Rachel, how foolish you were:GBU read-along to cp 14

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel . . . What the heck are you doing in that church? How foolish you seemed to be, making excused to stay in what looked like an abusive relationship. Everyone but you appeared to know what was going on, that Ivy was hunting you even as she didn’t want to. And yet you stayed even when she pinned you twice, even when you said no and she said yes. Making excuses, blaming yourself for her lapses of control: were you right that Ivy was an abused woman trying to escape a circle violence herself, or was Ivy lying even to herself as she pulled you down into the hell her life was?

From outside looking in, it seemed you were naive. Even I, while rereading it last night, was saying “Get out! You’re allowing yourself to be a victim!” And perhaps Rachel was. But perhaps . . . Rachel really was to blame. Perhaps Rachel knowingly pushed Ivy into loosing control. Perhaps, just perhaps, Rachel was manipulating Ivy. If it was a real relationship with real people, I’d say she was making a mistake, but it wasn’t. We’re talking vampires, and within the mythology of the books, Ivy is truly able to be manipulated with smell and vamp pheromones.

And what is it with Glenn and tomatoes? I’d forgotten about the stolen ketchup. But hey, once you’ve had Piscary’s pizza, it’s all downhill. πŸ™‚

Piscary’s Pizza actually does have a real-world connection to me. Guy and I have made our own pizza for almost twenty years, beginning with making our own yeast dough, to cooking the pizza sauce and grating the cheese. Just how often we make pizza has shifted over the years, swelling to every Friday night for about five years when the boys were home and liked the same movies we did, waining when they began to get older and Guy and I found ourselves home alone on Friday, but the pizza stones are never hard to find. Oddly enough, we had pizza last night, and man, was it good. You do anything for over twenty years, and you’d better be good at it. -laugh-GBUmmCoverIS

Just as a reminder, GBU is still on sale for 1.99 in most U.S. markets, so if you’re taking part in the read-along or trying to get your buddy hooked, it’s relatively painless to make a gift of it. [multiple platform sale] Also, just found out that the latest version of it has chapter two of THE UNDEAD POOL in it. Dude!

TUPhcCoverA-a-a-a-and, Nicola’s has come through, and page to pre-order a signed-to-you-with-a-note-from-me is up. Just be sure to tell them in the comment box when you order who you want it signed to. International orders are okay, but email them for a shipping quote first.Β nicolasbooks@tds.net Β [pre-order signed book]


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46 responses to “Rachel, how foolish you were:GBU read-along to cp 14

  1. John

    so it is going to be “Trent” huh? I have read the chapter of undead pool and this is (bad) but hopefully some of those nasty little vamps will go bye bye for good. a fan of ivy but not of “master vamps”. Hell maybe you got Rachel with child wouldn’t that be a hoot and I would have thought by now she is outstripping quen and others. Me thinks the lady is packing a lot of punch without anyone really being wiser about it. There have been hints the books now and then. Don’t you love run-ons?

    Oh have WE ever seen Ivy mother?

  2. Colleen. Miller

    I just like to say thank you. I don’t think I’ve ever come across an author that would get back to people or pay attention to comments, questions, or anything else your mass of followers has to say, as much as you do. And just so you know you are my ultimate favorite favorite author. It is one of my security questions asking me “What my favorite book is?” My answer can’t be narrowed to one. So I simply answer ” the Rachel Morgan” series. I can’t believe you find the time and it is much appreciated. It makes me feel like I’m in contact with a celebrity. The good kind that earned her fame. Not from reality tv. YUCK. Thanks again. Your continually loyal fan.

    • Colleen, you are welcome. I’ve been talking to the readers for a long time, and you guys are a hard habit to break. I tried once. Managed to go about two days. -laugh-

      And thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books so much.

  3. LeAnne B

    Love hearing your thoughts on your own art… It is amazing to be a part of your discoveries as you re-read with us! Part of the reason I love Rachel is because she is a loyal friend and was willing to show Ivy that she was deserving of love and was so much more than just a blood hungry animal… even when she did everything she could to push Rachel away.

  4. I was never really rooting for a Rachel/Ivy hookup because in order for them to get together Rachel would have to go through some heavy pheromone brainwashing and personality changes in order to start preferring sex with women or to not mind being hurt while losing blood. It almost felt like Rachel was being led into a lifestyle of getting high on Vamp bites and living just for the next rush. Things seem much better now.

    Hey, whatever happened to brimstone? Does Rachel not need it now that she has fully changed over to demon, or did Trent use it to help her body when her soul was in that bottle? Just curious.

    • It would have been a completely different book, that’s for sure.
      Rachel avoids brimstone now that she knows it doesn’t really improve your health, just speed up your metabolism so it appears you’re healthier.

  5. Jaime

    This is good stuff! Forgot about the species differences. Hmmm.

