters bring to the table is wit amoung chaos, which is so appreciated.

  418. Melody

    I think Trent was being real, even if he was trying to get Rachael to work for him.

  419. I liked Maggie and the waffles! I have hoped to see another “at Trent’s” informal dinner again so that Maggie could interact with Rachel but this once was such a sweet treat when Ellasbeth decided to just leave. LOL 🙂

  420. Chelsea S.

    I think it is one of the first times we see Trent relaxing and being himself for a minute. 🙂

  421. Crystal Young

    I thank he is being himself and I love the cover.

  422. Seems like Trent being his natural self but with it all ending with Trent trying to bribe Rachel with vamp head phones, maybe it Trent being himself but with the knowledge it could help his cause with Rachel.

  423. Christine

    Yes, I think Trent being himself. I don’t think he feels the need to hide who he really is around Rachel as much as with other people.

  424. Trent is being Trent. Besides, nothing has more magic than fresh cooked waffles! No one can say NO to Waffles. NO ONE!
    Even Trent.

  425. Suzanne Jamison

    Trent was giving Rachel something he knew she would accept, wanting her to see there were things that she would take from him.

  426. Sonya

    I think we saw the really Trent Rachel hates him and Maggie doesn’t expect much from him so he is free to be himself. I am new to series but I have gotten a few friends hooked as well.

  427. moonbeam080680

    I think he was starting to relax and show a little of his true self, but also still a little of a act since he is still trying to convince Rachel to work for him.

  428. I think he is. I think its one of the few moments we get to see the real him, if only for a brief moment in time.

  429. A glimmer of the real Trent shining through the tarnished armor.

  430. Mathías

    Honestly I’m having a hard time remembering when Trent had waffles for dinner but I have a feeling he was being himself. By the way I’m a guy so that you can see you do have men readers haha

  431. Charissa

    Trent seems to be doing a bit of acting (especially at the beginning) where he is just trying to use the situation to get Rachel’s attention, but as the scene continues he forgets what his purpose was and falls into the moment. Its a very nice follow-up to the scenes with Ellasbeth over Rachel’s status in Trent’s life.

  432. Laura K Thorpe

    He can’t help but be a bit vulnerable around her and let bits of his true self slip out…she brings it out in him whether he likes it or not. (Though as of the last couple of books, I think we know…) 🙂

  433. Yes, he is being himself…and that’s the utter beauty of the moment…he lets down his barriers and we get a glimpse of the real Trent….

  434. I think a little of both. He’s lived as such a manipulative person for so long, I think that it would be hard for all of that to just go away.

  435. Kharen

    Trent can’t seem to help himself anymore when he’s around Rachel. A part of him trusts her. So I think it’s all him.

  436. mudepoz

    Waffles aren’t something I would consider as an act. Pancakes, maybe. Blintzes, for sure, but I think he likes waffles.

  437. Real. Trent was alive. Rachel was alive. Without each other they potentially wouldn’t have been. It was nice to see that underneath his bravado there was someone who actually had feelings.

  438. I definitely think Trent was being himself. Its obvious he has a fondness for Maggie, and just as obvious that she knows him well and would probably call him out on putting on an act in front of Rachel.

  439. naturallydotty

    Trent was at his most relaxed when he asked Maggie to make them waffles, and it was lovely to see.

  440. I think the waffles are him, I think he learns to be open about who he really is when he is with her, for a long time she is the only one who gets to see it, right back to the summer camps

  441. Stephanie A

    I think he was being himself. She was seeing a glimpse of him in his little world. After the night they’d had, he probably wanted comfort, and was willing to reveal a small detail that meant nothing and still a great deal.

  442. Susan McLeish

    The waffles was the ice breaker to let Trent be Trent. He has a very simple side to the complex businessman. It is his gradual way of letting Racheal in to his world.

  443. Liz T.

    I think waffles for dinner is like his idea of letting his hair down. He’s still pretty stuffy in this book.

  444. Karen at the Robbins Nest

    Trent’s being himself! Yay!

  445. Susan Powers

    I’d like to think that Trent was letting down his guard a little bit and being himself.

  446. Rachel M

    I definitely believe that in the waffle scene with Maggie Trent is being himself. He’s on his own turf and seems comfortable enough even if he is a bit shy sharing a bit of his own life with Rachel.

  447. Niraja Pitts

    I thought he was putting on a act; only being nice because Rachel almost died on his behalf. However, having read the rest of the books, I think that his being nice is a facet of the real Trent that he let slip in that moment because of circumstance.

  448. I think we finally get to see the softer side of Trent. He never has a chance to relax and Rachel brings that side out in him. I love Trent’s character and how Rachel never knows what to expect from Trent at this point in the series.

  449. Waffles? Oh I am curious if that is all there is. I do like the cover. It looks like there will be some hot times ahead. 🙂

  450. Summer

    I believe any time a hardy meal is concerned, Trent is his most sincere. And may I just say… your books keep me going.

  451. I feel like with Trent there is always motive. He can be sweet and compassionate one minute but then later he may use that moment of honesty or weakness to his advantage. That’s kind of the great thing about him – you never really know what you are getting. I enjoy the twists and turns we go through in regards to his development.

  452. danica krewsky

    I love the interplay between Trent and Rachel and believe he was being himself and not acting. As you continue to develope and deepen the story of Rachael and Trent’s past while continuing with their current interactions you can see Trent becoming more and more ameniable to Rachael I think he truly feels more than he lets on.

  453. Sue S.

    I think that was Trent being himself (or as much as himself he woulds how at that time).

  454. Rachel

    I think at this point he’s still just trying to get her to work for him. As things progressed it became more of himself.

  455. Kris

    I love the glimpses of the real Trent that we get to see, and I think that he knows he really can’t hide any facet of his personality from her.

  456. Lynn

    I believe that was a bit of the real Trent shining through. He was relaxed and let his guard down. Such a nice little glimpse into the Trent I have grown to love

  457. Jacque Greene

    I believe that Trent is showing his best true self. Who he wants to be but is scared to let himself be.

  458. Christina Kelley

    I think Trent was being his true self that night. Well, at least his guard would go down occasionally and then it would go back up. It was interesting to see his walls go up all of a sudden after letting his true self shine. It made me want to know more about him.

  459. Elizabeth roy

    I think it was an act. He didn’t respect her yet.

  460. I think Trent himself doesn’t fully understand his motivations in opening up to or shutting down Rachel. I think this is one of a growing number of scenes in which Trent willfully exposes a somewhat controlled facet of his true self in an attempt to manipulate Rachel. But in the end he is also manipulating himself and is unaware or unable to control just how much he reveals.
    It’s like when girls awkwardly start flirting. Trent has never had an “outsider” become an “insider” and he is flirting with revelations and how much he can reveal. But he’s not terribly adept at it. Thankfully, Rachel is not the most adept at reading Trent.

  461. Amanda Higbie

    I think thats a part of himself he rarely shows anyone. Although it is a real part. Its all him, just some sides he hides a bit to much. (Although not so much anymore) Lovvvve Trent ❤

  462. Elizabeth

    I think it was an act. He was still trying to get her to work for him.

  463. I love all the books, and I am still up in the air on which one is my favorite *laughs* but I do have to agree with others… the Waffle scene is one of my favorites, not to mention Rachel’s comments towards Ellabeth (lol can’t remember her spelling off hand). And just the play between Trent and Rachel that is hinting at something more in the future.

  464. Kelsi

    I’m honestly not completely sure about Trent. Sometimes I think he’s just putting on an act, but sometimes I think he’s a genuine person. Though, I feel this was one of those genuine times.

  465. Shannon Kshywonis

    I think he was being himself. I think the cold persona is the mask to hide the sentimental man inside. Not that he isn’t ruthless, but I think he is more vulnerable than he seems and he aches to have something peaceful and comforting sometimes.

  466. I think Trent was being himself, he was able to relax and just be him.

  467. Danielle

    I think Trent is always acting but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have real feelings.

  468. Page D

    I am very excited to get my hands on The Undead Pool. I’m sad that this is the second to last book, but I know it will have a great ending. Probably with an explosion!

  469. Kim

    I think Trent is being himself.

  470. Katrina Collins

    I think it started as an act, turned into something real, scared him with how close she got to his hidden self and so he pushed himself away.

  471. I think it was too forced…an act.

  472. ann-marie lodge

    Trent is an amazibg character but he is always Playing an angle, think we have only had glimpses of the real man underneath x

  473. Jennifer Sanchez

    I think there is a part of Trent in that scene but its mostly an act. He is still unsure of Rachel.

  474. Ashlee N Ray

    Personally it could go either way. I dont believe he isnt “human” enough to not enjoy waffle breakfast goodness like the rest of us, but he is so use to manipulation and acts in front of others that its not easy to let go even when you want to. So a bit of both makes sense, he started to relax a bit , after the course of the night who could blame him, but he still has enough of a facade to protect himself from giving someone as straight forward as rach a direct line into his inner sanctum. Truth be told after such a degree of harsh life reality and playing into this tough guy act, im not sure even trent knows who he is or if hes being sweet on Rach because he wants something from her or using it as an excused cover to pretend he doesnt maybe just want her.
    Sorry i talk a lot. 😛

  475. Trent always cared about Rachel, so. yes he was sincere.

  476. I think that Trent is trying but he is still hiding some of himself.

  477. Debbie Ballard

    I think that Trent is being himself in this scene and having a relaxing moment. Can’t wait for the new book to come out. I hope Rachel and Trent find out how much they love each other and end up together. I love the series!!!

  478. Tiffany Saefong

    I think Trent was being himself when Maggie served them waffles but at the same time I would say he is ruthless too.

  479. Kayla Smith

    I think Trent was being himself to an extent.
    He needs to learn to loosen up. He kind of gets in his own way.

  480. sarah reynolds

    I think that scene was when we finally were able to see Trent relax and be the “man” he really is. He let his guard down and let Rachel really see him instead of the mask he puts on for the world to see. I loved that scene! Ugh now I want to go reread it again 🙂

  481. Jeanine

    I think it’s an act.

  482. Nichelle Shannon

    I think Trent is being himself more and more around Rachel. She’s a safe zone for him.

  483. Kate Raney

    I think that Trent was playing a role but that he surprised himself with how much he enjoyed doing so. Maybe he got lost in the banter and and the ease of a real conversation with Rachel and that is what caused him to overplay his hand.

  484. Michelle

    I think he is showing his true self. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have some very simple pleasures.

