Did you know . . .

Remember where you were when you found Dead Witch Walking? I asked that over at FB yesterday, and I was amazed at how many people did! The reason I bring it up is because though Harper’s Kindle sale for Dead Witch Walking seems to be over for the moment, For a Few Demons More still has that 2.99 price.

Because it’s a publisher sale, it is for US residents only, and publication stops at the border. I’m hopeful that the other e-platforms follow suit, but for now, it’s only For a Few Demons More, (awarded B&N’s Best paranormal fantasy of the decade) so if there is anyone you have been trying to get hooked on the Hollows, this just might do it. It’s always more fun when you swear at Tink and your best friend knows what you’re talking about.

So, direct link to the 2.99 sale of For a Few Demons MoreKindle FDM

9:30 OMGosh, the 2.99 price is gone. (wide eyes) I think it was a mistake. But I’d love to hear how you found the books, anyway. 


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  1. Lindsay

    Like many others, I found it due to an awesome cover (Every Which Way But Dead), picked up the first book at Borders and went back the next day for the next two.

  2. sheila

    I saw Dead Witch Walking in a section called “picks from our staff”. You find the most interesting reads in that section. I read it in one night and was so very happy to find a sequel a year later. I’ve eagerly awaited each new book every year. Then they went hardback – this is the only series I buy in hardback (though I have to repurchase the first books so I have them in hardback too) but since I reread them frequently the hardbacks are a good investement for me. Thank you for your wonderfully woven stories.

  3. Johanna DeCurtis

    Half Priced Books – Richardson, Texas. I purchased the first three in the series that day! 🙂 Now I pre-order everything! 🙂

  4. Karen R

    I was on the county library website and browsing the titles, I believe it was the cover that caught my eye, read the synopsis and decided to give it a try… and that was that… it was an addictive magic carpet ride, so good that I couldn’t shut the computer down, and I remained up way way late that night. After finnishing DWW, I thought, I wonder if there were any more books written by this author? And happy, joy, joy there were!! I blew through the next seven books and every once in awhile I would check to see if something new appeared at the library, and it was just like Christmas morning as a child, when there was yet another book to read and enjoy!! I liked this Kim Harrison’s stories so much that I eventually broke down and bought them. Most fiction I don’t like to own, but you won me Mrs. Harrison with you story telling style, and I thought I really should support this talented lady… so thanks, from a very grateful heart, for hours of reading entertainment!! Love to you, Mrs. Harrions, and THANK YOU!!

  5. I was in the local B&N store perusing the shelves for new material when the cover grabbed my eye. Liked the artwork and the Eastwood reference in the title intrigued me enough to pick it up. Anyone who likes Eastwood enough to reference them in one of their book titles deserved my support. Well surprise, surprise if it wasn’t a really good story as well. They’ve only gotten better as the years and books roll along. My only complaint is only 1 a year (aggghhh)! 😉

    Seriously the top series I’ve ever read. Can’t wait for the next book to come out while dreading that last book, since we’ll be saying farewell to the Holows with all of the characters so many of us have come to know and love.

    Had to let the fanboy out for a second there.


  6. Wow. I love reading all of these. Thank you, guys. This is wonderful. 🙂

  7. Thirza

    Hi, for me it wasn`t your first book. It has been the second. And in Germany I just realized the big eye on the cover there in the bookshop. It interested me. Okay, very superficial, I know, ;P. Honestly, for a long time, I didn`t read supernatural books. More in the past, when I had been a Teenager, Dracula, Frankenstein, Lovecraft, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, etc.
    Today … I “watched” more movies. And I thought, well, why not, start the supernatural literature, let`s see. I`m happy, that I`ve done it!! 🙂
    Finally my life makes sense … again! 😀 I find myself init, makes me always feel good!!
    Thank you for being such a brave author!

    All the best,


  8. I was at my local Hastings back in high school, pawing over the Laurell K. Hamilton (it was an easy way to snake “porn” back home so’s my stepdad wouldn’t catch on) and I saw the title. As soon as I read the back, I HAD to have it – I’m a Cincinnati native! I love paranormal & badass women!
    I snagged instead of whatever smut I’d gone in for, devoured it, and went back the next day for the second one…followed by champing at the bit for every new installment for the last eight years.

