Feels like Friday

Don’t have a lot to relate today, but I woke up with that feeling you get the night before vacation, that quiet anticipation of things to be found and done, uncluttered with worries of how, but just the joy of doing.  I’ve got one more day, maybe two with Peri, and then I’m on to the next thing on my desk. But what has my mood evolving is not just the work. Amid my shifting of purpose and intent, I can see the weights in my life sliding with the soft and certain thump of ages, aligning my sight to a new focus.

Yep, we went to visit a university yesterday for Thing Two.

The doing so which reminded me too clearly of what I hated about college, ( which wasn’t much) what I liked, and that my youngest is about to have a chance at finding out a huge chunk about himself. I’m glad I have the good fortune to be there as his safety net.

Vistas are opening up both for him and myself as the ties of active parenthood are being eased and let out in a gentle give, the only difference between us being he has no clue as to the possibilities, and I’m looking at my own with a breathtaking awe.  After twenty-five years of being an extended “we”, I almost don’t know how to think in this smaller “we” that encompass my husband and myself, a far more mobile “we.”

Don’t get me wrong. I loved raising my family and will always count those years as the best. But I’m not going to waste that empty nest with mourning it.

I found a second flower yesterday and got a nice shot of it close up. This new bunny cam is ace.



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13 responses to “Feels like Friday

  1. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-I did the empty nest thing years ago, and it is truly what you make of it. I am currently learning how to live with an aide as I can no longer do a lot of things for myself,between the chronic pneumonia,stroke,heart problems. Feeding the cats,and cooking for me is about it.I did break down and get a Kindle fire HD, and am drooling over all the books I can now see.Yay for visibility!

    • jkh

      Oooo!! I knew you’d go for the newer Kindle soon, and congrats on the upgrade. I still haven’t figured out my basic Kindle yet — but then I haven’t spent much time on it. I’m sorry you’re needing to surrender a bit of your independence, but it seems like time does that to all of us. I hope your aide(s) is/are a good match. Speaking from experience, don’t be afraid to make a change if you’re not happy. We had to switch aides a couple of times for my dad, but our final matches were great.

  2. I’m right there with you. My son just took his placement test last week and it’s starting to feel a little more real now. He’s my third child to go through this process so it is a little easier. Although I have to admit to feeling a bit melancholy at times as his senior year is winding down. Endings and beginnings all the way around. But that’s our job. Raise them up to let them go. Congratulations on a job well done!!

  3. Nic

    I am exactly in that place, it sucks. However a few years ago I recognized the dreaded empty nest approaching, and my husband gave me hope “look at all the things we can do, places to go, freedom!” I had this new look at things, the new beginning as you said. Then few months later we were walking along to go get groceries and he says “I’m gonna miss having kids in the house”. I let him know right then and there that no way! He was there to make me feel better! Asked him if he wanted another child, lol we both answered that one with a big no! This year I have been taking note of all the things my girl does to drive me nuts, there not a lot as she is quite the busy girl. I figure teenagers are supposed to drive their parents nuts so it makes it easier to see them go out on there own.
    Here’s to their new adventures and to ours!

  4. I’m passing through this ‘know about yourself stage’. I’m just start attending college and I discover new things about me everyday. It’s being a great experience — one that I can’t describe properly. I just hope Thing Two can enjoy it as much I am.

  5. Loved reading your post, Kim! I do not and have not had that experience; in fact, my life is dull and uncomfortable and sad right now. Yet you so fully described your current reality that I was able to touch some of those feelings, and you lifted me up a little this morning. I think that’s the ultimate achievement of a writer (beyond exercise of talents and craft skills), whether it’s via a short piece like this or a collection of those moments in a book. Thank you so much.

  6. Skimbleshanks (my thing #1) is set to go to college in the fall. I’m trying hard to remember what it was like knowing that I wanted to go, but not having a clue what I wanted to study. Between his fear, anticipation, and the hormones, it’s a nearly daily roller coaster ride.

  7. Diva

    As my youngest (of four) is only 3, I will be living with the extended “we” for quite awhile yet, lol. But that is okay, all in its own good time.

    Party on, Miss Kim! 😉

  8. Erika B.

    My first leaves for college this fall with her 3 younger brothers following her in the years to come. It’s been feeling like the beginning of the end as we’ve searched for colleges and visited schools. Your post today was a the bit of sunshine I needed. Our first leaving for college won’t be the beginning of the end…it will be the beginning of a new beginning.

  9. alexis

    Oh, that breathless anticipation! that boundless awe! the beginning, the vastness, the beauty of it all! the future before us… so possible yet planned. so open and waiting, obey its demand!!

  10. Kim, How did I miss the huge fa ct you have children? How many? I feel I missed a big part about you.

    • jkh

      SR, Kim and Guy have 2 sons, whom she lovingly refers to as Thing 1 and Thing 2 (check your Dr Seuss). The elder is 24-ish and just about to complete his Air Force enlistment. He does things with helicopter maintenance and repair, and he’s been deployed to Afghanistan. I’m not sure if he’s back from there yet. But I chatted with Guy in Seattle, and he said that Thing 1’s sgt asked him about re-uppping; the reply was that his mom had outvoted the military {;-> Thing 2 is approaching high school graduation; hence the university survey(s).

    • Vampyre

      I volunteered to be Thing 3 but was rejected. No hard feeling, I understand…


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