  485. I believe that he was being himself. After the first few books, Trent seems to be able to be himself and let down his guard around Rachel more than anyone else. Maggie seems to inspire that also and she is great for the storyline.

  486. I think he is actually showing his true self ..and hope it continues ❤

  487. I am a huge fan and have read all of the books. In the first couple it washard yto tell when Trent was sincere bing back I think he was. He always cared about Rachel. Rachel.

  488. I’d like to think that it was not an act… but I’m prepared for it either way 🙂

  489. I find it difficult to get a read on the real Trent versus the public Trent, especially this early in the series. He’s a little easier to read later on, when he no longer has to hide his species. He’s much more personable then.

  490. Donna

    To me, he was being “himself”, but in a calculated way. He’s always trying to hook Rachel, and by giving her a glimpse of the “real” Trent, I think he was hoping she might start to give in.

  491. Peggy

    I believe it was the real Trent but even he didn’t realize it at the moment. Then his “hard” side came back, as it always does (at this point).

  492. Allison

    I think that he purposefully let her see, not acting per say, but not entirely free of purpose.

  493. kerry Kelly

    thank you for a chance to win one of your books. love reading anything by you and a lot of other authors.even if i don’t win thanks for the chance. 🙂

  494. Karl Poff

    I loved the book one of my favorites in the series, I think he was being himself, letting his guard down wanting to be the man he didn’t have the chance to be, Trent and Rachael have a long history and the dynamic between them is interesting but I believe destined to fail.

  495. I think he is acting the part of himself for the larger play.

  496. I believe that he wanted to be true to himself but he fears being to open. Trent is one of my favorites in the books. He wanted to make Maggie feel needed and he did! It also messes with Rachel which I find funny, she didn’t see him a a normal person until that moment.

  497. I think that it is both, I think he is the real Trent but still with the business attitude…being the elf he wants to be but for the sake of the act.

  498. Jen Gilbert

    I want to believe that Trent is starting to show a little bit of himself, but I’m really not sure if he even remembers who he is anymore.

  499. Heather McNamara

    I think that is Trent’s first opportunity to be more of his true self, then the person he was made to be by running the company. It’s almost like he is reaching out to Rachel so she will see him for who he really is and not just what she wants to see.

  500. Melissa B in IL

    I think it was Trent being himself… but also trying too hard.

  501. jazzlyn

    I think he is FINALLY being himself, I only hope it lasts.

  502. brandy macdonald

    The cover looks absolutely amazing. I really want to win!

  503. I think Trent was letting his guard down and being himself when he asked Maggie to make them waffles and realized it a little too late

  504. Deborah Rose

    I think Trent gets in his own way. He can be more of himself than he thinks he can. I love these characters!

  505. Shana Z

    I don’t think Trent even realizes exactly who he is at this point. I think he has always believed he knew, but Rachel has a way of pointing out the obvious (not to Trent who’s always done exactly what he had do to) which almost always puts it in a different perspective. I think the waffles are a tiny snippet of what else he has inside. I think he’s a bit afraid of letting Rachel believe all the horrible things about him and needs to let her know he’s still a person under everything he has to do and be. Trent wants to be accepted by someone on the outside and Rachel is the only one who has seen the truth and stuck around, even if she didn’t like it.

  506. Brandi Bonsall

    I believe that may have been an instance where his guise dropped for a moment, maybe without his immediate realization. I’d imagine the stress of keeping up his image sapped away the strength to keep it going in front of Rachel, for the moment at least.

  507. Denise

    Trent always has an ulterior motive. It may be sweet but serves a purpose and we find out his motivation down the road sometimes WAY down the road.

  508. Jessica S

    I have a feeling that it was Trent, normal with the waffles and Maggie, but he was also being executive Trent too. Like Jekyll/ Hyde. I feel he wanted to get Rachel where he wanted her, but then hated himself in the process.

    It’s hard knowing what Trent was doing or why in the earlier books.

    I love all the covers. Like the characters they all evolve and show change

  509. Goliath

    Trent thinks he is being himself, but tries too hard – my humble opinion

  510. I think he was relaxed as much as he could at the time around Rachel. He was beginning to see her as a person not a tool to use.

  511. Sandy Rye

    I am soooooo looking forward to this next book. Trent keeps pulling me in as a suitable partner for Rachel. It’s almost as if he had some growing up to do. His becoming a father made him re-evaluate his choices somewhat imo.

  512. Dawn Harrell

    I think Trent is acting…like he always has.

  513. Jax Prowle

    I think Trent let his guard down a little, however I think he was trying to catch Rachel off guard into getting her to workd for him.

  514. traelynn9

    I think we got to see a small glimpse of the true Trent. But I also think it’s so hard for him to let anyone see his true self, he is so used to playing a “role”. There is hope for him yet!!

  515. A) The cover: I am completely jealous of her boots! LOVE THEM.
    B) Trent: I think that Trent maybe had the ulterior motive of wanting Rachel to see that he’s just a “normal” guy partially because he wants her to work with him, but also because he I think he wants her to see that he isn’t his public persona. He was inviting her in as it were. Letting her see the man not the rich drug lord.

  516. I certainly hope it was a moment of him being himself.

  517. r holley

    I think Trent was just beginning to show who he is, but ever so cautiously. He still can’t let it all go.

  518. Jillian

    I think he was being himself. 🙂 It was nice to see.

  519. I love Trent and I don’t think it’s an act 😀

  520. Peggy

    Trent cared for Rachel as children and that has never gone away – clearly! I think he is fighting with what he has become over what he was and felt and here his old self wins for a while

  521. Jenni

    I think he let his guard down a bit and was being himself – maybe even more than he realized or intended 🙂

  522. ruth

    I think that he was showing a glimpse of who he really is instead the of the façade that he normally wears.

  523. Jen Hold

    I think Trent is showing a glimpse of his true self.

  524. Rennin

    To be entirely honest, I don’t think Trent even knows when he’s “being himself” or not because of his years of hiding who he truly is! It’s all an act.

  525. I think Trent was acting as himself when he had Maggie make the waffles… I hope this isn’t a repeat tried to leave a comment on my phone but don’t know if it is on here….

  526. I think he was cautiously being himself. He still wasn’t completely comfortable with being himself…more like trying it on.

  527. I think Rachel is the first [erspn Trent feels he can be himself with, after years of hiding behind a persona. Rachel doesn’t fall for his charm so he feels he has nothing to lose by showing his true face, warts and all!

  528. m5mikki

    I think he was being himself, since Maggie was acting like it was normal. Though honestly, I think he knew that him being acting cozy with Maggie with Racheal around would bring Racheal’s defenses down. and it almost worked, until he tried too hard and let Racheal notice what he was doing. So, in a roundabout way, it was an act, but acting like himself? This is getting too complicated for me…lol

  529. Tracey

    It’s an act. He’s after something….

  530. LeAnne B

    I think he was showing himself just a little. Maybe just a peek of who he really is. 🙂

  531. Lexxie

    I feel like Trent is giving a glimpse of his true self, but not completely. He is trying to appear vulnerable and down to earth to appeal to Rachel, and manipulate her. There is some truth in it, but there has to be, or Rachel would have caught on a lot sooner. I feel like at this point in the series, Trent was always “on”.

  532. I think Trent was being himself.

  533. Mary

    I think he’s trying to show Rachel just a little of his real self, but at the same time is afraid to show himself completely, so he sits back and watches for her reaction.

  534. Jessica Edens

    I felt like he was himself but took advantage of a situation when it came up. Businessman he is I doubt he could have passed on the opportunity to “gift” Rachel the headphones. The body mirroring I think was yet again businessman slipping in but his tone and ease was him or who he’d like to be more often.

  535. Danyel

    I think it was still an act — trying to win Rachel over. I’m not sure Trent knew how to turn it off.

  536. I think he was being himself, although a little bit over aware of himself trying to be natural, if that makes sense. He was starting to come out of his shell, but was not quite ready to relax 100%.

  537. Earl Cook

    I always felt that even Trent was not completely sure.

  538. I always felt that Trent had a motive behind everything he did…..I never trusted him….but later on in the other books I do learn more about him…..so I’m not so sure anymore if the waffles were an act or not….

  539. I think he was starting to relax… just a LITTLE bit…. 🙂

  540. Vance Bowers

    I agree with an earlier poster. Trent is certainly trying to win Rachel over, but I think that also he let a bit of himself through unconsciously through his method of trying to win her. Rachel is his weak spot and his greatest fear.

    Looking for your book tour to Grand Rapids or Lansing; it’s always fun to hear your discussion!

  541. Brian Wiedman

    being himself… without a doubt.

  542. Felicia Valadez

    I think the waffle order was genuine, but he’s a mix of manipulation and authenticity throughout the breakfast. What struck me about the whole scene though is when Rachel is leaving how she is still capable of being aware of Trent’s loneliness. I think when he is looking down at the headphones he is struck by how he actually liked having a conversation with Rachel, but was incapable of truly connecting because you have to be vulnerable to do so.

  543. Yup, I am a guy who loves these books…..I don’t trust Trent. Never have.


    I think Trent is being I love all the books in the Hollows series.

  545. I think he is trying in his own dysfunctional way, but not quite succeeding.

  546. Yes and no. I think bits of himself peeked through, but at this point he was still very much on guard around Rachel.

  547. Elizabeth

    Trent is being Trent!

  548. I think it’s a sliver of the real Trent.

  549. Aly P

    I don’t know what to think… hope it’s not an act though

  550. Robert Krafcigs

    I think he is showing alittle of himself ungaurded. The way hw wants to be but has to put up a front.

  551. I think he was just enjoying eating waffles with anyone except his fiance.

  552. Ewa

    I think that for the first time we saw a different Trent. Probably he want to relax, but I really don’t think he was. He remembered Rache from the camp and he knew what she was capable off. He admired her, wanted her to work for him, but still – was afraid of her at the same time.

  553. Aylah

    I don’t think he was being himself just yet. I think he was trying to make Rachel think he was being himself with a clever ruse, but I think it was to test the waters with her. Perhaps pretend to open up a bit to get her vulnerable.

  554. Miranda

    I think Trent is acting more like himself when he gets Maggie to make them waffles. I think he is starting to show Rachel more of his normal self and less if his persona as they become more relaxed around each other. Of course there are still times his persona shines thru strongly too.

  555. Tirza Ulloa

    I think Trent was acting during that scene, because clearly he seemed a little unenthusiastic about marrying her

  556. Ramnit

    I think he’s trying to show a side of himself but he’s still having a hard time.

  557. Becky

    I really liked this scene.

