He had me at “I want to drive your car”

I finished GBU last night, racing through Rachel’s confrontation with Piscary and the ultimate satisfaction of her beaning him over the head with a chair leg three times. Once for her, once for Ivy, and once for him killing her dad. I’d forgotten how nasty he was until he had her on the floor and was going to kill her. It was a scintillating moment of truth that she was going to die.

GBUmmCoverISBut there was good stuff, too, and seeing Trent in Edden park in the sun with his bowl of strawberries was kinda nice. That envelope with the two thousand dollar down payment to find the person responsible for killing his new employees wasn’t, even if it was only a downpayment to the irresistible 20,000 he was actually dangling before her.

You have to admire his persistence, but I think it was when Trent wanted to drive her car, that I, as the author, decided to give Trent a chance to redeem himself. And then losing Jonathan at a red light so he could have a little freedom? He didn’t do it to be alone with Rachel–which I think is telling. He did it to get away from who he was and closer to who he wanted to be.

And in hindsight, this might be when Trent starts to see Rachel as a way for him to get what he wants, the same thing he’s dangling in front of her. His own freedom.

EWWBDmmCoverISI’ll be taking a little break before we start Every Which Way but Dead on Tuesday. It goes on sale in US markets on Monday, but until then, GBU will be in the sale slot with that tantalizing chapter two of THE UNDEAD POOL slipped into the back. [GBU markets]

Also, early heads up on the prize packs I’ll be giving away on Monday! More on that Friday, but it will be very much a wash-rinse-repete of what we did last time. [DWW give away]

PS. I’l have info on tour T’s tomorrow. Dude, Guy really out did himself this year.


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80 responses to “He had me at “I want to drive your car”

  1. Natalie

    I love your books! I love the depth of your characters. I can’t wait for the next book! Hope your tour brings you towards Chicago!

  2. lvlocalgirl

    My take away so far is that while Nick isn’t the IDEAL boyfriend, you can hardly blame him for needing to be away from ‘seizures’. I think it is only in hindsight that he looks so spineless. I’d forgotten that the big witch showdown happened on Kisten and Rachel’s first date! Yikes, he was so awesome. GREAT depiction of Piscary’s evilness. I was shouting “Kill him already!” at the book. LOL Also forgot Ceri get’s saved in this one. LOADS of things get started in this. And I’m STILL waiting on the full details of what happened at camp. But bottom line….why did they have to eat the wishing fish?

  3. LeAnne B

    I read up to chapter 26 today, had to force myself to put it down. I had forgotten how many emotions Ivy had after the attack. You are such a wonderful writer! I felt such sorrow for Ivy, such anger at Piscary and fear for Rachel. You gave such insight to how a woman feels after being violated… all of the feelings. You hit the nail on the head (or stake in the heart) with all of the emotions she felt. Thank you for sharing Rachel’s world with us. πŸ™‚

  4. What if we already have ebook? How can we read chapter 2? Does it update?

    • I know Amazon will update it if you ask, but you will lose any notations you’ve made in it.

    • Lesley

      I just tried this and poof! Chapter two! Woohoo!

    • Where are the extras at? I’m so confused. I want to read Chapter 1 and 2…

    • Lesley

      Ch 1’s online in this blog somewhere. Ch 2 is in the ebook of “The Good, The Bad, and the Undead.” And I just remembered that “Trouble on Reserve” is in the ebook of “Ever After.” Still waiting to see the short story with Jenks and Trent offered somewhere… πŸ™‚

    • Martin

      Lesley, “Million Dollar Baby” is in “Into the Woods”, the Hollows short story compilation, plus extras; well worth reading.

  5. Lesley

    I hate to ask but can you tell us when chapter 2 will be released? I’d already bought the ebook and amazon won’t even let me pay another $1.99 to get the version with the extra chapter. Dyin’ over here! I just wanna know when I can get my next K.H. fix… πŸ™‚ (Actually this will be a problem with future chapters since I already have all the ebooks. Woe!)

    • Lesley

      nevermind! *happy dance*

    • Melissa

      How do you get an update??

