Dead Witch Walking Give-Away

Phew! Contest is over, and everyone who posted has been unmoderated and included in the running. I’m generating random numbers right now for the winners and one runner up in case someone doesn’t respond back to me by Friday.  I’ll have a post later today with the winner names, but watch your email as I’ll be contacting you there first. This was a lot of fun for me! Thank you, everyone who entered. We’ll be doing this again after we finish THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UNDEAD. (read along starts next Tuesday when GBU ebook goes on sale.)

I’ve given it a lot of thought on how to run the contest for the Dead Witch Walking prize packs, and to help keep it simple, all you have to do is drop down to the comment box at the end of the page and tell me in less than a sentence who surprised you most in Dead Witch Walking. (If you’ve not read the book, then tell me what you think of the cover.) Your post is your entry into the random drawing, so please comment only once–on your honor!


Rules and Regs. I will open the page for comments Monday, 9:00 a.m. EST, and close it Tuesday 9:00 A.M. EST. I will then use a random number generator to choose the four winning comments.

Stuff to know before commenting:

Guy will ship overseas, so international is okay.

Chances of winning are dependent on how many enter.

My decision is final, even if you quibble over it.

I will contact the winners Tuesday afternoon using the email address they used to comment with, so please check it in the next day or so. If you don’t respond to me by email by Friday, I’m giving the prize pack to the runner up, also chosen by the random number generator.

The prize packs are all the same except for one detail. Two of them have hard covers printed by Harper, two were printed by the Science Fiction Book Club. The rest of the prize pack: pin, token, cover flat, and hard cover of Into the Woods, are all the same. The first two numbers chosen from the random generator get the Harper copies, the last two will get the SFBC.

The Good, The Bad, and The Undead (2005)

Dead Witch Walking 2004

The e-book of Dead Witch Walking is still on sale for 1.99 in the US markets. [links to sale] I’m holding off on starting reading The Good, The Bad, and The Undead until next Tuesday when that e-book goes on sale, and give everyone a chance to catch up with DWW.

TUPhcCoverAlso, if you’ve not seen it, The Undead Pool has gone up for pre-order! Yay! Amazon
Barnes & Noble
Books-A-Million (ship date is wrong)

Harper’s first give-away begins later this week, so check back on Wednesday.


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1,754 responses to “Dead Witch Walking Give-Away

  1. Trent seemed more nasty at the beginning of the series.

  2. Jim

    That it took place in my home town…

  3. Nicole Gralewski

    I love every single character, but I have to say that Jenks is my fav. All his tink remarks are priceless and the make me laugh every time.

  4. Christian

    Rachel… It surprises we what she doesn’t think about or think through vs what she over thinks. Makes her unpredictable!

  5. Patricia E. Steinaway

    Jinx was the biggest suprise to me because I never would have thought of how much of an impact he and his family could make on Rachel.

  6. I surprised myself most, on reading the first chapter of DWW I thought I would hate this book but persuaded myself to give it a fair go and fell in love with the whole series.

  7. The fact that I actually like Al was my biggest surprise.

  8. I love Jenks & Ivy!

  9. Al got under my skin.. I hate loving him so much!!!

  10. Deborah Eddy

    Like a fair few people, I find the dynamic between Jenks, Rachel and Ivy a lot of fun. Jenks is far more complex than you might think on a first read. Once you read more of the books and the short stories you realise just how strong he is in himself. He isn’t a simple ‘fairy’ granting wishes. He is warrior, lover, friend, parent, ally, carer – all rolled into one very small bundle of passion and love of life.

  11. Joanne Careri

    When first read book 1, I would never imagine that Trent and Rachel would make a good couple. Now I’m Team Trent all the way? Hoping for Rachel and. Trent’s HEA?

  12. Emma VonDielingen

    Ivy. She’s a tad creepy in DWW. But it’s to protect Rachel, along with her powerful emotions that she doesn’t understand.

  13. Allyson Hawkins

    The whole damn book! lol Amazing what you pick up on a reread.

  14. Geoff Perrine

    Ivy surprised me the most. Vampire characters tend to get overlooked and stereotyped. It was refreshing to see one with a backstory and depth.

  15. invisiblemother

    I haven’t read the book yet (saving up), but I love the cover. It’s nice to see Trent, and Rachel looks hot on it!

  16. Jenks and his hi-jinks.

  17. I’ve read each book in the series, some twice and I love Al. His heart is scarred but he truly feels for Rachel and somewhere in the back of his depraved sense of self he thinks he’s got a chance with her. And I love Ivy. She proves that just because the package looks perfect on the outside it doesn’t mean the inside is. And then there’s Trent, who I want with all my heart to sweep Rachel off his black leather boots and whisk her away to that special place called HEA land…

  18. Jen M

    If I only have to choose one for DWW then I have to stick with Jenks

  19. Shanay

    Love the relationship between Rachel and Trent. That gas been one of the biggest surprises.

  20. Elena

    Trent! I’ve loved him from the beginning, and never know what he will do next!

  21. Edward N. Carson

    Best series in the library!

  22. ladina jones

    Loving the cover and looking forward to reading the book!

  23. Kim Perry

    Rachel, she is the one that surprised me the most. I love the series.

    Kim Perry

  24. Rebecca breaks

    It would mean so much to win. I’m from Cincinnati and this is my favorite book series 😊

  25. I love Rachel, but Trent was definitely the most surprising. I think he’s changed the most over the series. I can’t wait to see how their relationship develops. 🙂

  26. I was surprised that Trent and Rachel had not formed a more committed relationship.

  27. Rachel. She always surprises me.

  28. Chris

    All about Ivy!!!

  29. Stephanie

    I think Al constantly surprises me. I almost love the demon!

  30. Carla Duquette

    Trent always surprises me the most.

  31. Amber Strickland

    I love Trent and Rachel it make the books lets not forget jenks I can’t wait to see if Trent and Rachel end up together. They need to

  32. I think Rachel surprised me most. I didn’t know what to expect of her, but she ended up blowing me away with her intelligence and her strength. She is one of my all time favorite book characters and I share that with anyone who’s looking for a new series to read.

  33. I borrowed the book and I have to tell you I think Ivy and Jeinks are awesome.

  34. Rachel surprises me the most because she is very powerful, but she holds back because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She could save herself a lot of physical pain if she used her full power, but she won’t because she has a conscience.

  35. Mindy

    Edden surprised me the most. I love all the characters, but his acceptance and admiration of Rachel’s talents did surprise me in this first book.

  36. Brenda Benson

    I think Trent, it is really interesting to see how him and Rachel’s relationship is evolving, and he seems to be changing with every book

  37. Lanie Adams

    I love the cover, its awesome, it definitely shows how tough Rachel is! 😉

  38. Rebecca breaks

    I cried for days over kistens death.

  39. I lived in Cincinnati for about 8 yrs.and began reading the series b/c someone said it was about Cincinnati. HA! What surprised me about Dead Witch Walking? It made me view my town in a COMPLETELY different light. KEEP WRITING!

  40. edward bohart

    Jenks is my fav…he is such a small version of myself.

  41. Paul Harker

    I was surprised by the humor woven into the stories. Never seemed forced, with Jenks as the major source.

  42. Alicia Belmore

    Rachel. Im amazed at everything she makes it through without breaking.

  43. Lisa

    In DWW, Jenks surprised me the most! with all of his children, his snyde funny and inappropriate comments, and in learning the “war” between pixies and faeries =)

  44. Andrew

    Rachel always surprises me the most, she is so absurdly stubborn and she makes all the wrong decisions time and again, but that’s why I like her. She’s flawed but she has inspired the devoted loyalty of her friends who rescue her from the bad situations she gets into. That kind of inspirational friendship gets to me and I love her for it.

  45. Jade Pearson

    I’d have to say that Al was my favorite surprise!

  46. Courtney Sloan

    Al and his wit, charm and sadism.

  47. Kevin Buck

    Trent has been the biggest roller coaster of surprises to my trust.

  48. Ashley Rolf

    I think Jenks surprised me most he is so small yet strong enough to protect Rachael from just about anything.

  49. Natasja

    How can I choose between all those amazing caracters. But Jenks and Al definitely surprised me the most.

  50. Malessa Lewis

    I love the sayings that Jenks says, Tinks a Disney whore, Tinks titties, and crap on toast. I use them myself now 🙂 I have read the entire series and they are great!

  51. Melissa B in IL

    I think Jenks surprised me the most. I love the character was developed and all the family details.

  52. Melissa

    Jenks, because he’s AWESOME!

  53. Ivy,, i know she is a big character in this one but you never expect her working persona the tall,dark and perfect to be such a mess when it come down to things. Living with her shows that she sure does have issues. She was the character that surprised me the most as the story evolved. by the end you wonder how she keeps it together.

  54. Tab

    Rachel is full of surprises, good and bad and ugly!

  55. Jodi

    Jenks surprised me the most!

  56. Christina

    I worried at his introduction that Jenks had the potential to go horribly wrong, but I was delighted by his complexity!

  57. A.N.

    Hi Kim! First, WOW, over a 1,000. Dog Al surprised me.

  58. Nikki

    It’s a toss up between Rachel and Trent.

  59. Madeline

    Jenks because in Dead Witch Walking, especially in the beginning he does not really have any ties to Rachel or Ivy yet he continues to stay. It is almost like his intuition told him that there was so much more to come 🙂

  60. sue falco

    Rachel, always.

  61. Jackie

    How strained Ivy and Rachel’s relationship was.

  62. Victoria

    Al! I wanted to dislike him (he’s supposed to be the bad guy!) but I adore him.

  63. I’ve not read it at all… but I VERY much want to from seeing the cover and the title! I’m not sure who the main character is but I must assume she’s the red head? It has similar feel to some books that I’ve fallen in love with because others have suggested them. I really think that the red POPS out at you, is she a cop? Why does she have handcuffs? I’m totally curious!

  64. veanna

    Jenks is my favorite— his swears, his reason for helping, and his love for his family

  65. Kim Bauerhuit

    It has been some time and many books since I have read Dead Witch Walking, but as with all of the books in the series, I am always in a hurry to read the next book in the series, but when I have I feel sad as then i have to wait until the next one comes out, to find out what trouble Rachel can get herself into and out of at the same time. I love Jenks though. He can be a smart ass most of the time but he means well and loves Rachel as a daughter. He always puts a smile on my face. Rachel works hard and I feel her talents are under appreciated.

  66. Auraya

    Definitely Ivy. A vampire who wants to live in a church?

  67. Francis surprised me the most because he tries to be a villain and double crosses the I.S. for Trent, but deep down he feels like a little boy, who wants to be recognized and not left alone.

  68. Cathy Malkin

    Trent is the most surprising character. More to him then meets the eye. Jenks is my favorite though. 🙂

  69. David Kerschner

    Luck be my lady tonight

  70. I love everything about Jenks.

  71. Jenks surprised me the most, I love your version of Pixie culture.

  72. Alisha Slocum

    Trent was the biggest surprise for me!

  73. Jenks, awesomeness in a Peter Pan pose!!

  74. Ginny

    Definitely Al. I love Al!!!

  75. Brandy

    Ivy is such a contradiction.

  76. Dale Hall

    Very dominating stance over looking the landscape as though it is hers.

  77. sassdenny

    What surprised me most about Dead Witch Walking was the fact that Rachel didn’t fall in love with who typical genre conventions would have you believe; she got with the nerdy (deceitful) scholar as opposed to the hot jerk. 🙂

  78. Nicole G.

    Rachel surprised me the most in how naive she is at the beginning of the series. I had forgotten that.

  79. Frogger

    Jenks – Peter Pan posing as an inner city gang member

  80. Addie Hobbs

    I really, really love the series and always look forward to the next book in the series. It’s hard to say who really surprised me the most but I will have to say Trent. He was came off as the bad guy but behind closed doors he is really a hunk of a guy who has the hots for Tachel but because of his Irish heritage he can’t be with her. But will do everything in his power to protect Rachel.

  81. Ivy really surprised me.

  82. dr4nsk

    Jenks surprised me the most (I answered this on the wrong blog haha oops) but Jenks is so funny with a big heart.

  83. Cameron

    i got a mental image of ivy that’s hard to beet got to love her

  84. Jessica

    Jenks has to be the one for me…I really thought something was going to eat him or stomp on him and then he would be gone. I love how he has stuck with every Rachel and ivy through the ups and downs.

  85. Lisa

    I think Trent surprised me the most in this book, I was prepared to label him ‘eeevil’ but he just kept doing things that contradicted that!

  86. susan beamon

    I have read some of the books, but not yet all of them, and not in any order other than that’s how I got them. Some series just will not respond to requests for order.

  87. RJ F

    Its gotta be jenks he’s hilarious

  88. Ivy surprised me the most in DWW… her character is so deliciously complex.

  89. pippa

    sara jane.
    I had forgotten this book!

  90. nsh

    Jenks, because he grew out of his side-kick humor relief spot.
    BTW I dislike most of the covers of the genre. They give the wrong impression

  91. Denise Van Plew

    It was Rachel herself- read this book long time ago few years in fact and liked what I read on cover it said about at library and got hooked on series the time forward read until caught up and now read them all. Enjoy Jenks- bet you could not guess who I would like to see Rachel get with though.

  92. Jinny Foreman

    I was most surprised by Al, I forgot how mean he was at the beginning of the series.

  93. Geraldine Wells

    I like Al because the tough face he shows to the world isnt really try hes actually a nice guy even though he try’s to keep you guessing.

  94. Laura

    Jenks, because of the depth he ends up having.

  95. I’d have to say that Ivy surprised me the most. She’s so out of control at times, and then so very OCD. I have a severe girl crush on her! ♥

  96. Erin

    Rachel surprised me the most. Usually I’m more of a side-kick fan, and when I found Dead Witch Walking in the bookstore I worked in, I knew I had to read it. I finished Dead Witch Walking in two days the first time I read it, and I remember being so disappointed when it was done and I had to wait for the next book. Rachel’s story and character are unique, she’s a good witch who doesn’t want to go bad in the beginning she has her own set of values, and her special friendship with Ivy had me cheering the two of them on. A character like Rachel is refreshing,and I’m having fun going back and re-reading her adventures. She’s passionate about what she does, and she knows how to get what she wants when she wants it. You don’t run into too many kick-butt female hero’s very often, and I’d still say to this day, that Rachel Morgan is probably up on the top of my favorites list for that category; 🙂 Let’s see what new tight spot Rachel’s got to get out of now, I can’t wait for the new book to come out. In the meantime, I’m gonna enjoy rereading and remembering Rachel’s past escapades…:)

  97. Hanna Wolski

    Al surprised me the most. He was so utterly ‘evil’ but at the same time he’s just… -waves hands- He’s a very fun character. He’s horrible, but at the same time I want more of him because he’s so unpredictable! I could be more fluent with my words, but.. it’s late and I’m tired.

  98. Trent surprised me the most 🙂

  99. When I first started reading Dead Witch Walking I wasn’t sure about the book or how the series would end up. Ivy was the one who intrigued me the most, Jenks is the one who made me laugh the hardest and honestly Rachel confused me more than anyone. Yet what made me really get in to the book was in the early pages about the leprechaun. I’m not sure why but the image it created was enough to make me say, “This is going to be a great series from an amazing writer.”

  100. Marianne

    Rachel ‘s amazing ability to keep bouncing back and her drive to survive is definitely the most surprising thing as it is a rare gem that keeps me coming back to see what she’ll do next. I’m glad I judged a book by its cover otherwise I would never have read this.

  101. The book was a gift, so I was a little hesitant at first, but once I started reading I just could not stop. I loved it. From Rachel to Trent to Al, Jenks, Kisten. Everyone was interesting, even Nick (which I knew from the very beginning had many secrets). But, Ivy was my favorite character in the first book, I thought she was very mysterious and had a lot more to offer in the following books, so I just wanted to know more and more. I ended up buying the whole series 😀

    • Gosh, I got excited and never answered the question properly. The character that surprised me the most was Trent. There were so many things about him that I wanted to decipher (I never disliked him, actually). He began the book by being labeled as “evil scum” but his playfulness surprised me at the end of the book (the stolen ring, it cracked me up. I didn’t expect it! XD).

  102. Francis b/c he tried to be the bad guy like Dennon come to find out he’s trying to play both sides and would have never guessed he was working for Trent.