    I think Trent thinks he’s being himself in this scene, but he’s so used to dealing with a certain type of person, that he doesn’t really know how to be himself when nobody is watching. Rachel sees motives that may not have been intentional from Trent because he thinks that is the way people interact, which is kind of sad if that is the case.

    It was the first time I thought Trent may have a chance above and beyond just being a bad guy, that he had the capability to change.

  558. SL

    I have no idea. That’s why it took me ages to love him instead of love to hate him.

    • Kelly Betzina

      Trent is easier to love than Al. I know I can like Trent. I have a hard time accepting Rachel as nice to him as she can be.

  559. Julie M

    I think he was really wanting some maple syrup that day. The perfect excuse to eat waffles!!! nom nom nom

  560. I think Trent is being a combination of sneaky and himself. It seems like Trent is only able to be himself when it comes to Rachael. I love all of your books!

  561. Faith

    I think he’s letting his guard down, because he wants to be comfortable with Rachel, even if he’s aware of how that can be manipulative.

  562. I think he’s giving her a little bit of himself to see how she reacts. I too want to see Maggie back soon.

  563. Crystal

    It was years ago that I read this book so I don’t remember the scene all that well. I do remember though, that ever since I saw those boots on the cover I wanted a pair. Lol

  564. When I first read through EWWBD, I thought that Trent was just using the waffles to manipulate Rachel into relaxing and thinking that he was more “normal”. Thinking about it more, I think he was just enjoying eating waffles with anyone except his fiance. I think that’s also when he started thinking Rachel as more of a person rather than just a potential employee.

  565. Am currently rereading. As I mentioned before my mentalcasting for Trent would be Gary Goldman. I think he’d make an awesome Trent!

  566. I think that Trent has a very hard time being himself, and a hard time not manipulating people. Towards the last book I read, (Pale Demon), Trent seemed ever so fragile at the end to me, and so though I do believe he was letting a small part of himself show to Rachel in this instance, he was still guarded, still waiting for a response he wanted, still attempting to manipulate Rachel, perhaps not wanting her to work for him, but be willing to let him be in her life.

  567. Heather

    A bit of both. He’s kinda himself, if no other reason than he’s exhausted, but he’s also seeing what happens if he at least looks relaxed.

  568. Miranda

    I like the cover but I don’t worry too much about them because I already have what they look like in my head.

  569. Julee Cash

    I believe he is being himself!

  570. I think Trent is a devious guy, and whether wanting waffles is an act or not, he will get waffles if he wants them.

  571. Sondra

    I believe he was just tired of the pretense and was finally being himself.

  572. lavinia68

    I think that he was showing his true self at that moment; Maggie is one of those few that he is himself with, because he clearly loves her, and respects her. Trent either was too exhausted to keep up his facade around Rachel, or he just wanted to show Rachel a different side of him after she had saved his life when she could have just as easily let him die in the river.

  573. Amber

    I think Trent was trying to be the normal his staff usually sees for Maggie. He was actively still working to manipulate Rachel, though, but I guess you could argue that he really is a manipulative S.O.B.

  574. Candy Stouffer

    I think Trent has always been honest with Rachel. He does tell her the whole story but what he does tell her is true.

  575. Anja

    I think Trent is only partly himself… he is probably torn between struggling to hold up his pretence while trying to be natural…

  576. Skye Brighton

    My favorite cover!!

  577. Malinda

    I think that everything that Trent does is an act so I think he was trying to impress Rachel.

  578. RJ F

    He is def in character just a new side of him

  579. kim

    I think Trent is still playing a game, but starting to get real.

  580. elisabeth bersvendsen

    I dont think Trent has ever been able to be completly himselv through his life, and this scene is him trying to show a little sneak peak 🙂

  581. When I read this the first couple times, I always read it as Trent trying to manipulate Rachel into relaxing, but I don’t think, at this point, he was trying to get her to work for him. I think he was realizing that he enjoyed her company, so he wanted her to enjoy his. I never read as much into the headphones as Rachel though. I thought he was genuinely wanting to give her a pair at that point, not with any strings attached.

  582. cutekiwi13

    I haven’t read it yet but the cover looks amazing and those boots! Where can I find them??

  583. Alexa

    Can’t wait for the next book, Kim! (and I’m _STILL_ a Dawn Cook fan) bring on the dragons. just sayin’

  584. Laurie Davis

    I haven’t read it yet. The cover follows the trend of Rachel not showing her face; something I personally like because it allows me to form my own picture of her.
    When the book hits the library and my turn on the waiting list comes up, I’ll be clue in on waffles and Trent.

  585. I think Trent is showing a glimpse of his true self.

  586. Starlady in NoGA

    From the very beginnings, I’ve thought Trent badly wanted Rachel to be his friend – and he knew he didn’t know how to go about making that happen without losing himself, hence, his eternal conflict throughout the books.

  587. Malene T

    I think Trent never ever does anything without an agenda, at least not at this point. He’s kind of being himself but watching Rachel to see how she reacts…

  588. Jessica

    I think he was being more himself than maybe even he realizes.

  589. Chelsea

    I feel like Trent was trying to be himself to get Rachel to trust him.

  590. Judy-Ree

    When I read that scene, I felt like we were getting a very brief sneak peek of who the real Trent is. He was still holding back bit, but it was much closer to his true personality.

  591. Stephanie F.

    I think in part it was an act but also the point when he started to realize he could be himself with Rachel. This was the starting of a turning point in the series to me.

  592. Steffanie

    I don’t think Trent was being himself completely.

  593. tiggerknitter

    I think that’s the Trent that he WANTS to be. So it both is and isn’t an act. That’s who he thinks he is, but not always who he behaves as.

  594. I think he was being real then. Why be faking it when it comes to waffles?

  595. Cathy Wicks

    I think Trent was finally realizing he could let down his guard around Rachel and just be. We get a glimpse of the real Trent at this point the private Trent not his put on public persona.

  596. Jennifer

    i think that Trent was’t really acting like himself in that scene, it felt to me like he was trying to buy rachel’s acceptance at this point.

  597. Suggesting breakfast was perfect here, and yes, I think Trent is being himself. Ellasbeth had just suggested Rachel was a whore, which pissed Trent off and which Rachel heard. At minimum, he sincerely cares to thank Rachel. So serving breakfast does several things at once. For one, breakfast for dinner after an epic night together is definitely a bonding gesture of friendship and camaraderie, so it lets Rachel know this isn’t just business to him. Which I think is sincere. Feeding someone is a way to show someone you care, instead of just saying it. Additionally, and subtly in this moment, I think it’s a kind of a power play with Ellasbeth since breakfast is a more casual or intimate meal than a formal business dinner. Even implying the intimacy he just denied. Maybe the suggestion of breakfast, in particular, starts out in part as Trent’s way of rebelling against Ellasbeth’s coldness and his sense of obligation in general. Though I think he doesn’t expect his intimate reaction to sharing a meal with Rachel. I think Rachel accurately picks up that he’s attracted to her. It only makes him vulnerable for her to know that, so I don’t think it was manipulative. He offers her the headphones. Though Rachel thinks he’s trying to bribe her, I think he offers them to her sincerely – wanting to help her by allowing her to hear the vamp track because he cares. A gesture similar to the warm bath and the meal. So I think we see Trent being more himself here than we previously have, and I think he is being genuine to Rachel.

  598. Amy Banes

    I think Trent always has his own best interests at heart, but I think he was finally loosening up and trying to let Rachel see a different side of himself.

  599. Amanda

    I think it was a little peek beneath the hard shell, but may have been carefully orchestrated; a controlled release. =)

  600. Tina

    I think Trent is being the man he is used to being, however, I think he is starting to show a little more of himself and perhaps who he would like to be…

  601. I think Trent was trying be himself, but I think there’s always a motive behind everything he does. He’s always so in control and secretive, it’s hard to believe that any small gesture is just that, and not a part of some big plan.

  602. I think his interaction with Maggie was the real Trent but the rest not so much. As if Trent would so clearly show his feelings for Rachel so early! ^_^

    [sorry if this a repeat, WordPress and I have been battling!]

  603. Sarah R

    Honestly, I think that he was showing a small piece of himself. Not too large a piece, but a small little sliver to show the softer side of Trent, he was relaxed, or as relaxed as we’ve seen him in a true manner and I think that was might of let it slip out.

  604. It was a glimpse I think, at least a little bit of him. Trent always seems to be holding something back though. 🙂

  605. Jennifer

    I think, like a lot of others do, that this was an early glimpse at the real Trent. He unfortunately has to be the one every perceives as the cruel evil one, but now with what I know and looking back he was just doing what needed to be done to protect the elves. I do love the moments when he is with Rachel and he seems to be more at ease and himself though

  606. No, I don’t think Trent is ever himself 100%. Perhaps a small part of him was showing, but I think he’s always has a small front up. That’s my entry, thanks 😉

  607. I think Trent *wants* to be “normal” — not the spoiled rich brat she sees — in Rachel’s eyes. I’m new to hanging around this site, so I don’t know all the conversations already had about this. I’ve thought Trent was Rachel’s soul mate since she first started swapping snarks with him.

    So, I don’t think he was faking it. I think he’s “real” when he’s alone and I think he wanted Rachel to have a glimpse of that “real” Trent.

  608. Jess McMillan

    I think that every now and then the real Trent shines through and I think that was one of those moments

  609. kehtaci

    I think he’s being himself – but maybe he has me fooled. And, as always, I love the cover art. It was one of the reasons I picked up the series to begin with.

  610. CF

    He’s being himself by trying to calm them down in a relax home moment.

  611. Rachelle

    I think this is one of those great scenes where a piece of him shows through whether he wants it to or not.

  612. vampedchik

    I think he was but still holding back a little bit because of Rachel.

  613. I think his interaction with Maggie was the real Trent but the rest not so much. As if Trent would so clearly show his feelings for Rachel so early! ^_^

  614. Diana Spurlock

    I don’t think Trent is himself very often. But I think he is trying to be this time.

  615. I think some of the real Trent always shows through, still he was trying to manipulate Rachel as always. 🙂

  616. DeAtHsSwEeTKiSs

    I think it was Trent letting Rachel see a little into himself. I think it was mainly to try to gain her trust so she would work for him but I also feel like he wants to let Rachel know the Trent behind “closed doors”.

  617. The cover is really hot! I enjoy strong powerful female protagonists as well as supernatural themes. This is one guy who needs to get on the stick and check out the Hollows series!

