Auras and genetics. Sure, they go together. (read-along to cp 22 inclusive)

RachelTrentMarkRudeSo, I’m cruising right up to the end of GBU. Honestly, I’m trying to stretch this out until next Monday when we do another flash-give away, but I know once I start reading tonight, I’m going to finish it. I stopped after chapter 22 last night, right after she used the ley line in Trent’s office to find Dan’s body, joined apart by Al and left in Trent’s stables.

I liked the scene in Trent’s office when she first intentionally used a ley line charm for the first time. Trent was fascinating to watch, and I truly think he was afraid of her at this point. I’d forgotten she forced him to shake her hand, and the attraction was there, even then.

And then there were the auras. I don’t do a lot with the aura colors in the books intentionally, mostly because I think a lot of harm can be done when people start sticking labels on people, and yet, I did try to make some kind of correlation between personalities/morals/histories with the aura colors simply to add another layer of world building onto the Hollows.

I don’t like the idea that seeing someone’s aura gives you an accurate idea of their morals. It doesn’t. What I’ve tried to do is make it more of a record of a person’s history, both their actions and what they suffered, good and bad. And in turn, that might give you an idea of what their morals and future choices might be, but one not any more accurate than simply knowing a person well would.

And so I’ve tried to make red an indication of tragedy. Orange can mean danger–as in they can cause danger, and gold is an indication of high self esteem. (Pride, perhaps, but not ego?) Green is good or bad depending upon the shade. Purple has always meant ego to me, and black is an indication of smut. Sparkles, which don’t come into play until the last couple of books, mean at this point, a higher purpose or goal. Ivy has them. So does Trent. Rachel doesn’t.

But I think one of my favorite parts of this section is Rachel finally putting together what Trent, Quen, and Jonathan are. As the author, I’d known since book one, and I couldn’t sit on it any more. It was either an elf, or he was a dragon, but I’d already done shape-shifting dragons, (FIRST TRUTH) so elves it was.

Also, GBU is still on sale in most US markets as an e-book: [e-book markets]


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45 responses to “Auras and genetics. Sure, they go together. (read-along to cp 22 inclusive)

  1. Karen Besnier

    But Ivy has blue aura that means it’s like a derivative of the purple or has a meaning as dark green and clear?

    • I gave Ivy a blue aura because I wasn’t sure, and I wanted to keep it ambiguous. Blue doesn’t really have a meaning to me like gold or purple, or even green. Make of it what you will 🙂

  2. Christina LaPee

    I could not wait to finish the book so I did not. However the good news is that I am busy reading Into the Woods trying to be patient but when it comes to the Hollows that is not my strong suit. I find it interesting that sparkles mean a higher purpose. Considering all the stuff Rachel goes through and how she seems to always keep the Hollows and everyone together she should be sparkling the most.

  3. Amy

    That’s absolutely fascinating, about the auras. I love this series. I re-read it once a year before the new book comes out. This will make that really interesting.

  4. paula bibbee

    I am a bit behind i just started reading it over again.. (had to finish a book i had started) but will read fast … love your books thank you for the many great house i spend with Rachel and friends.

  5. I think this is fantastic. This clears up so much in my mind in regards to later books. But I was wondering – does that mean dark green is good or bad since purple is ego?

  6. Cindy

    I am finding it so hard to read “slow”! I’m surprised…since this is a RE-read for me. You’d think I could put it down since I do know what happens!!! Geez!!! LOL!!!

    • Liz Molnar

      I’m with you. I have had to return books to the library…I was done with book 4 by the time the read-along finished book 1! I am now re-re-reading book 2 so I know exactly where everyone is at!

    • Diana Hughes

      Me, too. I actually tried to resist the read along and just follow the posts, but I just couldn’t do it! I finished GBU Friday night. Book 3 is one of two books in the series I do not own (yet), so I’m being forced to slow down for a little bit.

  7. Martin

    Hello Ms. Harrison,
    When Detective Glenn bought the stuffed rat in the charm shop, was it because he was already investigating Nick for theft? Just wondering.

  8. Daeglan

    And all Smut means is you have cast magic that bent reality too far. It does not indicate good or bad magic.

