Okay, now I remember why Rachel stayed

I got up through chapter 25 last night, and got so pissed I had to put the book down. Chapter 25 is when Kisten dumps Ivy off at the church after Piscary blood raped her in an attempt to force Rachel to come to him, fully intending to kill her. I truly hate / love this chapter, hate it because Ivy has not only been forced into something she didn’t want, but because she feels as if she’s failed, not just herself, which is bad enough, but failed Piscary, the bastard who blood raped her.

So why did I write it? Not to sell books, that’s for sure. I had spent two books trying to get across the message that undead vampires were soulless, manipulative, ugly, and warped–creatures that should be feared and reviled, unable to be redeemed, and definitely not to be admired or lusted after, and that the living vampires should be pitied for their entitled status. My message wasn’t getting through. The living were beautiful because they had been breed that way. They were lustful because that’s what their masters wanted. They were toys, entertainment, and they were slated to become everything they loved and hated all at the same time. They had everything, and they lived in hell.

That Piscary blood raped Ivy was no surprise to me. But the love and loyalty that Rachel showed, the courage . . . that was. And that’s why Rachel stayed. Rachel knew what vampires were, and she wanted to help Ivy become what Ivy wanted. Free.

Guy found this praying mantis yesterday. She’s cold, looking like she’s ready to lay her egg sack and die. Another species that eats their mate, eh? But this one, I admire. I love the way they turn their heads to watch you.



PS. Thursday, I’ll have something real for you about the Tour T’s.

Also, threaded conversation about the books is ongoing at Goodreads. I’m there to answer your questions as well. Goodreads


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23 responses to “Okay, now I remember why Rachel stayed

  1. Rhys

    …grmbl, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this blog for so long… which probably means that the below is old news for everybody else.

    Anyway – I’m currently re-reading Pale Demon (I tend to miss details on the first read), and having this post fresh in mind, the end of Ch.14 (the Burning of Margaritaville) suddenly raised a flag: Could it be that Rachel and Ivy have switched roles insofar as how they see themselves and each other?

    Oh, and since on this re-read I’m paying more attention to (amongst other things) Ivy and Rachel, the ‘good bye kiss’ in Ch. 18 suddenly gathered a whole gaggle of new meanings. Well played, I say, well played.

  2. Lesley

    I keep remembering this event every time we meet Rynn in later books. He seems so mundane, but then, so did Papa Piscary the Pizza-maker the first time we met him. Is it just not common knowledge in the Hollows world that you’re going to be mentally enslaved to your first biter, if you’re lucky? And if you’re not, you’re in deep trouble? I don’t really get the allure if it were common knowledge– it seems more like drug use/abuse than anything glamorous. (Also…what is Joss Whedon known for in the Hollowsverse? I can’t imagine “Buffy” and “Angel” would have been exactly PC. *lol*)

    • Hi Lesley. First bite doesn’t always bind you. Much of it depends upon the strength of the vampire.

      And yes, I was going for addiction. Vampirism isn’t glam at all to me.

  3. Jessica R.

    It may sound odd but for me every time I read a book with a rape in it I find myself connecting to the victim, I’m sure it’s because I has happened to me and I have found I can help others by telling my story. I guess when I read a book about someone when they where raped it’s like therapy for me because for once someone is sharing there pain with me.

    • That’s exactly why a lot of authors put it in their books, Jessica. I put it in there to try to hammer home that the undead are not glamorous, attractive, or anything anyone should want to be.

  4. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim is you can find the egg sac, please take it inside for the winter. Keep it in a large jar in a cool place. When it gets warm put it outside and you will need a lot less bug spray. That’s how my dad did his roses, and never needed bug spray. Those baby mantises eat a lot and they are good four your flowers, don’t tear them up like the faries do. We used to go to the country and hunt egg cases. After a few years we had a big enough colony of mantises we needed no spray anywhere in the yard. That’s working with the environment.

    • Ha, ha! And run the risk of having it hatch when I forget about it? No freaking way, Jim! -laugh-
      I finally have a couple of mason bees in my hive, and I’m really pleased. The colony should grow now. I’m all about natural pest control.

  5. I remember reading that chapter like it was yesterday. I was so utterly shocked that I couldn’t sleep for hours. What Piscary had done really made me sick. For me, rape scenes, either in movies or books, are always hard to stomach. As for every woman I guess. And imagining what it must have been like for Ivy, being hurt and violated in such a terrible way, struck me deeply. I loved Rachel so much for standing by her, for trying to avenge her without ever thinking of her own safety.

  6. This is a hard chapter to read, but as an Ivy fan I loved it even as I hated it. From this point on, I saw Ivy as a whole person, not just the scary vampire roommate. In hindsight, I think this is also where I started to see Rachel as the stronger of the two, despite outward appearances and Rachel’s own opinion.

  7. Martin

    This chapter is a beautiful, ugly work of art. The best art shows the depravity and the strength of the human spirit, at the same time. Its brilliant. It accomplished what you wanted, and is a major pivot point in the whole series.

  8. manxmom

    Complex chapter, which is what makes this entire series so wonderful. This book shows the depth of the abuse that Ivy/Kisten have been trained to believe is what they want/need. I thought it was interesting that Kisten exchanged Rachel’s note for one that would get her some assistance. This gave me a hint that there was more depth to him than sex and business sense.

  9. Jecika Shirah

    I love these books… and i hated this chapter… it broke my heart to see Ivy so broken when she’s normally so strong (on the outside anyways)… but its the praying mantis that caught my attention this morning. 🙂 It brings back childhood memories of a class pet we had who did lay an egg sack… We released her back into the garden behind the school… But we did not know that the babies would eat each other… Came into class one morning and immediately went to check on the little babies, and every last one of them were dead… Quite a shock to our fourth grade minds..

    • wingedwolfpsion

      All of them? Sounds like another problem. The newborns are very delicate, and need high humidity and frequent misting, or will dehydrate.

    • It was not an easy chapter to write, but it was the first one where Rachel showed the strength that Ivy knew was there all the time.

  10. Difficult chapter to read because of all the feeling we feel doing so but at the same time yes it was needed because it’s confronted to difficulty and worse that one can really reveal itself without it Rachel wouldn’t have acted ( she perhaps would have thought about it but actually doing something is diffreent that imagining it)

  11. Diva

    It’s definitely a hard chapter to read. I had forgotten that Kisten just dumps Ivy off, leaving her puking on the front steps. That was a pretty crappy thing to do. His later actions prove him to be a good guy but this, right here, was a crappy thing to do on an entirely personal level because of who Ivy is to him. Funny that I’d totally forgotten this.

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