  618. Julie Barker

    I think Trent was being himself it’s our first sneak peek of his kindness 🙂

  619. As more than a few people have commented, I think this is a peek at the real Trent.

  620. rinib

    I think he was being himself, and that surprised me 🙂

  621. Jessica Trapani

    It felt to me like, Trent was starting to test the waters with Rachel. He has been repeatedly reminded that brute force is not the way to keep her around, either professionally or personally. Letting his guard down a touch definitely helped Rachel cool off just a little bit.

  622. Rebecca Woods

    I always thought his kindness was genuine. However, I always see she goodness in people sometimes even when its not really there.

  623. Cathy S

    I like how relaxed Trent is in this scene once Ellasbath leaves. I think it is as close as we will be allowed to get to Trent’s true personality.

  624. Megan

    It’s been so long since I’ve read the book! I’m pretty sure Trent is showing his actual self. Just a bit of it, a nibble. Pretending/manipulating all the time is hard work. Everyone needs a break, right? 🙂

  625. I see it almost as him testing the waters to see how much of the real him he can show.

  626. Dellena

    I think that Trent was ‘testing the waters’ as they say. I think he was wondering what Rachel would then of him.

  627. Marianne

    I do think it is real particularly the waffles bit but the way he lets Rachel decide first definitely feels like his treading too carefully. I wouldn’t say everything he did was a complete act but was carefully controlled. He’s just trying not to reveal too much of himself to Rachel but that waffles bit does give away a bit of himself.

  628. Ryan R

    I think it’s who he wants to be or remembers being. But once u surround yourself with so many lies and manipulation, are u ever just truly yourself again?

  629. Maryjean

    I feel like that was the first glimpse into the real Trent and that is also when I first started thinking of Rachel and Trent together!

  630. Susan Ray

    Trent is the King of Manipulation but i think he tends to crack when he is around Rach. With the waffles i think he was playing to her but also indulging himself a bit also.

  631. jessie lewis

    I dont know this is tough! Trent I think is being himself with Maggie BUT at the same time I guarantee holding back a little trying to get Rachel to like him. Which this helps and is just the beginning for them.

  632. Paula

    yes he was, but he was being careful with how much to show


  633. zoe burnett

    I feel like Trent was slowly beginning to open up around Rachel. But then again, it is breakfast and maybe the man just wanted waffles. It could have also been done to piss off his lame fiancee. (My friend is reading the book so I’m just going off memory from the many times I read it?)

  634. Stacy

    Trent was being himself. I doubt waffles is his idea of ‘winning someone over’ even if there are delicious strawberries and real maple syrup involved. Maybe he’s just the kind of guy who likes waffles after every near death experience.

  635. Ann Barber

    I think was Trent being himself as well as putting on a act. He enjoys catching Rachel off guard but he also truely likes her and wants her to trust him and to comfortable working “with” him. As we see in later books he

  636. Shannon

    Trent was being himself. Rachel is the only one he can do that with and its nice. As much as Rachel pushes him away they are meant to be together. He wants to be the person he use to be and Rachel can help him.

  637. Sandra

    It’s definitely Trent being himself!! He’s amazing 🙂

  638. Mike B

    He let a little of the real trent slip at that moment I I thi

  639. Gatadelamar

    Trent is a master manipulator and he went into into that scene with every intention of getting what he wanted from Rachel. However, as usual, her forthrightness disarm him, LOL. For a fantasy writer, you have an amazing gift for making your characters very human (pardon the expression)
    and relatable. I love how you all
    w your characters

    • Shannah George

      I just loved that scene in the book. I agree, Trent was relaxed and being himself. It’s always great to see how influential people can be when their guard is down.

    • Gatadelamar

      Stupid Skype,Lol. What I wanted to finish saying was that I love the way you allow your characters to make those mistakes because we know it is helping them grow, and, in a funny way, I feel I am growing with them. Speaking of growing (SPOILER), loved that kiss between Trent and Rachel, but confess to a certain melancholy. Everyone knows that when the boy gets the girl, the story is over. I certainly hope this is not the case for this literary family. Many thanks for the many hours of laughter and tears this fine series has brought me.

  640. Wendy Bailey

    I think this is Trent being himself.

  641. I think it was somewhat an act with flashes of the real Trent showing through. His interaction with Maggie was real, his concern over Rachel and sulphur seems more act-like and of course the signals that he likes her were an act. No way Trent would be so direct so early with her! ^_^

  642. I am not sure Trent ever shows his true colors completely. I think even when he lets a little of his nature show through, its probably still calculated as to just how much he lets people see.

  643. Sally Johnstone

    Trent being 80% himself, 20% still acting. I can’t image the man is ever 100% genuine, even to himself. But, the maple syrup? That’s all Trent.

  644. Definitely the real Trent. I think that, deep down, Trent is a good guy (errr…Elf).

  645. donna m smith

    It was so long ago…I need to reread this series as my memory is not what it used to be but if I remember it correctly, I think he was showing his true self if only for a few minutes.

  646. Jessica R.

    I do think he is being himself, at that point, I think he was to tired to do much else but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t fighting being himself. He has known Rach for so long that I’m sure he feels a little better being himself around her but he is so used to being something his father created that being himself around anybody still feels really wrong somehow.

  647. Kim

    I this that he is getting closer to himself – although still restrained. Thanks 🙂

  648. Cindy Knight

    I think Trent was trying to show Rachel that he is not all that she sees him to be. There are people that he cares about and that genuinely care about him. He was giving her a peek into his private live.

  649. Laura

    I think Trent is being himself… I think he realizes how much he can be himself with Rachael! Plus *swoon* he’s in pj’s!

  650. Chung

    I think that Trent shows of himself a little bit over the time but I think that no one really knows when he showed his true self.
    I have to say that I like the original cover a lot! The germans one are boring and has almost nothing to do with Rachel and on top of that the title, which are brilliant chosen in the original version, aren’t even good anuogh to call this a Rachel Morgan series in the german version.

  651. Anna

    I believe Trent was being somewhat sincere at this point. Altough You can never be too sure with Trenton. I always love the covers. Can’t wait to get the newest one.

  652. Rebecca Martin

    Not only have I read all of the Hollows books, but I have gotten 3 friends reading them. We would wait impatiently for the next book to come out. Now with the side stories, I love the books even more!

  653. I absolutely think that Trent is being himself. It’s rare, but it’s lovely when it happens.

  654. Kirsten Parsons

    Think it’s real Trent.

  655. I don’t really think it was an act. I think Trent was slowly beginning to open up, but that he still had some walls. At least that’s how I feel.

  656. I think it was the real Trent showing through. 🙂

  657. Charlcie Ackarie

    I think Trent was being himself to a point. He was still reserved but letting little pieces of his true nature show through.

  658. Kim Watring

    There is always a measure of “real ness” when he is around her. He unfortunately is bad about having an ulterior motive.

  659. Elizabeth justice

    I think he was himself with RACHEL

  660. Shannon

    Love the series and think he was still faking it with the waffles. He loves to keep people off guard.

  661. Caroline

    I think Trent was being himself. I think he’s FINALLY letting his guard down!

  662. I think it was a little of both. He was still playing it up for the act but it was also something that he wanted to do (for selfish reasons– to get waffles and to get to show someone a bit of his true self while still holding in his head “I’m just messing with them” and pretending to himself that it was act so he could remain detached and amused by it). I think when it was done, he regretted having played it as an act.
    Complicated and convoluted, I guess, but that’s the way I see it. 🙂

  663. Totally love Rachel and Jenks!! Hooked on The Hollows!!

  664. I think it was the real Trent showing through a little. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t also trying to manipulate Rachel. I love Trent but he has taken a long time to figure out what kind of person he wants to be.

  665. Natasha

    I think it’s a little bit of both. I think we are seeing some of the real Trent mixed with a Tent trying to impress Rachel, with tricks that have worked with others. I think this is a time we see that Tent might be after more than he lets on based on how disappointed he is when Rachel leaves.

  666. Michael Kniola

    I believe it is himself. As he seems to let his gaurd around her throughout the series.

  667. Katie m

    I haven’t read it yet, BUT I love love LOVE the cover !!

  668. Wisdoom

    I think the cover is awesome, quite sexy. Can’t wait to get it and start reading it. For this you can blame my gf, she made me a fan 😛

  669. It felt real in the moment, but of course the end of the breakfast scene made me question everything Trent had done. I wanna believe it was genuine though, so that’s what i’m going with.

  670. I think Trent likes to put on an act no matter where or what he is doing, but I also think that that particular moment was less of an act than usual. He likes to hide the side of him that is actually a good person but he is starting to be less alert about hiding it.

  671. Michelle B

    I think Trent was being himself but on accident. He tries so hard to hide the real Trent and slips up ever now and then and this was one of his slips.

  672. Danielle

    I think Trent is being himself. I don’t think it was a conscious choice though. He wouldn’t normally do that at this point in their relationship. However, throughout all the books, Trent does occasionally let his guard down.

  673. Josephine Curtis

    I believe the waffle seen Trent is being his real self. Something about him and waffles just brings out the real him.

  674. Michelle

    I think it’s hard work doing all that Trent does. Everyone likes to chill every once in a while – seems real 🙂

  675. I haven’t gotten to read it yet…I love the cover it’s fantastic and I can’t wait to read the book 🙂

  676. Fallen (for Trent)

    This is such a clichéd metaphor, but in this scene I saw Trent as an onion. He peeled back a layer of what he shows to the world and let Rachel a bit closer to who he wants to be. I think peeling back that layer was a calculated move. I believe at this point he realized he had a truly lonely future ahead of him; but here was this woman who’d known him for most of his life, been the victim of his cruelty and deviousness, and still was willing to share a meal with him. It felt like a moment that started as seeing Rachel as a tool to be used and ended with him thinking of Rachel as someone who deserved better from him. It felt like the beginning of “onion blossom Trent”, where the layers are still there, but they’re a little easier to see through and hold more appeal. (Btw, I think of this scene every time I eat strawberries. I hunt for small, thumb-sized ones now.)

  677. I think he was being himself but with an elf you never know.

  678. I think Trent is still acting, but trying to show a little bit of his true self.

  679. Stacey Adams

    Haven’t read the book yet but it looks promising.

  680. Mary

    I think this just even more interesting.

  681. Dana

    Trent always seems to be acting.. but in this case, I hope not. I really want to see the realTrent!

  682. Jaclyn Booze

    I think Trent tries very hard to keep up his wall around Rachel, but she never behaves in a way he can predict, so that’s why he loses it around her. I always thought that moment he was trying to let her have a tiny peek into his world. He seems to do that a lot, start to relax and let her in, only to snap everything back shut.