  103. Paula

    I can’t resist a bad boy working for a good cause, so Trent was my biggest surprise!

  104. Niraja Pitts

    The character that surprised me the most was Nick. He seemed so nice and yet… 😉

  105. Miss V Fear

    “Which one of you is Rachel Marina Morgan?” I hate to sound cliche, but the way in which Al entered the book was so strong I had to choose him for this position. He was cruel and devious, all that you’d expect from a demon.

  106. Terry Morrison

    These books put me in a different world. Since having Chemo for 2nd time Breast Cancer. I get sick everyday. So, reading your books transports me to a different world to forget the pain. I love Jenks and cried when Kisten died. My daughter-in-law gave me your books to read and even my son is reading the books that are just ahead of the ones I’m reading. We are going to read more of your books, because they are so easy to read.

  107. Rachel surprises me when she faces insurmountable odds and instinctively overcomes them. It reflects her clear thinking in a bad situation and your amazing creativity. How did you imagine such graceful solutions?

  108. Heather

    I loved the whole book, Rachel, Ivy and Jenks especially. I think the character that surprised me the most though, was Trent. I’ve enjoyed watching him grow as a person and getting to know some of what made him the elf he is today. 🙂

  109. The whole cast of characters and their creator surprised me most because I didn’t expect to fall in love with this wonderful world or paranormal or the strong and complex relationships as a whole.

  110. Karen Hankermeyer

    Al was the scariest thing I read in the series…how dare you make me like him. -and he is still so scary-.

  111. Never seen Cinnci so I don’t recognize the landmarks,but sure looks like HELL

  112. Amber Johnson

    Rachel surprised me the most through the book she really grew as a person she never gave up even as the odds were stacked against her she makes me want to be a stronger woman and to fight for what’s right in my life. So thank you Kim your book made me a better person.

  113. Joseph Conrad

    An absolute awesome find, given to me by a friend when I was between jobs, back in 2003. Unexpected and eagerly await the next things from Kim. And always the first book I recommend to new friends.

  114. Rachel, the bad-ass, surprised me the most with how much she could do when she had made so much mistakes while working at the IS.

  115. Jerry C

    I did not think I was going to like the series because the concept of Jenks seemed ludicrous. Surprise on me, what an awesome partner for Rachel & Ivy! Forget the Three Musketeers – Rachel,
    Jenks & Ivy are THE team! 🙂

  116. Tina Vernagelli

    Jenks – who knew a pixy could be such an amazing character!

  117. Shal

    I think Ivy surprised me the most. I started out seeing her as a random acquaintances and the book ended with her as a close friend, who had already formed a bond with Rachel.

  118. Ale M.

    Rachel surprises me the most. It’s amazing what she comes up with to solve a problem and how brave she is for attempting to bring down Trent after being tortured as a mink in his office.

  119. Jeanette Van Kleeck

    Ivy surprised me the most. Surprised she would move in with Rachel, and keep her control as well as she did, until she didn’t…lol

  120. I was surprised that the fairies were vicious assassins!

    As one who loves fairies and their art and stories it was upsetting to me when they were after Rachel!

  121. Alan Grobman

    IVY, getting to know her she is not the traditional vampire type.

  122. Felicia

    Jenks was fun, loyal, charming in his crassness and strong despite his size. He’s like the embodiment of the lyric, “I’m bigger than my body gives me credit for.”

  123. Kristina

    Ivy’s book surprised me. All the things Rachel was doing by accident !

  124. Lisa Ott

    Trent…he knows she is going to change the world.

  125. Nicole

    Truly love this book and the way it hooks you into having to have more! This book set a precedent for other stories in it’s genre. I was well and truly surprised by all of the characters. Everyone was so much fun to get to know. I sincerely hold these characters dear to my heart. Even the “bad-guys” are characters that I would have a extremely hard time forgetting. The Hollow series has brought a smile to my face since my first time picking them up. It started and a love affair that I didn’t think possible. The men in the series are so complicated and the women are enough bad ass to handle anything you can throw at them. No matter how many times poor Rachel gets knocked down, she somehow manages to overcome. Dead Witch Walking…. Trent was very intriguing. Definitely not the man that we know now. I can’t pick just one character when all of them are amazing people/demons/vampires/elves/pixies! Thank you for great writing! I am very much looking forward to Undead Pool. I already have it preordered!

  126. Rachel always surprises me! She’s so relatable. I feel like we have grown up together over the years.

  127. Denise Mueller

    Jenks is a is a tiny dynamo, Trent is a mystery still to be solved, Al is ‘Al’, but my favorite character in Dead Witch Walking is Ivy. Her complex relationship with Rachel is fantastic. All of that tension, internal conflict and longing within such a beautiful and badass exterior is quite interesting.

  128. Jeanette

    Al. their relationship has changed so much.

  129. Jenks, with out a doubt, surprised me the most. He came out of the gate swinging with all the snarky, insulting, protective, and vulgar Jenks nuances. It’s an instant hit with me when Im laughing my but off one minute and then caring so much the next. ❤

  130. I think Trent has developed nicely through the story-line. Dead Witch Walking he was a jerk but with an underline that kept him attractive and to me, he’s liked Rachel since the days at camp. Rachel was simply oblivious to it.

  131. Rachel is always a surprise, she can be very unpredictable, and it is quite entertaining. I fell in love with her and her attitude right away, and I am still hooked!

  132. Matthew Baker

    i was wondering around in the Urban fantasy looking for something to get in to but, as it happens Rachel and Ivy got in to me. now i sit quietly waiting for whats next.

  133. YJ

    Jenks – so much sass in such a small body! 😛

  134. Christie Maher

    Al, because he was even more terrifying and interesting than I thought possible and took Rachael to her limits on multiple levels.

  135. Jenks…even though he calls them lunkers, he is quite loyal

  136. Ivy surprised me most love her darkside

  137. Michelle B

    Trent…never sure what he’s going to do next.

  138. Nicky

    What surprises me most is how I try to find excuses to use DWW, Hollows content in my science classes. As a high school science teacher with a master’s in Genetics, I love the link between science and fantasy. People fear genetically modified foods and you have GM tomatoes kill half the world. Even the little things, not mixing spelling pots with cooking pots can make connections to lab safety. And the genetic tinkering to repair Rachel’s mitochondria, save elves, etc…in later books. You do your homework! Now if I can resist saying “crap on toast” in class during rereading binges, that would be the most surprising.

  139. Jenks…I never expected a pixie to be such a bad ass sidekick 😀

  140. alexa

    Jenks and Al 🙂

  141. shirley d mccollum

    Rachel surprised me the most! IS kick ass woman bounty hunter witch taking on any and every species!! And the cover is an eye catching bad ass cover and reason I picked up the book and have not regretted it since!

  142. Danielle Miller

    Jenks was my favorite character next to Rachel; I’ve read about vampires and witches before, but a pixie with that kind personality was just unique. You created a new kind of fantasy character in my opinion. Love it!

  143. LeAnne B

    Trent… the murder

  144. Trent… As much as you want to hate him, he’s just too intriguing.

  145. Catrina

    I love Rachel, the depth of her character grabbed me by the heart and pulled me in.

  146. Lisa Pagano

    Ivy, because she goes against all her inner longings with Rachel. Because she is lethal and vulnerable all in the same deadly package.

  147. I have to say Rachel surprised me the most, for someone in a ‘minority’ group she sure is very closed minded and prejudiced. I honestly just was not expecting it from the way my friend gushed over her. [I’ve enjoyed the journey with her though.]

  148. Lisa


  149. Ruben Partida

    Ivy, the little bits you learn about her as a person in this first book makes you want to find out more

  150. Ivy, she is very complex!

  151. Elaine

    Read all the books and from book one and on Jenks is my favorite. Love his remarks and how he always has Rachel’s Back.

  152. Jenks, his movement from backup to partner through the strength in his small stature.

  153. Dawn Garcia

    Rachel, how much she didn’t know yet.

  154. Rachel Weber

    Ivy plain and not so simple.

  155. Al surprised me the most because I thought it was funny that he didn’t like how Rachel didn’t buy his “kindly demon act”.

  156. Gordana

    Ivy for her love, lust and loyalty, atypical of common bloodsuckers

  157. Nadija Tambiah

    Trent – for showing a more vulnerable side

  158. Trent…He never acts or reacts the way I expect him to in the first book

  159. Hillary B

    I don’t know if I was surprised by any specific character as much as how far back each individual was involved and how far reaching their appearance is here. Like we only see Quen for a bit, I had forgotten he was in the first book. Or like the Were’s she stole the fish from and how they result in her long-term pack position. Anyway, so much fun to read along! I’m like you, Kim, in that I couldn’t put it down. Then I started the second book and had to stop so that it won’t get away from me. Thanks for doing the read-along!

  160. Trent was the biggest surprise

  161. Janice Klein

    Jenks, because if you turned him inside out, he’d be the largest character in not just the book, but the entire series!

    PS: Please don’t turn him inside out.

  162. Hing Chieh

    I was surprised by Ivy’s character because of the intricate workings of being a vampire – those who are born, those who are made, and those who are undead.

  163. Nancy

    Jenks and his one-liners 🙂

  164. Dana

    Al was the most surprising to me in DWW. I had forgotten about how mean he could be! Meeting Al actually had me scared even though I knew what was going to happen and how his character turns out later on in the series.

  165. Heather Troutman

    Rachel and her adaptability to any situation and ability to get through the mess. I love this series, it’s my absolute favorite!!

  166. Lori brockelbank

    Trent , first scary and now a potential life mate.

  167. I always thought Rachel and Trent would be a couple. Love the series. I have everyone of the your books,

  168. Trent intrigued me right off the press… and still does!!!

  169. I really love Rachel, I think she pulls off the tough, but lovable sides.

  170. Christi Lewis

    Matalina’s steely strength stands out to me more and more each time I re-read the series. Love her!

  171. Debbie Waken

    Rachel…I love how she has grown through the series!

  172. Brittany Green

    It’s amazing to see how much Rachel has grown since this book.

  173. Janie Marlow

    so hard to choose, but I was instantly addicted to Jenks. I love all his retorts, , “Tink’s dildo” : D

  174. Tirza Ulloa

    I have to say that Algaliarept surprised me the most. I read DWW when I was fourteen (I am 21 now) and I was not expecting his creepiness (mainly his goat slitted eyes) and I love how he evolved throughout the series. Heck, at one point I thought Al and Rachel would get together ahaha

  175. Trent, because there were more questions than answers.

  176. Glenda Inscho

    Ivy. I seem to remember there being soooo many vampires in novels at the time and she was different, thus a breath of fresh air.

  177. Rhaya

    Trent. 🙂

  178. liz t.

    i like the relationship between rachel and ivy. it’s been a long time since i read the first one, looking forward to rereading and continuing with the series to see how their relationship changes over time.

  179. Also Jenks! I was surprised that he was instantly my favorite character!

  180. JaC Hyde

    Ivy, who was complex, with deep love and turmoil from it, and it was only the surface in book one for her.

  181. Ryan

    Jenks, because he is awesome and I was pleasantly surprised to see the “little guy” become such an important character.

  182. Jenn Reynolds

    In DWW and in most of the other books as well Rachel always surprises me by sticking to her guns about the no killing people thing, especially when killing someone would make her life easier in the moment – it’s nice to see when her convictions end up working out for the best though in the future; even when it’s not expedient in the present.

  183. Nicole

    Al surprised me and I love the cover! Love this series!

  184. Michelle D

    Trent was the biggest surprise for me. I had him pegged as a straight up villain but he turned out to be much more than that when we saw him battered by the demon.

  185. Karen Thompson

    Rachel, a hero with flaws.

  186. Jenx was the biggest surprise and what led me to continue on with the series. He is small, tough, witty, loyal, and most loving husband a pixie could ask for! His wish was not selfish as one would think, but one to save and prolong the life of his wife.

  187. Jenks. Wasn’t sure what to expect from a little pixie but he sure is one big character.

  188. Brett Christensen

    Nick surprised me the most

  189. Kathleen Smith

    Rachel….she is adventure walking…and such friends and enemies !!!

  190. Jenks…for someone so small, he left a huge impression!

  191. Ryan Vacanti

    Jenks, because he is just awesome and I liked seeing the “little guy” playing such an important role.

  192. Definitely Trent. I am all over the place with him. He is a villain I love to… love.

  193. tanishia lloyd

    Rachel did, shifting into a ferret and still being able to survive

  194. Robyn

    Keasley, because even back then he always seemed to know more than he should

  195. Sharon Estes

    Al! Love them all!!!

  196. Jenks!! He’s freaking awesome!! hehehehehehe Who knew something that should seem so sweet and innocent, could have should have such a big personality!!!

  197. Linda Scot

    It was an interesting twist having a “living vampire.” I adds an usual and fascinating twist to the vampire legend that now is so overused and unoriginal! Thanks!

  198. Daphne

    The leprechaun… Total hussie! 😉

  199. Lori E.

    I was most surprised (and disappointed) by Trent. I wanted him to have good reasons for acting poorly towards Rachel.

  200. Jerry Montag

    Ivy was the biggest surprise to me. You talk about attracting a complete opposite to Rachel. My first thought was that this relationship is never going to work out or it was going to be the most interesting I have ever read. Glad to say it was the later.

  201. Rachel was a big surprise for me. She was streer wise with a touch of innocence.

  202. Rachel was the one who surprised me the most. Street wise with a touch of innocence.

  203. Barbara

    I guess the person who suprised me the most is you kim Harrison with every book you write but my favorite character is always Ivy

  204. Jim

    Ivey for the wish

  205. L.C. Chiasson

    I wanted to like Nick, but he wouldn’t let me.

  206. Sabrina Felber

    My favorite characters are Rachel and Ivy. I really like their tension.

  207. Prudence G

    I was surprised by Fancis being a bad cop because I didn’t think he had it in him to be anything other than a bootlicking butt-kisser.

  208. Great cover. I haven’t read the book yet, so I’ve tried to avoid reading others comments. I love this series!

  209. This series has retained my interest and after I loaned the first 5 books to my sister-in-law who lives in another state, I keep getting them from the library and reading them either in order or randomly. Best series ever. However, Marshal was a disappointment. He should have stood by Rachel- I would have.

  210. Dianna

    Trent. Couldn’t get a straight read on his character. Good guy/Bad guy????

  211. The werewolf taxi driver. It’s those little touches and surprises that delight me most.

  212. I would have to say that I was most surprised by Jenks. When I began reading, I wasn’t expecting him to stick around or to be more than just a “comedic relief” character. When he did and was not, I was more than happy to see a divergence from the norm.

  213. Julie M.

    Al probably surprised me the most. Great character ^_^

  214. Not sure if my other comment posted but I have to say I really hope this series never ends. I love Rachel Morgan and all her lovely cohorts.

  215. haley hall

    Trent surprised me the most in the first book…you think he would be more civil since he runs half of cincinatti :).

  216. purrfectkatus

    Captain Edden was the first human that I liked and trusted; he used his common sense to help Rachel and Jenks.

  217. Steve Gentry

    Jerks was my surprise favorite. I have loved the series development of most characters but was surprised on how much Jenks spoke to me.

  218. Melanie

    I was surprised the most by Ivy. I think she’s the first vampire character I really liked and that didn’t feel stereotyped.

  219. I absolutely love Jenx and Al. I envision Al as a rotund looking man with a plump belly, dark hair and features. Jenx well now there is no one like Jenx.

  220. Pamela Parker-Briles

    So difficult to choose…But I will stick by my first thought…Ivy girl.
    Thank you!

  221. Velvet Cook

    Jenks, he’s awesome!

  222. Michelle

    In DWW, Ivy surprised me the most. Early on in this book, I could figure out most of the characters pretty easily but her motivations and actions seem such a mystery to me in this book. Her character early on was complex whereas it seemed that the other characters took time to develop (or show) their complexities. My favorite series to date!

  223. Karl Madsen

    Kim Harrison surprised me by creating a unique world that has compelling and interesting stories and inhabitants.

  224. Neitkopf

    Nick…His true colors and connections to the demons vs. what he tries to show everyone else is such a contrast that it is always surprising.

  225. Shauna Turley

    I think Trent surprised me the most because he wasn’t really the one after Rachel.

  226. Sheryl Baird

    Going back to reading the first book in the series was really eye-opening and so much fun. What surprised me the most was seeing Rachel as this younger, naive version of herself – especially after seeing everything she goes thru in her adventures. It was great to re-live her early days!!

