Green Stuff

I love this time of year when it is 6:00 pm and the sun is still up. I know that later on, it will be almost 10:00 before the sun goes down, but right now I’m still enjoying the novelty of the sun shining when I finish work. My daily walks around the house have become more interesting with green things popping up and squirrel divots caving down. I’m trying blood meal this spring as a way to keep them out of my moss, which can’t take being dug up like that. We’ll see if it works or I end up killing my moss with the Ph shift. Maybe I’m not changing anything that drastically, but moss can be funny like that.

This year, I’ve got a bunch of spring bulbs coming up for the first time. The Siberian Iris are brand new to me, and I hope they naturalize. I had to take a picture when I came home from a walk and found the late sun falling almost horizontal on them, though you really can’t see it from this photo.

Siberian Iris

I Siberian Iris

I’ve got them in my miniature garden, which was kind of a happy accident. When we moved in three years ago, this bed was overgrown with junipers, bulbs (which I’m still trying to get out) bluebells, (again, still trying to control) and rocks. I spent about 40 hours over a couple of weeks thinning out the junipers to make them bonsai-like, and added more rocks since we had a pile of them from the basement-tidy, and then moss, since that was what was in my yard. It turned out great, and there’s still enough to do with it to keep me busy for an hour when I feel like it, instead of all weekend when it was brand new. Now you see miniature gardens with fairies and such all the time, but I’d never heard of them when I started ripping out junipers.


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7 responses to “Green Stuff

  1. vampgirl1988

    up here in northern mi we r just see stuff pop up ! think i’m gonna make a new flower garden with the baby if it nice out this weekend . fingers crossed

  2. Gramma Susu

    I am SO jealous! Here in Minnesota, we’re expecting 2 – 6 inches of snow before the weekend!

  3. diane

    it makes me so happy to see the green things popping up all over!!! those irises are stunning. i have to get some!!

  4. jkh

    I’ll add my hurrah for green stuff and blooming stuff, even if I have to take a pill sometimes. The sun has been out today, and it’s 57 (F) for the first time maybe. Walking around, I heard several conversations about how happy folks are to have sunshine — I think we’ve been starved for it here in Seattle.

  5. purrfectkatus

    Wow not fair. Your Siberian Iris are blooming and you live UP in Michigan. Here I am 15 miles Southwest of Cleveland (You were here at Strongsville in February 2011) and my Siberians are just a couple inches out of the ground.

    I just moved back into my childhood home last June so I am like you finding things and repairing stuff in the garden. I have a circle out back that has huge maples all connected at the base now. A wren comes every year to nest. So I am working on that garden weeding around the violets that have naturalized there.

    Here’s hoping this weekend is nice to us gardener’s.

  6. Just love watching all that growth and renewal this time of year.
    BTW great pic.


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