  683. I think without even realizing it he was being himself. He works hard to appear tough but with Rachel he consistantly shows his soft side, even just for a moment.

  684. I think he is learning to be himself having to hide for so many years!

  685. Amanda Quinn

    I think Trent was being himself in the waffle scene. I don’t think Trent would be fake around Maggie. 🙂

  686. I think Trent is always acting.. but through out the series rachel gets to know him better. Learn his tells…
    I love the series

  687. I believe that Trent was being his genuine self, even if there may have been moments where he was trying to keep some of it hidden. It’s hard to fake feelings for someone in that way. It shows that he actually has a softer side, whether he wants to reveal it or not.

  688. I think Trent takes being complicated to a whole new level, he’s one of my favorite characters, but I think part of what draws me to him is that he isn’t genuine often, so those moments of truth are all the more precious. I think that’s why Rachel feels drawn to him as well, as a woman who’s so blunt, it’s infuriating, and a little anger is good for passion. I like the waffle scene because it seemed like a genuine moment.

  689. Shawn Akers

    Definitely think Trent is being himself. How can he not be since he is in his own home around a person that has known him it seems since is was much younger and possibly even helped make the waffles as a child.

  690. Mary

    I think Trent is never truly himself, he seems always somewhat guarded, but I hope that at that particular moment he was being authentic.

  691. Stacie Ridenour

    I think this is one of the times that Trent relaxes enough to be himself.

  692. I think Trent cannot help but be himself around Rachel. It like a private dance between the two of them! Just love the chemistry even before it was spoken, you could tell it was there all along even when they were fighting against it 🙂

  693. real. i think trent is still unsure but that he is slowly but surely opening up to trusting rachel to see the real him.

  694. I will never trust that man so I think he was playing at being what he thought would impress Rachel. He’s always got his interests as the primary factor in all his actions!

  695. Tom W.

    More of his true self, but still guarded.

  696. Tiffany fryman

    I think it was one of the few times Trent was relaxed enough to be himself.

  697. Erin

    I think that he is being himself. He is trying to learn to accept himself for who he is and be happy about it. He has needed to be somebody else for so long it seems to be difficult for him to relax in front of other people. He knows that Rachel knows what his is so he can be himself in front of her.

  698. Heather Wicks

    I’ve not read it yet–though I hope it’s not an act.

    I love the cover and everything about the series! Can’t wait to catch up.

  699. Sarah

    I think this is one of the very few times early on he is being himself.

  700. Ginny

    I think it started out as an act and then he slowly became himself when Trent realized that Rachel was more impressed with the waffles than his money.

  701. Iris

    I think there are moments when his “true” self peeks through. Do I believe in this scene he was being himself? I think so. I truly hope so. But with him you never know.

  702. Jen

    Of course its an act!

  703. I preordered!
    I think Trent was being himself; slowly revealing the real him slowly.

  704. Lanie Adams

    I think Trent is pretending to be someone else. It seemed too set up to be real. 😦

  705. Tara Day

    I think it was an act to test Rachel. To see if she could read him.

  706. I think Trent was himself when Rachel was with him eating waffles. Great book by the way

  707. Sully

    I think it’s Trent being Trent…

  708. Kirsty

    I don’t think he’s still acting but I don’t think he’s being completely himself either. I think he’s still too conscious of the fact that Rachel is a wildcard who won’t hesitate to lock him up if she found something incriminating going on.

  709. Waffles? Gotta be the ‘real’ Trent! Who doesn’t like waffles? (And us Guys definitely like the series, too. Keep ’em coming!)

  710. Nancy Galdeano

    Love the stuff you are writing. The Hollows is where I escape to when MY life becomes overwhelming ❤

  711. Meredith

    I think Trent was being himself for a moment but he was still trying to schmooze Rachel to get what he wanted!!

  712. I would love Trent to be being himself; but he always has an agenda for everything he does, so it seems a little too good to be true. Saying that I think he has genuine feelings for Rachel, you just know it’s a love/hate thing.

  713. Melissa Winton

    Trent is my second favourite character, my first was killed :/ I think the Trent at breakfast is the real Trent, I love how the opinion of his character more or less flip flops with each book. In the middle of rereading them all.

  714. I think he was being himself. A brief glimpse!

  715. Danielle DePietro

    I think Trent was being himself.

  716. I think Trent was being himself. Good to see!!

  717. Lisa G

    I think Trent was being as honest as Trent could be.

  718. carrie

    I think he was showing his true self.

  719. Heather Jones

    I think at that moment, Trent was showing his true face, but only that short time.

  720. Kasey Simmons

    I think it’s a littl bit of both. I miss Kisten but heart Trent.

  721. I love this series…there are always extra twists and turns that you don’t expect ….. awesome giveaway… Thank you

  722. I’ve read every book in the series up to The Undead Pool, but I don’t recall the waffle scene. I think the cover is striking, but not very Rachelish.

  723. Trixi

    I think Trent is for the first time being himself…although I think he has -unintentionally- an ulterior motive. I mean at this point: Trent is just Trent…he has not yet made his full personal change like in the last books

  724. I love the new cover. I hope that the same actress will be doing the audiobook. I ❤ Rachel.

  725. Claire

    Who is Maggie?

  726. Jamie

    I think at this point Trent is still afraid to be himself truly around her but on some level having known her all those years just made it possible for that trace of himself to slip out. Knowing what I know now about further books down the series I could see this being the case and definitely feel Maggie could be reappearing. Love where the series is going. Keep up the amazing work.

  727. Debi

    At this point in the books, I would have said it was a bit of acting. We know alot more about Trent now, so he has lots of layers.

  728. Nicole

    Trent is certainly being himself and I can’t wait to see more of it.

  729. Sara Brown

    I think everything with him can be an act. It seemed to be heart felt when reading, but as I said you just never can tell with Trent. That’s what makes these books so good! Just keeps you guesing all the time!

  730. Brandi McWhirter

    I think Trent was really trying to be honest with Rachel. He wanted to let her know he was real under his evil exterior.

  731. Cat Moonsong

    Trent was trying to be “himself”, but I don’t think he really knew who that was yet. At this point he is so used to being his father’s son that he hasn’t really figured out who he is underneath all the myriad of crushing responsibilities,

  732. Trent was being himself I think. He was feely more comfortable.

  733. I happily picked up the Kindle versions of EWWBD and FFOC and would have bought the audible versions, but discovered I have already had them, which I should have realized since I listened to them several times over the years. I was just so bedazzled by the special price I was ready to buy it again! Thanks so much! The new cover is very sexy. My husband likes it. A lot. But he thought Pale Demon was really hot, too. A man of varied tastes.

  734. Ah, I remember that scene (by the way, I tried Trent’s waffle recipe on your site…MMMMM!! they were yummy…though I did burn them a little [a lot] the first go)
    Well, I’m still not sure about it. Tren is a manipulative litle cookie muncher…..part of me thinks he was being himself, that at the time, he didn’t really seem to see Rachel as much of a threat.
    Or that he didn’t see her as enough of a threat to bother keeping up the facade around. I don’t think Trent is ever truly able to let his guard down around anyne, even Quen. He’s just to suspscious (more like paranoid) of everyone and everything.
    He has more layers than a mutant onion!
    My little ramble aside (lol), I still don’t trust him, and I think it may have been a clever little trick to pull Rachel just a wee-bit closer, to get her just where he wants her.
    For Trent (Cookie-crumble-butt) everyone is a pawn in his sadistic, manipulative game. Everything the slimeball does, is done for a reason.

    As for the cover artwork, amazing as always 😀

  735. I think he was finally getting to the point of beng comfortable with Rachel. I think it was real.

  736. Amy

    I think Trent allowed a little of himself to bleed through. I think it was a very cautious showing of himself. I look forward to learning more about Trent. I look forward to Trent developing more of a relationship, oops!, I mean, friendship 😉 with Rachel. Love the books!

  737. Cheryl Kesner

    I think he was finally being himself for once!

  738. Ashly Gottschalk

    I think that this was one of the rare
    times Trent was able to let his guard down and be himself.

  739. Samantha Mullins

    I think Trent is being himself, if not still a bit guarded.

  740. I haven’t had a chance to get/read the book yet! We just bought a house and books are like crack. I can’t stop until I’m done and then withdrawals begin.

    I LOVE LOVE the cover. I always enjoy the covers of your books. They draw you in without giving anything away.

  741. Terry Morrison

    I think Trent should be with Rachel,period. Rachel needs a great love in her life and Trent is not sooo bad,lol.

  742. Trent was being himself (finally!!!). Glad to see that side of him!

  743. inkie

    He’s mostly being himself but he’s still holding back a bit because he’s just not ready yet. His interactions with Maggie seem perfectly natural, so that’s clearly the Trent she’s used to.
    I think he was testing the waters. Rachel has made it clear to him that she doesn’t like the Trent that he shows to the world, so I believe he was letting her see the real Trent for a while to see if she’d respond better to that one.

  744. Julie "I'm your number one fan" Eklund

    Pick me. Oh please God of random numbers, pick me.

  745. Kimber

    I love the scene with Maggie making waffles for Trent and Rachel. I think it’s one of the very few and first times that he lets his guard down and he does it because he’s in his comfort zone and trying to be comfortable with his possible attraction to Rachel.

  746. Jennifer

    I think it was the most bit of himself that Trent had shown up to that point. I don’t think he knew how to be himself at that time. It’s nice though that Rach allowed him to be as close to normal as possible.

  747. Megan Tribble

    I feel Trent was tentatively being himself….I say tentatively because he sees a little awkward with it but it was the real him just the same.

  748. Katie L

    I think that is was the first time we actually saw Trent be Trent. He finally let his guard down a little bit and let himself come through.

  749. I think Trent was mostly trying to humor Rachel at this point, but he is starting to want to be himself but at this point he’s all about fixing the elven genome and will do what he has to get Rachel to help.

  750. Tessa Martin-Bashore

    I thought he was being himself, which always seems to include that haughty attitude of proving to Rachel that he knows a little more about her “medical condition” or situation than she does; things she doesn’t understand or even guess at yet. That he would genuinely like waffles with syrup comes as no surprise as “cookie makers” and maple syrup could have a natural affinity providing the syrup was attained via a harmonious sustainable harvest of the tree blood. I love that she took the remainder of the strawberries. So defiant, so Rachel.

  751. I think that Trent is being himself because he is in his home world at that moment, but I also am of the mind that he is still trying to get Rachel on his side so he is allowing himself to be seen that way.

