Where’s my easy button . . .

I am home. I am writing. That is all. —  That is everything.


Well, and the laundry I was doing till ten last night.
And the catch-as-catch-can dinner from all the food we bought for Thing Two which he didn’t eat. (What did you eat for four days, dear? Eggs and tuna?)
And watering the greenhouse/office.
Restocking the bird feeder.
Walking the yard to see what new green things are coming up out of the ground. (Lots! but only an inch or so.)
Clearing out my email. (Which went from twenty to three.)

I am now writing “off contract” with a clear schedule and no deadlines until Christmas apart from the regular schedule stuff–which means I’m writing what ever I feel like.

Best. Day. Ever!



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14 responses to “Where’s my easy button . . .

  1. jkh

    Oh, how lovely. A really good homecoming — well, laundry catch-up is just part of life, but it has its rewards, too. And now you’re experiencing some of the rewards of being a well-regulated person: time to do what you wish! Glad it was a good trip, and a good homecoming. (Re Thing 2’s unsupervised food intake: fast food, I’ll bet.)

  2. Vicky Tea

    Getting home after a long time away always feels just sooo good, even if there are chores to do. 🙂
    And enjoy the clear schedule! And unstressed writer is a happy writer! Although I find, if I dont have a deadline to meet, I can get a little procrastinate-y. Pretty sure I just committed a crime against the English language.

  3. Alexis

    Good to hear you made it home safe!

    Congrats on being able to write to your hearts content! That much be wonderful. I hope we are able to see some of that in the coming years.
    Have a wonderful week and take care.

  4. vampyre

    If we have nothing else in common, it is our love of being safe at home. The olser I get, the less I want to be “out there.”

    Happy writing,

    • Vampyre

      Have you ever noticed that the people that seem to have the “EASY” life are the ones that worked the hardest in the first place.


  5. Susan

    I have to say I love your blog it is upbeat and inspirational. I am also glad I am not the only one doing laundry at night! I think it is great you are writing off contract having fun writing what you want when you want!

  6. Well, at least it was a good day and you enjoyed it. 😀

  7. Glad you and your “other half” made it home safely. With that snow we had in Richmond that day,we really appreciated you and the rest of the “Dream Team” for the awesome book signing. Thanks again for the wonderful memories, and it was nice to see that you are just like the rest of us, only better !

  8. I’m glad to hear that you are back home and things are back to your version of normal. Relax, sip a brewsky or two, watch the plants grow, but please, please don’t kill off Rachel. Or Ivy, or Jenks, or Trent, or Ceri or those precious little girls.

  9. Having just watched Tangled for the billionth time (I have 4 girls, ‘nough said) I totally hear that in Mandy Moore’s voice and picture you saying it while swinging around a tree.

  10. Yeah, that’s how kids are!lol Enjoy the relaxation of writing whatever you feel like!

  11. erica may

    HEY!!! I have one of those ecosystem egg glass thingy’s and I just remembered that I never unpacked it when we moved over 5 years ago!!!! LOL

  12. mawmom

    Glad you made it home safe and sound Kim. I was thrilled to meet and speak with you in VA.

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