  9. Chris

    I was in a bookstore looking for a certain series with a friend and she picked up the first in the series. I read the bulk of the first chapter and said she should get it while I got what I wanted.

    About a month or so later, apparently after devouring every soft cover part of the series she can find, she lends me book after book after raving about how good it was. I humored her and got sucked in quick. It was so good after all of the more medieval style stuff I’d been reading at the time.

    The mix of all the genres and the ideas of an altered history with another culture living beside humanity really got me sucked into the setting, as well as the compelling characters.(Jenks FTW) The Hollows is one of the best book series I’ve picked up and continue to do enjoy it with every installment(Heck, I’m the one chomping at the bit to talk about each book while my friend is still reading it).

  10. shane

    i first found the rachel morgan series by starting up with sfbc,it was for a few demons more cover that caught my eye,when it finally arrived i looked inside and noticed it wasnt the first book in the series,i went with my gut and ordered the omnibus of the first two,ive been hooked ever since and have them all! when i at long last got to ‘for a few demons more’ the event in that book made me cry, it felt so real, first time a book ever caused that reaction in me. ill remember this series for the rest of my life, i hope to pass them along to family someday aftere its completed(with thier own copies of course lol) :J

  11. Zee

    I had actually started reading the Vampire Huntress books by LA Banks (god rest her soul) and while I was in a half priced book store looking for her first and second books (yes I made the mistake of buying book 3 first) I saw DWW. I liked the title and the summary on the back. I now own all of both series yours and Ms. Banks.

  12. I actually asked in a LJ Geek girl community for UF books worth reading. I ordered Rachel along with a bunch of others but it took me nearly 2 years to complete it. Rachel and me got off a slow and very tedious start but since then it’s just been better and better! 😀

  13. Vampyre

    The sci-fi(now syfy) channel lead me to you. They were advertising a new ‘original’ show, The Dresden Files”. I went to Amazon and bought “Storm Front”. (This was pre-kindle.)

    Harry lead me to Sookie and Sookie lead me to Rachel. That was August(6 years ago I think) and you were doing a month long run on the B&N forums. That lead me to Showgirl(Vicki Petterson)

    Of them all, the Hollows has been my number one choice. Thank you for all of your hard work and for being so nice to me over the years.


  14. Bianca

    I still remember seeing it on the display table at Borders, the cover caught my eye(yea, yea, I know we are not supposed to judge a book by the cover. Then why do they have such pretty pictures hmm?), I chuckled at the title, picked it up and the rest is history. 🙂

  15. AndrewIslay

    I was intrigued by the title and my local Waterstones had it included in a ‘3 for 2’ deal – thought that, even thought the title sounded promising, I would read it and never go back to it but was immediately hooked!

  16. vampgirl1988

    my dad got me started on the books loved them from the first time i listen to it. he like the books too

  17. Jenni BW

    I’ve always been vaguely interest in the supernatural, and I had joined a SN/Fantasy catalogue bookclub. One month they had this interesting looking hardback book called Dead Witch Walking, which had just been published, so I got it. I kinda had an instant crush on the character on the cover too so had to see if the story matched the promise on the front. Happy to say it did, and between The Hollows and Kelley Armstrong’s world (primarily amongst others) I’ve missed many many hours of reality! Sigh, I love Rachel, erm I mean reading. I meant reading!

  18. jkh

    Actually, “White Witch, Black Curse” was the first of the series that I began to read, because the book page in the Sunday paper mentioned it. I borrowed it from the library. I got about a chapter into it, realized the writer was above average and the plot line pleasantly complicated, without heaving bosoms, and then I flipped to the front of the book to discover the order of the titles. So I began requesting them, in order, from the library; but I became frustrated by the wait times so I began purchasing them in paperback. Now I am a fan, in the original sense of the word.

  19. I joined a science fiction book club and they had your first 4 books combined into 2. I’ve always been into vampire, witch, etc. stories and they seemed interesting. I got them in the mail and couldnt put them down!! Then I just had to get all the other books and I have been hooked ever since!!! 😀

  20. I got a free copy of DWW right about the time it first came out–I worked for a bookstore at the time. I took it on a trip, thinking that it would be a quick read and I could leave my used copy behind once I finished. Of course, I didn’t leave it behind, and in fact immediately read the book again once I realized the next book in the series wasn’t out yet. I had that copy for years, until I loaned it to a friend who loaned it to a friend, so I bought a new copy. Seemed only fair I should pay for a book that introduced me to such a great series and one of my favorite writers.