  9. I love your books & your characters so much! I gave my paper back books to my friend, as I bought your books in hard cover. She thinks I am crazy, because even though I love Kisten, I also love Trent. I have from the beginning. She hates Trent & thinks him evil, I can justify most of his transgressions. I mean who among us is w/o sin let him cast the first stone, right? Keep up the good work, I am dying for the next book! Love ya!

  10. megamore

    I know how hard it is to read slowly. This time I’m listening to them on recorded books, and I love it – the narrator is great, and sometimes gives something a different perspective than I had when reading to myself. And I have to pace myself because I only listen in the car (although I have found myself sitting in my car instead of going into work a few times!)

  11. I had no idea you wrote those books as well! I read them several years ago & have been looking for them since!

  12. Trent could never have been anything other than an Elf. He is too insecure/indecisive to be a dragon.

  13. Like that All compares Trent and Rachel’s auras to matched horses in the stable. Your aura colors as a life history gives a new slant and makes things more interesting.
    I am having trouble reading along so I read and am now rereading at a pace with the group

  14. Kimberly

    As always you enthrall the reader!!

  15. I loved the way Rachel sent him the cookies. Heh!

  16. Renee

    I loved how you had Rachel tell Trent she knew what he was. And I am very happy that Trent is an elf and not a dragon. 🙂

  17. Thank you for not doing the dragon. I don’t think the books would be as good if her were anything but an elf! I had spent all that time trying to figure out what he was along with them, *sigh* unfortunately I didn’t figure it out until you told me. I think I was as surprised as Jenks!
    Thanks for the aura info, but guess I am like you, I didn’t put a lot into it.

  18. Lela

    No. At this point I dont think he suspects she is a Demon though he realizes he has underestimated her. I dont think she scares him though. I think he has just becomeba lot more weary of her because he didnt know she could work the lines and second, look how many times she has breached his security? She keeps outwitting him.

  19. Diva

    Well now, dragons huh? That would have been very cool too, but I like Trent as an elf.

    The red streaks in Trent’s aura was yet another early clue that there was more to the billionaire elf than met the eye. I’m finding myself getting a little more frustrated with Rachel this time around than I ever was on my first read through, simply because she seems to just skate over many of these clues without asking herself the normal follow-up questions. But then I remind myself that many of us readers were guilty of the same thing. Understanding and knowledge certainly make a huge difference.

    Did Trent suspect Rachel was a demon this early on? Otherwise, why was he afraid of her?

    • Kym

      Excellent question, Diva! Now, you’ve got me wondering as well. It seems, now, much more likely than he did suspect, given his knowledge of Rachel’s genetics, Rosewood Syndrome & demon/witch history. I’d guess that he may not have considered it until he saw her standing in his ley line.

      Oh, Kim…

    • Diva

      Though it seems that his suspicions (if he does, indeed, have them at this point) don’t get 100% confirmed until later – the tombstone incident.

    • I don’t think he knew she was a demon per say, but he knew she’d be very powerful with the ley line and earth magic if she had some training.

  20. Gina

    Oh, thank you for the aura information! I always found it interesting that Trent’s and Rachel’s auras were so similar. We’ll just ignore the smut….

  21. Vampyre

    Good old “First Truth” and the rest of the series. I’m thinking of rereading them. I really did like your “Cook books”. I’d recommend them to everyone.


    • Kym

      Yes! I loved the Cook books, too. The shape-shifting dragon could have worked, too, but it does seem a bit, too, fantastical. The post-Turn world seems much more realistic than it should, and dragons might mess with that feel. Altho…

    • Vampyre

      The creature Samantha Moon turns into reminds me a little of Kim’s dragons. It’s a large by like creature but similar in some ways.

      Samantha Moon is reluctant vampire P.I. It’s an interesting series of books.

  22. i loved it^^ and i do appreciated the fact you didn’t focus on aura too much but now having the explanation i do love it even more^^ ( still thinking it’s not a way people should be judged on)

    • I agree. Auras are records of past actions in Hollows mythology, not an indication of future action, and even someone with an ugly aura can do something beautiful.

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