  227. Killa Burkinshaw

    I think thing that surprised me the most is how Vampires, Witches, Fairies, Pixies and Weres came ‘out’. And how separated they are from humans even though they ran the world during the Turn.

  228. Michelle Hanshew

    Definitely Trent.

  229. Jason Leary

    Ivy surprised me most when she shows her “dark side”.

  230. Been a fan for years and have just listened to the audiobook version for the first time, I have to say that Baron/Nick surprised me the most.

  231. Kate Toner

    Al and Trent, of course 😉

  232. Deb Burkinshaw

    The way that the vampire society was made up of. It’s a different way than others have it other books. This series is way better than others!

  233. Teddy Adam Byrd

    Al surprised me the most- both in this first story (there were hints he wasn’t just a boiler plate bad guy) and through-out the entire series.

  234. Heather

    Jenks is awesome – I love his attitude and loyalty. All the characters are great in their own way.

  235. Dawn Cavenn

    Keasley surprised me every time!

  236. Buffie Peterson

    Jenks surprised me the most!

  237. Juli

    I think what surprised me the most… was that I never hated Trent…I sort of always had a crush on him…I’m still shocked that I can completely forget all the bad he did!

  238. Lexxie

    Jenks definitely surprised me most; not only in that a pixy could be foulmouthed and terrifying, but that I could love a terrifying, foulmouthed pixy so much.

  239. Michael Kniola

    All three of them actually, with their morals actually surprised they ever accepted the wish. Then again without that how would the journey have began.

    • Stephanie

      I liked the story line with two female characters & a complicated relationship as not everyone has to be a stereotype to be interesting & strong.

  240. melissa acquaviva

    Glenn and Trent

  241. Random Thoughts

    Jenks being treated as less than a valued member of society by most people was very surprising.

  242. Rachel

    I would have to say Trent, because as bad as he was, when he stole her pinky ring, it spoke volumes.

  243. Jenks… Need I say more.

  244. Chelsea

    Glen surprised me most his attitude, acceptance, and his confidence.

  245. Erin

    Solid female vampire characters are a rarity, so I was delighted to see a sleek lady vamp bumping into Rachel at the bar during the first couple chapters. But at that point I didn’t think Ivy was going to be a regular. I was beyond excited to see that not only was Ivy sticking around, but would also have an amazingly intense relationship with Rachel. When Ivy pinned Rachel to floor I was hooked.

    You could write about the history of underwater basket weaving and I’d read it as long as Ivy and Rachel were in it. And Jenks.

  246. Amanda

    Big Al is always a bag of surprises!

  247. Meredith Marsh


  248. Kate

    The caricature who surprised me most was Jinks. For such a tiny creature he was bold and did not take any sass. He knew what he wanted out of life and went for it. Grabbing every opportunity to better his families life at great danger to his own. A loving husband who put his wife’s needs above his own. For such a “small” caricature he was the biggest impact on me from the book except for Rachel.

  249. Ivy was full of surprises …

  250. Michelle

    I was totally surprised at how much I loved the entire book and the whole Hollows world…I expected to at least like it or I’d never have picked it up, but did I mention love, love and L-O-V-E love!!

  251. moonbeam080680

    It was really a toss up between Rachel and Ivy because I did not know what to expect when I first started reading. I was really surprised when Ivy gave up everything to quit with Rachel.

  252. Heather B.

    Trent, hands down.

  253. I think Trent surprised me the most. He seemed like such a bad guy but there was something about him that made you want him to be good. And it turns out he is 😀

  254. Sasha

    It was surprising that she would follow and help Rachel, especially when she resisted her instincts to bite her. I’ve loved learning her motivations and seeing her grow through the books. Plus, I love the relationship between Rachel and Ivy.

  255. In Dead Witch Walking it would have to be Mrs. Jenks, she’s a tiny powerhouse.

  256. Mandy T.

    Edden’s trust for a witch, when all the humans are so fearful, surprised me the most.

  257. Vicki F. Martin

    What pulled me into the book the most was Rachel, she is able to over come any hardship that has knocked her down, and continued to stay true to her morals plus her tight knit little family.

  258. Jordan S

    Trenton surprises me all the time since he’s got the public image to maintain but is constantly giving Rachel hints at who he truly is behind that mask. I love that he keeps trying to show Rachel despite her misreading him pretty much all of the time.

    I got into this series because of the cover. It caught my eye as I walked through the shelves at Borders. I read the description and bought the first 3 books in one go. I haven’t regretted that decision ever.

  259. Cindy

    For me i would say rachel, Shes a badass and independent but is also feminine and she forgives most people even when they may not deserve it and she doesn’t underestimate the capabilities of even the smallest of her friends!!

  260. Dawn Carey

    They all surprised me, as I never know what to expect

  261. Sarina Guidry

    I think that it would have to be Jenks. Who knew that someone so tiny could be such a powerful character!!

  262. Michele

    Ivy… she sacrificed a lot to follow someone she didn’t know well.

  263. How exciting hope I win!

  264. Jenks protectiveness attitude towards Rachel

  265. Amanda Grinstead

    Who surprised me the most? Rachel. I underestimated her at first but she is resourceful and has a strength of will that hasn’t failed her yet. I like that throughout the many hardships she encounters, she’s adaptable, open-minded and hangs on to her morals (even when she starts to worry about them). Trent and Al are two others who have evolved and changed as the books progress. I love that! They’re all such complex and relatable characters.

  266. Sherry Hoium

    I LOVE Jenks!

  267. Grace

    Trent always surprises me, but the biggest surprise for me in DWW was when he stole Rachel’s pinky ring – that was a moment of revelation that there was so much more to discover about this character than first met the eye

  268. Daniel

    I’d have to say Ivy.

  269. Susie

    Jenks – it’s always a surprise how much courage such a little guy has. Love him!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  270. Carla Day

    I guess Trent surprised me the most with how easily he caught Rachel in mink form. And that he left her that way. I don’t blame Rachel for hitting the bastard.

  271. Karen Besnier

    Ivy is who surprises me more, is so mysterious, it seems so strong but so masochistic never know in which field you’re with her, you do not understand and yet you trust Her from the first time without knowing why and when you know Her more and know it’s love what is behind Her actions, then you know that you were right from the beginning.

  272. jesica

    Love jenks this is one of my most favorite series ever

  273. Tina

    I love the comic relief we get from Jenks, sometimes even at inappropriate times.

  274. chris

    I think glenn surprrised me the most and seemed to change the most in one book.

  275. All of the characters have their own surprising elements;however, Trent was the most surprising. I really didn’t like him at all in this book!

  276. Mary Hoffma

    Rachel and Ivy both surprised me

  277. Without a doubt, Trent was the most surprising 🙂

  278. Lisa Saling

    Jenks is the best , When you need to laugh or smile you can always count on something he says.

  279. Regan Hinson

    Rachel – her strength and dynamic personality. she is such a great character and enjoy the way she progresses throughout the book.

  280. Heather Yilmaz

    I love all the characters, but I think Ivy surprised me the most because she is willing and has the guts to give up what would likely be a very lucrative career to go in with Rachel.

  281. Lee McCarty

    Hi Kim,
    When you coming back to Az.??? But keep writing….

  282. Hannah Schnabel

    Jenks, hands down!!! The number one guy to call to always have your back!

  283. Definitely Trent, really hard to discern his true motives

  284. Cat Moonsong

    Jenks surprised me because I thought he was going to be a “sidekick” and he turned into the character I look forward to most.

  285. John S.

    It’s gotta be Jenks because you think of pixies as little things like Tinkerbell at 1st, but WHAM, he hits you with his crass attitude and badass’ery.

    BTW- The cover I think marks the best visualization of Rachel, even though you can’t see her face, but you can tell from the description of the book how she is. It’s the most accurate cover of her than most every other cover really.

  286. Cheryl Tanaka

    Think Al is the surprise and big bad ugly in the first book. Of course, we are being introduced to pretty much the whole cast and crew too.

  287. Aimee Beckley

    Trent surprised me the most.

  288. Chris Johnson

    I think Jenks surprised me the most. He was such an unexpected character and he adds so much to the team in spite of his size. Often times characters like these are comic-relief sidekicks, but not Jenks, he’s such handy and invaluable backup!

  289. Andrew D. Forsythe

    Jerks easily ,as a fully detailed pixie with complete racial and culture back story.

  290. Jana B

    I was surprised that Trent didn’t send Al to attack Rachel.

  291. MaryGeorge Whitney

    I love Jenks, he makes me laugh and cry. He is amazing in so many ways.

  292. Jenks, he may be small but his character is larger than life!

  293. Hayley

    Trent is a great character that you love to hate. The relationship between him and Rachel is an interesting dynamic.

  294. Dellena

    I would have to go with Rachel, She surprised me the most.

  295. Bea Hagena

    In Dead Witch Walking Rachel surprised me most, she constantly changes, but in this one I did not expect her to.

  296. Trent has surprised me the most. I forgotten how evil he was!

  297. Brandi Stapleton

    Al- a bad guy you love to hate or a hero you just hate to love?

  298. Courtney Cogswell

    Jenks surprised me for sure–so feisty and best backup ever even if he is tiny 🙂

  299. wow its hard 2 pik just 1 but I would have 2 say Al the demon. hes a demon, but theres that “huh” factor w/ him. even into the series the whole time. “huh”. I think that’s the best way to describe it

  300. This was my second time reading it and I was so struck my Matalina this time around. I guess the first time I was trying to absorb all these people and the world that this incredible pixy woman just didn’t make my radar. But this time around I was surprised to see that from Book 1 she is this incredible strong woman – she’s not afraid to tell Rachel what’s what, she boldly makes decisions that she “technically” shouldn’t have about the garden that wasn’t really hers, she calmly and skillfully mends both Jenks and Rachel’s wounds, and fiercely protects what’s hers. She’s the perfect match to Jenks.

  301. I’m torn between Jenks and Nick. Nick, due to the fact that he was such a schmuck in the end, after Rachel helped save him from the rat pens. Jenks because he’s such a pushover for Matalina and the kids.

  302. Vanessa

    Trent was the one who surprised me the most

  303. Jacqui R

    I haven’t read this but I love the red colouring used for the lettering and the mist swirling.

  304. Lizz Kortz

    Rachel & Jenks!

  305. Rowanne Moore

    Rachel surprised me the most. I love how her character grows and changes.

  306. Karon Miller

    Rachel and Trent always seem to surprise me with their innocence and depth.

  307. Bobbi Mooney

    I enjoyed Mrs. Jenks.

  308. Karen Green

    I have never read a series before that fleshed out and evolved so many different characters. They have all surprised me at one point or another. But in DWW, if I had to choose just one, it’d have to be Trent.

  309. Peggy

    Rachel, never sure what she’s going to do next.

  310. Stephanie Nett

    Jenks by far…and the ferocity he feels for protecting his family.

  311. Jenks, because he might be small, but he is deadly 🙂

  312. Kelly Dunson

    Jenks is the glue that holds the series together.

  313. Echo Hill

    Trent surprised me the most, from the very beginning I’ve loved him and the end with the ring, I loved it.

  314. Jinx – Most fun pixy ever and toughest.

  315. Crystal Thain

    Al – he’s had millennias to plan.

  316. Sandy S

    My daughter has most of your books, and the burning bunny you sent her years ago. I love the titles most. Would love to get this for her. 🙂

  317. Susan Pinson

    Rachel plesantly surprised me with her will, determination, and quirks ♥

  318. Trent surprised me most since he seemed cruel but still showed hints of compassion.

  319. Rukshala

    Trent! One minute his butt is getting a rating out of 10 and then in the next he ruthlessly kills a guy (then wants to pay for said dead guys’ daughter’s education). Don’t get me wrong – I love the man. Right from the beginning! But he is truly one unpredictable character! (Though the award goes to Rachel when you consider the series as a whole)

  320. Angela Murphy

    Al is a continual surprise. 🙂

  321. Jenks surprised me the most with the crazy, funny, awesome things he was always saying.

  322. Tarina Lyes

    Jenks… I thought he was such a little shIt that first time in the cab, and then as his personality came through more, by the end of the book I couldn’t wait to learn more about him xD ❤

  323. Jennifer Douglas

    Jenks surprised me the most, I love his feisty attitude and the little catch phrases he says.

  324. Charlena

    The character to surprise me the most, truthfully they all do at one point or another. Rachel will surprise you in every book because of her recklessness about almost everything (but that’s what we love about her), Ivy continuing to live with Rachel knowing that Rachel will never return the feelings. Jenks continuing to live on after his wife dies to take care of his family. Trent saving Rachel countless times. I love this series because I never really know what to expect, I hope the next books will be just as great.

  325. Phillip Moon

    Surprised and amused by Jinx. Much more intelligent than expected.

  326. Mandy DeOrnellas

    Jenks…He surprises me every single book. I absolutely love him and how he is always there for Rachel.

  327. Arthur Childers

    I was most surprised how easily it was to fall in love with all the characters in the entire series. My favorite will always be Jenks and his colorful turns of phrase

  328. Regina

    It is most surprising that Rachel was initially so against working with others. I’ve always thought her greatest strength is, not magic, but the relationships and trust she fosters with various characters throughout the series.

    • It is most surprising that Rachel was initially so against working with others. I’ve always thought her greatest strength is, not magic, but the relationships and trust she fosters with various characters throughout the series.

      Sorry, I’m replying… I think I did something wrong the first time and my comment didn’t post! Hoping second time’s a charm!

  329. Evelyn I Vargas

    Nick surprised me the most.

  330. Jenks! By far my absolute fave!

  331. Karine Allard

    The ferocity with which Jenks cares about his family and will do anything to see them survive.

  332. Katherine Jenks

    Big Al surprised me the most.

  333. Jenks!! Loved him from the beginning.:)

  334. Michelle Kirby

    Rachel of course!!

  335. Leigh Mann

    Trent surprised me the most! I’m only on book 5 so I’m still not sure if he is going to be a love interest for Rachael or not!!

  336. Dominique z

    Trent surprised me the most. I liked him as a villian but love him as a “maybe” love interest.

  337. Al is a constant surprise to me. Sometimes, I almost forget he’s a conniving demon.

  338. Bixi

    Trent. The first moment we met him, I kinda wanted him to be a “good” guy, and then he went and did so many bad things in DWW, that he seemed irredeemable to me at that time…

  339. Kat Schmahl

    I think, of all the characters, Rachel surprises me the most – she surprises herself more and more!

  340. Gina

    The first time I read it I was surprised by how much I wanted to live in that world. The second time by how much foreshadowing there was laid out for the rest of the series.

  341. Tiffany fryman

    I love jenks he just keeps getting better

  342. In Dead Witch Walking, Ivy scared the spindled ley line energy out of me.

  343. Cyn

    Rachel’s mom, she slays me!

  344. David Warnke

    Rachel for being a bad ass lead character.

  345. Lee Greener

    Rachel always surprises me at every twist and turn!

  346. Charlotte Niblett

    I would say after reading all the books Als’ viscousness in the first book really took me by surprise after growing to love his character so much.

  347. Billie Lynn

    Definitely Rachel. She is so unpredictable.

  348. Becky Graf

    Jenks makes me laugh and cry. True dynamic character.

  349. In Dead Witch Walking, Ivy scared the spindled let line energy out of me!

  350. Sharon Connor

    All and Rachael’s relationship keeps surprizing me. One minute he’s threatening to kill her, the next he’s doing favors for her. You never know what Al’s up to next.

  351. Al was the best surprise for me but Jenks is my favorite!

  352. Julia Hall

    Tink’s titties I love jenks- loyal, strong little sidekick since the beginning! Ps- hated Trent in this book, but his progression through the series is awesome.

  353. Beth Olicer

    The one that surprised me the most was Trent, his ruthlessness was unexpected.

  354. Rachel herself because she’s one tough smart cookie. 🙂

  355. Stephanie

    I was surprised with Ivy giving up everything and following Rachel. She gave up more than just her job. She seemed to have sacrificed at lot of money, property and relationships. In the beginning there did not seem to be reason for it until we got to know them all better. I love the way the book flowed. The writing in these books have given me the most vivid imagines of what is going on that I feel like I am there with the characters.

