One-inch madness

Oh-h-h-h, it’s been a frustrating week of sun and cold. Inside the “greenhouse” which is what I’m going to call my office from here on out, it’s warm, sunny, and I’ve got three orchids blooming, two of which are rebloomers. Outside, everything is stuck at about one inch, but oh, how much more there is at that one inch height right now.

Crocus21413Last fall, I loosened the earth and supplemented the soil for a ring of daffodils I’ll be able to see from my office. They are coming up as promised, but it’s the crocus that I love the most. They keep coming back every year, better than the previous. Every house I’ve lived in and moved on from has them, my own personal legacy.

I’m listening to soundtracks to action movies today as I work on Peri.  I’m a action movie junkie, and I’ll ditch a chick flick for one without a flick of an eyelash. Actually, I can’t remember the last chick flick I’ve gone to. The best have cracker-jack sound tracks, and I’m making a list as I work on Peri today and try to come up with a better name for the series. Everything I’m putting on paper sounds flat.



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8 responses to “One-inch madness

  1. Diva

    I’m not a chick flick type of gal either, a fact for which my husband is forever grateful. Give me something with explosions, high adventure, or spaceships any day. 🙂

    Have a great Easter weekend!

  2. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-I hope you are remembering proper nutrition.This morning I has scrambled eggs made from egg beaters,mush,and beef bacon, washed down witth big mugs of Golden Heaven Yunan tea. That will make you bound out of bed yodeling like Tarzan with a wedgie. It will give the strength to pound the keys too.

  3. I am wimp when it comes to action or scary movies. I can only handle that in books. I planted some daffodils and hyacinths in late fall (I’m a sucker for hyacinths). The ones by the road are not fooled by this weather –sun today, snow tomorrow. Some of the ones closer to the house though have been blooming for a week. Wish I could attach a picture 🙂

  4. Jo

    Ditto what Stacey said… Please?

  5. I’m a total action junkie too. Fight scenes, car chases, and things blowing up. I love that stuff. That must be why I love your books so much.

  6. Angi H

    The best orchids are the rebloomers! There is just something so satisfying about watching them bloom again. Knowing you not only kept the orchid alive (stubborn as they are) but thriving.

  7. Stacy

    Can I ask, what is this new series about? Are you sharing that yet?

  8. Brooke Pratt

    My favorites are the Lethal Weapon Soundtracks. They get me in the mood for writing action sequences.

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