What’s your favorite page?

Yesterday I posted on FB about freebies and first editions, which sort of leads into today’s  post about where that edition countdown line actually is.  Sometimes a book will actually say FIRST EDITION on it, but that is a publisher decision, and not all books will do that. More certain are the edition countdown line, which you’ll find in every book, whether it be hardcover, mass market, trade paperback, whatever. And for those who find this stuff important, like me, I wanted to show it.

So I got out my camera.

The first book I grabbed was THE HOLLOWS INSIDER, which frankly was a mistake because of all the books I’ve written, this is the one that took the most time and love. I started flipping pages, and though I eventually took a picture of that edition countdown line, I also took one of my favorite page in the entire book. It shows the Hollows Gazette on the day the casino boat blew up, the first real indication that Trent might actually care for Rachel. It also shows evidence of Trent trying to woo a potential problem into his payroll. You should be able to click it to see a better picture of it, but sometimes wordpress is wonky. And if you’re wondering, the photos were taken by readers, submitted for approval in a contest, and now immortalized! (grin)


THE HOLLOWS INSIDER is going to be going to trade paperback soon, which means the editions that actually glow in the dark will be harder to find. They are still on the shelf but getting scarce, so if you want one of these first editions, you really need to move on it. Anyone you order the hard cover from will have a first edition, but if you get it from Nicola’s, it will be signed if you ask for one of the signed copies. How to order a HOLLOWS INSIDER International is okay, but email them for a quote first. nicolasbooks@tds.net

FirstEditionFirst editions of EVER AFTER are not a guarantee anymore, either, but I know Nicola’s has a box of them, and the same deal applies. If you ask for one of the signed copies, that’s what they will send you. How to order a first edition EVER AFTER

Oh, and the image I was trying to take that started this entire post? Ta-da! You can see the string of numbers down at the bottom of the page. That’s what you’re looking for. 🙂



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10 responses to “What’s your favorite page?

  1. I love this book. I bought a copy, lent it to my friend, quickly realized I was never going to see it again, bought another which isn’t getting lent to anyone!

  2. Candace

    I got it! Question: what is the best way to preserve a book that is glow in the dark?

  3. Martin

    Thank you for finishing the Hollows Insider. I am sure it was difficult to get it to the point of perfection it achieved. It was and is brilliant.

    I can’t pick out a favorite page. If I were to point to one, it would leave out all the other sublime moments in the stories. Everything stands out at such a high level of excellence, and every scene so interdependent on every other scene, that picking the best is impossible. When I think of one and say its my favorite, I immediately think of a half dozen more that were equally as good, and then several dozen more that I loved just as much. So, I guess, just take a picture of the entire series and say, “That’s my favorite part”.

  4. jkh

    One of my favorite sentences is in The Good, the Bad, and the Undead, where Rachel discovers that uptight, tomato-phobic Glenn has become a ketchup thief and lover of all sauces tomato.
    And I have to recall when I got my copy of the Hollows Insider (yes it’s a first ed), and had left it on the floor beside my bed. After I turned out the light to go to sleep, I realized my kitty was cree-ee-eeping up on it to investigate that glow in the dark 🙂

  5. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-The Hollows insider is perfect! Also I am being supervised by Smudge who spends most of her time on the pillow next to my computer chair. She can even supervise with her eyes closed! Her pillow is genuine feather down and has a nifty red corduroy cover. Of course at 17 she’s entitled, and I don’t spoil my cats (much)

    • jkh

      Were you overwhelmed by kitty demands for attention after your absence? After just 2 days’ hospitalization Oliver is not happy unless he is the center of my attention and the focus of both my hands. It’s nice to have been missed, and I missed him too, but my gosh!

    • Martin

      Hi Jim and jkh,
      I just spent 4 days in hospital (foot infection) and my new cats just complained about the food. Carrie tells me they were very needy while I was gone. Had to put Gandalf the Gray and White down a couple weeks ago. After 21 years he had had enough. It was very sad.

  6. Vampyre

    At first the glow in the dark cover was pretty cool. Then the other books started whining about it keeping them awake at night. I had to put it in a bag to make them all happy.


    PS My favorite page is page 1 of DWW. It got me hooked on the hundreds(thousands?) of pages that followed

  7. Thanks for the information. I just ordered my copy from Nicolas Books!

  8. Ana

    I ordered the Hollows insider 2 weeks ago and I can’t wait to see it glow in the dark, hehe, but it seems the international shiping is taking forever!!aaaaaargh

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