  356. Has to be Rachel and how she gave her wishes away.

  357. It would have to be the encounter with Leprechaun. When those lucky charms were placed on it I was like WHOA! THIS IS GOING TO A DIFFERENT TYPE OF STORY TELLING!
    After that part I was hooked on the series and haven’t been disappointed since.

  358. Ellen Hotchkiss

    I think whom suprised me the most in this book was Edden, he plays against the police drama sterotype with humor and gives Rachel that tolerant link to humanity.. In later books the complexity of Trent and Al, as big baddies growing and evolving suprised and delighted me the most.

  359. Tracy Byers

    Ivy because I didn’t see what she wanted

  360. naturallydotty

    Trent, without a doubt.

  361. Jeni

    Jenks – love his character and family!

  362. April Rogers

    What surprised me the most is how quickly I fell in love with Jenks and he is still my favorite character throughout all the books.

  363. Sammy Jo

    Trent, every book he surprises me more and i love his character development so much.

  364. Chelsea mannie

    Rachel never ceases to surprise and amaze me!

  365. Heather Gallimore

    Al. He is one scary demon lord. Every time he popped up in the first couple books my heartrt pounding. Now though he is one of my favorite characters after Jenks.

  366. Samantha Noblit

    They all surprised me to some degree but if I had to choose one then I’d say Rachel.

  367. michelle dellascio

    I think what surprised me the most was the amazing dynamic between Rachel, Ivy and Jenks. I love how vulnerable they all are alone, but together their strengths combine to be unstoppable. This is one of my favorite series.

  368. I was actually surprised that Eddan gave Francis’ car to Rachael.

    Sidenote: I’m more surprised that this series hasn’t been picked up as a television series or a movie.

  369. Shawna

    I would have to say Keasley, because he knew Rachel had a spell on her and was ready for it.

  370. I’d have to say Trent.

  371. Barbara

    Jenks never fails to surprise me, but I enjoy watching all the characters develop.

  372. Kayla

    Rachel surprised me. She is strong and courageous. She will do anything for anyone, no matter what the cost. She is a bad ass with a big heart. But Tink’s Titties I sure love Jenks! I love them all but to answer the question Rachel surprised me!

  373. Jamie Phillips

    Rachel surprised me the most and she still does. Ivy is a close second but in the recent books she has backed off I hope that changes!

  374. Heather

    Rachel her decisions are not always predictable.

  375. Rachael

    Jenks is the bomb!

  376. don blackburn

    Jenks for sure. He was a pleasant surprise and his smart ass comments are great. I love the whole series

  377. Heather C. Collins

    This is definitely a difficult question to answer! If I absolutely had to pick just one character, I would pick Al. Most authors give his ‘type’ (no spoilers, right?!) a very flat character, following a trite character stereotype. But then, that’s true of all of The Hollows characters! So my true answer really must be the world building, because it is truly unique!

  378. bobby herne

    i love the cover, im so looking forward to reading it

  379. Amber Hadrava

    im going to have to say the thing that got me most was that a witch, vamp and pixy moved into a church TOGETHER! i really like the attraction between ivy and rachel. i would have to say jenks surprised me also with his feistiness and how he doesnt really show fear. i love how he runs his mouth to all of them but mostly to trent and al. honestly i think the whole character mix surprised me because there is a little bit of everything and i just love that and how it evolves in the rest of the books.

  380. Jackie

    Jenks surprised me most. You wouldn’t think a cute little pixy could be so ruthless, such a smart ass, awesome backup and the most loyal friend! Jenks rules!!!

  381. Adele Steere

    I have to say Trent surprises me everytime.

  382. Kaleigh de la Cruz

    I love this series!

  383. Rose Inskeep

    I was most surprised by how much I relate to Rachel. Strong and used to doing things her own way, but able to get help when she needs it the most

  384. Tammy Nelson

    Nick is the most surprising

  385. Barbara Stephenson


  386. Agaliarept surprised me most in Dead Witch walking, he was not your typical demon and struck a chord with me during his first appearance that I looked forward to seeing him again and again.

  387. Kitty Richards

    I heart me some Jenks, but I have to say that Ivy was the nicest surprise. I can sense (feel) her sexiness every time she walks into the scene. I find myself looking forward to her appearances in every book.

  388. I was pleasantly surprised by Trent’s complexity – sure he’s bad in this book but he’s not SIMPLY bad.

  389. Carla

    Knowing then what we know now, I’d have to say Trent. He has changed a lot since the first book. He’s learned that life is neither black or white, but various shades of grey. He’s still learning what he wants to be in life and it’s interesting to watch.

  390. Ana

    I was surprised by Jenks, I think is very original as a character and I love his humor and his swearing 🙂

  391. Ed

    Have to admit a soft spot for Ivy -so my opinion is biased- but I enjoyed her in this greatly.

  392. Angela S

    Jenks surprised me with his colorful language!

  393. Brittani Smith

    I would have to say Ivy because she just doesn’t seem to want to be there but she stays because Rachel is her ‘friend’.

  394. August Salvadori

    I was most surprised by Jenks pixies are often used a filler characters not main influences.

  395. Diana

    Nich, I wasn’t expecting how he end up behaving.

  396. Linda Stewart

    Al surprises me, each and every time I read about him.

  397. Kristie wells


  398. Trent suprised me the most, how someone that ruthless could manage to always keep rachel on her toes is beyond me !!

  399. Jennifer

    All the main characters surprised me in different ways. They all have so many layers that you’ve peeled back slowly over the years, giving them real depth. I actually liked Nick in the beginning of the books, and through the books, I’ve been sort of angry that he hasn’t redeemed himself. After all, I believe he does love Rachel, but he feels that he can overcome the consequences of his actions.

  400. Jenks was the most surprising to me…so witty and funny. He has the best remarks!

  401. I would say Trent surprised me most because I didn’t expect him to be so ruthless as to do some of the things he did in this book.

  402. Trent is constantly surprising me.

  403. Daniela Mahoney

    Jenks never fails to surprise and delight me. (Even after reading DDW for the 5th time.)

  404. Eva Marie Anderson

    I love a strong female lead character.

  405. Hmmm…I think AL is the most interesting and the most surprising in this novel. I love his sense of humor! 🙂

  406. The most surprising piece of the story to me was the evolution of Rachel and Al’s relationship. Love the books. I want to look like Ivy and dress like Rachel.

  407. Cindy

    Trent surprised me the most in DWW.

  408. April K

    Trent was the most surprising. ruthless!

  409. Tina

    Rachel – I love that she has flaws, but can use them to her own advantage. She’s one smart cookie.

  410. The chemistry between Rachel and Ivy heat up in this book.. Also Jenks is a riot of course but I cried because of his wife’s death upon him 😦

  411. Melissa Peters

    The evolution of Trent’s character has been the most surprising one for me.

  412. karyn Ryan

    actually it was Nick who surprised me.. I had him down as her “white knight” but could see little slips in his character by the end of the book, and began to have doubts about him being one of the “good guys”

  413. Bethany Foley

    I was most surprised by my Jenks. I wasn’t expecting a pixie but I love Jenks he’s one of my favorite characters

  414. Rebecca Woods

    Jenk character suprised me the most, did not know I could fall in love with a character so quickly and so completly.

  415. April Karg

    Trent was the most surprising for me!.

  416. Joyce Anderson

    My total surprise came when I realized how totally and completely I had fallen in love with the character Jenks!

  417. Lisa Liberty

    I loved watching each of the characters evolved. I was surprised but alot of the character twists. I think Trent always surprised me the most thought. One minute I think he is Evil and the next just misunderstood and the next both or neither. But LOVE Jenks!! 🙂

  418. Ann-Kathrin

    Jenks surprised me the most because he comes across as such a tough guy, but he’s actually a soft and caring dad who sort of adopts Rachel and Ivy, showing his incredibly large heart.

  419. The leprechaun really caught me off-guard, especially with the Lucky Charms bracelet and craving for a latte.

  420. Russ

    In the first book, it was probably nick who surprised me the most.

  421. Karen George

    I was most surprised with Jenks, not just a new take on an established supernatural, but Jenks himself is pushing boundaries and busting stereotypes.

  422. Rita M.

    Jenks was such a contrast to the “fairytales!” Didn’t expect such creative language!! Personal favorite: Tink’s little red thong. Really wish I could work that into casual conversation. 😉

  423. Mandy Longoria

    Trent surprised me, just when you think you know what he’s doing he’s 5 moves ahead of you. Love this series!!

  424. Love, Love, LOVE the series! My daughter got me hooked. Your characters, for having such supernatural powers, are so “human”!

  425. Rebecca

    Trent… He can piss you off one moment and then turn you on the next, in ways only a man like him can do. Just like my husband ; )

  426. Kimberly Marshall

    I was shocked by Trent when he killed Faris after asking about his 15 year old daughter and doing it in front of pet Rachel.

  427. Amy Jayne

    I think Trent for me because as I’m reading them and I haven’t finished all of them yet he’s changed a lot


  428. Becka

    I was most surprised by Sara Jane, she turns out to have a lot more back bone than expected.

  429. Jenks. I am always looking forward to the next exclamation because they’re always hilarious.

  430. Joe O.

    That it kept my interest. Not an avid reader but I was glued to it and the continued storyline. Sad to see it come to an end.

  431. Janice Bragg

    I love Jenks!!! Never a dull moment, always surprised 🙂

  432. Tara Craig

    I would have to say the Rachel, Ivy and Jenks partnership and the very beginning of the book!

  433. Bob Ralston

    Ivy surprised me most as she holds back her natural instincts to maintain and friendship with Rachael.

  434. Rachel surprised when she turned back into a mink to break into Trent’s office a second time to steal the disc.

  435. Robert Beecher

    Ivy did surprise me. A living Vampire, a completely different take on the species.

  436. Megan

    Jenks…because of his “less than Disney” language!

  437. Ivy, tall, dark and deadly!

  438. Kharen

    I think Ivy, she’s multifaceted and still growing.

  439. I haven’t read your books yet but I have been collecting them. I want to have them all before I start. I definitely love your covers and the way you always have one dominant colour stand out and catch a readers eye. Can’t wait to start the series!

  440. Jenks! LOVE that little Pixie man…I find myself saying crap on toast a lot now….thanks for my new saying!

  441. Never2old4Glitter

    The attack on Rachel in the library by Al! I did not see that one coming.

  442. Taylor Mcelroy

    The thing that surprised me the most about the book was how detailed it was! Details REALLY draw me in and I read this book when I was 13 years old….It has remained my favorite book for 7 years! I love Ivy!

  443. Theresa Lee

    In this book, Rachel surprised me when she changed into a mink again, just so she could re-break into Trent’s office for the disc.

  444. Ana Fisic

    I’d say Trent cause he does things that most people wouldn’t want witnesses too.

  445. Amy Ryan

    Wow I love the cover for Dead Witch Walking and the other books in the series! very eye catching colourful, and have attitude they’re brilliant!


  446. I haven’t read the series yet but I’m collecting the books. I love all your covers, the colour schemes are definitely eye catching, especially with how there’s usually one prominent color that always stands out.~

  447. Shelley V

    Trent, for sure… at least on the re-read! I’ve seen him develop so much over the years, but going back and reading again (actually this was my third or fourth re-read, tee-hee!) I was surprised when I remembered just how terrified *I* was of him to start. My blood would run cold whenever he was around Rachel! Now I see those little cues that there was more going on than the coldness that there first seemed to be… and now I read everything about him in a different light. Of course, this series was my first intro to this genre so in truth, EVERYONE surprised me on my very first read… ha! You set the bar so high, though, that nothing else I’ve read since has come close, in terms of how well-woven everything is, just how much I love and connect with the characters, and get involved in the story. I’m pretty sure they’re all real, you know. 😉

  448. HaikuGirl

    The thing that surprised me the most was Rachel’s latent physical attraction to Ivy (which she constantly denies). I’ve never read a more complex character dynamic than Rachel and Ivy…and I LOVE it!

  449. Jim

    Rachel. She makes the Right Decisions, even though at the time made, are the “Hard” ones.

  450. Truthfully, Kim Harrison, suprised me by creating a story that centers on strong female leads who have lives, occupy there time by living, and represented real women.

  451. Jenx, because I didn’t expect him to be so rich and dynamic. He, along with the many other amazing side characters, are what makes this series truly special in my eyes!

  452. Tricia Lewis

    Ivy and Rachel’s relationship friendship that defies all odds. Bunny Ears Kiss Kiss

  453. Michelle Johnson

    Trent has. He’s grown with each book. He started out black and white but has evolved to grey. Everyone has a dark side it just depends if you follow it whole heartedly or bend it to help others.

  454. Tinks panties, Jenks is the man. I love the bravery and fire of that pixie.

  455. Liz

    Nick surprised me the most because I didn’t expect him to be so into the demons and that his true self was really a rat. Pleasantly I was surprised by Jenks 🙂 He is one of my favorites. Overall I loved this book so much I picked up and read the next 6 immediately after 🙂

  456. Teresa

    Don’t know why but I would love for Rachel and Trent to end up together, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.

  457. Shani Buckham

    I haven’t read the books yet, but the covers scream “girl power”, totally digging that

  458. Trent: the contradiction between his mistrust and the clear signs that he longed for a connection with Rachel.

  459. Julie Greene

    I just got to love Jenks and his phrases.

  460. I still love the dynamics of Trent and Rachel…The history they have and the love hate relationship is some much fun to read. I really hope that they finally become a steady item…Al just doesn’t want to share; what demon would?

  461. Regina K. Martinez

    Trent because he was so calculating and didn’t expect him and Rachel to have such a love hate relationship.

  462. Michelle Sorensen

    Trent by far! I totally thought he would react differently to Rachel… But then again it totally makes sense! Not quite what one would picture as a CEO!

  463. Sarah

    I would defiantly say Trent, he is just one of those characters that you love and hate all at the same time<3

  464. Starr

    Probably Trent. He could be this big terrible bad guy, but at the end, him and rachel have their little who can steal from who game and it’s almost cute in a creepy way. If that makes sense.

  465. Kellie

    Al – I never expected a demon in the mix!

  466. JoBeth Simon

    I would have to say the banshee was the most surprising. Seeing what happens to her later in the series and going back to re-read all the books, her attitude toward Rachel (whereas the first go round of reading, made sense) the second time I felt pity and then even guilt for disliking her at first.

  467. Heather Noble

    Definitely Trent. By the end of the book he was my favorite character, and I didn’t expect that at all!

  468. Kay Stavis

    Nick for sticking Rachel with the demon mark

  469. jessica hanvey

    Jenks is amazing such a big hidden heart i want him in my garden pls !!!

  470. Virginia Maciel

    The tomato thing. It was brilliant way to have something that stands out from a lot of books and jinks with his awesome personality. I have read all the books. Just magical.

  471. I have continuously had a great interest in Keasely’s character, he was the most surprising thing to me, as he was just so unknown and mysterious.

  472. Ivy was the most surprising, I was completely enthralled! Of course no one knows what Jenks will say next! 😉

  473. Tanya Marshall

    piscary surprised me most when meeting him as he appeared a lot less scary that I was expecting (until of course he went all vampy).

  474. Al- I didn’t think I could be that scared. He leaps right off the page and knowing his trajectory in character (through the later books) is so delish.

  475. Donna Salazar

    Jenks is my choice. His love and dedication to his family is wonderful. Also his dedication to Rachel. I also love his potty mouth!

  476. Brandy Leanne Grassie

    I think I was most surprised by Matilina ( jenk’s wife) because I had forgotten how motherly and yet stern she was.

  477. Darien

    Ivy surprised me the most, because she has such a soft spot for such a cool, calculated character.

  478. Danielle

    I want to say Trent surprised me most but I can still see the person he was in the person he is now. He will do whatever is necessary to protect those he considers family/those he’s responsible for no matter what it cost him personally.

  479. Dyan

    Jenks because of the way he talks to and treats his kids. LOL!

  480. Jessica McMillan

    Ivy surprised me the most

  481. I’ve always liked Ivy and all the rules that go along with her (the book on dating a vamp was awesome lol). I love how Trent has changed through-out the books though. At the beginning I thought he was going to kill her a few times.

  482. Rachel… because with all her toughness – she continues to trust in people like Nick. He asks for her trust and first time she needs him in a tough situation – he runs. Course that happens later – not in Dead Witch Walking

  483. Tara San-Van

    Jenks was so not expecting a character like his. ❤

  484. Rachel surprised me the most. I started the 1st book thinking she was going to be inept but was wonderfully astonished to find a strong female character that kicks a**. I love this series.