  6. chris

    hi kim I was wondering if you could give any background on the word canicula. Was it a bad word created just for the inderland part of the book or was there actually a meaning behind it. I have noticed it was used in like the first 4 books and then kinda dissapeared also everyones realtionship also evolved a bit too,

  7. inkie

    I have to say, it horrifies me how many people want Rachel to just “get over” the fact that she’s not attracted to women and get with Ivy. Look guys, I’m a bisexual woman and I’ve been where Ivy is. I never got my Rachel. Because she was STRAIGHT. That wasn’t her fault, there’s nothing wrong with that. Rachel loves Ivy very deeply, but she doesn’t feel for her in ‘that way.’ It’s nobody’s fault, that’s just the way it is.
    Let’s look at this the other way for a moment. If Rachel was gay and leaning toward Ivy, and all the Trent fans said, “No, no, no, there’s clearly something between her and Trent. She just needs to get over stubbornly thinking she’s gay and be with him already!” there would be uproar. Accusations of homophobia would be flying. This is no better, people!
    Ivy knows she’s not going to get Rachel and has accepted that (with much better grace than some of the readers!).
    Her pain makes my heart ache. I still remember how that felt (so vividly that I’m actually getting a little misty-eyed as I type this). But she’ll heal. (Kim will make sure she heals, won’t you, Kim? πŸ˜‰ )
    Would everything be so much easier if we were all bi? (*wistful sigh*) Maybe. Alas, we are very much a minority.
    But that’s nobody’s fault.

    • I’ve often felt like that, Inkie, that if it were reversed, different expectations would be leveled against Rachel. But it’s a story of people, and people are . . . unique and don’t fit into molds easy.
      And yes, Ivy will have her happy ending. It will not be the focus, with sparklers and cannons, but it is there for whoever is looking for it. Quiet happiness? That works for Ivy.

  8. Lara Conlin

    I’ve been for a lovely holiday in the sun in Tenerife & trying to catch up with the readathon. Reading GBU but only on chapter 8. Forgotten how Ivy couldn’t keep her feelings under control & how much Rachel had to try & read her emotions. So loving re reading the books again. Thanks Kim. XxX

  9. Auraya

    I’m putting off my reread for a bit. I know myself too well. It’ll take me only 2 or 3 weeks to go through them all. I remember this part though. It was the first time we really saw just how much Piscary had screwed up Ivy.

    One question though, the Sony version of GBU doesn’t seem to have Chapter 2 of the Undead Pool. Since that was my eason for buying a (second) ebook, I’d like to know if there is a way to solve this?

    • Get a Kindle? πŸ™‚ I’m just kidding.

    • Drat I posted before I was done. The Kindle app is free. If you know someone with a Kindle, you may be able to borrow the book from them if you put the app on your phone or computer.

    • Mmm, maybe they don’t have the latest version. I heard they were a day or so late in putting it on sale as well.
      Auraya, I don’t really have a whole lot of control over how and when, and what, but I am sure that I will have chapter two available for view at the website or a Harper page online before we get to the Feb 25th release.

  10. DAulan Collins

    I would had like to see Rachel and Ivy become a couple, I mean they love each other beyond just friendship, almost like soul mates, and you can see the fight they both have against themselves. I just wonder if they would have given in what would have happened.

  11. Beth

    I have read way ahead, but I just have to say THANK YOU for starting this. It was the kick in the butt that I needed to get me to read from book 1 again, and I am picking up SO MUCH more than I did the first time. In light of how things turned out, I am catching the significance of “little stuff” – it’s almost like reading them from scratch but better. πŸ™‚ And it makes me wonder…. just how far in advance did you plan this plot line??? πŸ˜€

    • πŸ™‚ Not as far as you might think, Beth. I work so far ahead of my delivery schedule I can work in a lot of foreshadowing in the editorial rewrites, copy edits, and rarely page proofs.

  12. jkh

    There are a couple of issues here — and in most of the books regarding Rachel/Ivy. One is that Rachel needs to learn that it is possible for a woman to love more than one person, male or female. Witness her mom’s love for both her dad and Tanaka. She unfortunately was poisoned/perverted by vamp saliva, so she cannot completely rely on her natural feelings. The other issue is poor Ivy, perverted by Piscary. Sometime I hope she can separate love, blood-hunger, and pain.

  13. Chelle

    At this point Rachel and Ivy are in an abusive relationship, with themselves, seeing as how they both feel they have let someone down or are running from something in themselves. While they are trying to get out of the cycle of self abuse (my thoughts) they find a deep love for each other. Not a sexual relationship but a loving relationship. Nick well, I think he is a putz and not deserving of Rachel.

  14. Meg

    Oh my gosh, is there any way to get Chapter 2 of the Undead Pool if you live outside of the USA?
    I’ve never thought of that take on the early stages of Ivy and Rachel’s relationship before… Very interesting. I’m glad in any case that they eventually balanced out πŸ™‚

  15. I loved Chapter 8. Glenn tried pizza for the first time…I could just feel the entire restaurants eyes on him as he forced down that first bite, ha. I also thought Glenn’s mention of the vampire pizza parlor being similar to a “good ‘ol boys bar in deep Georgia” poignant. It made me realize that the Hollows-verse isn’t immune to the more mainstream prejudices, either.

    And Ivy, I really felt for her. Torn between the world she was born into and who she really wants to be. The shame she felt when she struggled to admit to Piscary that Rachel was not her shadow was palpable. She’s trapped.