    • Lesley

      Melissa- I think you can set it to automatically update, but you might lose notes and highlights. (I don’t use those, so I don’t care). I had to delete the book from my kindle and download it again. I was chatting with customer service at the time so they might need to update it for you on their end first, I don’t know. In any case, it only took a few minutes! πŸ™‚ (BTW- “Trouble on Reserve” is also a freebie in Ever After now, so I updated that book too.)

  6. Rhonda

    I so love that elf. It was this scene that made me a Rachel/Trent shipper. I saw that he could be her equal and she could be his. πŸ˜‰

  7. Alex

    More than once Rachel mentions how quickly Trent moves–is Trent ‘supernaturally’ fast? Is it a perk of being an elf?

  8. lavinia68

    Just read ch.2 of UP. Last sentence, WHAT THE HELL!!!!

  9. Kiley

    Is chapter 2 of The Undead Pool available in the Canadian e-book copies available for regular price? Or just the ones on sale in the US for $1.99?

  10. Zamiel

    it’s good to have a cavalry. twice rache pounced on vamp and twice she got saved. everyone loves to hate nick, but if not for him, rache would be ivy’s shadow and piscary’s puppet by proxy. nick did make some mistakes in their relationship, but he should get credit for saving rachel’s life 3 times in two books. then if not for quen, rache would be dead. not killing piscary only showed how much rachel didn’t understand the situation. it’s a credit to your writing that i love the stories so much even when the protagonist can be so agrivatingly naive.

  11. Ron Dunbar

    Heya Kim, it’s the soldier again =P. I just recently realized you are doing a re read so I’m dashing to catch up, lol. I will probably be caught up by Saturday. Just a small note, I’m going to be deploying (again for the 4th time) soon so sadly I can’t make it to your signing. That leads me to a question. In the future if I paid for postage and sent the books to you, would you autograph my hardcovers for me? I will pay for return postage etc. Just curious.


  12. Katrina

    You are a great writer love your books can’t wait for The Undead PooI. I so wanted to buy GBU ebook but can’t get it in New Zealand, I got this message instead and it said (sorry, but this product is only available within the U.S.) ARGGGGGG so not fair, It happen’s to a lot of ebooks I want. I wish whoever controls the published books/ebooks make them all available to all. We do read all over the world too, and ebooks are so easy to get through internet than the books are.

    • I’m sorry, Katrina. I know it’s frustrating when the deals stop at the border. You’re right that it’s not fair. Someday there will be a global economy, but until then . . . there’s not much I can do.

  13. it is soo hard to read about nick and not want even worse things to happen to him….Trent evolution has be my second favorite to watch unfold after Al’s I wonder if all would ever want to drive Rachel’s car?

    • I kind of agree with you, Tony, but right now, Nick isn’t that bad.
      Trent though . . . He’s kind of my long hunt. -laugh- And I doubt that Al would want to drive Rachel’s car, no.

  14. Jen

    I actually just finished re-reading the series again right before you started this read along jaunt, so I’m scrambling now to remember all the fiddly little bits! I love all these books, and re-read them about once a year.
    Oh, and I CAN’T read the chapter teasers for the new one… they drive me nuts that I can’t just devour the while book!

  15. PixieGirl

    Yes folks, Trent really is just a kid at heart and not such a creep after all!
    I think that Trent, being brought up the way he was and having to shoulder so much responsibility at such a young age, was robbed of the chance to be a normal kid and just have fun. Because Rachel doesn’t bow and scrape around Trent like everyone else does, I believe that Trent feels more free to relax, let his guard drop a little, and just be a person. He doesn’t have to worry about disappointing Rachel because, at this point in the story, she pretty much expects the worst of him anyway.
    And knowing more about their history at camp, I think Trent had a bit of a crush on Rachel from back then and it was important to him that she not think the worst of him, even if it started out as a subconscious thought.
    [Just my take on things. πŸ˜‰ ]

  16. I so loved the scene where Trent wanted to drive Rachel’s “new” car. It did humanize him somewhat. Made him more real. Trent is as complex as Rachel. I like this.