  21. Jessica S.

    I believe it was when I was at Target one day, I actually found The Good, the Bad, and the Undead. I was new to the adult books at the time and I thought this one sounded pretty awesome. I was about 100 pages in when I realized I was reading a book 2! That might have been the first time I ever made a goof like that! Needless to say that weekend I ran out to Borders–my bookstore at the time up until they closed–and bought myself Dead Witch Walking! Read it, loved it, and then read TGTBTU and everything made so much more sense!!

  22. I found it in the horror section at a brick and mortar store while hunting for something else entirely. I have never been so pleasantly surprised.

  23. I was deployed in Qatar and my grandma sent me a care package filled with books she thought I would enjoy, since in my spare time all I did was read. My first copy was actually ruined because the heat of the desert melted the glue that held the paper together. So it is thanks to my grandmother I stumbled across one of my favorite books of all time! She knows me so well 😉

    • mad monica

      Gotta love grammas, they never stop doing stuff like that. You can always tell kids who have grammas around because they’re usually in no doubt that they’re loved.

    • mad monica

      Oh.. and thank you for your service. We are all in your debt.

  24. Bought it. I have it as an audiobook, but now I’ve got it on Kindle too. Also picked up “Wails” since it was on sale. Eventually, I’ll have the whole set. Working on it!

  25. mad monica

    My mom gave me the gift of your world less than 2 months before she passed away. She gave me Jim Butcher’s world too. Two gifts I truly would be lost without as bad as the past few years have been. I will always be grateful for them, I really will. It’s so weird, some folks just don’t get how important books are. For me, they give me a place to go that lets me get away from the “real” world for a time and that’s a gift worth more than anything money can buy sometimes. Writers really are magical people in my opinion. They can lift us up out of just about anything, even if it’s just for a little while and that is a truly magical gift.

  26. Jen

    I was at work actually — a bunch of us shared what books we were reading. Shandee hooked me up with your books, and I actually started reading book 2 first and stopped the minute I realized my error. Just finished the latest and greatest — Loved it!!!!

  27. Glenda Jeffers

    A series of catchy titles caught my eye while I was browsing B&N and I couldn’t resist the Eastwood theme. Picked up DWW first and read the first few paragraphs and was intrigued. After a few pages I found a seat and fell into the story. When I came up for air I realized there were more lovlies on the shelf so I gathered them all. Turning to the copyright pages to make sure I got them in reading order I went home a happy lady. Rachel and cast are such complete characters that it’s easy to fall in love with this series.

  28. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-I have been buying up the Hollows books(as well as the ones by that Dawn Cook person) and ran into a terrible lack-Amazon does not have Blood Work! We must brutalize Jeff Bezos or something as I can see graphic novels on my Kindle fire HD, and I just got done with Blood Crime. Now if Jeff will work out an app that lets you sign Kindles! (sigh) Oh I already scored DWW(HE_HE)

    • old72jim

      Hi again- I first got DWW in paperback at Amazon, now I’m drooling over the whole set on Kindle!

  29. My sister gave me a box of books (we all trade our books back and forth). She put Dead Witch Walking on top and said “Read this one first – all the rest are in order.” Well, of course I always listen to my sister so I read that one first….and was HOOKED!

  30. Nancy H

    My husband brought DWW home from the library because it had the word “witch” in the title (he knows I like witches) and he liked the cover art. I read it and was still thinking about Rachel days after I finished the book. I was hooked!

  31. Candace

    I, too, took the direct link and it is back to being over five dollars.

  32. Amanda

    The Outlaw Demon Wails is only $2.99 for Kindle on Amazon.com!

  33. Lesley

    A friend loaned me the audiobook. I’d written it off as a Anita Whatsherface clone, but one day I was bored and gave it a listen. And promptly devoured the next seven books!

  34. Tine

    I took the direct link at 8:40 am and the book is no longer $2.99

  35. Melissa

    I’ll never forget, I was looking for a new “vampire romance” series & had been researching online, the Hollows kept popping up so I went to my local B&N looking for it. It wasn’t what I had expected & it wasn’t what I had been looking for. It blew away everything else I had read & opened my eyes to what a genius writer can do for a genre. Thank you! 🙂

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