  752. Caitlin Tripler

    I really think Trent forgot what it was like to have a resemblance of normalcy in his life. Even though I don’t think he fully knows who he really is, he realizes what he is missing.

  753. Chris

    I’d forgotten all about that, it’s actually one of my favorite moments because I do believe it’s Rachel’s first glimpse of Trent being himself. This is one of my favorite books in the series and I must say, I lust after the towel warmer in the bathroom…

  754. Kelly

    I felt like he was being himself but I felt he was also holding something back. I think Trent was being as much Trent as Trent could allow himself to be in that situation.

  755. Renee Meister

    I honestly believe that Trent is being himself here. I like this scene a lot because it shows how, underneath it all, Trent and Rachel’s relationship really is shifting. I look forward to learning more about it!

  756. Dawn Switzer

    I think its a little bit of both trent like rachel but I dont think he is ready to fully act on itand rachel like trent too but I think her problem is she is still trying to figure out if he is good or bad …

  757. I wish I could talk about Trent, but I’m late in the reading, so I’m saying today that the cover is so pretty! Is one o my favorite!

  758. Rachel L.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the whole scene was intended to be a calculated move by Trent. However, I think by the end of the scene he’s relaxed enough to begin toying with the idea of letting her see who he wants to be and not who he has to be. I feel this was probably a pivotal moment for him, the moment that sparked the idea that Rachel was someone with whom he could take off those masks he wears and just be himself. In my mind, this is the first of many baby steps in the forward progressions of their relationship.

  759. Jim Staton

    He hasn’t kept his secret of being an Elf by being open so I think he may have been a little of himself without being completely open.

  760. Carolyn Busby

    Trent was being himself. Give the guy a break!

  761. Crystal

    I feel that he was being himself. This was also when I really started liking him more as a person.

  762. Brandy Rea

    I think he was mostly being himself… he was relaxed but at the same time using the situation to manipulate which I think is trent being truly trent

  763. Melanie

    I think that Trent was being himself and showing a side that he doesn’t get to show people cause he has to act so tough and keep his persona as a person who doesn’t care what others think.

  764. Noelle Loberg

    I believe whole heartedly that Trent is still acting in this scene. At this point in the series, Trent is no closer to trusting Rachel than she trusts him. I think the special treatment may have been part of his manipulative schemes; trying to persuade Rachel to work for him. That or he just really wanted to piss Ellasabeth off.

  765. I think Trent was being himself.

  766. authorrainedelight

    I think he is being genuine, at least as much Trent could be at that point. 🙂

  767. sarah wood

    I felt like he was being himself here. he had so much crap going on and after dealing with ellsbeth, he just didnt have it in him to keep up appearances when it came to food.

  768. Brenda R.

    I started rereading the books late, so I just finished book two. I’m trying to remember the scene you are referencing in book three. I think Trent was starting to relax around Rachel, but maybe he also enjoyed ticking of Elisabeth.

  769. Miranda Sullivan

    I thought that was the first sign of Trent as a real person instead of a persona. As the series moves on his real personality peeks out more and more but I think that may be the first glimpse the readers get IMO.

  770. angie white

    I do believe he was being himself, he has his little moments when the “real” trent shows and not the ceo 🙂

  771. Chris

    Trent was being totally sincere…and that’s from a man’s point of view.

  772. Jerry Dougherty

    i think its Trent being himself and showing Rachel the side not many get to see.

  773. Sherry D

    As always, an amazing book cover. As for Trent, I think he allowed us a guarded glimpse of himself in that scene. Still, he’s so very deliberate with his actions and words, I believe he had his reasons.

  774. Dawn

    I think its one of the times we see the real Trent peaking through

  775. danielle

    I think Trent was allowing a look at his softer side. Just because someone is a selfish, ruthless, tyrant 99% of the time doesn’t mean they’re always like that. One of the things I enjoy most about this series are that the characters have multiple facets to their personalities.

    Plus, Maggie struck me as the type to say something if he was acting out of the norm. 😉

  776. Shirley

    I thought Trent was being himself.

  777. Lauren Marie sloan

    Im in partal because i really love all your covers and i havint had a chance to read your books but there next on my to read list thank u for this awsome chance .

  778. Nicole Pristash

    I think that it was him being himself but that he was still trying at least a little bit to manipulate Rachel. I think that Trent has had to be so manipulative and guarded with people that he has a hard time letting his guard down .

  779. Tyger

    i would say, he was being himself, the chef is kinda of a best friend, they will know you from within, he never was truly hostile to rachel, just being a bit hard playful. its one of his oldest and last true “friend” from his youth.

  780. KarenFalls60

    Trent was being himself I bet the waffles had a green tint for the elf in him lol

  781. Melodie

    I think at that point, it was a little bit of both…. Part act, but deep down he really has always liked Rachel… and hopefully soon it will be much, much, much more than like!!!!! 🙂

  782. Jinny

    I think he is being himself. He seems more relaxed and casual. However, does he ever truly let his guard down completely?

  783. sher r.

    I think it is a little of both in this scene. He is beginning to want to be real with Rachel but it is not something he knows how to do easily.

  784. Christy

    I think she might have gotten a little bit of the real him peeking through the facade. I think he’s afraid to show her the real Trent.

  785. I believe Trent was being genuine here. He is obviously a very lonely man and likes to feel those moments of “family”.

  786. I feel like it is both. Trent wants to control Rachel and wants her to work for him, but he also is starting to feel comfortable around her.

  787. Janet

    Haven’t read the book but love the cover

  788. julie trani

    a little of both but i adore trent and hope he gets his act together soon

  789. Elana

    During the pancake meal, I think Trent was still hiding and trying to get Rachel to do what he wanted but I think deep down he probably had feelings even then and was the most truthful he had been up until that point if that makes sense 🙂

  790. I love Trent… And watching his and Rachel’s relationship shift and change in each book is what has brought me back time and again… Though there are still times I’d like to smack him, those events are becoming less and less.. 🙂 I truly fell in love with him during the waffle scene… That was eye opening!!
    Sincerely, thank you for all you do!

  791. i think trent was being himself he’s defenitly more himself then he was in the past but he’s still all about the act of the big important man trying to hide the feelings he has for rachel not wanting to admit it because she also makes crazy …. i hope i typed it alright my english isnt everthing
    lots of love fan from holland Simone

  792. Never trust an elf! OK, maybe I’m mistrustful but I’m thinking once your an actor it’s hard to leave the stage!

  793. IIRC – this was the beginning of seeing him trying to show his true self. =)
    Loved it. Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Monday!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for a belated birthday gift ;D

  794. Tiffers

    I would hope to believe it was the real Trent. I’d like to eat waffles with my man after a hard day’s work and know he was enjoying it too!

  795. Cheree Crump

    I have a hard time telling what is real and what isn’t real with Trent. I want to believe he can be truly sweet and all, but then he does things to make me think twice.

  796. I believe it was him putting on an act…

  797. Mira

    I feel like it was a mix of both. Some of it was an act, but some of it was just Trent letting himself relax a little bit. The way the conversation transpired seemed to flit between those two things.

  798. Rolina Ochoa

    I believe it was the real Trent showing through. Being at home, and a bit more comfortable with Rachel after all they’ve been through (her saving his life and all :P). He may have wanted to show Rachel he is kind to those who work for him as long as they remain loyal and not abuse their relationship with him (talking about the ‘bee sting’ scene in DWW).

  799. Ellie

    I don’t think of it so much as “an act” as him trying to make Rachel happy.

  800. Caitlin

    I don’t remember this in the book…but I’ve always liked Trent even when he was being a jerk. He’s very guarded, so it it is nice to see him be more himself and comfortable around Rachel. By the way, I love all the covers on the books. They leave a lot to the imagination!

  801. Patrick

    I believe he was being himself. By saying that I mean of course that the move was calculated to gain favour with Rachel 🙂

  802. Nicole G.

    Trent is finally being himself. He’s not trying to show off for anyone or live up to his father’s legacy. This is the point where I started to like Trent. Before he was just kinda scum.

  803. Bruce Merkley

    I think that at this point in the relationship, I believe that Trent was putting on a bit of an act,but that there was more to it than even he suspected…

  804. Trying to remember back to A Fistful of Charms is hard! I am in the process of re-reading since I got so behind! The last book I read was Pale Demon! XD
    Remembering that scene as best as I can, it seems to me that Trent doesn’t want to act like himself, he wants to be mysterious and hard to deal with so that he isn’t outed for what he really is.

  805. As with most everything Trent does, he is very aware and in control of what he’s doing (showing of himself), but I would like to believe it’s a bit of him he’s willing to show.

  806. Jodi

    I think the kind side of him was truthful.

  807. Javinder

    I think he was more unguarded than he usually is, but since he was still trying to manipulate her into working for him, I think he was trying to act more natural.

  808. Joyce Anderson

    Everything Trent does is an act… the poor guy doesn’t know how to be real.

  809. Michael Spafford

    I am a Guy and i suppose this book series/author

  810. Elizabeth Gingles

    Trent is always himself. He is both sneaky and kind. Mmmmmmm I want breakfast for dinner tonight.

  811. melinda crider

    I think what trent has 4 maggie is like a mother she help bring him up to the man he is today Rachael see the love of a little boy when he see and talk to maggie and know she wanr take his shit hehehe

  812. With Trent, it is always a bit of both! Even when he is sincere, he can’t resist that ingrained need to control and play for advantage. I think in fact, that is a very basic part of who Trent is.

  813. Connie

    The tension between Rachel and Trent is my favorite part of the book/series. He is such an anti-hero. On one hand, I long for them to get together. On the other hand, the tension, the passion, the longing, the love/hate keeps me mesmerized and wanting more. No matter how bad things get, one of them always rescues the other one. Can we trust Trent? Probably not! We so want to trust him, that we allow him the freedom of his personality. I am excited as they grow closer. Do I want them together? Of course. Maybe for a while. Maybe forever. I fear an end of your series if that happens. One thing I am assured of, either way you will make it work.

    Ms. Harrison you have the true gift of gab! I knew your books were the best, now I have to wonder when you sleep? You are the most vocal author I have ever followed. You bring your wit, charm and busy personality to life and you share it with your fans. I am grateful. Looking forward to all your posts, your stories and story lines in the future.

  814. Shawn Stefanski

    I think Trent is having a rare moment of complete honesty and giving us a glimpse of him being himself. It must be tough going through life having to be so guarded.

