Not that bad!

Got a lot done this weekend in the yard, mostly revolving around putting in a pond, which was nice. I brought it with me from my previous house, and it had been up in the garage rafters all this time. Birds are already using it, so I’m thrilled. My original, much smaller pond I put in when we moved is getting lots of activity, but I can’t see it from my desk, hence the new one.

So you can imagine I’m ready to sit at my desk for a while and not move anything but my fingers. Phew, I play too hard. I really do.

I hope everyone who wanted took advantage of the DEAD WITCH WALKING Amazon daily deal this Sunday. It was fun coming in from the yard periodically and watching my numbers shift. Thanks guys, for helping spread the word! You really are the best.


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8 responses to “Not that bad!

  1. johann gambolputty

    Well my garden is for stray cats… One is coming every day, he’s beatiful and very hungry. (I’m writing a book with Schroedinger Cat & Siberian Because Of Choice Cat as main heroes…)
    I’ve just bought “Ever After” Sorry for delay, I live in Poland and have to wait for book being available. Can’t wait to read.
    Love Your books! You’re my inspiration.
    Johann Slartibarfast Gambolputty

  2. dee selleck

    pictures of ponds please!!

  3. Lemonade

    I visited ‘the hollows’ this weekend and darned if I didn’t think of your books! I had forgotten how woodsy Cincinnati really is, perfect for beings of all sorts to weather out the turn, I have even more appreciation of the back story now. But when I got home and got into a conversation that involved googling this:

    I really laughed. It’s just such a Rachel issue! Now my son (who lives there) has my ‘Dead Witch Walking. I get the feeling his girlfriend (who works at the zoo and will appreciate Rachel’s jogging spot) will inherit them next and I’ll have to buy new books all over again so I can have them for my re-reads! Ah well. 😀 Have a great week and enjoy your birds in the water!

  4. jkh

    Wish I could say I was pooped from playing in the garden. Don’t have one anymore, and our shifting weather fronts has provoked my arthritis something ferocious. Just hobbling, and the fingers are so achy…I can move them, and that actually helps, but moving doesn’t do much for the knees. Hoping to see photo of the new pond soon.

  5. Ashley

    I’d love to see a picture of the pond… I’ve been debating about putting one in. Thanks! It was a fun weekend to re-read DWW… Rained all weekend here in SLC.

  6. Vampyre

    Happy Monday ma’am,

    It’s the beginning of anoher funfilledexciting week!
    Today, I plan on buying some new shoes, seeing the new Star Trek movie, and spending the evening at y sister’s eating and playing cards.
    Wednesday, my new Galaxy S4 phone arrives! I’ve been very excited about this phone.

    Friday, the sibs and I head up north to our family reunion. un but Road trip! That’s usually a lot of fun but exhausting.

    Do you think they will ever get around to selling a Hollows boxed set of books?


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