The Undead Pool:Synopsis!

Lookie, lookie! The release of THE UNDEAD POOL is months away, but things are starting to happen. No cover yet, but we have a cover synopsis! I don’t think you have to be a member of Goodreads to read the book’s blurb, but you do to register your vote that you want to read it. (It’s not a contest, but it is a vote.)

Thank you, Diva, for finding this.

Oh, and if you_do_ have to be a member to read it, someone tell me so I can copy and paste here, otherwise, go to Goodreads to check it out. Goodreads is one of those reader-based sites I like to support when I can.

Also, if you’re really, really excited, I found this on Amazon last night. No cover synopsis, but it’s progress. THE UNDEAD POOL


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22 responses to “The Undead Pool:Synopsis!

  1. Reblogged this on My Book and commented:
    Best Book Yet! Come see it as it comes to store near you!

  2. Thanks Kim! I did have to log in to see the synopsis but it was worth it! I would love a ARC but until then it is definitely on my “To Own & To Read” list! I have posted everywhere any hints that VNF has posted and I am sooo excited for this book!! Thanks a million!

  3. Anticipation! Waiting is such sweet torture.

  4. Keith Berry

    When r u gonna make a movie? Not that I would enjoy a movie about one of ur books more than the book itself. but I would like to see it done.

  5. I saw this and went “SQUEEE!”

  6. Reblogged this on C D Simmons and commented:
    One of my favorite series.

  7. I’ve already marked “Want to Read”. I hope that before the series ends that we get one good passionate lovemaking session between Trent and Rachel. However, I really want the Demon race to go on. So I hope you either fix the witch genes or give Rachel a baby Demonette.

  8. Stacy

    Kim, how many more in the series do we have? I want to begin my grief process now. 🙂
    Thank you! Hopefully see you in Portland next year!

    • jkh

      Aah, Stacy, there are a couple more new titles to the Hollows series, but then our dear Ms Harrison is already well into another world which I have no doubt will be as captivating. Besides, the delight of these books is that there’s always more to discover when you reread them!

    • Teressa

      The series is scheduled to conclude at the end of book 13. Kim Harrison says she may go back to it at some point but is ready to be done right now.

  9. Tine

    I was able to link right through, however, I am a member of good reads.

  10. jkh

    Thrilled to learn about The Undead Pool, of course, but I am currently rather piqued about myself. I’m rereading all the Hollows books, in sequence, and have reached #6, The Outlaw Demon Wails. Most of it is ALL NEW to me! Either I read it earlier when I was sick/feverish, or I read it while in the grip of an episode of clinical depression. (Clinical depression isn’t exactly feeling sad, it’s a biochemical neurological disorder. Fortunately it can be helped with some medication.) Anyway, some “dangling” questions are being answered and I am as entranced as ever by the logic as well as the story arc of the series.

    • Martin

      ODW is one of my favorites. Lots of questions answered, lots of new questions asked, a new chapter for Rachel & Ivy, sad but happy too.

  11. Chelikins

    I am sooooooooooo excited!! 😉 Can’t wait. Elven magic means MORE TRENT !!

  12. Of course I pre-ordered the book, though I’ll probably read it on Kindle. You are one of a very few authors whose hard cover books I collect. I am so sorry this series is drawing to its end. I would be happy for it to go on forever.

  13. Vampyre

    I pre ordered the kindle version. Until I see your tour schedule, I won’t know if I need to buy the HB version at a tour store or not. I always like to support a tour store if I can. I’m rooting for a stop in Atlanta or Charlotte this time around. that’s about as close as the tours ever get to me.


  14. Penquillity

    Immediately headed over to Goodreads and tagged “The Undead Pool” for a want-to-read . . . ’cause I do!

  15. Diva

    I’m so curious about this strange, new (I guess it’s new) magic causing problems in Cinncinati. And is it only Cinncinati? Hmmm…

  16. Sean Cole

    You do not have to be a member to read it but you do to rate it. So I signed in and gave it 5 stars already as I know it will be great! Thank you for bringing the world of the Hollows back to all of us loyal readers!!! Looking forward eagerly to read it!

  17. Sue Shelly

    I was just thrilled to finally be able to pre-order. Happy dance!!

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