  815. I think its a little of himself leaking out. Aren’t Elves and Pixies closely related? And I know Jenks loves sugar…Trent liking Waffles is a great touch 🙂

  816. Karine

    Both. The easiness with which he was relaxed around Maggie seemed genuine but I am sure he set the whole thing up to make it look like he was a sweetheart with all his staff to convince Rachel he wasn’t such a bastard 🙂 He reminds me of someone with borderline personality disorder…

  817. I think it’s the way he wants to be and could be, but his life and being who he is makes it difficult to maintain that version of himself.

  818. A bit of unexpectedness for Trent but I think it’s not an act. A few people here said he’s feeling comfortable for the first time in a while and I hope that’s true.

  819. Nichole Zito

    I really do think that Trent making waffles is a glimps of the real Trent. We see sides of him more and more as the books go on until we really understand him and i think this is one of our first real glimpses.

  820. Both. I think the initial idea was the act but once he delved in, it showed a side of him rarely seen

  821. I always thought he was being genuine.

  822. Terri Licht

    Love all your books!! Fistful of charms was my first….. Then had to go buy the first three lol.

  823. Desiree Franklin

    This is The real Trent just starting to break thru. Besides, who doesn’t love waffles?

  824. Stephanie

    At this point in the series and his relationship with Rachel, it is both. He is revealing a part of himself, and for me, with Trent a natural part of his self-preservation to do what serves him best, always. Even if showing a part of his genuine self is what it takes. Still, I think this early he is much too guarded to reveal anything or risk anything at all, he clearly doesn’t know is a ‘give away or tell’ of information. So, yes he is being himself but I believe it has what I’d consider a guarded or discardable nature to it. Something about himself he’d be willing to disclose/risk knowledge of. It’s when I knew and began whole-heartedly rooting for Trent and Rachel no matter what though. I felt a destiny lock right here. After Al, Trent is my favorite. I just can’t stop LOVING AL long enough though. 🙂 *I was Ceri on one of those internet quizzes, maybe that is why I LOVE Al* lol Or I just love bad guys with some good buried in there somewhere.

  825. I’m covering my eyes to the comments since I haven’t gotten to read the book yet BUT all I can say for your covers is that I love them all. Between the covers and the titles (BIG Clint Eastwood fan btw) your books have always been a must read for me. If a book has a bad cover, and especially a bad title as well, I’ll totally pass it up. I am too visual to bother with anything lacking a bit of oomph! The cover is the first mental picture to the storyline, so it does matter!

  826. Carolyn

    I don’t think it was an act but I think at this point Trent himself wouldn’t really be sure if he was being true to himself or to he thinks he should be.

  827. Keri

    I gotta tell you, Trent isn’t really trustworthy, even now I wonder what he has up his sleeve and what his motives are…The waffle incident was the first time he showed any real elf decency and I confused me then as it did the second time I read it…still cant peg that buggard!

  828. Theresa Schwiethale

    I think that Trent was being himself as much as he could at the time. He was likely still holding back some. Old habits die hard.

  829. melinda crider

    I think what trent and maggie have is a morher type person its real Rachael see a little bit of the little boy the love 4 his mother or the love of the other person. That want take his shit

  830. Eden Whited

    I think it was the real Trent peeking through.

  831. Heather

    I say act although act consciously hinting at the real Trent.

  832. J. Jones

    At first, the scene waffel scene with Trent felt so random to me. When I originally read it, all of my senses went into suspicion overload because at that time the only feelings I had toward Trent were distrust and aggravation. After getting deeper into the series, and re-reading AFFOC, I believe Trent was being genuine in the moment. I also believe that “genuine moment” was calculated. He does everything for a reason, including being open and honest with the people he chooses to surround himself with. He did that to gain Rachel’s trust and let her see he is not as much of a monster as she at that time believed he was. Even though we as readers get to see more and more about him, I am still leary of Trent’s intentions. For Rachel’s sake I hope this “thing” they have works out and doesn’t blow up in her face.

  833. Rachel Rawlings

    This is one of my favorite scenes and I definitely think he is being himself. 🙂

  834. i haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet, but the cover looks amazing!
    *note* maybe the comment box should be on the top of the page to prevent spoilers!

  835. Christopher K

    I think the waffle scene wasn’t an act because Trent wanted to have a normal night where he wanted to have a normal life despite the fact he is an elf and a crime lord.

  836. I think its an act but I think the act is for Ellasbeth and his feelings for Rachel are as genuine as they can be at this point in their relationship.

  837. Jen Morton

    I really thought it was him letting down his guard a bit.

  838. Anissa Williams

    I think he was being himself, not totally, but he wasn’t putting on an act. I remember being surprised at how nice he was to the cook.

  839. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m dying to after reading the cover!! It’s on my Christmas wish list for my hubby to buy for me. 😀

  840. Amy Delaney

    A glimpse of Trent because there’s good hidden somewhere in him. We as readers aren’t seeing it much yet

  841. Kathleen Mitchell

    I think Trent was giving a glimpse into himself and that waffles may be his comfort food. Either way, it was a sweet and poignant moment.

  842. A little of both. From book one I knew Trent and Rachel had a connection, I guess it was instinct, reading between the lines or maybe I just have too much experience with the whole love/hate relationship 😉 but I knew Trent would be a contendor for Rachel’s heart and I have been secretly rooting for him from the beginning- even with all his faults.

    I have loved the character and relationship development in this series.

    Everytime Trent has shown his nice guy side and a hint of his feelings, I love it a little more. This was one of those moments.

  843. Kimberly Schwarz

    Yes it is the start of Trent showing his real self to Rachel, but not because he let his guard down. He is trying to reel her in, get her guard down so he can utilize her in the future. Trent is always planning ahead and every action or lack of one is thoroughly thought through.

  844. I don’t think it is an act – I think that he feels compfortable for the first time in a while…
    great scene!

  845. Amanda Hudson

    I think he’s being himself….that’s me being a Trent fan and hoping for the best! ;0)

    • anita robinson

      I think we are seeing a rare glimpse of who Trent really is but he keeps this part of himself hiding from everyone.

  846. Kelsey

    I think that Trent was hinting at what he could be, but he was still putting on an act to get what he wanted.

  847. I think this scene is one of the few glimpses given to the audience (and Rachel, for that matter) of normal/not-evil/power-hungry/business mogul Trent. Given the duality and complexity of their relationship, who’s to say whether Trent intended for this softer side of himself to make an appearance – he could have easily shown it to manipulate Rachel, and we all know how much he loves to do so.

  848. I have read all the books, but I love all these early, little glimpses into Trent. The scene with Maggie is wonderful. I love how he somehow knows exactly what Rachel would want. I also love the scene on the limo ride home from being in the river, where he wraps Rachel up and puts her in his lap. I think that is a little glimpse of the real Trenton.

  849. Christy Hayter

    I think he was being himself, I believe that he has finally found someone to be comfortable around since Rachel doesn’t put him up on a pedestal. 🙂

  850. Rukshala

    One of my all time favourite scenes because the genuine-ness just oozes out! Trent is definitely being himself, but the smart cookie probably has something running on subconsciously! I think Rachel caught him by surprise by her actions and her behaviour and he didn’t expect to like her. Oh and working together to pick on Ellasbeth? That is a 100% Trent for sure!

  851. Kathleen Langlo

    I think that Trent is being himself. Every time he is around Rachel and little more of who he is comes to the surface. I love their relationship. I can’t wait until the next book.

  852. Christy

    I love the breakfast scene! It made me want to make waffles. While I think Trent was still working angles to get Rachel to work for him, I think we got a truer glimpse into his real personality.

  853. Julie Lovlin

    Real Trent… showing a bit if himself… but he was aware… knew pros and coins of the choice

  854. Clay Johnson

    I love the series and I have been rebuying them in Kindle format since you started the reread.

  855. I have not read it yet, excited tho, since I was unaware it was out! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these books! Love the cover, Rachel looks bad a**! She has been so long in coming to her own, it is awesome she it like that! 🙂

  856. I think this is a glimpse of the real Trent. When he feels safe, not on display, relaxed and not needing to put on a show. It is a beginning of him softening to understanding he can be himself around Rachel and that doing so might help his cause more then the act.

  857. Haven’t read the book, just started the series but I cannot wait to see what happens in my new favorite series. You book covers are all awesome and intriguing, and was what brought me to the books in the first place.

  858. I think that Trent is starting to change!!! I can only hope so!

  859. Daniel Harkavy

    I’m not sure if Trent knows who he is at this point…

  860. Calendula

    I go with the food, and I hope it is not an act. I love breakfast for dinner too. I believe it was the first glimpse of Trent as a person and not just as an image.

  861. I think he was being himself.

  862. I HOPE it was the real Trent!

  863. Candice Brawn

    I do believe that Trent did getna chance to show his true self with the waffles!!! Its one of my favorite parts….this is one the first times they get together and the walls and masks drop…

  864. Jessica

    I’ve been a little confused with this scene for a while, but ultimately I think it’s mostly an act. I think he wants to butter her over still, and is figuring ways to do so.

  865. I think Trent was being real, even though I think it was a Calculated Decision to be real and honest. I think he may be slowly shedding his armor around Rachel but I don’t think he will be truly vulnerable around anyone.

  866. CrystalGB

    I think he’s finally showing a little bit of his true self.

  867. I wish I could say that I’ve read the book, but it’s still in my back-log pile. This working overtime all the time is for the birds, but at least it pays for my book obsession… I love the cover. Super sexy!

  868. gina

    The real trent

  869. Vanessa

    I don’t think Trent really knows who he is. He’s been raised to be a politician, he (at the time) was hiding his race. He was born into a life of subterfuge. How can anyone be themselves after that?

  870. I believe that Trent was being himself, or the self he wanted to be. I have such conflicting feelings towards him!

  871. Danny Weaver

    I think Trent has been trying to make good with Rachel since his regret associated with actions taken in the first couple books. This is another example of revealing his true self, in hopes Rachel will accept/forgive him.

  872. Stef Sasinek-Roil

    I think we got to see a glimpse of who Trent really is in that scene. No one can put on an act every minute of every day, and in the comfort of his own home, eating something he grew up with, in front of someone he genuinely wants to trust him, I think Trent let his guard down a little.

  873. julia warner

    I think Trent was being himself when he asked for waffles from Maggie. She has been his cook for years and she won’t take any crap from him. I loved that Maggie liked Rachel and visa versa.

  874. fesmess

    I think he was giving Rachael a taste of who he was.

