Evolving Pond

I finally have a few pictures of the pond I put in last month. It’s is still evolving, but it’s got enough plants and critters now to be pleasant to look at. I found a top-notch nursery/water plant/fish place on Baker Rd. They are brand new, and have downtown Ann Arbor pricing at a country lot , (which hurts. Ow) but both the fish and plants were unique and vigorous, which you don’t always get at the big-box stores. The tiny Japanese Maple actually came from another part of the yard that I thought was getting enough sun, but clearly wasn’t. It should do better here. Raccoons have visited, prompting a false bottom of heavy pavers, (Thank you, Guy!) which gives the fish a happy place to go at night. This is the fourth pond I’ve put in, and I think it’s my favorite.


And I’ve got my pond outside my office window again. I’ve already had a robin bathing in it, which grounds me in a way nothing else can.



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17 responses to “Evolving Pond

  1. Jeanel

    I think Jinks will love the pond as Rachel is suppose to be making the garden bigger =)
    Cant wait for your next Hollows Book!

  2. jkh

    Now, that is loverly! I’ll bet that by the end of summer it will be looking like something P. Allen Smith designed.

  3. Maryjean

    Beautiful work! I might snag some ideas for a Memorial we’re building in honor of my dad who died in February.

  4. lynn from haverhill


  5. Jerry C

    Gorgeous pond! It amazes me that you can make and maintain several ponds around your abode and still have time to write amazing books! Kudos to ya, Kim! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Michael Boyd

    ‘Tis a fine looking water garden, Kim.
    I hope to install a small pond at our front door
    Under a 85’ Ponderosa. Once again you
    Have inspired me.
    Your kilted reader
    Michael Boyd of Scotts Valley CA

  7. I built two ponds here in L.A. one at the entry to my home and one inside a retaining wall above the other. I introduced Eastern Pond turtles; most escaped but 6 months later I noticed a reduction in Koi population. Concerned, I watched carefully and saw two eyes appear above the surface, proving to be attached to a returning turtle which obviously was well fed.

  8. Penquillity

    I remember visiting the fish ponds in my neighborhood when I was a little girl – there were 3 houses that had them – I was mystified by these small pools filled with water plants, hidey-holes where carp and other fish swam in and out. I was that child who sat for hours watching them play.

    Does your turtle (or was it a frog) still come around?

  9. debbie barker

    I love the pool, my parents have one I find watching the koi swimming very relaxing plenty of thinking time for me

  10. Love it! looks so nice, I can see why it must be so relaxing to look at it from your office! I’d love to have something like that in our back yard but the fish wouldn’t survive our cats (we have 2) and a neighbor’s cat is also known to visit.
    now you’re just missing some bunnies!

  11. Jane Ferriby-Viles

    You can also use an aquarium bubbler to keep the ice from freezing over. My pond is only 2 feet deep and the bubbler has been enough to keep it open for the last 12 years. Just make sure to insulate the bubbler motor from weather (I put mine in a bucket filled with packing peanuts)

  12. Great pond! Have you ever had, or thought of having turtles in the ponds? They are very relaxing to watch and live a very long time with minimal care. You should check it out ..

  13. Frotee

    How nice! Having a pond right outside your window is great. Looking at water always has something soothing for me, too. My parents have a big pond in their garden, and a fontain at the patio โ€“ no fish though, because I always enjoyed observing newts and toads ๐Ÿ™‚
    The pond is surrounded by shrubs on one side and has the large dining room window on the other, so they can watch the birds bath in the morning.

  14. Very cool little pond, Kim. Will it overwinter if you keep it circulating? (I’m thinking you’re planning on it because of the fish?)

    • It will if I heat it, otherwise the fish will die. One year I used a regular fish tank heater, another year I used a de-icer for stock tanks. I like the fish tank heater the best.

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