Happy Book Birthday, and you can eat your cake, too!

9780451465061_BloodTrade_CV.inddIt’s happy book birthday to Faith Hunter, the woman I credit most with getting me published as fast as I did. (As in shoving me in front of my to-be agent and walking away.) Blood Trade is out today, the latest in the Jane Yellowrock series. Her vampires don’t sparkle, and if you like ’em bad, you’ll like Faith’s take on the mythology. Blood Trade

And for the cake? I’ve got that too! Jocelynn Drake has the Dark Day’s series and the Asylum Tales e-books on sale for .99. Not just one title, but all of them! She’s got a great post on what is actually included in the short-running sale, so pop on over and get it straight from her. Jocelynn Drake’s April special deal.

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10 responses to “Happy Book Birthday, and you can eat your cake, too!

  1. Hey Kim, Thanks for the heads up on the sale for Jocelynn’s books!! Can’t wait to start reading them. Especially since I have a whole year to wait for another Hollows book. 😦
    Have a great day!!

  2. Thank you m’ dear. But really, I only stepped back from that fateful meeting. I kept an eye on you the whole time, hovering. If you have needed me (which you didn’t) I’d have been there.

  3. Howdy ma’am,

    BLOOD TRADE arrived on my Kindle shortly after midnight. I haven’t had a chance to start it yet. I’m in the middle of a Timmy Quinn book. I do love the Jane Yellowrock series so I am looking forward to getting started on it.


  4. jkh

    I am another newish fan of Faith Hunter, directed to her books by your endoresement.Congrats to her, and thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Martin

    I want to thank you, for recommending Faith Hunter and her Jane Yellowrock series several months ago. I got the first one, “Skinwalker”, from the library, and loved it. Read the others, and decided I needed to own them. Got “Blood Trade” on pre-order and am tracking the package, which I will receive sometime today. I am really looking froward to it. See what you do?

  6. Kate Wilson

    I checked out Kobo in Canada for the Jocelyn Drake series, but the prices are normal, 7.99, 8.99. No special pricing. 😦

  7. Reblogged this on Darker Passions and commented:
    Love Jane!

  8. Rita Lockwood

    Thanks so much! Gonna grab them all while they are on sale!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE how you promote other authors! Way to pay it forward!

  9. Jen Martin

    Thanks Kim! I just downloaded all of Jocelynn’s books!

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