Woke last night to the sound of thunder

And now I can’t get Bob Seger out of my head.

We’re under a flood watch until Friday, but seeing as I live in a river basin, that’s not unexpected, nor particular threatening. Baring a 100 year flood, most older homes were built out of the spring floods reach. New ones . . . there I might be concerned, but back in the late 1800s, they didn’t mess around with maybes.  They are also usually placed to take advantage of the cooling breezes in the summer, and sheltered in the winter. And the 2x4s are 2×4. 🙂

I’m really glad it rained, though, because the ground was dry after the snow melted. Seriously dry. I actually had to water a couple of bulbs to get them going.

I’ll be putting in a thick work week, and I’ve got two more days to go. Phew!


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5 responses to “Woke last night to the sound of thunder

  1. Vampyre

    The other night, I was sleeping soundly, and was suddenly wide awake due to a very loud sound of thunder.

    There were no holes in the roof or any trees lying in the living room so I went back to sleep. It rained for the next 15 hours or so.


  2. LeeAnn

    i woke to thunder snow, we got about 8 inches today and now it is raining

  3. Heather

    And now I will have Night Moves going through my head all day 🙂 Not that this is a bad thing.

  4. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-I woke both the sound of thunder and certain scardy-cats jumping into bed with me, and this morning I woke to Very thick fog,the kind that makes you wonder what’s prowling around


  5. Joelle Wilson

    I saw the title of your post and yeah – Bob Seger popped right into my head. I may have to dig that one out of the archives and give it a spin. Lol. Happy Writing. 🙂

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