Outlaw Demon Wails e-book special

ODWhcCoverISApple is having a promotion for their 5 star average review books, which means THE OUTLAW DEMON WAILS is available for a special price of 2.99 until Monday.

I like Apple promotions because their books can be read on just about anything. So if you’re interested, jump on over and pick it up for yourself to round out your e-library, or a gift to someone else to get them hooked on the Hollows. THE OUTLAW DEMON WAILS is one of my favorites, and not bad for an introduction to Rachel, Ivy, Jenks, and the gang. 🙂


And feel free to pass it on! Share the love!

Link to: Apple Book Store


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7 responses to “Outlaw Demon Wails e-book special

  1. Andrea

    Hi Kim,
    I was wondering what happened to getting Outlaw Demon Wails read by Marguerite Gavin? I have been hooked since the first 5 mins on book one through Audible on these books and just hit this one with Gigi Bermingham. I might feel differently if she had read the others in the series but I really feel that Marguerite /gets/ the characters and portrays them beautifully. I’ve tried to go through the FAQ and whatnot to not bother you with a repeat question but have been unable to find further info.

    Thanks so much!! (((Crossing my fingers)))

  2. Kate Wilson

    Not on special in CANADA.

  3. old72jim

    Hi Ms.Kim-I already have it, but I’m thanking my lucky stars I could get a Kindle Fire HD, as my Library days are dome. ( They are done too)

    • jkh

      Hey Jim, our (Seattle) library system is going strong, but I enjoy my Kindle now that I’ve finally got the hang of uploading. My only problem is that it’s TOO EASY to buy ebooks.

    • old72jim

      HiJKH Yes it is,but you have to grit your teeth and eat spaghetti or rice-a-roni for a month or two. Warren library is running, but the library mobile has STEPS! Me and steps parted ways a loooong time ago.

  4. Shannon

    I love your books and I follow your emails and Facebook pages… Question – why are the special promotions for your books only offered in the US? Your Canadian fans would appreciate the specials too… I already own Outlaw Deamon Wails in hardcover but would have been happy to pick it up for my ereader as well.

    • Shannon, I wish I had an answer for you, but all I have is a possible reason. Many of the US promotions do spill over to Canada, but the reason some don’t is because the promotions are either publisher based, which stop at the border so they don’t infringe on the foreign publisher agreements, or bookseller promotions, which basically have the same problem.

      I only hear about the US stuff because I don’t have direct contact with any of my foreign publishers. There might be sales going on, but I never hear about them, and hence, can’t promote them.

      I wish it was otherwise, because I know it’s frustrating.

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