  875. PJ Tolbert

    Definitely think it is a glimpse of the real Trent. Kind of cool to see that. 🙂

  876. Kyla

    I thought that it was a bit of a mixture. I think he initially did it as an act to acquire Rachel, but in doing so revealed apart of who he really is behind the mask :3

  877. Kat

    I think he was being himself.

  878. Wendy

    Wen a new book in the series comes out my family knows not to bother me until it is finished! Love the characters, and the story telling is phenomenal!

  879. i believe it is a bit of both. seems it is second nature to keep up the facade, but that facade may be cracking more, and we are seeing the real trent a little more every time

  880. Felicia Aycock

    I think Trent was trying to be some part of himself, maybe not showing all of who he really is.

  881. Jenna Monster

    I think Trent was still trying to win over Rachel & knowing that showing a soft squishy underbelly would help because she always picks the underdog. But again, she didn’t know about their past yet. . I love rereading this series and finding the hints!

  882. tara

    I always thought this is who Trent really is but let his insecurities get the best of him . This book was a turning point in my love / hate view of Trent.

  883. Laura D

    I think Trent is being more like himself, but he is always performing to a certain extent.

  884. prospero63

    IMO everything Trent does is an act. It’s all based on some long goal/objective to manipulate things to his desired outcome.

  885. Jan

    It was a relaxed scene, it was genuine

  886. crow04

    Leaving a comment to represent the male readers

  887. Bobbi Leonard

    I think it’s the real Trent coming through

  888. Erin Johnson

    I think he was being himself, no person can be “on” all the time, it’s exhausting. Now, what I haven’t been able to figure out is whether it was all part of a bigger play. He’s very clever that one.

  889. Tara C Boozer

    I think it’s a little of both…

  890. that is totally Trent. I don’t think his “public” face would have anything to do with something as mundane as waffles. It’s definitely him.

  891. Trisha

    Trent is a roller coaster. I don’t think even he knows when he is being genuine! I do think Rachel tends to bring out a younger Trent. The one from camp.

  892. Gina N.

    I think that was genuinely Trent, an act he was still thoughtful of, but Trent nonetheless. I think he just chose this small act to let himself go a little but nonetheless knew what it meant and reflected about him and he still chose to let it happen anyway.

  893. Sunny Omar

    I do honestly think he was being himself:)

  894. This was a moment that the real Trent came through for the first time. After what he and Rachel has been through and then to be sharing waffles that Maggie made, he had let his guard down and was himself.

  895. Jenny Eyre

    I have not read it yet, but it is top of my Christmas list, can’t wait to see were Trent and Rachel go next

  896. Heather Yilmaz

    I think Trent was showing a side of himself he wished could be more in the open.

  897. Janet H

    I think Trent was letting his defenses down for that moment and was being real.

  898. Marissa Gregorwich

    I think it’s both an act and Trent being himself. I think he is very conscious of how people perceive him and he (at that moment) wants Rachel to think he is a good employer. That being said, he also has a natural relationship with Maggie for her to react the way she does.

  899. Jamie

    I think he’s finally showing a little bit of himself here.

  900. Jacqueline Böge

    Difficult to say…I think he was not truly himself…but he wanted to show rachel that he isnt that bad as she think…so half true and half lie )

  901. dr4nsk

    I definitely think Trent was giving us/Rachel a glimpse of his true self when they were discussing the waffles. He feels comfortable around Rachel and he let himself slip up at that moment. I think he enjoys her company because she doesn’t put him on a pedestal like everyone else or expects more from him. She is blunt and unpredictable, two things that are refreshing for Trent. ❤

  902. Danielle Ayrer

    I think he was being himself. 🙂

  903. I think Trent was being himself (this is the book that changed my mind about him). He has liked her for years, but never gotten to be himself. He is starting to think maybe he can have something for himself.

  904. I have not read the book, but the cover gives me goose bumps from excitement to read it! I can’t wait to get my hands on the book, I am dying to catch up! It’s a very powerful statement.

  905. I think he was giving something to Rachel, so she would see him more like a person than the bad guy she wants to tag. He let his wall down…. for a little moment and then tried to gain from it. That is so Trent!!!!

  906. Carmela Gutierrez

    I think Trent is being real. He’s trying to show Rachel that side of him.

    It’s hard not to be sincere when it comes to sharing a meal, especially, when it’s your favourite food. Maybe that’s why it’s always recommended to go for lunch or dinner when you go on a date… 😀

  907. Audrey

    I think Trent was showing us a glimpse of who he wants to be and who he is sometimes. I can’t wait to learn more about Trent as he tries to be who he really wants.

  908. Roger

    Who could not be genuine around waffles?

  909. Mary B.

    Trent was being himself and in being himself he has a motive for everything he does.

  910. Kimberly

    I think Trent was being himself. Showing Rachel that he had a softer side. I always pictured him acting like a little boy picking on the girl he liked, but not quite knowing how much he should do or say before he gave himself away. Especially being what he is and his situation. I don’t think it was socially acceptable.

  911. Janie Darby

    The cover is awesome. The book is on my wish list

  912. We are getting a peek at the real Trent…He wants to relax 🙂

  913. Geoffrey Sullivan

    I think Trent is being real. he does have a bad side but he has a caring side. you can see it from how he handles his child

  914. Yes, I believe he was trying to show that he has a softer side in this book and that he is not all business to Rachel.

  915. I have not read yet However you book covers are always awesome!! This cover is very intense 🙂

  916. Nicole Boese

    I think it was Trent taking a chance to show something real. At this point, it was very strange to see because he is always projecting the powerful and dangerous business man and protecting himself

  917. Jamie

    He let his true self show that time!

  918. Brittany Jordan

    I think Trent was being himself… His oh so sexy self.

  919. Aimée Laibida

    I think Trent was being genuine, showing Rachel a little of himself because she’d just saved his life and he felt he could afford to slip a little.

  920. I think it is actually the real Trent, even if Rachel might have a hard time believing it. I think this is just another step on the road to their relationship developing from strangers who fight and hate into…

  921. Aubrie Phelps

    I love all the books!

  922. Krystin

    This scene is the first time we see a caring, hidden side of Trent. The fact that he lets Maggie be snarky, and is just content eating waffles and tea makes him relatable. I think this is one of the first scenes I started hoping there would be a Trent/Rachel dynamic, besides the whole wanting to kill each other thing.

  923. Crish Cottrill

    I think he’s being himself. It’s hard to be acting when it comes to your favorite foods.

  924. Tanja

    Mh…. I think it was one of the few early moments when we got a glimpse of Trent being himself 🙂

  925. Taylor

    When I read EWWBD I thought it was an act, but looking back now after being caught up on the series I think he was being himself 🙂

  926. It feels very real in the moment, even if the end of the breakfast scene kind of made me question Trent’s every move. I want it to be genuine though, so therefore it is (in my mind).

  927. It certainly felt like he was being more himself than usual…

  928. Michelle Sorensen

    It’s kinda hard to tell because we were just starting to get to know the personal side of Trent but I wouldn’t but it pass him to use it as an act in his favor…

  929. It feels very real in the moment, and nice of him to change the order for Rachel. Of course, the end of the breakfast scene made me question everything Trent had done, but i think that decision was genuine.

  930. Delane

    I’m not sure? It seemed he was being himself but later Rachel thinks it was all a setup. “he had tried to lay the groundwork to try to romance my help when money wouldn’t buy it” I think maybe both. Maybe he thought being himself would “break the ice” so to speak.

  931. lauren

    I think that he wasnt acting as such, i think he wanted to thank rachel and this was a way he thought he could do it without loosing to much face – make it seem that he was letting down his barriers.

  932. I think Trent is always being himself.

  933. Tabitha Tomala

    I think that he is so used to acting that in order for the real Trent to come out, it takes a lot of effort. He’s not used to being himself, but I do think he tried.

  934. Sari

    I defenitily think that Trent was being himself , when he had Maggie make the waffles. In fact, I believe that was one of the first moments where we get to see who Trent really is. Or at least, who he’d rather be. This would probably be one of my favorite Trent scene 🙂

  935. Elizabeth

    I believe Trent was being himself.

  936. lisa

    I think it’s hard to say because it seems like he doesn’t know who he is himself yet. He is still figuring that part out.

  937. Michelle C.

    I think it’s a little of both. He’s starting to show who he really is, but he’s not putting everything out there yet.

  938. Traci L.

    I think this is how Trent would be if he didn’t have the grown up decisions to make that he has to make.

  939. I was not sure when I read the book but am fairly sure now that he was being himself. At the time it seemed odd and still a bit of an act.

  940. Siobhan

    I think Trent was being himself although he doesn’t show it much early in the series. Love the series and I am reading them all again at the moment! 🙂

  941. I think Trent was learning to be himself in that moment. I think this is really where he started to look at not only Rachel, but himself in a different light, seeing that maybe Rachel was someone who could bring something different out in him – something he hadn’t really had the chance to explore. Ive always thought the waffle scene was one of the more important, yet overlooked moments in the books, and is definitely one of my favorites.

  942. Tim

    I’m a guy. Wow, it was only when skimming through the comments how little men seem to be commenting.

    Hmmm, I’m leaning towards it being a ‘normal’ moment. Trent did almost freeze to death after a boat exploding. And there was the mention of the metabolism that gives it that non-acting touch.

    Although, is Trent a character that can ever stop acting? It seems to be something that he’s naturally good at.

  943. I think that this is one of the first times that Trent does start to let his true self show through. However, I do think it’s still his guarded self and he is grappling with his wants: who he wants to be and who he is for all intents and purposes for people in his life and the general public.

  944. almendra

    is not a act … … .. I love the scene .. he is himself !! 😀 he is a man .. and sometime a cute boy ijij

  945. Vicki Arce-Guillen

    Trent allowed Rachel to see a very small part of who he was at that time

  946. Hi there! I’d like to believe that he’s truly being himself – revealing just a little bit of himself. Love that scene!!

  947. Trudy

    I think a little of “himself” got past his emotional walls. I like that man when Trent lets him out.

  948. I think the waffle scene is a real glimpse of Trent. I think he still has a plan in place, yes. However, it really felt like at this moment he was letting some walls down and relaxing a little bit. I’ve always loved this scene. It was a point in the series, where I went from liking his character to loving his character.

  949. Leah Moyse

    Although Trent is clearly more relaxed in this scene he still isn’t himself. He doesn’t know how to relax and truly be himself even around the people he deems the closest like quen

  950. I totally thinks it’s all an act. He’s trying to manipulate Rachel and is evident when he starts mirroring her movements also.