  485. tia weaver


  486. I just love how the entire series is written…Love Jenks and Ivy.

  487. Rachel "Wannabe Morgan" L.

    I’d have to say that Trent was the biggest surprise to me. I’ve never found his type appealing, but I knew, even reading that first book, that he was going to be special and pivotal.

  488. DAulan Collins

    I love Ivy, she is a hot living vampire that knows her stuff. I even bought a barbie doll that I swear looks just like the description of her in the book and it proudly is displayed with my Kim Harrison collection of books.

  489. Sara Kline

    Rachel! She is not your typical lead character and I love that about her!

  490. Trent, because I have read the other books and see how much his character changed from first to the newest book.

  491. Jenks, because I first thought a pixie was going to be meh, but he ends up reminding me of a good friend of mine.

  492. Julie Ray

    Trent?…Nick?…Al?…no, I’d have to pick Trent – final answer!

  493. Gabe

    It’s a tie between Rachel, Jenks and Al.

  494. Rachel and Ivy surprised me both the most in a tie – because they manage together to be my entire personality. Rachel is every part of me that is awkward, unsure, determined but clumsy. Ivy is every part of me that is withdrawn, sensual, aggressive, and my own worst enemy. I never read a book before that had me so torn over which character I identified with most – and then I realized it was perfectly fine to let it be both, haha! Love these books more than any literary work I’ve read in awhile. Can’t wait for the next installments. *kiss kiss*

  495. Heather Wicks

    I’m new to the series and from the first few pages, Rachel surprised me the most. She is a fascinating and enthralling character/ protagonist; I want to be her or be her friend.

  496. Rita Wnek

    I love the FIB officers and their reaction to the biodrugs hidden in the tomatoes. Poor injured Rachel has to try and cut open a tomato one handed because they are all afraid to touch a tomato!

  497. Lori Baker

    Ivy surprised me the most. She’s so smart and so strong…and so vulnerable. Love the series!

  498. Love Jenks, never know whats going to come out of that mouth

  499. Katherine caceres

    Jinx best pixie ever.

  500. In Dead Witch Walking, what surprised me the most was the glimmer of gentleness in an otherwise “murdering druglord”.

  501. I’d love to win love Kim Harrison’s work

  502. Miranda Beazley

    I think Nick was the biggest shock for me, he seemed so nice at first and then he turned really sneaky.

  503. Ivy for leaving the IS when she had it made there.

  504. I think in DWW Nick surprised me the most. But I have to say I love how all of the characters evolved over the series. I’ve cried more than a few times!

  505. Yvonne DeMastus

    Jenks is such a surprise, cussing a blue streak without saying one bad word!

  506. Meredith Hawkes

    Ivy surprised me the most, she always seems so confident but is actually very self conscious.

  507. tia zuniga

    Jenks is always a surprise!

  508. Bobbi Nees

    Trent always surprises me the most, with Al as a close second 🙂

  509. Jen W.

    Trent because I expected him to kill Rachel at a couple of different points in the book.

  510. Abby McCowan

    Jenks coming into the mix 🙂

  511. I would have to say that Jenks surprised me the most! I was surprised how attached I got to him and how much he developed in the story!

  512. I do believe that Rachel and Nick’s relationship is a peculiar one! I know that Nick was just written in to give Rachel an escape route but then you incorporate him into later books and that is just FABULOUS!! It really speaks volumes (insert chuckle) for an author to be able to do that with a character.

  513. Ivy 🙂 as she gives vampires a good name

  514. Danielle Stewart

    I don’t think anything really stands out as a surprise I finished this book so fast I love all of them. Jenks is my favorite ! I just love him.

  515. I have to say Ivy was the surprise.

  516. heather

    I love the cover, the color makes it pop.

  517. Love how Jenks’ character evolved in this book!

  518. Cary Benge

    Ivy is the one that surprises me the most.

  519. Biggest surprise from Dead Witch walking, was Trent’s cold blooded killing of his employee in his office while Rachel was a mink.

  520. Robyn Saunders

    Everyone surprised me! They have evolved so much…all of them. It was really odd to go back and catch a glimpse of the beginning.

  521. Alisha v.

    I’ve is great.

  522. Joslyn Whitt

    Ivy surprises me with her immense will power… always.

  523. Toni Maritima

    Jenks surprised me the most. I love his creative cursing, his love for his family, and the way Rachel comes to love his family, too.

  524. Audrey

    Ivy by far she is fire and ice all in one she has grown so much since DWW!

  525. Billy Coley

    Ivy and Jenks, great characters and so well done

  526. The most surprising to me was Jenks- he seemed at first to hate working with Rachel, but then joins her and Ivy when they decide to start their own agency.

  527. Kim

    Rachel surprised me the most by her mere survival!

  528. Trent sicking Al on Rachel.

  529. When the RatNick communicated to the RachMink that they should help each other out, and then it turned into a relationship.

  530. Jenn

    My favorite character is Rachel, I feel empathy towards her and is surprising how she can stand up every time after life punches her in the face.

  531. Sarah

    Trent, Trent, Trent….that man can piss you off and turn you on all at the same time 🙂

  532. Ivy as she gives vampires a good name 🙂

  533. Jenks, he has such a way with words.

  534. jessie lewis

    The character that surprised me the most was Jenks. He is the best with his little potty mouth. Its hard to remember that he’s not big.

  535. Jenny Petersen

    It surprised me how much I liked Trent-you aren’t supposed to like the antagonist that much!

  536. lashumway

    Jenks, always surprises me.

  537. Chris Matticks


  538. Ivy surprised me the most, just didn’t expect a vampire to have a heart, and what a heart she has 🙂

  539. Stacy

    Jenks surprised me the most. I was a little skeptical of a pixie at first, but he made me love him after the 1st book. Absolutely

  540. Ari

    Rachel because she kept on going and looking for ways to save herself.

  541. Megan Davey

    Jenks surprised me the most with his unique vocabulary and distaste for Tinkerbell.

  542. Jennifer Melton

    In Dead Witch Walking, it would have to be Rachael’s reaction to Janx when she was a mink. I hadn’t thought of a pixie as hot till then! (Sorry, I know I spell the names wrong, I buy the audio-books and didn’t know how the names were spelled for YEARS!)

  543. Dustin

    love this series Jenks is the best.

  544. Amy Griffin

    Big Al’s delivery of Rachel to Ivy with her neck ripped open

  545. Matalina is the most surprising to me…She is always there to support Jenks in everything he does. I am not sure I would be that strong.

  546. td4bz2

    Definitely Trent, to come from being so cold, almost evil to where he is now in Ever After.

  547. Kirsty

    Trent. He starts off as seeming so bad but when he has Rachel in the cage there are hints that its not as black and white as that.

  548. Shannon

    Nick surprised me – didn’t see the betrayal coming at all! Trent was a close second.

  549. Jenks was a surprise and proof that bad ass comes in small packages!

  550. traelynn9

    I would have to say Trent. You never know what that little “Cookie Maker” may do next!

  551. Lygia Dennison

    I am currently working on my third rereading of the series, I simply cannot get enough! I would have to say that I was most surprised by Al in the first novel. We are just beginning to see that he has a place in Rachel’s life after the initial attack, but not to what extent.

  552. Jenna Bainbridge

    Rachel surprised me the most her flaws make her real and believable.

  553. almendra

    trent … he isn´t what people think he is …

  554. Rianne Golden

    Rachel for following her heart even if it’s hard

  555. Jax

    Jenks because of his constant ….

    (That was less than a sentence 😉

  556. Amie Doughty

    I was most surprised by the lack of actual death in the novel, even though there is plenty of violence.

  557. Trent is my favorite, but Al comes in as a close second.

  558. Jessica Kruckeberg

    I think what surprises me most is that I knew in DWW that Trent was going to eventually be a hero but not a lot of readers agreed or thought the same way.

  559. Claire

    I love the cover, I read ever after and can’t wait to read this one.

  560. Jeremy Weinberg

    Rachael’s ability to make the most bizarre mundane

  561. antibarbie5471

    I love Jenks and his pixie potty mouth! I forgot how ruthless Trent can be. I also forgot that I never liked Nick from his first appearance! Al and seeing his admiration for Rach! Rachel because she always does what she feels is right or necessary to protect herself and those she cares about! Although sometimes she gets in way over her head. It makes her more loveable! Can’t wait for The Undead Pool!

  562. Brandi Fuller

    The biggest surprise was Rachel, and how she portrays a strong, kickass bounty hunter, but yet she is naive, vulnerable and deals with the same “girl” issues as all of us.

  563. Cover is awesome. Can’t wait to read it.

  564. Michelle

    Ivy surprises me most because every time I think I am getting a good understanding how she thinks she does something and I’m back at square one.

  565. Krista Harris

    In Dead Witch Walking Nick surprised me the most. I did not expect him to be such a jerk.

  566. Virginia

    Trent! I had a soft spot for him even when he was set up as Rachel’s antagonist, and I LOVE how much his character has grown since DWW!

  567. I was surprised by how dimensional all of the characters were, Rachel was unsure yet willing to try, Ivy’s tough but vulnerable, fragile even. Jenks is such a family guy, and of course, Trent constantly surprises me.

  568. Tanja

    Trent surprised me the most – so evil, but then by the end of the book you could see a little glimmer into the man we know today.

    • Mary Nelson

      The resourcefulness of Rachael surprised me the most. To be honest I was listening to this book on tape and thought no this is not for me but after the first few chapters I was hooked. It was great that I was a new reader because I just kept going back to the library for each new book. There was only one that they did not have so I bought it donated it and now they have the whole set. Can’t wait for the new one!!

  569. Alison

    Trent surprised me the most with the pinky ring-a pleasant surprise. 🙂

  570. adelle medberry

    Trent or Al for sure! They are full of surprises! 😉 Thinking I missed a book here “into the woods” checking Amazon asap!

  571. Ali

    Trent – Its my First -born son’s name

  572. Kathleen

    Kelsey, i loved him as a character mysterious back story on him that we never really got to indepth with.

  573. Marissa Gregorwich

    Edden surprised me by being willing to try new things.

  574. Jenks surprises me over and over.

  575. That you actually got magic more or less right! Now if only the supplies were so easy to come by…

  576. Rachel surprised me the most because I’d never encountered a lead character like her before!

  577. Ivy is ALWAYS full of surprises and keeps me guessing.

  578. Jenks. Who else writes about a swearing, male pixie? He’s my favorite character aside from Quinn.

  579. Caitlin V.

    Al surprised me the most in Dead Witch Walking 🙂 And he just keeps on surprising me.

  580. Cindy

    Ivy surprised me most–so vulnerable.

  581. Laura Loveless

    got to be Jenks – his Tink comments always bring a smile – his utter love for Matalina and his reaction to her death! I cried!

  582. D.L.

    Ivy is the one that surprised me the most because she’s lovely, and then she’s so not. She’s cold, and then she’s really hot. She’s clearly not to be trusted, and then she proves that she should be trusted, and then again that she clearly shouldn’t. Ivy keeps me on my toes, and I like that.

  583. Heather

    Nick surprised me the most with his betrayal. =( It was disappointing to see that happen.

  584. Amber

    I love Rachel. I think that she is ever evolving and is really a great character. I would say her ability to get herself into and out of trouble always surprises me the most.

  585. Deborah

    Jenks is awesome.

  586. Hilary Smith

    Keasley, was one of my favorite characters and back stories. Miss him a bunch!

  587. Karl H. Betz

    Will Trent never realize that his entire existence depends completely on Rachel?

  588. LeVonne

    Trent surprised me most because in the end he shows he has respect for Rachel and a need to prove his has a sense of fair-play.

  589. Kerry

    Jenks, with his awesome foul mouth that shows itself in the first few pages!!

  590. janine16

    Trent is who surprised me, personally, because, though he’s a murdering drug lord, he doesn’t use black magic, nor does he allow his employees to.

  591. Jen

    Trent has surprised me the most.

  592. junev616

    Jenks, greatness in a small package.

  593. Love them all and all had their surprises…but if I had to pick one ..guess it would be Trent.

  594. Heather

    Jenks because he stuck with Rachel

  595. Steve Ferrell

    The character that surprised me the most was Rachael’s mom in she knows more than Rachael thinks, your books are the best urban fiction on the market as far as I am concerned, wish you would at least keep the last book open for followups every now and then, also would love to see it made into a TV series but please do not let them change things, follow the books.

  596. Emily

    Jenks has surprised me the most. Especially in Dead Witch Walking. Love the series!

  597. Stephanie F.

    Rachel surprised me the most, I went in thinking of her as a tough bounty hunter but realized she was naive and vulnerable in the beginning.

  598. Amanda

    Trent 🙂

  599. Liz Scott

    Wow there is 1,100 repyls!!
    I have always liked Al. And I forgot how Trent was rather nasty at the start.

  600. Definitely Jenks; I’d never encountered such a, shall we say, “cheeky” pixy before. 🙂

  601. Dawn

    Jenks – I love Jenks – he was much more sarcastic in the “olden days”

  602. Rachel is unsure of herself and her worst critic but has a strong will and love in her that gives her the strength to overcome any challenge thrown her way.

  603. I would have to go with Jenks, he shows so much growth over the full series but it’s in the first book that you get to really see the start of the layers.

  604. I guess a few things surprised me! Trent’s ruthlessness, Jenks pixie potty mouth, and Nick I didn’t like him from the start though. Can’t wait for The Undead Pool!

  605. Amelia

    Jenks. Definitely Jenks.

  606. Krista

    That as smart and savvy as Rachel is, that she can lie to herself about what is all around her; example is that she thinks she used to much salt to make her circle, not what it really is,

  607. Sue Mac

    I would have to say that Rachel surprised me the most. I went into the book thinking that she was this big, bad, bounty-hunter who has all of this knowledge of vamps, pixies, weres, etc., but in reality she is really quite naïve about interacting with them in meaningful ways.

  608. PixieGirl

    I think the overall depth of the character development you displayed in the very first book was the best surprise. None of the characters were cut-and-dried good or bad; any one of them could have gone another way than they did under the right (or wrong) circumstances.
    Introducing Nick as a rat was genius – and prophetic. Love that!

  609. Ivy, she is not that vampire anymore and that is mostly due to Rachel’s love.

  610. Ivy – I forgot how scared Rachel was of her at times but remained such a loyal friend.

  611. Trent was the biggest surprise to me. I thought he was too wicked to live past book one… how wrong could I have been…

  612. Jenks, so much personality, bravery and honour with such a sarcastic humour, and such a way of cursing, never underestimate on size.

  613. Shantalice Youst

    based on only dead witch walking and the events in that book, not the events that came in fallowing books i would say that rachel herself shocked and amazed me the most because even with a death threat over her head she never gave up.

  614. Jenks surprise me the most, I always can’t wait to hear what Tinkerbell comment is next!!!

  615. Simone

    Jenks was my biggest (or smallest!) surprise. I never thought my favourite character would be a 4 inch pixy!!

  616. Lisa McCurry

    I would have to say Trent, because reading this now helps me to recall how much he’s changed and grown over the years… kind of surprised me how ruthless he was then with Rachel.

  617. Lauren Miller

    Trent! I never thought he’d actually put Rachel in the rat fights.

  618. Heather Lewis

    I love how strong Rachel looks.

  619. Melanie

    Trent-I forgot how ruthless he was…

  620. karen fleming

    I have to agree that jenks is fatherly altho, not to rachel , his comment to rachel about the men in her life promps me to think he’s a little in love with her himself.

  621. terri Kemp

    the wide variety and interaction of the characters! I just want to jump in and see what they do next!

  622. Amanda

    Al-I fully expected to hate the guy from beginning to end, and yet there’s a part of me that loves him so much I almost wish Rachel would give him a chance. He’s definitely not a one-demonsional (see what I did there?).

  623. Nina

    Al surprised me most, not just because he scared the hell out of me when he first appeared, but he also grew into the most intriguing and fascinating character of the whole series.

  624. Kimberly

    My only reply to the cover is no- Trent is all wrong. I get it, your trying to hit a new demo-graphic. But, seriously what about the fans you have? We want the real Trent on the cover. My husband, myself, and friends and family all read these books! These books are fantastic, Kim all I can say is keep them coming! Wow!

