The fire marshal said “No More!” and shut the door


Yep, we closed them down last night at the library, with a full house at the science fiction and fantasy panel, and looking at the lineup, it was no surprise. Going from left to right in the picture below, we had Steve White (Sunset of the Gods) Hugh Howey (Wool) Kim Harrison (Hollows/urban fantasy) and Katherine Kurtz. (Deryni series)


It was an exceptional panel in that we had authors who started in this industry in three different decades all having different experiences in how we broke into print. Hugh’s comments were especially pertinent to the new writer breaking into print using non-traditional means. (I really need to talk to my agent now . . .) 😉

VFB1The library where we spoke is beautiful, and the festival extremely well run. If you have the opportunity to take part in it, do so. The shopping alone is worth coming for. (grin)

I’ll be at a panel today at 2:00, signing after at 3:00 with Pamela Palmer, Me, Jeaniene Frost, and Vicki Pettersson. More info at event’s page.


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14 responses to “The fire marshal said “No More!” and shut the door

  1. Kelly

    Quick comment re the Hollows character quiz link on your home page. Where the heck is it on the Facebook page? Typical amount of disorganized clutter a la Facebook, but can’t find the link or any indication where it is.

    • Hi Kelly. It’s gone. Crap on toast. I guess these things have a lifetime, and we’ve gone past it. Sorry, Kelly. But thanks for letting me know. I’ll take it off my front page.

  2. Melissa

    In my need to find soemthing to keep me busy before the next Hollows story I’ve been reading Hugh Howey. Enjoying his work too, excited to see he was on the panel with you! Like someone else asked, do you know if there is a video of the event?

  3. So close and yet so far. Last minute schedule changes at work nixed a weekend getaway with 2 of my daughters. Shopping, lunch, some sightseeing and of course Kim Harrison were going to be some great downtime. Having to be a grown-up sucks sometimes. There is always next year, right? Hope all that went had a fabulous time!

  4. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-My you look warm! we are getting snow,rain, etc. The etc is the worst as usual.All the cold and wet has my arthritis going,and the cats have moved into my bed. Quigley in particular is a covers hog. The crows are still hanging around looking for dead things,they don’t seem to understand the feral cats in the woods are eating their entire kill,not just drinking the blood and eating the belly.The cats are living on the rabbits,ground birds,and woods rats and mice.At least it keeps the rabbits out of the flowers.

  5. My first experience w/fantasy books as a teen was JRR Tolkien, my second was Katherine Kurtz followed by Anne MaCaffrey. These 3 authors made me a life long fan of this genre. I found your books a couple of years ago & love them! Thanks to all of the very talented writers who have assisted in making this a genre with a variety of authors where currently there are sub-catorizations within this group.

    • old72jim

      hi,I love LOTR and still re-read regularly, now that I have the authorized version put out by ta-ta HarperCollins as corrected by Christopher Tolkien from his father’s manuscripts. I also have The Silmarillian and The Hobbit. Hey,at 73 I gotta have some fun

  6. lynn from haverhill

    Oooh pretty flowers. Glad u had a full house!

  7. I wish I had been there! Any chance there was a video made of the panel?

  8. Sounds like you might need to expand the festival to a weekend long one.

  9. alexis

    Looks like a real pretty venue! I’m sure everyone had a great time!

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