Long Game

You ever have someone do something for you unexpected and yet totally on the mark? I’m not talking about letting you go first at a stop sign or the grocery store line, though those moments are nice too. I mean a total stranger who–for no reason other than simply wanting to make things right–gives you something that you’ve wanted, tried for, and then reluctantly let go of because, well, you can’t have everything you want, and that is life. Something that really makes no diff to anyone but you but you can’t seem to reach it? Sort of like wanting your grandmother’s vase that vanished the last week or her life, and you know it’s somewhere because someone thought it went with their drapes, not knowing that you have memories tied to it of cutting flowers with her and arranging them every time you went to visit? And then, someone just . . . hands it to you because they knew it meant something to you?

GallantSteedYeah, I had one of those days last week/month, and though it doesn’t have anything to do with vases or fond memories, it still has that feeling of this-is-important-to-me, why-do-you-even-want-it? about it.

I’ve always been a big believer in paying it forward when you can, and though lately it feels like I’ve been focused very closely on my bellybutton, so to speak, this was a reminder that though Slipknot is right about some people being S*it, that there are still people who are knights in shining armor, gallivanting about the desolate wasteland with a bright sword of power.

So Bill, if you read this, know that even though a nasty antagonist in my next series has your name (Really! His name has been Bill for over a year now.) that you will always be one of my heros, standing on a hill beside your white horse with your sword held high and bright. Thank you. My faith in humanity is refreshed.


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11 responses to “Long Game

  1. vampgirl1988

    yeah somedays it nice to have a knight in any way the nice stuff always rocks

  2. jkh

    Yay! The not-so-nice guy in one of my stories is also named Bill, not because he’s modeled after someone but because I don’t know anyone (very close) with that name. So, my thanks too to your Bill, for making you smile and adjust your perspective (in a good way). And that horsie is adorable!

  3. Tami

    Over the weekend,in Orlando Florida,we celebrated Earthday Birthday,There were awesome bands that played all day on Saturday,my honey and I got there and listened to Vaulby,Papa Roach and Stone Sour.The last band playing was The Offspring,one of my favorite bands.Well my awesome boyfriend led me through crowds of people all the way to the front up against the gate,where I had a front row,stones throw from the stage view and it was amazing.I’m 44 and we were in a young crowd so they were crowd surfing and my Knight in Shining Armour made it to where when he saw one coming he would have me duck down and help pass the kid to security,it was like being in a bubble that no one could get through.Grins,It was the best night EVER!

  4. Sometimes I think that we all get caught up in our day to day and forget that we need to ‘pay it forward’ when we have a chance. We need to look for the chances to do just that. I’ve recently had something a total stranger did for me (without knowing he did) put a smile on my face for days. Sometimes just a kind word can make someone’s day. Thanks for reminding us of that fact.
    BTW Horsey is so adorable. I’m a bit envious as I can’t knit at all. My creative genes are in another area all together. πŸ˜€

  5. Vampyre

    I have tried being a Knight in Shining Armor. I keep falling off the horse. πŸ™‚

  6. OK please share with us what Bill did to make him a Knight on shining armor. I believe that so few men these days do these types of acts that when they do them they need to be praised by many. Example: In the Wegmans food store standing at pharmacy’s counter a tall larger muscled built man in construction clothes walked by w small cake and huge bunch of flowers headed towards cards w biggest smile ever on his face. I just had to walk up to him in b-day card section to yell him how round I was of him to do this for the special person/family in his life & that it did my heart good that day to see how happy he was to be doing it. He said thank you and asked me to help him with a card. I had him get 2 the super funny one he laughed at and the Blue Mountain one his heart really wanted him to get. I told him there was no rule you could not get 2 cards. I told him good luck with his dinner!

    • Kat

      That is so awesome! Both of you deserve kudos for what you did. I agree men are not encouraged/ supported enough when they do show the emotions we all know they have. It is amazing how that true happiness can rub off on everyone around. Goddess knows we could use more of it.

  7. Aww!! That’s great Kim!

  8. I know exactly what you mean. Life sucks bad enough without people being jerks. Then someone comes along and shows you they’re not always a jerk. One of the managers at my last job was like that. He was always on top of everyone to make sure they were doing what they were supposed to be doing. He stopped doing that with me and I asked him why. He said that because he knew after 2 months, he could find me where I was supposed to be or someone knew where I was and he didn’t need to watch me constantly. He also said I was one of his best employees when I left. Pretty cool to know the person you thought was bad wasn’t so bad after awhile. Pretty cool how Bill was there when you needed someone to do something you couldn’t. I remember that when I read the book he’s in. πŸ˜€

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