  625. Al is by far my favorite though I had forgotten just how scary he is at first. Trent is a Real SOB and Rachel’s later forgiveness still amazes me. Nick…well it would be nice if he ended up as Newts familiar but I think thats too nice an ending for him

  626. I would say Nick was the person who most surprised me… being more of a bad person.

  627. Good luck to everyone in the giveaway! Kim you and Guy are fantastic for doing these

  628. lavinia68

    To me, Trent was the most surprising because he was introduced as a villain, a “murdering drug lord”, but we also get to see a more human part of him that tells us he’s real. Most of the time you would expect the bad guy to be just that, showing no weakness, compassion or honor like Trent did with his nervous ticks, and accepting the Rachel had bested him. It promised him to be more intriguing, when usually the bad guys are just let go and ignored. If it was my first time reading DWW i would have been most surprised by his honor, but since i already have read all the books what surprised me the most about him was that even then he had like Rachel.

  629. Erika

    Al’s ability to actually *be* a vampire really surprised me. I was really shocked when Rachel experienced a bit of pleasure as Al bit her acting as Ivy. Completely unexpected.

  630. Stasia

    The beginning with Jenks. When I learned he was a pixie I thought, “Oh, another cold, mystical person who won’t speak real english but in riddles.” Boy was I in for a Surprise! He turned out to be my fav. and I ended up hanging on his every word! Love him!!!

  631. Jaimie K

    Keasley and how quickly he becomes protective and almost fatherly.

  632. Jessie Hatem

    The first time I read this book, I wasn’t sure I would like it. A witch dressed like a hooker, a pixy, both living & un-dead vamps, & to top it off, a leprechaun! Tinks-a-disney-whore, it turned out to be a fantastic book! Kim, you surprised me with the depth of all your characters both big & small. (Love Jenks!)♥ I’ve read the whole series, twice, & can’t wait for the last!

  633. Trent. How someone could be such a cold-hearted a* 😉

  634. Al surprised me in this book by being able to mist into whatever he wanted in order to scare whoever he was trying to kill by what they feared the most.

  635. Karla

    Trent surprised me in dead witch walking because all through the book we saw this suave, cold business man/ underworld figure, then at the end he stole Rachael’s ring as payback for her stealing his disks. This showed a cheeky different side to him contradicting your first impression of him.

  636. Cassie Hoffman

    Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  637. I remember being very surprised by Nick’s actions on my first read. On the re-read, Al and Trent surprise me base don how far they’ve come in the series.

  638. The rat fight surprised me the most. That Trent placed Rachel in a situation that she was most likely going to get herself killed in was pure evil. I LOVED it.

  639. Mélodie Switten

    All the charachters are surprising, really… especially Al and Jenks.
    Even if the cover represents Rachel, I’ll continue imagining her just my way 🙂
    Thank you for your hard work, I learn english thanks to your books!

  640. Malinda

    I think the character that surprised me the most was Trent. In this book he is so horrible. I don’t think I’ll ever trust his character because he was once so sneaky. I also love the idea of Jenks. He’s so cool and spunky, what a great character. My friend actually named her parrot after him.

  641. Amber Robinson

    My first reading, Al surprised me. Being contracted to someone in the nastiest way possible, and then allowing himself to be be bargained with to let them escape? Maybe it has more to do with the rules of demons than the character himself, but I still found the following interactions infinitely interesting. Leaving his mark on Rachel the way he did… tricky tricky demon. Love characters like that.

    • Amber Robinson

      kill someone*. I have no idea how that was missed. Also there shouldn’t be two “be”s. Typo city.

  642. Bruce Merkley

    the way that you have created such a plausible world and of course Jenks…

  643. Jake Hill

    The sheer size of Jenks family!

  644. Raven

    I suppose I was most surprised by Jenks. He was first this little pixy, freaking the hula girl doll on the dashboard. He turns out to be so much more. Strong, wise, loyal… he simply cannot be summed up in this post.
    His love for his family, his loyalty to his friends are both so powerful.
    It was his love for Matalina that inspired him to partner with Rachel and Ivy in the first place, wanting a wish to sterilize himself, after all.
    All of the characters continue to evolve while staying true to themselves, but from what I can recall, Jenks surprised me most in that first book. He still holds my heart!

  645. Karen

    I can’t believe that Jenks is such a family man. He loves his wife and children so much.

  646. Mopraha

    That’s not very original but Jenks surprised me the most because I never saw a character like that ! So tiny but strong, caring and fun. I never believed I would love a so tiny character 😉

  647. dawn

    This cover just makes me smile…the magic charm hanging beside the handcuffs 😉
    “Necessity is the mother of courage”

  648. Trent ALWAYS surprises me!!!

  649. JAYE FONG

    OH MY GOD, TRENT. The lastest have been awesome and fulfilling my dreams of either Trent x Rachel or Al x Rachel. 😀

  650. Shayla

    The first time I read DWW? Rachel surprised me most. She was so much more than I was starting to expect from the female protagonist in an urban fantasy series. She was very refreshing!

  651. Dacia Poissant

    Jenks, hands down. Trent, for being the bad guy turned grey. Ivy, for her plan in getting into Rachel’s life. Rachel and how she grows through the book/series. But, a main character who’s only a few inches tall, and the deep background and culture which came with the pixy.

  652. Tom Willey

    That Ivy would take a punishment from the FIB and become a candy striper.

  653. Christina Grove

    Biggest surprise would be Jenks – and his err… flowery use of language! Especially with 54 kids 🙂 I love it!

  654. Cheryl

    Love Jenks, his family, his loyalty and his swear words. Trent still surprises me. He was so untrustworthy that I still mistrust him.

  655. Roxanne Trevino

    I think Jenks because he was so small and had so much going on but still was level headed and tried to help Ivy and Rachel.

  656. this was my first every urban fantasy read and my instant love of this type of story took me by surprise. I wanted to live vicariously through Rachel. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of reading 🙂

  657. Penny W

    Jenks as he is so much smarter than Tink, still love, love how he’s a family man loyal to his friends.

  658. Steven Hall

    Ivy surprised me the most I think- so many ways things could have gone!

  659. kt

    For the first read? How original the story was.
    For a re-read? How different Trent was in the first book vs the latter ones.

  660. jude

    i was supprised …well by the writing…it amazes me how fkn brilliant of a writer /story teller you are, kim……i am an addict…and because of you, these books…
    i do have to say, jenks is my favorite suprise..he kicks ass and he’s only a few inches tall..
    rachel is so consientious and respectfull to him
    that cat suprised me too…that they played with it
    and the hatchlings
    and the whole back story of the pixies and the way their social structure is
    i would think you studies anthropology…

  661. Mira

    Jenks surprised me because I thought he would be a minor character (instead of the hilarious major character he is)!

  662. Trent surprised me the most, I never knew I could both love & hate a man so much without being married to him. 😛

  663. Jenks surprised me the most because he was such a huge personality, but Ivy was surprising as well with how she has to handle her vampy side.

  664. Anne Willey

    The rat fight…well mink (Rachel) vs rat (Nick) fight was unexpected and cool how it turned out.

  665. Anna King

    The demon surprised me with its many transformations. Like Rachel I did not see that coming!

  666. Ewa

    The most shocking scene? Trent killing the man in front of Rachel – as if she needs any more reason to dislike him at that time… + comment to the cover: I love US covers – tUP especially! but in Poland ( published only 3 books, which makes me cry ) covers are… not so attractive.

  667. Goliath

    Jenks is so awesome – showed me how someone so little could rule the world!

  668. Nicole Holley

    Jenks surprised me the most. This was the first book I had read with pixies, and I didn’t know what to expect! I love his attitude!

  669. Melanie

    I was surprised most by Nick, just because he never does what I expect of him. He is so shady…

  670. Christi Hicks

    Tomatoes, who is prejudiced against tomatoes lol.

  671. angieb

    Rachel is my biggest surprise. Every time I start reading DWW, I realize how far she has come from trusting no one, to risking everything for the right reasons. She is my hero!

  672. Grace Rapai

    Jenks surprised me the most, love his character!

  673. Mikaela Greene

    I’ve been trying to read this series for months now, especially after all the rave reviews my mom had for these books. Unfortunately it seems like everytime I try I get stopped, because my dad is always rereading the series with her.
    The cover is really gorgeous, from Rachel herself to the little charms hanging with her cuffs and the castle in the background. Though I have to question the practicality of the top she’s wearing, (you’d think that if she’s going against vampires she’d try to cover her neck a little more) she definitely looks amazing and ready to kick ass.

  674. Melissa

    Jenks surprised me! When I first saw there would be a pixy involved I thought it was going to be kinda dumb….no way!

  675. Ed

    I loved the concept that there was a whole secret society out there that got revealed and your books show how the supernatural integrated with the world

  676. Matalina surprised me the most, in that she could still fly after having all those kids. Lol

  677. Theresa Lee

    Rachel surprised me the most when she turned into a mink again to go back into Trent’s s office after being caught the first time!

  678. Bobby

    What surprised Me is the lack of people who can’t follow directions. I know I am now one of them, hehe, but still. She said “in less than a sentence” folks. I figured there would be a lot more one word answers, lol. I kinda hope Kim throws out anyone who wrote in a full sentence, including Myself! ROFLMFAO

  679. Tim

    I thought Trent surprised me with the moonlit chase.

    And good gooly there’s a lot of people :O

  680. Lacey Smith

    I love that this series is one both my husband and I enjoy reading and talk about! Not every author can write so that BOTH men & women enjoy it!!! We love the surprises as to what will Jenks say next! (and what he used his wish for!! HA 🙂 ) How quickly the three of them grow into their own little clan and have each others backs! LOVE THIS SERIES!!! Thanks for this chance!

  681. Trent surprised me, as he was so evil (or at least I thought so when I read this first book).

  682. Jacque Greene

    I love all characters because they have helped me thru very tough times, but i think the thing that surprised me most was Jenks wish to stop reproduction to make his wife happy. That is true love.

  683. Kelly

    I was surprised by how Rachel escaped the rat fights with Nick. And later, the ride home on Ivy’s motorcycle, still in animal form?! Very cute.

  684. Jessica

    I think Jenks surprised me more than any other character when I first read DWW. Many authors seem to equate small creature with small part, but Jenks just shines in your books. However, every time I reread the books it’s Trent who surprises me. He’s grown and developed so much over the series that it’s hard to see the man he is now, as you’re releasing The Undead Pool, in the man he was then.

  685. Deborah

    Trent surprised me the most!

  686. DWW has always and will be my fav!! Love how everyone interacts,only gets better every book!!!

  687. Dee

    I’d have to say Ivy. How scarey it must have been to set up the situation with Rachel. She wanted it so bad, cut it could have backfired in a terrible way.

  688. Taylor

    I was most surprised when Trent killed the scientist. I wanted him to be a good guy so bad! I just had to keep reading a few more books 🙂

  689. I want it in french !!! 😦

  690. Jenks was the biggest surprise for me. His colorful speech cracks me up!

  691. I loved the back part of the body on the cover, For some reason that reminds me of a dragon queen on world of warcraft.That pose she is standing in, with her hands on her hips-don’t mess with me or my friends attitude. And then that shocking red curly hair and tight tight jeans.

  692. Melicent

    I always love how Jenks goes from backup to the linchpin of the team. I don’t think they could function without him! Plus, I never really thought about how tomatoes could end the world, but they totally could! They’re in everything!

  693. Mary

    I cannot pick just one, I love the entire cast of characters.

  694. Sarah Knepper

    I love Rachel, she’s always getting into these situations and with the help of Jenks she able to get out of them. Even though she could totally do it herself.

  695. Vicky Graham

    Jenks, the most, I think. I have never really thought of pixies as the loyal type!

  696. Jessica Meyers

    It’s been a while since I read the book but I know I’ve always loved Jenks! The book covers look amazing and thanks for the awesome chance to win some of your books! i ❤ the Hollows 🙂

  697. Brenda Rorie-Baety

    Trent..the elf you love to hate..then you love to love him..go figure!! I really love Jenks to..Tink’s tities is one of my favorite curse words EVER!! Still looking forward to seeing on or around my birthday!! 🙂

  698. jenks love for his family, softy when comes to them

  699. Jenks is totally awesome with his disney swearing and cockiness.

  700. Jessica S

    Everything you have done tell a story. The amazing covers, which The Undead Pool tells the most and the best so far. The characters are story in of themselves because they are evolving and changing g with each book.. The book’s main story is always great to find out it will turn out. 12 books and no disappointments. Congrats Kim.

  701. spethel

    For this re-read, I have to say it was Matalina that surprised me the most–I don’t remember her having these take charge scenes in any other books. Loved her putting her foot down with Jenks!

  702. Debi

    Loved Jenks from the start. Not a character but loved reading about Cincinnati locations after living there.

  703. Jennifer

    So tough. What surprised me most in “Dead Witch Walking?” Probably how much I really loved a pixy! Jinx is the best

  704. Rachel, =) she keeps showing new sides and never stops surprising me! =) Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Monday!

  705. Joe Fiorini

    I would have to say Jenks surprised me most.

  706. Terese

    Rachel- finally a tough kickass heroine, with wits and leather pants.

  707. Mandy Heermann

    Greetings! My coworker made me read these and I’m so glad she did. I always look forward to Jenks…he makes me smile. 🙂

    Thanks for writing – I’m always up for a good read.

  708. Evonna

    Humm, that’s a tough one. I think I would have to say Rachael. She is always adapting to situations around her.

  709. That humans practically wiped themselves out due to a virus in bio-engineered tomatoes- I like tomatoes.

  710. Krystal

    Ivy really surprised me – this was a totally different take on vamps.

  711. I think Al will always surprise me most. I can never tell if he is a ruthless demon or a real person with baggage

  712. Michelle Kelly

    I’m also going with Jenks; for the love of Tink! After reading any of your books I find that when I begin to swear I almost start swearing a Jenks-like swear and then I remember that it doesn’t make any sense in the real world! Lol

  713. Audrey

    Hum…Rachael always surprises me. She has a very inventive mind to get out of situations lol.

  714. LB Belsky

    I absolutely love Jenks! ! He is my favorite. Although all the charactes are fabulous.

  715. inkie

    Trent surprised me the most (and the most often) because every time I thought I was beginning to get a measure of him, he would do something that made me have to re-evaluate!

  716. Definitely Nick. I was surprised when his character showed up. But even more surprised now after reading the whole series how he didn’t used to be such an ass.

  717. Faith Brancale

    Nick always surprises me. How did he turn out to be such a jerk?

  718. Trent, he was such a villain!

  719. Diane nicholson

    Love your books. My kindle is loaded with them. Would love to add a papered book to my collection. Kim Harrison. Writer extrordinaire. The series has me hooked. Would make great movie. Hello. Producers out there.

  720. Toni Larimore

    Trent. His behavior was so cold and abstruse to me.

  721. Love Ivy, Jenks, Rachel, even like Trent a bit, (sorry Al, I know you’re trying to grow into…. something… and lets face it, you were a wicked demon in the beginning) but Nick, you make me want to twitch!! grrr! LOL (Kisten is still my book boyfriend)

    Favorite lines are always the one out of Jenks’ mouth: Tink’s fairy farts, Tink’s a fairy whore….

    Dottie 🙂

  722. Kate Raney

    I was surprised by how much I love this series! I am buying each of the books for both my mom and my sister on Kindle as we read through and I know they will love it too.

  723. Samantha Newbury

    Defiantly Jenks. He was always kick-ass at whatever it was he was doing. Whether it was backing Rachel up or taking care of his kids, he was fantastic.

  724. I absolutely fell in love with Jenks….and Trent….and Rachel most of all. She is true to herself all the way

  725. Kim Watring

    Ivy being so vulnerable under the hard exterior.

  726. Mark

    Ceri suprised me with her reaction to jenks and the rest of the group and her reaction to Rachel

  727. Joanette Fountain

    Jenks was the biggest surprise in Dead Witch Walking. Did not expect him to be so funny or tough! Jenks is quite scrappy…

  728. Suzie

    It’s been a while since I’ve read it, but I remember being shocked the most by Ivy. She is such a badass, but has a side of her that Rachel really needs to learn how to deal with. Her evolution through the books has to be my favorite part of the series.