  17. Diana

    I love this scene!! I picture Trent standing next to the car, with his hands in pockets, looking down at the ground in that shy-boy-talking-to-girl sort of way. Maybe even kicking some loose gravel. It’s a humbler version of him, where we see he’s just a guy. I never really thought of Trent as the “big, bad, ugly”. I think it’s because Rachel refers to him as ‘Trent’ when she talks about him, instead of Kalamack. Al’s an awesome kind of scary, but he’s still not all big and bad. Even at this point in the series, he has potential to be semi-decent. He’s more of a “it’s not personal, just business” sor of guy.

  18. Gowri

    I really loved that part where Rachel is not afraid of Ivy when Ivy has just been assaulted and Jenks is telling er to leave Ivy alone and run. Mark of a true friend in my opinion.

  19. I liked the Eden park bridge scene where Rachel found out how fast Trent could move and that he was afraid of her touching her.

    Driving her new red convertible was one of the better laughs!

  20. Vampyre

    TOUR T’s! Time to warm up the old Pay Pal account.

  21. Diva

    I loved that Trent purposefully waited through the green light. It was another clue that maybe he wasn’t the rigid man he seemed to be at first glance. And I had forgotten that he apologized this early on for putting her in the rat fights…and that he liked her calling him by his first name. The fact that she even called him by his first name…

    I also caught the early clue that Piscary didn’t like the idea of Trent and Rachel working together. At. All. I remember really wanting to know why.

  22. Alissa

    For me, it was when Trent was laughing at how easy it is to read emotions on Rachel’s face in the park, that’s when he started to really click with me. As all the pieces started to fit together, it becomes pretty clear that he’s been looking for someone who sees him as a person, and not a way to achieve their goals, ever since she threw him into that tree at camp – he’s been looking for her his whole life. And while I loved the bit in the elevator with Kisten, I think I was always cheering for Trent, somewhere in the background.

    I’m loving the readalong with your perspective, Kim! Thank you so much!

  23. LdyMcBeth

    The first time I read the book I just about hated Trent at this point. I just knew he was going to do something big, bad and nasty soon. I’ve read the whole series three times and it’s funny examining what’s happening in “hindsight”, knowing the future of the characters. I see completely different motivations now. I’m shocked at how nasty Al was and still wish Rachel would stay away from him. Kisten makes me sad, knowing what’s going to happen and the heartbreak that comes with it–I wish she’d stay away from him, too, but for different reasons. Alternately, I can’t WAIT for the relationship between Rachel and Trent to change and deepen…it’s so tantalizing!!

  24. Melissa

    Chapter 2 excerpt! Will we be able to read that online?
    Loved Trent driving the car and Kist in the elevator. Enjoying these re reads!

  25. Dawn C

    I’ve been following the re-read. First time with the author and a group. The first time I read GBU, I naturally assumed the strawberries were for Rachel. This time, I’m not so sure.

  26. Brenda

    I’m not doing the re-read myself cause I just listened to the audio books about six months ago but how can you talk about the end of this book and not mention the elevator scene. To me that was sooo foreshadowing for events to come. Not to mention the risk Kisten took trying to save everyone.

  27. Ya, That ending is the best ending EVER AFTER…

  28. Becca

    So I read the chapter 2 excerpt… She’s trying to kill us!! Lol I’m like a drug addict and now I need another fix! The last line of the excerpt completely threw me. My thoughts are “wait..what the hell?!”

    You’re amazing ms Harrison!

    Oh and I had forgotten how much I loved the elevator scene πŸ™‚

  29. Dotty

    I started late and am still on DWW! But, I’ve got my daughter reading the series, and since you’ve put it in sale, I’m buying 2 kindle versions, one for her and me! My original copies are all in print and signed:)

  30. BadWolf

    I hate Piscary, but he, to me, represents what you can get into when you go for the Bad Boy type–Less kind Kisten and more power and sex and manipulation. It’s all fun and games until it’s not fun and games anymore.

  31. Linda Craft.

    I must agree that meeting her at the ballpark and driving her home, was when I thought Trent might not be the “Lex Luther” of the series. And any book that ends with driving off in a little red sports car show optimism and that the story isn’t finished. Thank you for such word pictures

  32. Liz

    I love it when he says “Scoot over”

  33. Tanya

    Darn you read fast. Hope I can finish before Tuesday

  34. i guess it when i started to see Trent under a new light^^;

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