Signed first editions

I got a call from Nicola’s yesterday, which means I’ll be going in this weekend to sign their stock. If you’ve not heard, Nicola’s is my local store and I’m able to provide year-round access to signed books through them. (Not personalized to you, just signed.)



So if you’re looking to round out your signed library or get someone hooked on the books, this is a great place to do it either one at a time or all at once. They will ship overseas as well, and getting that signature is a nice bonus after that ungodly shipping. Just email them for an international shipping quote before ordering overseas from Nicolas at Domestic shipping is pretty standard.


To order, follow the links below and be sure to ask for a signed book at comment box when you order or you will just get a book. If you’re interested in any of the others in the series, or even the Dawn Cook books, a quick search on their site will bring them up.


Oh! And I can guarantee that the EVER AFTER you will get from Nicola’s during this offer is a first edition. How do I know? Well, they bought them before the second week of publication. 🙂 Also, they have a full 10-1 number line on the page before the title page. That’s how you tell.

To purchase first edition  Ever After

To Purchase first edition Hollows Insider (It glows in the dark!)

To browse Nicola’s


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12 responses to “Signed first editions

  1. Penny Elliott

    Is “Ever After” going to be the last book in the Rachel Morgan / Hollows series?

    Penny E, St George, Utah

  2. jkh

    Next time you come to Seattle, Kim, please remind me to bring along my First Ed of H.I. I forgot last time, and kicked myself weekly ever since!

  3. I love Nicola’s, and how much they support you and help out your fans!

    Did you know there is a new bookstore in downtown Ann Arbor? It’s called Literati, and when I walked in there a couple of weeks ago Ever After was front and center on a display shelf!

  4. Angi H, Louisville, KY

    Is it only the 1st Edition of Hollows Insider that glows in the dark? Just curious. Thanks so much, the Hollows is my #1 vacation spot!

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