  729. Amy

    It surprised me how much Trent has changed since the first book. I still don’t like him though. =D

  730. Traci Landtroop

    I love the way Jenks talks. Tink everything. The first time I read it I was kinda shocked but it really grows on you and I can’t help but laugh out loud at his comment. Absolutely love the series. It is my all time favorite and will be sad when it ends.

  731. sarah b.

    I think jenks, big personality in a little package.

  732. Jenks with all the fun swearing!

  733. Beth

    Rachel turning into a mink

  734. Brenda Allen

    I was most surprised at how fast I could see myself living next to Rachel because she became that rich a character to me. Though I have to admit I started crushing on Jenks about half way through DWW because not once did he desert Rachel even when he could have. Being the size he is he was always ready to do what needed to be done to help save Rachel. LOVE that about him!!

  735. Kathy Pitman

    For me it was the new family that includes Rachel, Ivy , Jenks and his clan!!!

  736. Mitchell Brashier


  737. Andi

    Rachel surprised me most by falling for Nick!
    Is it February yet?

  738. Ellie

    That’s really hard to answer but I have to go with Trent and of course Jenks!

  739. That even with the second reading, I still can’t stand Ivy.

  740. AndrewIslay

    Edden surprised me most – I hadn’t expected anyone in FIB to give an Inderlander the time of day but he actually seemed to respect Rachel

  741. Jenks, an important part of her team and a badass to boot. Who would’ve thought.

  742. elfstar

    I would say all the main characters since I had a preconceived notion on how they would act/behave/relate to one another (though I was completely off by the time the book was done and who doesn’t enjoy that?!).

  743. oki wordpress blocked so here i try again

    Jenks surprised me the most. i didn’t know what to expect but he was simply fabulous he can make me cry as well as smile and i can only want more


  744. I read the books last year, i remember being unable to stop with just one! Trent is always surprising me, never can tell if he is bad or good… I also love love the cover.

  745. I love how Rachel is so forthright, and brave, I always love strong woman characters with a sense of humor.

  746. Kerry messer

    Racheal when she gives her lepricon wish to jenks, it showed how much she valued him as a partner and friend.

  747. Kim Barger

    Jenks~ he’s so endearing and protective.

  748. Andy Pfrimmer

    Ivy and the way she fights herself.

  749. Michelle

    I just want to read the next book. I have previous books. I want to have this story on cable tv, to sit and watch a Rachel would be awesome. Lets watch a well written book on tv not visa versa!

  750. Jessica

    The whole book surprised me. I read it on a recommendation from my sister, thinking I wasn’t going to make it past the first chapter and ended up falling in love.

  751. Susan S.

    Trent really surprised me. I read the second book first and then went back, and Trent just really caught my attention.

  752. KiKi Thomas-Lee

    Ivy always fascinated me with her fragile confidence and troubled strength.

  753. Christine Bowden

    Jenks surprised me more than anyone. The first time I read DWW I kept rubbing my ear wondering how the heck Rach could take it. I did not think I would like him. But Jenks won me over with his little remarks(hee hee) and straight forward ways. He is a key part of our hollows family and reading this again feels like a much needed homecoming.

  754. Diane

    Jenks is always a surprise – the way that little guy curses is too cute – pixie farts indeed!

  755. Kesha

    I would have to say Trent since you can never judge a book by its cover.

  756. Jenny Corriveau

    My biggest surprise was how much I LOVE the series, it’s easily become my favorite!

  757. Chrissie S.

    Trent was the most surprising to me.

  758. Rebecca breaks

    Rachel and Trent 😍

  759. Rachel Santoro

    Nick surprised me the most, starting with him being a person, not a rodent, although later that is more debatable! 🙂

  760. first book in a series, everyone has little surprises, but I’d have to say Al. He’s just not what one expects of a demon.

  761. I think I originally read the books out of order… I just finished A Perfect Blood about a week ago, and am going to start my signed copy of Into The Woods. The biggest heartbreak for the series for me was killing of Kisten. I got super attached to him!

  762. I loved your character development. You make me run the full gamete of emotions. Watching Rachel develop and mature as a character has been a joy. My favorite is Jenks tho. =)

  763. Having read the series 6 or 7 times, it’s hard to choose who surprises me most in the 1st book. I would have to say it’s a toss-up between Nick and Trent and how much their characters change during the series.

  764. Cathy S

    I love the read-a-long. I’m always getting my books out for a re-read but this makes it even better to have other people’s insight and interpretations. I love how Rachel evolves through the series and it’s always more apparent when I go back to the first book after my last memories of her is from the latest release.

  765. minridgeway

    Ivy – bad ass killer vamp leather clad exterior, anal retentive worry wart nerd interior.

  766. Kristina Radecki

    Trent’s elvish behavior surprised me the most. Especially based on thier past relationship and struggles together, he turns her into a rat for the fights.

  767. Lindsey

    I love the cover! Your books have been in my wishlist for awhile. I just don’t have the money for them. I would love to read them.

  768. Ivy surprised me the most with her ulterior motives!

  769. Jenks – I didn’t expect him to be a major character in the beginning but I can’t imagine the series without him!

  770. Linnette S.

    Re-reading I was surprised by Nick, I had forgotten how well he and Rachel got along at the begining.

  771. Lisa

    Ivy and her secret desire for Rachel.

  772. What surprised me the most was that Rachel was still alive at the end of the book, even after all that she had been through!

  773. Aimée Laibida

    Rachel Morgan

  774. Autumn Harrison

    I was most surprised by the audacity and intellectual aspect of tiny, little Jenks. He played a much more important part than I originally thought he would.

  775. Nikkii

    Jenks surprised me most – his fierceness and loyalty.

  776. Julie LaSata

    Rachel, she never gives up.

  777. Brian Wiedman

    Tinker Bell, because Jenks always brings her into the books and she just isn’t around to defend herself!!!!!! LOL

  778. Jenks surprised me – love him!!! Plus, I was also surprised with how much I loved Rachel’s & Ivy’s relationship. That hooked me.

  779. Brandi

    The introduction of Jenks, to me was a very refreshing one….he will always be one of my favorite characters 🙂 Thank you for letting the world meet him and everyone else from the Hollows!

  780. Stacy Porter

    Jenks!!! And Ivy!!! OMG Trent!!! Okay, the whole book is one big on-the-edge-of-your-seat adventure!

  781. Angi H

    What surprised me the most about DWW was the rat fights. Only on the 2nd read-through because I thought it had been 2 or 3 books into the series! Having read them all 3 times, I honestly don’t remember the 1st time, seems like I’ve always known Rachel, Jenks and Ivy!

  782. amy nolan

    jenks cause he can kick ass and be a family ma all in one!

  783. Brooke

    Love the whole series. Lend my books to my friend to read. She loves them.

  784. Sarah Churchwell

    The most surprising thing to me, was how much I fell in love with your vivid and lifelike characters. I love how each of them fees like a friend to me and I can never wait to see what happens next. Jenks is my favorite out of them all, his larger than life personality and sassy attitude make me wish I could be as awesome as him.

  785. g33kxx

    I’d have to say Rachel, she was such an identifiable main character and I didn’t expect that, or the unique take on witches and magic. Just fantastic!

  786. What surprised me the most in DWW was the part when Ivy and Jenks decide to work with Rachel on their own. All 3 characters were so different, but they end up working so well together.

  787. krazyslayer187

    IVY and I completely fell in love with her.

  788. Lauren

    Edden because Rachel was able to get his help when the IS wouldn’t, they were able to trust each other. Even if it is only baby steps right now.

  789. Mel

    Jenks, because size isn’t everything. 😉

  790. Sher

    Jenks – with his larger than life personality.

  791. Brenda

    Trent surprised me the most.

  792. Anja

    Nick…. if you know the other books you see him way different than in first reading!

  793. Dona

    I think the most surprising character is Jenks. He never fails Rachel. I think he has been a very inspirational person in her life and has helped her change and grow over the years.

  794. Trent is really surprising after seeing how much of the mask he has taken off. I used to hate him but like Rachel have slowly come around to the guy.

  795. What surprised me the most about this book, and the rest of the series, is the integration of the supernatural and the “real” world in current time. It is fairly seamless.

  796. Sarah Price

    OMG! All the characters surprised me!!!

  797. Cathy Wicks

    Definitely Jenks.

  798. Heather Kirby

    Rachel surprised me the most in this book

  799. Malene T

    Rachel because of her attitude towards the people around her! Her naivety in DWW drove me up the wall…

  800. Kelly B.

    Rachel, she is a scatterbrain but always seems to pull it together when she needs to.

  801. Becky

    Rereading I would have to say Keasley. I thought in those first few books that he might become a teacher/mentor figure for Rachel and be about until the end. I was surprised when he disappeared. I understood why, but was disappointed he did not trust Rachel enough to keep his ‘aliveness’ a secret.

    I see now though that Al makes a much more interesting character to fill that role.

  802. Pam Clarke

    Al was the biggest surprise for me. I think he’s a great example of shades gray within all of us. Even though he’s a demon you want to dislike everything about him. But….you simply cannot!!

  803. Rachel falling for Nick was too fast and easy. That was the hardest to believe out of everything in the book.

    • Becky

      But that was her personality then. I saw it, her leaping in without really seeing the person she was getting together with. I have found that one of the many interesting changes over the books, Rachel becoming more cautious.

      Rachel in the first books would have been bumping uglies with Wayde fairly quickly, for example.

  804. Gia Shaw

    I haven’t read it yet but the cover makes me think of a sassy kickass woman who doesn’t take any crap and isn’t scared of a fight!

  805. I would have to say Jenks, he is the best back up any runner could ever think of!

  806. Cat 584

    My biggest surprise in Dead Witch Walking was Trent putting Rachel in the rat fights and her running into Nick as a rat and recognizing he was human and thus escaping. All that part of the book really grabbed me from the start from the first time I read it many moons ago. It was nice rereading and seeing the changes that have occurred in all the characters since the beginning.

  807. Dorothy

    Jenks. He was-and still is-the sauciest, most badass sidekick ever.

  808. Jenks was my biggest surprise, I was amazed at how much character, loyalty, and fierceness could fit into such a tiny little body!

  809. Kathleen Langlo

    Ivy surprised me. So much hurt and torment in one person and the control she has over her urges. She is amazing.

  810. Its hard to pick just one but I think Al is at the top of the list. He scared me good! Thanks for the give away, its very thoughtful. Bright Blessings 🙂

  811. Jenks. I never expected him to be so amazing or to have a personality larger than his small stature.

  812. Jess

    Love the series. I just started rereading it again.

  813. Elise Kokenge

    For years I have re-read the entire series (along with the Lord of the Rings and Pride and Prejudice) so I had to dig deep through memory to recall the character that most surprised me during my first read; it was Trent when he killed Faris in his office when Rachel was a mink in the cage. SHOCKER! Deadly, cold, and calculated.

  814. Mike Mullen

    I stumbled across Dead Witch Walking and been a fan ever since. I read the back cover and thought hmmm… a witch cop that keeps supers in line, could be a good read. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good series to pick up DWW and get the introduction to a whole world that is constantly blowing your mind.

  815. Nick!! Wow…Rachel sure can pick em.

  816. Jared

    The most surprising part in DWW for me is when Nick showed up to save Rachel from Al. It was epic!

  817. kelly

    I REALLY really didnt want Nick to be involved….I really REALLY cant believe he turned out to be such a JERK!!! AND Rachael saves him…i REALLY loved Jenks in this one because he is big…this is probably one of my fav books of the series….until Trent changes….

  818. Karen

    It would have to be Ivy. I forgot how Piscary screwed her up and how insecure she is.

  819. Kristen Deering

    Trent, he’s grown so much and is becoming a better man because of Rachel.

  820. kerri mckeithan


  821. Kim

    Jenks, he may be small in stature, but his presence fills the page

  822. Sara

    I think Nick surprised me most in the first book. He was the nice, caring human boyfriend and then he turns out to be a creep with no backbone. Crap-for-brains, indeed!

  823. Michelle

    Rachel surprised me the mostin Dead Witch walking! Thus began my love for this series.

  824. Meih

    Although I love all characters, I would have to say Jenks is the one that surprised me the most, since he became my favorite almost too quickly in the book and still is after many books later.

  825. bn100

    Haven’t read it yet; like the cover

  826. The seamless way that the characters blended in with their world, especially for the first book in a series, was what surprised me the most the first time I read it. Made me a lifelong fan.

  827. Jeanne Young

    Ivy, because of human weaknesses (strengths).

  828. I have to say IVY, and her ability to defy all her senses for the one she loves.

  829. Nick suprised me the most. I hope Trent and Rachel try to get together.

  830. Jen

    Al has to be my most surprising character- going from 1-dimensional bad guy to a full-blown charismatic dude with depth.

  831. Overall in the series I’d have to say Trent because he’s really grown and developed as a character and person throughout the books, but in the first book I would have to say Jenks. I wasn’t sure at first if I’d like him but he’s quickly grown to be one of my favorite characters in this series and fiction in general. He’s such an amazing character, he’s full of dirty and witty humor, will sacrifice himself in a heartbeat to help/protect those he cares for, and can also be a strong and ruthless fighter when needed.

  832. I think Piscary, I thought he would be tall, dark, and extremely handsome and he wasn’t.

  833. Kelli

    When I first read Dead Witch Walking, I was surprised most that Rachel survived the first book! Lol. Looking back after reading the series, I love how the strength of her character has come through as you see it in your covers to now. I also love how her relationships have evolved with the books.

  834. It was them all living together in a church with a graveyard.

  835. Christopher

    I think Al surprised me the most, but that is cause I started reading later in the series, and how he popped in out of nowhere.

  836. Angie D

    Al. Real scary.

  837. Andevilica

    I love all your books and Jenks is always my fave.. such a character and how i wish my dad was .. ❤ I have not read it yet but I'd like to! ❤

  838. Jenny F.

    What surprised me the most was probably how much I looked forward to Jenks comments.

  839. veronica

    my fav is when Jenks,drinks honey and he gets drunk the things that come out of his mouth. but it was so sad that his wife died he was so sad and rachel shrank to comfert him it was so sweet and he really was broken hearted. now that is a real man even though hes a pixie i love him. but ivy oh wow she is well a vampire fans dream even though she still has a soul

  840. The intricate world that was created with so much detail and love and began a series of books that I can not put down.

  841. Al surprised me the most – I’ve hoped and hoped for a short-term Rachel/Al romance. The girl needs to get with another demon at least once, and I love that guy

  842. Laura

    They all surprised me !!

  843. Jordyn

    Rachel surprised me most, I forgot how naive and completely blind to her instincts about Nick she was.
    As for the cover, I’ve always loved it. I am one of those people who decides to read a book based on what the cover looks like and this cover grabbed me at first glance.

  844. Jenks. I never expected him to be as strong a friend as he is.

  845. Nichole Z

    I would definitly have to say Al because he was not at all what he seemed to be when first introduced as an evil demon out to get Rachel! My view on him changed so much!

  846. Jenks definitely, aside from Rachel he was my favorite in the beginning and I didn’t expect him to be. Love that little guy!

  847. Rachel–her decision making ability seems to make me wonder sometimes:)

  848. Nicole Calabrese

    Ivy surprised me the most with how much she truly cares for Rachel.

  849. Janet

    I was surprised that Jenks could be so obnoxious and yet so fatherly! One of my all time favorite characters.

  850. Anissa Williams


  851. Kathy C.

    After reading the entire series and gaining a new perspective on Trent, it was surprising, when rereading DWW, to see just how ruthless he was in the beginning, as evidenced by the rat fights, the hound hunt, and the murder of the head scientist.

  852. Megan

    Rachel provoking Ivy at the end over going back to Trent’s just to prove she could steal something of his and mail it back too.

  853. Jessica poeszus

    Trent for not being so bad in the long run, he is my favourite bad-good guy, he has morals their just not the same as society.

  854. Crystal Dinwiddie

    Trent surprised me the most.

  855. Veronica Rausch

    NIck surprised me the most. I never expected him to actually be such a rat, but given how they met I should have seen it coming!

  856. serina

    Trent and Rachel, they always surprise me. 🙂

  857. tyler

    Trent because he’s calm and collective

  858. old72jim

    Hi Ms Kim We are coping with a very rainy autumn weekend here. Not only have most of the leaves turned and flopped (Thankfully, I don’t have to rake up) but I have a cold. Determined not to go to the heart unit at the local hospital, I am aggressively staying in bed and reading some. I have a sinus headache for the last three days, but I have just about finished DWW, and agree with myself that it is great.

