Cover reveal: We got’s legs!

After a quick consultation with my publisher, we’re scrapping the original “aim for the 20th” date, since that’s a Friday, and go right for it. Thank God, because I can’t take anymore of this waiting stuff. Today, I give you . . . legs, boots, and a snappy skirt!

Tomorrow I give you . . . more stuff. Hair, maybe? Location, perhaps? Something even better, by chance? (I’m dying a slow death here.)



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54 responses to “Cover reveal: We got’s legs!

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  2. Janice Weigle

    Wow! Excited,

  3. Barb Shelby

    Wow this is killing me, I can’t wait for the full reveal! I love these books and will be sad when the series ends, it’s been so interesting watching the characters grow and develop!

  4. shavon

    I am so excited!! Love this series so much! Nothing compares to Kim’s writing style and I hope that she will keep this series going for a long time. Thanks Kim! Xoxo

  5. Rochelle

    I think it’s going to be great! Love them leathers!!! Of course, Kim always has great covers for her books. I do have one silly question, though. Why do they always make Rachel’s hair smooth and slick, when she’s suppose to have wild, curly hair?

    • Zoe

      I asked Kim that question a little while ago and she said the cover artists make ther hair straight because straight hair sells more books… don’t know why xxx

  6. purrfectkatus

    I love how her hands are drawn. Smooth, strong, & SEXY. She’s ready and waiting to grab hold of anything thrown at her.

    • Jason P K

      Please she would just say Rhombus if something was thrown at her. Of course then she would realize she was over water to late and it would smack her in the head. Jinks would laugh and Ivy would punish the thrower.

  7. Suspence is killing me, but I’m loving what I’m seeing so far. And you’ve never disappointed me yet! Rereading in preparation for the upcoming release!

  8. You’re killing me girl!!! LOVE the colors!! Awesome outfit, too!!! Can’t wait for more… bring it!!!

  9. OMG! I love it, the rest can only get better.

  10. Christy @ Love of Books


  11. brandi fisher

    Foaming at the mouth. Lovin it. When are you coming back to florida?

  12. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-I like the tease ides.

  13. Cool Kim… Are you coming to NYC Comic con? and if you are will you be there on sunday?


  15. Bel

    COOL-O-RAMA! Can’t wait!!

  16. moonbeam080680

    I want to see the rest! The strip tease is too much!

  17. Kt

    I like it as it is, Leave the rest to the imagination, lol except for the title……….of course. xxx

  18. Thw BEST! Per your books! WOW I love leather and boots too! 🙂

  19. James

    Oh, Snapp!!! lol

  20. Jaime

    slow death indeed. but I do enjoy a tease! LOL

  21. Reminds me of Rachel’s early days in the boots and leathers to work in. A corset for Rachel, yes since it looks like leather.

  22. Kat Harrington

    Too much!! I think I love this better than the whole cover at once!! Thanks Kim!! *Hugs* to you and “The Guy!”

  23. Cassandra

    Yes but will her hair be up or down? I think I know what Trent would say.

  24. Rich (GR, MI)

    This sounded like a great idea but now that you’ve posted the first bit it feels WAY too much like a striptease. LOL!

  25. Jessica S.

    Already loving it!! The color scheme is definitely my fave from the series to date!

  26. Jeanne Young

    OMG! This is torture!! I need this book so bad!

  27. Gina

    Poor Trent (grins).

  28. Belle

    Great cover, can’t wait for the new book

  29. micker

    whose legs are those which book is this …………lol

  30. Linda Craft

    can’t wait to see the rest, already planning on making it for a Halloween costume. Okay not for me, I’m about 40 years too old to pull off the look, my daughter on the other hand…

  31. Martin

    I can’t wait to see the rest of her vamp boots!

  32. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    if you really want to be a tease, you make the reveals weekly on Mondays. Now I will duck and cover.

  33. missheada

    Omg that’s hot. Thats totally hoe I picture rachel!

  34. Dora Wilson

    lol like the colors nice legs you tease!!!

  35. Lesley

    Rachel in a corset?! Heh….(Unless it’s Ivy on the cover…corsets seem more her style… *g*)

  36. Totally cool. As expected 🙂

  37. Always the tease Miss Kim! You’re Killing me… but it looks great! I can’t wait for more.

  38. Oh I can tell this outfit is going to be great.and I love love the colors. Great Monday surprise!!

  39. Diva

    Liking it so far!

  40. dana sala

    Awesome! Agree on the colors, really eye catching. Love that blue! so can’t wait for the rest… oh, and the BOOK 🙂

  41. BookLady

    Love it! Can’t wait to see the rest of the cover.

  42. Yaaaay! Looking great so far. Loving the new blue for the cover. Thanks for a Monday surprise!!

  43. I agree with Brandee: The colors are quite nice. It’s dark, but still highlighted enough to actually be discernible (unlike a lot of new fantasy covers that are just blacks and greys)

  44. Nice legs! 😉 I like the colors – I like the light shining in the same color as the title font. Can’t wait to see the rest!!

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