I love me some weather channel

We had a series of storms blow through last night, and by the looks of it, we’re going to get the same today and tonight. I don’t mind too much since we need the rain, but I hope we don’t lose power. I also I hope that  the jet stream is done vacationing in Mexico and swings back north where it belongs. I don’t want any of that snow, and though the Great Lakes afford us some heat-sink protection, it’s still kind of early in the season for the water to have absorbed that much heat.


Here’s hoping . . . It feels too much like spring to have even a dusting right now.


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11 responses to “I love me some weather channel

  1. I am waiting for the rain to slow down so I can till my garden. (Life in the Ohio Valley) We look forward every year to fresh salad and herbs from our little garden. I think we are going to try to branch out this year and try to grow flax seed and some other new plants.

  2. vampgirl1988

    it was rain in upper mi it was raining but warm !!!!! is gonna stop rain Saturday though. so i’m happy !!!!

  3. LeeAnn

    i wish spring would finally come. still winter here in minnesota. getting dumped with another 6-9 inches of snow.

  4. old72jim

    Hi Ms, Kim-We are getting rain and thunder,perfect weather to stay indoors and watch “Henri,the existential cat”on youtube. He only speaks French so there are sub-titles. He is a black and white cat,like Smudge, naturally.

    • jkh

      Henri is lovely. I suspect half his ennui is sham, though. But I do love the “tuxedo” he wears.

  5. Jessica S.

    Yeah, we’re in the mess too. Not liking it, live in the midwest all my life, but I still get anxiety with these bad storms. Hoping they go away very soon, don’t mind the rain, but mind all the other junk!

  6. Randy

    I agree. Spring is certainly in the air, and I’d much prefer it stay that way. I always think I’m going to crack down on the writing during the winter months, when I’m stuck inside anyway, but it’s more often the spring, when the feelings of growth and life and motion are so abundant, that the stories really catch fire.

    I hope that it’s the same for you, and that your keyboard has been ablaze.

    All best,


  7. Kaylee Wedow

    I’m in Wisconsin. We hardly got anything where I live. Mostly rain/sprinkles.

  8. Praying there isn’t a repeat of last year. We had a freeze that discouraged my budding lilacs and I had narry a bloom.

  9. Martin

    We had snow and cold most of the day yesterday; 8″ in some spots. Partly cloudy this morning but temps in mid 30’s. Some of it will melt. April, so far, is the snowiest month this winter. Maybe it’ll help keep the state from burning.

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