  859. Megs

    its a toss up between Trent and Jenks I think….I thought it was so funny how Jenks uses Tinks name in vain and with Trent… just know there is more to him than meets the eye….

  860. Jessica poeszus

    ivy, for backing Rachel instantly

  861. Nancy Galdeano

    That I had jumped onto a ride that I didn’t know where it was taking me. All I knew was I wanted to stay until the end !!!!! Have already pre-ordered the Undead Pool :0)

  862. Ivy surprised me the most; her inner struggles and need for love.

  863. the person that surprised me the most in Dead Witch Walking would have to be Nick, he seemed like a good guy then turned out to be a dumb @$$, i hate crap for brains.

  864. Jana

    Would love to win. I love these books so much. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

  865. James Townsend

    Jenks, for a variety of reasons

  866. Terra Lichtenstiger

    Jenks and his feisty mouthy self that we’ve all come to love!

  867. Jenni BW

    Ivy – such a tough, scary bad-ass, who then shows such vulnerability and pins ALL her hopes on one person.

  868. Melissa Hadley

    Rachel, come on red headed witches….awesome.

  869. Stefanie

    Jenks truly was a shocker with that mouth of his; plus the fact that a pixy was one of the main characters was awesome!

  870. Brenda R.

    Wow! I don’t think I can choose just one thing! I guess I stick with Jenks. Jenks’ version of swearing is a brilliant surprise! And, the wish he has fulfilled is another. He is such a good family man. I love this character! 🙂

  871. Karina Gustafsson

    Trent, the tortuous trickster.

  872. Karen Nicholson

    I think Jenks surprised me the most, it’s great having a pixie as a major character.

  873. Rachelle Resendez

    I think Ivy surprised me the most by letting go of her arrested vamps and then bargaining to let the leprechaun go too.

  874. When Rachel Escape Trent house and in the end there its an impasse between these two. Their hate/love relationship.

  875. Michelle

    I’m trying to go back years and years to the first time I read DWW… and I think the personality of Jenks and how much you come to love him as a character was my first surprise when reading the series!

  876. Rob

    How much I liked nick in the beginning.
    And rachel of course, it is hard to remmember everything she’s been thru.

  877. Justin Phillips


  878. amanda hudson

    The caring nature of Trent is surprising

  879. Tine

    I loved the title of this book, I think it is what first drew me to the book. I could tell a lot about the character from the color of her hair and her stance. Between the two, I bought the book and have read everything you have written ever since.

  880. Evelen Velez

    Who surprised me the most was Al, that is one complex DEMON!!!

  881. Victoria

    Nick; he never stopped changing and revealing new aspects of his character.

  882. Verna Edwards

    Rachel surprises me the most. Having read all the books and going back through them again, I have found that my knowledge of what’s known already has coloured my reread. I had forgotten the little characters that have impact later. The offhand way Rachael does things like offer the garden to Matalina and not knowing information and consequences to that decision is great.

  883. michelle

    The three main characters actually surprised me the most with how quickly they became devoted to each other and how fast I came to care about them. If I had to pick one I would say probably Ivy, she was not quite how I envisioned a living vampire to be with the hidden depths to her emotions.

  884. Angela Pierce

    Jenks threw me. When I read he was a pixy, I rolled my eyes. He is my favorite.

  885. Keasly surprised me the most, I think. Old man on the porch next door become not-just old man on the porch next door. I just expected him to be a sidenote of sorts. A close second would be Al, who is high up on my favorites in the series.

  886. Since this was the first book of the series, I have to say that I was truly surprised by the strength of Rachel’s character,

  887. Kat

    The sexual tension between Ivy and Rachel, not expected but surprisingly refreshing.

  888. Javinder

    I think it was when Rachel learned that Francis was actually working for Trent as a spy/mole in the IS.

    • Javinder

      Oh, and also that Trent seemed to enjoy Rachel being in his office (even as a mink) because he liked having someone there he didn’t have to put on a show for. I forgot to put that in my first comment.

  889. Nancy

    Nick, it was surprising to see/remember who he was to Rachel once upon a time.

  890. Lesley

    How Rachel survived- or rather, how lucky she was that she landed such a good group of friends. She really made some idiotic decisions in this book! (She gets better…*g*)

  891. Nici

    In DWW there are actually two who surprised me: One Trent and the view behind his mean and self-righteous behavior to others, that there is an other side to him when alone and then again really going ahead and putting her in the rat fights…; and Kisten, that he actually tried to help Rachel, even if only because he was pissed at Piscary and doing so even such he knew what it meant if it goes wrong, showing that he has feelings and is not just a puppet…

    Further I love the cover, showing Rachel visually right at the beginning of the book and on top at her momentary stage of her development…

  892. Micu Isabela

    Trent – he was a nasty one!

  893. Elyse Stevens

    Jenks and his relationship with Matalina was the biggest (read nicest) surprise for me.

  894. Tonya Mader-Taber


  895. Natalia GHinda

    Jenks the funniest character ever! 😀

  896. Jennifer

    Trent! I thouht he was bluffing about putting Rachel in the rat fights.

  897. Ally

    Rachel surprised me the most in DWW and really continues to do the same in every book.

  898. Deanna

    I have to say that specifically in Dead Witch Walking the character that surprised me the most was Ivy. Even though Jenks teased rachel I had a feeling he would have followed her anyway.

  899. Kari Holloway

    Rachael is definitely my favorite along with Trent. They are the opposite of each other and yet so alike. They would do anything to help someone, just Rachael has morals. Finally Trent is learning to listen to his.

  900. Eva G

    Ivy was the one who surprised me.

  901. Dave

    Al, he is much more than meets the eye and so different than what one would expect from a demon

  902. Ivy, the mysterious vampire

  903. It was probably Jenks as I thought of him as a gimmick of sorts at first, but how can you not love the guy….

  904. Heather Havel

    The “world” of the Hollows, it had some wonderful new ideas / rules.

  905. Nina Johnson

    The cover is intriguing. I’m thinking those marks mean something in the book but if not, they cause one to think. I think, I’d like to read the book.

  906. Shelly Richmond

    The person that surprised me the most is Jenks and his fantastic insults about tinkerbelle!

  907. Ann

    Al surprised me the most because he was so freakin scary, but I still liked his character!

  908. Comet

    Trent surprised me the most in DWW.

  909. Deborah

    Rachel suprised me the most. She is one feisty redhead!

  910. Katrina

    Rachel ( which is my Halloween/ Comic Con costume) Ivy, and Jenks are my favorite characters with their level of complexity that you don’t expect.

  911. Anne

    Ivy surprised me the most

  912. Kristin Killingsworth

    I’d unintentionally read book 5 first and was already Team Trent, so when I read DDW, I was shocked by Trent’s actions!

  913. Stephanie H.

    I’m going to go against the grain here a little bit, but I think looking just at DWW, Keasley surprised me the most. At first he seems like the slightly nosy old man, but he becomes so much more, even just by the end of book one.

  914. samantha adams

    My biggest suprise was how much I would love a guy with wings.

  915. Tiff

    Trent. I never expected to like him, but I think he’s one of my favorite characters now.

  916. HarlequinPrncss

    Trent has surprised me throughout the series. He seemed so evil and bad but the way he is with his girls and the way he has progressed with Rachel has taken me by surprise.

  917. Tina Saucedo

    I never thought there would be a series of books that i would love as much as Harry Potter….then came along Rachel Morgan. As a person in customer service at Walmart, I have recommended this series to many many people, even got a couple of coworkers, and even a few family members, hooked as bad as I am. I am so anxious for the next book to come out and I’m very sad to know the series is soon ending. This will always be number one on the “best loved series of books” on my list. Always. I’m always sharing some of Jenks’s swear words “TINKS PANTIES!!” lol. Thank you, Kim, for this wonderful series.

  918. I have to say I was the most surprised (in a good way) by captain Edden!

  919. Tanja

    When reading the book for the first time Rachel and her choices definitely surprised me most.
    After finishing the series and going for a second read already I think I would go for both Trent and Nick as well. Trent because suddenly you see his reasons much more clearer and Nickkk because I never ever thought I would hate him that much in the end 😉

  920. Kim

    Jenks, is Rachel’s and Ivy’s most stanch supporter, he never gives up on them being good together as partners, he never gives up!

  921. Jenks, he’s my absolute favorite, I never thought he’d be such a great character.

  922. Aubra Smithson

    Jenks is the person who surprises me the most! His personality is so quirky and the things that come out of his mouth crack me up!! He has throughout the series continued to make me laugh and smile! I love him! ❤

  923. Tawni Jackson

    Al because I didn’t expect to love him.

  924. Georgie

    In rereading I was surprised at the early Rachel compared to who she becomes.

  925. Amanda R.

    Matalina – she is such a complex character while only playing a minor role in the series. She is a great mother and wife while being a defender of her family and those she loves.

  926. Andres

    Nice… Now let’s see if I get lucky 😛

  927. Meaghan

    Ivy is who surprised me! I forgot how demure she was in the beginning and also if you read into it how she liked/loved Rachel from the beginning.

  928. Diana Dominguez

    Jenks is a wonderful, irritating guy, and wonderfully loyal.

  929. Yanina

    For me, it was Rachel, she is an wonderful person with a streght of will that amazes me.

  930. Sarah

    Jenks, he always brings a smile to my face and is growing stronger and stronger in character in each book, what surprises will the last book bring?

  931. TLT

    Rachel is very self aware, most of the time. I read a lot of book series where the heroine is not aware of how great she is or what she can do. She is aware of what she is capable of, but gets herself in trouble because she doesn’t think anyone else can help her. I guess I see a little of myself in Rachel.

  932. donna

    Eddens is the one who surprised me the most. He’s so straight-forward!

  933. Raechel

    Trent is a surprise in every book. And I agree with a previous post – Tinkerbell will never be the same 🙂

  934. I think They all were a suprise but biggest suprise goes with Rachel cause I didn’t expect her to just let trent go at the end. Then again you’re books keep me guessing.

  935. Ashley Austin

    What surprised me most about Dead Witch Walking was how much I liked it! I didn’t think witches, fairies and demons would be something I wanted to read about, I was wrong! I was hooked!

  936. Kristi

    Ivy. She never ceases to amaze me. To see her struggle so much so that she can be around Rachel and how much she values their friendship, it always makes me happy.

  937. Trent, he is strong, determined, gorgeous, and willing to kill to protect his species, but he protects Rachael.

  938. Annie

    I have started to actually like Al, so it is amusing to see how he was at first.

  939. Melinda

    After reading all the comments, I’m glad me and my mom fit right in. We were both surprised by Jenks.

    His personality is a trip and we have even picked up a few of his in-famous quotes! Like “Tink’s Titties!” There is nothing more satisfying than watching my dads reaction to us…lol I was also surprised by the fact hardly anyone liked working with pixies. If I had some sort of run, I think I would prefer someone who could sneak in and out undetected.

  940. Jodi

    Al – I never expected him to circle and protect Rachel!

  941. Jimmy Waitekus

    I think the covers look amazing, and winning this will allow me to start reading the books.

  942. Tiffany s

    Ivy surprised me the most seeing how much she cares for Rachel considering how much self resent ment she has for her self

  943. Michelle C.

    Jenks surprised me. Rachel thought he wasn’t much as backup at first, then discovered how much help he could be.

  944. Rhonda

    Years ago when I first read dead witch walking it was Rachel who is the best character for me. and absolutely wonderf and absolutely wonderful and had no clue of her powers back then

  945. Nichole Epp

    Jenks, I love his personality!

  946. Me. I am reading this again for the third time which I haven’t done in a year or two and I am amazed at how much i forgot. I forgot the obvious things things like Ivy’s owls and the pinky ring. However, I forgot how much I like but didnt trust Nick, or how evil I thought Trent was even though I knew from the time I first read it that somehow someway Trent and Rachel would end up together.

  947. The character that surprised me the most in Dead Witch Walking has to have been Trent at the very end. He could have killed Rachel immediately, but he didn’t. He let her run away and proved that he was more than human, and the ending to the book made me pick up the next immediately. The Hollows is my favorite series of all time, keep up the amazing work Kim! ❤

  948. Brenda Roach

    I think, based on Dead Witch Walking alone, that Trent surprised me the most.

  949. Al saving Rachel. I love your books.

  950. kay

    Think it would be Trent throughout the series as he goes through alot of changes 🙂

  951. Brandi

    Trent. At first, from Rachel’s view, all you see is the slimy thug. And then she starts to know him.

  952. Laura

    Definitely Al!

  953. Two things. Jenks because I love his humor, and his sense of honor. And Ivy, cuz she’s just plain the coolest.

  954. Shelley MOrrison

    For me it’s Nick – It’s amazing to see him as the likeable guy he once was, because it all went downhill from there.

  955. Shannon Quenzer

    Kist surprised me…he was the reason I had to take a break from the series and he kind if snuck into DDW. Wasn’t quite expecting the emotion that came over me.

  956. Jenks always surprises me, never know what will come out of his mouth…never a dull moment with Jenks around

  957. Al definitely surprised and scared me in DWW!!!

  958. Stephanie

    I would say Jenks is the funniest character but Ivy is the most surprising because of how hard she fights her inner nature to be who she wants to be.

  959. Maria

    Trent surprised me, here he is you think he is evil from what Rachel thinks herself. Then bam kills a guy. And yet wants her opinion in music protects her from Francis and he is so complex and hot!

  960. Sarah M.

    Jenks – I didn’t expect to like him, now he’s a favorite character

  961. Manda

    I absolutely love this series. Jenks cracks me up with his remarks. I have never been able to look or think about tinker bell the same ever again.

  962. Sofia Marcovecchio

    Rachel ! Without hesitation for a second! I love her independence and personality ! 😀

  963. Josephine Curtis

    Rachel surprised me the most with her personality and internal debates.

  964. Rachel surprised me, how could she fall for a drip like Nick?…. who knew?!

  965. Alyssa

    when I originally started the series I started with the second book first because the book store didn’t have the first book in stock. So when I finally read it, realizing that Jenks wasn’t looked upon as the awesome partner he is at first was kind of a shock.

  966. James Wooten

    Jenks surprised me the most, well not Jenks himself, but how he perceived himself and how highly Rachel and Ivy regarded him.

  967. Kristine Clarey

    Ivy surprised me the most. She has a fear that is shared by many: to love, and be loved

  968. Stefanie LeClair

    In DWW, I think it was Ivy who surprised me most. She’s the onion in the story. Every turn of the page peeled away a layer and revealed more of her character. So much more than just the sexy sultry vamp.

  969. Trent always keeps surprising me, throughout the whole series.

  970. Rachel constantly surprises me, which is something I adore about her. She never does the same thing twice and keeps me on my toes whenever I read these books!

  971. This is more of a “whole series” comment than just DWW, but: splatballs. I love how you’ve shifted the world away from the use of basic physical firearms and to the use of more versatile splatball guns. That one little world detail gives you some serious flexibility in how Rachel and other characters deal with conflict that has gotten physical. Plus it gives the pixies a whole new level of utility!

  972. Heather Kilgore

    Well Tink’s titties, I’d have to say Jenks surprised me most; was completly not what you’d expect a fairy to act like. Love him!

  973. Rev. Mary Allen

    Trent always keeps me surprised!

  974. Jenks, Al, Quen, Keasley… ummmm… hrm… Gotta be Quen.

  975. I Think Trent surprised me the most, through out the series i come to want to have more and more of him, same with Al i have really come to like him more.

  976. Celia VIsser

    I was surprised when Al “saved” Rachel by taking her through the lee lines. What an awesome character he is!!! I still want Rachel to get together with him instead of Trent though.

  977. Dianna Hodges

    Love your books!

  978. Andrea Salgado

    I was surprised by Ivy and how she quit the I.S. to be with Rachel and given that she was well liked at the I.S. unlike Rachel. Ivy in the beginning didn’t seem as disturbed as she really is and that’s what makes her a great character throughout the series the fact that she was able to show more of herself as the story went on and didn’t go in deph all at once.

  979. Cindy Williams

    Definitely Trent,

  980. S Heger

    Rachel made me fall hard for The Hollows but the most surprising character was definitely Jenks! He’s a big part of the reason other than Rachel that I became so hooked on your series. Thanks so much for all the books!!