Piece two: The Undead Pool cover release

Day two, and I’m giving you my second favorite piece this morning in the “Great cover release of The Undead Pool!” out February 25th. (Dun, dun, dun-n-n-n!)

I’m giving you legs again. And a bit of a chest. Be still my heart  . . . Al? Trent? David?  . . . Nick?

I’ll have another piece tomorrow.


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49 responses to “Piece two: The Undead Pool cover release

  1. I – JUST – CAN’T – STAND – IT!! (But you know we love it!! {and you!}

  2. Audrey

    I literally squealed when I saw it 🙂

  3. Janice Weigle

    Its going to be awesome!

  4. Crish Cottrill

    The suspense is killing me! I am sitting on pins & needles to see the whole cover and to get my hands on this next book.

  5. Busty Laroo

    omgomgomg. Please let it be Trent. I would just die. 😀

  6. You’re killing me!! And um, Kim, I think that’s my favorite piece. 😉

  7. Linda Craft

    a number of people have called it a 3 piece suit, I’m not seeing a vest and the collar says Tux or a very trendy suit

  8. Brenda

    Loving it…want it to be Trent very badly!!

  9. Gina

    I’m thinking that Rachel has her elbow up on Trent’s shoulder. Dying here. Just look at that tight little elven, uh…

  10. Mary Stewart

    Yay!!!! I’ve sent in my pre-order. Makes the publication date seem even closer. It’s real now.

  11. Xamida

    Kim you are killing me!!! *Please Al, please Al, Al, Al* I’m so obsessd with Al I can’t explain. I want to see his demon eyes. XD
    But I must say, the waiting for the next piece and your next book, makes me a Christmas feeling. 😀

  12. Kalamack. Gotta be Trent. Please be Trent! I’ve been dying for Rachel to “go” there for 2 books now…..

  13. Jessica S.

    OOOOOOOOMG!! There’s a dude on the cover too!! It’s Trent, right?! Right?!

  14. I love a good mystery. I’d agree with the Trent favoring except for the cut of the waistline – more of a feminine silhouette.

  15. Jan V

    It really does look like Rachel & Trent. Then I started thinking outside the box. Could that be Rachel in the suit, standing next to Ivy?? Could it be (like Lesley said) Cormel & Ivy, with Rachel somehow in between?? I just don’t know. Things that make you go “Hmmm”.

    • Diva

      I don’t think there’s room on the cover for three people. I did wonder if it might be Cormel too but I really hope it’s not. It doesn’t seem right that a third/fourth tier character would make the cover ahead of characters who have been there from the beginning, whether it be Ivy, Jenks, Trent, or Al.

  16. Vampyre

    Okay, now I’m impressed and interested. I was not expecting two people on the cover. Did Jenks get big again?(just kidding)


  17. jkh

    Ah, sweet (theoretical) torture … not into the physical stuff … It’s gonna be a long, looong time ’til I get my paws on it. but worth the wait.

  18. Lesley

    Everyone’s guessing Trent, but I think this book’ll be Rachel vs. Rhyn Cormel!

    • Lesley

      ….though given how they are standing, I’m thinking it probably is Trent.

    • Lesley

      …unless it’s Rhynn and corsetted Ivy standing together, and Rachel’s on the other side glaring at him! And he’s smirking back! Grr! Vampire-demon showdown! (No, I don’t believe that one…but it’d be fun!)

      OK, I’m stupidly excited over this one. Hee hee!

  19. Ears! Ears! Ears! I need to see me some Trent Ears!!!! Long time Trent fan, and I’m very keen on the next book.

  20. Be still my heart. Please let it be Trent, please please please please.

  21. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-I say its Dali. He has been my hero ever since his iordinate stupidity ruling.You do realize that if we had that the whole U.S. Congress would be in jail?

    • Xamida

      I love your comment. A lot of politicians would be in jail. 😀 But I must say, I don’t know why, but I hate Dali. But I like Tron (the demon which called Rachel in Pale Demon after she made the Tulpa) =)

  22. Stephanie C

    I´m at work, but I wanted to jump up and down. I´m so excited! Trentttttttt muajajaja

  23. Melissa

    So exciting 🙂 I didn’t think I’d enjoy this game as much as I am!

  24. Lisa Gardner

    Has got to be Trent…..Love them together. Swoon. Can’t wait to see their faces 🙂

  25. This is so much fun!! Bring on the rest of it.

  26. Maya

    Of course it’s Trent. He is always wearing three piece expensive suits.

  27. Kat

    I think this is gonna be my favorite cover! That has to be Trent! Impatiently waiting for the rest of it!

  28. Ashley B.

    Has to be Trent!! Can’t wait till Feb 25th!!

  29. Diva

    Holy three piece suit, Batman! Is that Trent?! I can hardly wait to this cover in all its full page glory.

  30. Jillian

    This is SUCH a tease…. but i am loving it!!! 🙂 Once again your books are the best Birthday present. i think i look forward to them more then my actual birthday 🙂

  31. Oh Kim, come on! *Nick* in a $1000s+ suit?! LOL!

  32. OOOOHHH! Can’t Wait. This is my favorite. The waiting is going to kill me!!

  33. Must be Trent, please. I need to read about him and Rach really soon *0* omg omg, must be him..

  34. Does Nick even /own/ a suit? Nah. It’s Trent.

  35. Linda Craft

    This is fun, I’m hoping for Trent, Al would be fine, but would be sad not to see Al in green crushed velvet

  36. Jocelyn Barnette

    The suspense is killing me, but I love it!!!! I’m hoping this is Trent!

  37. *swoon*

    Sorry, Kist, I’ve been converted… I can finally get over a little bit of head bashing on tombstones 😉 LOVING this cover!!!

  38. Jeanne Young

    The agony!!!

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