Of universities and first editions


I’m out of the office today, touring universities and colleges. Urg. Just Urg. So no real post from me today as I look at things from the other side of the coin.

However . . . I did want to let you know I’ll be going in this weekend to sign another box or two of EVER AFTERs for Nicola’s. These are guaranteed to be first editions and will have my signature if you ask for one of the signed ones in the comment box when ordering.  Second editions started popping up the second week of publication, and to know what edition you have, just check out the list of numbers on the page preceding the title page. If they run 10-1, it’s a first edition. If they run 10-2, it’s a second, and so on.

I’m going to send you to the main page at Nicola’s if you are interested. They can get most of my books if you are trying to round out your signed-book collection. International is okay, but email them for a shipping quote before ordering. It can be pricy. nicolasbooks@tds.net

Signed copies from Nicola’s


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4 responses to “Of universities and first editions

  1. How old are your children now?

  2. Dorothy

    Yay! I live right up the road from Nicola’s and I can confirm they are one of the best bookstores ever! I’ll be in to buy a copy soon.

  3. jkh

    Are we preparing for Thing 2’s launch into academia? Absolutely thrilling (sort of). Glad you have the opportunity to do so! Safe travel…

  4. vampgirl1988

    well i hope you have a good time today mrs.harrison

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