  16. Sari

    Ohmigosh!!!! Chapter 2!
    I read it and I’m in complete shock!
    Could this be?!?
    Ms. Harrison, you are a complete tease

  17. wendy helmer

    I still have hope that Rachel will one day realize that she is meant to be with Ivy and will get over her own inner homophobia. It is so obvious that men just aren’t enough for her and that Ivy really does offer the whole package. Whether it is the vamp hormones or not, Ivy turns her on and she loves her. It is stubborn self-hate to keep the argument that she isn’t wired that way when she is attracted to her. It seems annoying that she is so stuck and I hope it will change. I think she will save Ivy in the end b/c she can “hold” her sole and then return it to her body when she dies and that will prove they really are solemates.

    • Hi Wendy. See, I never saw Rachel as a homophobia. She isn’t afraid of Ivy because of her sexual orientation. She just isn’t attracted to it without the vamp pheromones playing on her.
      But that is my view, and nothing is wrong with yours, either. πŸ™‚

  18. I never thought of it as an abusive relationship before. Rachel has a hero complex and Ivy is the eternal damsel in distress (although one who can kick some serious butt). More than that though, they are friends. Friendship, especially a close friendship has trial and error. They are trying to help each other, and work through the emotional baggage they both carry. At least their baggage matches though, right?
    I could not imagine Ivy or Rachel ever finding another person (aside from Jenks) that could support them so well.
    For any other person would Ivy had stopped? She is someone who equates abuse, sexual assault and blood with love (thanks to Picasary). Rachel allowed her to see that love exists in many forms.
    Would any other person put up with Rachel’s trouble making? I mean really!? She is an adrenaline junky who likes to put herself into dangerous situations, and doesn’t think of the cost for others. Ivy is strong enough to survive through, and helps Rachel to realize there is more to the world than her adrenaline seeking bubble.

  19. Martin

    Keasley had it right in DWW when he said that Rachel was the leader of the partnership. She was always the strongest and most dominant, even when it didn’t look like it. When Jenks told Glenn that if Ivy ever overthrew Rachel’s dominance, then Ivy would kill Rachel, he was telling the truth. Even when they fought, Ivy let Rachel have her way. The characterizations and interaction you wrote were brilliant. Ivy really responds as an abused person would.

    • I agree with Martin, well and I guess Keasley. Rachel is the dominate in this dynamic. While I can see it as an abusive relationship from one direction, and understand what others mean. I also see the strong undertow of BDSM in Vampire culture in this universe. And Rachel is the Domme or she would have died or became a blood doll, long before finding out what she truly is. Now that may not of been the plan Kim, the characters may have grown organically but that is how I see it, and its probably why a Rachel/Trent thing would never last, two highly dominate people without a sub bufffer.

    • Diva

      I don’t think there has to be a dom-sub dynamic in a romantic relationship for it to be successful. In fact, for me personally, that would spell certain failure. I think the best relationships occur between two people who are equal, with both having to give a little at various times to make it work. I think Rachel being the more dominant one in all of her relationships to date is exactly WHY none of them worked out in the end. It’s a dynamic that works in her working relationships because obviously someone has to call the shots but I don’t think she necessarily wants or values that in a more personal, romantic situation. Whether she can find that before the end remains to be seen, otherwise I see her ending up single.

    • Gina

      I have to agree with Diva. My husband and I are definitely dom-dom, but we make it work. We were both furloughed over the last three weeks, but couldn’t agree on paint color for the living room. Sigh. It keeps things interesting. I think Rachel and Trent both need another dominant to keep them in line. That said, I’ve seen the sub keep a dom in line using guilt or vulnerability. Neither is my style. GO RACHEL/TRENT!

    • Oh I know Dom/Dom works in RL. But can you really see Trent and Rachel balancing themselves without help from what we see in the books.
      Not looking for an argument just thoughts πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Martin. I appreciate that.

  20. twiser

    No ooooooo…… I want to to read chapter 2!!!!!!!!! But I can’t even if I wanted to! I already have GBU on my nook and can’t buy it again πŸ˜₯

  21. Melissa

    I’ve had a hard time ever really liking Ivy. I’ve never trusted her, I always thought she was being sneaky about something. I think I am enjoying her more now that she’s moved past Rachel and I feel like they can finally really be friends.

  22. I’m not reading along with the rest of you but with GBU it’s not necessary because I do remember quite well what happened and I have to say that I really really love this book. It’s my favourite one and I don’t know how many times I read and reread the passage where Ivy pinned her to the wall ready to take her. Still getting excited here. Damn copper pots :-D!

  23. Vampyre

    Love love love pizza. The most customizable food ever.

    l preorder the Kindle versions of your books ASAP. I hold off on the hard covers until I find out if there will be a signing near me. If there is, I’ll wait and buy my book there. It costs a little more but gotta show the sponsors some support.

  24. Jana

    I have to say that reading this part of the books is always hard for me, because I don’t like to see Rachel and Ivy hurting each other. But we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fullness of the friendship that they have now if we didn’t ride the ebbs and flows of the low tides. You have a very good feel for what needs to be lived/read through, and what can just be described.

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